The next Horse Halloween Costume
Contest will Be in October 2024

Previous Halloween Costume Contest Winners


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Winners 2022

horse halloween costumes Super Mario
horse dressed up in costume of John Deere tractor
horse halloween costume horse as a ghost

Winners 2018

A horse dressed up as the Energizer bunny being held by a woman wearing a costume that makes her look like and Energizer battery.
A horse dressed up as the van from the movie Ghostbusters standing between two boys with Ghostbuster costumes on.
Three pictures of different horse costumes. First is a horse dressed up as a witch. Second is a horse and a girl dressed up a chicken and cow. Third is a woman, horse in 101 Dalmatian costumes.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, Giddy-Up Goodies Subscription Box and Horse Fare products which donated a personalized crop and thanks to horse artist Aspen for creating the beautiful t-shirt with her horse art!

Winner 2017

A horse dressed up as a scarecrow. The horse is wearing material that looks like pants on its front legs and has a jacket with fake arms on its neck/wither region. The horse also has a hat on.

Winner 2016

Two people dressed up as Dorothy and the lion from the movie the Wizard of Oz standing with two horses dressed up as the tin man and scarecrow from the same movie.

Winner 2015

A horse in a shark costume being held by someone dressed as a fisherman in a boat costume.

Winner 2014

A horse dressed up as the reindeer Sven from the movie Frozen being held by a woman dressed up as Elsa from the same movie. The woman is also holding a stuffed snowman.

Winner 2013

A girl dressed up as a mermaid riding a horse that is dressed up to look like the ocean.

Winner 2012

A horse that is dressed up to look like a motorcycle being held by a child who is dressed up like a motorcycle rider.