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I absolutely love online horse games! I mean I really love them. Growing up they were, still are, one of the many aspects of my horsecrazy life.

To this day online horse games are still one of my favorite ways to push off all the boring stuff like homework, papers, laundry, cleaning my room ... you get the picture. As a result of my professional procrastination - and I take great pride in this - I played pretty much all the horse games around.

The games I have played over the years have all made their way onto this page so you too can join in on the fun of procrastinating life with fun online horse games! There are a ton of awesome horse games on this page so my current online horse game favorites are listed above under best online horse games. But don't worry if those are not the games for you we have plenty more for you to choose from.

9 Best Online Horse Games

Here are 9 top-rated online horse games! Keep reading for more awesome horse games and reviews below.

  1. Horse Paradise
  2. Horse Isle
  3. Horse Haven World Adventures
  4. Equestriad World Tour
  5. Howrse
  6. Noble Horse Champion
  7. Star Stable
  8. Equestrian The Game
  9. Wild Horse's Valley

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Most Popular Online Horse games

Here are some awesome Most Popular Online Horse Games for you to try.

Equestrian the game 

This horse game is now available worldwide. I haven't been playing Equestrian The Game super long, but it is really fun.
A graphic from Equestrian The Game showing a horse and rider cantering by rocks, grass, and water with the words Explore Beautiful Trails and the game logo.

You get to design your horse when starting out which is super fun especially since they give you so many options. You also get to customize your avatar. Once you and your horse are ready the game opens up to your farm.

Here is where you have access to the silo (which produces food for your horses), the riding arena (where you train your horses), the trails (for riding, jumping, and racing), the office (where you can change your avatar's outfit), the trailer/horse market (where you can buy new horses), and the stables (where you horses live).

This game has a lot going for it the scenery is beautiful, the competitions are realistic, the horses each have their own personality, can spook, buck, and more. However, there are a few things I am waiting/hoping to see. The first is being able to breed your own horses, being able to get easier access to higher level horses, dressage shows, and the option to have easier controls. Honestly, it took me quite a while to finally be able to jump a clear round because it was so hard to work the reins and jumping controls. 

Available: iPhone and Android

Graphics: 3d

Ride Equestrian Simulation

A graphic from the game Ride Equestrian Simulation. It has the text Ride Equestrian Simulation at the bottom and shows a horse and rider jumping above the text.

Ride Equestrian Simulation is a popular game that has amazing 3d graphics that make the game feel realistic.  There is a ton to do in this game as well which keeps it fun.  Not only can you choose your own horse you get to dress you and your horse up.  Additionally, you get to enter jumping, dressage, or even three-day eventing competitions.  The only downside of this game is that a download is required. 

Available for: Windows computers

Graphics are: 3d


Star Stable always seems to be one of the most popular horse games with horsecrazy girls.
A graphic from the game Star Stable. It shows a horse and rider cantering on a dirt road through pine trees. The horse is wearing black english tack and the rider is wearing cross country gear.

This is another game that offers beautiful 3d graphics, the ability to talk/interact to other players, and complete quests. Recently, Star Stable also released another kind of mini game called Star Stable Horses that allows you to raise and train foals and then send them to your main farm on Star Stable. 

Available: Online

Graphics are: 3d


A graphic from the game Pony World 2. It shows a white pony with an orange mane rearing next to the text Pony World. There is a part of a tree and part of a castle in the background.

Pony World 2 is unlike any other horse game I know about. In this game, you are not a rider but rather you are the pony. This game does seem to be designed for younger girls. While the graphics are not the best they are still good and there are plenty of fun things to do in the game. You get to customize the look of the pony from the mane to the coat color, play different mini games, learn tricks, and more.     

Available for: Windows computer

Graphics are: 3d


A graphic from the Pony Luv Game. It shows a floating hand holding a lead rope that is attached to a cantering bay pony. A barn, fence, and trees are in the background.

Ever dreamed of owning your own pony? Pony Luv Game allows you to do just that by letting you have your own virtual pony. You have the responsibility to feed and groom your pony but in return you get to compete in races. One of the best parts of the game is all the fun tack you can buy and use to dress up your pony in. Just a heads up, you don’t have your own avatar in this game in case that is important to you.

Available for: Nintendo DS, PC 

Graphics are: 3d


A graphic from the game Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Shadow Ranch. It is an orange square with a ghost horse rearing in the center and an image of a horse stable behind the horse.

Bored with easy, straightforward horse games? Well then, Nancy Drew:The Secret of Shadow Ranch game is for you.  Honestly, this is one of the hardest horse games I have ever played.  It is more of a detective mystery game than a horse game but since you are on your uncle’s farm trying to solve a mystery while riding around on your horse I figured I would include it.  The 3d graphics in this game are really good and the storyline is well thought out. It is just a hard game, so it’s probably best for older girls.

Available for: Windows Computer 

Graphics are: 3d

Free Online Horse Games

Here are some awesome free online horse games for you to try. Here are a whole bunch of fun free online horse games.


A graphic from the My Stable game. It shows a palomino horse standing in a field with a white fence in front of the horse. The text Tame a horse from the wild is at the bottom.

My Stable is another fun online horse game that is completely free and doesn’t require a download. The graphics in this game are pretty good but are not amazing like some other games. However, the game is still fun as you get to raise, train, sell, compete with and care for the horses you breed and the wild horses that you capture! You can also talk to other players in this game and share your horse photos and drawings with others.

Available for: Online

Graphics are: 2d

Free online horse game


Howrse was one of the very first online horse games I played as a kid and I just remember thinking how beautiful the graphics were and how much fun it was.
A graphic from the game Howrse. There is a white horse wearing english tack beside a chestnut Appaloosa foal. There is a barn and trees in the background. The grass is green and the sky is blue.

While I do not play the game as much as I used to, the graphics are still good and the game is still fun.  You get to breed, train, raise, and care for your horses and/or ponies.  There are also fantasy horse breeds such as unicorns. I think many horsecrazy girls will love this game.  

Available for: Online, iPhone, Android Phone

Graphics are: 2d

Free online horse game


A graphic from the game Horse Quest Online. It shows a dapple grey draft horse in a barn pawing at hay on the ground. The text Your Very Own Stable! appears in the bottom left corner.

Horse Quest Online is an interactive horse game and is a ton of fun. You get to pick your horse and then go on quests in order to earn horseshoes and level up. Unlike some games, you don’t train or breed horses but you get through beautiful landscapes and capture wild horses. Another feature of this game is that there is an option to play with a chat feature or without the chat feature which makes it accessible to many more age groups.  

Available for: Online, iPhone, Android Phone 

Graphics are: 3d

Free online horse game


Ever dreamed of having a worldwide horse farm? If the answer is yes, then Horse Haven World Adventures is the horse game for you!
A graphic from the game Horse Haven World Adventures. It shows a white horse with blue eyes standing in front of a wood fence with green grass and trees in the background. The sky is blue.

In this game, you get to run farms in countries such as the United States, France, and England. You get to raise, train, care for, and compete in Steeplechase events with your horses or ponies. Plus, you can compete against friends and dress your horse up in different tack items.  

Available for: Online, iPhone, Android Phone

Graphics are: 3d

Free online horse games


A graphic from the game My Horse Game for Tablet. It shows a light bay horse with a white blaze in a pasture. There is a glimpse of a hill, fence, and tree in the background. The sky is blue.

Want a fun interactive horse game that allows you to care for, feed, train, and compete on your own horse? Well, My Horse Game for Tablet meets all of those requirements and more. My Horse Game is a straightforward game that is full of fun activities and will keep you busy for a long time. The graphics aren’t the best and the horse has funky confirmation but it is still a fun game. It used to be that you could only play this game on a tablet but it now appears that this game can be played on a computer as well.  

Available: Online, iPad

Graphics are: 3d

Free online horse game

horse isle

Horse Isle was another one of the first horse games I played when I was younger.
A graphic from the game Horse Isle. It shows a bay horse jumping through a horseshoe and it says Horse Isle The Secret Land of Horses below the horse. The background is pink and tan.

There are now three different versions of Horse Isle available. In all the different versions, you get to select your avatar and dress him/her up, complete mini games, go on adventures, explore new lands, adopt horses, capture wild horses and talk to other players.  The main difference between the different versions is that the graphics keep getting better. Additionally, the mini games, riddles, etc change in each version.

Available: Online

Graphics are: 2d (in version I), 3d (in version II and III)

Free online horse game


Beautiful graphics are all throughout this fun, multiplayer, online horse game from the scenery to the horses. In Horse Paradise, you get to raise, care for, and train horses.
A graphic from the game Horse Paradise. It shows a palomino horse standing next to a palomino foal on a dirt path with pine trees, rocks, and green grass in the background.

If you want to ride through different landscapes with friends you can or you can just complete quests on your own. You also get to compete in fun races to earn rewards that allow you to buy fun accessories for your horses.  

Available for: Online, iPhone, Android Phone

Graphics are: 3d

Free online horse game


A graphic from the game My Western Horse. It shows a bay paint horse and rider in an indoor arena. The rider is wearing western riding clothes and the horse is wearing western tack.

Yes, you read that right! My Western Horse is a western online horse game! Just like most horse games you get to ride, train, and care for your horses. Unlike other games though you get to dress your avatar up in fun western riding outfits, customize your horse, and of course ride your horse in different western disciplines including barrel racing.

Available for: Online, iPhone, Android Phone

Graphics are: 3d

Free online horse game


A graphic from the game A Virtual Horse. It shows a bay Appaloosa horse muzzling a palomino paint foal. They are in a pasture with a wood fence, trees, and a hill behind them. The grass is green.

If you like horse games where you can breed, care for, and train horses on your own virtual farm then A Virtual Horse would be great for you. The graphics are not as sophisticated as some of the other horse games featured on this website but there are still fun components. One of the best things about this game is that it is completely free, yep completely free, nothing to upgrade or buy just a fun game.   

Available for: Online

Graphics are: 3d

Free online horse game


A graphic from the game Club Pony Pals. It shows a bay pony with a star standing beside a white fence with a barn and house in the background. A star shaped compass is in the right upper corner.

Based on the Club Pony Pals Book series, Club Pony Pals is a fun interactive game and a great one. Not only do you get to care for your pony, feed it, tack it up in fun tack, and go on exciting trail rides there is also a town to visit and shop at. There are no competitions or training in the game but there are fun mini games that teach you about horses and ponies. 

Available for: Online 

Graphics are: 3d

Free online horse game


A graphic from the game Horse Riding Tales. It shows a rider and a palomino horse galloping. The horse is wearing english tack. The sky is blue and full of white clouds.

Horse Riding Tales is a free, fun, adventure-filled horse game with beautiful graphics and the ability to chat and play with other players. There are multiple levels for you to work through by completing quests. Moving through the levels allows you to unlock new outfits for you to dress your avatar up in and to get new horse breeds unlocked.  Another feature of this game I love is that you get to capture wild horses!

Available for: Android phone, iPhone, Online with download

Graphics are: 3d

Free online horse game


A graphic from the game Hunt & Jump Inc. It shows a dapple grey horse wearing english tack standing in a grassy field. The sky is blue and there is text and buttons on the image.

If you like technically accurate horse games, Hunt and Jump Inc. is a good one. While the game itself is not the most interactive it can still be a lot of fun. You can breed, train, care for and show your horses. A really cool feature of this game is that the breeding of your horses follows true horse genetic guidelines. There is also a Hunt and Jump community that you use in the game to talk horses with others.

Available for: Online

Graphics are: 2d

Free online horse game


A graphic from the game Ponybox. It shows a white square with the words Ponybox written across the middle in green bold letters.

Like most sim games, PonyBox does not have top notch graphics, but it has a large community you can talk to and share horse pictures with. In the game you get to buy horses/ponies, take care of them, and enter competitions. You do not get to ‘ride’ the horses in the game but rather you just enter the horses into training and competitions that simply let you know what place your horse got in the end.

Available for: Online

Graphics are: 2d

Free online horse game


A graphic from the game White Oak Stables. It shows a light chestnut horse standing in a field. The grass is green and there are shrubs in the background. The sky is blue.

White Oak Stables is straightforward and easy to figure out. This game is for those that don’t want anything too complicated. Of course, this game has all the basics of caring for, training, and breeding horses but it also has more unique features. One of the best parts is the focus on taking care of your horses, in fact if you don’t take good enough care of your horse they will end up in the rescue! But this also means that you can adopt horses from the rescue.    

Available for: Online

Graphics are: 2d

Free online horse game


A palomino and white paint horse standing in a field during fall. The trees in the background and grass are changing color. The horse is wearing a green saddle pad and english style tack.

Horse Eden Eventing is another sim horse game that offers a community aspect along with the horse game aspect. The graphics in this game are better than most of the other sim games but in my personal opinion the best part of the game is the fact that there is dressage, showjumping, and cross country for you to train your horses in and then complete. Of course you get to buy, sell, breed, and take care of horses. 

Available for: Online 

Graphics are: 2d

Free online horse game

Star STable Horses

A graphic from the game Star Stable Horses. It shows a dapple grey horse nuzzling a black foal. There are trees with red leaves and hills with yellowish grass in the background.

If you can’t get enough of Star Stable then Star Stable Horses is for you. This fun horse game lets you pick out foals to raise, care for, train, and then send on to your Star Stable account. Unlike Star Stable, which is an online horse game, this game appears to be for the phone only but it does allow you to link your account on this app to your Star Stable account. But similar to Star Stable the graphics are great.  


Available for: iPhone, Android phone

Graphics are: 3d

Noble Horse champion

Wow, the 3d graphics in Noble Horse Champion are really good especially for an online horse game.
A graphic from the game Noble Horse Champion. It is a black square with gold lettering and a gold design. The words are in the middle and say Noble Horse Champion.

In this fun game, you get to breed horses, care for them, train them, and enter them in competitions. When you breed your horses the foals are born with their own unique markings. A really special feature of this game is that you get to design the interior of your barn from the style of the stall to the color.  

Available: Online

Graphics are: 3d

Free online horse game

Horse farm

A graphic from the game Horse Farm. It shows an Appaloosa horse with a leg raised beside a girl wearing white breaches and a red show jacket. There are flowers in front of them and trees behind.

If you ever played Zoo Tycoon or Rollercoaster Tycoon this game, Horse Farm, reminds me of those.  In this horse game you own a horse vacation property. You get to build lodges, food courts, barns, veterinary centers, and more. Plus you can also decorate your property and the individual buildings. Of course you also get to take care of your horses, breed horses, and train them but there are no competitions in this game.

Available for: iPhone, Android Phone, Online 

Graphics are: 3d 

Free online horse game

Equestriad World Tour

Wow! Equestriad World Tour is a really awesome horse game.
A graphic from the game Equestriad World Tour. It shows a light bay horse with a white stripe wearing a black english bridle in an indoor arena. The sun is shining through.

Not only do you get to compete in dressage, show jumping, and eventing in tons of different venues to earn experience and coins you can also train in all these disciplines. You get to care for your horses in a very interactive way, you can dress your horse up in new tack items, different mane/tail styles, leg wraps, and more. Additionally, you can also dress your avatar up in different riding outfits to customize your look. I think horsecrazy girls will love this game.

Available for: iPhone, Android Phone

Graphics are: 3d

Free online horse game

My Horse Stories

A graphic from the game My Horse Stories. It shows a white horse with a yellowish colored mane beside a girl wearing a denim shirt and short brown hair. The background is a purple/yellow color.

My Horse Stories is a newer game is a little more cartoonish than some of the other horse games out there. In this game you get to grow crops to make food for your horse, compete in different jumping competitions, go on trail rides, and care for your horse. There is also a fun interactive storyline built into the game that allows you to make choices as you go along too.

Available for: iPhone, Android Phone

Graphics are: 3d

Free online horse game

Horse Academy

A graphic from the game Horse Academy. It shows a dirt path surrounded by trees through a pair of horse's ears. The words Horse Academy are in the middle and the O in Horse is a horse shoe.

To all the horsecrazy girls that wanted a horse racing game here it is, Horse Academy. Yes, you read that right I finally included a game that has horse racing. Luckily this game does not seem to have betting so I feel comfortable telling you all about it. But the game is not exclusively horse racing there is also show jumping, dressage, cross country, and barrel racing! At the beginning of the game you get your first horse and from there you can design and build your own farm, train horses, compete in competitions and more. Just be warned this game is a little harder than most.

Available for: iPhone, Android Phone

Graphics are: 3d

Free online horse game

Wild Horse's Valley

Wow, Wild Horse's Valley game is so much fun!
A graphic from the game Wild Horse's Valley. It shows a champagne colored horse in a meadow. There are buttons that say walk, trot, gallop on the left side along with health and energy bars below.

Unlike other horse games where you breed horses and train them for disciplines, you are a wild lead stallion horse, which is just awesome. You start off by picking which stallion you want to be; the chestnut stallion, the black stallion, or the grey stallion. As you go through the game, you are put in different situations where you must make the decision to either fight/take a risk or flee/play it safe. You gain other horses as herd members as you go through the game and can keep 5-50 of them (technically you can keep more/less herd members but the game creators recommend 5-50 last time I looked). Herd members allow you to breed foals and they can help the herd by boosting your lead stallion stats or gathering stuff for the herd. You can also buy herd companions with tokens you earn or buy in the game. Herd companions help you through their specialized skills. It is a 2d graphic game but honestly the exciting story lines and features keep your attention. I can’t recommend this game enough, I just love how different and fun it is!

Equine Passion

A graphic from the game Equine Passion. A black horse is standing in a field covered with snow. There are pine trees covered in snow and decorated with ornaments in the background.

In Equine Passion, you start off by getting an avatar you can customize. The options for the avatar are on the more limited side. When you start off in the game you get to ‘ride/train’ a school horse before you import your own horse. The one thing about this game is that it tells you to rest after 10 p.m. game time, which is fine but the time goes fast when you are doing jobs and gaining skills so it doesn’t leave a lot of play time and I have yet to figure out how/if to get past that 10 p.m. rule. The other thing that I don’t love about this game is that I haven’t figured out how to make changes to my avatar and I am not sure that you can, which is rather annoying if you make a mistake on your avatar. This game does seem to be on the more basic side but I am going to play it some more and see if there are other exciting features that I am missing.

Celestial Equine

A graphic from the game Celestial Equine. It shows purple feathered wings with the words Celestial Equine in the center of the wings. There is also a golden horse shoe behind the words on the wings.

If you liked Bella Sara and Pony Island, I have a feeling you will be a big fan of Celestial Equine fantasy horse game. When you start out you get to pick the look of two horses you like, one a mare and one a stallion. The game generates the horses for you and you can then breed the horses to get your own foal. While this is a 2d game where you just click on stuff it is rather fun. There are beauty contests you can enter your horse in, there are tournaments to compete in, and of course you get to train your horse. There are a few different ways to get money in the game, but my favorite way is to vote on the horses I like best in the beauty contests. When deciding on what discipline you want your horse to be trained in there are seven different options: hunter/jumper, reining, driving, eventing, dressage, western pleasure, and hunt seat equitation.

All Pony

A graphic from the All Pony My Horse game. It shows a gray Appaloosa pony wearing english tack standing in a barn aisle. There is a blue ribbon to the right and an english bridle to the left.

Okay, this is not the typical game listed on this page, but I think this website is great if you want to learn all about horses. All Pony offers a ton of different fun, interactive quizzes and activities ranging from horse markings to what the different colored ribbons in horses’ tails mean. The activities include matching games, memory games, and many other types. I have found myself taking these quizzes to refresh my memory and I am super impressed with all the knowledge this website offers. If you want to take a break from learning they also offer free activities such as designing your own pony and drawing a horse.


A graphic from the game Horzer. It shows a black Friesian standing on dirt. There is a white fence and green shrubs in the background. The sky is a yellow/orange color.

This is a cute horse game that has actually been around for a while. I had an account from quite a while back, but I must have forgotten to post it. Luckily, I came across this game again and I am finally going to post about it. Horzer is a straightforward horse game that is best for those wanting something focused on talking to other people and building game status. The graphics are all 2d, however you can upload photos of your own horse to take the place of the horse in the game. Like many other horse games you buy grooming supplies, feed, tack, accessories, etc at the market in the game and then use them to do things like improve your horse’s mood. You do get to pick out your first horse from eight different breed options or you can pick one of the two types of donkeys available (I love the fact that you can pick a donkey). Overall, this is a cute horse game that is just a little simple for my taste.

Find the perfect horse game for you!

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How to Find The best Horse Game

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the online horse games available and not sure where to start here are my top 5 Tips for How to Choose a Horse Game.

#1: Decide what you want out of a horse game

This may seem like a very broad question when you first look at it and you may be thinking to yourself, “I DON’T KNOW this is why I came to this site!”  But chances are if you found yourself here after looking online for a horse game, you were bored with the game(s) you had been playing and couldn’t find another one easily.  So ask yourself what you did not like about the last game(s) and this will help you figure out what you want in your next game.

Example:  When I was playing Horse Isle online I really enjoyed it but I wanted a game with better graphics that made me feel like I was actually with the horses and riding.  With that in mind I went out looking and that is how I found Ride! An Equestrian Simulation

#2:  Think about how much time you like spending playing a game

For me when I hear something like this I think the time I spend playing the game depends on how much I like it.  But what I am actually trying to get at is some games have an end to them and others do not.  So, if you are looking for the horse game equivalent to Candy Crush where there is no end in sight and you want it that way because you like having something fun to play at all times you may want to look at something like Horse Tales or Horse Quest.  But if you want to play something that has an end you can reach in a reasonable amount of time and feel like you conquered a goal Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch is probably a better bet.   

#3:  Introverted vs. Extroverted

Don’t worry you won’t have to answer a personality test to figure this question out.  All you need to do is consider if you want the game to have a chat feature.  Many games now either have or at least offer a chat option.  For me when I personally play a game I don't really care about a chat feature as I know I will not use it.  But for some people they really like to chat to other people in games.  Obviously, PC games won’t have a chat option but when looking at online games it is something to consider.  If you want a fun online game that does not have a chat feature Planet Horse would be a good option.  But if you are wanting to mingle then look at games such as Horse Quest.

#4:  What Seat You Ride

This one may or may not matter to you but when looking for a game you can also take into consideration what seat you ride.  Because I am a Hunter/Jumper rider I have naturally gravitated towards horse games with jumping, but games such as My Western Horse cater to those who ride western.  For those who want a horse racing game that doesn't have betting in it, Horse Academy is a good choice.  

Hunter/Jumper riders have much more of a selection with games such as Ride! Equestrian simulation.  Dressage has some great game options but most of those are PC games such as Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge which we unfortunately don’t have a link to because it's kind of hard to find now.  For those who participate in gymkanna’s, the Saddle Club game had you covered.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find a saddle seat horse game but if there is one you know of and play definitely let me know in the comments.  If you just want to breed horses, Howrse is a great option.

#5:  What Type of Devices You Have

Okay, this one is a little bit obvious and one of the less inspired points but it is still very important one to consider.  Being in college I really only have my DVD playerless laptop, phone and computer to use for horse games.  This definitely restricts the games I can play.  As a result I can’t pull out any of my PC games but I can play the online horse games.  

If you live where internet streaming is expensive or spotty, you’re going to want a game can you can download and play, including games for PC, Nintendo, or Wii/Playstation/X box. By the way, I find the quality of those games to often be excellent. I think it probably has to do with the price of an online game versus a Wii game along with the differences in cost for making and launching games for the internet versus the Nintendo, etc. 

Games We Hope Come Back

These are some favorite games we hope come back in some way!


Unfortunately it doesn’t look like you can buy Apassionata new anymore, but you may be able to find it used somewhere.  Great parts of this game include the interactive horse care, training, and riding. A really interesting aspect of this game is that it is more focused on traditional teachings. In the game, you not only do in-hand training and groundwork you also do classical dressage and vaulting.

Bella Sara

Unfortunately the Bella Sara game is no longer available however, there is a Bella Sara App available. The app is not a horse game in the traditional sense as there are no horses to take care of, train, compete with or anything along those lines.  However, you can collect Bella Sara cards through the app, watch the Bella Sara movie, and listen to Bella Sara music.  So if you just love Bella Sara and the beautiful artwork of the cards you will probably enjoy the app.


Unfortunately this online horse game doesn't appear to be around any longer. I used to love this game mainly because there were tons of different wild horses to catch. There was the usual horse care, horse training, horse breeding, and horse competitions within the game. I was very sad to see this game disappear as it was one of my favorite horse sims games. 

Ellen Whitaker's Horse Life

Unfortunately, it does not look like Ellen Whitaker's Horse Life game is available to buy any longer. However, you may be able to find a used version. This is really a huge bummer because it’s a great game. Not only did you get your own horse to take care of and train but you also got to compete in show jumping, dressage, and cross country.  Plus there were many different breeds of horses to choose from.


Unfortunately, Happy Horses is no longer around. It was not a very exciting horse game but you could definitely waste some time playing it. The basics of horse care were the central feature of the game and pictures were used as the graphics rather than animation.


Horse Academy does not appear to be around anymore. This was a horse racing game that I had on the site because there was no betting involved but sadly it is gone. The graphics were rather cartoony but it was a lot of fun. You could customize your horse, care for them, dress them up, compete with them, and breed your horses.


Unfortunately, this game does not appear to be around any longer. Horse Eventing was a lot of fun as you got to dress up your horse and compete in show jumping, dressage, and cross country. There were plenty of levels to work through in this game which was really nice.


Horse Star doesn't appear to be around any more. I remember this game as being a good classic horse game. You had a horse that you got to ride, care for, train, and compete with. This game was not very hard which made it good for girls of many ages.


Unfortunately, Horse World does not appear to be around anymore.  You had a horse farm where you got to raise, breed, train, and compete with horses.  The graphics were pretty good just not the highest quality.  It was not a very hard game which made it easy for most girls to play.


Horseland does not appear to be around any longer. While the graphics were not those of the horses and riders in the Horseland show that is what the website said the game was based on. In the game you got a horse, had to care for the horse, train the horse, and compete with your horse in showjumping.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you can buy this game new anymore so if you want My Horse & Me 2, you will probably have to buy it used.  But with that being said the game is definitely worth searching for.  This version has show jumping, dressage, and cross country instead of just the show jumping.  There is customization of the horse and avatar, horse care, training, and more.  The graphics are wonderful in this game as well.


Unfortunately, My Horse Club appears to be gone.  This online horse game had the best graphics ever.  Plus it was just a ton of fun with the realistic horse training, horse care, and beautiful show jumping competition grounds.  The customization of the avatar and all the horse options were great as well.  If it comes back, I'll be sure to let you know!


Petz: Pony Club does not look like it is around any longer, unless you can find it used somewhere. If you happen to find it you will probably really enjoy it. The game is centered around the annual parade that you are working on getting the ponies ready for. Of course in order to get the ponies ready you have to take care of them, dress them up, and train them.


Unfortunately this game doesn't appear to be around any longer. The graphics of Planet Horse were pretty good. There was horse care, horse training, accessories for the horse, competitions. The only thing you did in this game was compete with your horse but it was a more difficulty online horse game compared to others.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Pony Friends is around anymore unless you can find it used. In the game you get to keep multiple ponies that you get to take care of through baths, grooming, and attention.  You get to ride out on fun trails and can see wildlife on these rides.  Plus there is a secret diary you can keep.


Unfortunately this game does not seem to be around any more. Christina, one of our horsecrazygirl friends, told me about Pony Island. It was a great game if you really liked fantasy horse breeds and mystical creatures. You could breed new types of ponies, raise them, feed them, and even enter competitions. Within the game there were even mini games, virtual stores for you to buy goods for your pony at, and more. Plus there was an online community that you could join and share your own drawings with.


Unfortunately, Riding Out doesn't appear to be around anymore. There were supposed to be updates made to this game a few years ago but it looks like this game never game back.  It has been a really long time since I played this game and do not remember the specifics of it very well.


Unfortunately, Show Jumping doesn't appear to be around any longer. While the graphics of the game were not the best I use to love this game and play it for hours. There was no horse care, horse training, no accessories for the horse, etc. The only thing you did in this game was compete with your horse but it was a more difficulty online horse game compared to others. 

Have you missed a fun online horse game? Please tell me about it so I can check it out. I always love to hear about great horse and pony games to play! 

A note about horse racing games: You will see that I have not included many of these kinds of games. The reason is that most of those games are really more about gambling than about horses. Betting on horses is not the kind of thing I want to include here. Hope you understand!