We have tons of horse quizzes for horse crazy girls, equestrians, horse lovers, or whatever else you want to call yourself. Take a look at all of our different quiz options!

You may have seen (or will see) some of these quizzes across the site, feel free to take them as much as you want.

Our quizzes are more for just finding out things about yourself or getting recommendations based off your preferences.

How much do you know when it homes to your horse knowledge? If you want to know check out our horse trivia page where we have trivia questions that test your general knowledge regarding things like famous horses, horse anatomy, horse riding, horse breeds, horse movies/books, and more! Don’t feel like doing a trivia quiz that’s okay take one of our fun horse quizzes where it is all about you!

What HORSE BREED would you be

Our horse breeds, pony breeds, and draft breeds pages all feature this fun quiz where you can find out what breed of horse you would be! All you have to do is answer a few questions about yourself and then it will tell you the type of horse you would be and why!

The Perfect HORSE GAME 

Want to find out what the perfect horse game (or just another great horse game) check out this quiz. It covers the broad categories our online horse games encompass so you can get a general sense of some of the games we have listed. Answer a few questions about yourself and what you like in horse games to get some suggestions. Just remember to talk to your parents when it comes to playing or not playing a horse game and with what settings.

You can find this page on our online horse games page.

what kind of HORSECRAZYGIRL are you?

How well do you know yourself? Find out what type of horse crazy girl you are with this fun quiz. Select the answer that best describes you (no true or false here) and then find out what type of horse crazy girl you are and why. We will also give you a page recommendation based on your answer.

what is your horse name style

If you are part of the HorseCrazyGirls club and have visited the site a lot then you know how many horse name pages and horse name suggestions we have. Whether it's:

  • Mare (female) horse names
  • Gelding (male) horse names
  • Quarter horse names
  • Foal (baby) horse names
  • Thoroughbred horse names
  • A show name for your dressage horse

Or any other type of horse name we have a page or a submission from a horse crazy girl that will give you suggestions.

But before coming up with or looking at horse names, it is a great idea to find out what your horse name style is. You can do this by taking the quiz here or on one of our horse name pages.

If you have a suggestion for another horse quiz let me know!