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Coloring pages of horses are absolutely wonderful. Besides allowing people like me, who have no artistic ability, to create something beautiful, they have additional benefits. Coloring pages offer great stress relief, a great fun inexpensive activity, and a great creative outlet for both adults and kids.

The best part about these coloring pages is that they are all about horses and ponies. While farm animals are great, us horse girls just want horses and ponies.

The printable horse coloring pages and horse coloring books you'll find here are so cute and a ton of fun.

I have separated these horse coloring pages and horse coloring books into three different sections. The difference between the coloring pages and coloring books age groups is just the level of detail on the images. 

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Gorgeous Horse Coloring Page: Download for Free

This beautiful free printable horse coloring page was created by Cameron Brusoe, a talented artist I met at the Teenpreneur Conference. Isn't it stunning? Here's a little more about Cameron when she drew this for us: 

“I'm 15 years old and love to draw and sketch. I have been drawing for years and it is my way of relaxing and unwinding. All I need is a cup of green tea, a pen, a ruler and a clean sheet of paper and I'm set. I love that when I start drawing, the symmetry just comes together and creates a unique piece of art.

Ultimately I hope to one day be able to put my art on many different mediums such as canvas, glass, fabric, wood carvings and maybe even an adult coloring book of my own. I hope you enjoy coloring my designs as much as I have enjoyed creating them. ”

If you color this design, please do share your design with me on Facebook or Instagram (4horsecrazygirls)! I'd love to see it.

To get this horse coloring page just click on the image to open it and print it. If you are an artist and would like to submit a coloring page to share, let me know.

Horse coloring pages for kids

With the rise in popularity of coloring pages many have become fun activities for teens, young adults, and older adults. While this is wonderful it also means that many coloring sheets and books are more detailed and intricate.

Obviously this provides greater fun to those who are older but it can be hard for kids to be that precise when they color. So here are the horse coloring pages and pony coloring pages that I feel are cute enough and at the same time simple enough for kids to enjoy. 

So here are the horse coloring pages and pony coloring pages that I feel are cute enough and at the same time simple enough for kids to enjoy.

cute unicorn coloring page

A coloring page featuring a unicorn in front of a rainbow.

This cute rearing unicorn with the rainbow and star background is sure to be a hit with kids. The first coloring page in a set of three it gives you a great impression of the other two coloring pages in the set.

These coloring pages offer adorable elements and cute cartoon like unicorns all of which are nice and simple so kids can more easily color in the lines to create a beautiful pictures. 

Horse Coloring Page by proudogmom18

horse rearing coloring page

horse coloring page kids rearing

This horse rearing coloring page is actually one of the five sheets in this set. Of the five coloring pages in the set only two are horse themed with the other ones featuring dinosaurs and mermaids.

With that being said the picture of the horse and the unicorn are really cute. The other nice part about these pictures is that they are slightly more advanced for older kids while still not having a ton of tiny little spaces to color in. 

Horse Coloring Page by SippingJuiceColoring

beautiful horse head coloring page

horse coloring page horse head etsy

Featuring 22 different horse and horse head coloring pages there is plenty for kids and adults to color. Having a pdf means you can print the pages as many times as needed and keep reimagining these horse and horse head coloring sheets.

Horse Coloring Page by ColorGnome

sweet pony coloring page

A coloring page featuring a sweet pony.

This little pony coloring pages set looks so adorable. The description says that there are forty of these kid perfect pony coloring sheets in the set, which means you are getting plenty of quality entertainment for less than five dollars.

Plus if the picture shown is what all the pictures will be similar to then the images are plenty big for easy coloring with crayons or colored pencils.  

Horse Coloring Page by FestiveGems

Horse coloring Books For Kids 

Horse coloring pages are great for kids, but if you are going on a trip the last thing you want is a bunch of loose coloring pages to keep track of. That is why horse coloring books for kids are so great.

Not only can you still get cute yet easy to color pictures but there are conveniently all bounded together for easier tracking.

spirit coloring book

horse coloring page spirit coloring book etsy

Coloring books are already a fun activity, but when the coloring book features characters you love it makes it that much better. This horse coloring book appears to be based off the classic horse movie Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron.

In the product description it says that this is a very hard to find coloring book so make sure you order yours soon!

Horse Coloring Book by EmzTreasurz

minature horse coloring book

Children's Miniature Horse Coloring Book

Wow! What an awesome horse coloring book. The pictures of this coloring book shows cute coloring pages filled with tons of different scenes from a horse on the beach to a horse in a rodeo.

This book does not have super cartoon looking drawings but it still has big lines make this book it look like it will be easy coloring for kids of younger ages. Plus this coloring book comes with a fun matching game on the back.

Horse Coloring Book by BuckboardSally

Simple horse coloring book 

25 Kid Friendly Horses to Color

This spiral bound horse coloring book has twenty five simple yet unique horse drawings to color. The simplicity of these coloring pages does not take away from their beauty, but it does allow for easy coloring.

I could definitely see some very pretty pictures being created with this coloring book. 

Horse Coloring Book by BrainyPony

cute horse coloring book

Cute horse coloring book for kids who love horses

Looking for another great spiral bound horse coloring book? Well, here it is. This coloring book appears to offer more cartoon like horse drawings with fun scenery compared to some of the other coloring books.

But many people love that look especially when there is a cute cartoon horse prancing with his saddle and bridle on.   

Horse Coloring Book by BrainyPony

Color by numbers coloring book

Best Value 30 Horses Color by Number Coloring Pages

I do not know about you but I grew up painting and coloring on color by number pictures. I loved them because they allowed me to create the beautiful images I saw on the cover without having any artistic skill.

Now some children are more free spirited and do not want any type of input on color choices but for those looking for something that gives structure this is a great coloring book.

Horse Coloring Book by KingsleyPublishing

Horse Coloring pages for teens and young adults

Wow! There are some super cool and intricate horse coloring pages out there that seem like they probably take a long time to finish. But since not every one has the time, or patience, to color for hours on end nor do people necessarily want overly simple designs color I made this in between section.

This teens and young adults section is meant to have more intricate horse coloring pages that can be finished in a few hours.

pony with flowers coloring page

horse coloring page pony flowers etsy coloring

This super cute pony surrounded by flowers makes a great coloring page for teens. There are plenty of details in this drawing that will keep you busy.

While this is not the most intricate of pictures it is still a great coloring page for a teenager or young adult with its lovely image.     

Horse Coloring Pages by EmmeFayArt

magical horse head coloring page

Magical Horse Head Horse Coloring Page

These magical looking wild horse head coloring pages are so beautiful. The horses themselves are rather straightforward and realistic looking, while their manes are filled with intricate details.

This combination makes them perfect for someone a little older who wants a beautiful horse coloring page they can finish in a reasonable amount of time.    

Horse Coloring Pages by JoGilbertArtist

Arabian horses coloring page 

Arabian horse head with intricate details making up the neck, mane, ears, and part of the face. Words floral horse sample are on the image.

If you love Arabian horses this is definitely a great coloring worksheet for you. Featuring an intricate Arabian horse this beautiful picture will keep you coloring for several hours. Plus the ability to keep downloading and coloring this image, for personal use of course, is a major bonus.    

Horse Coloring Pages by SafeHarborWoolWorks

mare with foal coloring page 

horse coloring page mare foal coloring etsy

Featuring a beautiful mare with her foal standing in an exquisite field of flowers, this horse coloring page a great one for those wanting realistic horses in a detail oriented setting. This coloring page allows for a great opportunity to color a realistic mare and foal while creating a colorful and fun setting. 

Horse Coloring Pages by CuriousFireflyDesign

intricate horse head coloring page

Sugar Candy Skull Horse Coloring Page for Teens and Young Adults

Beautiful, intricate details shine in this horse head coloring page. With tons of little flowers and designs making up this horse head there is bound to be plenty to keep you busy when coloring this sheet.

The especially wonderful part of this coloring page though is its price at less than sixty cents. 

Horse Coloring Pages by Silvercrystalscouk

horse coloring books for teens and young adults

Let's be honest, no matter what your age is we all lose things especially smaller items such as a piece of paper, which is one of the reasons coloring books are so great. The other major benefit of coloring books is the fact that you just get more pages to color, which in turn, means even more hours of fun.

So with that being said, here are some of the best horse coloring books for teens and young adults that I have found so far.

Amazing horse coloring book

horse coloring page amazing coloring book etsy

With over 50 individual pages you essentially have an amazing horse coloring book has some of the most beautiful horse coloring pages I have ever seen. From the classic horse galloping, to the horse by the river, even a horse cantering in the sea each picture is filled with intricate details that make the coloring book incredible.  

Horse Coloring Book by KleinDesignOnline

Mysterious Horse coloring book

horse coloring page mysterious coloring book etsy

Definitely not your tradition horse coloring book. This coloring book has intricate horses and unique designs. Everything from a horse rearing, to a mare and foal, and a girl with her horse is featured just with a unique design.

Horse Coloring Book by EducationInspiration

enchanted horses coloring book

Fantasy Horse Coloring Book for Teens and Young Adults

Looking for a fun horse coloring book that features beautiful horses with cool backgrounds? The horse coloring pictures in this book meet that criteria.

This coloring book has everything from horses jumping to a horse bowing with a tree as a mane! Many of these unique sheets will keep you busy. 

Horse Coloring Book by RustyHaloStudio

riding horse coloring book

10 different images of showjumping and dressage horses and riders. With the words Equestrian Coloring Book.

More of that beautiful traditional horse coloring book style this book features realistic horse coloring pages.

These horse coloring sheets feature riders and horses competing in dressage and showjumping along with more relaxed setting such as just riding and a horse bonding with its human.

The details are less in the horses themselves allowing you more creative freedom. I think those that love more of the original horse coloring book feel will like this one.   

Horse Coloring Book by DelanyandCo

horse coloring pages for adults

As we have all seen in the past several years, coloring pages are no longer just for kids, they are for adults too! In fact, many coloring pages are being made for adults.

These adult horse coloring pages are made up of complex images that have intricate details and beautiful pictures. The intention behind the adults section of this page is to have the most intricate coloring pages that would take lots of time and attention.

flower mane coloring page

Linda Forsberg Flower Mane Horse Coloring Page for Adults

This coloring page features a horse head with a mane that is full of flowers. The flowers are of all different varieties and woven throughout the horse's mane.

The horse itself doesn't have many intricate details making it up but there is also the mane and the flowers which could take some serious energy to complete.

Horse Coloring Pages by LindaForsbergForm

Girl with horse coloring page

Wandering Girl With Horse Coloring Page for Adults

Featuring a girl sitting with her horse this coloring page has a ton of intricate details to keep you coloring for hours. Beyond just the girl and her horse (which alone looks like it would take forever to color) there is also a rider, backpack, and scenery to color.

The other cool thing about this picture is that the artist colored it in, with what looks like colored pencils, and has it posted on etsy for inspiration.

Horse Coloring Pages by NadiiaZDesign

antique horse head coloring page

Adult Coloring Page of a Portrait of the Horse in the Garden

Who needs a galloping horse picture when you have this beautiful horse coloring page. I love this antique looking drawing.

The twisted wire looking bit along with the big eye of the horse combined with all the other different elements in this coloring page reminds me of an older horse head drawing.

Can we also take a moment to appreciate all the detail in the horse head, bridle, and surrounding flower border that is sure to keep you plenty busy.

Horse Coloring Pages by NadiiaZDesign

jewel horse head coloring page 

Jewel Horse Head Printable Adult Coloring Page

This unicorn horse head coloring page is gorgeous the artwork is very well done. I love the imagination of combining the horse head with jewels and putting flowers around the edge.

While there is not a ton of intricate details in the image the amount of different elements that the coloring page has is what makes it more suited for an older audience in my opinion.

Horse Coloring Pages by Favoreads

medieval horse head coloring page

Medieval Horse Head DIY Coloring Page for Adults

If you want tons of detail in your coloring page this would be a great one for you. Featuring a horse head with the slanted eye, a heavier build, and an almost roman nose this picture just reminds me of medieval era horse images.

The horse head is completely filled with intricate details that make this coloring page one an adult would love. 

Horse Coloring Pages by SnowflakeEclecticArt

Horse Coloring books for adults

Adults deserve to have a fun horse coloring book just as much as kids. I tried to select horse coloring books that had plenty of pages filled with beautiful horse drawings and details to keep you coloring for a long time.

Each horse coloring book for adults has a different theme and look so you can hopefully find one that calls to you.

Around the barn horse coloring book

horse coloring page barn coloring book etsy

While the cover of this horse coloring book may not seem like an adult coloring book when you look inside at the actual coloring pages you will see why it is an adult level coloring book.

Many of the scenes have a lot of different details such as, the barn roof, the clouds, the trees, etc which would make it hard for younger kids to color inside all the lines.

Horse Coloring Book by HappyColoringPrints

Artsy horse coloring book

horse coloring page artsy coloring book etsy

I can think of no better way than to describe these horse coloring books as artsy. Filled with stunning drawings that are ready to be turned into your own artwork these coloring books have so much

to offer. Designs range from a horse rearing in front of a sun with its mane flowing to an intricate drawing of a mare and foal and even include some riding drawings.

Horse Coloring Book by ValRArtOriginial

Funny horse coloring book

Floral Mandala Adult Coloring Book

This adult level coloring book is super funny. Many of the pages have funny horse related sayings alongside detailed horse images. This coloring book is for a person who wants something fun rather than realistic in my opinion.

That being said if you like cute sayings on your coloring pages and unique horse drawings then you would probably love this coloring book. My favorite page is the one that says, "Life is good but horses make it better".

Horse Coloring Book by PaperlandOnlineStore

Dream worthy horse coloring book

Rescue Me Horses Volume 2 Line Art Adult Coloring Book

I can't even imagine the level of talent it took to create the incredible horse drawings that make up this adult horse coloring book. All the images look like they took hours to create, that is how beautiful and detailed each one is.

Many of the images appear to be horse heads with little scenery or edge pieces. However, with the amount of intricate design elements making up the horse or horse head I still feel like this coloring book is suited better for an adult.

Horse Coloring Book by SafeHarborWoolWorks

Beautiful Horses coloring book

horse coloring page beautiful horse coloring book etsy

While there are twenty-four pages to this coloring book there are only ten images on Etsy and they are all detailed horse drawings with different themes and settings. The images range from a horse in western tack in the mountains to a a horse galloping in a field of flowers.

Horse Coloring Book by HappyColoringPrints