Everything you need for an awesome Horse Birthday party!

Any horsecrazy girl will want an awesome horse birthday party. Whether you are the horsecrazy girl looking for horse birthday party ideas or you are trying to plan someone else’s horse birthday party, there are plenty of ideas and products to make the birthday party a hit.

If you or the person you are planning the party for wants a specific theme such as a pony birthday party, or a cowgirl birthday party instead of a horse birthday party, pretty much everything can stay the same except decorations. But do not worry, I will give you specific items for the eight different horse birthday party themes on this page.

If you want to have an awesome horse birthday party, there are several must haves:

  • Horse Tablecloths
  • Horse Napkins
  • Horse Games
  • Horse Candles
  • Horse Banners
  • Horse Plates
  • Horse Balloons
  • Horse Decorations
  • Horse Party Favors
  • Horse Cups
  • Horse Crafts
  • Horse Cake or Horse Cake Decorations 
  • Horse Invitations and Horse Thank You Cards

Horse Birthday Party Themes

But wait, how will you pick from all the awesome horse birthday party items out there? Well, I find it very helpful to first have a theme and a color scheme for the birthday party.

So what are some popular horse birthday party themes? Here are the eight horse birthday party themes I find to be the most common:

  1. Cowgirl Themed Horse Birthday Party
  2. Western Themed Horse Birthday Party
  3. Pony Themed Horse Birthday Party
  4. My Little Pony Themed Horse Birthday Party
  5. Unicorn Themed Horse Birthday Party
  6. Girl Horse Themed Horse Birthday Party
  7. Wild Horses Themed Horse Birthday Party
  8. Farm Themed Horse Birthday Party

Each of these themes has an item for everything on our must-have list and we have a section with my personal favorite for each of the must-haves. Be sure to check out these great horse birthday party items below.

The only thing not included in each category is horse games because they can usually be used in a horse party. So we just have some different great horse games listed on this page.

Horse Birthday party games

Awesome horse birthday party games:


Free printable horse bingo card for horse themed party

Check out our free printable horse bingo cards that are centered around horse facts. The best part about these cards is that you can print as many as you need for your party and it will not cost you anything except paper and ink. You can play this game inside or outside making it good for summer, winter, spring, and fall.

Pro tip:   If you do not have bingo chips use horse stickers or markers.

Cost: Free


Pin The Tail On The Horse printable for horse themed party
Pin The Tail On The Pony printable for horse themed party

Pin the tail on the pony by DesignMyPartyStudio

The pin the tail on the horse game is the same as pin the tail on the donkey but with a super cute horse instead. Do not worry, you can also get pin the tail on the pony. You can play this game inside or outside making it good for summer, winter, spring, or fall.

Cost: Less than $ 5 for the horse and less than $ 6 for the pony.


Horse Escape Room printable for horse themed party

I have not tried this game yet but it looks super fun and I love how unique it is. I can honestly say that I have never played a horse escape room game by ThinkTankEscapeRooms at a party before, but I definitely want to. 

You can play this game inside or outside making it good for summer, winter, spring, and fall.

Cost: Less than $ 15


Used Horseshoes Flat & Nails Removed for horse themed party

This game is a true classic, and while it may not be good for a party with little kids, it can be a lot of fun for older kids.

You could get horseshoes from a local farrier or just buy some at your local Tractor Supply along with the stakes. You can also buy 10 used horseshoes by 7LUCKYHORSESHOES for around $ 30 on Etsy.

Unfortunately this is an outdoor only kind of game so it is better for summer, spring, or fall.

Cost: Around $ 50 depending on number of horseshoes, where you buy them, etc.


Handmade Stick Horses for horse themed party

I loved pretending to ride with stick horses by mylue as a kid which is why I love the idea of ​​relay races on stick horses.

Depending on how expensive you want this party to get, you could buy everyone a stick horse, which on the cheap end is $ 14 per horse, or you could just have everyone bring their own. You could also just get one horse per so many girls and make them take turns using the stick horse.

In terms of the actual relay race, you could have a jumping course with household objects where fastest time wins or you could have a horseshoe that they have to get in a bucket and fastest time there wins. Unfortunately it is more of a summer, spring, fall game.

Cost: Less than $ 15 if you buy only one stick horse


Jeopardy Powerpoint Template, PC, Mac & iPad compatible, for horse themed party

This game can be a lot of fun and there are a ton of different horse-related facts to choose from, everything from colors of horses to different disciplines, and even famous horses.

Plus, this easy to use jeopardy template by ThinkGames that is less than $ 10 will help you look like a pro. You can play this game inside or outside making it good for summer, winter, spring, or fall.

Pro tip: For horse jeopardy to go well with other girls at the party, they will probably need some horse knowledge or to at least be on a team with other horse girls. 

Cost: Less than $ 10


Horse Treasure Hunt printable for horse themed party

Who does not love a treasure hunt, especially a horse treasure hunt by BlimeyBox?

It is a fun interactive game that almost everyone can play and the best part is that this one on Etsy is all ready to go. You can play this game inside or outside making it good for summer, winter, spring, and fall.

Cost: Less than $ 10


A pinata that has a dark gray background with a silver horseshoe on top, a brown horse head silhouette, and three red flowers on the bottom.

A horse themed pinata, such as this horseshoe mini pinata by PinatasandpartyShop, is always a fun birthday activity.

You can fill the pinata with candy or something unique like plastic horse figurines. Not matter what you choose having a pinata at the party is sure to provide entertainment for all.

Cost: starts at $18

a real horse or pony

A white pony wearing a red halter looking between two white fence slats. The pony is wearing a western-style saddle with a red saddlepad. There is more fencing and trees in the background.

No this isn't a game, but having a real life horse or pony at a horse themed birthday party is sure to delight all the horse lovers. Whether the horse is there for pony rides or just for petting, it will definitely make the party one to remember.

If you want more horse game ideas for birthday parties check out our horse party games page where we asked our horsecrazy girl friends to share their best ideas!

Cowgirl themed horse birthday party 

Here are several must-haves for a cowgirl themed horse birthday party:


Western Table Cover for cowgirl themed horse party

These Cowgirl Tablecloths by SteshaParty are perfect for a cowgirl themed horse birthday party. Not only do they scream cowgirl but they are simple enough to go with almost any other decorations you have.

Plus if you save the table cover you could use it for a cowboy party or a horse birthday party with a western theme in the future.


Handmade Cowgirl Napkins for cowgirl themed horse party

I mean how cute are these Cowgirl Napkins by Partyof7Creations. While these napkins are not the most horse related ones on this page they are definitely still a great option for a birthday party with a cowgirl theme.

The neutral color with the simple cowgirl hat allows these napkins to match your other decorations and if you have a lot left over they can be used again. 


Handmade Paisley Birthday Candle for cowgirl horse themed party

If you need the perfect cowgirl themed candle then look no further because Cowgirl Candles by SweetLilPeaches has you covered. The cute red paisley design combined with the fun cow print makes this birthday candle an undeniable cowgirl candle.

I personally think that you could even forgo a birthday cake topper with these candles.    


Cowgirl Happy Birthday Party Banner for cowgirl horse themed party

The happy birthday Cowgirl Banners by CatiebugDesignsShop are just what you need for the ultimate cowgirl birthday party.

The pink colors on this banner look gorgeous and the cowgirl boots will make your theme beyond clear. Plus it would make a cute backdrop for some photos at a birthday party.


Red Bandana dinner plates

If you love that paisley look for a cowgirl birthday party then these Cowgirl Plates are the plates for you. With the pretty red paisley and the blue denim trim look these plates are a great option for a cowgirl birthday party.  


Cowgirl Balloon Garland for cowgirl horse themed party

Cowgirl Balloons by girlygifts07 make me rethink my position on balloons.

I have never been a big fan of balloons and to be honest I was not even going to include them on this horse birthday party page, but then I saw these balloons on Esty and now every theme has amazing balloons like these. I mean come on what a fun decoration!


Cowgirl Boots Birthday Decor for cowgirl horse themed party

Cowgirl Decorations by BlueOakCreations will provide your horse party a super fun look with these cowgirl boots. These beautiful cowgirl boot cutouts are sure to stand out with their fun colors and pretty designs.

Plus unlike some other decorations these could definitely  be used at a party of an older horse lover without looking too young and out of place. 


Knot Your Everyday Cowgirl Hair Tie Birthday Party Favors for cowgirl horse themed party

Everyone needs fun party favors for their party and Cowgirl Party Favors by SewWhatSteph fill those requirements. These super cute hair ties are great party favors as everyone always needs a hair tie especially when they are running around and having fun at a birthday party. 


Cowgirl Party Cups for cowgirl horse themed party

Cowgirl Cups by BlueOakCreations are definitely  a must have for a birthday party with a cowgirl theme. These cute and colorful cups featuring cowgirl images such as a horse, cowgirl boot, and horse shoe provide great elements to any cowgirl birthday party.

Having plastic cups also allows for those of younger ages to be able to have drink cups that will be less likely to break.     


DIY Horse Ornament Kit for cowgirl horse themed party

If you are wanting a fun and creative craft for your horse birthday party Cowgirl Crafts by RavenKingCrafts are for you. These horse and horseshoe cutouts allow younger and older children to decorate these as they see fit.  


Cowgirl Birthday Cake Topper for cowgirl horse themed party

Obviously, you could always find a cowgirl cake for a cowgirl birthday party. But if you are wanting to do a DIY birthday cake and aren't an amazing cake decorator (like most of us) then Cowgirl Cake Decorations by StrutOurStuff has the solution with this amazing custom cake topper.


Cowgirl Watercolor Birthday Party Invitation for cowgirl horse themed party
Cowgirl Birthday Thank You Card for cowgirl horse themed party

Cowgirl Invitations by SunshineParties

Cowgirl Thank You Cards by PaperiePrintables

These cowgirl birthday invitations and thank you cards are exactly what you need to start and end you fun filled cowgirl birthday party. Not only are they inexpensive, but you can also edit them on your computer saving you a ton of time and energy. Plus if you accidentally mess up or need another you can just print from your computer.  

Western Themed Horse birthday party

Must-haves for a western themed horse birthday party:


Yeehaw Western Plastic Table Cover for western themed horse party

If you think western birthday party theme chances are you are thinking cattle drives across the western plains (that's what I think of).

Which is why I think this table cover is perfect for a western birthday party. With the bold fun cow print and brown accent color Western Tablecloths by TackyNutPartyStore are sure to be a great addition to your party decor.


Cowboy Boots Personalized Paper Napkins for western themed horse party

These Western Napkins by NapkinNiche may look more like wedding napkins based off the photo but since they are actually custom made for you, they can easily be turned into birthday napkins. They may not feature a horse but with the cute cowboy boot design they are sure to keep the western theme going.


Cowboy Boot Birthday Candle for western themed horse party

How cute are Western Candles by DaisysPartyBoutique? These fun candles feature a super cute western boot that make them a wonderful addition to any birthday cake.

If you want to do a DIY birthday cake these candles plus a cute cake topper could make your cake into the centerpiece of your birthday party. 


Gold Glitter Western Banner for western themed horse party

If you want a fun custom party decoration for your western birthday party (or really any party with a western theme) then Western Banners by NANApartysimplified are for you.

With fun features such as the cowboy boot, horseshoe, sheriff's badge, and western hat this banner is the perfect piece of birthday party decor.


Yeehaw Western Dessert Plates for western themed horse party

Western Plates by TackyNutPartyStore are a super important part of your western birthday party. These fun plates have a great bold cow pattern combined with a rope detail, red color accent, and wood looking center will help you tie all of your party decorations together. 


Pink Cowgirl Boots Balloon for western themed horse party

Decorations for your western horse birthday party can be super easy with these fun Western Balloons by FreshLemonBlossoms.

With the balloon designs ranging from a cute horse, to a fun cactus, and including a pair of pink cowgirl boots you are sure to find something to match your other decor. 


These Western Decorations by LittleBellaBoutique1 are absolutely wonderful. Not only are they sparkly but they also add a nice pop of color.

The best part is that if purple is not the color for you they have a ton of other options available to you. This is great because the multitude of colors means you can add these fun decorations to any of your party tables.   


Horse Bubble Favors for western themed horse party

These Western Party Favors by MadHatterPartyBox are perfect for a birthday party with a western theme. Giving out individual bubble containers not only provides a fun outdoor activity for children of all ages but also adults. The decorative horse and twine on the bubbles also plays into the whole western theme perfectly.


Personalized Plastic Birthday Party Cups for western themed horse party

If you want some custom cups for your birthday party then go with Western Cups by RubiandLib. Having reusable party cups is such a great idea as the kids at the birthday party will have their own cup that can be used throughout the party even if it needs to get rinsed off after being knocked off the table during bingo! 


Western DIY Name Bracelet Kit for western themed horse party

Bracelets are one of the best craft projects for a birthday party. It's something you can leave and come back to or just sit and do. The other nice thing about it is you can make it as intricate or as simple as you want. Plus each bracelet gets to be each kids' custom design that also acts as a party favor. So if you want this fun activity Western Crafts by LittleBellaBoutique1 has the perfect kits.


Fondant Western Theme Cake for western themed horse party

If you want to buy a Western Cake for the birthday party then go for it but if you are wanting to do a DIY cake instead then grab these Western Cake Decorations by fondanttoppersbooth. You could make a super simple cake, put these cute decorations on the top and have a perfect western birthday cake.


Cowgirl Boot Birthday Invite for western themed horse party
Western Thank You Note Cards for western themed horse party

Western Invitations by MossandTwigPrints

Western Thank You Cards by ThePaperFrenzy

Everyone having a western themed birthday party needs this invitation set along with the thank you card set. The invitation set is customizable which is super convenient. The thank you cards are not customizable but they are super cute and allow you to hand write your own message. The best part about these invitations and thank you cards is that they are great for any age, whether you are a kid or an adult. 

Pony Themed Horse birthday party

Must-haves for a pony themed horse birthday party:


Pink and Gold Paper Table Cover for pony themed horse party

A pony party theme is a great choice for any horse lover. When you have a pony party the only requirements are really some pony decorations which gives you a lot more freedom in everything else you need. I am personally a big fan of the color pink and love pretty gold accents which is why Pony Tablecloths by ThePartyDarlingShop is my pick for the pony party tablecloth.


Playful Pony Lunch Napkins for pony themed horse party

Staying with the pink color look these adorable Pony Napkins by BirthdayDirect are sure to help the pony theme of any birthday party carry through. With the fun bright colors and sweet pony these napkins will definitely enhance any pony party themed birthday party.


Gold Glitter Dipped Pink Number Birthday Candle for pony themed horse party

I wish I had these Pony Candles by ThePartyDarlingShop when I was a kid. How cute are these pink gold sparkled dipped birthday candles? With a great pony cake topper you could have a super cute birthday cake. Or you could even just get a great pony birthday cake and use these sparkly candles to enhance the look.


Pony Birthday Party Banner for pony themed horse party

Every birthday party needs a fun filled happy birthday banner and Pony Banners by PrinterFairy is the perfect one for a pony party. Not only does it incorporate several fun colors to tie any decorations you might have together, but it also offers cute horse images, and exciting patterns.


Playful Pony Lunch Plates for pony themed horse party

Featuring a cute pony in a beautiful setting these Pony Plates by BirthdayDirect are sure to be a wonderful piece of your pony birthday party. The pink, green, white, yellow, orange, brown, and black color elements make this plate really pop.  


Super Size Painted Pony Foil Mylar Balloons for pony themed horse party

Obviously you are going to need some fun pony themed balloons at the birthday party and the best one in my opinion for a pony party is Pony Balloons by CarolsHobbyShop. Featuring an adorable paint pony this balloon is sure to be a favorite with kids.   


Pony Party Decorations for pony themed horse party

If you need birthday decorations for your pony themed birthday party then check out Pony Decorations by SprinklesAndLaceCo.

There is everything from signs, to banners, and cupcake toppers. The horse is so cute with the flowers around its neck it makes me think of summer. 

Plus they sell stuff that is matching which can be really nice so you don't have to worry about decorations matching at the party. 


Horse Party Scrunchie Hair Tie Favor for pony themed horse party

I can't imagine anyone not being excited by these Pony Party Favors by PlumPolkaDot!

Cute scrunchies with a fun pony related tag are sure to make the party feel like a happy birthday for everyone when they find them in their goody bag.  


Playful Pony Cups for pony themed horse party

These Pony Cups by BirthdayDirect go perfectly with the plates and napkins in this pony party section, which is great as it saves you time in your search for complimenting pieces.

The other nice thing about these cups is that they are also on Etsy so you can order everything together.


Pony Jewelry Making Craft Kit for pony themed horse party

You know how much I love the idea of making bracelets as a birthday party craft if you looked at the western birthday party craft.

While I wanted to do different crafts for each theme when I saw Pony Crafts by BeadKids I had to include it. The horse charms and beautiful beads are just perfect for a pony party.

However, if it is a kids birthday you may want to choose a craft that doesn't have small beads, as they good be a choking hazard. 


Pony Cake Topper for pony themed horse party

If you want to find someone to make a pony themed birthday cake then go for it. 

But if you are like me and want to do a DIY birthday cake (so you can save money that you can later spend on riding a horse) then check out Pony Cake Decorations by ThePrettyPandaShop.

Get one of these cute pony decorations with cute birthday candles to make your diy cake into something really cute.


Photo Birthday Invitation for pony themed horse party

Pony Invitations by SunnysidePrintParty

Horse Thank You Card for pony themed horse party

Pony Thank You Cards by SarahFinnDesign

These custom invitations and thank you cards are so cute and easy. With just a little bit of editing you will have a perfect invitation and thank you card that you can keep printing for as many people as you want and need. No more having to buy a whole other set just to get those two extra cards you need.

My little pony themed horse birthday party

Must-haves for a My Little Pony themed horse birthday party:


Birthday Party Table Cover for My Little Pony themed horse party

Clearly there is a lot more here than just a My Little Pony tablecloth. In fact, the My Little Pony Tablecloths by 305PartyMiami comes with all the birthday party supplies you need for a My Little Pony themed birthday party.

From cups and napkins to banners and hats, plates this package is very nice for those who just want to get everything at once.


Birthday Party Cutlery Set for My Little Pony themed horse party

These My Little Pony Napkins by FunkyMuLanPartyGifts are not just napkins they are cute individually wrapped silverware sets.

Not only are these super convenient but they also allow younger kids to easily carry their plates, drinks, silverware, and napkins all at once. The My Little Pony wrapping is wonderful for the birthday party theme too.   


Handcrafted Birthday Candles for My Little Pony themed horse party

My Little Pony Candles by AmbersBirthdayJewels have everything you could possibly want with all the colorful glitter, different gems, and of course a My Little Pony figure. These candles are so impressive kids will definitely want one for their My Little Pony birthday cake.


Watercolor Minimalist Welcome Sign for My Little Pony themed horse party

My Little Pony Banners by AmorDesignCo are super fun custom My Little Pony birthday signs. Featuring My Little Pony characters this sign will be a great decoration at the birthday party.

This sign would especially be handy if you are are having the party somewhere other than your house and want something that will help people know they are in the right location.  


Birthday Party Plates for My Little Pony themed horse party

If you are wanting to create your own My Little Pony Party instead of doing the whole kit you will probably need My Little Pony Plates by Marballoni. These fun plates are sure to be a hit with the kids and at the same time show off your birthday party theme.


Mylar Balloons for My Little Pony themed horse party

With these My Little Pony Balloons by aprilvshop people will know as soon as they walk into your party that it isn't a horse party theme or even a pony party theme your party is a My Little Pony party. Featuring the My Little Pony characters these balloons are super fun and come in several designs.


Centerpiece Table Toppers Decoration for My Little Pony themed horse party

These My Little Pony Decorations by EmporiumXtraordinary have so many potential uses. You could use them for labeling different foods, for marking different stations at the party, even for decorating the tables. No matter how you use these decorations at your birthday party they are sure to be a great addition. 


PVC Keychain Party Favors for My Little Pony themed horse party

These My Little Pony Party Favors by LaMexicanaImports are the perfect party favors for those that love My Little Pony. Featuring different My Little Pony characters these key chains can be added to backpacks for a fun look instead of being used for the traditional carrying keys. 


Set of 24 Party Cups (lids & straws included) for My Little Pony themed horse party

If you need some cute birthday party cups then check out My Little Pony Cups by CreativePartyDesignz. These fun cups are sure to be liked by kids at the birthday party because of the My Little Pony designs. Families will like them because of the lids that will help make sure no one spills their drink.  


Wooden Cutout Ornament for My Little Pony themed horse party

Get out the paint for this My Little Pony Crafts by LaserCraftShop. Kids can paint and design these wood cut outs any way they want making this activity fun for all. All you need to do is have a designated painting and crafting space along with the different supplies.


Cake Topper for My Little Pony themed horse party

I have a feeling that a My Little Pony birthday cake could be hard to find. So instead, I think if you just got a sheet cake or did a DIY birthday cake and put this My Little Pony Cake Decorations by VlifeDesign on it you would be good to go.

This decoration is technically not a cake decoration but as long as the stick was sterile I think it would be fine to use as a cake decoration.


These My Little Pony invitations and thank you cards are too cute. The invitation is great because you can customize it, it features fun colors, and has the my little ponies on it. The thank you card is also customizable, features the my little ponies and is nice and simple.

Unicorn themed horse birthday party

Must-haves for a unicorn themed horse birthday party:


Unicorn Face Table Cover for unicorn themed horse party

Unicorn birthday parties seem to be all the rage right now. So if you want to have one of your own then start getting your decorations start with Unicorn Tablecloths by ThePartyDarlingShop. This pink, gold, and white tablecloth features cute unicorns with fun sparkles. 


Party Napkins for unicorn themed horse party

These Unicorn Napkins by SteshaParty match the tablecloth to add a level of coordination to your party decorations. These napkins feature a unicorn head with the same pink, blue, purple, green, and gold colors that are part of the unicorn on the tablecloth.


Sparkly Number Birthday Candle for unicorn themed horse party

A fun pink sparkle candle with a cute unicorn is exactly what you need to take your birthday cake to the next level and Unicorn Candles by OnceUponATimeTuTus give you that ultimate candle. Plus the look of the unicorn is similar to all the other unicorn party elements so far on this page.


Birthday Banner for unicorn themed horse party

Talk about a banner worth taking a photo with. These custom Unicorn Banners by PalmtoPineDesign are sure to make your unicorn birthday party one to remember. With unicorns and rainbows this happy birthday banner is a really great show stopping decoration.


Birthday Plates for unicorn themed horse party

The unicorn on these Unicorn Plates by SteshaParty match the unicorn look the tablecloth, napkins, and candle. It has similar colors to all the other birthday party elements. But beyond matching the other decorations these plates are cute all by themselves and would make any unicorn theme at a party better by being included.


Marble Balloons for unicorn themed horse party

Unicorn Balloons by ZZParty are not what you might think of when you think unicorn balloons but once you see them you just have to get them. The mixture of purple, pink, blue, and white really come together to make beautiful balloons. Plus they add fun colors to any space and are cute decorations that aren't just unicorn faces.


Paper Mache Number Photo Prop for unicorn themed horse party

I have a feeling kids will be very excited to take a photo with Unicorn Decorations by KinzleysBowtique. This super cute pink letter that is half covered in gold sparkles and made to look like a unicorn face will steal the show.


Temporary Tattoos for Kids for unicorn themed horse party

How fun are these Unicorn Party Favors by xoFetti? I always loved temporary tattoos when I was younger and if I had a unicorn party, or had gone to a unicorn party, this would have been the party favor I wanted to receive. 


Birthday Cups for unicorn themed horse party

Talk about cute! These Unicorn Cups by DivineGlitters are so cute. I love both of the unicorn designs on the cups. With two unique designs kids at the party will have their choice on which one they want.


Paint and Yarn Kids Craft for unicorn themed horse party

These Unicorn Crafts by WhiskerWorks are a seriously genius idea. You get to paint a unicorn head and then add a custom mane to your unicorn. Kids can spend as much or as little time as they want on the activity all while creating exactly what they want, in terms of what their unicorn looks like. 


Birthday Party Cake Topper for unicorn themed horse party

Make your own DIY unicorn cake with Unicorn Cake Decorations by HappyColorParty. With these decorations you can turn your own, or store bought, plain cake into a unicorn birthday cake. I honestly don't know if I have seen an unicorn birthday cake that was cuter than this one before.


Magical Unicorn Birthday Invitation for unicorn themed horse party

Unicorn Invitations by T3DesignsCo

This unicorn invitation and thank you card are not only sweet but they are also easy to edit. All you will need to do is put your own information in and just like magic you will have invitations and thank you cards you can print and mail out. The best part about being able to print your own is that you can control how many you make.

Girl Horse themed horse birthday party

Must-haves for a girl horse themed horse birthday party:


Saddle Up! Horse Plastic Table Cover for girl horse themed horse party

Apparently having a girl horse theme party is currently popular (I was out of the loop on this news until recently). So if you are having a birthday party with a girl horse theme then look at Girl Horse Tablecloths by TackyNutPartyStore. A girl horse birthday party can feature what even color and elements you want but this tablecloth embraces the traditional pink color with flowers.  


Saddle Up! Horse Happy Birthday Luncheon Napkins, Set of 16, for girl horse themed horse party

Following the look of the tablecloth are Girl Horse Napkins by TackyNutPartyStore. Once again you see the pretty horse framed in a horseshoe that has been decorated with flowers. These happy birthday napkins feature a lot of pink, blue, and white in their design.


Horse Birthday Candles, Set of 5, for girl horse themed horse party

These adorable Girl Horse Candles by CandlegaragecraftsGB may not have bright colors or sparkles but I actually love them because of their simplicity. You can use them on a birthday cake that has been glammed up to give it a horse feel while letting the cake to add the pop of color.


Happy Birthday Banner for girl horse themed horse party

This happy birthday Girl Horse Banners by DesignMyPartyStudio is so pretty. I love the flower design, font choice, cowgirl boots, and of course the horses. I have a feeling that this decoration will look good in the birthday photos.


Horse Paper Dessert Plates, Set of 8, for girl horse themed horse party

A girl horse themed birthday party wouldn't be complete without Girl Horse Plates by TackyNutPartyStore. These cute plates would be a great addition to any birthday party with a horse theme as they feature a pretty horse surrounded by colorful flowers. These plates go especially well with the napkins and tablecloth featured in this section.


Horse Latex Balloons, Set of 6, for girl horse themed horse party

These Girl Horse Balloons by TackyNutPartyStore make great decorations at a girl horse birthday party. With multiple colors and images from happy birthday in a horseshoe to a horse head surrounded by flowers these balloons can add to the theme of the party and give a pop of color. 


Pony Garland for girl horse themed horse party

Whether you want to hang these Girl Horse Decorations by anyoccasionbanners on the wall, on tables, or from the ceiling I have a feeling that they would look good anywhere. They are simple enough to not overpower other decorations but at the same time they add just enough to a surface to make it look decorated.


Equestrian Pastel Bracelet Party Favors for girl horse themed horse party

While I have a few bracelets on this page as crafts these Girl Horse Party Favors by BeadedPerfection are already made horse bracelets that you can just give as party favors.

While it is always fun to do crafts it can also be nice to have something like this in case their isn't enough time or if someone can't participate in the craft they can still get a bracelet. 


I love these Girl Horse Cups by DivineGlitters for a girl horse themed birthday party. These gold sparkly horse outlines are anything but simple yet their color and design allows them to be used at any number of birthday parties with a girl horse theme that have different party colors.


Small Horse Decopatch Craft Kit for girl horse themed horse party

I love these deco patch Girl Horse Crafts by DecopatchStore so much I included them in this section and in the section with my favorite horse birthday party items. I just think they are a great creative horse craft.


Horse Cupcake Toppers for girl horse themed horse party

A DIY girl horse cake or cupcakes can be made by a simple cake decorated with Girl Horse Cake Decorations by DesignMyPartyStudio. Just decorating cupcakes or a birthday cake with these cute decorations allow for a fun and cute look.


Girl Horse Birthday Party Invitation for girl horse themed horse party

Girl Horse Invitations by LegendPaperie

Horse Birthday Party Thank You Card for girl horse themed horse party

Girl Horse Thank You Cards by SunshineParties

These girl horse invitations and thank you cards are perfect for any horse birthday party. With pretty artwork and elegant designs these invitations and thank you cards will set the tone for your birthday party. Plus with the easy customization you will be able to get your cards done fast. 

Wild Horses Themed horse birthday party

Must-haves for a wild horses themed horse birthday party:


Horse Theme Party Table Cover for wild horses themed horse party

Wild horses are magnificent animals, so it's understandable that people would want a birthday party with a wild horse theme.

So if you are wanting a wild horse themed birthday party then you will need Wild Horses Tablecloths by FancyCelebration. With beautiful horses and cute foals this tablecloth is sure to set the tone of the birthday party.


Horse And Pony Beverage Napkins 16-Count for wild horses themed horse party

These Wild Horses Napkins by TackyNutPartyStore match the wild horse tablecloth allowing you to create a cohesive look with your birthday party decorations. The chestnut horse with the white blaze and socks is distinctive on this napkin and on the tablecloth.


Horse Birthday Candle for wild horses themed horse party

This Wild Horses Candles by OnceUponATimeTuTus features a galloping horse on a blue sparkly candle. This look provides a fun pop of color while adding to the theme of the party.


Horse Party Banner for wild horses themed horse party

If you want beautiful horse party decorations that are photo worthy then you should check out the Wild Horses Banners by printApartyCo. These beautiful birthday horse banners are extremely pretty and will fit perfectly with a wild horse theme.


Horse Birthday Party Paper Plates for wild horses themed horse party

Keeping with the same look of the tablecloths and napkins these Wild Horses Plates by FancyCelebration will match those items and help carry the theme of your birthday party. These plates feature the mare and foal that are pictured on the tablecloth which ties many of the party elements together.


Horse Balloons Set for wild horses themed horse party

Keep the wild horse theme going at your birthday party with these Wild Horses Balloons by JudysPartyShop. There are 'classic' balloons with a galloping horse on them along with a jumping horse. The combination of balloons provides a fun and distinct look.


Horse Birthday Party Dangling Decor for wild horses themed horse party

Wild Horses Decorations by FancyCelebration would look great hanging from tables, on the wall, in door ways, or really anywhere. The images on the decorations match the tablecloth, napkins, and plates which is great for a cohesive look. The horseshoes and stars on these decorations add fun elements to these decorations too.


Wild & Free Horse Pins (10 Pack) Button Party Favors for wild horses themed horse party

Button Wild Horses Party Favors by DistinctDesignsUnltd are super creative. They feature beautiful yet unique images that kids are sure to love. Plus they can use them to decorate different items allowing these party favors to be reused.


Wild Horse Theme Party Cups, 8 Count, for wild horses themed horse party

Still keeping with the look of the tablecloth, napkins, plates, and decorations these Wild Horses Cups by FancyCelebration match all of those items. A pretty mare and foal in a field help keep the wild horse theme of the birthday party. 


Personalized Horseshoe Craft Kit Party Favor for wild horses themed horse party

These Wild Horses Crafts by WildflowerToys are definitely going to require help from adults. So you may have to have families at the party to help or send the craft back with the kids to let their families help them. But they were such a cute idea I just had to include them.


Horse Edible Birthday Cake Toppers for wild horses themed horse party

Want an easier way to create your own diy wild horses cake then check out Wild Horses Cake Decorations by FrostingFlamingo. This decoration looks super easy and I wish I had it for my horse birthday parties when I was younger. From what it looks like you simply have to put this frosting image on a regular cake and you will have an incredible looking birthday cake.


Floral Western Cowgirl Horse Birthday Invitations for wild horses themed horse party

Wild Horses Invitations by DPIexpressions

Watercolor Horse Thank You Card for wild horses themed horse party

Wild Horses Thank You Cards by BohemianWoods

The wild horse birthday party invitation is just adorable with the rearing horse, pretty flowers, and gold lettering. The thank you card is also beautiful with its watercolor looking scene of a wild horse galloping through the desert. While the thank you card is blank the nice part about blank thank you cards is that you can really personalize them.

Farm themed horse birthday party

Must-haves for a farm themed horse birthday party:


Farmhouse Table Cloth for farm themed horse party

Many horse lovers don't just love horses so they may want to celebrate their birthday with a farm theme instead. So if you are doing a farm theme be sure to cehck outFarm Tablecloths by LemonLimeLagoon. While this tablecloth is for younger kids it can give you ideas for farm animals to feature at your birthday party.


On the Farm Lunch Napkins for farm themed horse party

Unlike some of the more cartoonish farm depictions these Farm Napkins by ThePartyDarlingShop could be used by older kids for their farm birthday parties. The napkins do a great job of showing classic farm images in a way that is sophisticated and still fun.


Farm Birthday Number Candle for farm themed horse party

Farm Candles by UniqueImageCandles fit well with the look that the tablecloth gives. The farm animals, including horses, cow, and chickens on the candle are cute and fun in their cartoon style.


Cow Red Barn Farm Happy Birthday Banner for farm themed horse party

Looking for a happy birthday banner with a farm theme? Well Farm Banners by papermeblossom are super cute and should fit in great at your party. The cute cow face, cow print, red plaid, and red barn make this banner photo worthy and a great decoration addition to a birthday party.


On the Farm Large Plates for farm themed horse party

Farm Plates by jollityandco are perfect for any birthday party with a farm theme. Made to look like a classic red barn these plates are sure to draw comment on how fun they are. 


Farm Animal Balloons for farm themed horse party

With these bright, cheerful, and colorful Farm Balloons by SwankyPartyBox your party will be one to remember. These cute animals are sure to let people know the theme of your birthday party as soon as they walk in.


Girl Farm Welcome Sign for farm themed horse party

I have been seeing a lot more of these signs for birthdays and it's no wonder why families love them. Signs such as Farm Decorations by PrintMyPartyStudios provide a cute decoration that can be set up without having to hang something on a wall or on the ceiling. Plus you can move the sign if you want it in a photo or if you want it out of a photo.


Farm Party Temporary Tattoos for farm themed horse party

I loved the idea of temporary tattoos as party favors when I saw the unicorn ones. So as soon as I saw these Farm Party Favors by xoFetti I had to include them. I definately would have wanted the horse one as a kid but that is the great thing about all the different animals and farm objects, you have plenty for kids to choose from.


Girls Farm Party Cups for farm themed horse party

I love these Farm Cups by DivineGlitters. The farms animals are too cute while the tractor is just plain fun. There is sure to be talk at the party about these cups and the cute animals they feature.


Paint Your Own Farm Kit for farm themed horse party

Painting is always a fun and relatively easy craft idea for a birthday party and with Farm Crafts by TrendyMamaBoutiques it is that much easier.

With the outlines on each of the cutouts kids don't have to figure where to put the eyes or remember all the elements of a tractor, they can just paint the colors they like inside the lines.


Mini Pink Barn Cake Topper with Number for farm themed horse party

Need an easy diy Farm Cake? Just pick up a cute birthday cake at the store put this Farm Cake Decorations by PartyYourWorld on top and voila a cute farm birthday cake. This pink barn cake topper could be used alone or you could put other animal cake topper figurines on the cake as well.

Barn Farm Animals Birthday Invitation for farm themed horse party

 Farm Invitations by juniperplumpaperie

Farm Animals Thank you Card for farm themed horse party

Farm Thank You Cards by DesignMyPartyStudio

Invitations and thank you cards are some of the most important elements to a birthday party. Obviously you have to get people to the party and thank them for celebrating with you, but an invitation also shows what the theme of the party will be. These invitations and thank you cards will check those boxes and the personal photo on your thank you card will give it special meaning.  

Personal Favorites for Horse birthday parties

Here's a list of my personal favorites for horse birthday parties:


Iridescent White Tablecloth for horse birthday parties

Not all tablecloths at a horse birthday party have to feature horses as seen by this Horse Tablecloths by SteshaParty. This metallic tablecloth will make your table look nice and add a pretty look to your birthday party all while allowing your horse decorations to really pop.


Equestrian Icons Cocktail Napkins for horse birthday parties

Horse Napkins by PaddockThreads are super elegant. These napkins feature classic english riding pieces that any equestrian could appreciate, while the black and white colors make these napkins fit in with most party decorations.


16 Gold Tall Candles for horse birthday parties

These Horse Candles by hooraydays are not very horse themed but they are so pretty and would look really nice on a birthday cake. You could use them to make a paddock fence or just put them on the birthday cake. After all if you have a horse cake topper or a horse theme birthday cake you don't have to have horse candles. 


Horse Party Birthday Banner for horse birthday parties

I love the idea of a custom happy birthday banner. The Horse Banners at BannersUSA on etsy is especially great because you can put your own personal photo on it which I think is an especially nice touch.


12 White Paper Plates with Gold Horses for horse birthday parties

These Horse Plates by TheGoldArrowBoutique may be too simple for some but I really like the pretty simplicity of the plates. As long as you have the color gold somewhere in your horse birthday party these plates will fit right in.


Rose Gold Balloons Birthday Party Decorations for horse birthday parties

If you are a fan of pink and gold color combinations (like me) then Horse Balloons by lamkariche are for you.

They aren't your traditional horse balloons but you could easily use these gorgeous balloons to decorate your horse birthday party and incorporate decorations featuring horses elsewhere.


Horse Birthday Party Direction Signs for horse birthday parties

As soon as this Horse Decorations by SunshineParties came up on etsy I wanted to order one for my next outdoor party. If you are having a big outdoor party this sign would be super handy for helping everyone figure out where to go and where to find everything.


8 Large Lollipops Horse Party Favors for horse birthday parties

Birthday party favors can sometimes be hit or miss but I don't think you can miss with these Horse Party Favors by APocketFullofSweets.

Fun horse head shaped lollipops are such a good idea for any number of elements of a horse birthday party. You could use them just as party favors, a dessert option, or just as a cute decoration.

The best part is they can be used for any type of party with horses, not just at a girls birthday party.


You don't need to have any birthday theme except a general horse theme to justify getting these Horse Cups by BlueOakCreations. Featuring a beautiful horse head these cups can be used at any number of horse themed birthday parties


Small Horse Decopatch Craft Kit for horse birthday parties

Horse Crafts by DecopatchStore are more expensive than other crafts suggested on this page but since they are so pretty I had to include them. This deco patch horse craft looks like a ton of fun. This activity is propably better for kids that are a little but older or will have adult help but everyone will be glad to have a beautiful party favor. 


Girl Horse Jump with Name Personalized Birthday Cake Topper for horse birthday parties

A horse cake can be hard to find and even to do as a diy. So just get this custom Horse Cake Decorations by OwlTopThat and stick it on your birthday cake of choice for a birthday cake with a horse theme. The best thing about this birthday cake topper is that I just has a name so you could reuse it for several birthdays.  


Horse Party Invitation for horse birthday parties

Horse Invitations by printApartyCo

Horse Thank You Cards with Flower Seeds for horse birthday parties.

Horse Thank You Cards by recycleideas

I love the look of these horse invitations on etsy. The design is so pretty and they could be used for so many different birthday party themes. You could use them for a birthday party with a horse theme, wild horse theme, or any other party with horses. The thank you cards are a favorite of mine because they have seeds in them so you can plant them in your yard. I always try to support environmentally friendly options and these thank you cards let you do something helpful for the environment.

We asked our horsecrazy girl friends to share their best ideas for a horse party and they came up with some great ideas for horse games, decorations, party favors and more. You'll find their creative ideas below!

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