Horse Magazines

Horse magazines let you learn all kinds of awesome things about horses and the horse world. There are horse magazines that cover specific breeds, specific disciplines, horse training, horse shows, horse care, even the people of the horse world. There is basically a horse magazine out there for anything you want to know about horses and the industry. I've subscribed to as many as five horse magazines at a time! On this page is a list of the horse magazines that I think are the best ones out there. So if you're looking for a way to build up your knowledge on horses, look at pictures of gorgeous horses, or just read something on horses that is fun horse magazines are one of the best ways to do that.

Young Rider Magazine

A picture of the Young Rider magazine cover.

Young Rider magazine is so much fun for younger riders! My aunt Gail used to give me a subscription as a gift and I always looked forward to it. It is a bi-monthly magazine that has articles geared towards teens who own horses or younger individuals who take riding lessons. Part of the appeal of the Young Rider magazine is that it features pictures of kids riding and caring for their horses, which when you are younger can really help make the magazine feel more relatable. Overall, Young Rider magazine makes it fun to learn about horses.

You can subscribe to Young Rider magazine through Amazon or you can also go to their Young Rider website. The website mentions a free Young Rider Digital Magazine that may be worth checking out. 

Blaze Magazine

A picture of the Blaze magazine cover.

An interactive discovery magazine based on a real life rocky mountain horse, Blaze. It features fun facts and articles on horses and kids who love them. From horse care, to different horse breeds, basic horse knowledge, and even sweet horse stories this magazine pretty much has it all. It also includes cool games and fantastic art crafts. It is ideal for young children from 8 to 14 years who have a real passion for horses and are interested in learning more about these incredible animals. Blaze magazine is a great way to start learning about our equine friends! 

You can subscribe to Blaze magazine on Amazon or you can go to the Blaze Magazine website. The nice thing about there website is that there is fun things such as coloring pages and horse quizzes on it.

Horse Illustrated

A picture of the Horse Illustrated magazine cover.

Horse Illustrated is largely considered to be one of the top magazine publications for equestrians and horse owners rather than just horse enthusiasts. This magazine is aimed towards those who want articles that give advice on real problems they are dealing with when it comes to owning, riding, and caring of horses. Whether you are trying to find out what horse care entails, new horsemanship strategies, or just want to read up on different horse breeds the articles in Horse Illustrated can help you get the information you want. I just love how it provides hands-on horse owners with everything they need to know and even the answers to questions we sometimes forget to ask. 

You can subscribe to the Horse Illustrated magazine through Amazon or you can go to the Horse Illustrated website. Even if you subscribe to the magazine you will probably want to check out the website as it has free articles available.


A picture of the EQUUS magazine cover.

Equus, also known as "The horse owner’s resource", is a monthly magazine dedicated to passionate horse owners. It features up-to-date information from specialists, trainers, and others in the equine field on care and maintenance of horses. Each issue has articles with suggestions and solutions on different topics such as horse care, horse training, horsemanship, and horse behavior. This magazine is not perhaps for just the horse lover as it is so detailed but it is those details that make it so valuable to horse owners and riders. With the amount and quality of information this magazine provides it is no wonder why this horse magazine has been around for years.  

You can subscribe to Equus magazine on Amazon or you can go to the Equus Magazine website. This website like other horse magazine websites has lots of free articles on their website that include riding tips, horse behavior, and horse care. 

Dressage Today

A picture of the Dressage Today magazine cover.

The Dressage Today magazine features insights on the art and discipline of dressage from respected dressage trainers, top dressage riders, and dressage judges from all over the world. The monthly equestrian magazine covers national and international dressage events, lifestyle, and rider wellness but it doesn't stop there. Dressage Today also includes articles on how to manage, care for, and train dressage horses. This magazine is great for those who have a passion for dressage and want insights into all things surrounding this discipline.

You can subscribe to the Dressage Today magazine on Amazon or you can check out the Dressage Today magazine website. The website is especially helpful if you ride another discipline outside of dressage but are wanting to start doing some cross training in dressage and want to read some free articles before you subscribe to the magazine.

Horse & Rider

A picture of the Horse & Rider magazine cover.

Horse & Rider magazine focuses on western horseback riding, training horses for western disciplines, horsemanship, and horse care. Whether you’re a beginner western rider or have been riding for years, this magazine has articles covering almost everything from great tips, fun riding exercises, and just general insights into horses. Many of these articles can help you and your horse form a better relationship, prepare for competitions, and impress your trainers. Plus, there always seems to be inspiring stories that encourage every reader to maximize their riding skills in every issue of Horse & Rider.

You can subscribe to the Horse & Rider magazine on Amazon or you can check out the Horse & Rider magazine website. Like many horse magazine websites this one has free articles that range from the western lifestyle to western riding tips.

The Horse: Your guide to equine health care

A picture of the The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care magazine cover.

The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care magazine focuses on horse care and horse/stable management. The magazine has been around for years and once you read it I think you will be able to tell why. Whether you are a new horse owner, a longtime horse owner, into trail riding, or competing this magazine has something for you. This monthly horse magazine is for horse owners, riders, and those who care for horses. While more detailed and focused on horse management than many other publications if you are providing or want to provide hands-on care and training for horses definitely look into getting this magazine. Articles range from conditioning horses to neck problems and everything in between. There is also a digital version of this magazine available in case you don't want a print version.

You can subscribe to The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care magazine on their website. Even if you don't want to subscribe you will probably want to check out their website as they have free articles, podcasts, videos, newsletters and more. In fact The Horse was actually a website one of my equine professors recommended when I got my under graduate degree in Equine Science.

Practical Horseman

A picture of the Practical Horseman magazine cover.

Practical Horseman magazine is one of my favorite magazines to read. This magazine seems to really focus on the English disciplines; dressage, show jumping, hunters, and eventing. If you ride one or more of these disciplines and are wanting articles on training your horse, tips for shows, improving your riding skills, and being a better horse owner this magazine is a must read. I especially like the fact that this magazine offers a huge range of different riding exercises with step-by-step instructions for you and your horse. There is also a lifestyle section and a personalities section for those wanting to keep up with top trainers and riders. 

If you want to subscribe to the Practical Horseman magazine you can do so on Amazon or you can do so on the Practical Horseman magazine website. The website also has free articles and it has the link to their podcast. 

Equine Wellness

A picture of the Equine Wellness magazine cover.

Equine Wellness magazine is a great resource for horse owners and those who care for horses. While this magazine does have some information related to riding it is more designed for those in horse management. This magazine has been around for years and it is no wonder why I mean have you seen the huge range of topics covered in all their different articles. The article topics include things like guides for horse show packing, how-to better organize your barn, insights into horse health, and tips for tack care.  If you want a magazine that is truly a great resource for all levels of riders and horse owners from beginner to advance you should think about getting a subscription to this one.

To subscribe to the Equine Wellness magazine you can either go to Amazon or check out the Equine Wellness magazine website. The website features free articles, a section to advertise in, and a blog. 

American Farriers Journal

A picture of the American Farriers Journal magazine cover.

The American Farriers Journal is primarily written for professional farriers, veterinarians and horse owners. The journal, while called the American Farriers Journal, is not just for those in the United States. Articles in the journal range from new ideas and techniques in the farrier industry to what is happening with top professionals. It is clear why farriers would want to read this journal, but you may be wondering why a horse owner would want to read it. The reason horse owners and riders should read this journal is because it will help make them more informed on what you should be looking for in your farrier, the techniques they are using, and to also features tips on horsemanship and articles on horseshoeing and equine foot be able to have a well informed conversation with your farrier.

You can subscribe to the American Farriers Journal on Amazon or on the American Farriers Journal website. The website features free articles alongside multimedia options such as videos, webinars, and podcasts.

Western Horseman

A picture of the Western Horseman magazine cover.

The Western Horseman magazine is the perfect magazine for an individual looking to further their understanding of all aspects of the western world. Many of the topics in the magazine articles are focused on horsemanship, the western lifestyle, training western horses, and horse health. The thing that makes this magazine special, in my opinion, is that it is not just for those who have western show horses but also for those who use western horses as work horses. By having both perspectives on the western horse it allows for the articles to address a wider range of questions and issues surrounding the disciplines. 

You can subscribe to the Western Horseman magazine on Amazon or on the Western Horseman magazine website. The website also includes free articles and has a section you can advertise in. 

American Quarter Horse Journal

A picture of the American Quarter Horse Journal magazine cover.

If you have a passion for the American Quarter Horse you will definitely want to check out the American Quarter Horse Journal. This magazine focuses on all the typical horse topics such as horse care, horse management, training, trainers, etc. But instead of looking at these different topics from a particular discipline viewpoint they are looked at from the perspective of the American Quarter Horse industry. So whether you are an American Quarter horse enthusiast, someone who wants to get started in the American Quarter Horse industry, or just have kids that love American Quarter Horses check this journal out.  

If you want to subscribe to the American Quarter Horse Journal you can do so on Amazon or on the American Quarter Horse Journal website. If you are a member of the American Quarter Horse Association you can receive free access to older issues of the journal.  

Your Horse

A picture of the Your Horse magazine cover.

Your Horse magazine is a British horse magazine that is centered around horse care, horseback riding, horse tack, riding gear, and training. This UK magazine mostly focuses on English riding (especially dressage, show jumping, and cross-country) when it comes to their training and riding articles but the horse care information can be applied to horses in almost any discipline. There is also a large section of horse tack and riding gear reviews from this magazine. But I think that my favorite thing about this magazine though is how it includes personal stories which helps create a feeling of relatability that is sometimes missing in the other horse magazines. 

You can get a subscription to Your Horse magazine on Amazon or on the Your Horse Magazine website. The Your Horse magazine website has lots of free articles related to horse care, horseback riding, horse tack, riding gear, training, and more. There is also a newsletter you can sign up for on the website.

Pony Magazine

A picture of the Your Pony magazine cover.

Pony magazine is on of the top in the UK and it is no wonder why. Not only does this magazine have super fun content and cute pictures but it also has helpful articles. While this magazine appears geared towards a younger audience of kids and teenagers it still has great information and resources. Filled with personal stories, information regarding tack, horse care, riding tips, and training insights there are a variety of articles for you to read and learn from. Many of the magazine issues also have games, posters, quizzes, and more.

To subscribe to Pony magazine either go to Amazon or the Pony magazine website. The magazine comes in the UK version, the International version, and a digital version. Even if you are not wanting to get a subscription yet you should check out their website as it offers free articles, a section to advertise ponies in, a games section, a giveaway section, and videos.

Horse & Hound

A picture of the Horse & Hound magazine cover.

The Horse & Hound magazine is one of the oldest horse magazines out there and they advertise themselves as the only weekly UK horse magazine. While this is a UK magazine it covers international Equestrian news however, the focus is on what is happening in the UK. Articles in the magazine range from horse training, to latest horse shows, news on top trainers and riders, and product reviews. Due to the fact that this is a weekly horse magazine it offers lots of relevant information and keeps you up to date on what is going on. This is definitely one of the horse magazines that every horse person needs.

If you want to subscribe to the Horse & Hound magazine you can do so on Amazon or on the Horse & Hound magazine website. There is a digital version of the magazine alongside the print option. The website offers free articles, a section to advertise items you have for sale, videos, and more.

Paint Horse Journal

A picture of the Paint Horse Journal magazine cover.

The Paint Horse Journal is essential if you want to learn more about all the different aspects of the paint horse industry or keep up with the industry. Featuring beautiful pictures alongside insightful articles this journal seems to have it all. With articles ranging from genetics, to training your paint horse for a new discipline, and even finding the right paint horse trainer every issue has something new to help you with your knowledge. If you are a member of the American Paint Horse Association you get a free subscription to the Paint Horse Journal, which is a very nice benefit in my opinion. 

You can subscribe to the Paint Horse Journal on Amazon or on the American Paint Horse Association website. It appears that you do need a membership with the American Paint Horse Association to get the Paint Horse Journal unless you want to get older issues. If you want the older issues or want to give this item as a gift you can do so on the website.

The Team Roping Journal

A picture of the Team Roping magazine cover.

The Team Roping Journal is great for those who are interested in all things roping. Topics range from how to improve your roping skills to personal roping stories. All the different lifestyle stories, horse training tips, riding tips, horsemanship, and other articles create a quality journal. Plus the pictures are incredible, they make me want to learn how to rope. Overall, this magazine is filled with information on the roping discipline from how to make you and your horse better and keep you informed on  the industry. 

If you want to subscribe to The Team Roping Journal you can do so on Amazon or on The Team Roping Journal website. If you visit the website there are free articles on it, videos, and a podcast. 

Saddle & Bridle

A picture of the Saddle & Bridle magazine cover.

Saddle & Bridle magazine is the magazine for those in the Saddlebred industry. Filled with articles on training your American Saddlebred, to selecting the stallion for your future show horse, and even just events going on in the industry there is such a wide range of what is covered in this magazine. While this magazine is geared towards those in or interested in the American Saddlebred even those without ties to this horse and industry can get important information from this magazine. After all it is always good to know what is happening in all corners of the horse world. 

To subscribe to Saddle & Bridle magazine you can either go to Amazon or the Saddle & Bridle magazine website. Even if you do not subscribe to the magazine the website has lots of free articles for you to read.

The Canadian Horse Journal

A picture of the Canadian Horse Journal magazine cover.

The Canadian Horse Journal is a great resource for those who live in and outside of Canada. While it does focus on Canadian riders, trainers, horse shows, and events the riding tips and horse care are applicable to those outside of Canada. If you want good information on all different disciplines and how to improve you and your horse's performance in them, this magazine needs to be at the top of your must read list. It talks about every aspect of the horse industry from general care to the different breeds and the wide range of disciplines offered.

A subscription to The Canadian Horse Journal can be purchased on Amazon or on the website for The Canadian Horse Journal. The website features free articles, photo contests, podcast recommendations, and more. Plus on the website they have the option to give the magazine as a gift.

Sidelines Magazine

A picture of the Sidelines magazine cover.

Sidelines Magazine unlike other horse magazines focuses on the people of the horse industry and equestrian industry exclusively. Even though this may seem like it would cause the magazine articles to be boring, the articles are some how fresh and entertaining. Typical articles are about up and coming riders, top trainers, great horse judges, stories from the show ring/horse world, families that are 'horse royalty', and so forth. If you want to stay up-to-date on who is doing what and the influencers of today's horse industry, this is the magazine to subscribe to.

If you want to subscribe to Sidelines Magazine you can do so on Amazon or the Sidelines Magazine website. The website does have some free articles and a section you can advertise in.