Deaths Steed

by Ashley
(Spring Branch TX )

Ashley in Death's Steed costume

Ashley in Death's Steed costume

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Ashley found a creative way to dress up her horse for Halloween.

We asked her to share how she made her costume.

How did you come up with your costume idea?

This is Jazz, he is owned by Ashley. He is a 15 yr old gelding.

The idea came from the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse - death and it just continued to see how far he’d allow us to add to it. The idea was that he lives in the underworld and comes to the surface through the ground to collect lost and wandering souls. So he’s covered in webbing, Moss, skeletons and spiders.

I was just looking through ideas online just to see what there was and I saw the horsemen and thought chains, and undergroundy things.

How did you make it?

Using anything from previous Halloweens and bed sheets from Walmart, we just started layering it and seeing what was missing in an area.

How much does it cost?

Less then 50 bucks with all the items we used from our house decorations.

Where did you wear it?

At some local horse shoots and just for fun with my mom taking pics.

How did people react?

At shows people were in awe of how much we did and that my horse was so chill. We ended up scarring quite a couple in our costume class.

How did your horse like it?

Jazz loved it. He loves any chance to show off!

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Oct 06, 2023
Love this costume!
by: Ellen

I really like this costume and I think it could be very easy to be creative with it. Nice job!

Nov 06, 2022
Great costume!
by: Sydney from

Love your costume Ashley, and Jazz looks awesome!

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