Halloween Horse Costume
Competition 2017

Thank you to our awesome sponsors for our 2017 Halloween Costume Contest! 

Our first place winner was Pyro the Scarecrow, second place was Safari Fun, third place was Zombie Super Heroes Gone Bad. See all these costumes, plus additional entries below.

Contest entries 2017

Click on any thumbnail picture to see the full pic of the costume and how to make it.

Safari fun! 
How did you make it? Mostly washable paint How much does it cost? 100 at least Where did you wear it? Halloween Trail ride …

Patriotic Princess 
How did you make it? I borrowed the blue hood from a friend. Then I used a red and white beach towel to complete the flag look. The hat and other …

Zombie super heroes gone bad 
How did you make it? Very carefully...LOK. Really my friend sewed it for me from other costumes I found at Goodwill. How much does it cost? …

The magical Unicorn Hula and her fairies Emily and Jadyn 
How did you make it? We used a garden hose & pulled a rope through it to snap it. We padded the hose with sparkling pink, blue and whire tule fabric …

Yabba Dabba Do! Trick or Treat! 
How did you make it? For the horse, cut and pinned human costumes to fit. Car made from cardboard, tires covered with vinyl tablecloth, sticks …

Bonny Prince Billy! 
How did you make it? My mom found the crown at a pet store, it was originally meant for large dogs! It has elastic that fit around his chin. How …

Star Wars Fun 
How did you make it? Costumes purchased on sale and then altered to fit the horse. Sign on the back of the horse said "May the Horse be With You". …

Pyro the Scarecrow 
How did you make it? Sweatpants, flannel shirt, tissue paper stuffing in arms, some straw and felt. How much does it cost? About $20 Where …

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