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If you are looking for a fun horse game to play at home, an awesome game for a horse themed birthday party, or just something to do on a rainy day when you cannot ride but want to think about horses, horse bingo is a great option! 

Luckily, we have a free horse bingo game you can download and play for free right here at If, after playing the game, you decide you are a horse bingo fanatic then you can buy one of the other horse bingo games featured below and feel confident in your purchase.

Get the HorseCrazyGirls Free Horse Bingo Game

A bingo card with a horse theme.

Instructions for Playing Free Horse Bingo Game


  1. Print out our free horse bingo cards here.
  2. Print out the list of words that starts on the second page of this document .
  3. Cut out each word into an individual strip of paper.
  4. Get bingo chips or something else you can use as markers on the cards. (Pennies, star stickers, navy beans or even small peppermints can work.)

To Play:

  1. 1. One person will serve as the announcer. She should place all the cut out words in a small paper bag, bowl, or something similar.
  2. Each player will have 1 -3 bingo cards to play with, depending on the number of players. A cup or bowl with markers should be within hand’s reach of each player.
  3. Players can place a marker on the Free Space in the center of each card before the game begins.
  4. The announcer picks a word out of the bowl and reads it aloud.
  5. Any player who has that word on her card should place one of the markers on that word.
  6. The announcer continues to pick and read words until a player marks five consecutive words - either vertically, horizontally or diagonally on the card.
  7. When a player marks five words in a row, she should call out "bingo!"
  8. Once the announcer verifies the winner, play may continue until another player calls "bingo" or the game can start over from the beginning.

For more fun, consider asking girls to explain the type of breeds / meaning of the words / or use of the item called.

Have fun! I hope you like our free horse bingo game.

More Great Horse bingo gameS

Whether you want to take a break from online horse games or you just want a fun horse game to play with all your horse lover friends, horse bingo may be just what you are looking for. 

Here are some of our favorites!

The bingo games below all vary in price, what they cover, and even in their design. Luckily this means that there is a horse bingo game option for all the different horse lovers out there.

While a horse bingo game may not be a horse board game in the traditional sense, it is great for several reasons. You can have pretty much any number of players you want and the easy rules allows younger horse lovers to play this game as well.

Check out all the fun horse bingo game options below!

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Pony bingo game

Pony Bingo Game.

The Pony Bingo Game by crazyfoxpaper is a super cute bingo game I could definately see being a wonderful addition to any horse birthday party or just any hang out with horse lovers. I love the cute pink elements combined with adorable horse related elements such as the barn, boot, saddle, horseshoe, apple, ribbon, and more. Plus the straight forward, simple nature of this horse bingo game makes it a great option for those that will have younger players at their party. So how much is this cute pony bingo game? The price is only $5 so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank. 

Unicorn Bingo Game

Unicorn Bingo Game.

The Unicorn Bingo Game by ButterscotchDesign is a an especially magical bingo game. The pink, yellow, and blue color elements make this bingo card look fun and exciting. Filled with tons of cute elements including cupcakes, rainbows, stars, ice cream, presents, and butterflies this bingo game would be fun for horse lovers to play at anytime. Whether it is a unicorn birthday party or just something for some horse lovers to do over the weekend at only a $9 price you can feel confident about having a cute, fun horse bingo game for whatever the occasion is.

Barnyard bingo game

Barnyard bingo game.

This Barnyard Bingo Game by JSDigitalCreations is a wonderful bingo game option. While this barnyard bingo doesn't have a strong horse theme horse lovers tend to love all aspects of horses including the barn. The barnyard elements such as the tractors, cows, stables, fences, and other farm elements allows players with less horse knowledge to play the bingo game as well. This bingo game does have a younger, cute feel with the animated drawings and the red, blue, yellow, green, and orange color scheme but it really is cute. The price of $1.99 for this game can't be beat.

Horse Bingo game

Horse bingo game.

The Horse Bingo Game by BlizzyBingo is a great looking horse bingo game. All the elements from the horseshoes, helmets, bits, saddle pads, gloves, and more everything has been designed for the horse lover. Even the horseshoes that make up the bingo card boarder fit the horse bingo game look perfectly. This horse bingo game also comes with bingo markers. The price of this bingo game is just $4.80 which is a great deal in my opinion especially when you think of all the fun you and your fellow horse lovers can have while playing this horse game.

I love Horses Bingo Game

I Love Horses bingo game.

The I Love Horses Bingo Game by BlizzyBingo is a wonderful horse bingo game option. This bingo game comes with the bingo cards, calling cards, and bingo markers. Elements of the horse bingo game are super cute and I love all the horse elements. The barns, apples, saddles, horses, and other horse elements make this game perfect for players that love horses. The bright vibrant colors make this horse bingo game a great addition to a horse birthday party, horse summer camp, or other horse event.  The other great thing about this horse bingo game is its price of $8.

wild west Bingo game

Wild West bingo game.

The Wild West Bingo Game by BlizzyBingo may be just what you need for your next get together with your horse lover friends. With thirty unique bingo cards you can have a big group of bingo players. Plus you also get the bingo calling cards and bingo markers to make sure you have everything you need to play this bingo game. While the Wild West bingo game doesn't scream horses like some of the other bingo games on this page it could still fit into a party. The stars, guitars, saddles, horseshoes, and other fun elements tell the story of the wild west where horses were a big part of life. At a price of $8 this bingo game is a good deal in my opinion.

cowgirl Bingo game

Cowgirl bingo game.

This Cowgirl Bingo Game by FrolicFavors is super cute with the pink color accents and cowgirl elements. The horseshoes, stars, boots, lassos, western hats, wagons, and other cowgirl related elements make this bingo game great for those who want to be a cowgirl. This game does feel like it is made for younger horse lovers but I think it is always a good idea to have a horse game that all ages of guests and friends can play. I also love the fact that instead of saying bingo at the top of the card there are horse related words such as lasso. The price of this horse game is great at $5.

cowboy bingo game

Cowboy bingo game.

This Cowboy Bingo Game by FrolicFavors is a wonderful addition to any horse lover get together, horse summer camp, or a horse birthday party. The design of these cowboy bingo cards is super fun with the horseshoes, stars, horses, saddles, western hats, wagon wheels, among other cowboy related items. I also love that at the top of these cards there are horse related words such as howdy instead of bingo. Plus, with thirty bingo cards and sixty bingo calling cards all you will need to do is grab some bingo markers and your friends. The price of this cowboy bingo game set is only $6.

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