by Makenna
(Wisconsin, USA)

I LOVE IT!!! I think Arabian breeding is a really fun thing to do. Also I don't like the wild any more because you have to pay credits to capture a horse in a different level.

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I totally LOVE mystable!!
by: Anonymous

My stable is such a great game! I love breeding! I bought a level 10 arab stallion for 1 dollar of ms money!! xD and I'm only level 1! lol

How to get a level 7 baby fast
by: Majorcyte

Just because you can't get a horse from another level doesn't mean you can't get a level 7 baby in 1 minute. Go to the wild, capture a mare of your choice, and then breed it to a level 40 stallion. I did that and now I have level 7+ babies!!! (After I got the babies I trained them 'til their tiredness read 80.)

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