Horse Bingo Game

Download and play our free horse bingo game from! It's a fun game for a horse themed birthday party, or just for a rainy day when you cannot ride but want to think about horses.

Instructions for Playing Free Horse Bingo Game


  1. Print out our free horse bingo cards here .
  2. Print out the list of words that starts on the second page of this document .
  3. Cut out each word into an individual strip of paper.
  4. Get bingo chips or something else you can use as markers on the cards. (Pennies, navy beans or even small peppermints can work.)

To Play:

  1. 1. One person will serve as the announcer. She should place all the cut out words in a small paper bag, bowl, or something similar.
  2. Each player will have 1 -3 bingo cards to play with, depending on the number of players. A cup or bowl with markers should be within hand’s reach of each player.
  3. Players can place a marker on the Free Space in the center of each card before the game begins.
  4. The announcer picks a word out of the bowl and reads it aloud.
  5. Any player who has that word on her card should place one of the markers on that word.
  6. The announcer continues to pick and read words until a player marks five consecutive words - either vertically, horizontally or diagonally on the card.
  7. When a player marks five words in a row, she should call out "bingo!"
  8. Once the announcer verifies the winner, play may continue until another player calls "bingo" or the game can start over from the beginning.

For more fun, consider asking girls to explain the type of breeds / meaning of the words / or use of the item called.

Have fun! I hope you like our free horse bingo game.

Free horse bingo game