Horse Drawings

Here are some great horse drawings shared by horsecrazy girls like you! This horse drawings page is filled with drawings, tips to draw horses, horse sketches, pencil horse drawings, horse head drawings and more. Whether you like to want to make or share a pencil drawings of horse, an equine portrait, a charcoal horse head drawing, a watercolor horse, or something else equine related we would love to share your art here. You can also study drawings on this page as inspiration for the equine art you want to create.  

If you are wanting to do pencil drawings you will need some paper. The paper can be just plain white paper, tracing paper, or sketch paper. You will also need pencils again they can be regular pencils or you can buy some drawing pencils. For a pop of color all you need to do is add some colored pencils or pastels to your order. If you use pastels you will want to use thicker paper.

Besides pencil drawings you can also do charcoal drawings. In order to do charcoal drawings you will need thicker paper along with charcoal pencils. 

Watercolors are also another option when considering a medium for your artwork. You will probably want pencils to sketch your painting, but you will definitely need watercolors and textured watercolor paper. If you want to use regular paints all you need is a canvas and paints. 

The different horse art sections on this page include 

Horse Head Drawings

Horse Paintings

Horse Sketches

Horse Drawings

Horse Head Drawings

Drawing a horse head can be difficult especially if you don't have much animal drawing experience or just drawing experience in general. With all the details a horse head has from the eyes, to the mane, the forelock, the nostrils, the mouth, markings, etc there is just a lot to capture. It can be really hard to create the type of horse head artwork you want to and it is really easy to get discouraged. I know that when I try to draw a horse head people aren't always sure what I just created. Luckily we understand and embrace every level of artwork. So whether you want to share your first attempt at drawing a horse head, a piece of artwork that won a competition, or you just want to get some inspiration for your next horse head drawing we are here for you. We also have a page just for horse head drawings

P.S. If you want some extra help on your horse head drawings scroll to the bottom of the page for tips and resources. We also have a page with books dedicated to helping you learn how to draw horses.

Gorgeous Horse Head Drawing

A pencil drawing with color of a bay horse's head with a halter on.

Spirit submitted this incredible horse head drawing with color. The drawing is called Gorgeous Horse Head Drawing and you can see why. I love how realistic this horse head drawing is, you can tell that a lot of time went into this drawing. The dimension in the horse's color is wonderful by itself but combined with the excellent drawing skills of this artist this equine portrait becomes a true masterpiece. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Sketchy Horse

A drawing of a chestnut horse head.

This beautiful horse head drawing was submitted by Melody. The color in the drawing is very pretty and the detail in the face, neck, and shoulder of the horse is great. Another thing that I really like about this horse head drawing is the emotions you can see in the horse's face. The drawing is called Sketchy Horse. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!


A pencil horse head drawing with an abstract look.

Skymouth submitted this beautiful horse head drawing called Equushead. This pencil drawing is clearly a horse but still has an abstract, free feel. The shading on the horse head drawing is really well done and provides some great dimension to the art. I personally really like the clean lines and movement in the piece. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Welsh Headstudy

A horse head pencil drawing. The horse is wearing a bridle.

This drawing called Welsh Headstudy was submitted by Miss Mystery. I think she did an excellent job creating a realistic pencil horse head drawing. From the horse's face markings, to the bridle, and the expression in the eye this horse head drawing is very realistic. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Big Work Horse Head

Horse head pencil drawing

Breanna submitted this great horse head drawing. This drawing is titled the Big Work Horse Head and features just that, a horse head! What I love about this pencil drawing is that you can really see the time and care that was put into creating it and making it seem more realistic. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Horse's Eye 

A pencil drawing of a horse head with a bridle on.

Emily submitted this cool horse head pencil drawing. The drawing is called Horse's Eye and features a horse head with a bridle on. While the drawing is definitely focused on the horse's eye you can still see the realistic detail in the bridle and the horse's cheek/jaw along with the forehead region. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Dressage Stallion Portrait

A pencil drawing of a horse head.

Spirit submitted this great equine portrait titled Dressage Stallion Portrait. The detail in this horse head pencil drawing is really good from the braids in the horse's mane, to the veins, and even the muscles this horse has all the little things to make it look that much more realistic. The shading in the picture is well done as well. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!  

Cartoon Mare 

A pencil drawing of a paint horse head and shoulder.

This horse head drawing titled Cartoon Mare was submitted by Molly. I think she did a wonderful job replicating Rain from the movie Spirit. From the spots on her shoulder and face, to the feather in the mane, and even the expression in the horse's eye everything was done with careful attention to detail. I am really impressed by this pencil drawing. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Stallion Head

A pencil drawing of a horse head with a fierce expression.

Karen submitted this pencil horse head drawing called Stallion Head. She did a great job with this horse head drawing in my opinion. The horse's eyes, ears, nostril, and mouth are able to work together to convey a fierce expression. The shading work in the equine drawing provides some depth to the drawing and the look of the mane adds movement. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist! 

Grey Andalusian Head

A pencil drawing of a grey Andalusian horse head.

Titled Grey Andalusian Head this pencil horse head drawing by Spirit is really well done. There are several other beautiful horse drawings on the page alongside the Grey Andalusian Head when you click through to see the page. Be sure to click through, look at all the beautiful horse pencil drawings, and leave a comment for the artist!

Friesian Stallion

A pencil drawing of a horse head.

Maddie submitted this pencil horse head drawing titled Friesian Stallion. I love the shading elements that she has used in the drawing to add depth and interest. Her proportions in the drawing such as the eye size to face, head size to neck, ears to head are also very good. Overall, I think this pencil drawn horse head drawing is very well done! Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Another Horse Drawing

A pencil drawing of a horse head.

Rebecca B. submitted this horse head drawing called Another Horse Drawing. I think she did a very good job of making a cute horse head drawing. The proportions of the horse's face are very good and the sketching of the mane makes it look like it has movement. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Welsh cob pony

A horse head drawn in pencil.

Maddie submitted this great horse head drawing called Welsh Cob Pony. This pencil drawing has great job shading incorporated throughout it. The horse's eye is filled with expression and she did a pretty good job of creating an accurate, realistic equine portrait. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Just some old drawings

A pencil horse head drawing.

Rebecca sent in several of her old horse drawings with the title Just Some Old Horse Drawings. We are so glad she sent in these drawings because we love seeing where everyone has started their horse drawing journey. I think she did a great job with her first few horse drawings. She put in a lot of detail and added elements such as the lines on the neck and face to make the horse look that much more real. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Horse Paintings

Horse paintings are super fun and a great way to pass the time. Paintings are wonderful because they add and extra pop of color you don't get in a pencil or charcoal horse drawing. Plus there are tons of different ways to paint as you can use water colors, acrylic, or oil based paints. There is also a huge selection of canvas sizes when it comes to painting which allows you to create horse art that will best fit in any number of spaces. Just make sure you get the right tools for your painting journey. Now because we get so many horse drawings the ones in this category are going to be all the ones done with paint or the paint tool online.

charm and Me

A watercolor painting of a girl riding a horse in a roundpen.

Charm and Me is an incredible watercolor painting submitted by Amanda. I am so impressed by her watercolor painting. Charm looks incredibly realistic, you can see the detail in her jacket, jeans, and riding boots. There are even shadows on the ground and a gradation in the sky. I know I wouldn't be able to do such a great horse and rider watercolor painting. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Friesian Horse

An animated Friesian Horse painting.

Kristen N. submitted this horse painting titled Friesian Horse. This painting wasn't done in a traditional way, but rather on the computer. Even though it wasn't painted with a physical paint brush I am super impressed with this piece of art. The horse definitely has a more animated feel to it but it isn't cartoonish. You can clearly see that this is a beautiful black horse. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!


A painting of a bay Arabian horse head.

Lacey! is the title of this cool horse head painting submitted by Ayana. This pretty horse head painting is actually a portrait of her Arabian horse, which makes it that much more special. I personally love all the color and detail that is in this painting from the background to the actual horse. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

A painting of my horse

A painting of a horse head.

Dreamer submitted this horse head drawing on the behalf of her brother. Titled A Painting Of My Horse this equine portrait has a lot of color. The artwork features a cool horse head with a bridle on in front of a sunset. The combination of colors in the background combined with the colors that make up the horse really makes this artwork come to life. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Hackney Pony

A painting of a bay hackney pony.

Hackney Pony is another painting by Kristen N. This horse painting , like her other one, was done on the computer and is really good. All parts of the horse are pretty well proportioned and the colors fit a hackney pony. Even though the bright blue eye is not very realistic I still really like it especially as it draws you in to the picture. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Check Out MY Horse Painting!

A painting of a paint horse head.

This horse head painting by Alaina has a fun feel to it. The horse painting is called Check Out My Horse Painting. The horse head drawing was a portrait of her dream horse Milo. I love the color that really makes this paint horse come alive. Let's face it we all have a dream horse and what a better way to make your dream horse come to life then by painting the horse yourself. Be sure to click through and leave a comment for the artist!

Horse Sketches

Horse sketches are the start of any great horse artist. Sketches are a great way to plan out your next horse painting, horse drawing, or any horse artwork really. Another great thing about sketches is that they are quick and easy so you can easily create several ideas. We love to share horse sketches as they often provide great inspiration and allow people to really get in a creative frame of mind. If you want to see more horse sketches check out our horse sketches page. Now because there are so many horse drawings and the definition of sketches is rather broad all the horse drawings in this category are simply going to be horse drawings that don't have color.

A quick doodle of my two horses

A Quick Doodle Of My Two Horses is the name of this horse sketch submitted by. 

just a doodle

Just A Doodle is a cute sketch submitted by.

my drawings

Rayna submitted a set of sketches called My Drawings.

Grazing Horse

Anna submitted this horse drawing called Grazing Horse.

horse standing still

Maddie submitted this drawing.


Colleen8D submitted this horse sketch called Sketches.

free horse lineart

Free Horse Lineart is the title of this horse drawing by Kristen N.  

Horse Drawings

Horse drawings can be any number of things. It can be a pencil horse drawing, it could be a charcoal horse drawing, it could be a horse drawing done with colored pencils or even crayons. Because we get so many different types of horse drawings all featuring something different such as a horse jumping, a horse head, a herd or horses, etc the drawings in this category are going to be horse drawings that have color, show the whole horse, and have one or more horses in the scene.

sage's horses

Sage's Horses drawings were submitted by Sage.

fire horse

Fire Horse was submitted by Ruby.

Pencil Horse Drawings

See Pencil Horse Drawings Here!

Horse Head Drawings

See Horse Head Drawings Here!

Tips From Books That Will Teach You How to Draw Horses:

"Practice is truly the key to any success, so draw every day. Research pictures and references to practice from, and take your own photographs whenever possible. To draw well you must "know" your subject, and be able to really "see" and study the shapes."
- Lee Hammond, Draw Horses

"Important Drawing Tips: Draw lightly at first (Sketch!), so you can erase extra lines later. Remember that the first few shapes are important. Notice the placement, sizes and positions of the first shapes. Practice, practice, practice and have fun drawing horses!"
- Freddie Levin, 1-2-3 Draw Horses

"Don't get discouraged, if at first, you find it difficult to duplicate the shapes pictured. Just keep at it, and in no time you'll be able to make the pencil just go where you wish. Drawing, like any other skill, requires patience, practice, and perseverance."
- Lee J. Ames, Draw 50 Horses

"To get started drawing and painting, you will need the right supplies. You don't have to buy the most expensive art supplies but you should get the best available to you. Remember, the most expensive brushes aren't the key to becoming a master, and a good artist can use moderately priced brushes to produce a masterpiece!"
- Jeanne Filler Scott, Draw and Paint Realistic Horses

"Some knowledge of the horse's anatomy and proportion is important for correctly blocking in the shape of the subject at the beginning of each drawing." - Walter Foster, Horses: Learn to Draw Step-by-Step

"There's more than one way to bring your four-legged friends to life on paper - you can use crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Just be sure you have plenty of good "horse colors" - black, brown, white, plus yellow, orange, red and blue." - Walter Foster, Draw & Color Horses & Ponies

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