by megan

well i feel like i know him, this horse named spirit .i can't stop thinking about him. he just inspires me every where i go..when my mom and dad first got the movie i new i remembered a face of a horse just like that. him. there. my heart was beating fast,, like a struck of lighting....... i screamed!!!!.... hollered!!!! mom! mom!dad!dad! i know this horse, he was there in my dreams with me as i was riding in the sunny sunset with him..... when i saw the movie i knew he wasn't just a normal horse he was something special.. a horse no one could ever ever break.... it said this movie was based on a true,real, story..and this story or movie you might say is named "SPIRIT" Stallion of the Cimarron i am guessing it was a hit but this horse was not like any other stallion you might find on a grassy land with its herd..... this horse could not be broke..... he could not be rode....because this horse you seem to find interesting was a hero a friendly stallion that would run on grassy plains of his homeland just,just,, to find his family and bring them home safe and so no one could ever ever not in a billion years touch...so when you find this horse leave him and his family be or you will really really , get hurt.......

this is by the knowing girl loving girl
Megan N

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One Dark Night Part 1

by Hannah
(Oregon )


He stood there staring, waiting. What for? I didn't know. He was like a unknown wanderer sitting there looking, waiting for his ride. I wasn't sure what i was running from, captivity? So it seemed. I wasn't sure where i was going or what had happened back there.

It seemed as i wasn't sure of anything anymore. What had gone on back there? All this raced through my mind, questioning me, demanding answers, repeating them over and over again. I finally made up my mind and ran to him.

I ran, ran as fast as i could push myself. The shadowed secret reared in surprise as i threw myself on to his sturdy back.

I dug my wet bare feet into his sides and we were off. Where to? I didn't know.


Mom was gone, again. This time it was for a week not for a night like usual. I always had to care for myself. My mom doesn't have one part of her that would love me.

My dad was killed and all my grandparents had died awhile ago.I wanted to leave this dark, cold place where my mom called "home" it wasn't my home, and it never would be.

So that week while Mom was gone i was going to leave this place and run, run somewhere i could keep myself a secret, far from social life, somewhere i would be cared for.

My packing began as i stole $175 dollars from my mom's drawer. i felt a bad feeling inside but not as bad as the ones i got when my mom would throw me around and yell and me. I itmit my mother is abusive and i have no control over it. If my dad was still with me we would be living on our beautiful ranch with all our horses away from my witch-like mother.

I had my dad's confidence in me and i was sure of it. I knew i could do this. I packed food, the money and some clothes, i knew i wouldn't need much for the simple life.

Slipping on my coat and opening the front door, i bolted! A small smile started to grow on my face. I was free and there was nothing my horror film mother could do about it!

I knew there was no stopping now! Where was i going? I really didn't know.



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Getting over it but falling in love again!

by Daisy

Dear Horse Crazy Girls,

I want to tell you my story and why I’m so madly in love with horses!

It all started when.............

I was about eight years old. I really super badly wanted a horse. And when I seen him I wanted him I just knew he was the one for me! I got him and I was so happy I never left his side! We loved each other and when I finally got the nerve to ask “mom can I go to horse camp?” She said “yes” and off I went it was the biggest mistake of my life yes it was fun but I missed him and all I could think about was him and all I ever talked about was him! I got home and asked “mom where is my horse?” She said we would talk after dinner but I didn’t want to wait I asked again “mom where’s my horse?” She repeated herself “we will talk after dinner.” “NO!” We can talk now! Her voice is at a gentle whisper now. All she says is “He’s gone I stayed with him till his last breathe.” I looked at her and yelled “You’re lying!” “It’s not fair!” Then before she could say anything I was running as fast and as far as I could go! When I stopped I found myself under our tree.

I lost track of time and before I know it I’m watching the sun rise around dawn. I figured my mom would be worried so I get up covered in dirt and tree bark wow I think there is even some bird poop on my shoulder! I look around last time. What’s that in the bush I think it’s a horse she comes out and I already know she’s a mare just by looking at her. She’s a copper color and her mane is short but very beautiful. I look at her, her big brown eyes are so gentle. She sniffs me and then turns to run and now I know I have to stay one more night to meet this mysterious mare at dawn again. That night I dream of galloping on this copper color mystery mare. I wake up and sure enough there she is my mystery mare. Watching me sleep. This time she lets me touch her before she leaves now I have no choice I’m getting hungry and I have to face my parents sooner or later so today’s the day I sleep in my own bed but I will be back every morning at dawn to meet my mystery mare. I go home and sure enough my mom is happy to see me its weird though without him and my secret sessions with my mystery mare are going well but I haven’t rode her yet. I’m getting excited because I have already brought my halter out and we are getting so close to riding one more session before we run!

To Be Continued...

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Scared or is it because he is new? Or both? HELP please!

by Jackie

I just bought my newest horse, Bullet. He is a 16 year old Quarter horse but he has a lot of get up and go to him, which is good because he is my barrel racing horse. But anyways, I took him out on a trail ride yesterday and he would not listen to me at all.

I made him do what I wanted him to do but what would have taken 45 minutes on Dodge (who's walk is way slower than Bullets so it probably should have taken less than that) took 2 hours. He kept turning around and refusing to go forward. When we got back home I rode him in the ring and he was back to his perfect, well behaved self.

I thought it was maybe because I haven't developed a very strong bond with him yet(I have had him for 4 days now) but my grandpa says it is because he doesn't know who is boss yet?

My grandpa doesn't know much about horses but this is a reasonably point right? I figure that it is and could be explaining his behavior, as he was acting as though he was barn sour and kept trying to put his head down to eat.

So does anyone have any ideas on how I can show Bullet that i am the boss so that I can ride him outside of the ring? I think I am not going to go on any more trail rides with him until he gets acclimated to his new home, but how can I show him I am in charge?

My dad said that maybe I should stop giving him treats and kisses until he understands that I am in charge? Is this reasonable(My dad also doesn't know much about horses, that's why I just want to make sure with you guys).

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by Maddy
(Field Of Dreams Equstrian Center)

This is a poem about my friends horse (who died a few years ago)

King of the pasture

You were king of the pasture,
And no one could,
Or wanted to,
Deny it,
For you were wonderful in ever way,
The way your coat shined,
The way your mane flowed,
Every detail,
Every one loved you,
Even if they didn’t know you for long,
Like me,

But no mater how short the time,
You still could touch our hearts,

But even now,
Even with you gone,
Even with a new king of the pasture,
You will never be forgotten,
I can still see you,
Ever time I look at that pasture,
I can still see you running through the fields,
Your golden coat gleaming,
For you will always be,
King of the pasture,
Even when you’re forgotten,
King of the pasture,

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by Stephany

When I got Josey the only room he had was pen which only like 10 ft. by 10ft. I felt really really sorry for him. So I got to ride him he was prefect for me. I was so happy.

My dad and I talked and I had a feeling I wasn't going to get him. But I did and we loaded him and took him to a friend's house and left him there because we didn't have anywhere to put him. When I heard that we were leaving him there I almost started to cry.

That night I was so mad at my dad I couldn't even go to sleep. The next day I bugged mt dad to take me to Josey, but he wouldn't. So for the next week we got everything ready for him and on the weekend we went and got him and I was so happy. We have had him ever since.

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Horseluver4evernever's page! Ask me anything!

by Horseluver4evernever

Hey horsecrazy girls! I'm horseluver4evernever, and I... Like... Ummmmm.....horses? (Well duh!) so um about the page. I decided to make this page so that you horse lovers can ask me horsey ( or not horsey!) questions! I will answer everyone's question! I can answer just about anything you throw at me! Just so you know:

- I'm an English rider, but I will provide info on westerns nod other discipline
- I know lots about horse shows (I show on the a circuit. Look up ohja or emg.)
- I know lots about problem horses
- know how to train a horse(trained a few myself)
- know about history of horse
- know theory
- breeds of horse
- just about anything!!!!!

Ask me anything! I'll answer everyone! Please ask anything you need an answer to! It doesn't have to be horsey either!!

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Horse Drawings

by Rayna
(Surprise, AZ)



Well... Just a page I drew with a bunch of different horses on it! I think I've improved greatly! :D

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by Carolyn

Please tell me what you think of this-- lots of comments please!! Also, any title ideas? :)

Raini Jacobs is a country-turned city girl who is always in trouble after her parents divorced, and she moved with her mom. No one, not even her mom seems to understand her. Except for maybe that weird neighbor lady, Jane, and of course horses.

Raini loves horses, and living in the city won't change that, whether her mom likes it, or not! Then one day, Raini finds out she has a talent- she can talk to horses! She helps the owner of a down on its luck training center, until one day she meets a spunky mare, who has her own attitude, and won't listen to what Raini, or anybody else has to say...

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Tilly, Merry and Bilbo

by Madeline
(Roda, Corfu, Greece)

This is my true story of my donkeys....
Me and my family decided to get a donkey once we moved from England to Greece so we would have room for it, we kept searching and searching until we found one, we decided to rescue this female i think she was 12 years old and grey with a gingery blonde mane and a brown cross on her back, she had a overgrown hoof with a nail stuck in it and no food or water and was very skinny and was left to die so we bought her for 50 euros and named her Tilly about 3 weeks later a farrier came and told us i think you should just give her to the donkey sanctuary in town, but we refused we were going to keep her until she was better about 2 months later we decided to get another one for company and we rescued her too she was kept in a barn all day in the dark and had never had a farrier on her hoofs and they looked like christmas elves shoes she was brown with a black mane and a dark brown cross and dark legs, she was a little bit grumpy so for a joke we called her Merry, a few months of healing and caring for them they got better Tilly had her hoof cut shorter and was no longer skinny. Merry had her hoofs cut and the farrier couldnt believe that Tilly had gotten better.

By now it was cold febuary(2008) and one night i forgot to put their rugs on, and Merry had left in the cold she went missing for a few days and we were upset then one of our friends told us that a brown donkey had been hit by a car up the road, we suspected it was Merry but i wouldn't believe it a month later we decided it must have been her, so we got another one, Bilbo he had no injuries or anything and was very healthy.
About a year later(19-10-09)though, I came home from school to hear that Tilly had liver disease and the vet thought about putting her down but gave her an injection to keep her alive a bit longer, i ran over to her and there was a body lying on the floor and she could only move her head, i burst out crying and ran off i came back and sat with her all day, then mum told me the vet said if we can get her to stand up tonight she'll live, but it will probably be the end if we cant, we tried and tried to lift her up we eventually did but her legs wouldn't move so we left her, then later that night she died, gone and was never coming back my best friend had left me i was so upset

i don't even think bilbo cared, we still have bilbo but he's around 26 so maybe he has 10 years or so. Now i'm getting 2 shetland ponys 1 mare and 1 stallion they are mother and son and theyre so cute <3

If you can understand how it feels to loose something so close you are a true equine lover <3

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Why you shouln't try to show off

One day I was taking my riding lesons my friend Emilee was watching me so I tried to do my best. and I started to trot and my leg hit the wall and I fell off. I was so embarresed. That night i was reading a book that said I most likely fell off trying to show off.
So that is why I say never try to show off

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SuperSmily's Super Horseaholic Page

by SuperSmily



I love horses as much as all of you (I'm hoping you love horses?!)so I created this page for you so you can ask about horses! You can ask for advice about your horse concerning medical issues, behavioral problems etc.

I also have activities like (drum roll please).... polls, websites you can visit and games for horseaholic people!!!



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Need opinions! What horse should I get?

by Ally
(Rhode Island)

Hi. My name is ally and I love all horses to death (as does everyone on this site). I am 11 and I have been riding since I was 5 and I have started taking lessons for 2 years.

I can walk, trot, I have cantered before but I do have experience with it and also little jumps. I know a lot about horses and I know how to care for one too.

I have wanted a horse for 7 years and I know I am ready. We have a barn, a big yard (like an acre) and I think we can afford one.I really need someones opinion on this. Do you think I am ready for a horse?

I know most of you will say maybe but not yet but honestly I am not sure myself if I can do everything perfectly but I do know I can care for and love this horse plus I will learn more along the way. Please help me.... I need this for my life to be complete. Thanks.

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Help me! My pony won't slow down!

by Morgan

So, hey guys. I have a pony called Monty and he is only 12hh (I am short for my age). He is a good little pony and I love him to bits, but he's so fast! He is so fast and sharp, also he is only 11 so at a young age, he has a LOT of energy.

He loves to jump and go for a good gallop but I can never get him to slow down. I have a trainer who helped me a little, but sort of made it worse. She rode him but now he doesn't bend, but sticks his head out and bangs his nose on the fence.

So I suppose I'm asking for advice on how to slow him down, how to get him more relaxed when ridden and made his neck more bended to the inside. Thanks!

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Help with Horsey Science Experiment

by Jasmine
(Goulburn, Australia)

I am doing a science project and would like to do it on horses but I need to do it over a period of about two and a half weeks so I need something easy....

I really need ideas by next week so please if you have any rattling around your head please share.

P.S it is an experimental project and I do have access to horses.

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What Horse Should I Get?

by Kelsey
(Washington USA)

Hi, my parents finally said I could buy my first horse. I'm 12 and 5 foot (kind of short for my age) and I have been riding for 7 years, can jump 3-4 feet and I'm looking for a jumper/English horse. These are my options that I like:

Name: Classic Shores (Classy)
Breed- Quarter Horse X Arabian
Age- 8
Height- 15.2hh
Gender- Mare
Personality- Good with dogs, not a huge fan of cats, needs a novice or advanced rider but surely needs a confident rider, not usually spooky but can be, okay with loud noises, has been ridden by a 13 year old girl before, loves the trails and can do dressage as well but jumping is her strongest area.
Can jump up to 4ft and has schooled up to 4'3

Name- Airplanes in the Night Sky (Jet)
Breed- Welsh Cob X Thoroughbred
Age- 12
Height- 15.0hh
Gender- Gelding
Personality- good with cats sometimes, spooks at dogs, needs a confident rider, but good with his riders. Has been ridden by a 11 and 12 year old girl and boy before and has shown in cross country and jumping.
Can jump up to 3'0.

Name- Liberty's Freedom (Free)
Breed- Paint X Arabian
Height- 16hh
Gender- Mare
Personality- good with most children as long as you are not grabby and touch her so much, sweet and not spooky, great for novice/advanced riders but not for beginners. Can do hunters but her best areas are dressage and jumping. Has shown in English.
Can jump up to 5ft.

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by Chloe

OK.. so about 2 years ago i had a couple of riding lessons for my birthday... LOVED THEM-but we couldnt afford to keep it going.

So sadly i had to quit but a few weeks ago i realised just HOW MUCH i love horses, when i say love i mean LOVE (like i sometime can spend a whole day just looking at someone elses horses) and i am trying to find somewhere near that i can ride, but keep it going for longer this time as my dream is to enter a show jumping competition and work with horses that have been hurt and or been abandoned.

I just want to ask all the real life riders if they think this is a stupid idea and if i should give up now and save myself the heart break????
What do you guys think?

BTW, love the website XO

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Confidence help?

by Jazz

I fell off a horse last Sunday and although I didn't get injured (just really aching neck and shoulders) I still lost a lot of confidence, since my instructor keeps giving me Tucker.

Last lesson he tripped over and nearly squashed me, and the lesson before that he veered off to one side before a jump, meaning I nearly got impaled!

This time I made the biggest mistake EVER, I looked behind me when he knocked over a jump (yes, I know... -_- ) and lost my balance, Tucker bolted off down the school and I got dragged along.

So now I'm too scared to canter round corners (in case he trips over again) I subconsciously pull back before jumps (I feel SO bad about that one :/ ) and now I refused to canter over the jump again.

The thing is though, it's ONLY with Tucker. I can ride any other horse with loads of confidence, I'm just terrified when I ride Tucker. I really want my confidence back because no matter what they ALWAYS give me Tucker recently.

I don't have my own horse and I only have one lesson a fortnight so it's quite hard for me to get my confidence back! I really want to be a showjumper so it's kinda bad if after three falls off a horse I'm terrified of jumping him! It makes me feel like a really bad rider :(

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He's just a tad bit crazy!

by Kassi
(Ontario, Ca)

Ripper- eatin his bread!

Ripper- eatin his bread!

Well at my grandparents' we have 3 ponies and there all brothers and sisters.

Prancer-I started prancer really late because he was having troubles with his leg. I actually just started his ground work a year ago. Ive never had any problems with him and hes my baby.

Pippy- I started pippy when she was 6 months old. She loved to go on walks and do anything you asked her. She learned how to do some really cool tricks and she is now broke to drive and ride.

Then there's ripper. I just started working with ripper last month and now I'm his favorite person in the world! Except that has led to one big problem! He is yet to be lead train or even have a halter on. Hes never been touched before becuase he had a leg problem and if he got worked up his leg would tense up and he couldn't move now hes is better but I'm taking it easy and just becoming his friend. When I enter his field I only walk about 30 feet away from the gate. I walk around and he follows me like a dog except when I want to leave. He runs circles around me and starts rearing and stops 2 feet in front of me almost hitting me.

I am not afraid of him he is a just a pony. I know how to solve this problem but I am really curious as to what any of you would do in this situation.

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Tage (A True Story)


I walked into the pasture and looked around. Where was he? Where was the amazing chestnut horse that my mother had rode as a child. I turned and there she was. Tage, beautiful old tage. He wanted a carrot. I asked my grandmother for one. She handed it to me.

Tage gobbled up that long orange carrot like children do to candy. Then he looked at my younger sister for one. She couldn't resist that beautiful face. Tage got another carrot. I had never ridden, and still haven't(at age 12) but I knew that I needed to. I desperately wanted to. I have seen pictures of my mother on Tage, and looking at him now, I know he is longing to be ridden again. But the both of us know that riding is not going to happen to the either of us any time soon.

RIP Tage. Died about 3 years later. A great beautiful horse.

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by taylor

Starlight – A Buckskin Gelding

Starlight, who was originally called Pretty Boy, is Carole's horse. He's a gentle and affectionate horse, totally devoted to his owner. He seems to sense what Carole wants of him before she even asks.

Starlight is a Buckskin Gelding. A Buckskin isn't a breed but a colour.

A Buckskin horse has a tan or caramel-coloured body. The shade of tan may vary from very light which is a "crème" Buckskin to a very dark or a "bronze" Buckskin. This colour breed has very dark to black "points". Points are the mane and tail, half way up their legs and ear frames. No more black markings are needed to make such a coloured horse classed as a "buckskin".

A similar colour is a "Dun" horse. These are similar to Buckskins but they must have a eel stripe (or dorsal), which is a black stripe down the back along the spine. Buckskins may have the dorsal stripe. Duns' markings are "dirtier" black or brown than those of a Buckskin. Other variations on this colour are named "Red Dun" and "Grulla".

This colour of horse can be any height, so many different breeds have Buckskin coloured horses. In Australia, Buckskins can now be registered in a special club so that you can buy "registered Buckskin" horses.

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Any ideas for making extra money? I really want a horse?

by Sara

Okay, so the thing is that I've been wanting a horse ever since i started riding. My mom said she would love to get me a horse, but money's tight.

She also said that if my father pays child support, which he hasn't for 5 months or more and if I save up some money from doing extra things around the house for her that we could look into getting an off property lease, and we could board it at the barn I ride at.

So please please, please comment on extra money making ideas and tips, it would be a very, very big help, thanks!!

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Horse Superstar

by Leah
(West Chicago Il)

My Teddy Bear

My Teddy Bear

I share this horse "Bear" with my friend Jessica.
We LOVE him SO MUCH!!!
He's a teddy bear

WE LOVE BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

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I really want a horse!!

by Sienna

I could get a horse but my parents don't know a thing about them!!!I know how to look after a horse and I can ride one but I don't have the money either!! Any advice?

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I wish I could get a horse!

by Sunny
(Currently: Port Kelang, Malaysia... Next: Singapore. )

I wish I could get a horse! But unfortunately I live on a boat that is currently sailing around the world.

For a horse, or just plain horse-back riding lessons I would save up money, start working, beg my mom and dad for perhaps, spare change (that is the closest thing I'll get for pocket money), start surfing the web for local stables (when we get back to PA), and possibly trade my little brother for a couple camels (when we get to Africa) so I can trade them for an Arabian Horse (or any horse will do of course). He won't be a loss at all. LOL!

But currently my 3 horse books and 1 horse poster will have to do.

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All horses have potential =]

by Lulu

Me jumping my TWH 2.5 ft.

Me jumping my TWH 2.5 ft.

I have had a TWH for 10 years and he had mainly been a pasture ornament for those 10 years, and a good one at that. He is jet black and 16.2 hands, a true beauty.

When i turned 9 i decided to start riding him, and he was handful especially for a skinny 9 year-old like me. He was mainly a pleasure horse, i had no intentions in showing him.

But as the years passed, i started to c potential in him and i was notified that there was a simple local show that was to take place in a few months. I had to change a pleasure into a show horse in a few months!

But he had a bad habit that i had to break in order to show. Whenever i rode him we would just gallop across the pasture over and over again.(once again, i had no plan in showing him so i didnt c anything wrong /it)I had to train him to be consistent in all of his gaits and it took a while, but we were finally ready.

I didnt know much about walking horses(ima hunter-jumper girl=D) at the time so, i entered him in the w/t and other equitation classes, since there were no gaited horse classes.

He ended up doing very well at the show, in fact everyone thought he was a TB. Now i can show him in hunter classes and then turn around and show him in the gaited horse classes and he does just as well. He has great versatility and i think every horse can. Good luck w/training ur horse! ;)

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Separation problems.. I guess?

by Caylee

I have this 9 yr paint pony mix and he hates being away from my sister's Arab. I have tried to direct him, I have tried doing circles in front of the gait and yet he threatens to buck and rear. So please help anybody?

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Want a horse SO BAD!!!!!

Hi,I have been riding for 2 years now and I really want a horse but my mom said we didn't have anywhere to put i even though there are many horse stables around my area and that we couldn't afford it. But I found a website for free horses, how can I convince my mom to let me get a horse?

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by Alexee
(West Virginia)

Please give me some tips! I want to own a horse someday and I don't take lessons nor have I ever rode a horse except in Kentucky where my family went to vacation this summer.

I was really hoping you could help me out, like give me some good summer horse camps that are low in cost and I live in West Virginia too so hopefully you would know a place. Please comment here thanks!

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Another Fall

by Ebonys Sugar Pine

My Brother was riding his mare and was of course not listening and he had spurs on and she HATES them. So he started to ride her and was not listen to me nor my mother and would not take them off . a short time later She bucked and he tryed his best to stay on and of course he hit her with the spurs and she started bucking and rearing and finally she reared and he fell flat on his face. I was some happy but upset at the same time . I was happy that she thrown him off becuase he was not listen but i was upset cuase she still hates the spurs now even.

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by Chloe

When I first got Cindy she was very lazy and sluggish and very fat. She couldn't even trot! I made up a very special diet and exercise sheet .But i will never forget that day.

I was tacking her up for the first time in a good few weeks after all that bonding and exercise. She seemed quite hyper so i warmed her up for a little longer than usual and that seemed to do the trick. After a good warm up on both reins i then asked her for a canter. We were off! Her canter is the best coz you could just sit there and she knows what to do. I asked my mum to set up a jump, it was about 2 feet high (Really small). We were turned in,one stride ,two stride ,three stride and we were soaring high!!

I have still got her and she is still a star but she has her moments!! CINDY,I LUV YOU GIRL FOREVER!!

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Bridlewood Adventures: The New Competition

by Shariykah

Bridlewood stables is nestled in the heart of Virginia. It's a well known boarding and riding school.
The TV series follows 15-year old Breanna Wright as she (with the help of her friends) form the Bridlewood jumping team. They all experienced a tragic accident on horseback that made them such good friends and the best jumping team in Virginia!

But there's a problem, another horse stable opened down the road and their jumping team might be better than Bridlewoods.

Can Breanna and her friends prove to be the best or is this the end of Bridlewood forever?

Reply from Sydney: Is this a story?

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Naughty Hicory

I was on this horse called Hicory and we were cantering to a plank jump (he is scared at anything and hates planks). He bottled out of it and I got off balance, then he bucked me off. I now have a new pony and I am jumping up to 75cm!

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Why show off?

by Rayna
(Mesa, Arizona)

This story is made up. This is my idea of what would happen when someone tries to show off at a show jumping competition!

Trina Grinned as she entered the track. The crowed roared! As she looked around she spotted her family members and her arch enemy Morgan! She turned her head and smiled even bigger. She jumped over the first jump, and her horse Frisky Soul landed in an odd position. Yet he picked himself back up and jumped the second jump. Trina sped up and glared at Morgan as she jumped the third jump. She jumped too soon. Frisky Soul smashed into the hurdle and sent Trina flying into the hot dirt. Luckily Frisky Soul was unharmed. Trina got up and ran out of the show ring in tears. Trina learned her lesson! "Never EVER show off!"

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Please help, need fencing ideas!

by Meg

Hi I'm 13 and I'm getting this really sweet horse. But we have to fence in our horse pasture yet. Any ideas on what fence to use and where to get it, the price? Please, thanks!

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12-yr old girl wants a horse!

by Alexee
(Petersburg, West Virginia)

I'm a 12 year old girl and I want a horse!! My mom and dad have been very ignorant to the subject and I'm about to scream!!

We have a farm and a horse barn that hasn't been vacant for quite a while. I've always wanted a horse but only rode one for vacation last year at Nashville. Our county offers a 4-H Horse Camp in the summer for a week and I'm going to it but this is the first time.

I don't have much responsibility but I'm trying hard. There is no horse lessons offered around the county and even surrounding. Well there's this one but it is WAY too expensive. I just don't know what to do anymore. Anybody have any ideas?? I'm begging you!!

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Bella, The Wild Mare

by Taylor
(Kentucky, USA)

The Beautiful Bella

The Beautiful Bella

Every Spring, me and my dad go to a Wild Horse auction. I had my eye on a beautiful pregnant Buckskin mare but then I seen she had laminitis or something with the hoof so I didn't want her. I was looking around and a beautiful Black Appaloosa mare began galloping by me. I wanted her so bad. We decided to buy her.

She was kinda easy to get the halter on but tossed her head a bit. I then led her to the trailer and I tried to help her in but she wouldn't so I went in and held a carrot out and she began slowly stepping in and out. I then finally got her in and she stood eating a carrot.

We arrived home and I led her out and put her in the pasture and she ran around bucking and rearing and rolling in the grass enjoying it. I couldn't help but smile and call her up. I then said, "I'll call you.......Bella." She was so pretty. I wanted to start training her very soon.

After about 3 weeks with me, I decided to train her.I tacked her up and lunged her around. She was going very good so far. I then put a sack on grain on her back to get used to the weight of humans on her back. She bucked at first then began trotting and then walking. It took about 7 weeks to train her. I was finally able to ride her. I took her on trails and entered her in shows.She was the greatest horse ever.

Sadly, about 3 years of having her, she was running in her pasture and broke her leg in half like the race horses Ruffian or Go For Wand. She was in so much pain that she had a bad chance of surviving so we had to put her down. She was the GREATEST horse ever and always will be to me.

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Bla no subject

by Megan asks alot of questions. xD
(Spring Hill, TN U.S.A)

I could use THIS for my website layout. Muahahahahahaha! Lol!

I could use THIS for my website layout. Muahahahahahaha! Lol!

Hi Sydney, I'm wondering... HOW'D YOU MAKE THIS WEBSITE?? I want to make a website like this for some reason!! Lol!

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by I-want-a-horse
(The Barn)

i want him!

i want him!

I want a horse. plain and simple. Why? i want to make memories with him, ride all the time, and have a best friend i can talk too.

Why can't i have one?
not enough money to keep one. My parents say i can get one when i'm older but i can't wait that long. =-(

For current horse owners out there: cherish your time with your horse/pony because you don't realize just how lucky you are.

This horse is Logan. I love him 2 death! he's for sale and i'm praying every night that i can get him!!!!! dream big right? lol

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Caught in the storm

by Blue( Hannah) B.
(New York )

When I first rode her right off the trailer, I thought that she was just some fast- prancing- small. Wow, I had truly been dumb because the first minute I met her I began to love her. I exercised her for a girl named, Avery, never knowing how to really exercize her. This summer I began to free lunge her, learning all her tricks. She would either pretend to be tired and then shoot off like a firecracker in the ring or get all her energy out when I free lunged her. Slowly I began to enjoy caring for her. When I didn't lunge her I rode her around and around till she got tired and content.
One day, the rain was pouring and all the ponies had to be brought in before the lightning struck. I remember grabbing my pony, handing it off to a friends once he was safe inside and then dashing over to Princess. She and her friend, Twinkie, were galloping around their paddock in terror. Twinkie's owmer grabbed her and began to walk her away but Penelope stayed in the paddock not knowing what to do.
I knew and loved this pony too well for her to be in a storm, in danger. A burst of thunder shook the floor and it began to pour in hail. Princess ran again and again. I took a breath and slowly walked over to her. She came to me and followed me out. Her prancy walk bounced every time rain hid her face. And when we were safely inside the barn, I looked at my soaked summer shorts and ruined Paddock boots. I suddenly knew that this pony, even though it wasn't mine, trusted me to save her in a storm.

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The Snobbiest Ex~Friend!!!!

by bessie

my friend, (name removed) is the biggest snob in the world!!!! when i got my thoroughbred gelding off the track he was extremely skinny and not much to look at. she told me that all he was worth was dog food. i told her to get a life. she thought she was the best rider because she had an already trained arabian show horse. she told me that i wouldn't make it anywhere with him so with my trainer we made a plan. the state show was to be held in a months time and so everyday i trained and everyday she complained that i was spending to much time 'babying' the nag. i made my decision to show her what it's like to be a good rider. i said to her "hey. i was thinking do you know how you like challenges well would you like to swap horses for the state shows. i don't think i'll be good enough for Pat (my horse)" she agreed. pat HATED being ridden by other people, even my trainer couldn't handle him that well. so the day of the show arrived and soon the 'show' was underway. even though she ended up going to hospital for fractured ribs i laughed. after all i am the best rider in the world!!!!!!!!!!!

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by Caitlin

I got a call about (5 or 6 months ago)barn asking me to come ride this pony that was on trial for someone else! I agreed to come. The pony was very hyper and bouncy! He did not know how to jump! Now he can jump 2 feet high and canter jumps!

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My First Ride

by Rayna
(Mesa, Arizona)

This is me on Socks!

This is me on Socks!

This is me on my VERY first horse back ride! I went on a 2 hour trail ride with my mom at the macdonalds ranch in Arizona! My horse's name was Socks and my mom rode on a horse named Hobo!

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New series by Izzy!!! BOUND: The story of Sea and Izzy

by Izzy

Izzy Star

Izzy Star

Izzy Star was a very good tempered and beautiful Akhal-Teke. She loved to prance and to show off, but her most favorite thing is when her owner Lucy straps a saddle on her and they trot through the dressage course.

Sometime later, though, a new stallion comes to Moon Acres. His name is Sea Bound, and he is ill-tempered, is, well, not that beautiful, and has a tenancy to bite whenever someone comes near him. Beautiful Izzy's life is turned upside down when she is told to teach him the pretty ways of Dressage.

Izzy also has another problem: Lucy wants to breed Sea with her. Izzy is now mad at Lucy, even though she doesn't want to be. Will Izzy and Sea get along? Can Sea be good tempered again? Find out in: Bound: The story of Sea and Izzy.

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Jess's Page

by Jess

Hi everyone!
Do you need help with your horse?
Do you just want to yak the way only horse crazy girls can?
I'll do tons of cool stuff like listing must-read stories, poems, quizzes, and polls.

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by Rayna
(Mesa, Arizona)

The menacing rain now fell in heavy torrents. As the thunder rumbled across the pitch black sky, the lightening danced upon the clouds. The wind flew at a rapid pace of 20 MPH uprooting small trees. These heavy misfortune rains fell upon a small ranch.

One of the strong gusts of winds blew the stable roof right off, and began making it's way into the barn freezing the horses. Many of then escaped as the winds tore off the sides. This had been by far the worst thunder storm to fall upon the earth. The wind rose to excessive speeds of 28 MPH and the rain now fell in drops the size of a grown man's fist.

The very next morning, a young girl entered her backyard wearing rain boots. The rain still fell, but this time only in the form of a sprinkle. The girl gasped at the sight of her yard. The trees had fallen over, the horses were trapped in their stable and the walls had collapsed. There was mud and grime all over everything. The girl ran inside explaining the news to her mother. This frightened young girl was me. When that storm hit Minnesota it hit it hard. Many houses were torn apart.

15 of the 32 horses made it. the rest had either froze to death, or were crushed when the walls collapsed. This was a very sad week for that young girl.

Well almost six years had passed since that storm, but it had left a mark on my soul. Every time there was a thunder storm, I ran to the horse stable and slept there over night.My mother took me to a psychiatrist who made me listen to an audio tape of a thunder storm to help my phobia, but as the thunder rumbled, I ran screaming.

A year later, I had a reason to fear the thunder storms. Here is my story.

I looked out my window and only saw a heavy layer of fog. Although my mother told me not to go outside, I disobeyed her and left the safety of my house. I realized that it was poring! When I turned around to go inside, I saw a streak of light and then I passed out. I awoke the next morning still on the muddy ground. My ranch was covered in such a heavy layer of fog that I could barely see my hands.

As the winds shifted, the fog cleared just a tad bit before going back to it's usual heavy state. So in that small bit of time, I ran to the horse stable which now held 15 horses. All of which were asleep. I stayed in that stable for 42 hours until finally the fog cleared up and my family found me. Ever since then I have been afraid!

(I have no I dea why I made this but its made up)

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Help please!!! Jumping problem

by Gladys
(New York)

I have this really sweet and well-mannered 5-year old Arabian mare. She's great but when we jump, she just refuses to jump and stops right before it, sometimes unseating me. I had tried to lure her over with treats, but she just goes round the jump to get to me. Please help!

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People keep insulting my horse

by Horseluver4evernever (Sarah)

This is us at our first a circuit show

This is us at our first a circuit show

Hi guys. I've been really upset lately because people think that my horse is ugly. My 'friends' make up jokes about her that they say to each other, right in front of my face. It's really hard for me to let this roll off my back. I can't. I just freak out.

So today after my lesson, I went into the section of the barn only boarders (like my friends and I) could go in. I was I untacking my pony holly, when my friends ran in. They started telling jokes about holly. " the reason she never stands still, is because she doesn't want people to see her ugliness." One says. The other one laughs.
I just stand there.

"Okay....." I say. Then they walk over. I just bought a new saddle. I got an equipped expression. I love it.

"Do you like your saddle?" One says.

"Yesssss...." I answer. "Why else would I buy it?!"

"It feels and looks like fake leather. " she says.

"No it's Italian leather so it's extremely soft and feels different from yours." I answer
"You actually like your saddle?!" She says.
"Yess....." I answered
Then the other girl joins.
They walk to my horses flank.
"Look at how weird she is here!" They laugh. "It's so weird!"
"Don't all horses have it?" I asked
"No!!!" They answer
"Oh," I say. "Whatever"
"She's so fat!" They tease. They told me a few months before that she was too skinny!
"No she's just build differently then your ponies!" I say, starting to lose my temper.
"She's so weird!" They laugh.

That's when I lost it. "You know, I would really appreciate it if you DIDN'T make fun of my saddle and my horse!" I said impatiently. "It's really rude!"
"We never made fun of her though!" They say.
"Yes. You did." I say. " so do me a favour. Don't make fun of her again,"

Then a bit later, I confront one of them.
"Hey you know what," I say. "I don't go around the barn telling you and everyone else, that your pony is weird and skinny then fat and that he's ugly. Do I?!"
"No...." She said quietly. I notice the barn manager, one of the girls mom, is standing to the side. I didn't think twice about it being bad because she isn't afraid to tell her daughter to be nicer.
"So stop calling my horse names!" I said. "I'm sick of it!" This is the girl who used to be in love with my horse before she was mine. Then she fell off of her, and too this day blames it on holly. It wasn't Holly's fault though.
I left it at that.

I don't know what to do. I've had problems with one of these girls before. She recently bought a pony. She has been hanging out with the other girl now. They have become quite mean and I don't know what I'm gonna do about it. I think I might tell the barn owner what's going on. She gets really angry when she hears with at someone is calling a horse names.

Any ideas? Any help is appreciated!

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Tamed by one.. and only one

It was dark, a smell of interest and friendliness poured through my muzzle, as someone walked closer to me out of the shadows. It was my person, my person who I could trust even when things were falling apart. Her long black hair was tangled and her face dirty but her clothes were okay.

She had obviously gone to some trouble to find me out here in the wild. I stamped my foot and put my head a little lower and nickered a long soft sound. She smiled and stroked my four-head as she looked in to my eyes. I wondered what she wanted. she stood starring deep into me for awhile until a loud shrilling sound escaped from a horse somewhere in the darkness, I through my head up in panic!

Unable to think I looked to the girl for an answer for this unpleasant shriek. But she too was worried and puzzled, she was looking at where the sound came from, but then she turned her head quickly and said in a low voice, "we had better get out of here." Just then all of the herd's hooves beat the ground close by and the two of us saw a little of them, they looked terrified!

Fear bubbled up inside me as I looked all around me, unable to choose a path to go. Just then I felt a thud on my back, I bolted a few steps only to find that it was still there I looked behind me and saw the girl I knew so well on my back and talking softly to me.

For some reason though, when she leaped on my back it gave me her strength and weaknesses and combined with mine, and suddenly I knew what I had to do. Brave now, I felt every muscle in my body eager to run, and I leaped into a gallop!

~~the next day~~~

The sun hung over the mountains in the distance, forming the most beautiful sun rise any horse would be proud to see. My human sound asleep I walked carefully trying not to wake her.

My black and white pinto coat was matted with sweat but I knew I was safe as long as I had my girl with me. I then realized that she would be very hungry and I was already, so I stopped and looked as the blank hills of sand, some yellowish grass and some old bushes. I lowered my head and sighed. I walked on and wished I was with my herd so that I had food, because they were sure to find it.

But I, I was young, only 3 and didn't know were to look. so I kept on going this time a slow soft lope still trying not to wake my girl. But she did any way, she stretched and yawned. then saw the sun rise and gasped, "that's beautiful! do you see that Boreal!!!" Boreal was what she called me. So I knew she was talking to me. I nickered and then stopped at the sight of a huge plain with grass and neat corn rows. I knew it was a farmer's but I was so hungry I sprang to a canter again and took to the field!

~2 hours later~
I looked at my human, that was now on foot with a satisfied look and she did too. She ate the corn as I did the grass. *sigh* "I wonder what made all that noise last night? Because it didn't sound friendly....at all!" She said in fear.

~will write more!~

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Horse Gone Crazy

by Katelynn S

I was training a yearling and it jumped and ran away so I ran after it.

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The Freisian mare :D

by Abbie

I played with my best friend on her farm in the indoor arena."Come on Alexis lets play!" "Er sorry Carrie I was just daydreaming." "Again! God Alexis is it about this stupid mare you always talk about??" "She's not stupid! How could you say that!!" "Look I'm sorry but that mare is all you think about and you never talk about anything else but the mare!" "Well if you feel like that I'll just go on then!" "Alexis wai-" Carrie was cut off as Alexis stormed out the arena and round to her stable. "It's ok Rocky we don't need her we will just go out on a hack ourself." but Rocky had already been ridden."Oh I can't go with you cause you've already been ridden. I'll just walk then." and so she did. Alexis walked through the brown grass and thought about the mare and what Carrie said. "I care about the mare just as much as Carrie loves Mackie" she thought but then she saw the mare! "Girl you came back! I told Carrie that you where real!" she nickered and bent down on her knees "Wow girl do you want me to ride you??" she nickered again "Okay then." Alexis climbed on her back and the mare got back up and Alexis and the mare cantered bareback over some logs. "come on girl lets take you back to the stables." and thay cantered back to the stables. "Hey Carrie look it's the mare!" "Gosh Alexis she's beautiful!" "I know! I'm gonna get her my saddle and put it on her to ride her!" "Well be careful!" "I will!" She put the tack on and rode her. She was a dream! "Carrie I'm gonna keep her!" "Ya sure Alexis??" "Yeah!" "Okay." Now Alexis and Bella are in all the top comps and Bella and Rocky love each other and thay even have made a foal together! Alexis and Carrie are still BEST FRIENDS! :D :)

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The Lazy Pony

by Faith S
(Newfoundland and labrador cananda )

My horse Brandy (I couldn't find any better pic) lol

My horse Brandy (I couldn't find any better pic) lol

I own many horses, around 31, but there is one that is lazy and, well, all he does is sleep during lessons or in the barn. One day I was riding him in the out door arena as we do most of the time around 9:00 until 9:30 or 10:00 every Saturday i am the first one up and ready to go the stables. As i was tacking him up i noticed that he was falling asleep and was kinda of tipping over so i woke him up. After i was finished tacking him i again saw him asleep so i woke him by giving him sugar. i was hoping it would work when i was riding Brandy (that is his name) in the arena but it didn't. And this time i got really angry with him.

So i was planning to ride another horse. I was still on him at the time trying to figure out what horse i should ride. There was this stray dog that keeps coming to our house and the horses sometimes get a little scared. I was still thinking until i felt a little jump in Brandy he was awake i was guessing because his ears were pointed frontwards. i thought it was the dog. he comes out around this time of the day but it wasn't.

It was really big and black. i thought it was a horse at first so i tapped Brandy to go forwards to go see what it is.

When i got about 10 feet close to it i notice that Brandy got a little shaking and before i notice a big black bear was running after us. brandy ran before i even tapped him and all i remember is me and brandy jumping over the fence with a bear on our backs.

Brandy was running as fast as he could and i was trying not to fall off we had tried hard to lose the bear but he wouldn't go until brandy stopped turned around and we where facing the bear. About only 6 feet away from us.

I was all shaken up and the only thing i can do is to hold on for my life! then after 4 min starring at each other brandy went up on his two hind legs and was waving his two front legs at the bear then after that the bear ran off in the bush and then we all went home.

so i gave my horse brandy a new nickname called "the lazy hero" after all he did save our life from getting eaten by a big black bear!

Since then the story been all the newspaper and news and well i guess brandy is proud of it also he is still lazy lol

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Bever dam Park ride

by sue

It was awesome . OMG I know that this is off topic but me and my friend erin went there and her mom cant ride and she had a baby in stroller with her and it was SOOO funny watching her go over all of the tree stumps with the stroller her face was all red and angry. Me and Erin were laughing the whole time(fun).

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Race Horse

by Via (Olivia)

Hi! Race Horse is actually a horse book that I am writing. It is about a black filly named Believer who, on a parade to the post, meets a red colt named Sprint. The filly and colt tie the race exactly, and their owners go into a partnership: once Sprint and Believer retire, they will breed them and jointly own the foal! But Believer is having a pretty hard time learning to like Sprint... in fact, she is beginning to detest him!

Do you like it so far?
via (Olivia)

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Need help - horse refusing!

by Becca

So, when I gallop my horse with my sister and her pony, my horse will shake her head like nuts! I tried to put the hackamore higher on her nose, but that didn't help either. Also she won't ride down the dirt road. We usually go down there, but we would have to walk them most of the way. They would just stand there and not move. My horse doesn't like to be the first to go so. I would have my sister go first but her pony wouldn't go either. I need advice!

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My first Horse

by Melanie

a picture of my first horse

a picture of my first horse

I first met my horse at my friend's stable. He was a gray 15.3 quarter horse gelding named JC. My friend asked if I wanted to ride him, and I rode him western. Afterward my friend asked if I wanted him, she had too many horses and her mom wanted to sell him. I knew my parents were looking for a horse and I said yes. For $300 I got the horse of my dreams. JC is so sweet and gentle, I barrel race and trail ride with him. He also gives pony rides to my younger cousins. I wear a purple hat alot and he always grabs it and runs away. All I have to do is whistle and he'll come running. I love to lay on his back and watch the sky. I love you JC!!!

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The Horse with Ocean Eyes

by Elise



Lightning flashed. Wind howled. Rain poured. Darkness consumed. In the midst of the stormy night, a little shadow boldly tore against the elements. No living being knew the shadow fought with the storm, for they were all tucked warmly away in their own abodes. Yet here was the shadow - all alone, no place to call home, and left to die to fighting.

Wearily, the shadow continued on running through the torrents of wind and rain. Between flashes of light, dark mountains sliced upward into never-ending blackness, completely unafraid of the present downpour. These projections in the night attracted the shadow, drawing it nearer and nearer.Silently slicing across the night, the shadow stumbled over logs and stones alike - falling down always, yet jumping up and continuing once again. It would not stop. It must keep going. It MUST keep running.

Finally, the shadow drew close to the foothill of the mountain. There, as if by a miracle, stood the warm presence of a large cavern. The shadow quickly darted inside and kept running - right into a herd of horses. The small band spooked, shocked at such an unexpected sight. Abruptly, the shadow at last stopped in front of the lead stallion. The blood bay stood in front of the creature - who was no longer a shadow, but a foal. Panting, the soaked filly shivered, terrified of both storm and stallion. She had covered a great distance, and it felt good to once again be in the company of horses. But this also scared her. It had all felt like a dream...a stallion's scream, a furry of hooves, and a mare's warning, 'Run. Don't stop - just run.' But now, that was over, no more running.

She finally had the courage to look into the stallion's eyes. As she lifted her head, he gasped when he saw her. The herd whispered. Though her flaxen chestnut coat and her giant white blaze were normal, her two blue eyes - were not. The stallion took a step back. One of the mares whispered to him 'She has Ocean Eyes...what shall become of her?'

The stallion thought long and hard. The filly, feeling the uneasiness of the herd, closed her eyes and hung her head. She did not know what Ocean Eyes were - nor that they were considered 'cursed'. She was just a scared filly. Finally, the lead mare stepped forward. The beautiful blue roan walked to the side of the filly, and encouraged her to nurse. With one look to the stallion, it was confirmed. The lead mare adopted the foal and named her Shay.

***Let me know what you think, I can write more parts of the story if you wish***

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by Claire

If you live near Tampa Flordia I need your help! I can't afford a expensive horse stables. My price is 30$ and under. If you ride at a good stables near Tampa PLEASE tell me the website and name. I am willing to drive an hour but if it is a little over 30 dollers and is close to Tampa or in Tampa PLEASE tell me......... desprite need. Just moved.

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AHHHHHHH!!!!!! The Auction's Soon!!!!

by Sarah (horseluver4evernever)

Okay, so my barn that I ride at is having a horse auction!!! I'm really scared because there's a bunch of great horses being sold and I don't want them to be sold to a slaughterhouse!

The thing is the owner of the barn I ride at owns two barns across the street from each other. But my favorite horse, Timothy, lives at the barn that the auction's being held at.

I mean he's not in the auction but someone may walk down the barn, see him and then offer to buy him. I'm scared that this will happen and the auctions in two weeks!! My mom loves Timmi ( my nickname for him!) and I asked her if we buy him but she said we just can't afford him, (board's like 750$ a month. I can only afford like two months by myself!)

So I asked my parents if I could lease him but someone can still buy him. I'm really scared that someone will buy him. He's my favorite horse and I couldn't stand to see him go. I am showing him this summer and I love him so much!!!:,(

I love him so much and that horse is amazing. I think that I would cry for a long time if he leaves. I'm so sad!!!

I'm sorta getting myself really worried and I will ask this weekend if they will bring all the horses in the auction to one barn and the ones that are in it to the other barn, then I'll be fine... :)

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SuperSmily's Chit-Chat (aka My Page!)

by SuperSmily

Hey y'all If you like to goof off as much as who love horses than this is a page you should certainly follow!!!

To get you started please answer my poll. I'll post results later.

What's your fave horse breed

B.Quarter Horse
D.Hanoverian (my fave)
E.Other(please list other)

Check you later;):p :D

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by Gretta Rose
(Chicago IL USA)

Trubls was born in Catfish Creek Stables on June 10 1999. His mother Starlight,well she was a famous horse. She won 69 races. He always shook his head, we could never brush him.

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Help Me!

by Malina

So as you may know the parades are coming up, and I have two horses I want to ride. The first one is Nabil an Arabian. The second one is a mare I have named Malina, she's 42.

The reason I'm having problems choosing is because I usually take Malina but she's getting old which is no prob she can still do it, but she loves doing it. Also there is the fact that Nabil needs to learn how to do this.

Can you please tell me what to do!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!

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Falling Off

I was in the middle of taking my riding lesson on a sunny saturday morning. I was in the indoor riding areana when it all happened.

I put the beautiful Bay horse into a trot and then she decided to lope and i wasnt ready. So when she went into a lope I lost my stirrup then she ran into the wall (once again i wasnt ready for it).

Then the next thing i knew i was on the soft sand in the arena watching the beautiful bay horse named lady loping it was so beautiful. I was not hurt just a little confused.

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Hi, I'm Morgyn.

You might recognize my name from the Free Hearts stories. Well, my nan said she's buying me a HORSE! So I was hoping some of you might have the pony of my DREAMS!

Now, here are the things I want in a horse; Black, 15.hh(or higher), All-rounder and has a nice temperament!

PLEASE write, if you have a horse like this!

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The Horse With Amber Eyes

by Jazzy

I've never known another creature quite like flare. I doubt many horses or even men ever have, and I'm glad I did. She was different, unique to all those other horses. Very different, sometimes I wonder if she was everyone`s imagination, but no.

Flare was real, I remember everything about her, no one can forget flare, least of all me. I will remember her until my dying days, because of what I did. It was all my fault, if only it had been me instead. Then she would still be alive and fine, the horse everyone adored yet were almost...Afraid of.

I was the only horse that really knew her. Some of us want to be someone else, but not her. She always was known as the horse with amber eyes.

The first place I can ever remember is, to say the least, a little hazy in my memory. I can vaguely remember, enough to tell you of course, being led away down a dusty country road by a young lad.

I wouldn't be able to point him out if I saw him again. You might think I have a bad memory, but this was years ago, and i`d like to skip irrelevant detail. I think my mother was a gray horse, like me, for I remember a very tall white horse somewhere back then.

Before I came to the farm anyway. That`s all I've ever known it as, and really I never needed to call it much else. I can easily remember the tired-looking sign with the faded white letters surrounded by barely blue, though that has changed now, like everything else.

Nothing is the same since I was there, nothing is the same since flare was there. The farm itself seems to miss us all, the horses, the people, now it's just an empty group of buildings to us, and I never want to return there, even if it was the same I'm still haunted by that mistake I made well over ten years ago.

Sometimes I let myself wonder what would have happened if I had never made tat mistake. But there`s no use weeping over what happened and cannot be changed, and maybe from the first day I was led into the stable block and tied up, from the first time I saw flare, maybe, and I dread to think, that it could never have been prevented.

Of course I had no idea who flare was, nor anyone in fact, and stood for a while just gazing around in the poor light except for the thin beams of sunlight that struck through certain patches. Eventually my gaze rested on flare, and the first thing I noticed was her eyes, they were very odd to me, not brown or black as I'd often seen, but amber, and she had a stunning bay coat.

I looked at her for a second or two, before averting my gaze uncomfortably, although very beautiful, her eyes were a little unnerving, what with the way she seemed not to blink, and just looked back at me in silence. After a minute I dared look back up, and still she was watching me, and although she scared me slightly, I couldn't help but admire her.

That was the very first time I saw her.

Comment and tell me what you think :)

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A Miracle

by Chocey
(Cape Town)

There is a horse on our farm named Miracle. She is a Shetland and is 3 years old and very naughty. My teacher wants me 2 ride her because I am good at riding her. She threw me off 3 times in my first lesson on jumping 'cause she does cat jumps (she jumps 60cm for a trotting pole).

I rode her in a dressage test and she decided to spook at the imaginary ghost (THE WIND). I think she could be a dressage horse because she is very good at it now. She is now improving into a perfect dressage horse.

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Millie and Abby (and important update on GATHERING STORM story)

by Abby (Reese)
(Colorado, USA)

Millie and Abby, a pair for life. <3 (She's chasing me around the stable yard LOL)

Millie and Abby, a pair for life. <3 (She's chasing me around the stable yard LOL)

Hi, IMPORTANT UPDATE about the story I wrote, Gathering Storm. It was supposed to be a five part story. I wrote two parts nearly a year ago. >-.-< SO SORRY! I will try finishing it. Life has just caught up to me. ;)

Working at the stables, homework, etc. I vow to become an active member here! LOL, talk to y'all later, lets see some comments. ;)

Love to all!

PS the picture is of me and my baby, Millie. <3 I'll get a better one up sososooon! :)

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Stop horse abuse

by alicia

A sad but true story...
A mare bought for $35 was later sold for $100. The owner went to load the mare onto the trailer to bring her to a new owner, but she balked and refused to load. So the owner then wrapped her halter in barbed wire, and tried to force her onto the trailer with pain, each tug he gave cutting her face more and more. When she still did not load he got angry and decided to tie her to the trailer and drive off, dragging her helplessly behind. The barbed wire cut viciously into her face which bloodied even more from impacting the trailer. Her hooves were literally sandpapered off by the tar on the road. They are mostly gone now. When the mare finally fell over the owner only grew angrier. He stopped, unhitched the trailer and rolled it on top of the exhausted mare. But that wasn't enough, her punishment wasn't over, not until he shot her in the head. This little mare never gave up though, despite all this torture she survived.

The owner of this mare may never see the inside of a prison, may never truly pay for what he did, and although we cannot change that we CAN support this mare and in doing so show the world how we feel on this matter.

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Do you want a horse, have a horse, or like horses?

by AbbiH

Gorgeous chestnut. Not mine.

Gorgeous chestnut. Not mine.

I started a blog about my horse crazy quest to buy my first horse. I though, hmm...what better audience to read it than HORSE CRAZY GIRLS!?!?!
So please, check it out!
Pretty please. I will love you forever!


Yep. So, while you're here, what's YOUR horsey story about your horsey life, your mission to get a horse, your perfect dream horse, or how YOU got your very first horse? I'd LOVE to know!
Please comment below!

Love all!

See you at Contact at the Bit!

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The Pony Who I Thought Was From Hell!

by Immy
( Derbyshire)

When I was 8 years old I was given a shetland pony called matty for christmas I was over the moon with my new bay shetland!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What I didnt know was that I would have to teach how to jump and hack out with other ponys.
Matty was a cheeky, shy and naughty pony which would hack out with other horses and ponies and would only go over a pole that was on the ground! And I wanted to take it to shows for he was so handsome.
I was given a week to train my new bay shetland Matty untill the next show. In this next show there were team races. AND THAT WAS BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matty couldn't ride with other ponies! But i was going to get Matty to do it.

On Tuesday in the middle of the christmas holidays a letter arrived saying the show had been held on for another week so I had to miss a day of school, YEEPEY!!!!!!!!!!!! That also meant I had one more week to train Matty. So I took him out to our indoor school and put mini jumps up for him and jumped onto Matty's back we went trotting up to the jump and then Matty reared and bucked none stop, although I was really good at riding Matty flung me off, I didnt hurt myslef that much just a couple of bruses, I then tried to lead Matty behind my mum when she went on a hack he pulled and pushed me and nipped me and then I fell over in a pile of poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called Matty the pony from hell, and tried and tried to get Matty to jump and hack out with other horses, it was hard, one day the day before the show he bucked me off and then came over and lay down next to me i was confused at first but then i understood so I climbed on Matty's back then he stood up and galloped around the school! I tried to go over a jump and he did! I took him out on a hack with my mum's pony and he did it! When the show fanily came he was one of the smallest, fastest and best ponies there. we came first in the under 10s and won a medal, a troghey and a rosetee!!!!!!!!! From then on I called Mattey the pony from Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Thank you Matty!

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by ponypersonpip

One day I was out on the yard with my 2 best friends. They had come over for a ride on my 7 year old grey pony billy.

We were watching him trot round the field happily when suddenly he started to gallop madly around the field then he slipped and he landed on his back! I was sooooooooo worried about him I rushed over and my best friends went and told mum.

She came rushing out the door to see me crying next to him. We called the vets and they came out and took him away. I really wanted to go with him but I had to get ready for the show I had been practicing for. But I could not compete with billy. I had to ride on my friend's father's horse vanity.

When we got back we had some sad news. Billy had to get put down. I was devastated and I refused to get anther horse. Billy was not a horse to be replaced.

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I am desperately looking for a LOAN PONY for a ten year old girl who has recently lost her confidence from a fall. She is currently riding a welsh a but she cannot progress and get any further with her as she is used for county showing.

I would preferably like an OLDER more EXPERIENCED pony who has been there and done everything. Needs to be a real CONFIDENCE GIVER. Would be ridden out on the roads and in the school so needs to be 110% BOMBPROOF in all ways! Would eventually take part in little local shows when confidence is gained again and possibly a small amount of jumping at small heights.

The pony can be male or female, any breed, colour etc. Needs to be between 12-13hh and have NO VICES. The pony must be able to be kept at our yard in Weston-Super-Mare, Kewstoke and you would be able to see them at any time! WE are very experienced.


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The Black Horse, My Saviour...

by Michaela
(Australia, Vic)

One summer day, I was taking the rugs off our horses, Tani, Keria, Harry Tabitha, and Theo. As I took the rugs off the horses my mum's new bay filly Marnie looked on intently. I walked towards the gate, my arms filled with rugs, horse hair, and the sweet smell of horse sweat and dust.

Halfway across the paddock I hear the magnetic sound on hoof beats behind me. I turn to see Marnie galloping up towards me. She stops suddenly and rears up ready to attack, I stand helplessly scared as she rears up, her hooves flying millimeters away from my head.

"Back Off!" I yelled flicking the rug at her, trying to startle her, she stays, striking out with her legs, forcing me to leap backwards. I stare helplessly, I look around, for escape, nothing. Nowhere to run, trapped.

I hear hoof beats and turn to see Theo, a huge black 16hh standardbred, galloping flat out towards me, his strides swallowing up the ground, his midnight-black coat glistening in the sunlight. He forces himself between me and the crazed filly, striking her with his thrashing hind legs, she runs scared of the older horse's authority and power. Theo comes to me nuzzling me to check if I'm okay.

"I'm okay boy, now go get her," I pat him large noble head he turn to her and chases her, far away.

This is a true story, if it hadn't been for Theo, I would have been killed, this is not the only time Theo has saved my life, he saved me once, me and Harry from out Stallion, that is another story.

I am now writing a book about Theo, to thank him, because if it wasn't for him, the world, for me, would be a very different place.

I will post the first chapter of my book if this post gets enough comments.

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Wild horse

by Shelby
(Canada B.C)

Hey everyone! Im bored its a saturday night so im gonna right a horse story. Here we go

"Bye Ms.Finch said 12 year old miley. Have a good birthday said Ms finch, I will miley said. Miley got off the bus and ran into the farm yard. She could smell her mom baking a fresh pie in the kitchen, The smell of apple pie made Mileys mouth water a little. "Hey mom" said Miley as she walked through the kitchen door, Hey dear her mom answerd back, How was school? all right i guess. we had a math quiz but i guess i passed miley said, Thats good to here her mom said.Im gonna go take care of the horses now Miley said. Before her mom could answer Miley grabed a fresh cookie of the counter put on her jean jacket and ran out the door. When she enterd the stable the sweet smell of apples,hay,dust,and horses made Miley bring a huge smile. She walked over to a grey arabians stall, Hey Mitch" Miley said, Neigh'Neigh Mitch replied. Miley just had to laugh at that. good boy said miley as she stoked him on the face. See you later boy. Miley took a bite of her cookie and ran to the end of the stable.

She took the wheelbarrow and put the shovel inside of it. she wheeled into the first stall. She unlatched the door and walked in a little palomino mare stood there"Hey Honey" Miley said. She petted the mares soft mane.She shoveled the stall and emptied the wheelbarrow. Once she was done she walked over to the training arena. Michle (Miley's crush, and stable hand at Mitch Wood stables) was leaning on the railing. "Hey Miley said gracefully, How are you? Good' Michle replied. Good. Miley walked away hoping he wouldn't notice her blushing. Miley ran up the porch to her house, she was very exited, Tomorrow was her birth day and her parents said she would like her present. The only thing Miley wanted was a horse! She walked up to her room and got cleaned up for dinner. DINNER her mother shouted from downstairs. Be there in a sec Miley said. Miley rushed Downstairs, She took her seat at the table and said grace. For dinner her mother had cooked chicken and mashed potatoes and apple pie for dessert. Miley finished quickly so she could get to bed quickly so tomorrow would come sooner.

The next morning Miley rushed downstairs to see a big cake and lots of present on the table. She opened her presents, Clothes, Books, etc ok now wheres the gift my parents had promised me Miley thought? Her mother and Father(Andrew Mitch)handed her a small box. Miley tore it open inside was some papers miley read them quickly "REALLY" miley shouted, She ran down to the barn There stood a dapple grey beautiful gelding.She hugged him. Her parents said she could ride him to see how he feels. Miley got on him But the second she wanted him to walk it was like riding a bronco. This horse was wild, Miley thought holding on for her life Miley flew off witha thump on the ground, She could feel her heart beating a 1000 times a second and to make matters worse He was charging right at her..... He stood over MIley with a dark glare in his eyes He rose up ready to stomp ,Right on Miley.


Shelby age 11

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Are Horses Heroes?

by Ayla

In a small neighborhood in the Aussie country lived a little girl called Ayla.

One day, she decided to go for a lovely walk to catch some horses called Charlie and Pheonix. She walked down to the paddock with a friend called Yazmin. She also had a goat and a dog walking with her. She passed the thoroughbreds in one paddock and reached the other where the ponies were and some horses. She caught Charlie and tied him up in the pen in the thoroughbred's paddock. Then all the other horses came to the gate. Then I went to catch Pheonix(Pheonny) who is the lowest in the pecking order of the herd. I walked him to the gate not really thinking about much but I needed to get home and ride .I opened the gate... AND BAM ALL I SAW WAS 12 HORSES COMING FOR PHEONNY AND ME... My friend was screaming and I was getting trampled on. When all was settled I awoke from being knocked out with a lick from Moony. I awoke and all I thought was to punish the horse who started it. I got up all sore and marched towards the leader "Stormy". I raised my hand to hit him and then started to cry "thinking how could I ever think to hurt an animal. He just responed as he would in his NATURAL INSTINCT. Then I thought what about Charlie and Pheonny, I found that Yazmin (yaz) was holding Charlie but where was pheonny? "Oh my!" I said. Pheonny was there with a another pony called Snowball. All I was thinking now was if Snowball chased Pheonny away he could trip on his lead and then Stormy would trample him and kill him. But thanks to Snowball who had pheonny's lead in his mouth. SNOWBALL saved me and Pheonny.

Unfortunately Snowball got sold.

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by Kat
(New Zealand)

Hello. I'm Kat. This is the story of how I found my horse Drizzle.

My Auntie and Uncle live on a farm. They have sheep, a couple of cows, chickens, dogs and a goat.

They don't have any horses, so I used to hang out with the cows, pretending the were my horses (stupid I know, but I was desperate).

I wasn't allowed a horse, because they cost too much, I didn't have enough time, we didn't have anywhere to keep one etc.

Anyway, one grey, drizzly day, when I was hanging out with Lazy and Jane the cows, I noticed for the first time, a large horse two fields away. I could only just see it from behind the trees lining the horse's paddock.

I practically sprinted to the horse's paddock.
The horse was gorgeous!I could see now that it was a he and that he was about 15.3 hands. He was a light dapple grey with a silvery grey mane and tail.

I leaned over the fence and called to him. He trotted over, strangely agile for such a large horse. I gave him some grass and he nearly knocked me backwards with his head, wanting more. He whinnied as if he was laughing at me.

I fell instantly in love with him.

I fed him some more and tried to comb his mane with my fingers. He stood there patiently.

Then and old lady appeared beside the horse. We said hello and introduced ourselves.

"Hello, I'm Amelia. You like Queenie I see?"

"Hi, I'm Kat. My Auntie and Uncle live next door. Is his name Queenie? Poor horse! Why did you name him that?!"

"Heavens! I didn't call him that dear! It was my granddaughter!"


It turned out that Ms. Amelia and her husband had bought their only granddaughter a horse for her 10th birthday. She loved him and called him Queenie.

But 4 months later, her parents dumped the horse at their farm saying that the girl didn't like the horse anymore - she had 2 kittens and that the family was moving to New York. So for a year now, they had been looking after 'Queenie', not really having the heart to re-home him.

Ms. Amelia asked me if I wanted to adopt him, and as much as I wanted to, I couldn't.

She then asked me if I could ride. I said yes and she hurried away, coming back with a tacky saddle, a horrible pink saddle blanket with a matching bridle.

I tacked up 'Queenie' and rode him around the paddock for a while. He was a dream to ride. His movement was so smooth and he listened to me the whole time.

Then a man who I assumed was Mr Ennis came out of the house and stopped me. He said:

"Hey girl, if you like the horse, why don't you take him home? He likes you that's for sure."
Ms. Amelia quickly explained that I couldn't.

"Well alright then. We'll pay for everything 'cause we can afford it, and you exercise him, enter him in shows, feed him, groom him, clean up after him, and call him your own horse. We'll keep him here if you like as long as he's not our responsibility. You'd be doing us a favor."

That did it. I went insane. I raced to my parents and begged, although as soon as I mentioned they were paying, I had pretty much won them over.
My parents came and talked with the couple and sealed the deal.

The horse was mine.

I brought equipment for my horse with my bank money.

I renamed 'Queenie' to Drizzle, like the first day we meet and for once, I was happy.

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Western pony!

by Rayna
(Surprise Arizona)

Pretty Sophie!

Pretty Sophie!

Okay, Sophie really isn't a pony but I often tease her by calling her one!! X3 This was taken after a short, 20-minute ride.

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the pony who captured my heart.

by Katie

the love of my life

the love of my life

this story is kind of long!
when I was about 3 my sister started takeing riding lessons. I alway's tagged along to see this beautiful little mare named Windy. I loved her soooooo much she was kind and gentle she wasen't always like this.When my riding instructer bought her from someone who had been obuseing her she was so bad it had seemed impossible for such a caring little mare to be awful but she was terrified of people.So after I was about 5 I started walking her around the arena all by my self!When I was walking her around one day someone else clucked and she trotted I diden't fall or anything infact I loved it.after a while my sister stopped riding I asked every day if we could go se my windy but I never even heard about her until the horse my sister had once leased passed away and my mom said "Windy's friend Hawk is gone to God now".I was young and diden't really understand.When I was 9 I started riding I rode windy a lot she was my favorite pony I rode her until around my tenth birthday I started leasing a pony of my own that was in winter though.In the fall of 2008 Windy started getting sick very sick she coulden't be put in the field any more she wasen't riden anymore she could barely even walk any more soon she had trouble standing and my Instructer made a hard phone call.Soon all the childern were getting told to hug windy for tonight God was takeing windy away too only I could now understand what had happend becouse I was almost eleven and it hurt. for some reason I started wishing I was 5 again then I relized that I just wanted to kiss her small pink muzzle one last time and wrap my arms around her warm neck just once more and explane to her how much she meant to me and that I loved her I loved her with all my heart and to this very day I still love her it's been almost a year since I last saw Windy about three months away.I'm still leaseing the pony and I have a horse of my own but there Will NEVER be another Windy.

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my stall? is my horse happy???......

by Eliza

..... i dont know!!!!!! can u help me???? PLZ

ok sooo i have a thoroughbred/paint cross 4yr old mare named Piper! i luv her to DEATH! i just have had sumthing on my mind for sum time.the stall Piper lives in is a box stall 12times12 conected to a 14times12 paduct. my stable is very small theres only 3 horses including Piper. the other to horses have a 12times12 stalls with 14times12 paduct the same as Pipers, but.... there horse get a HUGE paduct like the size of an arena ALSO!!! at like show stables there horses just have box 12times12 stalls but they get turned out for like 2 to 3 hours a day. Piper dosnt :-( i ride her almot every day sumtimes every other day. is she cramed in there? do u think shes happy? im not sure i know im geting the bad end of the deal here but i can do anything about the arena acess Pipers stall isnt conected to the HUGE paduct like the other 2 horses.


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My angel in hevan

by Emily

Note from Sydney: No pic was attached so I moved this to horse stories.

This was i pic of me on my dream pony opal. It was our last show and ride together. I have been riding her for 2 years and was going to buy her but she had bad teeth,I still loved her. Then her teeth got so bad and hurt her so much she stopped eating. For the vet to help her was too much money. She was 30 years old to begin with so she was going to pass away in at lest another year. But I want her as a friend and not to ride because she was so old. That day when I went to see her I saw a big van leave. Then when I went in they had to tell me cause I was wondering were she went. I cried for ever. I couldn't believe mt favorite pony had died.

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It happened... again....

by Shinney

Hey, some of you know I have an 8 year old paso fino gelding named Trouble. Well, he bucked me off again this time the belly strap was fine, and again no bridle. I tried to canter him and he started bucking.... Please let me know how to stop this and what I can to to prevent us from getting injured.

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Barrel racing... help!

by Brenda
(Oklahoma City)

I really want to start doing barrel racing and I have been training with a horse that's one of my mare's foals and I won't have him for long that's the bad thing, and I really wanted to start early.

I'm trying to look for a barrel horse a young horse any where around Oklahoma. I'm really good at barrel but I also have a problem - my dad he pretty much doesn't want me to race what should I do?

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The desert spirit...lost and forgotten...

by Sarah M

Once, long ago...a horse named spearco meaning the untamed, lived..his world seeming to be lost of the meaning of what a true horse with a spirit had. The horse with his black silky coat and lush green eyes, watched as the humans and all cruelty slaughtered the horses who no longer had homes...finding them of no use to them...his green eyes flamed with a passion of pure hate.

His black coat as black as the shadows on a full moon, hid in the greens and blackness of the forest. He stood there watching, hopeless to all human kind...but this horse was a fighter.

His heart filled with fire and himself with an unbreakable spirit. He remembered old memories of his life in the human world, he wanted nothing to do with it, retired as a racehorse sent to be slaughtered he fought and ran never to be seen again(by the humans of course) but only one thing watched over this black wise of a horse.. a loner wolf a white wolf with crystal blue eyes, full of wisdom and power...

(To be continued...)

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Phantom Dream

"Heels down, Gabby! And sit up!" I called from my spot outside the dressage arena. Gabby did as she was asked. After about 10 more minutes of watching them ride I grabbed some cones and headed out to the middle of the arena, setting them out as I walked.

"Alright. Now weave, please everyone. 3 times. Then you can go. And don't forget the show tomorrow and next Saturday!"

I still felt a little bit awkward even though I'd worked here for so long. But 2 of my students were my age, one was 10, and one, at 28, was 14 years older than me. They were a pretty good group of riders, though. But everyone listened, and soon I was watching to make sure Gabby, the newest student, cleaned out her lesson horse's hooves correctly.

"Hey, Em. How'd they do today?" I turned to see my aunt standing behind me and grinned. My aunt, like me, was obsessed with horses. She owned this stable, Willow Lane Stable, and had gotten me my job as an instructor last year, and doing odd jobs 3 years ago.

"Think they're ready for the show tomorrow?" I nodded.

"They are. But I'm not sure if I am! Could you give me a few tips?"

"Absolutely. English or Western?" I told her English and ran off, grabbing a halter and a lead rope, to go get my stallion, Phantom Dream.

On my way to the pasture-number 4-I heard someone call my name and froze.

"Hey! Emily! Wait up!" I turned to see gabby, the tiny, freckly redhead running towards me. I smiled weakly.

"Hi, Gabby...What do you need..?"

"Oh, nothing really. I was just wondering if I could tag along to the pasture with you?" I nodded, thinking boy am I going to regret this, her high pitched voice is already giving me a headache. Even though she was a year younger than me, she was in my math class at school. She thought me being her instructor (Which was something I had NOT anticipated) made me her best friend. I mean, she was nice and all, but pretty much never shut up.

"Sooo..." She said in an attempt to break the awkward silence. "Who are you catching? I thought I was your last lesson on Fridays. I'm your last lesson right? I thought I was in your las-"

"I'm going to practice," I said, interrupting.

"I'm going to be in the show tomorrow, too. Her mouth dropped open.

"I don't have a chance then!" She exclaimed. I blushed.

"You'll do fine. Wanna stay and watch? My aunt can give you a ride home if you want." And just like that, I made friends with the most annoying girl in the barn.

Well that's it for part one. I thought it turned out pretty OK for 5 minutes of work. Comment for part 2 please

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Barrel Racing and Pole Bending

by Snip and Stars

Snip soared around the first barrel with his nose tipped beautifully. His black mane danced in the wind he created and his tail flew out behind him. As he lunged forward, I steered him toward the second barrel which he went around as pretty as you please. I kicked him, urging him faster as we came to the third barrel.

The adrenaline raced through my veins. My heart thundered in my chest. Grabbing the saddle horn, I pulled the reins up and out causing him to go around the third barrel with his nose tipped. I let go of the saddle horn and kicked the 18 year old bay Quarter horse Thoroughbred mix again.

Snip leaped forward with long strides as I gave him my head. I didn’t understand how my older brother, Shane (who is in the army), could hang on when he was riding Snip. Yes, Snip’s stride was smooth but the way he lunged forward made it hard to hang on.

“Good job Bella!” The announcer’s voice boomed through the indoor arena. “You ran a 15.005!”

Snip stopped, breathing heavily. I patted his neck and walked him out of the arena once the gate was open. That was the fastest Snip had EVER run!! Even with Shane!

Once outside, I swung off Snip and lead him around, allowing him to catch his breath then took him back to the trailer. I glanced up when my mother came running over.

“Bella!” She shouted. “That was amazing!” She hugged me and I quickly shrugged her off.

I slid the headstall off Snip’s head and he gladly shook his head. I put the halter on him and waited for the next event I was in. Pole Bending.

A little while later, I sat on Snip. I was next in poles and I was a little nervous. I had done barrels a million times but I had never done poles in a real event. What would Shane say?

“Next we have Bella Cross on Snip!” The announcer shouted.

I clucked my tongue to Snip and he took off without any other urging. He loped down the right side of the poles then shot around the end pole. I easily made him go through the poles then we went around the pole at the end closest to the gate and went through the poles again.

“Go Bella!” A familiar voice shouted from the sidelines. A voice I hadn’t heard in nearly a year. Shane! He was here! He was cheering for me!

I kicked Snip, urging him faster. We came around the last pole and lunged down the left side of the poles. As soon as we went past the cameras, I pulled Snip to a stop. Snip gladly walked out of the gate and stood still while I swung off. I lead him around until he had his breath caught but yelped in surprise when a pair of strong arms wrapped around me.

“Shane!” I shouted and hugged him back.

Shane grinned. “Good job!” he praised and rubbed Snip’s muzzle. I grinned back, took Snip’s headstall off, then gave Snip two Oreo cookies.

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Just Need Support

Hi, I am about to breakdown. I need support from people you might find this story everywhere in this website.

OK so I know everyone on here wants a horse or has a horse. I am trying to make it through the years. So I go to this horse camp and I couldn't go this month because they didn't have one. I have put this up but I really need some more ideas so here I go I will write below what I need for everyone.

-list of jobs I could do

-how to make money

-how to make it through the days without Jake

-what can I do to make it feel like it hasn't been long

I just need help...

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Over the Bit. A fiction story

by Mallie

about an unlikely pair, both trying to survive........

I lay down, exhausted. I had walked a countless number of miles. I looked down at my broken right foreleg and winced. My left foreleg had a deep gash in it. Both injuries were from my previous owner, who had abandoned me out here. I closed my eyes and sighed. I would need everything I had to survive. This would be hard.......

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Horse Camp Day 1 - need training ideas!

by Eliza

I was trying to help my horseback riding teacher train the 2 year old horse Annie. She's crazy. We tried and tried but she kept bucking. So we took a break. Do you have any suggestions on how to train Annie?

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Lost Horse

by Megan
(Spring Hill, TN U.S.A)

What Fandango looks like, but it's not really her.

What Fandango looks like, but it's not really her.

Megan Neely trotted on her beloved horse, Nature. "Ya!" The horse started to gallop. "Run into the forest, Nature!" She said. Nature ran into the forest. Unaware, a fox ran right infront of them, trying not to get run over. Nature got spooked and reared up! "Nature, NO!" Yelled megan as she slipped from the saddle onto the ground. Megan's eyes snapped open. She was confused. Where was she? "Megan? You awake?" Megan's mom asked. Megan yawned. "Y-yeah." Replied Megan.(Am I saying "Megan" too much?) "Well good. It's time to leave for your riding lessons!" NOW Megan was remembering where she was. She was in her house, on the couch, fell asleep and had a dream about her dream horse. Megan sat up, fast. "WHAT?!" Megan asked. She'd completly forgotten! Going to horse riding lessons was her most favorate thing in the world to do! "Already?! We hafta go!" Said Megan. "I know! That's why I told ya!" Replied her mom. Megan grabbed her blue riding helmet(It was right next to her on the couch.) and she and her mother went out the door. It was only one minute before she said, "Ugh! When are we gonna be there!"(She was kinda inpatient sometimes. ESPECIALLY when on the way to riding lessons.) "Tsk, Megan, it's only been one minute sense we left! Be patient!" Megan went "Ugh!" again. Five minutes later her mom said, "We're here!" Megan jumped out of the car with her helmet and ran to the gate as fast as she could and opended the gate and went on to the stables. "Hi, Ms. Kris!" Said Megan. Ms. Kris was her riding instuctor at Creekside Stables. One of the horses snorted as if they wanted her(The last person who go there)to ride them. "Hello, Megan!" Replied Ms. Kris. "Megan! don't go so fast!" Said Megan's mom. "Ack!" Screamed Megan. "Oh, *Phew!* Mom, you SCARED me!" "Tsk." Said mom. "So, who am I gonna ride today, Ms. Kris?" Asked Megan. "Hmmm..." Ms. Kris thought for a moment. "How about Fandango?" "Okay! That'll be great!" Replied Megan. She was so exited to ride Fandango! Fandango was an Arabian Mare, and was Megan's favorate horse there! They tacked up the horses(Including the other people taking lessons) and ed them out to the pasture. They mounted onto the horses. "Okay, how about we learn something new today! Cantering and galloping!" Said Ms. Kris. Everyone looked exited, except Megan. She was scared to gallop. She started to think about the dream she had. She stared at the woods(The woods were part of the property, where a trail ride is.) with wide eyes. To Be Continued...

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A Brat But Cute

by Dillon

This is my horse Phantom now

This is my horse Phantom now

This is a completely true story about training my horse Phantom. First of all Phantom is a Chestnut Quarter Horse who is about 15 hh. He has four white socks and a blaze. Yes he is a stallion and a fine one at that.

It all started when he was a foal and my dad bought him at the auction because no one would bid for him because he was in terrible condition and "untrainable."

Well we had a 12 horse trailer and bought 7 horses. We had to put the "untrainable" one known as Phantom in last because we didn't know how he was going to load. As you might have guessed he was frightened and reared and pranced all around.(At least he wasnt a draft horse.) We finally got him in and were grateful for the help we received.

Now - unloading. Yikes what a horse! He needed to learn some manners let alone to walk steadily without freaking out. We got him into his loose box with some trouble and a few sores from him stepping on toes, and striking at my dad and the stable help. He was truly scared. You could see it in his eyes and by his body language and frequent squeals. The week after we got him he was still refusing to be handled so we decided to wait another 2 weeks before we did anything further with him.

He progressed quite slowly but at least we finally got him to not bite when we put a halter on him. That was a plus! After about 2 1/2 years of compulsive hard core training of basic manners, and to do on command like "ho""walk""trot" and "canter."

Now he was 4 years old and looked handsome. No more ratty mane or worm infested stomach, unshod hooves, "battle" scars and bad habits of the past!

An experiment my dad tried was to put him in the pasture with the sheep. He was so curious and didn't know what to do so he just walked over and sniffed (and bit) at them. Soon he just didn't care for them and ate grass. So we found a pasture he could be put in! Another plus!

Next was the saddle training. I'm not going to get into to much detail because there was so much happening, but i will tell you that he broke my arm by bucking me off in the stall. So my dad hired some help and he hobble tied his legs so he couldn't run or rear, or buck. He got on him and he sat there looking pleased until Phantom freaked out and was trying to run (tripping more than running). My dad fell off and lassoed him to calm him down. That was enough for now any way.

By the time Phantom was 7 i was able to ride him freely around as I please. He can even jump! about 3' clear! He loves dogs,cats, kids and of course his pasture pals...sheep! He's such a happy horse now that he belongs to us!

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by Kendal
(livermore Ca USA)

Squirt and Coco

Squirt and Coco

When I first got Squirt, she was all over the place when I rode her and she wouldn't stop gaiting. When I first even got on her she took off running with me and I turned her in some tight circles. She bucked and bucked and bucked and tried to get me off. But I didn't want to sell her because I loved her already and I just got her. So I never gave up with her and I kept on working with her. 6 months later with hard working and sweating and the cold winter nights, Squirt has improved so much. Now she is not bucking AS MUCH and she is now doing what she is asked and loves to please and loves to work. She is now doing the regular trot and not cross cantering as much a she once did. I am in love with this horse and she is truly a keeper, and I will never sell her.
Squirt is a 9 year old sorrel Missouri fox trotter/Mustang mare. Here is a pic of her.

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Why did they do this?

by Moody Mare

******************this is not true*******************

I was a healthy gelding when I was born and stayed with my mother through out my foal life. On Christmas day I looked over to my mother to wish her a good day. She was dead. She died of colic during the night.I was miserable. At the age of 5 I was backed and trained as a showjumper. My owner took me to my first show and I was so excited! I was having a great round when I tripped on a fence and my owner fell over my head.Later that day when I was home my owner said "Get in the trailer you stupid mule!" I was wondering what she was saying this for but I wanted to play good pony so I did it.She took me to a strange place and I didn't know why I was there.Later at night I was taken into a room with a horse shaped oven.I was slaughtered.I now live in heaven with my mother and I hope that woman goes to the oppisate of me.Why did she do it? Please help me stop horse slaughter to save all those great horses and ponies that have been slaughtered for no reason.

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Refusing the jumps - HELP!

by Alexis
(Scottsdale, AZ, US)

I just started jumping 2ft and my POA, Spotted Beauty will pretend to go for the jumps then last minute go left or right I always had both legs on her so my trainer occasionally puts poles on the sides of the jump.

So if she does that SB (spotted Beauty) will just stop right in front of jumps. I've tried spurs on her, goes faster but wont go over and I even tried whipping her rite b4 the jump I NEED HELP!!!!!

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My horse won't listen, HELP

by Sara

I lease a horse named Peppy. Yesterday I went down to ride her, but the barn owner's niece had already ridden her that same day and had loped her. She loves to run, and is quite fast.

Anyway, I went about my normal routine. Getting her from pasture, putting her in crossties, giving her treats and cuddles, grooming and saddling her. so when I got on, she went straight into a really fast jog. I slowed her down for like 5 minutes before she really got the urge to run, so I thought "Oh, what the heck! I'll let her run" and I did. then I tried doing other things with her like weaving in and out of cones, circles, backing up, etc. all she wanted to do was run. I couldn't calm her down.

I got off and took all her tack of and lunged her and did some liberty stuff with her. I didn't bother putting all her tack back on cause my cousin came up to ride her horse that she is leasing. so I took her back in the barn and curried and brushed her a bit, then just spent time with her in the pasture for half an hour. I just want to know, how can I get her to slow down?

After she's been loped once, she just wants to do it again and again. I tried dividing up half of the ring to calm her down, and it didn't work. I tried everything. I can't use spurs, crops, or martingales of any kind cause of the barn owner's policies.

Do you guys have any ideas on how to help this? thanks :)

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by lilylovespebbles

Hi! I have a lovely 13hh Appaloosa mare named Pebbles.

She is beautiful to tack up and groom and to lead and just to do anything with..... as long and you are on the ground! I have just started schooling her instead of bush rides and she is not happy!!

When we canter she starts pigrooting (jumping on all fours) and at a trot she throws her head around, at a walk she is fine.

I have fallen off because of her silliness and I NEED HELP!!!! Her saddle and teeth have been checked. We will set up a dressage arena so that she doesn't bolt off to the other horses.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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First Riding

by Lindsay
(United States)

I was on a trail ride and it was my first time riding a horse. My horse stopped to graze on the trail and the horse behind me got mad and ran up and bit my horse on the butt! I freaked cause my horse ran like crazy.

I am now a bit more experienced now so i don't freak out anymore. I am not that experienced that i can like jump though, i can trot though. My best friend owns a horse and i ride him.

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El Diablo

by Jessica
(South Yorkshire)

el diablo

el diablo

Pine hallow stables was busy as usual, riding lessons, stable hands working, and a lot more. Hooves thudded on the sandy riding arena as the riders took it one by one to have a canter. Jenny the instructor was alive and happy today, it was her 18th birthday in a week and her dad was buying her, her own horse. She had been riding and working with horse since she was 5 and always wanted her own. Jenny has a very good connection with horses.

Days went by and it was only two days left until her birthday, however what she didn't know is her dad hadn't found the right horse yet.

That was when El diablo came, he was wild, definitely not rideable. All he did was gallop around in a field bucking all day long and all night long, there wasn't a person confident enough to go into the field with him. But Jenny fell in love with him! She was praying for the horse as a birthday present but there was no way her dad would buy her one that would throw you off in 5 seconds.

Finally Jenny gathered the confidence to interact with el diablo, and went into the field with him. He stopped all of a sudden and walked briskly up to her, he seemed calmer now and rested his head in her arms. Everyone stared, amazed at the bond between the two. Her dad was watching too, and he made his decision to buy el diablo for Jenny, she was the only one the horse would let near him.

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fear of tack built up or bond

by Melaina-J

When i first got Star i was 7 years old, i got her from the reading sales for £15 because she was skinny, abused and had been abandoned by her old owners. My mum wasnt exactly happy about this (because she doesnt like horses) but i keep her at my friends yard and pay for her by myself.

I spent a year working with her on the ground... Making her better, And gaining her trust. she was much bigger than me at this time but from the second i brought her i knew we would be best friends, by next summer she would follow me up and down the lane, over jumps and arround the yard. SO i thought this is the perfect time to start riding her...

i spent the next few months sitting on her with just a rug on and laying over her back while she walked round the field, she was fine.. eventually i got a saddle on her, we would walk for hours together in the woods just me and her getting used to the feel of tack on her back. again she was fine..

I started riding her bareback just down the lane once a week, she enjoyed being out so for my 9th birthday i asked for my own saddle, when i got it i let her sniff it.. knowing this was the big moment of truth.. I had a ride round the block quickly then did a bit of t-touch to calm her down before tacking her up.

She didnt move one bit just stood there sleepily while i tacked her up and got my hat and body protector on.. she was a little angel following me round the school then i tried to get on, I put my foot in the stirrup and gently swung my leg over. i sat there for a while stroking and talking to her and she didnt seem to mind one bit. i did this everyday for 2 weeks.

When i was sitting on her in the school she was more relaxed than she had been the past few weeks so i asked her to walk on (with my voice) she did as she was told but panicked! i fell off, reassured her and got back on, stood there for a while calming her down then got off and put her to bed

She did this to me eveyday no matter how much i worked with her from the ground there was something she didnt like about the tack...

up untill 3 years ago (when i was 11) i had to ride bareback. i didnt mind, but it ment i got some strange looks when i was cantering out on hacks. when i finally got star being ridden in tack i had to have someone else riding while i walked next to her for reassurance, those 4 years of ground work and bareback riding ment Star trusted me more than she had ever been able to trust anyone. Its an amazing feeling to know that you are your horses best friend :)

I have never found out what she didnt like so much about the tack, but now after 4 years of endless work together were riding happily with or without tack and have started competing.. shes proving to be a very good jumping horse :)

Thanks for reading! (sorry it was so long :L) x

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Reply Page


I may have asked many of you to tell me your opinions or how you need "help". This is another page where you could tell me everything. I can also answer questions and sort.

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Patches... I miss you.

by Claire

When I first started riding I rode this cute pony named Patches. He was a Shetland pony and always behaved. He was not fast or slow but he was perfect because I was in first grade (I am in sixth now) and I was small. He was a great horse and I loved him. Well one day I was ready to go and grabbed my saddle and tack just as Mrs. Lizzie said to. I went in the tack and then grbbed my.... "BOOM". I froze. My instructor looked at me and two other people joined us as we ran to the barn where it came from. It was probably just a trash can that fell or someone dropped something. We ran to look in All the stalls and I ran to the last one. Patches stall. I looked down. He was lying there breathing hard. Dying. I started to cry. He picked up his head looked at us and died.

Patches was 36 years old which is VERY old for a horse. I miss you little patches. I love you... Where ever you are.

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Finding Each Other...

by Megan
(Spring Hill, TN U.S.A)

Darby Carter wasn't a very popular girl in school. She had no friends, and people always pushed her around. But one day... It was after school. Darby got off the bus and a can of soda hit her in the back of the head by the meanest boy on the bus. Now Darby's hair was soaking wet and fizzy. Darby groaned. She ran into her house and hugged her mom so suddenly, she screamed. "EEEK!" Screamed her mother. "Mom, I had the WORST day at school!" Said Darby. "First I got my foot stepped on by the cutest boy in class and then when I got off the bus just now I got hit in the back of the head with a can of soda by the meanest boy on the bus and my hair is wet and all frizzy! See?!" Said Darby without taking a breath. She panted for breath. 'Whoa, settle down!" Said Darby's mom. "Hey, your father planned a surprise for you. You're gonna LOVE IT!" "Eh?! What is it? What is it? What is it?!" Asked Darby. "I can't tell you!" Replied her mom. Darby ran upstairs to her father and said,"What is it?!" "Okay, your mom told you I planed a surprise, huh?" Said her dad. "Yeah, she did! Tell me what it is!" Said Darby. "Okay, I know how much you like horses, and you've always wanted to cath one, right?" "Yeah!" "Well, your dream came true." Said her father. "WHAT?! You mean I get to catch a wild horse?!" "Yup." "Oh, thank you!" On the road to the wild where horses are most likely to be found in Alabama(Where they live)... "Okay, we're here!" Said Darby's father. Darby jumped out of the car and ran up a hill, and then she froze. There, right infront of her, was a whole HERD of HORSES! Darby didn't want to frighten them, so she stayed absolutley still and quiet. Her dad tip-toed behind her. "They probably know they're here, but they also think that we DON'T know that THEY'RE here." Whispered her dad. He laid flat on the ground with Darby so the horses wouldn't see them. He handed her a rope. "What's this?" Asked Darby, but whispering. "A lasso, a rope to catch horses with." Whispered her dad. He pointed to a beautiful mustang, an American Mustang, Palomino colored to be exact. "See that horse? Try to catch that one. It's close enough." Darby tip-toed up to the horse. To Be Continued...

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by Maiven (May May)
(Alabama, USA)

this is Rawhide stables 8D

this is Rawhide stables 8D

I've always loved horses since i was so little i don't know how i knew what a horse was! Anyway, like i was saying I've always loved horses but at first i had no way ride them. I couldn't stand it! My mom took me trail riding every now and then but you rode a different horse every time and didn't learn anything. Finally my mom got me some horse lessons. It's been sooo fun! I mean i have gotten hurt a few times and almost scared to death but it is totally worth it! The first time i rode a horse named Joe and he was great but the next time i rode a horse named Cowboy and i fell in love! So since then I've been riding cowboy but i think I'm going to tell two of many horse accidents that have happened to me 1 that hurt and 1 that almost scared me to death.
It was a bright, sunny, but cold morning when i reached Rawhide stables, when i got there i was very disappointed to see someone else had gotten there first and chosen to ride Cowboy. So i ended up riding the cute pony dusty. We all went into the arena and were doing a few laps and i rode up to one of my friends who was riding Joe. Little did i know that Joe wasn't to fond of Dusty. In fact I'm pretty he almost hated him (the reason unknown)so i guess i got to close and in one quick movement Joe swiped his head around and tried to bit Dusty! And he bit really hard, i should know because he missed little old Dusty and good bite in my thigh! Man that hurt! I got off and went to get some ice but I'd say about ten min. later i got back a different horse named Rocky. I had a giant bruise there for weeks. And still to this day i have a dent in my thigh!
It was a very HOT afternoon when i came to Rawhide stables. I hadn't been riding very long then. And i was riding Cowboy(i guess i forgot to mention he was a retired barrel racer. his former owners thought he was going lame but they were just working him to hard but he still LOVED barrel racing) we were practicing our barrel racing, my first time doing it, when we started everyone else went first so i would get the idea. When it was finally my turn i took my place and started cowboy up. He took off so fast i couldn't see what was going on! he went out of control and i lost my stirrups i tried to stay on with my life! Finally he slowed down and i grabbed the rains and stopped him after that everyone came and congratulated me for staying on and Brad (my trainer) gave me a nice cold soda! But now that I'm more experiences me and Cowboy LOVE barrel racing!

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I'm Moving!

by Daisy
(Canada )

I am currently moving to Alberta April 1st. My horse is leaving to be boarded down there Thursday so I have to go a whole month without seeing her! I think I'm gonna die! Wow how will I live without her for 31 days D: :( I WON'T!

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Christmas Horse

by Breanna
(Nipomo, Ca)

Snowflake is a white horse with a red ribbon on the neck that gives homeless or adopted poor children the best Christmas ever.

Sunny is one kid of a family of seven who lives in a one room apartment. It rains 9 months of the year and snows the last 3.

Its snowing on a late Christmas night when Sunny goes out into the snow covered forest that is by her apartment. She hears a faint whinny right ahead of her.

She runs as fast as she can and she comes upon a horse stuck in the barbed wire. It looks like the horse ran right through the wire and it snagged the foot. Sunny sees that the horse is her favorite horse color, pure white. But what confused her the most was the red ribbon tied to the horse's neck.........

To be continued.......

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One Wish

by Jazzy

Please read, I'm really proud of this story!

The sun was rising as a young girl raced to a large building silhouetted by the sun. She entered it, and the sun revealed a rusty name plate. It read "flash" she drew the bolt on the door and stroked the nose of a chestnut horse. She opened the stall door wide and began to walk out of the stable. The chestnut horse followed her out into the now risen sun. The horse stood, his rich chestnut coat gleaming in the sun, his head held high. The girl vaulted onto his back and he at once began to canter around the field, his movement graceful and soft, the girl,small and slender, the two of them as one.

The horse turned and changed to a swift gallop, his mane flying round and round the field, the girl smiling in herself with the love and trust she shared with the horse. She pulled on the horse's mane and he stopped and the girl awoke with a start. She thought back to the accident, a car skidding, the horse rearing, a sickening thud and her horse was no more.

The moon smiled down at the girl as she stared out of her window at the empty stable in despair. She knew there was no way she would see him again. She wept silently as she pulled the thin ragged sheet over herself, fidgeting on the cold floor until she finally fell asleep. She awoke with a start as she heard whinnying outside and ran downstairs. She opened the door and was welcomed by a whinny from the chestnut horse. She threw her arms around him before vaulting on as before. Instead of cantering around the field, he went straight into a gallop and leaped a fence easily. He headed straight toward the end of a cliff, and the girl screamed in terror as he plummeted towards the sea below. They entered the water with a splash and all was silent. Something rose out of the sea and walked along the beach, foiling a path.

The sun began to rise as the girl and her horse walked into the sunlight. Nothing could harm them anymore and the girl finally had her greatest wish: to be with her horse again.

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The story of how I got my first ever horse <3 (true story)

by Doree

my beautiful horse<3

my beautiful horse<3

Hey all! :)

Forever I have wanted a horse. I have dreamed about riding a horse around my acreage and just bonding with a horse of my own who I could ride any day I wanted and just one I could talk to and whisper the secrets into it's ear I could never tell anyone else.

We moved to an acreage about 2-3 years ago and that was when it seemed I would really get my first horse. There was tears, and happiness along with all of these and a moments where my heart broke in two. Although I wish I could go back and change what happened along the way, it's something I'm sure has all happened for a reason.

I have never really got to ride loads. I did take lessons when I was 12, but that only lasted for a couple months. Since then it's been riding at every chance I got at my friends' places. Recently, I got a job riding someone's horses for them once a week or so, and that is a lot of fun, and I still try and go there whenever I can.

We finished our fencing a month ago and that's when we started looking for horses. I have always been the most horse-crazy of my family, so almost every moment I spent on the internet was looking for horses.

Now this, was possibly the hardest part. We were looking for one under $2,000 and was perfectly broke and was a good family horse and a lot of the times my family was picky about the colors. I finally found a horse I was sure was perfect for us one day.

She was a beautiful bay mare and came with all her tack and was only $1,400 ! I excitedly showed my Mom and later my Dad. The horse--Tuffy--lived close to someone we knew who was a farrier. She lived 2 1/2 hours away so my Mom wanted someone to check her out first, make sure she was OK.

I waited anxiously for almost a week, perking up whenever the phone rang and getting let down when it wasn't who I wanted it to be. Soon, we got a call back. Tuffy had a cracked hoof and was spooky on the trails. I cried when I heard this news. I had seriously wanted her.

I started looking again, not finding too much when my Dad's friend offered to sell us his mare. We went to take a look almost right away. When I first saw the little mare, she took my breath away.

She was a flaming chestnut/sorrel color. Her name was Scarlett and she was a Quarter Horse mare. She could jump, she did western and she was 6 years old. I pet her face, instantly falling in love with her delicate looking face and beautiful eyes.

My Dad's friend tacked her up and led her into his arena and mounted up. That's when things went downhill. I have never really been afraid of horses, but the way she acted scared me a lot. We didn't get her. I cried even harder that night then about Tuffy. Was I ever gonna get a horse? I knew there was a chance that I wouldn't get a horse till next year. Then my Dad's other friend--Harvey--called us up and said he knew someone who had a great horse.

I didn't really know how this was gonna work out. I didn't know if I could face another broken heart. We got some pictures and info of the horse. I always wanted a mare but this one was a gelding. He was a flea bitten grey, 12 years old and was a western pleasure horse, spending years having kids on his back.

He was actually an actor too, was in a staged train robbery!! And 4-H. His name was Prince. We went up to see him soon and those other horses fled my mind. This was him. This was my horse. This was the one I wanted. He was calm, and had a certain look in his eye. I was the first to get up on him and I kicked him to get him moving. He didn't.

So yes, I did struggle to get him moving that first time, damping my spirits. But after that, he did very well with me. On the drive home, we all agreed we liked Prince.

Later that week, my parents weren't sure if we'd get him or not. This time was worse then the ones before. I wanted him SO badly and not just for the fact of owning a horse. For the fact that he'd be my best friend and I could see that.

We soon decided that yes, we'd get him. We borrowed a trailer from some friends and went up there and got him. The ride home was good and now life with him is still going great!! He is fun to ride, and there's never a dull moment with this horse!!

Prince is truly my dream horse and I feel so lucky to have him in my life. <3

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What color is this horse?

by Megan
(Puerto Rico)

Furia, whats his color?

Furia, whats his color?

What color is this horse? He is a friend's horse and I just wanted to know his color.

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Meadow View Stables!

by Hilary
(NB, Canada)

A long time ago I drove by this HUGE barn called Meadow View Stables... Then Anthony, who lives beside my grandparents house just moved in. About 1 month later my grandparents said he got a new girl friend. Her name was Sarah and I couldn't hesitate to jump up and down when my grandparents said she rode at Meadow View and had said she would take me to see her horse Allister!!!
My cousin and I were dirt biking and four-wheeling when she drove in the driveway to pick us up! She said we would be back in an hour or so...

As soon as we drove into the driveway my jaw dropped. She showed us all around the barn and in was clean as a whistle! There was so many horses! We took Allister, Sarahs horse, for a walk around the arena to exercise him because he tore a bone in his leg and can't be ridden for the whole summer! We groomed her horse, cleaned the stall, fed him treats and lots more fun stuff! She said she would be starting summer camps and lessons with her friend when they get there certificate to be instructors!
Allister is a english ridden horse and can jump up to 4 feet. He has a nice bay coat and his show name is "Teacher's Pet" ! And next weekend im going up to work around the barn!!! P.S. I will get a pic soon!

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Bo, You're Incredible! (A Horse Story)

by missy

When I was 15 years old, I was passionate about horses, but I didn't own one. I always bought horse magazines that I would read over and over again. I desperately wished for a horse of my own, and one day that wish came true.

I saw an advertisement for a horse for sale. It said "Thoroughbred chestnut stallion. Stands almost 17hh". My mom was very reluctant to see this horse, but eventually I convinced her to take me, "just to look". The stallon was about a two-hour drive away. The directions were easy to follow and in no time we were standing outside the paddock, looking at him.

The woman called Mrs. Curriben was the owner of the stallion, Bo. He was easily 17hh, and very skinny. His ribs poked out; I could count all of them. He had a rough coat that looked more like a bay than a chestnut. He had a thick whiteblaze and two socks-- one on the front right, and one of the back left leg. His paddock looked like a bomb site -- it had old cars strewn about, and I couldn't even locate a water trough. There wasn't a shred of food, only dust.

I felt so sorry for the poor old... no wait, he was only four years old! He had been a racehorse but wasn't very fast so he never made it far in the racing business. He was very docile, but looked depressed and lonely. I just couldn't leave him there, so I purchased him right then for $200.

The massive stallion almost jumped out of the trailer and wouldn't stop prancing. He nearly knocked my mom over, and he succeeded in knocking me down. He had absolutely no respect for humans! I unloaded him after a long journey home into a small paddock at my neighbor's house. I watched him eat as the sun disappeared.

Early the next morning I went to go see my new horse-- but the paddock was empty! I searched desperately for him. I spent half the day looking for him, and finally found him grazing next to a small Shetland pony about 5 miles down the road. He knew he had dome something wrong and wouldn't let me catch him. After a struggle, I finally got him home-- but not without being bitten twice.

Bo was a devil. I tried my hardest to be his friend-- but he always would charge at me, kick, bite me, and push me around. He had no interest in being friends at all. After five months, I gave up on him. He had turned into a fat, huge massive stallion that couldn't care less about me. He was dangerous, and I didn't know what to do with him, so I sold him.

Two years later, I still didn't have a proper horse. One morning while reading the paper, an ad caught my eye: "Very lovely correct stallion. Bay thoroughbred." It was Bo! I knew it was him-- when I went to see him, he was quiet, well-behaved, and listened! The owner, Mr. Trifton, was pleased to hear that I had owned him. Once again, I bought Bo.

I was a fool. He hadn't changed. He had the same bad habits! I hired a trainer, Mr. Edwards. He taught me what was going on in Bo's mind and after five months of steady work, Bo finally was behaving well. Bo had never really been taught to be ridden properly, but with the help of Mr. Edwards we broke him in.

One sunny afternoon I went for a slow ride down the raod. I spotted a dead rabbit laying in the road. So did Bo. He freaked out and began to buck, and I fell off. I expected Bo to run off and leave me there in the road, and he did. But an amazing thing happend next. A cattle truck came flying down the road at me, and I was still laying there. Bo saw the truck and turned back toward me, and grabbed my clothes in his mouth, dragging me off the road. The cattle truck didn't have time to stop and as it went by, it clipped the back of Bo's leg. I was safe but I saw Bo fall from the injury.

The truck driver finally slowed and stopped, and I used his phone to call the vet. With a shattered leg, Bo had no chance of recovery and was put down that day. But he had saved my life.

When Bo's last owner, Mr. Trifton, heard about the incident he called me. He said he had a filly that looked exactly like Bo for sale. I told him I didn't need another horse. But then he told me the filly didn't just look like Bo-- she was Bo's daughter. I quickly jumped on the offer and bought the weanling. He was right; she was a young version of Bo. I named her Jesse, and when she was old enough began competing on her. To this day, she is a wonderful horse. But my heart still holds a special place for that crazy stallion that saved my life.

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Help with Flicka

by Haleigh
(United States)

Okay, so recently my parents bought a 15hhish quarter horse mare named Flicka for me. She's incredibly gentle and sweet when you're not riding her, but as soon as you get on her she tries to rear or won't move till we kick her. I've tried so hard with her, and yes, I love her, but she isn't working.

I'm not going to sell her-- I love her too much!-- but she's been really strange. When I rode her before we bought her about four months ago she was smooth and good in the arena and trails.

I tried to work her many times, but it's not working.

Please no harsh comments. I've been riding for 5 years, and Flicka is eight herself and completely tame. I just want help.

Thank you!

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Fair Ponies... Not expected

by Livi
(Annapolis, Maryland, United States)

me on my horse woodie

me on my horse woodie

So my best friend, Bebe, told me we could go riding on her horses. She told me she owned horses, so I went with her. But when her mother picked me up, I saw a fair. "Mrs. Kepper?" I asked. "Yes, Livi?"

"This is the fair..."

I was so confused. We got out and I walked over to one. "So these are your horse? They are fair ponies, Bebe!" I don't think she understood that.

So, I decided to train one. It took weeks of not riding, but I trained a fair pony to be loyal, not stubborn and easy to ride. Now I have a business so little kids can enjoy horses without getting hurt =). I'm sure they love it, it just took training.

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The fatal death of my pony: Buddy

by Hannah

this is me and buddie's first show. it was a barrel race.

this is me and buddie's first show. it was a barrel race.

i had a 40-year old pony named buddy who passed away just 2 years ago. he was my best friend and was very talented. now i have plenty of other horses but buddy is never forgotten...
i miss you buddy.
i have had him since he was 32 years old. my mom had him since he was 2 then she gave him to me.

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My Rescue Horse

by Zoe

Stacey loved horses. She rode everyday at the stable by her home. But what she really wanted was a horse of her own.

One day Stacey was walking in the woods by her house she was thinking about how nice of a day it was when she tripped and fell to the ground. "My ankle!" Stacey screamed. No response. Stacey lay on the ground for several miniutes until she fell into a painful slumber.

Stacey woke to a shrill neighing. She slowly woke up and above her was a beautiful thoroughbred mare. "Hi girl." Stacey said to the horse, on her back was a saddle with her name on it Pixie. She thought that she could ride her since Pixie had a saddle on her back. Stacey slowly stood up and climbed on to Pixie. They started riding and what a smooth ride she had! She got back home and to the doctor.

In the end, Stacey had a broken arm and a lovely new horse, Pixie.

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by Lizzy

I want a horse REALLY BAD!!!

We live in the city so I can't have one.

My mom said that if we lived at a place with room for a horse and a LOT of money,I could get one!!!

My dad said that he wishes he could get me one!!!

So I'll just wait until that wish comes true!!!


(if I could have on it would be a 2 year old Blue roan named Wishes or a Buckskin Tennessee walker named Waffles!)

Oh, and by the way, my middle name is Elizebeth so I call myself "Lizzy"!!!

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by Abbie and Heidi :D <3

I buried my face in my gloves away from the heavy snow that surrounded me. I heard a small coo from the torrents. I looked up to see a little pigeon staring towards the pasture. I also looked over there, only to see Magic. That was last year. Now it's time for the pony games on Magic. It was an early Saturday morning when I loaded up Magic in my pony club jumper and cream johds.

Once we arrived I unloaded Magic to only be greated by Bailey. "Hey Emma! Hey Magic! So what classes are you doing today?" asked Bailey. "Um just the games I think." I replied. "Oh good me to! I'll just go fetch Woody." Then it all happened to fast. Woody nibbled at his rope and bolted out on the road. I threw myself on Magic and followed Woody out to the road. Me and Magic rounded Woody up and Bailey caught him. I heard a squeal of breaks, Magic reared, I fell and all I heard was a shrill whinny and then it all went blank.

I woke in the hospital and the first thing I said was "Mum where's Magic is he okay?" "Um no honey Magic's... Magic's dead sweetie." "No!" I was realeased the next day and I went to the stables to be greated by Aiden. Aiden was tall,blue eyed and curly haired. "Hey Emma. Meet Fire. She's and Arab mare with one hot temper. I need help training her so... could some girl um maybe called Emma help me?" Aiden made a puppy face. "Well I dunno Aiden I mean..." she was cut short "Lokk Emma, if you dont get back on a horse soon you never will okay?" "Well okay. When do we start?" "Yes I knew it! Uh just after Glee." "Aiden your obsessed with that show!" and I hurried off. "Oh Emma I'm so sorry! It was all my fault! It should have got Woody a new rope. I was so stupid leaving him unattended! I wish I-" "It wasn't! Look you didnt know that would happen. Look I gotta go I need to help Aiden train a new mare. Her name's Fire." "Oh but it was my- wait WHAT!" "Look if I dont get back on a horse now I never will!" "Well I guess so but Magic only just died and don't you think its too soon?" "Well maybe but I still have to. Its now or never." and I ran off to meet Aiden.

Aiden was waiting in the arena when I arrived. The mare was a beauty. Aiden said the had great bloodlines and has an amazing jump. "Right now lets get her going. First of all take her to trot and work on your diagionals. Then when your ready go for a canter." Fire sure was good and that hour was the happiest I felt since Magic died. "Hey Aiden can I take Fire on a hack?" "Sure go ahead." I cantered like there was no towmorrow. I slowed down to trot when I seen a chestnut figure in front. There was no rider and no tack. His head turned when I noticed who he was. Magic. I dismounted fire and ran to him and threw my arms around him. He will always be with me!

This is made up.

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My Pony Memory

by Shreya

The Shift Key is wet as I type this story,on the 18th day of January,2010. It has been 7 long years since that day.What am I talking about, Reader? The answer to your question:Simply read on.
I was a mere three year old child on that day, and was at a fair. My parents and granparents(from my father's side)were with me. As we toured the fair, we paused at a certain stall due to my request. It had a pony in it,with a snow white coat. I begged my parents to let me pet that lovely pony, for other children (who were older than me) did and I loved that beautiful pony. No,they told me,the pony was dirty. I was silent after that,though secretely envious of those lucky children who had the permission to pet that pony, and I still am today. It was from that day did I grow a fondness for ponies and horses.
I do not know what became of that pony. Perhaps it is alive or perhaps it has passed away. Perhaps it is ill or perhaps it is healthy. I do not know.
I am sorry if this story of mine has bored you,and you are more than welcome to give this a one star rating and complain.
The End.

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I Want a Horse! Need help saving money - any options?

by Lili

My name is Lili, and my parents said I can get a horse. Here's my problem. I have to pay for it. I'm thirteen, so I don't have very many job options. I am going to be riding other horses until I can get my own horse, and I have five places I can go. But like I said, I need money.

My friend also wants a horse and is saving with me, but she is focused on getting the horse more than taking good care of it, so she isn't much help. Any job ideas I could do? (I live in a small town so there isn't very many jobs anyway, but I need something!!!)

Another question. What good but not totally over limit horses could you recommend? 1,000 is about the max for the horse, because food and other supplies are expensive. I know where to get the supplies all but food, and am planning to adopt a good working and riding type horse so that I not only have a friend, but a horse I could do jobs with and earn some money so I could keep him/her.

I want a gelding or mare, mostly mare. And I really want white or black, but any color will work. Stallion is a little too much for now, but a mare I could breed once I got the money to.

So I guess what I need is to know of some good brands for equipment, and breeds for a horse. Like I said, they can't be too expensive. Can anyone help me?

P.S. It will take me about three years to get the money so I need information as soon as possible. That way I'm ready for the horse. I will keep you up to date is the comment box. :)

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My HorseCrazy Story

by Amy
(Lewisville, Texas, United States)

Chapter 1: Friends

It all started when my mom got this crazy idea of me getting friends. Of course I had friends - in Canada, but now that we moved to Texas, I have no friends.

My mom started babbling about about someone on the block and how they are new and all that stuff. I thought she was going to mention something about a younger kid so I listened closely because in Canada, my mom got me a new friend named Lexie and she was 6 years old. She was my old friend Dawn's little sister. Man, Lexie was crazy!

After what seemed like ages, I zoned put, thinking about going to the mall with my new friends like I did in Canada. Luckily, I got bits of words into my dream and none of them were about little girls.

Finally, my mom left for work. I was alone in the house with my dog Pudding, a brown and white terrier. My dad was at work and my big brother was at college. Since it was Friday, and I had nothing to do, I sat on the couch and watched T.V. At about four o' clock, my mom came home. She was home really early today because she had a meeting at 4:30.

She came home all excited and tried to speak over the barking of Pudding. She said she found a perfect friend for me.

"She's 12, just like you, and she's really pretty, just like you, and -" I cut her off by saying, "When will I meet her?"

My mom smiled really big and said "She'll be here tomorrow, so wake up really early and help me clean up.

OK?" I nodded. "OK." So we ended it there. Mom went in her room to freshen up.

Thirty minutes went by pretty fast and time came for mom to leave for her meeting. Who is my new friend going to be? I wondered. Before mom left, she said "Oh and Maybelle, I just want you to know that the girl you will meet tomorrow is my work friend's daughter."

Great. Mom's friends are never good news. The only reason we moved here in the first place was because of mom's job. I don't know why she picked photography as her job. Oh, and also, my name is Maybelle, just to let you know.

Back to my story. A slam told me mom had left. So I went back to T.V. Suddenly, I was sleeping on the couch. I dreamed that I was back in Canada with my old friends and some new. A streak of light told me to wake up, but my body said sleep longer. Well, it was morning. Time to get ready for my new friend...

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Tomboy Horse Back Rider

by Sydney M.
(Charlotte, North Carolina)

Hi Im am Sydney M.people like to call me Syd
I dress in a T-shirt and Jeans EVERYDAY at school. My dad owns a barn called Two Shannons Barn.

I am obsessed with horses! I have never worn a dress in my life. I have been riding since I was 4. These are all the things I have learned:

- softening
- leads
- lateral work
- Basic gaits
- bareback
- learning jumping

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Help...Which Horse Should I Get?

by Tess
(Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

Well, I am a medium skilled rider (riding for less than a year, but I went to a horse camp during last summer--June 2010-- and we learned YEARS of riding) and my parents are looking into buying a horse. If you need to know, I am 11 years old. My options are:

Name (so you don't get mixed up): Snow Angel A.K.A Snowy
Height: around 14 hands
Breed: Welsh Pony/Connemara crossbreed
Gender: mare
Reference: Good with dogs (we have dogs), cats (we have cats), good beginner horse, would be good for younger kids (my sister's favorite LOL)
Age: 18
Can jump up to 2ft.

Name: Ransom Wish A.K.A Racer
Height: around 17 hands
Breed: Thoroughbred/Hanoverian cross
Gender: stallion
Reference: a bit high strung, would be good for advanced/medium skilled rider, isn't very good with younger kids or other animals (my dad's favorite)
Age: um...I believe around 10-11+
Can jump up to 3ft (not really a jumper)

Name: Lady Of War A.K.A Lady/Beauty
Height: around 16 hands (or 15.2 or 15.3, can't remember)
Breed: Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred crossbreed
Gender: mare
Reference: Good with all animals, would be good for a medium skilled rider up to advanced rider, good with kids but not for a beginner, doesn't mind loud noises (MY FAVORITE!)
Can jump up to 5ft.

As I said, I am a medium skilled rider, age 11, not very tall (not short either), no braces or glasses (if needed to know), and I can jump up to 5ft. Please help!

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I can't!!! Please read if u have the same problem

by Meghan
(Louisiana )

Ughhhh, I'm a true horse lover and I love to tell stories about horses. But my dilemma is that I don't have the nerve to write a story. I would do it if my friend ( aka jake mi babe ) would stay on the phone long enough to help me write it. I hope she's reading this.


OK, tell me if it is really hard for you to write a story too.

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Can "Broncs" be tamed?

by Destiny



OK, my story training story with one horse, Melech. He was a bucking horse, I would rub him with my heels and he would buck.

At first he had hurt his foot, so he couldn't buck that big. But after his cut was totally healed his bucks were getting bigger and bigger. After that I knew I HAD to do something about it. I did everything I could, just keep kicking, anything, but nothing worked.

After a while we could take Melech to my lesson. My teacher Brenda, told me how to do it. Right after he bucks (THE SECOND after he bucks) grab a handful of rein and pull it to your hip. I did this for about an hour and it worked like magic! I wanted so bad to lope and now I am galloping! He is an awesome horse and VERY smart.

YES!! Any Bronc can be tamed! With LOVE, affection, and discipline!

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No title yet,,


Life on a ranch is definitely romanticized-by books, movies, even poetry. What nobody mentions is the heat-89* right now, at least, as I'm sitting under the oak tree writing this-the bugs, and of course, working until all of your muscles hurt and you barely have enough energy to change into your pajamas and wake up at the crack of dawn the next morning.

Of course, I'll admit, there are the good things-the beautiful mountains in the distance, the cute ranch house, and of course, the 16 wonderful Arabian horses living on almost 100 acres of land.

I love riding. Of the 16 horses that we bred, raised, sold, etc., I owned two-both Arabians. One was 4 years old. We'd bred her, and I'd trained her myself. She coal black, with a tiny white star. The other was the exact opposite-pure white, about 8 years old.

"Hey!" I heard hooves pounding on the hard-packed dirt of the path and jumped, startled. I turned to see my older brother-I was one of five, three brothers and a sister- Alex, cantering towards me on his black and white mare, Panda.

"Yeah?" I asked, putting my notebook into my backpack-I know, its weird, but I carried my backpack almost everywhere I went around our ranch. It had everything I needed in it-from rope for horses, to my notebook, to the water bottle in the side pocket, my backpack was completely stocked.

"Mom and dad want you. We're getting a new horse. They want your opinion. We have three that this guy brought for us to look at." I sighed-today was Sunday, our supposed day off. So much for that-and stood up, brushing the dirt off of my jeans. After making sure my camera was in my bag-I loved photography, and carried my camera everywhere I went-I started walking up the steep hill to the barn.

"Want to ride Panda?" Alex asked. I nodded and mounted Panda the best I could without a block, and settled behind Alex onto her bare back, patting her side lightly.
"Off we go," said Alex, kicking her into a canter.

"Okay, Lex," my dad said, pointing at the three horses lined up in the paddock. "Which one do you think is best? Your mom really liked that roan one, the stallion. I thought that the chestnut was best, and Alex likes the bay one. Looks like your the tie-breaker!" I walked over to the horses and started petting them, whispering softly. Ever since I'd picked out four of the winning stallions we owned, my younger sister had thought I was magic, and insisted that I had a say in what horses we bought. Really, if you looked at them closely enough you could see which had the best qualities.

The man who had brought them walked over as I checked the bay stallion's legs.

"I'm Mr.Jones. You like this boy? He's been a tough one to train. His name is Sky's the Limit. Why don't you take a look at these other two?" I looked at the other two and rode them around a bit. Both nice, sweet mares. Really gentle. Followed every command. Smooth gaits. But I went back to the bay.

"You like Bob? That's what we call him." I nodded.

"Bob?" I asked. "Okay, Mr. Jones. Can I ride Bob?"

"Well do you have a saddle?" asked Mr.Jones.

"I'll ride bareback." I said, slightly annoyed. Okay, yeah, I know. My parents always said that I liked to get to the point.

Mr. Jones looked stunned. What, hadn't he ever heard a 14 year old girl say she wanted to ride bareback before? It really wasn't that big of a deal!

"Um, okay." He finally said.

I took a fistful of mane a threw myself up onto Bob's back.

"I'm just warning you, he's not really broke yet."
Not broke? Psh.

I clucked my tongue twice and tapped him gently with my toe. He snorted and tossed his head. I raised my eyebrows. Was this a challenge?
I kicked him again, clucking my tongue. He took a step forward, then stopped, flicking his tail. I could feel how tense he was.

"Dad? Could you bridle him for me?" I asked. My dad nodded and jogged off to the barn to grab a spare bridle.

"Bob," I said, kicking him again. He pricked his ears as I said his name, and took two steps forward. I tossed my backpack over the fence of the paddock and winced as it made a loud *THUD*, thinking of my camera.
Bob whinnied.

I sat still for a minute, then said suddenly
"Giddyap, Bob!" Bob responded just how I expected-he followed the command and trotted straight forward. I smiled.

After that, Bob seemed to surrender. I dug a sugar lump out of my pocket and reached forward, feeding it to him.

"Wow." Said Mr. Jones when I finally dismounted, patting Bob's sweaty neck.

I pointed to Bob, indicating that he was the one we should get.

"But, Lexi, I still think that the roan mare is better. I mean, she's much calmer."

"I know, mom, but trust me. Bob is the one to go with." My dad sighed.
"Well, he IS the cheapest..."

I smiled slightly. Price was-almost-everything.
"I rest my case!" I said happily, walking into the barn to start exersicing the horses-there really was no such thing as a day off, here.

I turned just in time to see my dad pull out his wallet and pay for a horse, then motion for Alex to bring Bob to the extra stall. I grinned. This was going to be FUN.

*Author's Note*
OK THAT'S IT FOR THE STORY!! For now at least..
As you can probably tell, I'm super bored babysitting right now (Okay well maybe you didn't know the babysitting part..lol) And I have nothing to do because my brother is watching TV. So I just kinda started typing. Its REALLY bad. HEHE :) let me know if you want part 2 or I won't bother writing it, and give me ideas for a title please!!! :P

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Where did my horse go?

by Sammy-Jo
(New Zealand)

When I was 5, I had a very naughty 10hh pinto shetland. She used to push me under branches and trees. One time she bolted and went under a branch, I held onto the branch and my pony left me behind! So there I was hanging off a branch, screaming because it was a bit of a drop for a short 5-year old!!

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by Allison
(Texas, US)

I 've tried sooo hard to convice my parents to let me take riding lessons and finally after about 7 years of constant begging they are finally letting me take lessons. There's just 1 problem! My grandparents are paying for it and can't continue!!!

I am only 11 and can't get a job. I don't get allowance EVER!!! I've tried everything lemonade stand, car wash and nothing, nobody bothered to show up! How can I get the money to continue to take lessons???

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Stopping Horse Slaughter (please read)

by Doree

There is something going on, and its called 'Million Horse March - Children's Letter Writing Campaign' (can be found on Facebook as a group, as a website it is called 'equinewelfarealliance')

So before March 20th, if you really love horses, put it down on a piece of paper. A drawing, a poem, or just saying what horses mean to you!

Here is the flyer:

We are asking for children across Canada to write letters to their Members of Parliament and to the Prime Minister to tell them just what horses mean to them and how important it is to protect our Canadian horses from cruel and inhumane slaughter for human and animal consumption.

These letters will be sent to one location and then will be delivered to the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, ON, Canada on March 27, 2012, in one giant delivery. Children from age 1 to 18 may submit drawings, letters, and poems, describing in their own words and with their own images, what horses mean to them. These children do not have to ride or own a horse to participate – they just have to love horses.

Schools can incorporate this process as a social studies unit/lesson on how the government works and how we the people have a civic duty to work within the confines of the law to affect positive change.

Connections can be made between historical events and movements that brought great sweeping changes in our world to right a wrong – in the tradition of Martin Luther King Jr. in the United States and the Suffrage Movement her in Canada.Please participate!

Encourage your children to become a part of history! Join the co-operative effort between the United States and Canada to bring an end to horse slaughter!

Letters can be sent to: In the USA send your letters to: Million Horse March -Children's Letter Campaign ATTN: Jo-Claire Corcoran 301 Tazewell Avenue Bluefield, VA 24605 In Canada send your letters to: Million Horse March - Children's Letter Campaign ATTN: Chelsea Burton Box 127 Chalk River, ON K0J 1J0 Letters are due in by March 20th, 2012, Press Conference will be on March 27th in Washington DC at the Capital. Please send the letters in as you collect them.

Invite your friends, family and town to do this!!! Thanks for reading, please began writing those letters for the horses!!!

***This is not my website, but a group I know, there is loads of people on with it, but I didn't start this, I just randomly came across the website one day, and now I wanna write & spread the word! So yeah spread it !!!**

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My Horse Saved My Life!

by Lex

This Is My Hero, Whisper

This Is My Hero, Whisper

This Is A True Story.

My Beloved Horse Whisper Was 5 Months Pregnant. When I Went To Her Stall She Wouldn't Even Look At Me. She Seemed Mad But I Didn't Know Why. I Spent As Much Time As I Could With Her But With All That Time She Didn't Put Her Head To My Chest Like She Used To.

When Whisper Was 8 Months Pregnant. She Stayed In The Far Corner Of The Pasture. I Was Worried. Will She Let Me Near Her Foal? Will She Let Me Watch The Birth? These Questions Kept Coming To My Mind.

One Day I Was Sent Out To Give The Horses Their Oats. It Was Very Foggy I Could Hardly See Ten Feet In Front Of Me. When I Got To The Pasture Badger Was Already There Waiting For Me. I Climbed Through The Fence. Soon Badger Started Picking At The Oats. I Was Told To Save Most Of Them For Whisper And To Give Them To Her First. I Waited For Her To Come Get Her Oats. I Started Calling Her Name. Soon Badger Starts Nudging Me. My Shoulder Started To Hurt. I Tried To Push Him Away. "Knock It Off!" I Told Him. Suddenly He Knocked The Oats Out Of My Hand I Fell To The Ground. Because I was In Shock I Couldn't Get Up. His Ears Were Pinned Back. He Wasn't Interested In The Oats Anymore. My Eyes Wide Open In Fear I Waited. Suddenly A Flash Of Red Ran Right Into Badger. Whisper Was Trying To Save Me. She Reared Up On Her Hind Legs, Struck Out Her Hoofs At Badger, And When She Came Down, She Sunk Her Teeth Into His Rear. After Badger Ran Off Whisper Looked At Me With Her Big Brown Eyes. I Couldn't Believe My Sweet Whisper Did That. She Walked Over To Me And Put Her Head Into My Chest.

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bella the great horse

by mac

one day a horse was born they named her bella but what they didn't know was she was magical the time had past and bella was 3 years old and started to be trained but she did not get trained because she was scared the end

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Cookies and Cream

by Rayna
(Mesa, Arizona)

This is Cookies and Cream

This is Cookies and Cream

§┌This story is made up. BUT IT IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY. The story of a bunny that I own named Cookies and Cream. He lost the use of his back legs after some mysterious mishap. He now travels everywhere on his adorable handcrafted wheels!§┌

Sorry this is a bunny story!

Suddenly, with a small, crack, a small spark of pain spiraled down my spine until it reached my limp legs filling them with complete and total numbness. I tried to move my leg bones, but nothing happened. I looked around trying to make sense of the scene. I wasn't in any type of pain. What could it be? I tried again to move my leg bones. Nothing. Wiggled me toes. Nothing. I couldn't feel any muscle past my stomach. What had happened? Hoping a small nap would help my legs, I crawled into the hole, past the other bunnies and took a nap.

The next thing I knew, I was being caressed like a baby in the hands of a human! I looked around. there was the girl I saw everyday. Rayna I think her name was. "Here I'll take him!" Rayna offered grabbing me from the other human. Then she set me down. As she did my legs collapsed under me! A sharp pain shot up my spine giving me chills. I made my way into the other hole trying my hardest not to be caught. "Oh my!" The other human exclaimed catching sight of my limp legs being dragged after me. "That's kinda creepy." the girl laughed. "You think?" I thought. She picked me up. "Not again!" I thought. She pulled one of my legs. "Oh no!" She screamed starting to cry. "I think he broke his legs. You guys should go so I can take care of him." She told the other human. "Okay. Maybe tomorrow. Bu-bye!" and with that the other human had left.

The girl began to cry as she left the pen still carrying me. She brought me inside the house and set me down on a rug. Her mom was next to me. "What?" Her mom asked. The girl pointed at me. I held my head in shame as the mom exclaimed. "No! I'm not burrying any more bunnies!" The girl picked me up and brought me down stairs. She caressed me like a baby and sat on a chair. I looked around. She stroked my head. "It's okay." She whispered. She was terribly worried. "We're gonna have to put it down." I heard her mom say. The words still echoed in my mind.

"Burrying any more bunnies..."

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Stocking's injuries!!

by i luv horses
(stevens point WI USA)

my injured horse

my injured horse

*****TRUE STORY!!!!***********

stockings, my pony, was grazing beside her son, jazz, the pony foal. i read a book called riding in outer space and i saw her on the grass lying on the grass. i said if she was alright. she neighed and she stood up. that meant she was okay,. then a botfly was chasing her. and then, a lead mare, Ashley, ran her into a fence! she neighed with pain. when she stood up again, i saw a cut!! as big as my big notebook!! she was bleeding all over and then it took 4 vets and 3 hours to stitch her all up!!

she has a lot of wounds!!! it is summer there in my home and she has turned brown.

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The Secret Land Of Utopia

by ~My Life Is Average~

"Pfft!" Chestnut, a beautiful black Arabian horse, heard her mate's cry. It was like a cawing from a rooster to a farmer, ready to wake them up on a bright sunny morning. Gazel called her. They'd once talked to each other and arranged a kind of 'snort signal' they could use. A harsh snort was 'be careful, you dope!' A gentle whinny was 'are you O.K.?' And this particular snort was 'come quickly!'

Chestnut's hooves danced gracefully, darting across the meadow as quick as quick could be. She immediately headed to their custom spot on the meadow, but Gazel snorted again, urgently. He had known Chestnut had extremely sensitive hearing, but even this was faint. Chesnut's step faltered in worry. According to her ears, Gazel had called from a completely different way. "I trust him," she whispered fiercely to herself. "He wouldn't trick me." She turned, and started galloping.

Gazel was a handsome stallion, taller than the leader of their herd. He was of a mysterious breed, and Chestnut liked that. She liked unpredictable stallions. He was white with black all over his body shaped in freckles. His hooves were always strong and firm. It was, Chestnut thought, impossible for him to get rocks clamped deep into his shoes. They were just invincible.

At times, Chestnut wondered why she'd been chosen by him, when many other mares had been after him. In fact, she had used to be known as motherly and kind, and the other mares always talked to her, exchanging the usual gossip about handsome stallions. All that had changed when Chestnut mated with Gazel.

Finally, Chestnut stumbled across a clearing. Gazel was bound tightly, his legs tied together strongly. Now, horses were stronger than men. How could one have accomplished that? Then, another rope sealed Gazel's lips together, apparently to stop him from whinnying for help. His nose wasn't blocked. "Oh, Gazel!" Chestnut cried. "I'll save you, just wait." She bowed down to the ropes and tried to bite through them with her powerful teeth. She gnawed determinedly, all the while thinking about those people who had did this -- they had definitely asked for it when they tied him up!

After a couple of chomps, Chestnut stopped. "Oh, I'm terribly sorry, Gazel," she shouted. "I'm not doing anything at all!" The ropes were metal, spray painted cleverly, looking easy to break through. "I can't do anything," Chestnut said softly. "I'm sorry."

A flapping sound was heard behind her and Chestnut looked with a start. It was a lovely horse. Well, horse with the plural. Three horses. Was that what they were? A horse with a horn, a horse with wings and a horse with both those impressive features. The third one appeared to be the leader. They were all white enough to make the whitest white seem black.

The leader stepped forward and bellowed in a mighty voice, "You! Peasant! Stand back, and out of our way! It will be most inconvenient for YOU to loiter around in our work!"

"Who are you?" Chestnut snapped. Naturally she would have been scared, but now she was offended and hurt. "This is my mate! I can not just leave him here. That would be being unfaithful." Gazel snorted in agreement.

The winged one turned and looked at the horned one, grinning. "She's a tough one," he said. "But can she handle the truth?"


To be continued

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Please help!! URGENT!!

by lilylovespebbles

Can you please help me?? My pony pebbles will NOT walk around the paddock when there is another horse in it.

My sister and I cannot do games or compete against each other anymore where pebbles has to do something other than following. She won't walk away from a horse, she wont go next to one, she wont even walk behind a horse without ramming her nose up its bum, she wont lead on a trail.

My sister and I want to do mounted games which is very hard with pebbles.


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Fantasy Stories - Trenton's tale

by Wild Fyre



Okay, i am going to start writing stories :D I'll add pics on them too :D (lol I got the idea from Windcall, only my stories are completely different!) Wildcall, if you have any problem, let me know :D I just got the story writing idea from you :) lol these aren't really people or horses, just things I had made up playing with my toy horses that i decided to write down and post here :D


Trenton was bred at a breeding farm in the times of the knights and dragons, and he was bred for one soul purpose... To be a war horse that a glorious knight would purchase to ride in wars and against dragons. But sometimes, not every Farey Tale has a happy ending...

As a colt, Trenton was huge, and his glossy black coat stood out among the others. Even as the baby he was, you could tell he would make the best war horse there was, and every knight would be after him.
When Trenton was finally put up for sale,3 years later, a prince bought him... Prince Trenton, hence the horse's name. Prince Trenton had a wife and a daughter, his daughter was a lovely little thing whop loved horses, but could only look at them and groom them, which she was quite happy to do. But she wanted more, she wanted to ride one. "No no no!" he father would say "You could get injured, and besides.." he would add in a calmer tone, "you know women are not permitted to ride. Only int eh back of fine buggies."
The little daughter was enlighted to see the big black stallion standing outside. At once she asked her father "O father, has thou bought a horse for me?"
"No silly girl, thy horse is mine. He will be my partner in war." He said.
"But father, a fine horse he is, you would not risk him in battle?" She asked eagerly
"Yes, a fine horse indeed little one, but however, he was born and bred to have thy fate and that is how it shall conclude." and he walked away.
The little girl was quite sad at such the beautiful horse. He would surely be killed in battle eventually.
Even though her father told her she wasn't to be riding horses, she didn't listen. She went out to the barn and put on a halter, and rode him around the yard. Trenton and the girl became the best of friends. She became very sad when Trent and her father had to leave. And they were gone for weeks, sometimes months at a time, either hunting dragons, or fighting against enemy villages.
About 7 years later, the girl was still attactched to the horse, and the horse was still attatched to the girl. And the horse was still well. Not a scar nor scratch on him. He was almost magic.
The girl still rode Trenton without permission. But one day, while she rode him, she was caught.
He father went hunting and she rode into the forest. Halfway through the trees she heard a screech. she turned her head to the side and spotted her father, he shot a pheasant. She thought he didn't see her, but he already did. and he began yelling. She was in soo much trouble, he beat her. And told her she was not to ride Trenton ever again.
One day, her father went off to fight on Trenton. Weeks passed. He didn't return.. Months passed. He never returned. Finally she received note that both her father and his horse were dead. Both fried by the dragon.
Her father's body had been carried off by the dragon, but they brought the horse back. They said the horse had tried so hard to protect his master, but he failed. They believed the horse should be honored and he was. The girl buried the horse and wept for days.
After she was finally over it, she decided to avenger her father and Trenton's death by tracking down the dragon and killing it. She went out and bought the best, strongest, fastest looking horse she could and rode him.. She rode all over the country side. For days upon day, upon weeks. she rode.

She never returned.

There isn't a moral to this story, but she was in the end reunited with her horse, and Trenton was a stronger faster happier horse when they met in the after life. He also, had great golden wings.

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The funniest ride ever!

by Maddy

this is a TRUE story, yes we wern't thinking, yes we were stupid, but it did not endanger the horses at all! and thats all that matters!

ok, so one day me and my friend hannah were planning on going for a trail ride, she went and took out the horse she usally rode (sony) and i went and got the horse i normally rode (lucky) we were in a big hurry, so we groomed and tacked up as fast as we could. we went to go get on and used the extra high mounting block (you had to lower yourself into the saddle it was so high, you didn't need to use the sturrups at all) and we set off. it was a nice day so we figured we would just walk the whole way, about halfway back home hannah leaned to the side to look at something, and off she went! i was laughing so hard that i leaned to ther side a little bit, off i went! we sat on the ground for a few minutes, laughing like crazy. we got back up and picked our saddle off the ground. then it dawned on us, why were our saddle on the GROUND?!?! shouldn't they be hanging around there belly if they slipped. we looked at each other, then burst into laughter, we had forgot to put girths on!!!!!

yes, we had to walk the horses home, the moral of this story, don't rush when grooming and tacking up, double chech everything!

your proble wondfering why we didn't fall off sooner, like i said, we decided to walk the whole way, so tthere was no reson to slip, the trail was flat, we have good balence and we were going slow. hope you enjoyed the story of me and hannah learning the hard way!

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Webber, the accident that changed everything

by Immy

Webber is my 14.2hh pony, he is a dapple grey and means everything to me. I got him as a foal, when he was six months old, we got to name him, so because he had cobweb pattens on his back, instead of calling him Cobweb witch was to girly we or I named him Webber.

I started lunging him, one he had been backed and stuff, and it was then that I noticed that he kept stumbling, so we called the vet, and the vet said, keep him off work hes go an infection in his foot, so we did just that.

But it never got better,the vet gave Webber medicine and sure enough it worked, for a while...

I started riding Webber, and he was a dream to ride, steadying paces, a perfect jump, and in gallop he never tired.

I started to jump Webber and when I did I noticed although his jump was perfect he always, sort of shuffled before he jumped.

The vet said it was natural for a horse to shuffle when it had just started jumping, but none of our other horses had shuffled.

Then one day as I was turning out Webber, a bag flew past and spooked him. He bolted off bucking and rearing, and as he did this he hit his hoof on a rock, he was limping really badly, so I shut the gate and ran back to the house to get help, my mum phoned the vet and my dad came back with me and my sister.

Webber was lying on the floor, breathing heavily and in pain, when the vet arrived he said then he had broken his ankle, and it would heal, if we put him in an Angle Sling, so we did and when it healed the vet took some tests, it turned out that Webber had something wrong with his hoof and ankle it was very rare, and came from the mother, of the foal.

If Webber had not hit his hoof and ankle on the rock, he would of had to be put down! Webber is perfect in every way still, and I am riding, him again, he doesn't shuffle at jumps, or limps at all!

Thank you for reading!!!!

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Why Her???? (Read if against horse slaughter)

This morning I was with my my mum but then at 10 o'clock some men came with a big lorry and tried to load her. She told me to be brave and she had to go now and that she loved me.

The men got impatient and whacked her, it broke my heart to see the lorry drive off with her inside.

My old friend said that she had gone to the slaughter house and it happened to most of the horses here. But I believe she will come back so I just sit in my paddock and pine for her waiting. Getting thinner and ill as I refuse to eat until she comes back.

A month later the lorry came for me. I found my mum skinny and old looking ready in the pen for today's slaughter. When will I go? Help my brothers and sisters, re-post this if you are against horse slaughter.

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by Olivia
(United States)

This story is true.

One Thursday in September 2010 I had just gotten to my riding lessons. I was so excited, but it was the first time I had ever rode English. As soon as I got there I found a beautiful light brown horse. I had fallen in love with her right away. After sitting on a bench by the stable for a few minutes, it was time to tighten our girth and shorten our stirrups.

When my instructor told me who I was riding, she said, 'Olivia, you'll be riding Miss Spot, but some people here call her Nasty Little Mare. She's the light brown one over there.' She pointed to the beautiful light brown mare. Why did people call her Nasty Little Mare? She was a Quarter Horse crossbreed and had a tiny white star in the shape of a spot. She was next to a dappled gray thoroughbred and a dark brown quarter horse.

When I was tacking up Spot, I realized why she had her nickname. She nipped at me when I was fixing the stirrups! But I still loved her. The lessons went great, expect for the time when she took off when the herd of geese starting flying. She bit me when I was leading her back to the cross-tie! I took off her reins, un-tacked her and put her away. I realized I loved this mare, and that wouldn't change, no matter what she did. I would give her as many chances as possible, and I love Spot for the horse she is and I am still riding her 4 years later at my riding school :).

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Who we are....Equestrians

by Allyson

~I wrote this poem a while back and really liked it. I really thought it shows who we are and what we do as equestrians, whether we ride English or Western. So i decided to post it for you all to take a look at. I hope you enjoy it and please comment!~

Why do we ride?!
We ride to feel the power beneath us...
For the wings we never had...
To make up for the elegance we will never have...
We develop an unbreakable bond with our horse...
One that can never be broken...
To become one with our horse...
To love...
And to be loved...
We ride to do the impossible...
For the ones who say its impossible...
For the joy...
When we ride there are no words that can describe it...
And no words ever will...
This is not just a sport, its a passion...
It's that feeling that keeps you going...
When nothing else will...
We strive for the gold...
For what makes us who we are...

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How do you train a hard horse???

by Claire

Well my friend is training a horse and I moved so I cant help her anymore. Well the horse wont walk backwards. So how would you get a horse to do that? Please help. Have to help my friend.

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When That Horse Changed My Life

by Ashlyn L.
(New Iberia,La)

me &nd my last day ill ever see levi again

me &nd my last day ill ever see levi again

Wow, i was so excited to find out i heard about this grey gelding horse named levi for sale. He sounded like the perfect horse for me. We went to the man that i will never trust again. I went out to try him. He rode great at that place. The man told us he never done nothing bad before. And i believed him. But that was the stupidest mistake I've ever made. We decided to buy the horse. He was really skinny but very pretty.

But when we got him to our barn he was acting very strange, He never listened, he never felt like the horse that i fell in love with at that place. After we got him up and going. It was time to bathe him and ride. But when the bathing began he would rear up. That wasn't a good sign. After that we saddled him up. I got on him. He didn't want to listen to me at all. So I got off and started to lope him around the pen. But he would kick at me.

It was a nightmare. He ran off with me and almost killed me. Then it was one day when i was going to feed him. He tried to run me down to get to his food. So i had to teach him not to do that. But he didn't listen he reared up and came down on me. I had ended up with a big scar on my arm.i have never felt so scared of a horse in my life. But i learned to face my fears and live with it.

After a little training he got better and better. We became close to each other.Then it was time for my barrel racing competition. We were ready to take off. We did good at the first barrel but something went terribly wrong. He started to buck and go crazy. It scared me i held on for a few seconds. Until he was standing straight up in the air. I knew then and there i was going to die. But when he came down I fell off and my foot got caught in the stirrup. He got spooked and started running. I was being dragged. I got knocked out in the head by his hoof.

But all of it happened was a little boy on a scooter spooked him and he went nuts. There i lay in the hospital bed. My mom walked in and told me that we have to get rid of levi and i said no. i love him to much. I just started to grow on him. After getting better i decided it was the only thing to do.

I gave him a big kiss on his head and hugged and said i love you,and will miss so much. And saw them load him up in the trailer. All I could hear was his neighs and cries. As they drove away. I sat down and cried. A month passed and i heard from my grandpa that he found a home. A man took him in. He said he was having trouble getting him together and would let me know what happens. If he gets better.

I was glad he found a home. 4 weeks passed and i never heard anything. I decided to ask my dad, but he did'nt reply. I knew something was wrong. As i lay in bed. My dad walked in and said Levi is dead. I had got up and dropped to my knees and began to cry. He was the only best friend that i ever had. I started to grow on him. They found him laying dead in the pasture. They said that the man had beaten him to much.

I was weak every where as i felt it was my fault for his death. But my grandpa said not to put it all on myself. I gave him the best moments of his life. But the best moment was the day he saved my life. From a horrible accident. I always think of him even though he was a bad horse i loved him till no end. I cry every night when i think about him. Levi was the one that changed my life. I miss him. But i know he's in a good place. Safe in heaven.

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Exciting day ends in tears...PLEASE READ

by jakiebabe

I know you think someone falls off, but no...

I was packing to go sleep over at my nanny's house, when my mom walked in and said when you're done can you come see me. I said OK, but I was really scared I was thinking about a million things, who died, did Jake the horse I am IN LOVE with) die? Did the farm get shut down? I was so scared.

So I packed super fast and went to the front, my mom and dad sat down across from me...

No one has died, but we have good news and bad news, which would you like first, I said good new. So she said OK and this is how it went:

Mom: Ms.Amelia (not real instructor name) called me and said that the other counselors and her took a vote and everyone voted for you to be a counselor next summer! She said you showed a huge responsibility. When you had water in your ear from swimming and she came in to tell you guys you could go swimming she said you can stay if you want and you said no I will go out with the girls.

She also said you did great with the little girl that got kicked, you didn't baby her, but you didn't say oh well get over it, you were kind and gentle and you did the right thing, you called me when there was no hope and you got her back to the barn safe.

Me: Ok so the bad news?

Mom: The people that sold Jake to Ms. Kelly want him back.


So this is a true story and truly I can't write about what happened after that, I basically cried and am still getting over it. It happened yesterday.

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My Horse Story!

by Christina
(South Carolina)

Hi my name is Christina, and all my life I dreamed of getting a horse and eventually I got one. She was a quarter horse, of course my parents didn't let me find a horse that I would be able to click with, they just found one and got it.

I really loved her but she just didn't click with me. Oh, and the biggest problem with her is she couldn't even canter without wanting to act like she was in the wild with all the bucking, snorting, and acting like she was in a rodeo.

I'll be honest I didn't spend as much time with her as I should have but is was only because we weren't the right match of horse and rider. As time went by my parents started talking about getting rid of her and with that my not necessarily dream horse was gone......

Then I started reading these books that came in a endless series called Canterwood Crest, by the way the best books ever you should totally read them. They are about these girls at a boarding school who have horses and compete and you know how books go drama and blablabla.

I started to realise that they are good because they spend endless hours training, bonding, and practicing all things I did not do with Dakota. To hear how much fun they had doing it made me regret ever getting rid of Dakota.

I work really hard at my grades at school and at home and I have worked so hard on it that I have got so much extra time on my hands, right now I'm doing absolutely nothing with that time but wasting it.

About every day I have been spending time exercising in the path of her old pen, when I do that it is using the extra time, getting healthy, and going through all the good memories I had with her. We my not have been the perfect match but we had some of the best time together than I have had with my BFF....and that says something!

I don't mean to drag this out so just let me say it I WANT TO RIDE AGAIN, I WANT MY HORSE BACK, AND I WANT TO BE THE BEST AT IT!! !But is impossible to get her back if I wanted to do it over it means getting a new horse one the was my match. But how?! You know how the economy is, I had gotten rid of all of stuff, even the fence. I'm NEVER going to get another horse well not anytime soon! :(

But luckily I have a really close uncle who I love sooo very much and he has a ton of horses! Which gave me a plan....

MISSION: Convince my uncle(Gary) to let me train, bond, and spend endless hours practicing with one of his horses, one that I click with. And I will do just that........

By the way this is a true story. Please train, bond, and spend endless time practicing with your horse or horses don't make the horrible decision that I did!

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fred...looks can deceive

fred...looks can deceive

this is Fred. He looks so sweet and innocent....looks can be deceptive!!!! You have been warned . . . .
We had a pony called Fred. He was a bit dim and spooked at a lot of silly things. He spooked when my lil sis was riding him and he cantered nearly half a mile up the lane, twice round a field, up a farm track. He stopped dead and my lil sis fell off and landed in a pile of leaves. he then went back down the lane (another half a mile) round the estate and along a road by the river bank (another half mile). He finally stopped outside the corner shop, where my mum was telling her friend how nice and well behaved he was!!!!!!

Can you imagine? "oh yes, Fred is a good pony, a little bit silly but very well behaved!" said Mum
"Oh my gosh!!! is that him?" said the friend.
"yes it is, oh no!" said mum as Fred came galloping towards them, stirrups flapping and riderless!

True story!

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My horse won't slow down!

by Nicole

The horse I ride is about twelve years old, and she refuses to keep her trot slow. She speeds up, and ignores my signals to slow down. What do I do?

She is rubbernecked too, and every time I turn her head to the inside, she speeds up. How can I fix this?

Also, how do I keep her at the same pace?

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Mist Roan gelding

by Mary C.

One morning as i got out of my white pickup I found a small my little dog, Rusty, lying there. I picked him up and put him on the front porch. I came back with a warm bottle of milk. So as I grabbed him he started barking.

A mist colored gelding galloped past me!! I ran after him! Soon he got tired and slowed to a stop. I saw a chain was wrapped around his leg. I checked him over. It seemed someone had abused him. I touched his back, and he flinched.

I decided to name him Smokey. I got some iodine to put on his back, and a pair of clippers to trim his hooves and get off that chain. I leaned down and he nuzzled me.

I thought maybe I could train him. I got my halter and put it slowly on him. He followed me as I went to get the lead rope I had forgotten. My round pen had overgrown to the point where I couldn't get the gate open.

I pushed and pulled finally it came open. I led Smokey into the round pen. He walked cautiously Over the weeds. As did I.

He was very fragile. He ate some grass around the round pen. He could walk around no problem, so could I. I picked up the dust crop from the ground and just quietly said, "Trot." He picked up to a trot. I said "halt," down he walked. I said "Canter," and he cantered. I said, "Gallop," and he galloped.

I wanted to teach Smokey some harder words. I taught him how to trot on me saying aides. Canter,Maylong,Gallop Teymay, He picked it up very quickly. I yelled "Stop!!" and he halted.

It was now time for me to ride him. So I got my saddle and my Western bridle and climbed onto him.

He kicked and bucked. All he wanted was to buck but I wasn't coming off. Two weeks later he settled. He was two years when I trained him.

Now he's a Chestnut Gelding and his new name is Star. He is with a loving family and an adopted brother Popcorn. He's the greatest.

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New Pony!

I just took my new pony that I'm leasing to our first show together on Sunday. We showed in 2'6 and 2'9 jumpers. We got three 2nds and reserve champ in the 2'6 AND two 2nds and a 3d and reserve champ in the 2'9! I absolutely love my pony<3

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Clicker Training with Crackerjack

by Suzanne
(Lake George, NY US)



I have a 17 year old Palomino gelding. I have owned him for 10 years. His name is Crackerjack and he is a very good boy today but was not always that way. He had some pain issues early on and made him somewhat aggressive.

I was told to put him down a few times and a vet told me 3 years ago that I would never ride him again. But, I am still riding him and stay positive about it. He had been mishandled by someone who owned him before me so he could not be pushed too hard but I still need to learn how to be firm. It was a learning process for he and I.

I did learn how to do clicker training and it was very effective with him. I taught him how to stretch, put his head down while I count to 20, to bow and many other things. At the beginning it did not go well because he was clicker training me. He would offer a behavior and then I would click and treat. Not a good idea.

For those who do not understand clicker training it is basically a treat based training. When the horse offer the behavior you expect you click with a clicker and then offer the treat. The click is what gets them excited. It is a great training tool but must be used correctly to get the proper results.

It can correct behaviors very fast and is quite amazing. Anyone who has any questions about it can contact me through my website at PetsAreCool.com where you will also find lots of information about pets and more pet stories. You can upload your pet story there too. !

Have a great day !

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Tears Turn To Smiles

by Savannah
(Florence, KY, USA)

Me and my horse riding in the field

Me and my horse riding in the field

Tears had fallen way to many times.. I had lost all trust in my horse world, everything had turned upside-down.
When i was really little had a Shetland Pony.. we moved and i never saw or heard anything again. I was too little at the time to understand so it didn't do that much to me. Then about 2-3 years later i got a Spotted Draft mare named Luna... she had to go. "Strike One." Then we looked for a new horse which was fun. I got a black gaited gelding named Blaze.. he had to go as well. "Strike Two." I was barely hanging in there at the time considering this all happened in the coarse of the summer. (my mom and i board at my bestfriends place in Indiana)
A guy came up to Sharrie's (owner of farm) doorstep one morning saying he had two horses that he needed to get rid of.. they were $250 each. My mom took one and Sharrie took the other. He dropped them off, and the one we got I named her Nevaeh.
Nevaeh got caught in wire earlier before he dropped her off but he still brought her anyway. He had not even cleansed the sliced up foot. My mom and I nursed her wounds, we soon realized that something terrible had happened and she trusted no one.
The more i saw her and spent time with her i felt a "click." I ignored my feeling, and i was still horseless. I looked and tried but it nothing worked.. my friend McKayla were talking, she said " What are you thinking?" I said " I dont know but i think Nevaeh shows a promise." She had replied by saying "I think so too."
Nevaeh is currently my horse and is amazing.. She and i are in hand in hand. I love her so much, she is about to turn twelve. The best horse i could ever have. <3

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Me and Heidi

by Ansleigh

One day my friend and I went horseback riding together in the mountains. We thought that it was going to be a TRAIL ride not a ride in the woods going up and down steep hills.

It was so much fun and the place where we went had a petting zoo and really really nice cabins to stay in and they also had old time cabins that didn't have a.c.

Some nights they also have a group of people and take them out to some cabins in a covered waggin and they have a cookout and they have live music, games and alot of other fun stuff.

Please make comments and ask me if you want their number and more info.

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Pard’ners and Best Friends

by Kristie
(Phoenix, AZ)

Colorado Riding Horses

Colorado Riding Horses

I recognized the girl right away when she showed up at my house on a huge, palomino-paint horse. Merry and I were in the same class at high school. I had seen her around and we shared a class or two, but we were far from friends. She had just moved in about a mile down the road. Since I lived close by and had a horse, she wondered if I wanted to go riding with her and Oakie. Little did I know what a ritual these rides would become and the major role this new friend would play in my life.

There is little I remember about my first horse that did not involve Merry. She was fortunate enough to have been given a horse at a younger age and even had a few years of 4H under her belt. I was book smart about horses, but Merry had much more hands-on experience and education. Lucky for Cherokee, one of the first things she taught me was that even though you could fluff up one flake of hay to make it fill a manger, it wasn’t enough to sustain a horse.

The afternoons that I didn’t have to work at my part-time job were filled with hours on horseback. This was a time when dress codes at schools were becoming a thing of the past. Most of the girls were still wearing dresses, pretty blouses, and slacks to school, while Merry and I dressed in T-shirts, jeans and boots. This gave us more time with our horses once school was out for the day. It’s no wonder we were not popular with the boys in our class, although that point escaped us at the time.

We had a regular trail that we rode on that looped behind my house, across the state highway, down dirt roads and through fields. Sometimes, we role played, imitating our favorite television westerns and calling the pet dogs that tagged along names like “Bear” and “Wolf”. Sometimes we poured our hearts out about home life, siblings and our lack of social life outside of our horse world. More than once, we would dismount long enough to have dinner at my house before heading back out again. It was during one of these dinner breaks that Merry overheard my mother comment to my father, “Do you think those girls will every stop smelling like horses?” To which my father replied, “I think they’ll clean up just fine when the time is right”.

The summer between our junior and senior year at high school, Merry’s mom asked me to join them in Colorado for a visit with her sister. What an experience for me that included flying alone and my first trip on an airplane with a long layover in Chicago and Denver. Colorado was heaven for Merry & I. Her sister had two horses and lived in a small town in the mountains northwest of Denver. We were a bit confused where we fit into the scheme of things, the locals considered us “dudes” and the tourists thought we were cowgirls. The next spring we drove back, looking forward to another great western adventure. We soon learned why everyone else headed south to destinations like Florida during spring break. We couldn’t find a cowboy that showed any interest in us and Colorado was dreary, drab, and cold during that part of March. We were bored half to death.

Back in Michigan, if we weren’t riding, we were visiting western stores and trying out horses that were for sale even though we had no intention of purchasing tack or a horse. Sometimes we skipped school to get an early start on our riding. This wasn’t an easy feat, as the woman in charge of the attendance office at school lived across the street from Merry. Spring, summer, winter, fall…it didn’t make any difference to us, we were either horseback or doing something associated with horses and riding. Many times all it took to get our horses ready to ride was a quick grooming and a bridle. We learned it was much warmer to sit on your hands riding through snow with no saddle between you and your horse.

We did some smart things on our horses and we did some stupid things. Not smart was tying a large, metal two-foot square sign to my saddle and riding home. Most horses would not have put up with the bumping against their shoulder as they walked, but Cherokee took it in stride. Another time we rode from one car dealership to the next, asking the salesmen what we could get for trade-in on our steeds. This was great fun until my horse relieved himself of a huge pile of road-apples in front of the picture window at a big Ford dealership. The words that came over the loud speaker of “One of you girls get back here and clean that up!” had no humor to them. It had to be my horse that made the mess. Merry’s horse would stop his efforts if she pushed down on his raised tail – a trick that made a nasty mess when she tried it on her next horse.

Probably the stupidest of all involved the consumption of alcohol. I am sure there are lots of stupid acts attributed to alcohol and we’re probably not the first, nor will be the last, to include a horse in our shenanigans. Although Merry and I were both of legal drinking age, we were still but children in the eyes of our parents. All it took was for mine to make a trip to California. There was a store next to my house that sold beer & wine. What mischief could two, giggling girls get into under the influence of alcohol? How about bringing my horse into the house. Besides the fact of how funny it looked to see my horse in the house, standing in front of the television set in the family room, it was made even funnier by my younger brother’s reaction. Of course, it was definitely not funny the next morning when I was on my hands and knees scrubbing hoof-prints out of the carpet while nursing a hangover.

As best friends sometimes do, Merry and I drifted apart after high school. I had a job working with the Forestry Service my first summer after graduation. The next summer I was in Montana on a ranch. Merry went to New Mexico and took a dog-grooming course. This was followed by a trip to Colorado where she met a guy, got married and left Michigan. I ran into her at a western store some years later. She introduced husband number two and I introduced husband number one and then we were at a loss what to say next.

More years passed. I was living in Arizona with husband number two and Merry was in Michigan, still with her second husband. I planned a trip back and without my husband along to get bored during my strolls down memory lane, I arranged to meet with some people I hadn’t seen in years. The Internet makes it pretty easy to locate people from your past. I found Merry through a couple of club associations. Once I had her correct last name and address, getting her phone number was a piece of cake. I called her and we arranged a get together at her home.

Merry remembered things I had totally forgotten, and I had stories that had slipped her mind. We talked about the old times for hours – why was my mom so mad when I bought that saddle? And remember the saddle pad that Merry was in cahoots picking out for my birthday? Of course, she told me about it, and it was an even bigger surprise when my mother announced that for my birthday the driving lessons they were paying for would be my present. I ended up buying the pad for myself months later. I had either forgotten or hadn’t noticed that it wasn’t just that Merry had played an important part in my life. My parents and siblings had become her second family. Time flew. Before I realized it, I was running late and needed to return to my mother’s house.

We’ve rekindled that cherished friendship, thanks largely in part to the Internet. Two high school best friends brought together by their love of horses…and yes, we did “clean up just fine.” When we meet again, I hope we can saddle up, hit a few trails, complain about our husbands, relive our past and share our dreams once more, for old time’s sake…pard’ners and best friends.

© 2012 KA

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by Shreya

I made a website. I have a page called girls' horse stories. I hope someone will visit it! No one has:( :( :( :( Girls should realize that a website takes a lot hard work to create. PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE!!! I had been dreaming and dreaming to make a website. Now I have. But was it really the use? After all,no one visits. All that hard work for nothing. SO PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE~!! THANK YOU! Hope you enjoy it!
Your Friend,
P.S Visit my website OKAY? Its adderess is:

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Easy Does It

by Jasmin
(Northhampton, Great Britain)

-i made this up-

Clair tightened her grip on the saddle as the white mare reared and bucked. She`ll give up soon, she thought, but just then the mare threw a massive buck and Clair was on the floor.

The mare kicked before cantering to the other side of the sand school. "Will you EVER learn?" she asked to herself as she brushed the sand off of her jodphurs.

She gathered pearl's reigns before putting her in the stable. "How was she then?" askedd laura, the owner of the yard. "Terrible" she grumbled giving laura her whip back. "Maybe you should treat her more nicely" considered Laura. "No fear! I think I`ll stay with the whip and kick method" said Clair. For two months she`d been trying to train pearl but she'd had no progress so far. "I`ll come with you tomorrow" said laura. As if that will help, thought Clair.

"Try my way," suggested Laura after Clair had mounted. "Fine" she mumbled. Clair gave pearl a small nudge and said "walk on." Pearl stepped forward willingly. Clair did a figure eight, a trot, a canter, and a jump. "See " grinned Laura "it worked after all." "Hmp!" Clair replied.

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Hope someone can give me advice

by Bandy

I hope someone can give me some advice. I recently met a couple by accident. they have acquired some horses. But they are a long way from being horse savvy.

I have for a long while trained my own horses in natural horsemanship but I am not a reputable trainer. These folks have ask me if I would train their horses. But I am scared I might get into more with these folks than I would want knowing they are not horse savvy at all and I mean not at all. They just purchased horses without any knowledge what so ever.

They briefly enlightened me on some problems they are already having with these horses and I can already see the future problems that will be coming in the future. How should I approach these folks about the steps they need to take? The horses I have no concern with dealing with.

What would be the best advice I could give them to get them started somewhere somehow. before they end up getting hurt. I have not decided whether I would train their horses. but I am more leaning to not. How do you inform someone they have gotten into more than they will be able to handle on their own nicely?

How do I guide them in the right direction to work on their own safely without training their horses.

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Cool pic!

by Sam
(Cornerville, TN)

A palomino horse grazing.

A palomino horse grazing.

Here is a cool pic I got from my friend this is here Draft Horse. He is soooo cool! Love this pic! :) If you like BIG horses you will like this pic! Hope you enjoy! Please leave input! ~love horses~

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Cheap lessons in Colorado?

by Juliana

I've always wanted a horse since age 3. I'm 11 and really want a horse. I love them, but my parents say they are too expensive and we don't have the property for a horse-or the money.

I might get lessons, but I'm not for sure on that. If anyone knows of somewhere for lessons that is cheap, I would really like to know. I ride a 30-yr old horse western, but I really want to ride English.


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Horse Cruelty Poem

Born on the Moors,
To a caring mare,
The rain on my face,
The wind in my hair.

Joy in my eyes,
A tiny bright foal,
with love in my heart,
That one day would fall.

Growing and learning,
Upon the wild hills,
Racing the wind,
A young colt thrills.

One day a big lorry,
With humans inside,
Drags off my brother,
Where dark tales abide.

My mother is frightened,
My father is brave,
My friend who was free,
Will now be a slave.

And then a great army,
Of twenty strong men,
capture my small herd,
Of my father and ten.

We are shoved in a dark truck,
Which rumbles along,
and are scared for our lives,
(which don't have long).

The food there is none,
And the water is less,
In the tiny dim light,
We wait in the mess.
And at last we emerge,
Into daylight again.

Where we're jabbed at with forks,
from the hands of the men,
And herded thru barriers,
Narrow and tall,
But I still have my mother,
And so I don't fall.

But I smell a strange thing,
An instinctive stench,
And it so frightens me,
That I twist and I wrench,
and I squeeze and I squirm,
And I try to break free!

The whinnies are loud,
But my mother stays quiet,
though I think that she knows,
The reasons for riot.

So I calm just a little,
And trust in her age,
When I see a dark stallion,
Exploding in rage.

His hooves clash on fencing,
And the forks smite him down,
And he coughs up red fluid,
And quickly he drowns.
And the men drag him off,
With a rope round his head,
And I squeal with terror,
At seeing him dead.

And my mother shows fear now,
For herself and her son,
But the bars are too tall,
They've already won.
And we're inside the building,
Where the smell is so strong,
that even this young foal,
Knows what's going on.

And I don't try to struggle,
As I wade through the blood,
My mum says she loves me,
And I knew that she would.
For that was the moment,
Before we must part,
As the man with the knife,
Jabs it into her heart.

And stabs her again,
And once more in the head,
and she squeals and she dies,
And falls like the rest,
To the moving conveyor,
Which beckons my soul,
Then the knife falls upon me,
And so ...I must go.

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The horse who loved someone so much

by jaida
(cape coral fl.)

Once there was a girl. She was only two when she saw a horse. It was her grandma's horse. The little girl loved the horse. She rode it and she one time slept on it.

She loved it so much she got to name it when she turned four. She named it Arry. Arry loved the name and loved the girl. When the girl grew up, she took care of her and it became hers, and she was so happy. She still had to keep it at her grandma's barn.

But then a hurricane came so then her barn broke down and Arry had to go to my aunt's because she had a horse to keep Arry company. But then my aunt's horse died and Arry still had me. I was glad she still had her best friend .

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I had been taking riding lessons for a year, I was 6 at the time, my mom told me to get ready quickly because we had to go somewhere.

I ate my cereal and ran out to the barn where my sister was feeding all the horses, I brought carrots for them. I went over to hope and gave her a hug like I always did.. she was my horse out of the 4 we had, but that day she was acting weird.. she was laying down and wouldn't eat her carrot.

Mom said it was time to go so we got in the truck.. and the trailer was attached. I asked why and mom said we were going to pick up a horse for a friend.

We got to a barn, mom lead me to the stall of a 13.1hh bay pony named Hidden Treasure or Treasure for short. I patted her and fell in love with in an instant, mom put her on the trailer and we took her home, on the way Mom explained to me how Treasure was now my pony, and that it was supposed to be a surprise.

When we got home I took Treasure to the barn and Dad said to put her in Hope's stall. I did but I questioned where hope would sleep tonight. Then Mom, Dad and Lilly (my sister) all took me into the house and explained to me how Hope had a really sore tummy, and how it wasn't going to go away, Hope was in the ring with my brother they told me and they said that it was my choice to either keep her but have her hurting all the time or send her to heaven where she will be free.

Of course I didn't exactly like the sound of that so I asked them where heaven is and they explained to me that heaven was in the sky and that's where God lives and if I give Hope to God she will still see me every day. I just won't see her, I decided I better give her to God because that way her belly wouldn't hurt anymore.

I was really sad that I would never get to see her but Treasure helped me through it and in about a week I was over it because I couldn't be to sad since Hope was feeling better and I had treasure!

So now I am 13 and of course Treasure is still at my house out in her paddock right now, she is retired but my new horse is an Oldenburg Jumper Named Mojo. I Still think about Hope a lot but I'm glad I did what I did then.

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by georgina
(pagham uk)

i help out down my local stables and it was really raining last night and there was a big puddle i was doing a pony ride and we were doing the trot and i was trying to stay out of the puddle and i wasn't looking were i was going and i tripped over my foot and fell flat in the puddle

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How we got lucky...

okay we got lucky cuz dipper fell on the fence and it broke then she had a baby the end

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The Brave Bella (please read, this is true)

by Breighana
(Brighton ON, Canada)

I was at a horse camp last year with my best friend Hannah. At the camp there were trail rides every day, and you got to choose the horse you wanted to ride.
Everyday I would pick a horse named Bella. She was a big bay mare and she was BEAUTIFUL! The only problem was she was blind in one eye and almost deaf.
That day we were on a particularly large trail (I mean allot of horses and riders.)
We were going single file in the forest, when the young horse right behind me got spooked and ran into Bella on her blind side.
Before I knew it, Bella had got the reins out of my hands and was running as fast as she could away from the trail group into the thicker part of the forest. The head trail counselor tried to follow me but he was riding an old slow gelding and Bella was fast.
When I finally got Bella calmed down, I had no idea where I was and I couldn't see or hear anyone.
Bella was limping, so I got down and felt her leg, It was swelling up. So I didn't get back on her, Instead I took off my shirt and wrapped it (I had a tanktop on). Then I walked her the way I thought we came from. Turns out I was wrong.
Her leg was getting worse, so we stopped walking and I let her graze (with her tack on).
I heard someone yelling my name and we were finally rescued!
When we got back to the camp, I found out how long we were lost... 10 hours!
Thankfully Bella was okay.

This story is true, this actually happened to me.
Thanks for reading!

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Losing Hope :((

Well, I am losing hope on ever getting a horse. At first it seemed logical, but it feels like am i never getting closer to my dream. I mean I can't turn to my parents for help. So who can i turn to?

I tried my friend Victoria and we were gonna save together but she NEVER saved and I just couldn't get the money. I tried to save, buti could never get money. Then came Amy she never wanted to talk about it, she just said "ye i am into this" but never talked about with me. And then there is Natalie, we were trying to get into horse lessons which i mean i guess is a start, but i have to pay for my lessons. So I asked my mom if she would pay and then I could pay her back every 6 months, but she said let's wait til after volleyball starts and we get the schedule and I know once volleyball starts she will say well we should wait till after volleyball.

I mean I should be happy.. because taking lessons is a start, but the days seem to take forever to pass. I always find myself on the computer going over horse owning finances when i don't have a horse. I mean i have the first step I need to talk which is getting money, but how it seems i never get any money.

I get 5 bucks a week for helping my nanny because she has 2 little boys, but I usually get 15 a week for helping my nanny and doing chores, but right now I am not getting paid because it has been temporarily stopped and it won't be back for another moth or so. So that is 40 bucks i have to earn extra, plus it has already been like that for 2 months soo all together that is $120. I have extra to earn.

I know this is really long and i am really sorry, but i just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like my dream instead of going forward is just stopped and every month it goes down.

So if anyone has any tips on keeping hope when you feel your dream will never come true please comment and comment fast!


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Final Choice of buying a horse...

by Ainsley

I've looked at many horses after my parents told me I could buy my first horse, I've found a couple I really like and I need a few opinions before I make my final choice.

A little about me: I'm going on being 12 and I'm 4'10 (I'm pretty short for my age) I've been riding since I was 8 (4 years) I'm looking for a horse that can take me from hunters, to eventer's.

I'm currently taking twice a week lessons and schooling 3'0 jumps. I've been to quite a few shows, and I wouldn't mind a challenge. But I also wouldn't mind something a bit older and wiser. So I'm caught in the middle. I don't expect to grow much more then 5'4- 5'6.

Horse #1: Lucy.

Special Hunter pony, 14.1 hands 7 year old welsh x Qh Jumping 2'6 2'9 courses but has schooled 3'3. not spooky. Has won many reserve and champions. (Mare)

Horse #2: Prince

15.2 hands 6 year old TB x QH, been to a few local shows but not enough miles on him, would be perfect for someone wanting to compete in jumpers. Needs a confident rider, but has no vices. A little bit spooky. Jumping 3'0 courses but has schooled over a 4'0 but can go higher.

Horse #3: Joey
10 year old tovero paint gelding, Joey is a 15 hh horse that hacks around beginners and can jump up to 3'9 and jumps 3'3 courses. He's trust-worthy, saintly, and safe with a puppy dog personality, has been to many shows, he loves to jump bit less (not in dressage)and is young at heart. He drives, been in pony club and also competes in out of town shows.

Horse # 4: Diva
This little mare really lives up to hr name, she is a 14.2 hh Morgan X Paint mare, bay with a star, she is 4 years old and has a lot of spunk. She is not a beginners horse because she is still young and can become very hot and high strung. Requires confident rider. Can jump 3'0 + and has no show miles, but I am looking for someone that would want to show her, as she would make an excellent eventer.

Horse # 5: Moxi.

Moxi is trust-worth, sound, safe and beginner safe to. He's 16.hh and has jumped 5'0 in his younger years but can still school 4'0. Moxi is 13 years young, but acts like he's 20 around little kids. He can be used for any discipline expect western, but if you train him he would make a good trail horse or barrels. But I would like to see him go to a jumping home

Any suggestions? They all sound so great :3

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The Best Birthday Ever!

by Alex

This is a true story

This year for my birthday I had a pony club games day with 4 friends. First, we brushed our horses. I had max, the horse from my riding lessons. We then dressed the horses up! They looked amazing!

We played 5 games, and got placings. I got 3 firsts, 1 third and 1 fifth! We did courses, races and weaving, plus more! At the end, there were 2 trophies to be given out, one for best dressed horse and one for best horse and trainer partnership. I got the partnership trophy! We were then given a ribbon each for overall place and i got first!

It was the BEST birthday ever!

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by Savanna R.

Well it started out as one of our favorite riding games but then turned into a rodeo!My friend Penny and i were playing one of our favorite games called ride jockey ride!And somehow i had to go first....imagine that anyways i was on Lil,Dusty the mountain pony small but with a lot of attitude and Penny was standing beside me and the horse inside the stable a fairly big stable and inspecting everything making sure i was ready to ride then was walking out with a short whip in her hand and tripped on the root that was covered up by dirt fell and struck the horses hindquarters and flew out without questioning it a second made a lap around the barn with me as i heard Penny yelling hold on as i responded and shouted back what do think I'm doing and finally he came to a stop and the dust and the whole ranch settled down but only until one of Penny's-Lil,Dusty's and my never- ending shananigans were on again!

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The First Time I Saw My First Horse

by Hannah

The first time I saw my horse was at my riding lessons. My instructor had set me up to ride a new horse. This horse's name was Joe Dee. This is a fast, hyper, chestnut,1/2 Arabian, 1/2 Quarter Horse gelding.
He is a barrel horse. So he likes to run A LOT! He tosses his head meaning he wants to run. It got very annoying to me. It was finally time to leave and I was ready to leave. The next week came and I was riding the same horse. I wasn't very happy. So I was riding around the arena and my instructor came up to me and asked me "Do you like this horse?" In my head I was yelling "NO!" I couldn't believe the words that me out of my mouth I said "Yes." The next words she said to me was "Well if you want you can have him." A couple of weeks had passed and the same horse I had hated became my best friend and my first horse. That horse, Joe Dee, has taught me a lot of things and after all those years of looking, I finally found him.(He is the horse in the picture, ain't he pretty! He's mine!)

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I need to start going again!!

by Megan

I used to always go to horse riding lessons and I still do, but I keep putting it off! Like I'm supposed to go every Saturday. And today's Saturday! I was supposed to go today. (But, it WAS raining, but I still want to go.) My next door neighbor goes to the same place I go every Saturday, and I was thinking maybe I could go with her. But my paren's probably wouldn't let me, and I'd just put it off. I need some help getting into the habit of going again! Does anyone have any suggestions?

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The Scariest Ride Ever

by "Little" Deb
(Shasta Lake, California)

I wiped sweat from my forehead, drew a deep breath, and peered into the round pen. Slipping through the rails, I stood in the corral and let my muscles relax."Knight." The horse's head shot up, eyes rolling white. His ebony body shimmering, he uttered a gutteral warning.

I began speaking softly to him in Spanish, believing that the soft flowing words would soothe him, and considered how to first mount the black stallion. Knowing how I would have to mount him in the future, I lightly vaulted up onto his broad back. Knight exploded in fury, beginning to gallop around the corral, bucking every few steps.

I gasped, for I had expected this, but was not prepared for the stallion's extreme speed. Sensing my mind wandering, Knight screamed in anger and slammed into a sky-pawing rear.

I grasped his luxurious mane with both hands, pressing my body close to his. In indignation, Knight lashed his back legs, desperately trying to dislodge me from his broad back.

I started to gasp out a song I had learned in Latin, and let my body flow as one with his, feeling his bulging muscles ripple beneath the satin coat.

"Knight-" I spoke into his flattened ears.

"Please understand. I will respect you, but only if you respect me. It's for the better."

Soon Knight's breeze slowed to a canter, pace, then finally he stopped.

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I Need Tips! (Gymkhana)

by Jordyn

Me (there was a costume contest earlier that day and I had a seven year old paint him as a zebra big mistake)

Me (there was a costume contest earlier that day and I had a seven year old paint him as a zebra big mistake)

I have a little 12 hand welsh mix who hates jumping although I Ride western I do gymkhanas. You might not know about them but essentially you run around poles and barrels in little events to get the best time and win well there is jumping event Hurry Scurry where you jump three little white 18' jumps.

Every time my pony jumps he stalls a little bit them he jumps three feet over the jumps (although it might not look like it in the pics) and its really annoying. I try to do the two-point position but it made my horn hit my ribs and bruise me. Please help and give me some tips.

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my horse accident

by toni



it all started when me and my sister dicided we would go for a ride out. so we went to the shop and brought a drink then we set of to the feild. when we got there we brushed them then we set off.

i was riding my 12hh black dartmoor rosie and my sister was riding her 15hh coloured cob spike.
as we got to the big green hill rosie started rearing luckly i stayed on, then all of a sudden i found my self on the floor in agony,my sister didn,t have a phone.

luckly my cousin come walking down the green hill and carried me home ...

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My Horse Story

by Sophia

My name is Sophia and I am 13 yrs. old. I live in Lansing, MI with my dad, mom, and brother. I have two horses: A chestnut 14-year-old Quarter Horse, Tobey and a 21-year-old Welsh pony mare, Candy. I jump on Tobey and it's a dream, he was my first horse I bought from a lesson barn.

Here's how I got Candy:

My mom and I went to a horse show at the fair grounds. My trainer, Beth came running towards me with fear in her eyes and she told me to come to one of the barns. When we reached there, in a stall was lying a skinny coughing pony. Beth explained that the pony's owner was looking for a owner for this pony and it was free to a good home with TLC. My mom came in and Beth talked to her in the tack room as I went in the stall with the pony to keep it calm. My mom and Beth came out eight minutes later, saying I could get Candy from the owner. I jumped up and down and hugged the pony, and 5 years later that pony is chubby driving/jumping I call Candy!

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Sleeping Willow - Part 1 /ウィロースリーピング

by Haley
(Wisconsin, America)

I awoke startled to see my younger brother staring down at me. "What are you doing in here?" I say.

"Nothing, dad wanted me to wake you up before Jonathan leaves." My little brother Austin says.

"What! He's about to leave and you didn't wake me sooner!" I cried as i jumped out of bed and ran downstairs.

"Hey little sis, glad you're awake! I thought I would have to leave without saying goodbye to you, I can't call until I get to the army camp in Afghanistan."

"Why do you have to go? Can't you just stay here? And get a normal job? Afghanistan is dangerous you can get really hurt bro!" I say tears welling up in my eyes.

"Sorry lil sis but duties calls" He said. That's when the tears came, overflowing from my crystal blue eyes, they ran down my cheeks. I sniffed and tried to stop the tears but they just kept coming.

"Awww! Sis don't start crying you will make me start too. You have to be strong with me ok? I don't want to go, but the Country needs me and they need you to be strong." He says staring at his feet.

"They're here Jonathan, you best me going now." My father says hugging my brother. As I watch him head out of the front door I realize something, I run upstairs and grab a greenish blue necklace with a heart on it. "JONATHAN WAIT!" I yell catching up to him.

"What?" He says. "Take this to remember us by ok? I say handing him the necklace.

"Thank you lil sis, I'll be seeing you on my visits ok? Stay strong! God is with you." He says stepping into the car and driving down the road.

"Please God, protect my brother." I pray.

A year gone by....

*Ring, Ring*

"I got it!" I cry grabbing the phone.

"Hello? This is the Zebell's resident, how may I help you?"

"Hello is your father there? I am officer Borshish from the Army." Officer Borshish says.

"Yeah ok one minute." I say handing the phone to my father.

They talk for a few hours up in my father's room. When my father finally comes out he has tears in his eyes.

"Daddy are you ok?" Me and Austin say. "Look kids... Your brother...He's dead.. His camp got bombed by some terrorists. There was nothing they could do."

"No dad this isn't a funny joke! Tell the truth what really happened?" I say half laughing.

"Darling I mean it...He's gone" My dad says.

"No he can't be..it's not possible! I won't believe you." I cry out running out the door screaming the same thing over and over again.

To Be Continued.........

How will Sarah handle the news of her brother's death?? Find out in part 2! She might get a little present too O.o

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My Keepa

by Jacinta

my keepa

my keepa

Now I’m 13 and this happened like 2 years ago but this is the story how I met the horse that clicked this story is about my keepa.

I walked in the stable looking at horses (we were keeping our two horses at an agistment so none of them was mine). I looked in to a little chestnut colt he was cute this was the first time I said this and the last time I ever will but I said “you look like a real keeper.” He walked over to me so I was really excited and kept calling him keepa.

After that the next time I saw him he was in a paddock so I fooled with him for a bit but after a while with him after teaching him to follow me with grass he didn’t need the encouragement any more. He just bolted after me he would only eat his food out of my hands whenever I’m around. I got to take his rug off.

Once I even tried to lead him with a lead rope (he was really stubborn so I didn’t do it again.) I perfectly knew I couldn’t get him but that never stopped me from wishing. There were even days when I would start crying and tell him I may never have him and tell him he will always be the keeper to my heart.

Finally he would follow me even when I ran on dirt not grass (I was only allowed on the other side of the fence) for he always knew when he heard grass he was going to get some.

And on one lovely day I had spent time with him and my family mum and sister and step dad my mum and sister were in the round arena next to the paddock and my step dad was by the paddock while keepa enjoyed his snack (grass) but when I walked away he let out a nicker for me. I looked back.

This was the first time something had gone right while other people were here. But on the last terrible day I was with my horses and I saw a float.

The next day I wanted to take more photos (only taken like 3 of his face) he was gone replaced by two other horses. He had gone to the person who had bought him. I was devastated.

You kept me going you kept me coming you were the keeper of my heart and when you left a gap was left for my heart had no keeper and my keeper doesn’t have my heart.

Miss ya baby

And if you’re wondering I could never have ridden him for he mature height was bigger than a Shetland and smaller than a 13hh Aussie pony.

I cried every night after that.

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Emilee's Horse Story 1: Rosie and Noel

by Emilee
(Lewis Center, Ohio)

Hey everybody,I'm Emilee and I posted a story about me and my Horse Rosie!! If you haven't read it you totally should! Well from now on I will be posting stories about how me and Rosie are doing and everything!!

About a month ago me and Rosie went on a trail ride and the most funniest thing happened! Okay so I have a dog named Noel and she was following us on our trail ride, we were riding through the woods behind Delaware Lake and all of a sudden Noel just starts barking!!

Rosie started getting scared so I hoped off her and walked her around for a little bit, that also seemed to calm Noel down... well when I got back on Rosie Noel started barking again!! I decided that I was going to ride Rosie home, Noel usually follows me when we ride but she stayed staring in some trees, barking!

I rode Rosie back over where Noel was and started yelling at Noel to follow us, she didn't. Right when I was about to demount Rosie and get Noel, Rosie went and grabbed Noel by the back of her neck and picked her up!! It's almost like Rosie could read my mind!!

It was amazing and because Noel is just a puppy and has fat on the back of her neck it didn't hurt her! Rosie carried her the whole way home! I rode back to where we were after I put Noel inside and I'm pretty sure she was just barking at some leaves rolling in the mud.

But seeing Rosie pick Noel up just made me smile! Hope it made you smile too! :)

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Needs a horse, please read !!

by Doree

So yeah, I need a horse!!

I have already wrote my parents a letter, telling them why & how much I love horses. We live in the country, and I have a job babysitting & in the summer I will be working for a lady with horses.

So now I need a few more ideas to convince my parents after they read the letter!! I also need ideas how to make money!!! HELP!!!

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Training my horse Beauty!

by Madison

My horse is a brown and white paint horse he is also 15.1 h and he is very nice!!!! I'm training him to barrel race for 4H!!!!! Hope I can do it!!!!

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Midnight - Full Story

by S a v a n n a h

She flicked her tail at the summer evening flies as she grazed peacefully in the paddock. At ‎her master's whistle she raised her head, chewing. I shook my mane and galloped to him. He ‎held my blue halter and purple lead in his hand along with a small box with my name on it. ‎This wasn’t usual; he would always come with some tack over his shoulder, a halter and a ‎grooming box.‎

He slipped the halter over my head and groomed me head to toe, more than usual. Then he ‎put some fresh hay and oats in my manager and water in the trough and blanketed me a ‎cotton sheet and left.‎

The next morning, my master was talking with an older man who carried a riding crop and ‎rope lead. ‎

‎"I'll take him. How much, has he been trained because we need a jumper?"‎

‎"$600 straight or no deal." My master said.‎

‎"Sold" the man said.‎

He smirked and walked in.‎

Then he led me wearily out but with an uncomfortably firm hand to a small white trailer and ‎tried to lead me in.‎

I didn’t go in yet. I didn’t trust him, and his trailer was a bit small and cramped. I had never ‎been in a trailer before for over 10 minutes, and it looked like it would be a long ride for a ‎little 2 year old Arab.‎

When he went for his crop, I went straight in and he smiled meanly at my fear of his whip. ‎He tied me on a short rope and closed it up. ‎

I tried to escape, it was small and dark and smelt like other horses - and there manure. ‎Eventually I realised I should just go with it and wait until we arrived, so I closed my eyes ‎and leaned against the side of the truck.‎


I was led off the truck into another farm. He stroked my bright bay nose and led me to a ‎smelly little stall. I downright refused and ignored the whip. There was no way I was ‎entering that room. ‎

He rolled his eyes and took out the whip and I received a sharp, swift sting. Still stood my ‎stood still, trying to piece together where I was, or why I had been taken away from a ‎kind good master to a cruel man and his little dirty farm.

He took me away from the stall and silently and furiously led me around the farm. The only ‎other animals I saw was a mewing long haired kitten and an appaloosa in a little stall out ‎back. The other horse completely ignored me, so I figured to stay away. Then he took of my ‎midnight blue halter and turned me into a bare meadow. I stood there with pricked ears, ‎taking in the new surroundings and what had just happened.

Then I took a canter around the paddock to let of some steam and stopped at a little stream ‎running down the inner fence and drunk from it. It was a spring, fresh from ground. I looked ‎for some grass, but without success, so I ate some of the acorn leaves off a big tree.

Suddenly, I felt very tired, so I lay down in the entrance to the rugged little shelter next to ‎the tree. I hadn’t swallowed all the leaves, only 2 or 3, and spat the rest out. So there I slept.

I woke up with a vet leaning over me, and the man by her side. I jumped up in fear and ‎surprise and trotted away. I felt renewed after a cat/horse nap.

‎"Thank you Lord; he ate quite a bit of the acorn tree!"The vet said in relief. "Get that tree cut ‎down or prune and fence it off or that pony'll be as sick as a duck!"
‎"Fine, I’ll prune and fence it 'en." My new master said as he tugged my lead and pretty much ‎dragged me along to a tying ring and pulled out a brush and hoof pick.‎
He tied me on a very short rope and looped a little leather strap around my hind fetlocks so I ‎wouldn’t try to kick him.‎
Then he pulled out a big brush and roughly brushed me all over, including the face and ‎mouth. I pawed the ground and lightly whinnied in distress as he tightened the back ‎hobbles.‎
‎ ‎

When he had picked out my hoofs and brushed all over, before I could protest he shoved my ‎by the rump into the stall with a little rope halter, molded grayish yellow hay and a bit of ‎water. Hungrily I ate every bit of it up, and drank all of the water. Still thirsty, I did my ‎loudest neigh out the little window.‎

A spotted nose poked through the window at my other side that faced into another stall. I ‎shied back in surprise, realizing it was that flat eared appaloosa.‎

But he nickered at me, and pricked his ears, noticing that I wasn’t a stallion. He seemed to ‎want to mate with me, but I bared teeth at him to say know, but didn’t flatten ears to make ‎him back off. I was glad to have another horse for company.‎

Then his nose disappeared as she saw him being led away by the man who bought me. I was ‎quite angry at my old master for selling me so cheap, but I wish I wasn’t ever sold.‎
The next day he returned to my stall.‎
He carried some rough looking rope and a coiled black snaky whip. He bridled me tightly and ‎led me roughly into a grassy arena. My first reaction was to eat the grasses, but as soon as I ‎lowered my head eagerly for the grass his coiled whip uncoiled and lurched out and stung ‎like a rattle snake. He clipped a long elastic line and whipped me until I cantered properly ‎over the high jumps. If I knocked down a pole or slowed my pace even slightly, he would ‎whip me until I did it perfect.

I kept on going, and after 3 hours of torture we FINALLY ‎stopped and my body instead of bright blood bay was back with sweat and had various cut ‎all over my back from his whip.‎

Then he yanked off the bridle carelessly and put me in a completely bare paddock with a ‎better shelter and a bathtub filled with rainwater.‎

I could have fallen over but I pulled together the strength to walk weakly and limping to the ‎water trough. But I guess I may have improved in my jumping... but it wasn’t worth the sweat ‎and blood. But he left me in the paddock as the weather improved and the grasses grew ‎back, and I began to regain health. I decided I would escape next time he led me out of my ‎paddock. I was sick of him and his dirty farm, and I wanted to find a way back to my old ‎master.‎

ABOUT A MONTH LATER.............‎
He came in as usual. With his snaky whip, a lunge line and his little rope bridle with the bit ‎that cut into her gums.‎
Patiently she let the cruel man lead her out. Then she downright exploded into a frenzy of ‎rearing and bucking and wildly flailing hoofs until the man let go of the reins!‎

Then she galloped off as fast as she could, jumping the gait and running over the grassy ‎side of the highway of which she came. She galloped on and on and on, not stopping for ‎anyone, yet staying clear of the road.‎

‎ She turned the sharp corner, around the roundabout and north of the abandoned barn with ‎the weather vane. Now I was only cantering, for I am tiring fast. But I am nearly there, I ‎thought. Then I finally found it, Black Bridle Farms. ‎

I trotted in and sped to a canter to jump the gate then to wait around. She was so happy to ‎have returned to her old master. She couldn’t wait much longer so I trotted up to the cottage ‎and whinnied. It was sunrise and I knew he wouldn’t be awake yet because it was Sunday, ‎and the horses went woken up until 8:00. So I trotted to the half open window and stuck my ‎nose in and whinnied to him loudly.

He climbed out of bed and yawned. ‎
Then he jumped in surprise to see a dished muzzle sticking through the window and quickly ‎changed and ran outside in confusion. He smiled and locked the gates, groomed Midnight ‎and blanketed him in his cotton blanket and put her in his gated and fenced from yard, with ‎netting over the veggie patch. She whinnied happily and nuzzled him before dropping her ‎head and eating. I knew I had returned, and I had done well getting back.‎

The End

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My Pony Romeo: HELP ME PLZ

by Cam

My pony romeo used to be a pony ride pony but we bought him off the place. He's perfect 4 me but there are a few problems.

When you ride him he wants to follow any pony in the ring w/ him or person. So when I get on, I have no control. When we take his pasture buddy mudpie out so I can work w/ him he freaks out and I spend most of the time singing to him and calming him down.

When I get on he paces back and forth trotting and turning sharply and trying to make me fall off. So I need some help and some tips please help! He's perfect but I just need some work with him.

I know this isn't much of a problem but when I try to get him to jump he walks over it while the pony mudpie jumps over the jumps. What can I do to get him to jump? Thanks guys, you rock!

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Have a Question?

If you have a horse or pony you are having trouble with post a comment. I will come almost everyday to check. If you have a foal which needs help training. If you are looking for a horse or pony related toy or games ask me!

I will only help if you ride English or western. Don't ask me on Barrel Racing or Pole Bending or Jumping. I don't do anything on that. So, please don't be sad I if I can't answer some questions.

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A filly named Dreamer (TRUE STORY)

by Rayna
(mesa arizona usa)

This is my mom and Dreamer in the picture

This is my mom and Dreamer in the picture

So my parents took me over to see some horses at a horse breeder's farm because we were looking into buying a few. When I stepped foot out of the car, the very first thing that caught my eye was a 2 year old Morgan horse named Dreamer. Now Dreamer was prancing around holding her tail up high while all the other colts, and Fillies were resting by their mothers. Something about Dreamer's expression when she saw me caught my heart. "Ble-e-e!" Dreamer had exclaimed. Suddenly I noticed a speck of red on her back. I tugged on my mom's arm and said "Look" pointing at Dreamer. My mom slapped my hand away and threw a nasty glance my way. So I just backed down and sneaked my way over to Dreamer. When I saw her at first she backed away showing a large gash on her forehead. I clicked my tongue and called "Dreamer!" very quietly and suddenly the young filly zoomed my way. I examined her back and neck. Large scars and lashes we all over her back! When I gently stroked her back, she whinnied in pain and galloped away. Surprised I took a step closer to her. "Here Dream." I mumbled. The filly held her head low and let her tail drop. Her forelock cleared her forehead and revealed a sharp red hand print! I raced back to my mom who was talking to the breeder and said "Mom! Dreamer has scars!" And my mom immediately looked at me as if I had just uncovered 2 billion dollars! "Now..Um...She was born with that." The breeder said nervously. "There is one shaped like a hand print!" I exclaimed running back over to Dreamer who had lay down on the ground. The other fillies and colts looked as though they were very ill. the pasture needed mucking, they were out of food, there ribs showed abnormally, and they were all covered in scars. I begged my mom to let me take Dreamer home to save her but she only glared at the breeder, grabbed my arm,and walked me to the car. "Rayna. Don't say that in front of the breeder. The filly might HAVE been born with that." I threw one more sad pitiful glance at Dreamer. She had raised her head and whinnied towards me. Suddenly she got up and ran towards me! My mom shut the car door and got inside. She started the engine. Suddenly I saw a teenage boy run towards Dreamer and kick her in the leg! "No! Don't do that!" I cried. tears streamed down my cheeks. The boy grabbed her mane and led her into the pasture. "Please! Be careful!' I cried again. the windows were rolled up so they couldn't hear me. The boy slammed the pasture door and locked it. My mom started the car and we drove away. "Rayna I'm sorry. I know you wanted that filly,but a sick horse is a bad horse." I looked at the window and imagined how much pain she must have been in. The next day my mom took me out to several other horse farms, but I said "No I want Dreamer." to all of them. My mom was getting a bit frustrated but I kept on. Finally my mom said "Fine! We'll go back!" and we drove over to the horse farm. "Back so soon?" the breeder asked when my mom got out of the car. Dreamer was looking pretty bad. Her mane was partially gone and tangled, her eyes were bulged and fly infested, and her tail was bald at the top. My ran over to her and clung to her neck. tears streamed my face. Dreamer was off balance. "Mom. Please!' I begged. tears filled my eyes and covered my face. "Please...." "Fine." "WHAT?" "I SAID FINE. Don't make me change my mind!" "THANK YOU!" I screamed racing towards Dreamer. My mom called my dad who came with the horse trailer. "That stupid filly is nothing but trouble. $500. That's as cheap as I'll go." The breeder mumbled. My dad then handed her the money loaded her up and we took her home. "First things first. call the vet." My mom said reaching for her cell phone.
We have had Dreamer for over 3 years now,and she recently had 2 foals. Yankee and Magic. (I talk about Yankee a lot) She had fully recovered besides the top of her tail and a few scars here and there. after my mom had called the vet they discovered she had malnutrition, dehydration,and worms. Luckily they cured all. Dreamer is now a happy healthy Morgan horse!

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Into the Storm - Should I Write More?

by sam b
(Nashville TN USA)

i could hear the wind whistling in the barn. the pounding of the rain on the tin roof frightened me then hail the size of ping-pong balls bounced off the roof of the barn.
the horses were all on edge. all of the horse seemed to be calling one another, making sure they were okay. it was so loud from the horses and the rain i couldn't think.
just then my dad rushed in yelling "what the heck are you doing in here in this rain get in the house,now!".
i did as i was told he gave me a guilt trip all the way to the house. this is what i heard"you should tell us... blah...blah...blah...blah...blach...okay!". i bobbed my head up and down.i didn't even know what what he said.
i went up stairs got undressed and took a quick shower.
i looked in the mirror in my at my dirty blond hair, mildly freckled face, brown eyes, and pale lip color.i hopped in bed with blue jean patched comforter and fell asleep.
i woke up to a sharp whinny i knew was my horse.what was happening!?

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TRUE story

by Amanda
(United States)

I was 8 when I took my first riding lessons. They were Western. I went to the stables (I forget the name) once a week for 4 weeks on Tuesdays. The first thing I did was groom the horse. I curried the horse and picked out her hooves. The instructor then tacked up the horse and then I walked her to the arena.

I mounted, and for that first lesson the only gate I rode was walking. Later when I was riding, the horse started walking slower, and then lay down in the arena. I was not hurt. The instructor then got the horse up and I got right back on. I continued the lesson. That experience was surprising, but not scary. I was perfectly confident with horses as much as I was before the horse did that.

I was given a different horse for the next 3 lessons, but on the last one, I was with 2 kindergarteners. There were 3 barrels in the arena, and we were instructed to trot our horses around them. One of the kindergartener's horse, on the last barrel, started galloping towards us. The girl fell off a little before her horse got to us. My mom was yelling from the other side of the arena to get away from the riderless horse, and I backed up a little.

I suddenly felt a small jerk, and I realized my horse had bucked. The girl trotted around the barrels again, and her horse bolted again. She fell off. The instructor said that horse was trained for barrel racing, so that's why he bolted.

1 or 2 years later was the next time I rode a horse. I was at a place called Trout Lodge. I went on a trail ride with other people on a horse called Hidalgo.

I haven't ridden a horse ever since. My mom has hated horses ever since that last (possibly first) riding lesson. She won't let me ride again until I'm "older". It's been around 3 years since the last time I've ridden, the trail ride at Trout Lodge...

But I will ride again.....some day.


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Miniatures are "bad"??!?

by Andie

Okay, I really want a mini horse for me to break/project, and once hes broke my sister with special needs will use him as a lead pony. I can get one free from one of my friends, hes halter broke and ready for training, but people keep telling me not to. That they bite and destroy fences.

I have a barbed wire/plank fence, and I do not let my horses get away with anything. I think im ready and can do the job. I think minis are easier to control from the ground and will do just fine, especially for my sister. (she has rett syndrome, a disease only in girls, she cant talk, but we are lucky she can walk.

She broke her hip and almost didn't walk again.) but she has done therapy before, and I do have a lead pony, but hes 13 hands and a lil tall to be holding on to my 70 lb sister if she falls off. (she never has and prob wont, but my mom is a worry-wart.) my dad wants one and we will do his hooves and vaccinations ourselves.

I just want to know if they are as "terrible" as some people say.

Please comment. Thanks!

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by 0O0 TIA 0O0




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Saving Sammy

by Emmy A

i was ten when i moved barns with my coach, the owners had brought in a truck load of green horses for a Korean riding school(??????). There was Glory,Baxter,Sweetums,Phoenix,Bubbles and Samson. now i know this dosent sound bad but it was horibble! my friends and i spent the summer there and every friday THEY would come. None of them spoke english so we just did what they pointed. all the students didnt know how to ride so they dummped all the tack on the ground when they were done and left the horses wandering around. My TB mare was lame that day, so i rode Samson. He was 5, a chestnut QH around 15.1hh and ratty. But i loved him! We crashed trough every fence and that was it. He HAD to be mine. So i started to ride him every time i came up, and it worked! the TB i rode was sold to my friends. I worked and had him great, even out of the school. But that night before the Pickering show a girl and her mom came in and said they were there to look at Sammy. I fled to the lounge with bri trailing me as i cried. I had been the only one riding him and he had never thrown me, but that litle girl was barely in the saddle when he took off. Bucking and rearing. He sped around as she lay in the dust.

So bottem line is, two years later hes mine. We show trillium hunter and KNOWONE has ever riddin him exscept me!

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by Kayla

This isn't Baby, but it is a horse cribbing

This isn't Baby, but it is a horse cribbing

One of my horses is a terrible cribber... for those of you who are not sure what this is, it is when a horse bits and braces on an object and sucks air into their stomach. They do this because it is a natural high. In other words it makes them happy. Now after time it can make them so sick, the horse will colic or even die! Not good! Eventually I had bought her a cribbing collar, but when I put it on Baby, that's her name, she would get very very depressed and just stand in the corner of the stall. Then I would feel so guilty so I would take it off. Bad idea! I am still trying to stop her of this horrible habit. She has gotten to the point that when it's not on, and she is somewhere (like the cross ties) where she has nothing to crib on, Baby will try to crib on you! Now try to picture and 13 hundred pound animal biting and bracing on you to suck in air. OOOWWWWW!

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Three Wishes

by Sarah

My best friend,Trey.

My best friend,Trey.

So I went out to my barn on a normal Tuesday, like I've done for a long time. Today, my instructor said we would be working with the yearlings (two-year-old horses) I was assingned to Trey, (his show name is Three Wishes) and my other two friends were assigned to Sissy and Tom. I ride Rocky Mountain horses, so I don't jump or trot, I gait.

A gait is a wonderful, smooth four beat trot, pretty much. As two-year-olds, these guys couldn't gait yet, so we were just working on getting them comfotable with a saddle on and a person on their back. After thrity minutes of walking and obstacles, Trey was doing wonderfully. I loved him so much. I wanted to finish off his training and own him so badly...

My instructor told me to pull into the middle of the ring. You know what she told me? Trey was mine. This barn was giving me this wonderful horse for no money at all. She said that they had too many horses at that time and did not have time to train another one. My parents agreed and it was success from then on, well sort of.

To be honest, Trey threw me off the next time I went to see him. And the next. And the next. And yes, I still have my scars. But with my instructor's help, I got him through his two-year-old year. I showed him in my local 4-H show this year, winning the trail competiton and high point award. Trey is my best friend. All the bucks and training are worth it now that I trust so fully in him. I know him, and he knows me. We're a perfect match.

If you ever have the oportunity to train a horse, take a chance. Train him, because the reward is so fulfilling when you meet your goals.

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My Pony's Story (a true story)

Well I went to woodbine stables for my first riding lesson. I was riding sunny, we played a few games then did some proper riding. It was so fun! "Oh no," I said when it was the end of my lesson. Julie, my riding teacher said to me you will be back next week so I said "OK." But the week will go slow and it did!

I went to get my new horse from the stables, it was called bobby a brown chestnut collier. We got the pony in the trailer and drove off. Bobby was kicking the trailer door. "Oh stop u naughty pony," is said and he stopped! "Oh mum," I said, "he is magical he did what I said."

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by brittany b.
(pa clune)


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Living With Horses

by Ronnie

Ronnie and her horse

Ronnie and her horse

We were “City slickers” living near downtown Montreal, Canada. Our front yard was so tiny it did not need a lawn mower. We could cut the grass with scissors.

We would wake up each morning at a decent time, mosey on down to the corner café, pick up a croissant and an espresso, bring it home and relax on the balcony, read the newspaper, watch the people go by.

I always loved horses. But like most people I did not get a chance to ride often. I felt that it was beyond reach. A fantasy, a dream that could never be a reality.

But, since I wasn’t getting any younger, it was time to just “Do It”

I love the new life. I always wished to have a houseful of pets, and by-golly now I do!
Besides the horses, we have 3 wierdo dogs, 2 pigs, 1 cat, and some mice.

I am entertaining the thought of getting a miniature donkey….

My husband and I also have a design studio, right in our home. So, no commute to the big city. Hurray!

Now, after my morning chores with the horses, I have a good breakfast and with coffee in hand, I mosey on to my home office and work on the computer.

What a life!

Visit us at LivingWithHorses.com

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Sir Adinoc and the Oxer

by Grace
(San Diego)

Sir Adinoc is his name, show name of course, his real name is brick, he's a chestnut TB. I love him so much! And he's all mine!:d this story is a great short story, hope you enjoy!

As I walk into the barn I smell the usual smell, sweet green apples and the warming smell of leather. I walk over to his stall, he stomps his hoof and twirls his tail, as if happy to see me. He sees me reach into the bag of carrots that my trainer just bought and snorts. I laugh and give it to him. I grab his halter and slip the sleek leather over his head. I lead him to a cross tie and grab my grooming kit from my tack box. As soon as I'm done with that I grab his tack. He is now ready.

I step on the wiggling mounting block, put my foot in the stirrup, and got on. I start with the usual warm up, walking without stirrups, then trotting without stirrups. I reverse and do it all over again. As soon as I'm done I squeeze him and we ease into a steady canter. Now the other way, he hates this way so I expect him to throw his head up and try to speed up, but I've been riding him for a long time, so I know to not let him get away with it. Once I'm done with that I set up some warm up jumps. He goes over them with ease. N

ow slightly bigger jumps, he starts to try to take off over them so I have to half-halt him before and after the jump. Now the oxer, its 2'6,I know it sounds pathetic, but that's the highest I've ever jumped him. I've jumped higher on other horses, but not on brick. I start him into a canter, come up to the jump, and we fly over it!

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The mean gelding

by AShley

on the day i started riding lessons out at Paffrath Barb was full of dirt because she had the mean gelding in the indoor arena first i was riding in the outdoor arena on Patches.Than Barb asked if i wanted to help her with the mean gelding i was stll ride Patches the pony for my first riding lesson.Barb poured water over the geldings face.He was kicking dirt all over but he was tied up god so he coud not get loose.Barn rolled barrels over to him to coner him but he kept kicking them away.They tied up one of his back hooves and held the rope.

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Intelligent Horsemanship with Kelly Marks

by Sydney a HorseCrazyGirl!
(Florida USA)

Kelly Marks and Monty Roberts Horse Trainers

Kelly Marks and Monty Roberts Horse Trainers

Kelly Marks is an amazing horse trainer. She works with the famous "Horse Whisperer" Monty Roberts and has become one of the best trainers in natural horsemanship in the world. She gets to travel all over the world helping horses and their owners!

Kelly wrote two books about her methods: Perfect Manners - How You Should Behave so Your Horse Does Too and Perfect Partners - How to be the Owner Your Horse Would Choose. I plan to read them both and when I do I will review them on the Horse Books page.

You can get some tips from her website. It would be a dream come true to take lessons with Kelly!

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I need HELP

by S a v a n n a h

Ever since I fell off a pony for the first time (and fell on a stone and nearly broke an arm), I haven't had the guts to get back on a pony!

Any suggestions cuz I have some lesson cash that I'm waiting to spend but I haven't got the guts to get back on!!!!

HELP please....

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Need help with Lucy <3

by Tiger

Lucy has a problem. And I get in trouble for it. When she goes to the bathroom in her stall, she kicks it into the next stall down's stall. So yes, an easy cleanup for me, but for the next person? Not so much.

Also, Lucy rushes jumps even at a trot because she loves to canter afterwards. I can't sponge the reins because she keeps her head held really high if I try to slow her.

HELP! This never happens on any of the other horses I ride because I am an experienced rider.

So any tips for Lucy? :D

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OMG! Fairy-Like or What?

by Olivia
(Liverpool, England)

I was at my club, riding my fave horse, Piglit and we were letting our horses in the field at the end of the day. Piglit came up the next day and he had gotten wet. He shook himself and it went all over me! As I went into my lesson, everyone was staring at me!

When I got back to the dinner room after my riding lesson, there was a mirror and when I looked in, I realized Piglit had got the water all over my jumper! I was completely socked and I wondered why I hadn't noticed it before! I looked like a fairy in glitter but wet, not glittery!

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The horse, the pegasus, and the unicorn

by Michelle
(Cardwell st, NSW, Australia)

One day, Henrietta went out of her house and went to saddle up her horse, Snow Angel. 'Hey girl,' she said, picking up the girth. 'Time for a ride. We should see Emily near the three birch trees.'

She buckled on the girth, put on the saddle blanket till her dad came. 'Henrietta,' he said, 'there you are. I went to this farm to get powdered mare's milk, and then the farmer said that he had a foal and he didn't have time to hand rear it. 'Can you-' he glanced at Henrietta. 'take care of it? The farmer said it was your present for helping him on his farm!'

Henrietta couldn't believe her luck - she now had a new foal to take care of.

'OK,' she said slowly, 'Emily will probably drop by with Lucy to help me take care of this little foal.' She unbuckled the girth and took off the saddle blanket. 'Dad, can you ride Snow Angel to Nelson's Farm? It'll give her exercise,' He nodded.

At Emily's house, Emily said, 'OK, bye Mum,' Her mum was about to have her hundredth kiss but Emily was already clothing Lightning. She took the reins and then Lightning cantered away. 'Oh well,' sighed Emily's mother, 'I'll kiss her when she comes back.'

'Lightning,' Emily said to her horse, 'we are going to beat Henrietta to the three birth trees if we gallop.' So she flicked up the reins. Lucy hurried out but tripped on a rock, and regained her balance.

'Oh, not again,' she muttered, 'if Mum knows I tripped over too many times, I'll have to stay home getting filled with Mum's filthy, and sloppy kisses.' She went over to Moon and rode on her bareback.

'Walk,' she said, 'I don't want to fall of YOU.'

She trotted over to Emily near the lake. 'Don't worry,' said Emily, 'She'll be here in a couple of minutes.' A few minutes passed. Then one hour passed.

'Let's go to her place,' said Lucy. 'I bet that we'll meet her on the track.' They walked along the trail but didn't see Henrietta or Snow Angel. Lucy and Emily were quite worried. They galloped to the house calling out, 'Henri? Where are you?'

'I'm in here,' called back Henrietta, 'in the barn.'

'Maybe she's hurt,' whispered Emily.

'Henri, are you - oh my gosh' said Lucy and Emily.

'You look so cute with that foal,' exclaimed Lucy. 'Trade that foal with Moon.' Henrietta smiled. 'No way.'

Emily stared at the foal, making it scared.

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Happy's Death

this is not the real pic of happy, I have no more pictures of him and this I got on the internet

this is not the real pic of happy, I have no more pictures of him and this I got on the internet

One fall after noon my little foal was jumping, bucking and running all over the field and he was a the cutest little thing!!!! But he lost his footing landed head first onto the ground and he broke his two front legs. I was screaming for my boyfriend Mike. He immediately called the vet. The vet had to put him down and I would not leave his side.

Mike asked me what I wanted him to do with Happy so I said "let's bury him!" We buried him under his Favorite tree! On Christmas I put a Santa hat on his grave but I will not forget his loving personality!!!

Thanks for reading!!♥♥♥ :D :)

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Tempest, the best horse ever

by Shelby
(Canada B.C surrey)

I could really never ride Tempest, because of a hoof problem. But i loved her anyway. I first saw tempest when i was around 1 or 2 at my grandmas farm,She was so beautiful with her brown hair probly standing about 15 hands and to a 2 year old thats huge.

When i was little we used to go bareback on here for about 5 minutes. I rode tempest and my sister rode tuffy. Tempest is a morgan horse, and morgans are my favorite. To this day I still see tempest about 1 or 2 times a week and every time i see here all i haved to do is call her name and comes cantering over to say Hi to me.

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Just Looking at Adoptable Horses

So i was at this website and i saw that they had adoptable horses like with no pay and all. I love looking at horses like that. So i go and look at it and the first horse I see, I read the description and I immediately fell in love.

She was bought and returned 2 times and she is set for a pleasure horse and I was thinking about doing english pleasure. It says she loves to be near you and i was like omg! this is my horse and we would have a great bond and all so i started thinking and i was like wait i need money to care for and i was mad.

Then, I was like, wait this is really confusing cuz i was confused on how like to save for a horse. And then i was went to this website and it said just save don't worry about how much you need just save. And so I was like ok then. And now i am just saving and i hope that they have a horse just like her when i am ready cause i know we would have a great bond.

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Kara the tame horseman and Jane Bobbyjoe

by Kara the tame horseman

Well, it's a long story, but since you're reading this I guess you want to know what it is about. Oh and by the way, Bobbyjoe is not her real last name. See, her mother's name is Bobby and her father's name is Joe. I'm Kara and they call me the tame horseman. that's pretty simple so I don't think I have to explain.

Anyways, this is the story of how Jane Bobbyjoe and I met and our story of horses! Last summer, I spent all of my time outside with my favorite horse, Sylviet. I brushed her,fed her, and just admired her beauty. I treated her(and still do) like a real person.

One Tuesday, Jane Bobbyjoe and her little sister Yaina Bobbyjoe were walking their horse, Gregory, down the dirt road as I was riding mine down to my lake. Unaware of the dangers of the dirt road, they walked along gracefully talking and laughing. I was washing and bathing Sylviet when,out of nowhere, she falled over in the lake. I tried to help her, but I was in shock and she wouldn't move at all. I couldn't do anything to help so I rushed to my house to call the vet, Dr. Hekled.

Meanwhile, Jane and Yaina were still walking,when all of a sudden Gregory reared up and neighed loudly! Gregory jerked forward with all his might causing poor Yaina to let go of the rope holding Gregory. Jane reached to catch the rope,but with the blink of an eye Gregory was already more than half way on to the paved road,leading to the city!

I went back to the lake to comfort my poor little Sylviet until the vet would arrive. Apparently Gregory had changed his route and turned off into another dirt road. Yaina and Jane started to run after Gregory when a big,nasty snake that was coiled up in the tree, where Gregory had been when he went out of control, reached out at them with his mouth wide-opened. They screamed and ran around the snake,now knowing what scared Gregory. They had ran about four minutes when a truck pulled up behind them and stopped. A man with a white/gray beard,wearing a white t-shirt,and some jeans stepped out and said, "Are you the girls who screamed a little while ago? Y'all need a ride?" The knew they should say no,but it was an emergency so they said yes and told them to follow the horse. Gregory showed up at my house,I didn't know what to do,but the horse just sat down next to Sylviet.

Later, Jane and Yaina showed up at my house. They told me what had happened and I told them what happened,but when I pointed to Sylviet she was up and running around with Gregory. Dr. Hekled showed up shortly after and told me that Sylviet had acted that way because she was lonely and even though I gave her lots of attention she needed a horse friend. Jane,Yaina,and,I talked it over and we decided that Gregory could come over every weekend. Ever since then we've been great friends!

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My Stable

by McKensi

I want to tell a weird but true story.Well, me and my grandma decided to go riding on a really nice Saturday.So we tacked up our horses and headed on down the trail,after going on two trails (they weren't that long).We turned off onto a trail that we had made but it was on government property.

So after riding a little bit my grandma decided to let me find her geo cash that she had hid there around the trail. We stopped and my grandma gave me some hints and I finally found it. Just to let you know we put these tough boots on our horses when we go riding to save money on shoeing them and they work great on our horses.

Anyways I had noticed that Gunner my grandma's horse had lost a front boot. So as always I started walking down the trail trying to find it,but I wasn't to far away from them when I heard my grandma telling me to come back and that I wasn't going to believe what happened.

So I did and Gunner's boot......................was on his back foot! it was even perfectly clipped on his hoof. I couldn't believe that. So I checked my horses' four feet just to make sure the same thing didn't happen to him and he was normal. Thank God for that!!!!!

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by Dilara

I think if you have a horse just like me and don't know how to take care. I think you should have a try to whach this small clips about horses

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One cloudy day at Bluewater Stables, Alexis was tacking up Humphrey and Shanty so her and her best friend Megan could go out for a hack.

But when she went to tack up Shanty she was not there... She was gone....

Wait to see what happens next!

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Not so cool 'story'

Hey everyone.

I wasn't sure where to put this, so I
typed in here. I need some help. My parents
don't like girls wearing pants, and I'm on
this thing that requires riding boots. the
type I have are the short kind, which don't
go with the type of clothes I wear; culottes,
or, as they're called now, split skirts. I
thought about half chaps, but I'm not sure
the culottes would tuck in right. I don't know
what do, and I don't want to look stupid, or
feel weird.

I ride english, and I'm 13, 5'1, if that helps. Thanks anyone who can help me.

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A perfect score

by Riley Z
(LakeLand, FL)

Me and majesty

Me and majesty

I had a perfect time, Majesty had cleared half the coarse perfectly without a single flaw. The last jump was 4:2, I hadn't brought Majesty over jumps that high much, But his previous owner was a big time horse person so he could get it done. We came to the straight away towards the jump, one..two..three..four..five, I got, perfectly on beat. Majesty's legs cleared the jump with out effort, My heart pounded with excitement. I finished with a victory circle in front of the Judges, and slowed Majesty to a collected trot. the crowd burst out with cheers. I gave Majesty a pat on the neck, and whispered into his ear "A score like that deserves 2 pepper mints, maybe even 3". His ears pricked up, as if looking forward to munching on the treats.

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What type of horse to get?

by Olivia

Hi, I'm Olivia. I'm thirteen and I've been riding for seven years, but my family finally said I could get a horse. 

I ride western and English. I'm a barrel racer, but I also do show jumping and both western and English pleasure, so I'm looking for a horse trained in both disciplines.

I used to lease an Arab and I've ridden quarter horses and Thoroughbreds and Morgans. I would be open to any of those breeds and possible others.

Can you help me with the best breed/height/age for me? I'm around five foot if that's necessary to know.

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by Rayna
(mesa arizona)



My beautiful horse Melody recently passed away. She got attacked by our neighbors German Shepard who is really aggressive. Melody my beautiful horse had to be put down. May your soul rest in harmony!

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GIRTHY!!! Please help!!

by Lily

Hi my horse is an Appaloosa, 13hh, really sweet but so girthy! As soon as you do up the girth she bites and squirms and is hard to handle. Great when riding and mounting!

Please help!! Any Ideas!!!

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The Day The Horses Ran Free

by Akoiya (Koikoi)

We all knew it was coming, we just didn't know when it would happen. We all knew that Amazon, the leader of our herd would let all of the horse free. That day came today.

Amazon was a thoroughbred, (roan/grey) and all beauty. I looked just like him, I was his sister. One night, Amazon called me over the meeting rock. As I walked up to him I could tell something big was about to happen.

"Dreamer, it's time. Us horses need to show people that we are no longer for pulling carriages or for carrying items that humans are to lazy to carry. We need to show humans that we are pets and treasures. They may ride us, but not overuse us. Now go tell all the other horses to get ready.”

“Okay Amazon. But are you sure that it is time?” I asked. “When have I been unsure?” he replied.
I ran down the hill and galloped into the field, alerting the herd. I could tell that everyone was worried, especially my foal, Dancer.

“Mommy, mommy!! Is anyone gonna die? Why is uncle Amazon mad at the humans!!! I thought humans were the good guys!!!” Dancer called out to me.
I did not know what to tell my little girl. “No one is going to die, just be brave” I told her.

The next morning, everyone was ready to go. I went into tellers cave and made sure all of the young and old horses were fine. I went up to Tage, the care taker horses. “Keep strong young one” she said to me. “Thank you Tage. Please take care of Dancer if something goes wrong” I begged her.

“Nothing will go wrong” she replied. But how did I know that she would be right. In fact, she was wrong. Us horses didn’t know what we were going for; we had no clue of the troubles that we were to face...

to be continued........

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I dont ride horses but i do ride ponies i will tell you all about it!

by Sophie

I dont exactly ride horses i ride ponies but here i will tell you all about what happend when i was first riding a pony and was helping out!

Well it started like this....


I Started to do a walk around the feild and stuff!
then the Leader (Kim or amy) was shouting to me to get doing the trot!
When i first was doing the trot i was wobbling about and stuff.... Soon then i was getting used to it, by the time i got to the back of the rest of the horses the leader said that i was doing very well for my very first time but all i need to do is put my body back a bit!
Now that i trot without holding the saddle i feel like i am getting used to it! I can trot doing a 20m circle too! I LIKE RIDING LOTS!

Helping out

What i mean by helping out is like mucking out, filling up the bags of straw , grooming, washing, tacking, untacking and loads more!
I help out in the fields too which is loads of fun!!!!
I have some pics of me riding but i dont think i can put them on.... anyway hope you read this and have fun with the other horses and the ponies too!!!

Love from Sophie xxx

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The Next Time Around

by TG

The Girl
Faith. BAM! Hope. BAM! Determination. BAM! The hammer hit the nails on the head, pounding them into the weather-beaten, crooked boards into the post. Horses. The reason the girl kept going. Cancer may have found its way into her already cruel life, but now that she was free from it, she was going to ride. A shriek was let out of her frail body. Her arms were still weak, her hair just sprouting up again. She did not care about her looks; a horse does not care, right?

The Horse
The whip snaked around the beaten shreds of the horse that was left. Labeled "rogue," nobody wanted him. It was hard to believe just three years ago he was the color of a shiny new penny, and loved his people. Then suddenly his mother was gone, his people, the wind twisted all around. He was alone. Now here he was, with this evil man. He bucked with the little strength he had left. He was ugly right now. He did not care; people do.

I probably will write more, but only if people comment and like it.

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Listen with both your heart and ears...

by Danielle
(New Castle, NSW, Australia)

I thought of this when I was walking down to my horse Lady Dee. Author of My Archie

The girth is tightened,
My air restricted,
The bit is cold,
My mouth is sore,
The stirrups are hard,
My sides are burning,
The weight is heavy,
My legs are shaking,
My head is aching,
I'm told to go,
But it is time to show the power I really own...

The point I'm trying to make is that horses always try their hardest and are never forceful, they let humans sit on their backs and keep them as pets now it is time to repay a little respect!

Love your horse, and they'll return it.

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by Kymboo
(UK, Great Wyrley)

I have been riding for 5 weeks now (one lesson of half an hour a week) and im getting pretty good at it. I can ride on my own in a rising trot and im starting cantering.

Anyways, i was in the sand arena riding round, when i was told to go from b-e then in anti-clockwise, so i did. As i did this boy rode into the arena in a huge horse. he was just cantering round, trying to keep out of my way, then he went into rising trot. He was just rising casually when he came really close to me on his huge horse and he literally screamed!

He looked at me and i knew he had just hit his nuts off the bridge of the saddle. Anyway, as he screamed, his horse spooked and almost trampled Lacy who i was riding at the tim, so Lacy darted out the arena and i totally lost control of her. I was just hurling the reins back trying to stop her, then she stopped all of a sudden and i went straight over her head and into a pile of manure. BEAUTIFUL huh?

My helmet still smells.

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Lessons <3

by Chloe

Hey! Im going to be 13 next month (yay)!

I've asked my mum for riding lessons and that'sall i want but with the money we get for prezzies i would only get 7 lessons at the stables i have been looking at.

Anybody got any ideas on how i coulld carry it on afterwards? Anything would be a great help :)

I was thinking of asking the instructor after a few lessons if i could help out for a free lesson or something but i've heard that the ppl aren't very nice there that if you don't have a horse you're not worth talking to.

Any help or just a nice chat would be great thanks so much!

loving the site!!!

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My First Horse Tess

by Rosanna

i started riding when i was 8. I have wanted a horse ever since. So i asked my perents if i could get 1, well ofcourse, i would have thought they would have said NO, but they said MAYBE! I was realy suprised, but ofcourse there was the "you have to work for its". So i worked for it, cleaning my room once a week, doing chores, baby sitting(when i turned 10), cleaning nabours barns and houses, all sorts of stuff! Untill finally i had...half the money:( So i told my perents i had been working for 4 whole months and a half(not kidding) and they said they would pay the other half..to my relief! So we got the barn all spifed up and put fresh hay in the stall. Finally the day came. We went to a near equine rescue and we had to drive 3 hours to get there! But i was so exited it seemed like it was only 3 mineuts! When we got there, there was a bunch of horses. Blacks, browns, greys, pintos, over 40!
So i saw a very pretty bay mare grazing. When i saw her, i knew she was the one. So now she is at home, it is snowing right now and she is in the barn all snug and warm...oh and her name is Quinetess A.K.A.Tess or Tessa. We also have 2 other horses, Twix the 16 year old shetland pony, and Nightingale A.K.A. Midnight. Thanks for Reading my horse staory
i hope you liked it:)

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My Parelli Horse Training Story

by Kailee
(Whitney, NE, USA)

I am a 10-year old girl who has a horse that I LOVE riding, but just months ago she wasn't ride-able but then my good friend let me borrow her level one DVDs of Parelli natural horse training (http://www.parellinaturalhorsetraining.com/)

So I started going out with my horse everyday and doing what it said to do and i got an amazing relationship with my horse! She gives more than she would if I would force or whip her to do stuff. I am real kind. :)

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Help me get a horse! Please!!

by Uma
(Beaverton, OR)

Well, I cannot wait to get my first horse. Literally. My mom said she really wants to get me a horse, but money's tight. I would not keep the horse at my house it would be boarded at the stables I ride at.

I am a pretty beginner rider but I have been raising money for ages and I try to get jobs even as an eleven year old. I really need a horse my life is so boring without one and I am lonely. Please help me!!

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Equus-Ghostus - Ghosliepine

by What They Call Me
(Milky Way Galaxy)

This is a whole new series of ancient horse myths, called Equus-Ghostus.

Ghosliepine, a ghost horse, would be ridden by
Eqquuss Karnitot, a mythical ghost boy.
This horse is always tacked with an ancient saddle, called Seddlen, and an ancient bridle called Blliiddenn. Workers, also known as "Kimplechogotinemik" (workers of Ghosliepine and Eqquuss) would go out into the wilderness and bring Eqquuss an animal, and use it's bones to make tack, crowns, and Eqquussplatieriesmychtionalimonaltiorlkrt (Horseshoes).

Eqqas, Eqquuss' father, owned several different Ghost Horses (Equus-Ghostus). One of them is Eqquuss' horse Ghosliepine. She has 9 legs and a ghost like horse body. She has a mane of flames and a tail of metal. Anyone can come near her, but she will look like a normal horse, a paint horse infact. She still lives today, so if you ever see a paint horse with dark bay spots, say, Ghosliepine.

If she does nothing, it's not her. Is she turns her head, it is her. Once you know it is her, say, Eqquuss. She will turn into the real mythical Ghosliepine, but she will not hurt you. Instead, she will grant one wish.

Thank you for reading this! Tell me if you find her.

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DiSaronno Horse

My mom was riding our Red Chestnut English horse, DiSaronno when he REARED!!!

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Get Over It! - My real life story with my real life pony

by Unknown

I got my first pony, Dexter, in early October 2010. I love him and still to this day we have such an unbreakable bond.

It was a few month after Dexter's arrival when I'd bought him. I had my tenth lesson on him, and he was brilliant. My instructor told me to test him out on some of the basic dressage movements and he corrected them all. Halting, walking, trotting, cantering. We even went a little galloping.

Everyone says I'm a brilliant rider because of my balance and straightness in the saddle. I could gallop with no reins, true, but I'm not as good as they or even you think.

It was nearly the end of my tenth lesson on Dexter when my instructor suggested, "Take him over that little jump." I was shocked. I couldn't jump! Sure I'd jumped a few times, but I fell and knocked back my confidence! What was I going to do? Take the plunge? Or leave it? All of my friends from the yard were watching closely, so I couldn't chicken out! Not now.

"Come on," my instructor urged. "Leg, leg, leg, leg!!!" Dexter wouldn't budge. It was absolutely not his fault, it was mine. I did kick him but it was a brief, small and unnoticeable nudge. I pulled on his reins. I knew he was thinking: "Hey, your telling me to go but then your telling me to stop... whats going on!!??"

My instructor suddenly got out a riding crop and offered it to me, but I was off!

As I and Dexter approached the jump, I thought, "You learn from mistakes." Everyone told me that! Not just instructors, friends and family, but teachers from school too. In fact, I realized my pony told me it.

I took in a deep breath, shortened my reins, relaxed, clung on to a chunk of mane and...
I was over.

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by Cheyenne
(Cheyenne, Wyoming U.S.A.)

One time my Arabian Mare was lying down in the field, and i came up to her and she was just relaxing, so i laid next to her and she wrapped her neck around me, as if to say "Don't Go!"! She died last year, January 14, 2008, but her fav. thing was stealing treats, and jumping! I will always remember her! I LOVE you Binty (my horse) where ever you are! R.I.P!

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I Need a HorseCrazy Friend!

by Dragonfly
(Portland, Oregon)

Photo credit: Hans via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Hans via I'd Pin That

Hey, not to be a freak or anything, but I seriously need a friend. I'm a complete tom-boy (my girly sisters don't like me 'cause I'm not interested in their diaries or guys)I make a lot of friends, but they end up as my oldest sister's friend because she's older and more popular than me.

I'd love a friend who loves animals, is a tomboy, can run fast, jump high,is a daredevil, and can be awesome. when you pair with me you will be making forts, running bare-footed after loose dogs and bunnies and other pets, playing flashlight tag, playing fun pranks on people and other active, adventurous things. If this sounds like fun to you, or if you have friend making advice please comment below!

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by brooke
(redwater texas i know its long but i worked really hard on it and i think its good please leave a comment)

I never knew what it was like to be outside of my mom until just a while ago, I didn?t know there was a world out there. I could hear strange things and feel something sometimes. But I couldn?t imagine all the green pastures and wooden fences. I was scared at first but my mother was there for me and I felt safe. My name is Kiowa im a bay quarter horse. There is a lot of other foals too. There is jellybean, she is a beautiful palomino filly. Then there is Sami, she is kinda stuck up she is a beautiful paint filly. She has her reasons to be stuck up her mom is a famous barrel racer and her dad is a jumper whose won a lot of trophies. Then last but not least there is Ricky he is a leopard appaloosa. He is the most beautiful colt in the world. They are all my really close friends. But I have other friends too like buddy, he is a baby fox he lives next to the back of the pasture in a tunnel. We all go play every day. Well until our moms call us in for supper. And then there is tears, the family kitten, and Susie Q, the family puppy we are all close to. Then there are the humans. I only see them once a day we are all scared of them I even feel fear from mother when they come near. They come and watch us, all the mothers and foals are tense and spooky when they are around. Mother has told me stories about the human how some are good but some are very mean and horrible. Mother told me a story about one of her friends that she grew up with and one day three men came into the pasture and tried to catch her , she ran to her mother but she couldn?t do anything, they had caught her too. They loaded them into a really small trailer and my mom never seen them since. But then my mom tells me about the wild horses that roam the green valleys. And how wonderful it is. I always wish that I could live there with all my friends and family were no one would take us or hurt any of us.
It was a regular day like any other it was me and Sami, Ricky, and jellybean. We were playing tag with buddy. We were weaned from our moms but still stayed next to them for protection. In the middle of our game we all hear a blood curling scream that stopped us in our tracks. As we looked up we saw our mothers with ropes around their necks and two humans walking toward us. My heart stopped. I told buddy to run and stay in his tunnel. I told my friends that I loved them and to run and bite and kick and do whatever they could to stay away from them. As they inched closer I took off like a bullet out of a gun knocking down one of the men and ran strait for mother. When I hear a scream and looked back and they had Sami cornered. And were hitting her and trying to rope her I looked back at mother she was trying to break loose and wasn?t going anywhere so I took a sharp turn and ran strait for the man getting up that I knocked down and ran over him and hit the back of the man with Sami. Jellybean and Ricky are running up there already and I told Sami to run and help her mom. I turned and kicked the man so hard it felt like I broke my hoof. And I ran as fast as I could to mother. When I got up there I looked back to make sure they weren?t going to come up from behind and they were still on the ground. I looked at the man with mother and charged. But as soon as I reached him he had a long skinny black thing and he hit me hard, hard enough that I fell to the ground in pain. But mother using the distraction gave her the chance to break free, she turned and kicked the man right in his chest. It made a loud cracking noise and he dropped like stone. I managed to get up with mothers help. We looked and the man had Ricky and his mom going for the trailer, lucky for us they left the gate open. We ran out and the humans lived next to a wooded area. My mom told me to run for the woods and I did like I never did before. But I only heard my hooves. I stopped to look and mother was helping the others. Ricky and his mom were running toward me followed by jellybean and her mom. Then came Sami and her mom and dad. But my mom still haven?t came. The others were beside me yelling for her. But she never answered. I ran up there to find her being dragged by five men into the trailer. I yelled to her and told her that I loved her and that I was sorry that I couldn?t do anything. The terror in her eyes made me break down in tears. As she got smaller and smaller down the road I fell to the ground. Sami?s mom came and helped me up for the men were now coming for us. I got up and ran, ran like the wind. we hit the woods in a couple seconds and looked back the men had gave up and went home. We slowed to a walk. We walked all night until we came to a meadow . A wild meadow with wild flowers and a running stream. It was almost perfect. The only thing that was missing was?.mom. In the meadow there was other wild foals and there mothers, and every now and again we would see a stallion or two. They were doing whatever, whenever. Without worrying about anything. Its just as I pictured it. But still mother was missing. I felt like I could have done something but im only a little foal. A foal without a mother to teach it how to graze and what to eat and what not to eat. So much I didn?t know. I felt empty. I had lost something that could never be replaced. I wasn?t sure how I was supposed to feel. Its been almost a year. I occasionally go and talk to buddy. But this day was different. I walked through the forest to find buddy running through the forest toward me. I stop and he comes to me out of breathe and scared. He told me something that scared me. He said that the humans have got new horses and they have babies who are almost weaned. Flashbacks popped into my head of that horrible day. I couldn?t let that happen again. I ran toward the herd and told buddy to tell the horses that I was coming and to be ready. As I got to the herd I explained to the others what was going on and what we were going to do. They were sad but ready. There was only four of us. The parents are too old and slow we don?t want to risk getting them captured. As we headed out as soon as it got dark we made our long journey through the forest. It took a couple hours but we reached the edge and buddy was there waiting. He had some of his friends with him like the local beaver. He can help by chewing down the wooden fence. We creep up to were we can see the house, we pause in fear. There is still a light on in the house. After about ten minutes the light goes off. We creep up there slowly and meet the others. There are four babies, and three moms. The twins were younger than the others but high spirited. The beaver starts chewing, it takes a while. Its starting to break dawn and he is on the third pole. We only need three to get them out. He was almost done when we heard a loud spooking boom. We stop in fear and look up. We see two big men running toward us with big metal things, I think there called guns. The stupid beaver takes off running. With so little time and pressure I did what came natural I kicked it as hard as I could and I felt a pain in my hoof that I never felt before. I knocked it loose and kicked it again and it fell. All the horses got out and we were running, but something was wrong. I couldn?t make it out until I turned around. The had Ricky. I stopped and yelled to the others. And ran for him, I couldn?t let it happen again. I wasn?t. the men see me coming and backed down. I was much bigger and stronger. So was Ricky but something else was wrong. one of the men went to get something. It was the gun. We were running for the woods when we hear a loud ground shaking boom. As soon as I heard it I felt the most painful thing hit my back leg. I fell and fell hard. It hurt bad I couldn?t get up. I just lay on the ground helpless. Ricky was beside and with his help I got up and tried to walk to the woods. As soon as I reached the meadow I collapsed. I got better and am now a strong, graceful, intelligent leader. I teach all the new foals in my herd how to protect themselves and others. The people that lived there had moved or died, but their gone. And now everyone can truly be careless and free.

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Crazy little pony

I was riding a FAT pony named bella and she started acting up,so my trainer put her on a longe line. It worked fine until my trainer took off the longe line! I was trotting around the ring(round pen)whe all the sudden she tryed to go through a hole in the fence! She was half way through the fence when my dad grabbed her halter! But I got right back on.

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Warning; sad story, if you are sensitive, don't read

by I Love chance
(Earth, Milky Way Galaxy)

"Faster! Faster!" my rider yelled at me, lashing the crop against my sweating chestnut coat. "You have to go faster so I can win!" she yelled, as she spurred into my already cut and bleeding sides. I was going as fast as I could- at a ridiculous pace, but my straining gallop wasn't fast enough for her. Tree branches whipped at my face, muddy puddles splashed on my stomach, I pinned my ears and nearly stopped flying along the treacherous ground, but at any sign of me stopping, my rider would beat me with the hard, stinging whip that she clutched with a death-grip in her left hand. We approached the next jump, a menacing, huge, stack of logs, but not just any stack of logs- there was water behind them, I could tell. If I were to slow down now, I knew I would meet my death; there would be broken legs and terrible pain in my future. I had no choice but to lengthen my strides, do the impossible- go faster than I was already going- jump and not even think about refusing. For no reason, she lashed at me again, kicked my stinging, burning, bleeding sides with her cruel spurs, and then, we were off...
The next thing I remembered was laying on the ground- in muddy water, with a pile of logs toppled over on top of me. And pain. Terrible pain. So awful I was nearly unconscious from it. I wasn't sure where exactly I hurt; it seemed like everywhere. It pained me to breath and it took great effort to keep my eyes open. I groaned as I tried to pull myself to my feet. I couldn't- there was no way- so I fell back down and let the ruined jump crash down upon me again. I watched worried people rushing about me, and saw my rider- the cause of my pain. No apology, no nothing- with the exception of an angry glare. Her eyes said to me "I hate you! How could you ruin my chance at becoming famous? It's all your fault!" I wanted to gallop away from her right now, to never have to see her again. But I couldn't. Not with terrible jolts of pain making my whole body ache. Not with a pile of logs on top of me. Not with all these people here...
Darkness. Pitch black. I must have been knocked out again. I couldn't feel anything. Not all that pain. Not my hatred of my owner and her whip and spurs. No fear. Not even the logs toppled over on me. I was just floating, without a care. Without anything bad. Here, in this world that is just imaginary, I needn't worry about anything. Nothing. Even though I knew that, in just seconds, I could possibly wake up, come back to the pain and torture. But for now, I was in this place. A safe place, where I felt secure.
Once again, there were people. Once again, I was in pain. The people rushed around me, still casting worried, and somewhat cross, glances at me. Then a man in a white suit, the same white suit the man my owner called the "veterinarian" wears, came up to me, worry and sorrow in his eyes. He was the first kind seeming human I'd seen since yesterday. I heard him say to my, still angry, owner, "It's quite a shame. He seemed like such an amazing horse. Probably just about the best you can get. But I'm afraid there's no way. He has to be destroyed..." his voice trailed off, and my rider almost seemed sad... I knew something was going to happen- something. I wasn't sure what; I couldn't totally understand what he meant, but from the looks on the vet's and, actually, my rider's faces, I knew something absolutely terrible would happen. Finally, some people took the heavy logs off of me and several people helped me get up. This was difficult because my front left leg would collapse whenever I put the smallest bit of pressure on it. Finally, though, I was standing, limping away, heading towards the veterinarian's truck, my owner trailing behind. When we got to his truck, he pulled out a syringe, and nearly seemed like he was going to cry. Immediately I knew. I had to get away. I couldn't be killed. I couldn't. But the vet slowly walked up to my trembling body, and said, in a calming voice that made me twitch my ears and stop struggling, "Easy, there. Don't you worry. It's going to be O.K." But inside, deep down inside of me, I had that gut feeling it wasn't...
Then, I made a decision. Pinning my ears, backing off, twitching my tail back and forth in a nervous manner, I slowly got away. I had trouble, and the pain almost made me stop several times, but I kept going. I had no choice. Soon, after making very little progress, somebody grabbed my lead rope, and held it tight. They patted my still sweaty neck and tried ever so hard to get me calm. I did for a second, but ultimately remembered the menacing needle and spooked again. Relentlessly, I attempted to break free, but finally, sense came to me, and I knew I would never make it on my own in this condition; I would just be forcing myself to suffer. So, I lowered my head, stopped struggling, and allowed the vet to get up close to me with the syringe. He was going to destroy me and I was going to let him...
Suddenly, he stopped. "I just can't do it," he said, "This horse is just too amazing. I will do whatever I can to help him live." I flicked my ears back and forth, listening to every word that left his mouth. "He will have to go through a lot of therapy, though, and he will never be able to do cross-country again. Maybe not even jump." I could tell my rider was unhappy that I won't be able to do cross-country anymore, but I was kind of happy. I'd never liked the galloping at ridiculous speeds and flying enormous heights over piles of scary-looking junk. And I absolutely hated the harsh spurs and the crack of her short whip beating my skin.
"You may as well just destroy him," my owner said. "He's absolutely useless if he can't do cross-country anymore."
"I'm sure you can find somebody that will love him with what he'll be able to do. He will, by no means, be useless," the kind man said...
That's all I have for now. Please comment saying if you like it and want me to keep writing on it.

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A calm horse? I DON'T THINK SO!

by Rayna
(mesa arizona usa)

This is me riding Melody! (Does she look like a quarter horse?)

This is me riding Melody! (Does she look like a quarter horse?)


So i Had just bought this beautiful quarter horse named Melody from a neighbor of mine who was moving to California. She said that Melody was a very calm horse. And of course I believed her.So being an experienced rider, I tacked her up tightened the saddle and mounted. she was doing great. I invited 3 of my friends over to watch! after about 10 or so minutes of riding Melody I changed gates from a simple walk to a fast trot. Then I changed from a trot to a canter and suddenly Melody bucked! I squeezed her sides with my knees to avoid being flown. I slowed her down and after about 10 more minutes I tried to canter again. Then she bucked again. The last buck seemed to have loosened the saddle because when she bucked the second time the saddle flew up and I went with it. I landed hard back down on her back and she reared. "Calm? I don't think so." I thought. I tried to get her to a walk or at least a slow canter but she galloped in circles! My friends screamed and yelled my name in fear. Suddenly Melody tried to jump a post we had in the pasture for my horse Yankee to practice jumping on, but her having no experience in jumping Melody "crashed". She jumped too early and bonked her head on the post sending the saddle up and me flying head over heels in front of her. I hit the ground in front of the post and Saw Melody trying to free her head from the space between the double bars. My friends all rushed to my aid and tried to help me free Melody. I felt really bad. My friend Cammy was even more experienced with horses than I was and she tightened the saddle and mounted. I warned her and she still clicked her tongue and demanded Melody to lope. Suddenly Melody reared then rolled on top of Cammy,and when Melody got up she galloped leaving Cammy's shoelace stuck to the stirrup! All of my friends screamed and ran to help! Suddenly Melody charged straight for the fence and sadly hit it right in her chest. Then she stopped we helped Cammy up and she immediately ran to my house to throw up. Poor Melody was shut up in the barn and we had a vet come examine her. She seemed to be fine except she had a bit of a temper. She has learned to canter now and she is a happy loving horse!

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Falling off my horse

by Brianna
(New South Wales)

I was riding my horse, well he is a stallion. One day I was riding, he was cantering then a next thing there was a dingo then benson my horse just reared and reared he was neighing as loud as he could. Then some kind of shooter shot benson in the belly but benson was okay. The shooter missed benson.

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No Name - Mi Plot

by Jakiebabe

Hey guys, so I got the idea to give you all an inside peek from the person. Sorry didn't catch the name- who is writing sage. Also where is part one for sage it sounds interesting.


All her life she wanted a horse, from age 6 to 12 she always had horses in her room. She saves every penny she could get her hands on. She counts it every year and this year she is 500 dollars away.

She ask her mom and her answer is "NO!" even if she pays for everything.Kailey** is dying to know why she wont let her after ALL these years of saving, not getting electronics, or going to the movies, being called a LOSER, and so much more. With the help of her amazing boyfriend Scottie**, will she go behind her mother's back and get the horse of her dreams or will he mom come out with the truth and allow her to finally get one without all the secrecy?

** If you find 2 asterisks behind a word that means the name or word could be changed!

Comment if you like!!

By the way I probably won't have the story up here because it is a novel I am working on. I want to be a writer!!!

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The Forbidden Spirit

by ~$*xomuffinxo*$~

I galloped and galloped throught the never ending mountins of grass. I ran and ran without looking back, fearing that machine would come back to haunt me. I just kept going, until i reached a dead end.
I had reached the edge of the mountin, and i then realized i had no choice but to turn back. i was very slow in returning still anxicous about the machine. Unfortuanatley, i reached the barn. My hooves trudged on the rubber matting in my stall. i didn't see my owner, Chrissy, standing in the corner. "It was just a tractor backfiring." she said softly. i nickered, trying to make her understand i fogave her. it got dark and the day came to an end while the night began.
The next day, Chrissy came in to tack me up. I could tell she knew i was scared, because she beccame tense as well. I whinnyed, because i wanted her to relax. SHe threw the saddle on, popped the bit in to my mouth, and jumped on. "Come on girl, walk." I did as i was told. She then asked me to trot, but i then saw the most frightning sight of my life:

To Be Continued...

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The Breyer Life


As you already know breyer horse models are popular but Sophie found out they are more special than first thought...

It was the day of Sophie's 12th birthday and she was opening a present from her best friend Sam. She bought her a dappled grey breyer model. "Oh thanks Sam but what am I gonna do with just one!?" she asked. "Well you could buy more with your money." she suggested back. "Er I'll be fine with just one. I'll call him Sammy for Sammy The Stone... don't ask Sam."

After a few weeks Sophie had made stables out of cardboard boxes and found some model tack in the junk store. She also made do with some other model horses she had but none where breyer. One night when Sophie finished with the (pretend) horses she left off her floor and went to bed. During the night about 3:oo she heard a neigh. Sophie got up and saw Sammy moving and cantering over fake jumps!

"What the-" she stared in silence. "How did. What the- How come. WHAT!" Sammy ran into his stable and went back to his original position. Her mum came in! "Sophie Maddison Baxter," she hated when her mum used her full name "Stop shouting! It's 3:00 in the morning now go to sleep!" and so she did.

Sammy did the same thing every night for the next year but now he has stopped because he did that because he had no friends but on Sophie's 13th birthday she got more breyer's so now Sammy stopped.


(OR IS IT???????)

P.S. Sammy The Stone is something my friend Morghan did to a stone and everybody knows about it.

********************AUTHOR'S NOTE********************

Of course this is not true but sorry if you thought it was. hee hee! :D

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by Tori

This is a long one, :P

Well when I was 4 my mom bought me my first pony and she bought a horse. The two were the best of friends, but my pony was a little on the stubborn side. He was only 4 though, we were the same age. One day my dog bit his back leg and he BOLTED! And remember, I was only 4! So my mom was chasing me and a guy that was working at our house had to get on the John Deere to catch him and I! Then sadly my mom's horse passed away, so we had to get rid of my pony... then 9 years later, I was looking for another horse to ride after years of riding ( and my parents getting divorced ) I found a nice young 5 year old mare. So I called about her and she was a reasonable price and lived near, so I immediately got my dad to take me there. When I was out there one time trying her out, I FOUND MY LONG TIME BEST FRIEND! It was like a Dream come true to ever find him again! So, when I bought my mare, I bought my fave pony... I was lucky to re-unite with him and still get my horse AND pony!

Thank-you for making me find him!

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Stepping Stones

by Rayna
(Mesa, Arizona)

this is stepping stones

this is stepping stones

Faster Faster I ran, my legs ached with tiredness, and my stomach growled with hunger. They hadn't fed me for days. I felt Laura shift uneasily on my back as I jumped the last hurdles. The uneasy shift was her pulling out her whip.

She whipped my side with long strides on my silky gray back and oh how it burned. "Hurry up ya dumb horse!" She mumbled inciting me one last time. I crossed the finished line in dead last ,and I began to slow down. The rough bit left hard soars on my gum making it hard to eat.

As she dismounted I collapsed. the pain and pressure on my beaten legs was too much to bear. within minutes the vet was there. "Have you been feeding him alfalfa and pellet food Ms. Montgomery?" He asked. "Oh course." Laura lied. The vet looked me over and looked at the ground.

"He's been through too much. I'm afraid we're going to have to euthanize him. I'm sorry Ms. Montgomery." Laura got up and stomped away. Suddenly the vet began to weep. He looked me over then stroked my neck. "Come on bud. You're coming with me." Then he helped me stand up and loaded me into a truck. I knew I could trust him. After that I lived a great life! I spent my time being ridden by his daughter Emily, and her cousin Saralee, and grazing.

I might not have scars from Laura on the outside anymore, but my hard was covered in them. DO NOT ABUSE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL CREATURE!

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Horses training me!

by Emma M.

This is not a story about me training a horse its about horses training me! You can learn new things from the most unlikely source like a horse.
I have always loved horses/ponies, and my grandpa owns a farm with draft horses so they've always been in my life. But as a little girl all I dreamed about was owning my pony. Well one lucky day it came true. I got a pony for my 6th b-day. He was a little bay pony with a perfect diamond star and 2 hind socks.
I was little and I didn't know how to ride so I didn't do a lot but after a few years I got more and more confident about it. My pony would test me all the time and I felt like I was a bad horseman because I wasn't like the cowboys on grandpas TV but yet I did know that Phantom (my pony) was teaching me every step of the way.

I got more and more confident and he helped me by throwing me, and then when I finally found out how to control him, obeying but not making it easy. That taught me how to ride, not great but ride. And it was all because of him and I love him so much.
To: you Phantom I will always love you, you plucky little pony.

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The new baby! (not what I thought)

by Sarah

So when I got to my riding barn early in the morning (8:00) I saw my friend's mom (the stable manager) and all my friends. The manager said there was a surprise waiting in the other barn. She said the baby had just arrived yesterday.

We all ran to the other barn slipping on the ice in the courtyard. We all were so excited. Thinking what would the foal look like, we screamed to all the others about the new foal. When we reached the barn we dead stopped. We all stared in to the stall to see... (it's pretty weird)!!!!

A COW!!!!!!!! I mean this is really weird. Oh ya I forgot to mention it is a calf that will grow up to be a BULL! He started charging his stall. The little cow was so tiny and nobody was allowed to go in his stall.

The cow is really nice and sweet!!!!! I think we will all enjoy having him until he is turned into steak (probably)! Poor cow... But that's what happens...

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PLEASE HELP ME!! Separation anxiety!!!!

by lilylovespebbles

Hello!! I have a beautiful 13hh appaloosa mare. She is always brilliant to lead, groom, tack up (although she is a bit girthy ..... Any tips on that ??), catch and anything else on the ground but when I get get on her it is a different story.

Pebbles has separation anxiety. She will bolt over to her buddy and if I can stop her and turn her around to get her to go back up to were we were before, she will back up or buck or both!! She will also not take the lead on trail rides if I am on her but if I am leading her she certainly will!! She loves me on the ground, we do have a very special bond, but this one problem is in the way.

I plan to do sporting with her which is a problem because if she is not in an arena (so she cant bolt) I cant take her in the same paddock as my sister and her horse who like to jump. Pebbles is useless at jumping (I don't mind) she refuses to walk over it and when she does she bolts away afterwards.

By the way ... When I say bolt I mean canter bolt (so not really a bolt)

thanks for reading and please comment!! Just tell me any random idea, it might help!!!!

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Need help with bucking horse

by Ali
(floodwood mn)

My pony Peppy is having a problem and I don't now what to do! I said I would never ask a question on here but its getting bad!

I rode him today and he was doing sooooooooooooooooo good and I brought him to the fence cause he wanted to see are other horses and he tuck of and bucked that made me go flying over his head and land on my head I'm not hurt but in going to if he dosent stop taking of and bucking! I love him so much but I dont now what to do. I want to be a trainer some day and I've learned a lot but I don't know what to please help!!!!

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I can't help it!

by Daisy, Shay, Kaylee, and Tara
(Canada )

I can't help but being horse crazy! When I sit in class listening to what boring subject my teacher is talking about I can't help but doodle my horse's name all over my paper! I draw her face and think about being back at home with her! Deja is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

When I'm with my friends we talk about horse they all have horses too they are all horse crazy it's always the first thing we talk about when we see each other! Deja, Chillie, Cheeco, and Duke! Our horses! Me, Shay, Kaylee, and Tara we always ride together and our horses love each other and we love each other!


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by Alyssa
(Madison, NC)

This is fiction.

I am at a horse auction right now. All of a sudden a black brown and white mare came running around the corner. I jumped up. The mare stops and stares straight at me with big brown eyes, as if shes saying "please take me home with you, please". I run out of the grandstands and look for my mommy and dad. I finally find them, they are standing by a wooden box talking with an old friend about a horse. Mother, Father, the most amazing thing just happened and then I told them what happened. "Wow", they both said. Then they introduced me to their friend, Jesse.

"Why, hello there" Jesse said and then he shook hands with me. I told mommy and dad, "I really, really, really, really, needed the horse. THEY SAID "YES!" I zoomed to the grandstands. The horse had been caught, and they where bidding on the horse I wanted. I quick popped up my hand and the auctioneer started singing his very fast song. Then he stopped and he pointed to ME! I quick ran to mommy and dad.They asked me how I did. I WON! "Awesome!" said mommy. "Sweet!" dad said.

I ran to the pony's wooden box. I loaded the horse in our horse trailer. I went back to our farm and rode my new horse. I named her sugar belle.


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Just Jesse-A best friend breaks your promises,a boyfriend breaks your heart.But a horse will break its leg to save your life

by Katie K
(Brantford Ontairo)

jesse in our feild summer /07

jesse in our feild summer /07

okay, so i geuss you could say that jesse was more an angel to me than a horse. He was my best friend, my friend Tori had just moved away and i was lonely. So my parents took my to a slaughter aution, to find me a horse. We had a 6 stall barn and outdoor ring, #673 "Just Jesse" was led into the ring going for $1200. Under the matted mane and coat he was a light chestnut with a blaze and four white socks. He reared and twisted at the end of the rope and from that moment on, i wanted him.
Jesse came home with us the next day. When we unloaded him he ran down the ramp and whirled around to face me. I looked in to his eyes and knew he was mine. Jess' never left my side when i went inside he would wait outside my window. There was a ring of horse thief's in our town area. But i wasn't worried. Jess was a strong TB and could fend for not just him but for me as well.
That night he was stolen i felt crushed. My dog heard something and as i ran to my window i only saw a truck going down the drive with MY HORSE!!! My parents told me not to go after him. But what could i do?!? We had 2 other horses on the farm i pulled on my boots and hopped bareback on my mothers QH Missy and started after them.
The theifs stopped down the rode and unloaded jesse and two other small horses. Suddenly Missy reared and i was grabbed by a man and thrown in a stall, i cried and cried for Jesse and some how my prayers were anwserd. Jess knew how to get out of our stalls at home so this was know problem. Soon i was on his back and he bolted out the door sirens were wailing as we stopped. the 4 men were loaded into a police car and the horse owners were contacted.
Sure i got in trouble, it was no riding until jesse's leg was all better(he strained a tendon)but he IS STILL my angel. I still have him he is now 9 and im 12. I love him.

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An Orphaned Foal

by Evangeline
(Anchorage, Alaska)

"Oh where are you mother?"
Cries the foal in fear,
Sensing that his mother is not near.
He cries and stumbles on the hay,
And rolls to find his mother did not stray,
But is lying down and has no intention
To get up and warm her last dear foal.
She inhales deeply and closes her eyes
She exhales feebly and her lids never do rise
To look at her foal, her last and precious one
Because from this sick world she has gone on.

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The day our lives changed

by Regan

Me on Buster's Back in the barn:)

Me on Buster's Back in the barn:)

I was scrolling through for sale ads for horses. There was a really pretty bay gelding named Rebel. My mom agreed to go take a look. We went. First we saw Willow. She was crazy and had horrible hoofs. But that wasn't the end. Next the lady took out Rebel and Buster. I was excited to see Rebel and my mom was looking at Buster. I got on Rebel and he tried to run into the side of the barn. Then he tried to rear on me. I was upset to find he wasn't a good match. Buster was next my mom rode him and said he was pretty good so I got curious. I climbed high into that saddle and fell immediately in love. He has bad hoofs but he was pretty. he was 16 hh, sorrel, 7 years old, quarter horse, and he was well rounded. So I decided he was mine.

We bought him and it took me months to find a boarding plac eand when I did I was excited. I called told them to bring him home and on Jan. 10 he was walking out of the trailer and into my life. The barn where he was had over 200 horses and only fed watered and got coggins and deworming done for the horses. So when Buster came home to me there was a lot of work to be done. The first time I rode him he reared on me and was absolutely horrible, not the horse I first saw. I worked long and hard to get him to listen to me on horseback.

Now Buster is my best friend and I still find things that need work but its nothing we both cant get through. He is my best friend and he has changed my life and I believe I have changed his. I'm happy that we crossed paths. and I'm happy he has taught me patience and humour. Now we have four horses and he remains my favorite.

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Yet another plot idea

by Carrigan

So a couple of days ago I posted a plot idea about my new book Sage, I worked on part 1 and while I was working on it I had another idea! Okay, so here it is!

When Hill-View Racing Stables go broke they are forced to sell there 1 year old TB Stallion to an old stable a coast away.

After 2 years of nothing but pain, misery and abuse for Donate the TB Stallion, he decides to run away until he runs into the local SPCA.

The SPCA does not allow Donate to return to his home and they shelter him at the SPCA, but when Donate refused to be ridden or go near any human the SPCA has no choice but to put him down until Dorothy, a 14-year old rescues Donate and has no luck either.

Will Dorothy be able to train Donate to love?

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Just Ask Me!

by Alex

Hi my name is Alex and I have been horse crazy since forever!

I know everything about horses as I am around them a lot and I know a lot about stable care, falling off, beginners and more! I also have a lot of wii, Playstation 2 and DS games about horses, so if you have any problems about any game or horse, please just ask!

And please visit my website:

www.magnificent horses.webs.com

Thank you!

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by horselvr99

Flika and Molly,  (Molly is the bay and Flika the grey

Flika and Molly, (Molly is the bay and Flika the grey

This is a true story.

It was summer camp and it was raining. The beginners usually ride in the indoor ring but because we had to jump they went out and we went in. We were doing bounces all on ponies. We had the smallest pony to the largest that could fit pony strides. I was riding a pony named molly. She is a speed pony and rushes to the jumps. I school her sometimes for the beginners that sometimes ride her. My friend was riding a pony named Flika. Flika also rushes and she puts her head down after the jump. The bounce was set up beside the track on by the wall. (the track is a worn line in the dirt where you ride on the wall) I had gone a couple times and i was loving it!!!!! Suddenly it was Flika's turn. There were 3 jumps. She jumped the first one then ducked out of the second, my friend who was riding her jumped off before she hit the wall. They were lucky. That pony has talent. I did not think it was possible to run out of a bounce.


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How do I make my horse go?

by Horsecrazygirl Kailee
(Whitney, NE, USA)

I have this horse but it wont go when I ride IT!!!!
Any tips on how i can get her to go?

Thanks :)

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Help! Which horse should I get!!!!

by Katie

Hi I am turning 12 (I'm 5'0) in June and I have been riding since I was 7. I can jump up to 3'6 feet, I take lessons. I am a show jumper/ eventer, I have found 4 horses I really like. Here are my options:

Jazz (All that Jazz)
A 15.2 hand high Black Blanket Appaloosa mare, 7 years old, goes both western and English great trail horse, can jump up to 4'0, no showing history. Good for a confident/novice rider. A little spooky, Only selling to good home....

A 14.3 hand high jet black Connemara gelding, that is 5. English, jumps up to 4'6, showing history, mostly blue ribbons, needs a confident rider spooky has been used in private lessons. Training in Dressage right now! Serious offers only

Marti (Bow Tie)
A 17hh Dark bay Dutch Warm blood X TB stallion. Can jump 5'0, 10 years old, a sweet heart. Has been ridden by a 10 year old. Looking for a sweet girl. Has his miles, anybody is lucky to have him. Selling due to hip problems.

Skittle (Taste The Rainbow)
13hh white grey welsh cob gelding! Cute as a button and very flashy in the arena. Has been used as a lesson horse he's 13 but also has a kick of spunk! He can jump 3'9 and has a heart of pure gold. Shows, trails, ties , goes to vet with ease and is the easiest pony to handle! Good for beginner/ novice or first pony! Has done western and came home with 1st!

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Please Help! Need Costume Idea!

by Morgyn

Okay this is not a horse training story, but I really need help! My riding school is having a horsey halloween party, and i don't know what me and Star will dress up as. Oh, and if this helps, Star is black, with two white socks and a white blaze. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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The story of Spring

by Lexi
(Langley, B.C. Canada)

"Mom!! Can I please, please get a horse?"

"I already told you hunny, since your dad died we have not been very good with money and a horse would definitely not help."

"Oh. But I am already 13 and all the other girls in my class have horses BUT me. It is so embarassing!!"

"Well, I am sorry said mom but you are not one of those other girls!"

"But what if I find a good priced horse and then I count up all my money and pay for at least half of the price of the horse!"

"Well there is the equipment, like saddle, bridle, brushes, blanket, or its care like the monthly farrier, or vet check ups, or lessons."

"Well how about if you pay for those costs you don't give me birthday, Christmas, or like any presents!"

"Listen Veronica, that is not at all how it works!" said mom.

"UGH!! You are so stubborn!!"

"Listen! you do not call your mom ANY names, GO TO YOUR ROOM!!"

"FINE I will be happier there anyways!"

A few minutes later mom called Veronica. "Veronica! Veronica!"


"Come here. So your aunt called. She and her daughter are going to visit their relatives in the country and needs someone to look after her daughter's horse for her. She said she will pay you $40.00, sounds good?"


"Do I look like a kidding person?"

"Actually no, so good!!"

"Here is her phone number."

"Okay, I will go phone her right away!"

So up on her room Veronica dialed aunt Betty's number.


Veronica felt as if the phone was ringing for hours.

Hello, you've reached Betty. Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


I will only post a part 2 if I get at least 3 comments so type away. So to see if Veronica gets a horse, comment and I will write more!! :)

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by Rayna
(Mesa, AZ, USA)



The itchy tattered old harness was slipped onto my gentle head, and the coarse rope was bound around my neck. I always wondered why they didn't clip on a lead rope, why did they have to use the painful rope. I couldn't see them, but I could feel the awful rope burns around my buckskin neck. I remembered the girl who was with me since birth, as I recalled, her name was Linda. She would feed me,and lead me around and brush me daily. What happened to her. Now she was gone She had been replaced by a new girl.

When people would see me in the ill kept pasture they would throw a pitiful glance and turn quickly away, not wanting to help me. I was dreadfully thirsty,as I hadn't been given access to any water in over a month. My food was limited,and I hadn't been brushed in over a year. The only water I had, was the small muddy puddle left from last night's rain. it was outside of the pasture, so I had to reach my head way out of the fence and strain myself for a measly sip. The new girl never rides me ,and she's forced me to stay out in the pasture and fend for myself.

"It's horrible, isn't it Sandy." Domino, one of the other stolen horses asked.
"It is. I'm famished and parched, and I feel like I'm caked with mud!" I replied with a hoarse voice. I pawed the ground with a tender hoof.
"You are. We all are. You, Me, Grace, and Duchess." Domino sighed. His black and white pinto coat was covered in mud and dust and dirt,and his mane, that was more like dread locks now, hung low as he bowed his head.
"I am ashamed of awfully neglected I look." He sighed.
"Me too. It's not our faults though." I looked pitifully at Domino as his head hung so low it almost touched the muddy wet ground.
Suddenly, a horse's scream pierced the air,and all the horse's held their heads up high.
Duchess, Sandy, Domino and Grace watched in terror as the rusty old horse trailer pulled up.
"Another convict." Grace gasped.

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by Abby W.
(St. Johns, MI U.S.A.)

(this is a story my friend and I made up.)

Once upon a time there was a horse named Asia. She had a shiny brown coat, a flowing black mane and tail, and a white star on her forehead. She was the most beautiful horse in the world. She was a free and wild horse. She rolled around in the grass and played with the other fillies in the herd. There was also a dove in that same valley.

It was pure white and so pretty. One day a man was walking around in this valley. When he caught sight of the bird. He said to himself I am going to catch that bird and keep it as a pet. It is so lovely. So he caught the dove and took it home with him. The wild dove did not like to be trapped in a cage but no matter how hard the dove tried the cage door would not open.

About a month latter the man went back out into the valley when he saw Asia he said to himself I’m gona catch that horse and keep it as a pet. So he caught Asia and took her home with him. Asia was not used to a stall and did not like it.

So one day Asia found out that she could communicate with the bird. So when the man went to the store to get groceries, Asia and the dove had worked out a plan to get out of the man’s barn.

Asia was able to reach over and undo the lock on the dove’s cage. Then the dove flew over and got the keys to Asia’s stall and unlocked it. And they went back to the valley. This may seem like a happy ending for Asia and the dove BUT it is not the end of their adventures together. Join us next time to enjoy another story from the series of The Adventures of Asia and Dove.

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love 2 another pony

by pony girl 123

on my 5th birthday my parents bought me a pony.Jewel was 11.3 hh and i was learning to ride on her until the vet came out.He was not our normal vet he was a replacement but not a very good 1.

He (will not be named) said Jewel had liver problems so gave her a jag ... in the vein.he did the wrong thing .

Jewel was left in the vet school for 3 months and we went to see her every night.

Now to this day I do ride I have started to canter but not on Jewel.The girls i know at my stables their dad owns the stables so they have their own ponies 1 named APPOLO and 1 named TOFFE.For my lessons i ride APPOLO who is 15 years old and VERY LAZY!

I have been looking to buy another pony but can i love another 1 ? YES I CAN! After 4 months of searching i finally found Heidi.

Heidi is 9 years old and she is 13.2 hh on Sunday i watched Heidi give a lesson to a little boy about 3 years old.

It is hard to love another pony after something like this but it is worth it!

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*$~StAr PoNy~$*

by Olivia
(Manchester Oldham UK)

Olivia looked at the slop that was meant to be breakfast and pushed her plate away, "OMG are you not hungry for once Olivia?" her friend Saphina asked in a teasing tone "not for this" Olivia said moving a strand of hair from her eyes "I don't even know what it is!"

Saphina got a good look at her plate and pushed it away too. "Who made this?" Olivia told her she didn't know and stood up "right, lets get dressed nanna and David will be here soon" Saphina had slept over that night for they were going to the horse auction that day. Olivia pulled on a vest top, some jhods and a cardigan and stepped out the door just as she heard a pip of a car horn outside "Saphina their here" she called right was the reply and Saphina came out of the bedroom yanking on a blue stripy sock.

In the car her nan smiled and looked into the back seat "aya Saphina" she said "hello" Saphina replied, the car backed out of the drive and down the ginnel, they were off. "I had a little pony, his name was dapple grey, I lent him to a lady, to ride ten miles away, she... " "shut it Olivia" Saphina said pretending to slap her "look here we are" David said driving into the car park Olivi aflung her door open and told her nan and david they were going to look at the horses.

The pens were full of ponies and horses, mares and foals all looking around maby for old friends mothers the looks of hopefuls and old run down horses not knowing what their fate was, standing on the hard ground they shifted nervously in their stalls waiting for someone to come and look at them and be taken away. The buzz of the usual tack sale was over and Olivia went over to each stall in turn looking at the horses, a small pony caught her eye and she strode over it had a tangled dull flaxen mane and tail covered in grime and dirt looking as if it hadn't seen a brush in years, it has a deep chestnut coat with white hairs in like strawberry roan. its eyes were dark and lifeless and it looked up without a glimmer of hope at Olivia its neck was thin and it had a ribcage that showed through its lank body, it was only about 12.3 hh and stood on two matchstick legs. She stroked its soft muzzle which had a small star on it, "for the meat man that one is" said a booming voice behind her "done its time" she looked round a tall man with a hat on looked down at her then walked of. "you wont go to the meat man" she whispered "you can stay with me"


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My New Website

by Rayna
(Mesa, Arizona)


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Hey!!! I'm new here and was wondering...

by Abbey
(Lake Mills, USA)

My name is Abbey. I don't have my own horse but I do ride horses!

If you would like to be my friend here message me back by leaving a comment!!!!!!!


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Henrietta, Emily, and Lucy's day to take care of a foal

by Kristina, 16
(Cardwell St, NSW, Australia)

Henrietta ate an apple and brushed her teeth. Then she dashed outside to her horse, Moon Glow.

'Hey girl,' she said holding up the girth, 'Time for a ride to the three birch trees.'

She buckled on the girth and put on the saddle blanket.

'Henrietta,' her dad called, 'where are you?'

Henrietta giggled. 'I'm right here, Dad, stop pulling jokes around when there's something important to say from you or me.'

Dad smiled. 'OK dear,' he said, 'I won't.' Henrietta crossed her arms. 'DAD,' she said firmly, 'don't call me dear. What do you need to tell me?'

Dad finally got serious. 'When I was driving to Farmington to get powerded mare's milk, the farmer said, "Excuse me sir, I have a foal that is three days old, but I don't have time to hand rear it. Can you do that for me?"'

Henrietta looked round. 'Where's that "foal"?' she asked. Dad held up his arms. 'Here,' he whispered. 'He's just sleeping. Don't make a lot of noise.'

Emily Lake prepared her saddle slots and filled them in with the first aid, hair ties, blankets, notebook, jewelry, and pencils.

'I think I'll beat Lucy and Henrietta to the three birch trees if we gallop or canter,' she told Lightning. 'GO!' she flicked up the reins.

An hour later, Emily slowed Lightning down to a walk. 'Time to cool down,' Emily said, 'I don't want you to be too sweaty. We're going to do alot of riding today.'

Lucy Water twirled of of her house, falling over a rock. 'Geez, that was my third fall today! If I can't walk, I'll have to stay with Mum and her sloppy kisses!' She ran into Belle's paddock, mumbling.

Belle shook her head side to side as if to say, 'My dear old Lucy never changes - she keeps on falling over rocks,' Of course, Lucy didn't understand, so she patted Belle on the head. 'Good girl,' she said. Belle nickered as if to say, 'Oh, so I have to keep teasing you. OK, I understand.' OK... scary.

Let's go to Henrietta. 'Oh, oh, oh gosh,' Henrietta breathed, 'he's beautiful; magnificent, excellent!' Dad smiled and whispered something to himself that Henrietta couldn't understand.

'Uh, Dad?' she asked nervously, 'did I . . . do anything wrong . . . ?' Dad turned to her with a big grin on his face that scared Henrietta.

Finally Dad snapped out of it. 'Oh, err, it's just very cute that you love that foal . . . you can keep it forever.' Henrietta smiled.

'Thanks Dad, I love you so much that no words can describe how much I love you!' Dad smiled again which was filled with love. 'Thank you dear, I -'

'ARRGH!' screamed Henrietta. 'YOU CALLED ME "DEAR" AGAIN!' The foal woke up, but it was mad at Dad, too.

'Don't be such a sook,' said Dad, laughing. 'It was just a joke. Take care of that foal in the barn.' Henrietta did so.

Emily Lake and Lucy Water made it to the three birch trees. 'She'll be here in a couple of minutes,' said Emily, looked at worried Lucy. A tear drop went near Emily's head as in, 'O-K . . . ?' sign.

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knight's night

by lauren

one night Wes,Johnnye,and me went out for a ride.mustang had been hurt badly the other day,so i decided to take knight instead.we went through the woods.as we were riding something caught mac's,wes's horse,eye.he began to tromp around franticly.i hopped off knight and ran over to him.wes nearly fainted.when he lay down i began to tickle him.he jumped up and shouted.the thing looked like an oversized outhouse.we went inside to check it out.we brought the horses with us.when we went in, the door slammed behind us.when we finally got out,there was a huge castle in front of us.i was wearing a knight's armor,wes was too.Johnnye was wearing a long pink and blue dress,a blue scarf,and a white bonnet.we decided to go in the castle.inside the king was eating a huge chicken leg.he looked at johnnye and called out"serving wench,bring me more wine!".as usual my stubborn sister yelled"i'm not a wench,and i defenitly don't serve YOU!".before i could do anything,she was taken to the dungeon.knight galloped in and began to attack the gaurds.we hopped on him and rode out to where mac and princess were.then we all rode to the time machine and went home.i guess being loyal to their owners
runs in the horse family.

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Problems with Lancelot

by Amanda

For some reason, I have a lot of problems with my bay thoroughbred gelding, Lancelot. When I look at him tight in the eye when I want to catch him, he runs away from me and I never catch him. It's really getting annoying when he does that. Also, when I walk to him from the front or back, he rears and gets scared. Sometimes he almost kicks me! I don't know what to do! My mom & dad suggests that we should get rid of him, but I don't want to! Any suggestions? I really want Lancelot to stop doing those things.

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bucking mad

by polly
(west palm beach florida royal palm beach)

one time when i was practing barrels on my quarter/paint horse i was the heiropen way to much so one time turning for home he started bucking until he got to stall than spack dabbed on the breaks so i went flying like like a bird then good thing was wearing a helmet because i slammed my head i guess kinda hard than every body which are my mom,dad, and friend tony.Tony took cowboy (the horse) out of stall than my mom made sure that i was ok. But i still keep on riding cowboy til this day now sense hes twenty four years old.

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Appy Magic

by Meagan
(Dracut, Massachusetts)

When I was five I started riding english. At first thought it was the best in the world. But four years later something changed my mind. It started when my mom found out that one of her friends from work rode at another stable that had an old appaloosa in need of a rider for the summer. And I had to admitt I was getting bored of just walking and trotting around a ring for a half an hour. So I joined the Golden Shoe Stable. I've met great friends both people and horses with the magic of western riding and appy power.

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my wild playtime

by christie
(britan, wales, bridgend, wildmillsiesta)

I was in school and a man came looking for his horse. One hour later a big bay shire came running on to the school field. Mr. Barington had to get a carrot from the dinner ladies to catch him. The school got 100pounds as a reward.

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I, the Horse

by horseshoe (Lauren's sister)


I am starved. He no longer feeds me. He says I will die anyways. The grass is poor in my pasture, and I am weak.

Next Day

A white van with a trailer attached comes. I throw my head up in fear- it has a smell of sickness and death.

My owner comes. He slaps my hindquarters. I have an urge to kick him, to make him go away and never come back.The van comes closer. I see the driver- big and burly with a curlicue mustache. I bolt away, but my owner comes with the whip.I have no power over the whip- but it is cruel and mean and lashing.He whips me. I flinch,and he jerks my halter, pulling me towards the van. I have no choice but to obey, or the whip will come again.

In the Trailer pulled by the Van

I do not like this van.It is bumpy and stinky and smells like frightened animals. I am frightened as well.

My owner said, "This Thoroughbred nag's not makin' me any money, so I called you guys at the slaughterhouse. That'll be the end of her."

What does that mean? I don't know. But it drives fear in my heart like a stake. I remember a horse named Diamond that was just a year older than me when the white van like this came. I heard the word "slaughter" then, and she never came back.

At the Slaughter

They put me on a floor. I don't like it- it doesn't feel right. Suddenly the floor drops till the tips of my ears are level with the floor! Then a man in a white coat comes. He has a stick with a big thorn on the end. He raises it over his head, like he will hit me with it. But then the door opens. A girl and her mother rush in the door.

"NO! Don't kill the horse!" the girl screams.

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by TG

This was a contest paper I wrote for AHYA (Arabian Horse Youth Association) but I never got to mailing it! The theme was "Arabian Horses: A sea of possibilities.

There’s this feeling when I ride my Arabian horse-a feeling like no other-I feel like I’m riding on the waves! When I lope or canter around the arena, I feel free! Positively free! All my cares and worries are cast away. I can feel the breeze sweeping through my hair (through my helmet, too!), like when I swim in Lake Michigan, or in the Atlantic!

I love the Arabian horse, and I think everyone should love them too! Now here is my story:


Hannah Talico encouraged her Arabian mare to go into the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Her mare replied with an uneasy snort, but Sundance stepped forward with baby steps. When she reached the water, the mare wheeled around, surprised by the cold. Meanwhile, Hannah wasn’t ready for this and was catapulted to the side, and hit the ground with a jolting thump! She was going to have a big bruise! Hannah got up, but she ached everywhere!

Sundance turned around and looked at her, as if to say, “What are you doing down there?” Hannah laughed at Sundance. Oh, if Sundance was only hers, she thought to herself. Sundance was owned by Hannah’s neighbor, Mr. Dimet. He was a grumpy old man with a heart of steel. His white-gray hair grew in small clumps across his head. It almost looked as if he had horns!

Hannah’s mother and father had made a deal with him. Hannah was to tend to his garden, weed his flowerbeds, and take care of Sundance. In exchange, he would let her ride Sundance and take her wherever they wanted. All on one condition-Hannah would NEVER come in his house and bug him. Hannah didn’t really mind that one rule, it was the weeding and tending to the garden. She hated those chores, but it didn’t really matter when she was taking care of Sundance!

Sundance was a dark, cherry bay Arabian mare that stood at roughly 15 hands and was probably 20 years old. Her concaved, dished face and her high tail carriage showed her Arabian traits. Her jibbah carried a small sun-shaped star, while her muzzle contained a snip, almost too tiny to see! Her back right leg sported a stocking almost up to her hock. She had a great disposition, unlike her owner.

Hannah had light brown/blonde hair that was about an inch or two down from her shoulders, and was always kept in a low ponytail. She had light skin, with barely noticeable freckles across her nose. She was quite tall for her age, and was very thin. She was in 6th grade at school, and her love of horses, Arabians in particular, caused everyone to think she was crazy, especially when she fell into her dreams of riding Sundance into the waves…that’s what had led her to the decision of bringing Sundance out to her backyard beach.

Hannah caught Sundance and mounted up to bring her back to the barn. The barn was old and rickety. It had only the one stall where Sundance was kept. Right away, when she opened the door, she smelled that musty, aged smell, of the barn along with the smell of horse. Hannah had become accustomed to this smell and actually kind of liked it!

It was then when Hannah noticed that Sundance was limping! She knew that Mr. Dimet would kill her-literally!! She also knew that she would have to hide Sundance, but where? Mr. Dimet came to check on Sundance every night at roughly 6:00-what time was it now? Hannah checked her watch, it read 3:54. She had less than 3 hours to find somewhere.

The idea struck her! The pasture! She could ‘accidentally’ put Sundance in the pasture-but what if Mr. Dimet refused to let Hannah come near Sundance ever again because of her carelessness? Wait! She could say that Sundance must have unlatched her stall door-after all, it was one of those stalls that the horse could reach its head out of, and the bolt was one that you grasp your fingers around, turn it, and pull! Plus Sundance was an Arabian-she could do anything!! Then she would say that Sundance broke out of the barn and injured herself-yes!

That night, Hannah’s parents received a phone call from Mr. Dimet. Mrs. Talico hung up. She said, "Hannah! Sundance injured her leg! Mr. Dimet found her out in the pasture!"
"Oh no!" Said Hannah in the most surprised voice she could.

That night in bed Hannah pondered over whether she should take Sundance back to the ocean, she had heard it had healing power…it certainly healed her! She decided she would after her chores tomorrow.

After her grueling chores the next day, she found Sundance's halter and put it on her. The mare nickered when she saw Hannah, as she did every morning. Hannah brought her out of the barn and breathed in the fresh air. She could feel the salty breeze; it was a part of her that could never be filled anywhere else!

This time, Sundance walked right into the ocean waves, as if she knew it would help her! That’s exactly what it did! Hannah could feel the healing power in the water; it was a strong source of energy! Sundance could feel it too; she lifted her injured leg and splashed it back into the water. She’s healed, Hannah thought.

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Up and Over!

by Morgan

Ginger and Me

Ginger and Me

My horse Ginger is an incredible jumper, but she just has trouble in between the jumps. So I spaced them together. No luck. What I found out is that if you slightly push with your thighs, keep your reins on just a bit of tension and pull right or left slightly, they are paying attention to you and not trying to escape. It actually works!

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freed from the devil in his soul part one

by ashley

diablo ran through the forest the world was still to him he was a stallion. hate and anger it was all he had ever known. diablo suddenly stopped and turned his head look at a old scar that his father was to blame for he was in one of his rages his mother tried to stop him but he was to strong he struck her down with a single blow then turned to diablo and dealt him a with a blow that was the cause for all his anger he manged to get away before his angry father could strike again. diablo heard a noise from the woods he quickly turned ready to attack what ever emerged when a jet black mare came into sight saying so young yet so troubled by pain from the past she had mystic blue eyes but diablo did not notice it who are you he asked his voice no more gentle then if he where talking to his father i am Cassandra what is it from the past that hunts you in the present something that should not be repeated though out the future he answered.

diablo is pronounced dee-AH-blo

to be continued

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The Christmas Horse

by Breanna

It was the night before Christmas Eve, but it didn't feel that way to Sonny. She and her family were a family who were barely getting by with just enough money for food and mortgage. But the money they had was slowly disappearing. The only person with a job was Dad. His job was packaging and shipping toothbrushes. He got $1 a day.

Meanwhile, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming forest, where Sonny and her family live, there was a horse. But this was no ordinary horse; this horse had the power to give homeless or poor families money or Christmas gifts. This horse was always pure white with a red Christmas bow around its neck. Nobody ever saw the horse except for the people it helped. Even then, nobody got close enough to rope, harness, or catch it in any way, shape, or, form. But the horse always made friends with them.

Next morning, Sonny wanted to go for a walk in the forest. There she saw a pure white horse laying in the snow. What surprised her even more was the fact that the horse had a red bow around her neck.

To be continued.......
If you want it to be

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My Horse Stormy

by Micaela
(California, USA)

this is me and Stormy

this is me and Stormy

Last year I turned 12, and it was 2 days after my birthday and my horse Aqua died, I was miserable. One day I woke up to a big truck pulling up with a old ratty trailer. I put on a shirt and pair of jeans and walked outside.

My mom greeted me and told me to lead the horse out. I did. It was a skinny, but a very pretty chestnut mare. I brought it to the barn and put it in a stall, gave it a big scoop of oats and ricebrand. I came home and asked my mom, "whose horse is that?"

She looked at me and smiled, and said yours of course. I was flattered, but I thought, this thing is nothing but skin and bones and once she is healthy, pretty will be as pretty always is on a horse. But i decided to give her a try and now I'm 13 and I'm happy that I have a horse like mine.

MY STORMY!!!!!! =)

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Yellowbones and me

by Caterina

It happened some time in January when me and my sister Alexandra were outside on our ranch and we were about to get ready to pick out my horses hooves. She doesn't really like me to mess with her feet so i want to get her comfortable with it.

Once i got in her stable i put the halter on her and took her out and tied her up. And right when i went behind her she farted then started to pee then she took a dump! My sister couldn't stop laughing and neither could i. And that's the story of me and my horse Yellowbones.

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How I fell in love with Horses

by Alex
(Qld - Australia)

Well, when I was little I used to love saddle club the tv show. I was about 5 when my half sister told me about horses and how much she loved them. After that I would always play on my rocking horse called Gigi. I was 7 when my mum started to buy me lots of horse books, that made me love horses. When I saw my dad ( he lives in Vic and I live in Qld) which is about every 2 or 3 months, he would take me on trail rides. I was doing walking then trotting and then Cantering! When I went to visit my dad, he took me on another trail ride, and that was when I realized that horses are my passion. From then on I pleaded my mum to give me lessons for weeks. She said no. But then one time I asked her and she said yes! I now do lessons at Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat every 2 weeks with a gorgeous Gelding called Max. I can pick his hooves and groom him wash him and tack him! I love learning how to do things on him like weaving between poles. I am having my 11th birthday there this year as a pony club games day and I can't wait to dress up Max! I would love to own a caramel colour horse one day and call her Honey.

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Fire and Ice (Story Summary)

by Kennedy
(Columbus, GA)

Here is the summary for a horse story I'm Thinking about writing:

Leslie Bovitt lost her parents, and now she and her brother Jackson are running the ranch alone. Her life is perfect-until her horse, Donte, must be put down from falling on the ice. She thinks she is completely done with horses, until her brother rescues a horse named Colton, who was rescued in an unexpected stable fire. Colton may be her last chance to reunite her with the things she loves most...

Tell me what you think!!!

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Western to English?

by Tangolove

Tango-Hope this gives you an okay view of Tango's saddle

Tango-Hope this gives you an okay view of Tango's saddle

Okay, so some of you remember my past post about how to train my horse, Tango, how to jump. I was just asking to keep that in mind. Now summer is approaching, and I need to train him for English. From a western.... uhhh ...I think it's a roping saddle?

Well, we have a saddle for our horse Touche', and I was wondering if we could use that and still use the western girth? I really want to be able to ride him English this summer. :D Thanks!
(Oh, and by the way, I used to be known as Amy, but I am changing the name to Tangolove)

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Kaimanawa Rescue.

by Analise

*Shadow*(When I 1st got her)

*Shadow*(When I 1st got her)

My training story is short but enough to get me into remembering that I helped 1 pony change a whole town.

Shaddow the little Kaimanawa standing over in the dustiest place in the auction ring just stood their with her eyes far away and looking as thou she hadn't been feed for weeks. I brought her for 500 and then toke her back to my place where she quickly went straight to the corner and started shaking as if in anticipation of me hitting her. I didn't but before you know it I had put food and water down and she was happily munching away on the hay and oats. The next day I found her back in the corner I didn't want her left in the stall so I opened the gate and she galloped straight past me and into the paddock. 2 weeks after I had gotten her and I had allready bonded with her. She now stood at the stall door neighing wehen she heard me open the stall door. She also trotted past me instead of galloping and she trusted me enough to get a bridle on her and ride her bareback.

4 weeks after that and she was pregnant to another horse down the road. The foal was born that summer (quite late if I must say) but he survived he had a reckless spirit and I couldnt wait to give him a name so i quickly sat down and decided a name. *Tsunami* I called him tsunami as for he was a tsunami of a colt. Shadow was now15 years old and I still loved her even thou I didnt ride her, her colt Tsunami had a big reputation and everyone knew shadow as Tsunamis mom. Shadow quickly grew to become our towns hero when a horse stealer stole Tsunami who was know 2 years old and an absolutly divine horse.

1 weeks later Shadow had gone missing from her paddock I couldnt figure out where she went so I searched the border of our house and property and found her staring down at the horse stealers house I slide myself onto her back. This time Shadow didn't hesitate she trotted forward nicely and stopped where she thought was a safe distance. all of a sudden a man came running round the corner shouting 'GET OFF MY LAND YOU ARE TRESSPASSING' Shadow reared and threw me off her back over to the other side of the fence (on my property) and she raced full speed ahead knocked down a wall where 5 seconds later Tsunami came rushing out of and then later that night I felt a cold breeze up my spine. I knew she was gone and that she risked her life for me and her son Tsunami.

I had gotten a hero out of 50 Kaimanawa's and know my hero's soul would always be around to help. Now whenever I have a foal I can sometims see Shadow peering round from her stall gate to look at the newborn filly/colt.

Shadow was now a hero and had helped the whole town!

R.I.P Shadow My best horse, You were not a horse you were a goddess placed upon me, you still and always will be my heart and soul.

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A Big Day in the Eyes of a Miniature Horse!!!

by Teigan
(Australia )

My fluffy brown coat rippled as I galloped around the paddock, that I shared with my miniature horse mum. Five months of mum's warm milk had made me strong. I settled down, when to two uprights(humans)came into the paddock, my mother cantered eagerly up to them. While I stayed back watching curiously as a large horse wandered into the paddock from the far gate.

I started to let out a shilling neigh to warn my my mother of the BIG danger that was close to us but she was no longer there, mum was being led away into a HUGE truck.

I galloped up and down the fence as my mother slowly was taken away down the road. Suddenly something touched me gently on the back. I squealed and turned around, I was surprised to see the big horse behind me. "who are you" I asked, the big horse replied "I am Bessie, your new friend" I scrambled closer to Bessie, glad to have a friend "go to sleep little one, in the morning I will tell you more about me and why I am here"...

Look out for part 2

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Don't have a name yet sorry! (Genre: Fiction)

by Anonymous

"Whoa!" Said Kendra as she pulled back on the reins forcing her gorgeous 16hh stallion to trot then walk. She patted him on the neck and praised him. after she'd cooled him out she dismounted and lead him over to his stall.

"So Dime was good today?" Asked a familiar voice as Kendra pulled of his bridle and popped on his halter.

"Ya he was great." Replied Kendra smiling at her boyfriend Liam. Liam was a great rider. He was competing in the A circuit shows EVERY weekend, which was great for Liam but made it hard for Kendra to get time with him.

"So... You wanna see a movie on Friday night?" Liam smiled and put his arm around Kendra. "Sure. I'm at a clinic during the day but I can make it home in time to change."

"Perfect! See you Friday!" Liam left looking quite pleased with himself.

After Kendra had finished untacking Dime, she ran over to the lounge to meet her beast friend Laura. "Hey." Laura said as Kendra walked in the lounge.


The lounge was decorated with tuns of horse pictures and trophies. Horse magazines and books were strewn everywhere. Kendra grabbed a drink from the mini fridge and sat down beside her friend.

"So what happened with Glestoro in your lesson?" Kendra was scared it would be bad. Laura looked up at her with sad eyes, then, she smiled.

"I am showing at the A circuit hunt seat over fences for 3'6!" Kendra smiled and hugged her friend.

"That's awesome!" Laura laughed as they high-fived.

"You're going to be amazing!"

"Thanks!" The two girls then got up and went out to graze their horses.

As Dime and Glestoro grazed peacefully Kendra and Laura chatted about what jacket and breeches Laura should wear.

"Oh I can't believe Ali finally believes I can do this!" Kendra smiled as she leaned back on her horses back.

"I'll be there cheering for you." Laura looked at Kendra curiously.

"Why don't you do the 3'6 jumper?" Kendra looked at her friend trying to smile.

"Ali doesn't think I'm ready." Kendra lied. Her coach Ali knew Kendra was ready. Kendra just kept holding back because her confidence was too low. She could jump fine at home but at shows it was a different story.

Nervousness built up in Kendra's body as she rode. She cantered toward the last jump. The pressure was building. Then suddenly a dog shot out from beneath the fence and spooked Dime into a gallop. Kendra then lost control and fell on the ground.

"Kendra get up!" Yelled her mother from down stairs. Kendra woke with a start.

"You need to get to the barn." Kendra was so thankful that was just a dream. She climbed out of bed and walked slowly and painfully into the bathroom moaning. She got a damp cloth and wiped her face. She then brushed her hair, threw on some breeches, a t-shirt and a sweater.

"You look dreadful." said Fred her 20-year old brother as she sat down for breakfast.

"Bad sleep?" Asked her father sipping his coffee.


"That's too bad," said her mother while handing her a plate of bacon and eggs.

"Thanks." Kendra said grateful for some food.

After breakfast and debating with her brother who is cooler Percy Jackson or Harry Potter, Kendra was happy to arrive at the barn. Her mother's Toyota Prius passing the sign that said Beauty Lake Stables gave Kendra a happy feeling. She blocked the dream out of her head not wanting to think about her anxiety anymore.

As she got out of the car she saw her horse winnying at her from the field. Kendra ran to his stall grabbed his halter and ran to the field to ketch him. As Kendra opened the gate Dime trotted right to her lowering his head for the halter. Kendra smiled and hugged him. As Kendra pulled Dime into the cross ties, her coach Ali walked over to her.

"Hey Ken. Can I talk to you?" Kendra clipped the last tie onto Dime's halter and turned toward Ali.

"Ya sure. Shoot."

"I'm worried about you Kendra." Ali looked at Kendra thoughtfully.

"Your confidence is low for showing but you're amazing at home. Why?" Kendra was afraid to tell.

"I... I don't know why but I'm scared I'll fall off or mess things up in the ring."

"Why?" Asked Ali looking at Kendra quite confused.

"Because I only got Dime 2 months ago. I know it's lame..." Kendra looked up at Ali.

"You would be fine! take it from your trainer! 2 months has given me plenty of time to access you and him as a team and you're both fabulous together! Dime is exceptionally well broke!"

Kendra smiled thinking about what it would be like if she won the class. "I guess you're right." Ali nodded and gave Kendra a hug.

"So you'll do it?" Ali looked hopefully at Kendra.

"Sure." Ali was so excited she gave Kendra a huge hug, so big Kendra couldn't breath.

"Let's start training then!" Ali said smiling while petting Dime. See you in the ring for your lesson at 8:30! Ali walked away toward the main office as Dime looked at her as if to say,

"Thank Goodness you FINALLY said yes!" Kendra smiled and gave Dime a hug.

To be continued...

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A Stolen Heart

by Jazzy



I stared up at the white sky and felt the cool snowflakes on my whip-cuts. I closed my eyes and thought back to the last race. I could feel the muddy turf below my pounding hooves, the strong wind in my mane, a slight tap with the whip from my jockey, and we sped over the track leaving the other horses behind.

I looked around, soaking in the praise from the crowd as I stood in the winners circle. "Get up you stupid horse!!" someone yelled, bringing me back to reality. I had only been here two days and I already wanted to die. I stood up quickly, retreating and laying back my ears. She tied a rough rope around my head and yanked it hard. I whinnied in pain but followed her.

By the time we reached the stable my head was desperately sore from all the yanking. She hastily put me in a stable before giving me a feed bowl with a measly amount of food in it. I looked around and noticed that there was another horse in the stable. I reached over the stable door and touched noses with her. She was a black thoroughbred around the same height as me and well-built.

Later that night, a young boy came in holding a newspaper. He put it down in my stable and obviously forgot about it, for he left it there. He hastily came back in and took it away, but I had already seen the headline. I knew why I was here...

I had been stolen.

to be continued...

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My horse Jess died

by Chloe



My old horse died. I am sad she is gone. I wish she was here.

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The Heart of a Champion

by Jazzy

I would like to say that I can remember pleasant green meadows, a kind master and a good start in life but unfortunately it was the complete opposite and it stayed that way for most of my life.

My mother was no champion, she wasn't elegant. As a matter of fact she was actually quite ugly. She had a terrible temper and I believe I was the only horse she ever showed any love or affection for. I was named ghost because of the color of my coat and the way I seemed to suddenly appear and then suddenly disappear from sight. People were quite fond of me as I was growing up, but as every horse knows, sooner or later you will be sold, and that is how I came to be Emily`s horse.

Emily was a 9 year old girl and a very kind one at that. Her father trained me for her. I will confess, I was very hard to break but when I was broken, I was an amazing horse. I was fast, I was very good at jumping. And as Emily used to say, perfect in every way. We went in many competitions and we trusted each other fully. I loved Emily. And when she said "I will love you forever" I believed her. But it was too good to be true, for a horse can never stay with his beloved owner for long. Humans grow tired of us, interested in other things, and Emily was no different. She very rarely rode me and looking after me became a chore. She never visited me. When she did come it was only for a few minutes to look after me until the day that every horse dreads.. Sale.

Part 2 coming soon!

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Just another girl in boots

by girl in boots

This isn't a story about a wild foal some girl came across one day and tamed it and rode off in the sunset, this is a real story, about a real girl. Well here I go.

I had always been horse crazy, it just hadn't came out of me yet, I had always asked for a horse, but not often enough. In about 5th grade, I started to explode.

I knew very little about horses, but I knew I couldn't live without one. Finally dad said I could if I built a fence in the spring of 6th grade, I was out there every night after school, in the rain, bugs, and heat. I just wanted a horse.

Finally, June 20th, 2011, my dream came true. Daddy had bought me a 18-20 yr old grade pony, with a freeze brand of an areo up on his right flank. I barely knew how to ride, I didn't own a saddle, and he came with a bridle.

The first 3 days I had him, it rained like crazy. Mom said I couldn't ride him. There's some brush in the back of my pasture, and a clearing behind it, me and my horse crazy cousin went back there and rode him, and fell off many times. Looking back at it now, it was really stupid.

I rode that pony everywhere, I just wanted to show him somewhere so bad, I wanted to show people that I did it, I can ride my horse!! My best friend has a show winning-push button horse, games, shows in pleasure, halter and showmanship. But she hates it. I go to shows with her, and I'm with her horse more than she is at shows. She hates showing pleasure. But she's not the best at gaming.

I haul water, help saddling him, feeding him, making sure hes comfortable. But don't think shes a terrible person, shes my best friend, and she enjoys her horse, just not as much as I would. She's a lil' forced into it.

Well school came around, and I was always known as "that country girl that's crazy about horses." I wear my camo and pink ariat fatbaby boots to school. One time I left my pressure spurs on. So I just wore the spurs on my boots that day. I guess it started to annoy some people.

One of my "friends" that knows "everything" about horses, deleted me on facebook. She hasn't rode a horse in 2 years. Jacob, my best friend since pre-school, and at the time "boyfriend" dumped me cuz I was to horse crazy. And what did I do from there?? Got another horse of course.

Cocoa, the 6 yr old arab/qh, that I'm gonna train for games. I only have 2 saddles, one western trail saddle, and one beat up English. My parents no nothing about showing horses. Or training, or riding. I'm all on my own, they help me though, buy me supplies, hold lead lines, etc.

When I go to the fair this year to help my friend, I'm gonna be watching all great friends of mine show their horses, win ribbons, etc. And I know my heart belongs out there. All I wanna do is be with horses, they are my best friends.

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my favorite animal!!!

my favorite animal!!!

Mine is not really a training story, but I wanted some one to know. I love horses but have never been able to ride or anything (rarely).

I have a lot of siblings so I can't really do anything unless they want to because my parents aren't going to (or have time) out of the way to take my to ride or learn or anything.

It's SO sad that i can't interact with the most beautiful animal on earth! :( :(

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Bucking Sweetheart

by Anonymous

Ok,this didnt happen to me,but at m first show my friend was upset because her horse, Caramel, was doing fine but she wasnt kicking hard enough, and she blamed it on him and started crying. Then, they always put her on him at lessons, because she doesnt have a horse, and the other day she got bucked! I guess she didnt know what had happened, but she stayed on and wasnt hurt.Thank goodness!!Although he sounds stupid, it was because the horse behind them bit Caramels butt andhe got scared.Anyway,hes a real sweetheart when certain people are riding him.

This happened on Jan.22,2009. please comment!

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Flanagans Last Breath ( A True Story)

by Sammy
(New Zealand)

I remember walking home one time and noticing my horse and my pony separated from my mum's horse. Flanagan was his name, he was a 16.2hh 38-year old Gisbornbred gelding that my mum had had for a very, very long time.

Flanagan was standing in the paddock, which was unusual for him, so I walked up to the house and put my bag down. I noticed that the glass on our back door was broken and there was glass all over the floor. I called my mum and my dad came out, his eyes were blood shot. Mum followed him and she was crying.

"The vet's on his way" mum said. I started panicking, I had no idea what was happening.
"Flanagan has broken his hip, he must've rolled off the bank." I ran down to the paddock with a pair of scissors, and sobbed into Flanny's wispy mane, I raised my hand and chopped a chunk of mane out. I said goodbye to him and told him how much I loved him, then me and my mum drove off and left my dad with the vet.

Love you pops, rest in peace xxx

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That day

by Natalie

I was riding trough the woods and I was with a bunch of girls. My horse tripped on a really nasty root-she tried to keep me on her back but I fell anyway. Of course I was fine, I was more worried about my horse and she was more worried about me. I got back on.

A couple weeks later I learned one of the girls that was there when I fell didn't come back. This girl is a year younger than me and she loved to ride-even though she was allergic to hay.

The point of this true story is that if you love to ride, don't stop just because you saw someone fall, or even if it was you that fell, even if a horse tries to bite you-remember there might be a reason for him to do that.

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Megen, My Friend That Never Gave Up

by Carissa

This isn`t a horse training story but it is a cool horse story and it is 100% true. I have a longer version of this story but i am just going to tell you a short version.

I used to ride saddle seat at a stable and the horse that i rode got sick. She stopped eating and no one could get her to eat. The next week i came to my lesson and the trainer told me that she was sick and they had another horse that had this before and it died. I was really scared.

After my lesson (on a different horse) i went in to her stall and offered her a piece of candy. She ate it! every one was so happy I fed her the whole bag of candy and she ate every one of them.

She must have really trusted me to eat after she wouldn`t for so long she still wasn`t interested in the real food though but the candy helped keep her alive. Someone gave her to my trainer before they went to college.

After Megen got sick my trainer had to give her back to her old owner to have a peaceful retirement. I don`t know were she is now but she is probably in a nice green pasture in the sky living a nice and happy life.

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by Rayna
(Mesa, AZ, USA)

52 thoroughbred horses need homes. Will go to Sugarcreek this Saturday for slaughter. Gentleman died and his son wants nothing to do with them. Most broodmares are broke and some are in foal weanling, yearlings, 2 yrs and 3 yrs old most are gelded. *FREE and papered*.


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The Heart Of A Champion (Summary)

by Maggie M

Picture from the movie Ruffian, to whom this story is.....

Picture from the movie Ruffian, to whom this story is.....


Inspired by a true story
Her name was American Dream. She was a gorgeous black thoroughbred filly. She seemed as unstoppable as a forest fire. But fire must die out eventually.
She won so many times that she was running out of competition. One source said that no horse could run with her. As it turns out, there was another competitor out there. Another horse with a perfect record. Not a filly, a colt. His name was Final Stretch. He looked like an outside linebacker, quick and athletic, with muscles in his eyebrows. He was shaping up as the best two year old colt in the counry.
Will American Dream rise to the challenge? Or will a tragic accident force her to give up the one thing she loves?
In loving memory of Ruffian.

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Run Away Mac

by Olivia
(Manchester, Oldham, UK )



A few months ago I use to loan a 13.2hh pony named Mac he was very green at only four and was often a nightmare to ride. I had a few mishaps before on him but shrugged them of and continued to try and bring him on.

It happened after I had loaned Mac for about a month that my mum and I decided to take him out to the village, I was riding and my mum was walking beside me we were having a bit of a chat and looking at the scenery when suddenly it happened.

Mac spooked at something (we are still not sure what) and he began galloping full speed up the lane, straight towards the main road! I didn' have a clue what to do and it was only a matter of time before we were on the busy road up top, I pulled the reins gently, then harshly I tried using voice commands but Mac just sped up. I was in total panic when we finally reached the end of the lane a car pulled up in front of us and Mac came to a complete stop and I was thrown off his back landing on my bum on the ground, I was unhurt but shaken up.

A lady got out of the car "are you okay?" she had asked I told her I was fine and I needed my horse who had wondered up another lane I went and caught him just as my mum came running up, it turned out the people who helped came into my mum and dads pub to eat and drink.

As we went back my mum refused to let me get back on and that ended me loaning Mac :( my mum refused to let me loan him again. But now I have a gorgeous two year old gelding called Lloydy who I am breaking in myself :) the picture is of Lloydy.

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Will you check out my website?

by Claire
( flordia)

Hey! This is not a story but I thought it would fit best here. I just made a horse website and I want yall's help. I don't know what to put on there so take a look at it.


Thank you so much! I need help with it. It is completely safe! It is for kids only to make. It's a kid making website.

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The Horse I Love

by Dreamer Delly

(dedicated to the most magnificent horse alive)

It was a typical day at the barn. I groomed and saddled my lesson horse, a golden bay TB stallion named Wildfire. He was badly injured from a racing accident when I first saw him. I nursed him back to health and fell in love. Anyway, I mounted and trotted him to the ring. After some warmups, I took him over some crossrails. It was a good thing his mom was a champion jumper, he is an off the track racer and was hard to train.

After the lesson, I untacked and groomed him without looking at the long scar running down his foreleg, the only evidence of the accident. My parents were there talking to my instructor. Mom smiled and waved me over and said they had bought Wildfire. I began to cry and thank them. Then I ran To Wildfire's stall and threw my arms around him. "You're mine now."

I whispered into his mane. He nuzzled my pockets for carrots with an unsurprised expression. Like he had been mine all along.

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Running Solo

by HorseGameFreak



Takoda lived alone. He had no friends or family. his life seemed to be one endless journey for his next meal and shelter. Until one day he looked up, to see an approaching group of wild horses.

Seeing Takoda all alone, the leader motioned him over. The leader's name was Rayaan, and he invited Takoda to join the band of horses, but Takoda refused to be helped, and remained alone.Weeks later, Takoda was once again foraging, this time in the snow, when he began to wander towards a deeper spot.

Takoda soon realized he was stuck, and worse, his feet were frozen in place. He was stuck for 1 hour.....2 hours.....3 hours.... Finally, after three hours of agonizing cold, one of the mares from the group of horses stumbled upon him. The mare's name was Saga, and after freeing him, she once more offered him a place in the herd, nut after he refused, she left.

Takoda was once again alone, but nothing left but hoof prints to remind him of the pretty mare. Days later, Takoda was crossing a river blanketed with ice, when he encountered a second problem. There were wolves, advancing in, and blocking the path. Rayaan had some to help. He chased away the wolves!

For a third time, the herd of horses offered him a spot with them, the leader claiming this was his last chance to join. Takoda felt guilty saying no, after them saving him twice, so he sad yes, but with hesitation. He soon learned the basics of living in a herd, more specifically, he learned one thing from each member.







But most importantly, he learned how to love. Takoda soon seemed closer to the herd than anything else. So, he noticed something strange, the ground started getting more wet around him. He consulted Rayaan, but the leader assured him, that the herd stays in this area during spring every year, and it never floods.

Sure enough, the water flooded the banks of the creek the next morning, so when the leader's daughter attempted to cross it and reach the untouched grass on the other side, disaster struck.

She waded in, but was stuck in the semi-frozen mud. Saga heard the foal's struggling, and came to help, but fell victim into the mud as well. They called for help, and reached Takoda, who came running. He waded in to save Saga first. He reached her and pulled her out.

When she was ashore, he went in for the foal. He reached the foal and started to pull her out. Suddenly, Takoda looked up, and saw a huge glacier starting to shift! As he tried to pull the foal (called Ninaay) out, a chunk of ice fell, crushing Ninaay's back legs.

Just before another chunk fell, Takoda and Ninaay managed to swim ashore and catch their breath. Together they swam across the now still water. By the time they got back, the herd assembled around Saga.

When she got up, she was greeting with whinnies and cheers. The herd started making a journey, finding a new home, and they met other families along the way. After a couple days, they reached their new home. It was almost perfect, aside from a couple neighbors. Takoda had started a family. Throughout his journey, he has found the meaning of life.

The End.

Should I write more?

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by Robin

I got my 1 horse when I was 8. I could jump and had gotten 6 first place ribbons. Then the accindent, I was riding Molly and I whipped her to get her going faster. She had never liked the whip and she refused the jump in front of her.I went flying into the bar on the jump. I swore, I would never ride again.
I got bored without riding,so I tacked Molly up and we tried again. This time we jumped it. I felt great.

3 years later, I have 20 first place ribbons,3 second placers,4 third placers, and 1 fith placer. My trusty black pony Molly died 2 years ago and I miss her dearly. Now I have a big roan pony named Rosie. We have won 4 first place ribbons and is doing Hunter jumping.

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Horse Crazy

by Kristie
(Phoenix, Arizona)

To say I was “Horse Crazy” in the 60’s is like saying “War and Peace” is a good book or the “Mona Lisa” is a nice painting, it doesn’t begin to give an accurate description.

Mom said I came by it naturally because her father loved horses. Add to that the television genre for that time period was Westerns and it is no wonder I grew up believing my life was incomplete until I had a horse.

We lived in San Diego and not only did I not have a horse, there were none close by and I didn’t know anyone that owned one. As I set my goal on saving enough money to buy one myself, I got by with a lot of creativity and imagination.

Barbie dolls took a far second to my “Buddy-L” horse hauler, complete with three plastic horses. A B-B gun was another favorite Christmas present…all of the television cowboys had guns and rifles. I tied tin can lids to the back fence with a piece of string and would stand on the patio and shoot them, making them spin. We hunted in the canyon behind our house. No sparrow was safe, but I found out the hard way that shooting a dove would break your heart.

I am still amazed my first horse never pitched me. It was a picnic bench placed upside down at the edge of our picnic table. I had one belt circling the bench, another was the stirrup leather and a third was the stirrup. And I actually put all of my weight into the stirrup and mounted my horse just like you’re supposed to, from the left.

Once mounted, I kept my right leg curled on top of the picnic table. Two dog leashes fastened to the “X” of the upturned bench were my reins. I would open a book on riding that I had checked out from the Bookmobile whenever I could find it and practice mounting, holding the reins and proper foot placement while riding.

Between my riding lessons and during the weeks I didn’t have the library book, my imagination took over. I was riding all over the Shiloh Ranch with James Drury, “The Virginian” or I showed up at the Texas Ranger’s headquarters in “Laredo” as Captain Parmalee’s long lost daughter and got to hang out with Joe, Chad and Reese. Joe Riley, William Smith, was my personal favorite until he put on an eye patch and shocked me by killing Nick Nolte at the end of “Rich Man, Poor Man.”

I had set my monetary horse purchase goal at $300. I kept checking the San Diego paper classified ads to see how many were for sale and for how much. Trying to reach a $300 goal when you were given twenty-five cents a week allowance was rough. It did teach me the value of a penny.

During one of my many investigations of the classified ads, I saw a boxed ad stating that if a certain car dealership couldn’t put you in a new car, they would give you $100. One hundred dollars would be a major step towards my horse purchasing goal. I called up the dealership and told them I wanted to buy a car.

When they asked my age, they told me they couldn’t do it. I tried to collect the $100, but they wouldn’t do that either. Another of life’s lessons learned – if it seems to good to be true, it probably is and nothing comes easy.

Someone finally gave me a subscription to a horse magazine that I read like a bible. I was going to be fully educated when I became a horse owner and rider. Thanks to an article in that magazine and a patient Basset Hound, I can still create three different kinds of halters with a length of rope and a loop.

Yes, I finally did get my horse. When I was 16 my father gave me the ultimatum, you can have a horse or a car, but you can’t have both. I chose the horse. The other catch being I was financially responsible for all horse costs – feed, vet, blacksmith, etc. Once again, nothing comes easy.

But horse crazy doesn’t end when you get your first horse. Horse crazy is your mom catching you leaving the house for school with your spurs on, skipping classes to check out western stores and horses for sale, and your best friend’s mom knowing she’ll never have shrubs in front of her porch because that’s where you tie your horse.

Horse crazy is riding too late at night and returning home along side the state highway with a flashlight so the traffic can see you in the dark.

Horse crazy means that while every other senior at your high school heads to Florida for spring break, you and your best friend drive to Colorado in search of cowboys. While the rest of the seniors are off to a lake for Senior Skip Day, you’re riding all over town to meet up with a couple other horse crazy classmates for a full day on horseback.

When you finally return home that day and dismount, your legs are like rubber and you can’t even stand up. A Saturday night of raising hell was shoving a couple bottles of Boone’s Farm into a bag of ice and heading over to the horse auction. You and two of your friends never failing to elbow each other and comment that we should have signed up for a number, that was a fine looking horse and he went cheap.

When you’re horse crazy, instead of going away to college you head to Montana and work at a dude ranch. Once they take the room and board out of your pay, you’ve got enough left to put some gas in your car and buy a few incidentals. You also discover there is nothing romantic about branding cattle.

Horse crazy means you’ll muck stalls and groom horses in exchange for English riding lessons. Horse crazy means you still own the saddle you had 40 years ago. Funny thing is, it has shrunk over the years and no longer fits your rear end. It is now a decorative item in your western theme guest room.

Finally, horse crazy means you know the contentment of standing in a warm barn and listening to horses eat and you’ll always look twice when you see anyone out riding. You never get over horse crazy.

© 2012 Kristie

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If Only Someone Would believe me

by Alex

This is made up

I looked around the farm. i loved every single horse there. "Who is that one?" i asked my riding instructor, " That's honey, she is for sale." My birthday was coming up and all I wanted was a horse.

At the end of my lesson, I told mum about Honey, "thats nice darling, is she what you want for your birthday?" I nodded. "Well, I will think about it."

My birthday came quickly, and after i had opened my present, which were earrings, mum told me to get into the car. She drove me to the farm, where honey was living. "She is all yours' said mum. I ran up to honey and hugged her tight. She came home with us to live at the local pony club. the best present ever!

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My Horse Beauty

by Waseemah

My horse beauty is a gorgeous horse. She and I live in the barn and sometimes I sleep beside her. One day when we were going to sleep, she was neighing soo loudly. She was having a baby! The next day she had her baby, it was a colt so we named it Samson, he is a little munchkin!!

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My horse Shai

by Brittany

One day my friend Annie was out to the stable and I promised her that she could ride shai western so I had already groomed her and tacked her.

When I had the crop ready for Annie she got on and when shai saw the crop she was on bucking mode, just starting bucking on Annie.

I had no idea that shai was abused with a crop so I sometimes use it on her to get her trotting, cantering and going over jumps. But I have worked with her over the lunge line with a whip and now she is okay with me using it. But, nobody can ride her anymore.

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Untitled story...

by Nicole-Louise
(Wales, United Kingdom)

This is just a story I wrote one day out of boredom. Enjoy, critique and comments are welcomed! :)

Knowing the unforgiving truth of what the future held, I sat my ground strongly, my eyes fixed on each hopeless and saddened creature that passed through the glaring eyes of many. Their once beauty, each individual varying in ages showed, ravelled into a sensation of pain and heart ache. Teary eyed, in my mind I thought of helping each, but my heart told another story. Realistically I could do nothing but watch as the auctioneer scrambled out his words, describing each carelessly. Such magnificent creatures, that to myself were priceless, were sold little to nothing. How my heart ached to see their pain, their ability to forever hold their peace and no one to stand by and speak the truth of what they could only wish to say. Many I had seen, I knew for a fact, wouldn’t live to see the next spring. Many I knew were destined for the food production industry, many for worthless items. Others, destined for hope and love. That day, I didn’t think that I could change a life of such a majestic and breath-taking creature. I was wrong. Here, my journey only began. A journey of hope, love and a forever friendship that would build me up from strength to strength.

Ever since a little girl, even before I could talk, my heart and mind were always ideally at a combination, set particularly on the idea of one thing. Horses. I always knew that they were the only things that could ever fulfil my ambitions in life. Growing up as a lonely child, living life on the rough edge was always forever hard. I had little to nothing to look ahead too and little possessions to call my own. I was never one for asking for the impossible, but could only wish that someday, I would always get what I had dreamed of. A horse. One I could finally call my own. One that would always be there and never turn their back on me, even through the hardest of times, I’d still always have my best friend right beside me; someone that would never leave me, or hurt me, or abuse me. But one that would forever me, not because of what I was, but for who I was, knowing that I could always turn to them, knowing they’d always be waiting, no matter the time nor day, they’d still wait with an sense of eager flaring in their eyes. Each day I wished, each night I prayed. But no hope came. No one listened. No one ever seemed to anymore. I lost all hope I ever had, and my dream too, was slowly disappearing without a grasp. I held on for so long, wanting something so bad, that I believed it would always come true. But realistically, I knew it was just another fantasy of mine.

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The Derby Round

Okay, this isn't exactly a very good horse show story, but I hope you enjoy it!

Emily Taylor looked around herself and saw lots of very flashy ponies, with very good riders on board them. Then she looked down at her own bay cob and sighed. As much as she loved him, she knew that herself and Pepsi didn't stand a chance.

She would have given up altogether if the judge hadn't called her in for her round. Emily took a deep breath, and pretended she was Ellen Whitaker riding the Hickstead derby. This always made her ride better.

Emily gathered herself together and rode towards the first fence. Clear over the first, a tight turn to the second and third, clear, clear. Dog leg to four, ride strongly to the gate at five, turn left to six, over the chicken coop at seven, clear at nine, over the arrowhead at ten, pop over fence eleven and they were clear!

It wasn't until two hours later,when Emily was chilling at the horse box, that she heard over the loudspeaker that she had come second! One of the flashier ponies had beaten her but Emily didn't care. She loved Pepsi with all her heart and wouldn't change him for the world.

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Training My Horse Maggie

by Macey

This is me!

This is me!

My horse Maggie is a five-year old mini horse. i have haa her for three years now. I love her and could never let her go. she had a baby May 8th, the baby has some problems. She bites, kicks and rears. Ok. We rescued Maggie form a fair.

Ok now with the story. She was stubborn and no one could get on her. After many days of training in the middle of a thunderstorm, i went out and got on her! The best thing happened, i was riding the horse of my dream. At first i rode her in her stall. Then i road her in the thunderstorm. Then i tried the big pasture. It was so buggy. I was riding and a bee got her and she ran and i fell off. Then i rode her in her stall after that.

Now i am woking on tricks! Hope you like my story of me and my best friend! Bye!

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The Calico Mountains: Intro

by Sara


A jet black stallion surged across the open plateau , his flowing mane and tail streaming behind him. He emitted a high squeal, and lashed out behind him. It was spring, and the fresh mountain air made the regal stallion high-strung and fresh. The stallion stopped on the edge of a cliff overlooking a river, and reared up, pawing the air with his majestic legs. His darker-then-ebony coat shined with good health and flashed off the rays of sun. He tossed his head and bolted down a rocky path to a secret valley.

Welcome to the Calico Mountains.

Comment if you want me to continue!!!!


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My own Japanese Manga!!

by Megan
(Spring Hill, TN U.S.A)

My Dream Horse

My Dream Horse

I want to make my own Japanese Manga(A Manga is a book that is japanese, and it reads from eft to right)someday. xD Lol But it would be about me and my dream horse called Nature. My name in Japanese is Shiori, and Nature is Shizen(I think) in japanese. It would probably be called "Shiori And Shizen". But i'm way too young to make one right now. Lol

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falling off

by holly

once i went to my riding lesson. my horse kept miss ing the jump so my teacher stood in the way to stop him going round it but he pushed her out the way and jumped over the block. then i fell off. oh well!

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Help Please!

by Rebekah

I'm trying to train my filly to sidestep but I'm not sure how to.

Can anyone help me?

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The Mystery...

by Bec

As Sarah's mother drove their car up to the stable, Sarah half jumped out in her eagerness to get to her horses. Actually the owner Samantha and her husband Max own Whisperwood... But she calls stardust and Wonder hers because her mother and father had leased them both for her.

She got out without hurting herself (thankfully!) then looked up at the sky, it was magnificent shades of pink, orange and light purple. Tonight she was having a sleepover at the barn with her BFF Lucy.

She waved to her mum then ran up to the barn but immediately stopped... Oh no... She stood in the barn doorway... just observing... taking in what, in all her life, she had hoped and prayed would never happen. Then Max looked up from what he was doing.

"Oh Sarah I was hoping you wouldn't turn up until later,when all this has eased off but come here since you are not doing anything... I am truly sorry about all this but you know he is 45 years old but don't worry we will try our best to keep him alive for a couple more years".

Sarah turned on her heel and ran for all she was worth, tears streaming down her face, she loved Pecka why... why... why Pecka? She ran all the way out of the barn only to be cornered by... who... she couldn't see...

2 hours later she had explained her tears and was settled on a hay bale in the loft. Lucy showed sympathy and said one day stardust would die too... but that didn't help because Sarah burst into a fresh flood of tears.

Once Sarah finally stopped crying, they ate Lucy's mum's home made spaghetti bolognaise followed by yogurt ice-blocks. Then they settled down to a nice game of cards.

They finished and Sarah suggested they go say good-night to the horses. They went around the barn saying good-night but when they got to Pecka's stall they found it empty...

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The pony that could - She jumps!

by Lydia
(Vancouver Island Canada)

Dali and me were first pared together about 2 years ago. Someone suggested her to me and at first I wasn't sure. She was borderline to small for me, and had literally no training with under 50 rides on her, but after 2 years she has become my little miracle mare! Shes jumping jumps, some bigger than her shoulders and no more bucks! she was my diamond in the rough :)

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eris and shadow forever

by ashley

eris raised her head hopefully she had heard a twig snapping she had not heard a sign of life since her father kicked her out of the herd for secretly seeing a young colt named shadow he had long denied her of and out of grief she told shadow to leave and never come back me did not argue but turned around and walked away and eris was so angry she did not notice a tear running down his face.eris turned around hoping to see a stallion coming to lead her away from this place but he did not come instead she heard a low growl that had nothing to do with her hunger she know what it was now a mountain lion all she could do was run so she turned and ran an fast as she could but she felt it closing in on her when she heard a fierce nicker she braved a look behind her and recognized the black muscular stallion. he was on his hind lags flailing his hoofs at the mountain lion who know it had met its match and retreted back in to the forest as the stallion turned to her shadow i cant belive you came back after all the things i said to you said eris how could i not mi corason

to be continued

the last words in spanish

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I want a pony! :(

by Lara

Right, I know I am very lucky to actually have weekly riding lessons but i have always wanted my own pony.

My mum says we cant afford it, if we ever won the lottery she says she would get me a pony, but my dad is more reluctant...:\

Apparently i wont look after it- I WILL!!!!!!!!!! Come one, Horse-Crazy Lara not looking after a pony?!?! I have had experience looking after ponies before- a part loan pony called Frankie for a month for my b-day, and this epic cob called Megan who belongs to my neighbor and let me look after her for the summer she was here (love you meggi! miss you <3 )

Anyone else desperate for a pony?? I'll be glad to know I'm not the only one!

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by Amy

Could you tell me if this is good or not? Thanks!

My legs ached. We had been running for a while. Raj, our lead stallion, stopped us, and let us rest. “Tango!” I turned around to see Popcorn trot up to me. “Short run, huh?” I stared at him. He had to be crazy! He laughed. “I can’t believe you haven’t gotten used to our runs!” I looked at his clean albino coat.

Mine, once a beautiful palomino gold, was now dark with sweat. I was new, so I didn’t have much endurance. “Uh-oh.” Popcorn whispered. “Here comes trouble.” I turned around and came face-to-face with Song, a pretty bay-brown mustang that had a crush on me. (But I mean, who wouldn’t? I was gorgeous!) ‘Just lovely.’ I thought. Judging by the look on her face, she was probably going to ask me out. “Hi, Tango.” She said shyly. “Um, I was just wondering, if um…”

Her friend, Dark Sunshine, (who is very pretty, and nice) came over. “Will you go out with her?” she said suddenly. I was shocked. I didn’t know why. I mean, I should have expected this. But, what was I going to say? She was very pretty, but she just wasn’t my type. “I...um...well...” I stuttered. How was I going to say no? Now I can see why Popcorn tells me I am too nice. “No.” That startled me. “What?” whispered Song. (and on the verge of tears, might I add) “No.” Popcorn repeated. “He doesn’t want to go out with you.” Wow. That was harsh. At least Song was off my back. For now.

As she and Dark Sunshine walked away, Mazzy, our lead mare, walked up. “How are you two?” she asked Popcorn and me. “We’re fine.” Popcorn replied. “How are you?” Mazzy looked worried. “I am fine, but we had better start moving if we want to avoid trouble….”

Chapter 2- Run!

“Run, Tango, run!” Popcorn shouted into the wind. I was scared. Not the type of scared when your friend jumps out from behind a bush, but the type where you have no idea what is going on and there might be a monster chasing you. That kind of scared. ‘I wonder what is going on!’ I thought. Maybe I was just being paranoid.

But Mazzy did say we had to avoid something. We came to the tunnel that led to our secret canyon. We went inside quickly. All around me, I could feel everyone’s tense breathing, and I could feel their muscles tensing in their bodies. It relaxed a bit once we got inside.

In our valley, nothing bad ever happened. The grass was always nice. The sun was always warm on our backs. The ponds were always the right temperature. Some were for swimming, and some for drinking out of. It was an amazing place. Right now, though, I was too worried to roll in the grass, or go swimming. I cantered up to Raj and Mazzy.

“What’s going on? Are we going to be okay? Are we in trouble?” All the questions came flooding out at once. I couldn’t help it. Like I said before, I was new, so I had no idea what was going on. “Everything is alright, Tango.” Mazzy said. “Will you at least tell me what happened?” I asked.

“Well,” Mazzy continued. “we were being chased by humans and their dogs.” I was stunned. Humans? How could it have been possible? Then it hit me. “Now might be a good time to tell you, that I was once owned by humans.” I was really surprised when I realized the words had come out of my mouth! I started to get nervous. Would Raj Kick me out of the herd? “Tango,” Raj said. “it’s okay. You’ve never done us any harm and we all like you. You will always stay with our herd.” Wow. He totally read my mind.

“Are they looking for me?” I asked. “Probably.” Mazzy answered. “When their horses escape, they search everywhere, and most of them will stop at nothing to get their horses back.” I was really scared now. Would my owner get me? I started to sweat all over again. I could feel and see, and hear everything. I heard the horses nickering to each other. I could see the clouds drifting. I could even see the way the water was rippling. That was all I remembered. Then it went black.

Chapter 3- ________

I woke up to a searing pain running down my leg. “What happened?” I asked to all the faces staring down at me. “You were kicked in the leg.” Mazzy answered, glaring at Dark Sunshine. “He deserved it.” Song pouted. “No arguing.” Said Mazzy. “Will someone just tell me what is going on?!” I yelled.

“Well,” said Mazzy. “you were just standing there talking with us about humans, and-” Song suddenly perked up. “Humans?” she interrupted. Mazzy sighed in frustration. “Yes, humans. Now I will continue my story as I did before I was so rudely interrupted.” She glared again at Song. Song looked a little embarrassed. “We were talking about humans, and Sunny,” (At this point she glared at Dark Sunshine, instead of Song) “kicked you. I don’t know why, but maybe you could explain this to us Sunny?” Sunny sighed deeply, as if she had to use all the rest of her effort to do so. “Hmm…” she sighed again.

“Oh my gosh!” I yelled. “Just tell us why you have put me in this pain!” I almost laughed as the most embarrassed look crossed Song, and Sunny’s faces. “Well you shouldn’t have turned her down!” Sunny finally said. “I didn’t!” I denied. “Popcorn turned her down!” Song got angry. “Well, you would have turned me down, too!” That’s when I snapped. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“It’s my choice! I have every right to turn you down! Please get it through your thick skull! I don’t like you!” Everyone looked surprised. There was silence in the air as everyone stood there. Finally Mazzy broke the silence. “Well, I’m not going to get mad, but I am disappointed in you two.” Song and Sunny backed up a little. “You two are in a bit of trouble. You may not leave my sight until you learn how to behave. You two have been acting like immature foals, not the fully-grown mares you are.” They looked really upset.

I tried to get up, and when I succeeded, I looked Song strait in the eye. “I’m sorry.” She said. “Me, too.” Said Sunny. “I’m going to go swimming.” I said. “Maybe it will relieve my leg a bit.” I walked away and Popcorn followed me. “That was a total drama moment.” He said. “I know right?” We swam around a bit and realized it was getting dark. We spent a peaceful night in our valley. Little did we know what we would go through the next day…….

Chapter 4- _________

Comment for chapter 4 and on!! :)

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Special Ponies for Special Needs

by Denny

It is no secret as to how special horses and ponies can be, and how they can bring joy to a regular person’s life. And, if these special animals can bring happiness to a regular person’s life, think what having a ‘personal pony’ can mean to a child with special needs.

Somewhere, someone had a dream. Marianne Alexander, founder of Personal Ponies, wanted to do something special for special children. Her goal was to enhance the lives of special needs children by bringing a pony into their lives. The child’s own ‘personal pony’ would be matched to the child’s personality and temperament, as well as size and age, and would be provided to the child and family on a charitable basis, completely without charge. She wanted to help these special needs children in a unique way and bring magic into their lives.

The UK Shetland Ponies that are provided for the children have temperaments that are especially sensitive to children with disabilities. The Shetland ponies are provided to children with special needs because they are better suited to these children that require a smaller mount and an animal of smaller stature. The organization provides a pony to families that have special needs children, but families do not have to worry whether their child is ‘sick’ enough or ‘disabled’ enough, because they cater to any child who may be different in a special way. The families are screened however, to ensure that the whole family is committed to the project and to the care and up-keep of the pony.

The standard size of the Shetland ponies, as set by the Shetland Pony Stud Book Society, is of an upper height limit of 42” or 107 cms. These ponies can be any color known in the horse community, except spotted. Their coat changes according to the seasons—they get a double coat in winter and have a shorter coat in summer. The guard hairs on these ponies shed rain and keep the pony’s skin dry in the winter weather, and by contrast should have a silky sheen in summer.

The benefits of having a pet for anyone is a great experience. Having a pet pony to share a special needs’ child’s life can be especially rewarding. Imagine that child’s feeling as they learn to ride their own pony. Image how accomplished they may feel in being able to attend to their personal pony’s care. Think about what it would mean to a special needs child to have a pony of their own to share their lives with and to love.

This represents another way in which horses and ponies can enrich lives.

Author: Denny Phillips, from the Great Pet Owners website

The Great Pet Owners website offers tips, articles and advice on pet care and pet health. Denny Phillips has also written an e-book “Become A GREAT Pet Owner” for people who are passionate about pets and want to learn how they can become better friends and companions to their pets—become GREAT pet owners. The book is available at:http://www.great-pet-owners.com/pet-owner.html

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I might get a horse or 2

by Horse girl



I can't believe that I might get a horse. But the thing is I have to leave my friends and family. Because I have to move to the country. My horse or 2 will help me get over it. I love horses. I hope u do too. I can't wait to get a horse! Please comment.

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Turning problem turned inside out!

by Alison

My name is Alison, and my horse is a Painted Quarter horse. He had a problem with turning, he wouldn't respond, left or right. So I learned, a couple months ago, that using certain leg pressure works wonders! it was awesome! I used (when turning left) my left leg (majorly the heel) pushed in right where my leg naturally lays, and my right leg pushing back more on his stomach, (picture it bending the horse) and the opposite for turning right.

It worked, it is actually what show jumpers use on tier horses, but it worked for mine, now I don't even use the reins too often for normal turning. Of course you must be consistent in doing this, always leg pressure then reins, every time you turn. I hope this helps other girls out there. ~Ali

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No Title (ideas in comments please?)

by Jazzy

The silence of the village was not changed as something travelled through the village. The faint outline of a horse and rider flashed through the town, making no noise, yet the horse was in a full gallop on the cobblestones. They slowed gently and the something dismounted, heading for a stable block. Her horse faded as she searched the darkness. She entered a stable and comforted the horse in a whisper, though all he heard was the wind howling and moaning.

He felt her, though he could not see her as she drifted around him, confirming her thoughts. He tried to stand but the pain he had suffered all day in his leg was still there, and he rested his head on the girl. She got out a flute and began to play, a melancholy song that made him tired... She played and played, and even though he could not see her, the horse knew she was there.

The last of his spirit drained away and he gave a last sigh before he disappeared. She blew gently again into the flute and a herd of misty mares and stallions, colts and fillies stood before her, stock still. She smiled at them all, and in the midst was the horse she had just taken. She mounted her horse again and rode, searching for her next horse.

What she did was not wrong. She was merely freeing poor spirits from pain and sorrow. And as everyone knows, ghosts cannot feel pain. She was not a ghost though. She was in fact, something entirely different, but not what we expect them to be.

She was, in fact...
An angel.

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Goodbye Ratearl

by Elanza

How would u feel if the horse u loved for 4 years of your life gets taken away? Your life in ruin?
This is the story of the horse that changed my life.

When i was 8 i got a arab X boerperd called Jinx. She was the scariest horse ever. when I got her I just recovered from breaking my arm cuz of a horse ,so i was pretty scared of horses and she didn`t help one bit.

I started not wanting to ride because she kept trowing me.I wanted to quit but I loved a other horse on the farm Ratearl.

Ratearl was a bay thoroughbred. He was very cute only about 15 hands but we were perfect for each other after months of begging my mom sold Jinx and I leased my big bay boy:)

He was the love of my life but he wasn't all mine and he was already 15 years old. He raced so I wasn't allowed to jump bigger than 40cm.I wanted to go to big shows jump like a pro but I couldn't.
I accepted it though I just loved him to much to care.

We had a bond like no other. I knew he loved me and I still love him with all my heart.
After 4 years my life was ruined. My trainer of 6 years left me. My best friend Christine moved away. I moved to a other school and worst of all Ratearl was put down without me knowing. He was just taken away.

I never got to say goodbye...
goodbye my big bay boy... love u always

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by Carla

This is Bootsie

This is Bootsie

This is a true story and it has shaken my family badly.
My name is Carla and I am 13 years old,
and this is the story of our horse Boots.
My mother and I had bought a beautiful Arabian Colt.
Mum and I had decided to name him Bootsie.
We bought him off a very good friend of ours.
Anyway, we bought him home and put him in the stable and just sat with him for a while.
He was the most beautiful boy we had ever had.
Mum and I loved him very much.
The days went by and he started to mature into a beautiful young boy.
About a year after we got him we gelded him and Mum started to train him.
She had him working beautifully. He would collect he would do anything you asked of him really.
I went riding with Mum and Boots on my mare Tully.
We would go up the bush, we would go on the roads. Nothing would ever fase him.
All of a sudden he started to shake his head and have fits when Mum was riding him.
We took him to the vet and they said that they would have to do x-rays on him.
We waited a couple of months before we done it and Bootsie was getting worse and worse.
When they had the x-rays done the vet said that they couldn't see anything so they would have to do a bone marrow test.
So they made Boots lie down and he put something into his ear.
The test results came back and the vet said that Boots had head shakers syndrome and that he had to be put down.
This was the hardest thing that we ever had to hear.
Mum and I started to cry. He was our for only a few short years and he was about to be taken away.
On the very same day as my friends birthday Bootsie was taken to the vet for his very last journey.
When I came home from my firends place, he had gone.
I never got to say good-bye.
And he was gone.
I still love him with all my heart.
This story is dedicated to him.
I love you Bootsie.
xx Carla xx

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Canter Trees

by Jeka
(New Zealand)

This is a true story
Ok one day i was riding with my friends and we chose to do some cantering and race each other around the trees so we all lined up and we were off so i was coming 3rd then started to come to the front when all of a sudden angel Sarahs horseplays up which makes blue bell my horses to play so while im busy trying to stay on Sarah has fallen off and i busy half on and half off then all a sudden blue bell stop and i go flying over her and end up in a mud pool and then blue bell comes trotting up and just stands there and neighs then walk away to eat some grass while im in the mud covered might i say so has you can see this was a fun day but ended up very very dirty and angel was fine and so was sarah really i still come first yea :-

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Stars and Stripes (Indroduction)

by ranchgirl

Please comment if you want me to write this.
Stars herd (all of them have star head markings) wants to stay away from the Stripes herd (all of them have stripe head marking. They keep finding each other. Starry, the lead mare of the star herd met a young colt when she was little. Eventually, they mated and got a beautiful foal. The stripes herd got a foal too.

Will they collide or not?


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Six's Story: From Spooky, Abused Appendix To Bombproof, Willing Riding Buddy

by Sierra

I am the proud owner of a 14.2hh, 17-year-old flea-bitten grey Appendix Quarter Horse gelding registered by the name of Redneck Bud, barn name "Six". I've had him for approximately two months now, and my mother for nearly two years prior. He's been through many a bad home, and, save for his breeder, we are his first good home.

He was abused, neglected, and blown up on gymkhana or speed events, most notably barrel racing in particular. When I first got him, he spooked when I jumped near him, such as when mounting bareback; shied when a rope was flicked near his head (he was hit in the head when at his abusive home and is consequently nearly blind in his left eye); got "on the muscle" when he trotted and loped for extended periods.

I started with him getting on the muscle when trotting or loping. I would trot and lope, then walk, pet his neck, and praise him calmly to soothe him. He soon got to the point that we can trot and canter all we want and he does so calmly, without getting faster and faster.

Then I addressed his issues with me mounting bareback. I started by lifting my leg, and placing it on him. Then less slowly. Then I would place a step beside him and lay on his side, then on his back. Then put my leg over. Make tiny hops before doing so. Make bigger hops. Make bigger hops then lay over his back and swing my leg over. Use a smaller step. Discard step and hop on the ground. Swing my leg up and pull myself up.

Now I can swing from the ground and "Indian Swing Mount" him with him loose and he stands perfectly still as a stone statue.

Finally, I addressed his issues to do with the rope, by swinging it first at a slight distance, then gradually getting closer. Now I can sit on him and flick a lead back and forth while it is attached to his halter.

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This isn't really a horse training story but it does have a moral.

She was a beautiful chesnut mare. She had large brown twinkling eyes. And to make a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly long story short, ever since i saw those eyes, we have had a bond, a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry close bond FOREVER. RUBY AND ME ARE FOREVER.

This story is true and has a lot more to it but when I wrote it down in a school essay, it was almost too long and I didn't feel like writing an essay tonight.




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Gypsy girls like horses too!

by Thea and John

Gypsy girl(s)

Gypsy girl(s)

Hi Sydney

Like your website very much!

On our trip trough Europe we met many girls like you! We even met a Gypsy girl, same age you are. She was very interested in our wagon but more in the two haflinger ladies: Aysha and Isabella

This is what happened:

Today is a very hot day. Aysha is tired en we decide to stop early. Although, this day we arrive on a spot where lots of caravans, trailers and Mercedes Mobil homes already parked. They belong to the modern type of gypsies that travel throughout Germany.

When we arrive with our “haflinger beauties” we do not have to complain about interest.

The family next to us has three kids, two bigger boys and a young girl. The horses are very appealing to them because they know they used to own some horses themselves. Richard, the eldest, is telling us with a sparkle in his eyes and big gestures, that his horse was called Ramses, because it was a proud horse and it needed a big name.

I promise them, they can ride the horses if they want to. The girl is very enthusiastic and later she returns to tell us that Richard want to ride as well. When the moment there, the girl is really enjoying the ride but Richard thinks it’s a bit weird. He doesn’t want to anymore, that’s what he says, but his face is telling me something else.

I give him a choice: mount from the left or from the right and within two seconds he’s on top of Aysha and rides two full laps around the grassland with a grin from one ear to the other.

We made a picture of the gypsy girl sitting on Aysha!

Have fun with your website and keep telling your stories!

Cheers: Thea and John

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The Deer Jump

by Delaney

At the Stable I ride at I have always ridden a draft/paint cross named Marble. He is one of the most sweet horses you could ever meet, but last year we went to a show and at the trailer he got spooked and reared then trampled me. After that I was in U.K. for 8 days.

While I was there I met a cardiologist that liked horses too and we became good friends. Once I was recovered I began riding again and wanted a project. There was a pony named Owen whom my friend had been working with but stopped. I asked if I could ride him and make him my project and my amazing trainer said Yes! He already knew how to jump and everything and after a jumping lesson, I asked if I could end with the barrels and she once again said Yes! I Brought Owen up to the barrels and let him investigate them so he wouldn't do a nasty refusal. We went at them a couple of times before he jumped them good/properly and ended with that. I knew that the next day I would be going to my very last Dr. appointment and wanted to give the cardiologist a pic of me and the pony jumping the barrels.

I went up the next day to have the pic taken and Owen was perfect during the warm-up. We went up to the barrels after a good warm-up, and had a LOT of refusals. My trainer and I were getting fed up! She then told me "Make him jump those from a standstill if you have to!" I did as she said and wasn't expecting a very big jump so didn't get in a big jumping position. My dad and trainer told me that he probably jumped 5 feet in the air (the barrels are quite small) when he landed I landed hard on his back and he scooted forward into the corner. My trainer said that he usually will buck you off when he spooks and he didn't! I was so proud that he actually stopped for me! Ever since then Owen and I have had a great bond, even though we both have our bad days. I am still riding him and hope to not have to stop.

ILY Owen!!!!

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Mercy (Poem)

by Jazzy

Tamed and broken,
Torn by her fears,
She remembers her home,
And cries silver tears

She thought she was wild,
Could never be Caught,
But her hope slowly left her,
Cold and distraught

Ropes and men,
Shrill, frightened calls,
She had nowhere to run,
All around her were walls

All she wanted was freedom,
To kick and to run,
But in just one moment,
The hope was gone

Like all the others,
She was forced to succumb,
And her hope leaked away,
Like the light from the sun

She lay with no movement,
No life in her eyes,
Once to fall,
and never to rise

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Please help with story idea!

by Lucinda

my real pony bellla

my real pony bellla

Okay, so I want to make a horse story and maybe post it on the website but I don't really have any good ideas for the plot line.

The story is about a girl who is horse crazy an her mum has a palomino thoroughbred/Swedish warmblood mare called gold spark and it has a chestnut foal that is eventually given to the girl and she calls it flame and its sire is unknown but they think it might be the mum's friend anglo arab stallion.

But I need a good plot like what could make it more interesting like what should happen I might make another one if people want me to and tell me too and if anyone does give me ideas I'll try and give them some credit for it especially if the come up with a big part of the book!!!

P.S I need a title too:)!

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The White And The Girl

by Rayna
(Surprise, Arizona)

It was cold. Oh so cold. It stung her face, digging down to the bone. It penetrated her many layers which were no match for it's brutal tendrils. They managed to surround her in their crisp iciness. So cold.

The crunching of snow. That's what she heard as she slowly made her way through the pasture. Bad choice not to wear socks. The deep snow that was kicked up, found itself inside her boots, numbing her feet. But it didn't matter.

The cold didn't matter. It was as if it was all in another world. She continued forward, gripping the icy crusted lead in her bare hands. Those were numb too. All around her, cold whiteness. The snow had settled over the night. A thick fog clung to the air, suffocating out the heat.

Winter. This was winter. Cold, long nights. Snow covered ground. Fog. Magic. Or so she liked to believe.

The dramatic cold of the metal shocked her out of her daze. It burned her fingers. But she, moving quickly, pried up the frozen latch and swung open the gate. It released a horribly loud squealing noise as it heavily, slowly, pulled itself open. Too slow.

The roar of hoofbeats approached. It wasn't really all that loud, but it was to her. To her sensitive ears. Her fingers were numb.

Wincing from the sting of the frost, she swung the metal gate shut, and turned. Her boots were filled with snow. So cold. So numb. She couldn't feel it.

They were all but blurs as the sound of the gate triggered their excited gallop. They thundered over, brightly colored blankets clinging to their furry forms. Four of them in all. One black, one white, and 2 bay. The White. That was her's.

A whistle erupted from her cold lips. Through chattering teeth. The high pitched call pierced the air. The white. He stopped, ears pricked, while the others slowed and trotted to the side.

They knew the message. The familiar message. So she trudged forward, ignorant to the harsh temperatures.

The mighty beast's breath came out in a cloud as it burst from it's nostrils. A bond. A connection. That's what the two felt. The white and the girl. Such a bond. Such a connection. Trust. So much trust.

She spoke, though she did not speak English. She did not speak any language.
She spoke the words of the wind. Of nature herself. The language of that which cannot be tamed. So powerful, yet merely a whisper. Washed away with the wind.

But the white had heard it. The white understood.

So away they went. The white and the girl, leaving clouds of white in their wake as they galloped as one through the snow. Warmed by each others heart and spirit. Off they went.

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Ever been neglected?

by Kaela

Hey world of horse crazy girls! I am here to tell you if you want a challenge that pays off in the end go to your local stare and get to the ad's section of your local newspaper! Look under PETS and find the cheapest horse with the description "need all animals out soon good temper, ridable come soon!" trust me this will be a thing you will not want to witness in your local newspaper, but it is a good way to have time to train a horse of your own! Most of the time when you get this ad the horse should not be ridden, and may not have a good temper but if you work hard that will pay of and you will be a better rider and you will have the perfect mount for your riding needs! PS NO SLACKING GIRLS! Ride your horse as much as often work on ground work and lunging. Try some Indian techniques and some joining up. HAVE FULL TRUST IN YOUR HORSE OR PONY!!!!!!!!!! Trust me on this one- mine turned out perfectly!(see 'big break through' in training)!!!!

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When I Lost Denim

by Uma
(Beaverton, Oregon, USA)

*This story is made up. Hope you like it!

I groaned. My body ached everywhere. Mostly my head. "Hey, what are you doing?" I said. People came over to me with fascination and worry. A bunch of flashes went off.

"Stop, I need to sleep." I whined. They still crowded me. "Daaad. Make them go away." He nodded and shooed away the people.

"Thanks Dad. I-" Everything went black.

I walked along the dirty isle, saying good morning to all the horses in their stalls. At the stall nearest to the indoor arena, was Denim's stall.

Denim was a tobiano paint. She was always tugging on my jeans, or denim, in our case. She was a little green, and spunked girl power. She was my horse that I had just bought a month ago. She was learning really fast though. We had to get tacked up though, or we'd be way later than fashionably late. Which is too late.

I tacked her up after quickly brushing her down. I walked calmly into the arena as if nothing had happened. Surprisingly, no one was there. That's strange, I thought. I'm sure we have a lesson today. All of a sudden, I smelled smoke. Not good.

Please tell me someone has just a barbecue! I thought worriedly. I led Denim out at a trot. Then I saw it. Everyone was outside looking at the arena's roof! It was on fire and burning!

Suddenly a roof piece came off. Everyone screamed and ran. Denim who loved me so dearly, stood quietly and wrapped her neck around me in protection. But I screamed as the roof fell towards me and dropped the lead rope and ran. I whirled around when I heard a shrill neigh. Denim was on fire and crushed by the roof. I ran towards her.

"Denim!!!!" I yelled. But my instructor Felicity pulled me back. "No!!" I cried. Over and over again I screamed. Pretty soon the whole barn was on fire. Neighs of fright filled the air. Firemen everywhere hosed the barn. I clamped my hands on my ears and fell to the ground. Tears sprung down my face. I couldn't take it. Why can't it just stop? I thought.

Finally the fire was out and most of the horses dead. Everything was silent. And right there I passed out.

It has been two years since my riding accident, and then seeing my beautiful Denim die. I was haunted after those two events. All I did now was sleep and do homework. It was easy. I didn't have to do anything. And most of all, I didn't have to ride again. Until Silver Dime came along.

Please comment or no part two!! Thanks!!!

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Join Up with Gypsy

by Autumn

This is what a join up looks like

This is what a join up looks like

Join up is what a leadmare does in the wild with another horse wanting to join the herd. It builds strong trust between horse and rider. How you do it with domestic horses is with a longe line, i'll explain.

In the round pen, you want to first take off the horses' halter and leadrope. Grab the longe line, hold the end with the clip and coil the rope in an oval. Make this small, but not to small. Then, grab the long, thin part of the longe line and throw it at the back side of the horse. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HIT THE HORSE!

Just make it run in circles around you. Keep your eye on the horses' eye, it keeps its attention to you. To turn it around, move in front of it and switch hands with the longe line. This may be tiring!

I did this with my horse, Gypsy, and from what I experienced, she will need a lot of work! My dad and I are going to work on this for a while with her, as she has not yet 'joined up'. Please make sure an adult is with you or knows where you are going!

How to finish this off, when you see them licking and chewing, and dropping their head, repeatedly, turn your shoulder parallel to its shoulder.

Slowly walk away, drop the longe line, and if it follows, good going! It may only need a couple more times to fully gain the trust of your horse. Unless, of course, you already have a strong bond of trust! This is a great training exercise!

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The long Journey.

by claire w

It is about a girl who goes to a riding school and she has not been on a horse ever so this is her first time and she meets new friends and she meets new horses and she is doing really good until a boy comes along and she loses control of looking after the horses and so she has a break for a little while, but while she is on her break she spots the boy that she has a crush on and she now knows that he loves her too.But what will happened next?

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by Andrea

My horse Charlie (Chuck) is a 13 hand, welsh pony-somethin. He's 20 yrs old and my beginner horse.

The other day I was riding and he stopped, started rearing, turned around and ran full speed back home. Jumped a snow bank, around the basketball hoop, nearly taking my foot off, under a low tree branch, around the tack shed, and back into the pasture. All at a full gallop, bareback.

I know nothing scared him because we had just ridden past that area 5 minutes before. And whenever I try to jump on him bareback lately he bucks sideways at me.

He is an awesome lead pony, that's what he did for a while, until I bought him from a lady that said he was the perfect starter horse. And now I know why!!

I've tried parelli with him, nothing. I just need a few tips to keep him in line on the trail! Thanks for reading!

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My Hero Horse (True)

by Kailey

My sister was using our friend's pony named Goldie, we decided to breed her. (this was a long time ago.) so we bred her and she had her baby colt. I was so excited because I love colts. So I would go out by the colt every day and pet it and talk to him. He was a sorrel color, well he looked like Spirit, so I named him Spirit. He got bigger and bigger everyday, and I taught him everything. He understood me. His fastest barrel pattern was a 14.6, he was a fast horse. I loved to take him on trails.

But one day I was riding my horse Cloud and something spooked him and I fell off and he ran, I'm not sure where but he ran. I hurt my leg so I couldn't move. And I just sat there thinking what was going to happen. I forgot I had my phone. It was getting late so I tried getting up to walk home. But then I heard growling....... I got scared. And I saw 5 wolves glaring at me. Then they got really close to me, I started to yell for help. I didn't hear a car, or a four-wheeler, but I heard hooves. I thought it was my horse coming for me. But no, it was Spirit!!! After I heard his hooves my phone went off and it was my mom saying Spirit got out, I told her I knew that.

Spirit was mad, he chased the wolves away from me, and he got me to my feet, I don't know how but I stood up and he lifted me onto his back and I rode him home. He is my true hero. A while after that he got sick, and I was scared for him. But every time I would look at him he would give me a look saying, you don't have to worry, I'm a fighter. And I knew he was, but later that night he passed away. I don't know why. But he is the reason I'm still alive today.

I miss you boy! I love you:)

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My Horse

by Aubry



This is the story of my horse. He's 38 year old quarter horse. I got him for Christmas 2006, so i've had him for three years. One day after a lesson that I had at Scheffelridge farm, we were driving out and my parents stopped the car in front of the very front pasture and there was a very thin neglected looking horse standing there with his eyes shut sleeping. He looked so miserable. I was like "Dad what are we doing" and he said "Linda(who was my instructor) told us that there was a horse in the front pasture that might be a good first horse for you and so we should stop and look at him" so we all got out of the car and i climbed underneath the fence and he came right over to me....and that was the moment that i knew he was the one. I walked around the pasture and he followed me everywhere. "What's his name" I asked my mom "Delbert is his name" she replied. So after we left that night, Delbert was on my brain:). So after that day, I began riding Delbert in lessons from then on. We tried to take him over some(very) small cross rails and he wouldn't go over them for anything! I think he probably walked over one twice but thats about it. So i rode him a lot, and the more i rode him the more i totally got brainwashed by him:). So come Christmas day, we started opening presents and there were halters,lead ropes, pitchforks, brushes etc. etc. And only being 9 yrs old at the time, I was like "Mom what am i going to use these for...i don't even have a horse" she said " well, i suppose you could use them when you go to take lessons on Delbert". At that time we were living on 25 acres and we didn't have fence put up a barn or anything. So, our neighbors always have a Christmas open house on Christmas day...and they had always had horses and a big barn. So I always loved to go down on Christmas day and brush and pet all of the horses in their barn. So, we stopped at the barn and i started walking down the aisle. First i saw Flicka(his Arabian quarter horse mare) then there was one of our neighbors son's horses whom i hadn't seen before. Then i stopped in my tracks...."That horse looks a lot like Delbert" I thought to myself and then i started bawling It was Delbert! My parents had actually gotten him for me! I ran to him and opened the stall and gave him a big giant hug. This horse was truly the greatest Christmas present a girl could ever ask for, and i will remember it forever.

Three Years Later

Delbert is still with us now...he'll be 39 this year. He's such a wonderful old boy. He looks like a million bucks. Everybody loves this guy!

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by Horselover

Last year when I was eleven I went to a youth fair (I was in the horse class) were you train an horse and then they have a show. You don't ride the horses.

My friend and I got paired up with a six year old Appaloosa/Arabian mare. She was very spirited. She had never been trained to trot on the lead rope. Also she had a stall were she had to back out,and once when she was backing out she tripped and almost fell. After that she was afraid to go in the barn.

Before the show we were training her and she wouldn't trot on the lead, so the girl who worked there and worked with us had someone else try to get her to trot. That girl hit her with the lead rope (my friend and I didn't like that), she still didn't trot.

My and I friend were determined so we kept on trying. We found a good trick to make her trot, which was that one of us lead her and make kissy sounds and the other run beside her and tickle her flank.

It worked and she trotted every time! When it was time for the show the leader told us that if Lacy had any trouble in the other parts of the show then it would be useless to try to trot her.

But when it was time for the show I trotted her and everyone cheered! It was so amazing hat we trained her! And all this happened in only two days!

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Tomboy/Horse Rider

by Lindsay

Hey Dudes,

I am a tomboy but i looooove horses. Me and my friend Maggie ride a lot but my other friends, like Batman (his nickname), don't. I have a beginners degree in western riding and am still working on my beginners english. I ride a horse named Casey. He is a beautiful chestnut gelding, i ride him for english lessons. I kinda figure that most of the girls who write to this website are either girly or middle class, i dress middle class but i am a total dude (at least me and Maggie think we are.)

Peace out,

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