Horse Drawings

Here are adorable horse drawings shared by horsecrazy girls like you! Plus, some great tips about how to draw horses.

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See More Horse Drawings Here!

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Tips from Some Terrific Books That Will Teach You How to Draw Horses:

"Practice is truly the key to any success, so draw every day. Research pictures and references to practice from, and take your own photographs whenever possible. To draw well you must "know" your subject, and be able to really "see" and study the shapes."
- Lee Hammond, Draw Horses

"Important Drawing Tips: Draw lightly at first (Sketch!), so you can erase extra lines later. Remember that the first few shapes are important. Notice the placement, sizes and positions of the first shapes. Practice, practice, practice and have fun drawing horses!"
- Freddie Levin, 1-2-3 Draw Horses

"Don't get discouraged, if at first, you find it difficult to duplicate the shapes pictured. Just keep at it, and in no time you'll be able to make the pencil just go where you wish. Drawing, like any other skill, requires patience, practice, and perseverance."
- Lee J. Ames, Draw 50 Horses

"To get started drawing and painting, you will need the right supplies. You don't have to buy the most expensive art supplies but you should get the best available to you. Remember, the most expensive brushes aren't the key to becoming a master, and a good artist can use moderately priced brushes to produce a masterpiece!"
- Jeanne Filler Scott, Draw and Paint Realistic Horses

"Some knowledge of the horse's anatomy and proportion is important for correctly blocking in the shape of the subject at the beginning of each drawing." - Walter Foster, Horses: Learn to Draw Step-by-Step

"There's more than one way to bring your four-legged friends to life on paper - you can use crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Just be sure you have plenty of good "horse colors" - black, brown, white, plus yellow, orange, red and blue." - Walter Foster, Draw & Color Horses & Ponies

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