Horsey Birthday Party On A Budget!

by Carrigan

If your looking to have a horse themed party, but you have a certain budget! Don't worry! You can still have an awesome party without paying a fortune! Here's a few ideas.


*Your cake doesn't have to be from a designer cake shop! Many great grocery stores have a section in a bakery or where you mom or dad buys ham or other meats from! Dairy Queen also makes good icing cakes that have horses on them! If you don't like the design on the cake, you can always make one your self buy just buy icing, and cake mix!


*Decorations can be bought from party stores! Many Party stores carry many themed party decorations, you might also have a local store that carries horsie themed decorations, make sure you stay close to your budget and if the decorations cost to much the best way is to make them your self! You can use the internet and print out cute/funny horsie pictures of make horsie decorations with construction paper!


*Many card places, (Dollar Star, Hallmark,) Don't carry horse themed cards, so the best way is to use a printer/ computer (Microsoft word is very good for making invites)or by making your own with horse stickers, construction paper and felts!

The Party Place:

*You don't have to book a horse trail ride, or a trip to the petting zoo to have great party! If there is a horse movie coming to your theaters plan to go to the theaters with your guest! If you are planning on having a horsie party, at a barn/stable, (for horse, wedding, birthday)trail rides, are very fun!

*I was taking a lesson one day, and my barn was having a birthday party, if you want a horse birthday party at a stable, check local stables online cause many stables that offer lessons for beginners often offer birthday parties to!


*Since we've already talked about cakes, we don't need to plan a cake anymore, most parties usual have pizza, or people go to a restaurant with their friends, but a cool idea, (IF YOUR WESTERN) Is to make a little mini western buffet! With little western food, drinks, plates, napkins, cups. (I'm not western so I don't have any western food ideas). Another cool idea is just to have horsie cups, plates, napkins! You can also have cool food with horsie names. (Fries). Yellow Hay? Pudding (Bran Mash) Nuts, (Oats) You can also have apple slices, and horse's also really like Scotch Mints! Another great horsie food idea, they're actually really good too!


*Some parties have costumes, so you could ask your horsie friends to dress up in horsie clothes too! Or if you have extra clothes and your friends don't have any lend them yours!

Party Favors:

*Party Favors, don't cost much, you can get them usually from the dollar store, but, for your party try getting small bags with a horse on it! You can put a horse brush, or hoof pick inside, along with a little bag of horse treats!!

Games (Without Horses):

For your party if you don't have the use of a horse, here are some games you don't need a horse for!

*Horse Che-rads
Get in groups of 2's/3's and the first group goes first, they will act out a horsie thing (Saddle, Oxer, Canter, Vet) For instinct, if you picked to use, saddle, you could pretend your group member is a horse and your saddling them!

*Horse Head

Get a head band, and a couple friends, a couple cars with horse words on them, put the band on the first persons head, and a stopwatch, put the card on the first persons head, and the rest of the friends will act out whats on the persons head, until they get the word, only allow the person 3-5 minutes! And keep putting more cards on the persons head until she doesn't answer her card in time! Then go on to the next person!

*Don't say that Horsie Word!

Write some horsie words on a card, (2 players only) and under the word on the card, write words that would give away that word if you said it, example;

example 2;


Then switch turns trying to guess!

*Pin the tail on the horse!

Print a picture of a horse online, or use a poster, and make or print of some horsie tails and try to pin the tail on the horse!

*Whats in the sock

Put horsie things in a sock (Hoof Pick, Brush, Spurs, Bag of treats, horse boot) and get a person to try and guess what's in the sock!!

Hope you enjoyed!! Those are my ideas!

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Aug 07, 2020
Awesome Ideas
by: Horse crazy girl

These ideas are so helpful! I really want to use some of them for my 14th birthday! Thank you! I don't have a horse but I hope some day I can save up for one.

Nov 16, 2017
by: having birthday with tiny budget

That helped me out so much because my 10th birthday party will be in a month! (literally in a month and 1 day).

From Sydney at

Happy Birthday!

May 26, 2016
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

This helped me A LOT!! I LOVE your ideas!!

Apr 21, 2014
great ideas!
by: Anonymous

what great ideas!!!!! thanks... i LOVE horses!!!!

Mar 01, 2014
cake toppers !!!!
by: Anonymous

You can also get an edible horse cake topper!!!

Search on eBay edible horse cake toppers and heaps of items come up and they're cheap and look like they're worth like $20!!!!

Oct 01, 2011
Love this
by: Anonymous

I like this Idea because not everyone can afford expensive Birthdays.

Sep 14, 2011
Thanks so much!
by: Carrigan

Thanks so much for your support, I got in a tie with 3rd which I'm pretty happy about, glad to see so many people liked my ideas.

Aug 29, 2011
I like "Horsey Birthday Party on a Budget".
by: Anonymous

I like "Horsey Birthday Party on a Budget". It's very practical and deserves 1st Place.

Aug 28, 2011
by: Lainy

You should soo get 3rd!!!

Aug 27, 2011
so cool
by: michaela holland

that's so cool, im sure lots of people would love to come. you made a great choice.

ps. that's great ideas i would never think of that.

Aug 26, 2011
My birthday
by: Elizabeth Hurley

I love horses and I am turning 13 in September. I am having a Medieval birthday party and I might use some of your ideas thanks ^_-

Aug 25, 2011
1st place
by: Jeriah

dear sydney, I think this is a great and not expensive party. this is #1!

Aug 25, 2011
by: Anonymous

how did you come up with all these ideas, cant wait to see if you get 2nd place.

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