Great Horse Movies

Don't you just love great horse movies? Here are some of the horse movies that horsecrazy girls have told me are their favorites. There are a bunch here plus more on the awesome horse movies list.

What are your favorite ones?

Please comment on the ones you've seen!

Archer's Adventure

Black Beauty

Black Stallion






flicka 2

The horse with the flying tail


the horse whisperer


Princess stallion




thicker than water

thunderhead: The son of flicka

Two Bits and pepper

wild hearts can't be broken

Wild Horse, Wild Ride (documentary)

wind dancer

young black stallion

Favorite Horse Movies of Horse Crazy Girls....

Here are what horsecrazy girls have told us are their favorite horse movies. Feel free to share your comments on the ones you've seen!

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Snowfire Horse Movie Review 
This is an awesome movie from my childhood - it was almost too scary to watch for a little kid! All of us girls really identified with...the …

I loved the movie Secretariat! It was awesome. It is based on the true story of housewife Penny Chenery who takes over her father's …

Flicka 2 
It is about a teenage girl growing up in a city but her grandmother was no longer able to care for her in her medical condition. Therefore …

On an island off of Virginia, lives an old herd of wild ponies. They want to have a pony to their selves because when they are friends …

The Young Black Stallion 
It is about when the black stallion was a colt growing up in the desert and all the adventures that follow. Really good movie, about …

Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies 
This movie has a lot of horse info!! Cloud is a wild horse of a different color - almost pure white. And his regal bearing and feisty …

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure 
Felicity is a young girl whose mom wants her to grow up and be a gentlewoman, but Felicity's heart tells her otherwise.Nine-year-old …

Thunderhead: Son of Flicka 
Its about Flicka's foal, Thunderhead. An all-white foal who is always getting into trouble...Thunderhead, when given his head, can fly …

The Derby Stallion 
The Derby Stallion stars High School Musical's Zac Efron. He trains to steeple chase with this one horse named Rusty, and it's funny …

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken 
WILD HEARTS CAN'T BE BROKEN is about diving horses. In the movie, a girl visiting a fair spots a sign for "diving horses." After …

The Horse Whisperer 
It's about a girl, Grace, who goes riding in the snow with her friend. Her friend's horse started to slip and she fell off in the middle …

Black Beauty 
Black Beauty is about a horse who lived a life of adventure, making friends along the way. His great friends' names were Ginger and …

Two Bits and Pepper 
It's about these two girls who are best friends, and they have a pony and a horse. The girls get kidnapped suddenly and the horse and …

Seabiscuit was born to race but never really learned what it would be like if he was a winner. They trained him to do exactly what he …

Wind Dancer 
A young girl is in a riding accident, and as a result ends up in a wheelchair. She refuses to speak and hardly does anything for herself. …

Hidalgo is inspired by the true story of Frank T. Hopkins, who goes on a 3,000 mile race across the Arabian Desert. The race was only …

The Princess Stallion  
I discovered the The Princess Stallion DVD at my library. I thought I had seen all the horse movies they have at least once. So this …

The Black Stallion 
It is a very good movie!! When a shipwreck leaves Alec (Kelly Reno) a courageous young boy and the Black wild Arabian stallion stranded …

A movie inspired by a true story... Dreamer is about a race horse who breaks a leg during a race, and a man at the stable gets fired …

Thicker Than Water 
When Natalie Jones' (played by actress Melissa Gilbert from Little House on the Prairie) father dies, she learns about a hidden family …

The movie is about a girl that likes horses. She catches a wild one and she names her Flicka. But, her father doesn't let her keep it …

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