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Competition Winners


Congratulations to our winners: 1st place - Parker & Jay and 2nd place - Rosie & Mojito!


The winners of the horse collectibles are Hailey from Texas, Laura from Florida, Anna from Illinois and Jillian from California. Congrats winners!

2018 Horse Halloween Costume Contest

Congrats to the winners of this year's competition! 

Horse Paradise Starter Pack

We had many lucky winners for a starter pack from Horse Paradise ... an awesome new horse game! Winners will be notified through the game. 

Saddle Box subscription box

Congrats to Linn on winning this Saddle Box subscription box!

Pony Xpress Club subscription box

Congrats to Skylar on winning a Pony Xpress Club subscription box ... and congrats to Ananda our special runner up!

Betty's Strip Hair grooming kit

Congrats to Lynn, who won a Betty's Strip Hair grooming kit for her entry - Pyro the Scarecrow - in our 2017 Horse Halloween Costume Contest!

Tonics Paddock Boots

Congrats to Janine for winning these gorgeous paddock boots for her entry - Safari Fun - in our 2017 Horse Halloween Costume Contest!

Shockemoehle Breeches

Drea won these stunning riding breeches for her entry - Zombie Super Heroes Gone Bad - in our 2017 Horse Halloween Costume contest. 

Rows of Throws super soft horse-themed blanket

The winners of our Rows of Throws contest are Shelly from Texas and Jesse from Indiana! Congrats! 

Halloween Horse Costume Contest 2016 Winners

Halloween horse costume contest 2016 winners

Winners of our Halloween Horse Costume Contest 2016 are: Lynn/Wizard of Oz (first place), Courtney/5 Seconds of Summer's Cal-Pal and Mike-ro-wave (second place), and Katherine/Alien Attack on An Astronaut (3rd place)! Congratulations!

Ariel: The First Guardian Winners

Congrats to Justin, Skylar and one other winner who wants to remain anonymous. I hope you enjoy reading Ariel! 

Horse Quest Online Game Winners

Winners of our Horse Quest Online contest are: Sydney (IL), Aylon (TX), Ilona (Poland), Nicole (UK), Isadora (Brazil), Crystal (Portugal), Dakota (MS), Hayli (CT), Hailey (TX) and Tina (TX)! Many thanks to Dineth and Maya at Horse Quest Online and congratulations riders!

Troxel Rebel Giveaway Winner

Winner of Troxel Helmets Rebel helmet giveaway is... Heather from New York. Congrats Heather & many, many thanks to Troxel! You are awesome!

Troxel Liberty Giveaway Winner

The winner of our Horse Halloween Costume Contest 2015 is "Catch of the Day!" Thank you Troxel Helmets for donating the awesome prize - a Troxel all-purpose Liberty helmet!

Troxel ES Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Troxel ES helmet is Lindsay from Florida. Congratulations!

Fantasy Stables Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Elyssa from California for winning a copy of the awesome Fantasy Stables horse game!

Summer Horse Book Contest Winners

Alisha, Tania, & Caylee (from Canada and South Africa) won copies of The Perfect Distance by Kim Ablon Whitney.

Morgan S from Wisconsin USA is the winner of the Heartland book series.

Megan from Arizona is the winner of the book Chase by Sydney Scrogham.

Congratulations to Chloe in Oklahoma for winning an autographed copy of Lucy’s Chance, the first book in the Red Rock Ranch series by Brittney Joy. 

Congratulations readers! 

Platinum Performance Equine Contest

Congratulations to Heather for winning a one-month supply of Platinum Performance Equine!

2014 Horse Halloween Contest

Sadly her horse passed away several days after the competition but we are so happy he went out in style - and as a winner! He'll always be on our hall of fame.

Social Media Contest

The social media competition is over and we are notifying the winners by email: Jesse W., Natalie D., Ashley B. and Anna M. Congratulations and thank you to all of you who participated!

Awesome Horse Treats And A Horse Game Contest

Congratulations to Grace from California for winning awesome horse treats and a horse game!

Halloween Horse Costume Competition 2013

Our first place winner in the 2013 Halloween Horse Costume Contest was: Bella & Khate!

Halloween Horse Costume Competition 2012

The first place winner in our Halloween Horse Costume Competition 2012 was Jessi and Dexter!

Horse Whispers Figurine

Marina from France won a beautiful Horse Whispers figurine!

Previous Book Contest

Erin from Missouri, USA, won a copy of The Girl Who Remembered Horses.

The book The Perfect Distance went to Stefanie from Blair Nebraska USA, Monique from Tallangatta, Victoria, Australia; Celine from Canada and PaintedGoatLady.

Grace won the first book giveaway for the books Dark Fire and Desert Song.

Sisters Makayla, Sophia and Arabella won the second book, Samphire Song.

Taylor from Australia won the first Horse Diaries book. Lucinda won Justin Morgan Had a Horse.

Emma won the fifth book giveaway for the book Puddleby.

Rachel won a copy of Wild Girl.

Yvette won the first two books in the Timber Ridge Series by Maggie Dana: Keeping Secrets and Racing Into Trouble.


Horse Halloween Costume Contest 2011

The winners of this competition were:

First Place: Batman Halloween

Leke's friends laughed at her but we think they were wrong. What do you think? Batman halloween costume

Second Place: Dressing Up as a Horse

Mackenzi's grandma made this costume so she can dress up as a horse. Isn't is adorable? My horse costume

Third Place: Time for Some Fun With Disney

This costume is super cute and love the fact that she used her riding helmet as part of the costume! (Always be safe.) Disney horse costume

Even though this contest is over, you are still welcome to share your Halloween horse costume ideas and photos for fun!

Share Your Horse Halloween Costume Idea Here

Best Horse Themed Party Ideas

The first place winner of this competition was Madison:

Wild Western Horse Party

Second place goes to Anna:

Hold Your Horses You're Invited!

Third place is a tie between Anna from England and Carrigan (from Canada):

My Amazing Horse Birthday Party

Horsey Birthday Party on a Budget

Free Games - Planet Horse and Ride! Equestrian Simulation

Our winners for this contest: Morgan B., Mandy P., Kelsie S., and Savannah N. We have notified them by email. Thanks for playing!

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