Personalized Riding Bat Crop or Whip

by Sydney

I absolutely love this idea: a personalized riding bat or crop. I am always losing my crops and it used to drive my mom nuts. What a great idea to personalize it with your initials! It looks great and it's so much easier to find yours if you misplace it.

You can get the aluminimum end cap engraved with your monogram or text. Monogram options include interlocking, circle, diamond and basic three letter Roman. Any of those would look great. The end cap comes in small (3/4 inch) or large (1.5 inch).

It has a nylon shaft, leather popper and black leather handle. It comes in 19, 21 or 24 inch lengths.

This riding bat or crop comes from Horse Fare Products.

I think it makes a great personalized gift for a rider! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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Oct 11, 2018
Win one!
by: Sydney from

I'm excited to announce that you will be able to win one of these crops in our upcoming 2018 Horse Halloween Costume Contest! More details coming soon.

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