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Are you trying to decide on a name for your horse? Or are you looking for the perfect horse name for your dream horse?

I do not know about you, but I've spent hours writing long lists of names. It's so much fun dreaming up ideas! When I got my horse Sinatra I decided to keep his barn name. (It fit him perfectly - he has gorgeous blue eyes and the singer Frank Sinatra was known for his blue eyes.) But I had to think long and hard about a show name since I did not like the one he had at all. But that's the fun part right? 

Here you will find ideas for horses and ponies shared by horsecrazy girls from all over the world! Just choose any category to find names, to comment, or to add your own. It's easy - and fun!

Find and share awesome horse names

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Find a horse name as unique as your horse! Browse hundreds of unique horse names shared by horsecrazy girls like you.

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Pick the perfect horse show name for horse show season! Hundreds of creative names to help your pony or horse stand out in competition.

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Sassy or sweet - find the perfect girl horse name for your mare or filly.

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Girls from all over the world share cool horse names. Check them out and add your own!

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Review lots of famous horse names for inspiration for your own pony or horse. Who knows? Maybe yours will be famous too!

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If you ask a non-horse person to name a horse breed they would probably say Thoroughbred and honestly that wouldn’t be surprising. Many horse and non-horse people know and love Thoroughbreds because they know of the Kentucky Derby and other prestigious horse races.

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Looking for the perfect name for your new baby horse? We have tons of different names for you to look through. Plus there is some great information on the page regarding rules of naming foals, how to name a foal, and when to name a foal.

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Arabians are especially majestic horses. They have long captured the publics’ imagination and are one of the few breeds anyone can recognize. With the delicate beauty in the breeds’ dished faces contrasted with their big courage and heart it's no wonder this breed is so prominent.

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Sometimes there is a truly funny horse name that you can’t help but laugh at. People can be very creative when they name their horses and I always think it is very impressive when people can come up with witty horse names. So, when you come across one of those names you can share it here.

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When you think of the West you probably think of Native Americans. Native Americans are a part of all of America’s history and for many tribes their horses were a vital part of their lives. Therefore, there should be a page dedicated to these horses.

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With so many horse names contributed to the site over the years I thought it would be a good idea to have an area where girls could contribute their absolute favorites. This page is a great place for you to tell us your favorite horse names from A-K.

Horse Names Shared By Other Girls

Here are some shared by other girls. Comments on the ones you like! Read this first before you share or comment!

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