MyStable Horse Game

Mystable is a fun online horse game!

You have your own stable, and you can buy a horse then you can train it, enter shows, breed it, and care for it. It's definitely fun!

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Confused with MyStable 
This game is really confusing, It has all these links! :(

Riding @ MyStable 
Can you ride the horsey you buy?

Games For Me 
Okay, of what I have read, MyStable sounds like a good game for people who want to click click and click all day. That's what i saw.. well, read. I read …

MyStable Rocks! 
I love this game! I have 2 horses, a filly called lemon and a Clydesdale.

I think MyStable is a VERY good game and I love the fact that you can bid on and sell horses. At first when I tried it I'm like,"It's an O.K. game" and … 
I love this site you have put up, all the games are awesome!!

I tried this game and didn't really enjoy it. I thought it was kind of boring and hard. If you are a good figure-it-out person then you should probably …

hello i would like 2 get a reveiw 4 my stable 
i think my stable is a very very good website because it helps younger kids learn and play their favorite games with horses. kids of all ages - even my …

My stable is great. I am a horse mad 12 year old girl and i am getting one for christmas. I just play this until i can get one! YAY! horses!! :)

good but???? 
I think that it is a good game but its a shame you can't ride the horse like 1 key is 2 go left and 1 is to go right then some other is 2 go faster and …

I think yhey shoud look after your horse 
Well i think if you are on hoilday they should look after your horse!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great online horse sim game! 
I LOVE MyStable! The only thing that I don't like is you have to have really high level horses to get money after you sell them.

i think it's great, especially because im the number 1 player

MyStable is cool 
MyStable is great for anyone who likes horses. It's really interactive too. I'm sure you've heard you can raise train and breed horses and get them from …

It was boring. One of those games where you just press buttons I guess. I just thought it looked lke one of those games that was complicated, and once …

It was ok I didn't really have the time to get deep in but it was slightly dull

Awsome!!!! Best Game Ever!!! 
mystable is a fun game for anyone to play. you can do so much with horses if you are horse crazy this is the game for you! i think everyone should play …

how do u play it 
how do u play this game because it looks like a good game but u need to tell us how to play it?

Mystable rox my sox!!!!!!!!!!! 
It is probably the best horse game I have ever played on the Internet. It is not quite as good as real horses but if you don't have a horse, its the perfect …


MyStable Makes No Sense 

horse crazy 
i love horses so much! :)

I LOVE MyStable! I have tons of horses on it and play it everyday! Check it out if you haven't already. ~Ashley~

I LOVE mystable!!! it ROCKS!!! My horses r WONDERFUL Serenity bloodline horses! (most of them) well i hope to see u there! -2008ralph

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free credits 
i think you should get 2000 free credits every week

I think it sounds awesome and I have already tried signing up for it but I don't have an email address (sob) so I can't log in!

how do i get a horse? 
i don't think its that good because i don't know how to get a horse because it doesn't tell me

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MyStable? Depends on Type of game you like 
For me, it is a boring game. All you do is look at a poorly drawn picture at a horse and press groom, feed, etc. Nothing moves. The wild is constantly …

I DON'T LIKE MyStable!!! All you do is this:Click. Click. Click. Seriously! All you do is click. And, they kept pestering me with emails like this: …

my stable awesome review 
i think mystable is an awesome website

my cool STABLE 
my stable is awesome and fun

catching any level 1 horse from the wild on mystable 
If you want to catch any horse from the wild quickly, get its id, type in this web address and add it's id on the end. but you cannot get a higher leveled …

I LOVE IT!!! I think Arabian breeding is a really fun thing to do. Also I don't like the wild any more because you have to pay credits to capture a horse …

I H*** IT! It doesn't let me in, i'm put my right things but they won't let me in!!!!

Mystable Review :) 
Its okay, well i used to be proper addicted but now, looking at horseisle, i just don't play it anymore. they changed it way too much, you can't catch …

i love horses 
i haven't played it yet but it sound's like a really good game.

this is the best game i love it

Howrse review 
It's the greatest game ever because it's a like a real horse. My brother even has a horse!

MyStables Not rated yet
I think MyStables is great because horses are my favorite animals! All my life I want to take riding lessons, learn how to take care of my horse and …

Need Help with MyStable! Not rated yet
Well this game is so complicated and I can't figure it out so please anybody, help me.

Not Fair! Not rated yet
My stable is so not fair cuz you have to be 13 or older to play! Who agrees?

I Love MyStable! Not rated yet
I found this game online, and fell in love with it. I am not the best player, but I do have some really good horses. I breed high level Arabians on …

MyStable is Great! Not rated yet
MyStable is a great game--not perfect but pretty close. 3 1/2 out of 5!

MyStable is Amazing! Not rated yet
I think it's a very cool game!!!

AWESOME GAME!!! Not rated yet
MyStable is awesome because I have made a friend who lives in London and won more horses!!! Now I have 5 horses I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MyStable Not rated yet
I think MyStable is about taking care of a horse like what you do on a farm..

Stables for U Not rated yet
MyStables is a great game and good for learn things about horses.

Stacey's Stables @ MyStable Not rated yet
I thinkn this game is realy great!!! x

Horse Game Not rated yet
I like MyStable a bit.. But I think they could still make it better..

Teds Stables  Not rated yet
My Stable is a great game!

I LOVE MyStable! Not rated yet
ITS AMAZING:D i have three horses. a stallion, mare and filly. Stallion: Cowboy of the wild Mare: Dark Magic Filly: Peanut GOOD …

What I Think Of MyStable Not rated yet
MyStable used to be a really fantastic game - certainly the most fun online horse sim game. But BEWARE, if you ever forget your account info, don't make …

dlsaxon18 Not rated yet
well by you guys reports i want play but it wont show in my inbox if i get in i well tell if it was good or bad

HORSE Not rated yet
I think it is a really great game

i thin my stable is a good game because you get to clean the horse or the pony groom it and stuff that you tack care of a horse with, and i lovvvvvvvvve …

i loves horses Not rated yet
hi i love it its fun and cool so i loves horses i really do i love them if not a men killing trying to then i say dont or call the ploice every men lavse …

I DONT LIKE IT Not rated yet
I cant login,its insane!!!!

my stable Not rated yet
I think my stable sounds cool i love horses that's why i think it sounds cool!

amber's ranch Not rated yet

jumping  Not rated yet
it is really fun

Horse Not rated yet
don't know yet

YUCK! Not rated yet
THis is the most boreing game i HAVE PLAYED

YUCK! Not rated yet
THis is the most boreing game i HAVE PLAYED

i dont like it i wish icould play!!!!!!! Not rated yet
it stinks i could not even play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;(

My Stable Not rated yet
I Heart Mystable! It it soooo much fun and really easy to play =) MyPonyBird

lover horse Not rated yet
its so cool lol

my anser Not rated yet
it is no good

horsesa Not rated yet

very bad!!! Not rated yet
i could not log in!!!!!!!!!!! same as what... wast of time!!!

BEST THINGS Not rated yet

horse game Not rated yet
heya everyone 2 be honest this isn't one of my most fav games but anyway does anyone no any games that r better than this?

cleo565 Not rated yet
MyStable is brillllllllllll!!!!!!! ;-] ;-] xx lol

Jess Not rated yet
I think is the best game ever!

Hey, you horse lovers out there! Not rated yet
I have not played it. I don't have an E-mail address. If you are angry because you don't have an E-mail address, but still want to play the game, then …

Loooooove it Not rated yet
MyStable is so much fun!

KiriKristina Not rated yet

Cool! Not rated yet
nothing else can be good as MY STABLE!!!!!!!!!

natalie's hores Not rated yet
i think it is an awesome game!

MYSTABLE HORSE  Not rated yet
It looks good and I love horse!

I love my stable Not rated yet
My stable has alot of horses and ponys for you to ride and it is for $10 or $5 per week thankyou very very much

I LOVE HORSES! Not rated yet
I love it. It is a special place for me to be.

Great!! Not rated yet
It is a fun game but sometimes confusing like i can not bid on horses... but is fun and you will all love it!! :)

good Not rated yet
Its wonderful

HORSE IS THE BEST Not rated yet
lovely niceand it is my dream to seea stable .

Jana O Not rated yet
It's great !!!!!!!!!!!

cheats Not rated yet
its great i never played a game like it

Cool game!!!! Must Try!!! Not rated yet
Can't think of any cheats but deff a must try!!!! It's totally cool and nice! Erm, do you have Pony Luv online???

OKayuy Not rated yet
it wont let me load it

Not The Best For Casual Players Not rated yet
Well, I've had a MyStable game before, forgot the password and then recently made a new one. In MyStable, just like Howrse for example, it's almost a necessity …

my stable Not rated yet
It's great!

Stables rock ! Not rated yet
I think that the stables are great and cool for I love hoses and I enjoy horseriding.xx

juls Not rated yet
its the best

fun but different Not rated yet
this game is interesting...

rebbecca Not rated yet
love it. Mystable is great!

mystable for my horse Not rated yet
i think mystable is going to be a fun game.

the awesome horse mystable Not rated yet
me well i think its awesome i love it i just don't know what to say it's just fabulous!!!!!!!!

MyStable Not rated yet
I don't really like it. I can't log in. Help please!

No... Not rated yet
I tried making an account. So I entered all my information, and then I clicked the button. I was sent back to the homepage to log in. Soo... I did and …

Awesome game Not rated yet
It's the best horse game ever. Please try it.

WHAT?!?!?!?!? Not rated yet
It stinks! I can't even login! Howrse is WAY better!!!!!!

My Idea Not rated yet
MyStable ought not even to be on here!!! Sorry,but it doesn't even load!!!!!!! Please Change it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Litle Horse Stable Not rated yet
I think MyStable is the best game I've ever played!

MyStable is a Great Horse Game! Not rated yet
I have just started this games and i love it!!! Its one of the greatest virtual horse games ever!!

The Best Horse Sim Game Ever Not rated yet
MyStable is the best game I've ever played -- and one I've stuck with for years. Unlike games like Howrse, HorseLand, and Equintium, you can easily breed …

Puhleez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
I hate MyStable. They kept pestering me with emails that say something like,"You have not logged on for a week. Your horses are missing you." Ugh. Plus …

horse fun Not rated yet
i love it it is so much fun

Its GREAT! Not rated yet
mystable is brill!!!:) i love it!!!!!my player name is flyingfoal!its a great game :)

Woodlane Stables Not rated yet
MyStables is a good game to play

Mystable Not rated yet
best pc game ever

How Much I Love Mystable Not rated yet

What I think about m stables Not rated yet
What I have heard about my stables makes me just want to play it all the time

woooooooooooo Not rated yet
i love u mystable!!

A game with great support Not rated yet
I have played mystable for a year now and have enjoyed it from the start, I find the staff friendly and helpful and enjoy the safe and carefree environment …

MY STABLE IS MINT Not rated yet

(Y) Not rated yet
I personally joined MyStable cos i was bored, but its actually quite addictive "/

mystable Not rated yet
i think that it is awesome

i love mystable Not rated yet
I love my stable because of all the wonderful people and horses!

MY STABLE REVIEW..... Not rated yet
my stable is a great online game for girls, boys and everyone of anyage who love horses. and its like having a real horse you groom, feed, buy sell at …

Fantastic work Not rated yet
MyStable is Fantastic!

idahos ranchy ranch farm. Not rated yet
I like Mystable because it is cool and ensternzing.

didnt like it Not rated yet
i hated it so much. I want to play i game with cross county and show jumping. i want to make the horse jump or run

stabledance Not rated yet
brilliant and gorgeous

xx april's fantastic stable xx Not rated yet
you stable is verry well done up and nice

hi Not rated yet
the game is so good its like it never happened. cause it didn't lol ommg

Brilliant! Not rated yet
Its Brilliant I mean a whole website just for girls who like Horses I mean WOW!

how a horse lives Not rated yet
she is pretty

AMAZING Not rated yet
i love mystable i go on everyday i cant stop!

What A Great Game!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
the most awesome game ever. i could repeat that many times. many times. many times. many times. told ya!!

Amazing Not rated yet
I just got registered but so far i am having a load of fun.

I LOVE MYSTABLE!!! Not rated yet
It is a great game, but it takes a while to get money! They should have jobs or games to play to earn more money. Otherwise its pretty fun. I raise Arabians, …

Cool Not rated yet
i think my stable is a good game but is difficalt if the players had like 1 credit a week and 10000 a week tht would be much easier. i love the game …

Game Not rated yet
This game stinks!!!!!!!!!!

I LIKE IT Not rated yet

Horse  Not rated yet
i think it is a good game well it look's like one i would like to play it but i hope in the games you can muck out your horse/pony and ride it and care …

AMAZING! Not rated yet
I love mystable, have played for like... 2 years! Im ponyluv2, check me out and give me a message, xD

Loooove Not rated yet
Ok so I'm a big fan of mystable and I'm biging big on it and you should come see my stable! The names, Lone_Dove.

horses rock Not rated yet
I think MyStable is awsome!

SJ Not rated yet
I CAN NEVER GET LOGGED ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

really good Not rated yet
It was fun and cool to go on. i told my mates about it and they say it was cool as well!

Caitlyn's Stables  Not rated yet
cool and fun

confused Not rated yet
ok well i've never heard of it!

cater Not rated yet
Mystable is ok

Kaleb Not rated yet

good Not rated yet

Bad Not rated yet
i cant even make a file!

So cool~  Not rated yet
i thiink it is awesome!

starlight Not rated yet
I think it is brill. How do you get a horse.

starlight Not rated yet
I think it is brill.

its fun! Not rated yet
mystable is a fun game! although i hate the way its been ran these past few months =( the people think tey can : bullly, blackmail, say whatever they want, …

The Monkeys:) Not rated yet
it is the best

the best stable eva Not rated yet
waah that is welll wicked i wish i had it for a real stable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im aslo horse crazzzzy i <3 love horses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …

anna2006 Not rated yet
so cool

cool Not rated yet

Wow MySable Is Very Cool  Not rated yet
I have always always wanted but my parents couldn't afford one so now I van have a vertiual on. Super COOL!!

my review Not rated yet
it stinks

boring Not rated yet
so we don't get to play it. my only horse at home is more fun.

So Awesome Not rated yet
It has my horse tadpole. She that look great and a gencher.

horse Not rated yet
i think the word mystable means it is your stable and you what to keep it that way

Roshani Not rated yet
It is very nice

I Love Horses Not rated yet

horses xxx love them Not rated yet
i like it let me try it xxxxxx

my stable Not rated yet
i think that it is really good and i have learnt a lot from this

Cinder654 Not rated yet
This game its alright i wouldn't say its the best of games. I would rate it 3/5 its not a great game but its not boring. I would say be careful because …

horsin around lately Not rated yet
i think it is a great game i love it

horses Not rated yet
it is great and I love it. It is perfect for the horses.

Not very good. Not rated yet
i dont think that its any good.

My Thoughts Not rated yet
It seems like an awesome site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GRINCH Not rated yet
i think is a grate thing to do

awsome Not rated yet
its awsome also look at this then look at my stable!

I've played better games Not rated yet
I found MyStable really quite confusing and the help function wasn't very helpful. It is hard to get anywhere unless you are paying real money for credits. …

brookes stable Not rated yet
hey i run a clean beautiful stable

paiges barn Not rated yet
its great

horses Not rated yet
it is very good but i have not seen it yet.

tiatia Not rated yet

stupid Not rated yet
well i think it was stupid cas like it would not let me play i joined like it said but it still would not let me play.

horrible Not rated yet
i thought it was completely horrible the worst game i have ever played

AMAZING Not rated yet
READ THE REST OF THIS AFTER THE...I love this game and if you don't really get into breeding and training you don't have as good a time but you ALWAYS …

yoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyoyoyoyyoy Not rated yet

Totally not cool. Not rated yet
It is so boring. I don't even understand it!

Don't like it Not rated yet
I don't like it. It not fun at all and it is hard to figure out. I shouldn't have tried it.

love it! Not rated yet
me and my friend TimeLord love it!my username is Arealie! get a horse from me!

i love horses games  Not rated yet
i think it's cool

Junk email Not rated yet
The game is nice but the mail they keep sending u in mail stinks! I mean i love playing the game though i dont anymore but the mail they keep sending u …

i love horses Not rated yet
i think of My stable is really cool iv always wanted a horse.

good Not rated yet
it was very good and nice

tigerhorserun Not rated yet
i like the stables

REBECCA Not rated yet

WHAT Not rated yet
!!!!!! YOU HAD TO LOGIN AND STUFF AND WHEN I DID IT, IT WOULDN'T LET ME PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

care for the horse and train it and do shows Not rated yet
well i haven't played it and i think i should play it …

My opinion about MyStable Not rated yet
i think this is great thing for young kids to know what its like to run a stable in case if they have to work at one someday. even though i am a teenager …

awsome Not rated yet
awesome game

just joshin Not rated yet
it is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every girls dream! Not rated yet
I absolutely love this game, it allows me to interact and compete with other players, while still being able to manage my stable, care for my own horses …

hi Not rated yet
cool girls

WEIRD! Not rated yet
OMG, like, such a totally weirdo game! Only someone who knows NOTHING about ponies would play THAT. I would rather be riding my mare. She is a pure-bred …

horses Not rated yet
i could not get it to work

horses Not rated yet
i really like it it is great

My Stable Not rated yet
Quite boring...

LOVE IT Not rated yet
i love it soo much

toneya &horse Not rated yet
how can i play?

Nice Game Not rated yet
I like the way you can make your own shows and search for your perfect horse but I would love to do the training to ride your own horse. I would love a …

Nice Game Not rated yet
I like the way you can make your own shows and search for your perfect horse but I would love to do the training to ride your own horse. I would love a …

Pretty Good...... Not rated yet
The only non realistic things are the pictures of the horses, and that the feed costs like 100 points.

howrs 2 Not rated yet
that it the game is very nice

forgot password Not rated yet
i like it but forgot password so i press on cant, logging then i type my email address and it will say you cant loging and now i cant login

an awsome game!! Not rated yet
my stable is a really cool game where you get to breed horses look after them and enter shows with them. what makes it even more fun you can not only …

awsome Not rated yet
i gess this is awsome i have jest played this jest 2day !! SORRY

star4 Not rated yet
it it very good.from anna

asam Not rated yet

I love horses Not rated yet

mystable .com Not rated yet

It gets old Not rated yet
Mystable is very easy to beat and win. I have only been playing for a month and I have 750,000 dollars in game money. Here are some tricks: - Gather …

i am checking out Not rated yet
i have not played this game

none Not rated yet
i couldnt log on!!!!!!!!!!!!

running c ranch Not rated yet
what i think of my stable is it is great has stalls, padocks, cool out area, riding rings, jumping rings, wash rack, and grooming tie ups.

YAY Not rated yet
This game is great... ive even started it today 14/3/09 and ive got a filly and her dad... Wild Death is the dad and Shadow Girl is the never …

WOW Not rated yet
the stuff they had on there was really cool but i couldnt join as a member no matter hoe many passwords i tried it wouldny let me join and that stinks. …

mystable is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
mystable is very AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

horse isle Not rated yet
it's really a fun game u can buy or catch horses explore a variety if isles and compete with youre horse make friends can buy food clothes and ranches …

THE BEST Not rated yet

w ranch Not rated yet
i love it

My Stable RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not rated yet
my stable rules i ¢¾ it!

i love horses Not rated yet
i think it is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fun

Lauren's Quote Not rated yet
Rubbish worst game ever impossible and boring so I gave up

yay funs Not rated yet
i think its cool so far and i like horses so i bet im going to enjoy it so much! i cant believe i actually found this site about caring for horses its …

PINEHOLLOW Not rated yet

one of the best horse games ive ever played 5 stars!!!!!!!!

Good Not rated yet

Mystable! Not rated yet
SO fun! Raise horses, breed them, catch em wild, sell them and buy, train and just have FUN! Meet new friends as you train and raise your horse to the …

i love horses Not rated yet
i love it lots and i want to play play it more

RITS Not rated yet

biggest horse fan Not rated yet
I am the biggest horse fan in the world so there

i love horses Not rated yet
I just love playing mystable because i love horses.

WHAT IS THAT GAME! Not rated yet

ALSOME Not rated yet

Majestic Morgan Not rated yet
Don't know... i never go to play it yet.

julianas Not rated yet
I like it

fun Not rated yet
it was rellay fun and the horses are the best part.


Stables Not rated yet
I think its funny:)

so UGLY!!!!! Not rated yet

COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
Very cool. I already have 3 horses on the game!!!!

best stable! Not rated yet
it is so cool! i have been playing it for a long time.i love the horses in it,i like how you can catch horses in the is so cool! i love it alot!thank …

its cool Not rated yet
its good

horeses Not rated yet
this game sounds very fun and exciting i love it .

sparkling river Not rated yet
i want my own horse so i don't have to be bored all day

i love ponys Not rated yet
i love it

fab Not rated yet
this game is just totaly fab if you haven't played it then play it

it was a bit good  Not rated yet
it was a bit good but it was not what i wanted to play it was weird and it was really bad

.horse... Not rated yet
it is awful i canny get signed in and i know i am typing tha write thing cause i have wrote them done :( ..........

Wild Horse Not rated yet
its alright but when you catch a wild horse the images are a bit bad. They just show you a horse and just colour it in depends on what the breeds colour …

mystable Not rated yet
i think it is brilliant because the horses are so cute and its a good website thank you for making this website

what Not rated yet
i made an account and tried to get in but it would not work.

Oakey stables Not rated yet
It is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

excellent Not rated yet
i love mystable it is so different to other games and i am looking forward to playing it.

question? Not rated yet
do u have 2 be a member 2 play?

fabtacksic Not rated yet
great and good to plaY YER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elliotts ark Not rated yet
i love horses

Reb thinks... Not rated yet
Well its a fun game but only for a bit. It gets boring quickly. IT is like Howrse.

Guess What? Not rated yet
It is a awsome game. I have a black stallion!!!!1

horses Not rated yet

rubbish Not rated yet
rubbish it dose not even let you register

Horse Not rated yet
I think its a great game!!!

My stable Not rated yet
How do u play?

It's okay.... Not rated yet
I enjoyed it for a while but I hate how you have to buy credits with real money to get the nice stuff. BOO! But...It is a lot of fun if you are willing …

My horse craziness Not rated yet
I totally love horses! I take weekly lessons. MyStables helps me meet new horsey people.

MY stable Not rated yet
I think it wold be better without the email bit at the registering part.

I play this Not rated yet
I play this game and I agree, it is very good. I not only love the horses but the way u can email other players and make buddies. It is my fave internet …

Great! Not rated yet
I have played on mystable, and its brilliant! I love it all! 10/10!

horse lover Not rated yet
da best

Hola Horses Not rated yet
i think it is really fun to play, but i didn't play it yet.

toni jayne's stable Not rated yet
don't no cause i don't have one on here! but i want one please =]

toni jayne's stable Not rated yet
don't no cause i don't have one on here! but i want one please =]

scooby doo Not rated yet
boring send a message please to mystable

LOOKS FUN  Not rated yet
I THINK THAT MY STABLES IS THE BEST GAMES IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love my stables game! Not rated yet
my stable is an great game i always look for horse or pony games and i have finally found the right one :D I love this website i think it rules! …

hannah stables Not rated yet
it is sooooooooooooooo cool and i luv it

heyy Not rated yet
it is ok :)

I LOVE HORSES!!! Not rated yet
i love horses alot and i cant aford one or board this is a good way to know what its like to own a horse!

horse fun Not rated yet
i think it is very fun and creative.

horselover23b Not rated yet
oi think it is the best game ever

my horse Not rated yet
it's a great and wonderful

HELP ME LOG IN Not rated yet
can't log in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


yyyyyyyyyyo Not rated yet

cool name!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet

; / Not rated yet

great game the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
hi my name is brenna andi think mystable is the best horse game i have ever played i have nine horses on mystable and a horse show that is running on the …

horse+pony Not rated yet
It sounds really COOL!

Chloe Not rated yet
Difficult And A Bit Boring.

Josey`s horse riding stable Not rated yet
I HAVE THE BEST STABLE EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …

Ya..... Not rated yet

vary horsey Not rated yet
i like it alot. I like how you can breed the horses.

my horses Not rated yet
it is good because i like horses

crazy_horse_chick Not rated yet
i never got to play but i LOVE horses there my all time fav. animal i recently have 8 but getting more and a baby on the way. well have fun playing …

hi Not rated yet
It's ok but its really annoying that you can't get free credits (you could maybe play a game to earn them) and that you can't ride your horses. but apart …

Jesse's Horses Not rated yet
it looks really fun

Hollie's Stables  Not rated yet

Pamuk Not rated yet

blot.t Not rated yet
This is the best horse game ever!!

It's okay Not rated yet
Well it is pretty good but quite confusing!!!

cool !!!!!!! Not rated yet
I trying to get on it but it won't let me. I'm going to try until it works it sounds awesome. i love ponies.

my stable Not rated yet
well my stable i think is really complicated to get on to your ponies and it doesn't give any clear instructions on what to do yeah its good but what do …

mustang Not rated yet
it is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW Not rated yet
awesome, expect you cant buy high leveled horses. ~ Pegasus226

WOWEEE Not rated yet
Absolutely fab great but forgot my password oh no BUT OVERALL ITS WELL COOL OR FANTASTIC FOR SUM PEPS

Addicted Not rated yet
I cant stop playing this game now am called chloe595 :Di LOVE THIS GAMEEEE sooooo much

yhgy Not rated yet

Refresh Not rated yet
I think this a bad game,because you have to open your account and you don't know how,and what your mom's password is.

VERY COOL  Not rated yet
This game is very cool highly recommended.

very very fun Not rated yet
i think mystable is the best horse game in the hole world. Out of all the horse games i have played this is the best game and …

Stinks Not rated yet
Its HORRIBLE!!!Its a RIP OFF.I entered my code and everything!!!!!!!And it never took it!!I Am so mad I will NEVER EVER play MYSTABLE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …

MyStable Not rated yet
i like my stable and will definitely keep on it! i would recommend it to ANY horselover!

Enchanted Not rated yet
My stable is a fantastic experience that whisks you off your feet to an unbelievable world!

Fletcher Not rated yet
i think is so great...

not very happy Not rated yet
i think it is not very good i can not play it! it will not let me play and i want to so what can i do about this??

Awsome Not rated yet
MyStable is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horses Not rated yet
I hope to really enjoy this game!

Suzy Not rated yet
I love this name for a mare because ... my dad had a horse called Suzy and i loved her so much. lol. =)

Mystical Stables Not rated yet
i think its a great site.!

i'm exited 2 play it Not rated yet
i haven't played it yet but i'm hoping its really fun

Its Cool Not rated yet
I like it its pretty fun

Rocks or Does It Roll - it does both! Not rated yet
Hello, if you played the game before you know that the game rocks look at mystable my user name is squidsyd1 and i have some good levels 20 and 21 they …

Cool Not rated yet
i love it!

Eleanor Gibson Not rated yet
I think it is excellent i think it's really easy to use and i enjoy it.

The Best Horse Ever!!!! Not rated yet
It's awesome.

hello Not rated yet
i just wanted to try to play this game so ya

cass Not rated yet

The Horse Lover Stables Not rated yet
My stables is for anyone that loves horses and anyone that wants to learn how to ride horses! well I will have varieties of horses at my stables!!!

My stable Not rated yet
I like it - it's a fun game!

Great game Not rated yet
I loooooove it

Yuck! Not rated yet
i H A T E it. it does not let u login unless ya activate ur account. is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better

deiondre Not rated yet
It is very good!

my stable is mint Not rated yet
it really kool i was he first ever person to be on it im not joking thats why i got a golden pass coz i was the first person ever loolololool.

super truper Not rated yet
well honestly i havent played on it yet but looks really good and all of the other people who have played on it seem to really enjoy it so really i am …

super truper Not rated yet
well honestly i havent played on it yet but looks really good and all of the other people who have played on it seem to really enjoy it so really i am …

saranina Not rated yet

It Wnt Work Not rated yet
I Was Really Excited Too Try Out The Game But When I Was Tryin Too Type In My Password It Kept Saying My *= Date Was Required What Does That Mean ?

Babydaly Not rated yet
Ive never played

ugh Not rated yet
no offense but it just came up with like "have u ever bought anything ebay?".....ugh....

MyStable Not rated yet
I LOVE MyStable

huggys stable Not rated yet
i think it is cool!

I think mystable is cool. It seems fun too.

i hate it!!! Not rated yet
i really don't like it to be honest it is very very boring!!!!

Confused! Not rated yet
My 1st attempt at on-line games. Not very successful! Bought equipment for horse but still get told to buy some as haven't apparently got any next time …

hey hey brill Not rated yet
It's brill dont you think? On the game my name is chloe959

ponymadlover Not rated yet
This game is fantastic!!!!! if u r thinking of playing thums up to u i know u will love it, well if u r a pony lover... hope u enjoy bye …

ponymadlover Not rated yet
This game is fantastic!!!!! if u r thinking of playing thumbs up to u i know u will love it, well if u r a pony lover... hope u enjoy bye …

i-think-its-ok Not rated yet
well i think it is ok because i really like horses and other animals, and if you are able to make it do tricks then wow wow oh wow !!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx …

its-the-best-ever-5- Not rated yet is the best online horse game out there there is so much to see and do, and its so wonderful as you can see the horses in your stable and …

hey-hey Not rated yet
I don't like that you have to buy credits or do a 2 day survey. I think u should have ride for 5 minutes for 5 credits or something like that...

I love horses Not rated yet
I have never played it.

Shanns plaza Not rated yet
I think it's really great.

jumper1450 Not rated yet
The rocks! Take care of your horse feed,brush,etc. You have to train your horse to get better, but it's a lot of fun.

money Not rated yet
How do you get more money is there like a link or something???? I could really use some help you guys. thanks, horselover490

My Stable Not rated yet
I Think Its A Really Fun Game And i Always Play on It,.!

Bad Not rated yet
It is too complicated!

So small!!!! Not rated yet
Have you ever tried breeding kiger mustangs? The foals are SO SMALL and CUTE!!!

Palomino Not rated yet
I just started but i love it already!

SCPP fan number1 Not rated yet
The best game in the world!!!!!!!!

horse crazy Not rated yet
idk I have not played it yet before, but i think it will be very exciting!:)

OMG! Not rated yet
i love your game its 1000000% Note from Sydney: Thanks for writing Tayla! It's not my game - someday I want to create my own, but in the meantime, …

Awesome Not rated yet
It's cool!! My username is (deleted by Sydn't mom for safety reasons...:-)

It's Grrreat! Not rated yet
MyStable is a terrific game for horse lovers! I'm crazy about MyStable!

A Decent Game Not rated yet
I think it would be good if it actually worked!!!!!!!!!!

how do you get on? Not rated yet
I don't know how to get started. do you? From:kimi To:you bye!

This is Amy again  Not rated yet
It is rubbish.

Lady Not rated yet
this game is cool .... what can i talk ......... you are cool this game is cool cool ....xd

Bobby Not rated yet
AMAZING!!! That is all i can say

I haven't played it before but it sure sounds fun! Not rated yet
Never played it but still sounds really fun, I LOVE animals!

My Thought Not rated yet
Mystable is definitely a "new" game! I love how you actually have a virtual stable that allows you to look at horse/ponies and that the graphics grow …

Horses Not rated yet
I think it is a great game for people who want horses when there older because it teaches you how to take care of that great animal.

Horses Not rated yet
really gooooooooooooooooood

mystable Not rated yet
I have not played it yet but I am really excited! I think it will be a great game.

Um.....I HATE IT!  Not rated yet
JUST KIDDING! I already have my own horse, and account! I luv it alot and think any1 who tried it will luv it alot.

no luck!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
Can't get on to it it won't let me in. Note from Sydney...did you check your email for an activation link or code? I think you have to activate first. …

Horse games Not rated yet
I haven't been on it yet but i like howrse lots.

Rising Star Equestrain Center Not rated yet
I think its very nice.

Dinytini Not rated yet
Is a great game.

This game rules! Not rated yet
This is a great game! It's so much fun to play! I LOVE MYSTABLE!

My Horse Paradise Not rated yet
I like it a lot I think its really cool.

No luck Not rated yet
It wouldn't let me log on.

5 Start Mystable lands among the stars!! Not rated yet
Great game! Awesome and fun but unfortunately a lot of poor lined horses on there, and training is a little slow but hey IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Stables Not rated yet
It's really good love it!

Horses Rule Not rated yet
It's cool.

Gets boring easily Not rated yet

AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
This is by far the best horse website ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelsie Not rated yet
It's very good for horses.

Kool game Not rated yet
It's awesome. I love it!!!!

Good Not rated yet
It is very good.

I LUV HORSES!!!! Not rated yet
I think it will be a lot of fun.

Cool!!! Not rated yet
It was COOL!!!!!

Very GOOD! Not rated yet
It is VERY FUN! I reccomend plaing the game every day!

Mystable: Definitely Recommended  Not rated yet
Mystable is a real-life simulation that can be much enjoyed. See the horse in your stall (foals are so tiny!!) and be able to feed, groom, take to the …

Mystable Not rated yet
I haven't played yet but I think it will be great. I will love this game.

Swish Farm Not rated yet
I think Mystable is a good game because it fun and you can look after a pony and horse. And I think it's going to be a great game because I have read, …

Mystable Not rated yet
I didn't like this game coz I read the stuff and I still do not know what to do. Rating: 4/10

MyStable Review Not rated yet
It rocks...can I play it again?

The Horse Not rated yet
I love it.

Awesome Not rated yet
Well it looks really cool.

Cannot wait Not rated yet
It is brilliant.

Excellent Not rated yet
I think my stable is a excellent game!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been involved in horses for a life time, and I have been in horse lessons before, but we had …

Cathpreedys Not rated yet
I reckon it's good.

It doesn't work Not rated yet
It doesn't work!

Bella Not rated yet

smile Not rated yet
I registered and then I logged in but it would not let me play the game.:(

MARIASSSSSS Not rated yet
I love MyStable!

Anna Not rated yet
i love mystable!

Cool Not rated yet
It totally rox!

My Stable Not rated yet
Wow...I LOVED IT!!!It was sooooooo much fun!!!

Skyrider Not rated yet
It is fun and awesome. You do everything with a horse.

Best-game-ever! Not rated yet
I think Mystable is the best game I have ever played in my life.

MyStable is Very Good Not rated yet
i love it!!!!!!!

Star Light Not rated yet
Star light is a stable for girls and boys. it is a big stable so that a girl and boy can live together in it and have a foal.

A Great Game Not rated yet
Hi my name is Alexis and this is a game i thought of like right out of my head like baam and this is how it goes. Okay you can train your horse any time …

Cool Not rated yet
it's cool

the horse stables Not rated yet
It is a good games and quite entertaining

The MyStable Review Not rated yet
I think MyStable is a fun and great game. It's one of those games you can play all day without knowing how long it's been. There is so much to do on …

pine hollow Not rated yet
its cool

cool Not rated yet
its really cool

My Reveiw  Not rated yet
MY stable is a very cool game but then at the begining you have to enter an email address not so cool my mum might of not let me do that so be careful …

as you wish farm Not rated yet
it is a caring place it is a fun place

I love this game. it is kool.u can set up ur horse for stud,catch wild horses,send mail to other players,enter your horses in shows,etc.there r also mules …

My fave! Not rated yet
I love the game my stable thats my favorite

Awesome Not rated yet
it looks pretty cool but i don't like the activation bit

From What I've Heard Not rated yet
FROM what i`ve heard its a very cool game. You get to own your own stable and horses!!!!!!I`ve signed up and i think you should to.

BEST GAME EVER! Not rated yet
I made an account on it but now i dont know how to log on.But i still think its gonna be the best game ever.*****

horsebaby1934 Not rated yet
sound like fun

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