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What is the best horse riding game for PC? This is the page where you can find the best horse game software, read what other girls recommend, and share your tips. (My mom doesn't like the word "cheats" - but you know what I mean.)

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What horse riding computer games have you played? (This is the place to review software games...not online games or ones for DS. There are separate pages for those.)

Tell us whether you recommend the game. What did you like best about it? What did you NOT like about it?

Any tips or "cheats" for playing?

Horse Game Reviews from Other HCGs

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Pony World 2 
This fun interactive game is great for kids 10 and under, but anyone can enjoy it. In this fun game you get to customize your pony. This is not a game …

Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch 
In this super fun interactive game you (as Nancy Drew) have to figure out the mystery of Shadow Ranch. When you first start off you get to choose …

Imagine Champion Rider 
This is an amazing game! You can breed foals, make friends with wild horses and ride them, buy tack for your horses, groom them, …

Star Stable 
I was excited to learn about Star Stable and I immediately went to their website to play it. I had a little trouble downloading it to my PC, but once I …

My Horse & Me 
My Horse & Me is the first product of Atari's exclusive partnership with the FEI, and aims to bring the full gamut of the equestrian …

Petz: Horsez 2 
Experience life on a horse ranch while solving a mystery! This game is great! You can pick your horse, breed them, enter competitions, …

A Virtual Horse 
A Virtual Horse is one of the popular free virtual horse games online. The game is centered around a town where players can raise and train horses, work …

Rival Stars Not rated yet
Rival Stars is a horse racing game that allows you to breed, buy, and train horses. It's fairly easy and there are several different coats that you can …

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