Best Horse Riding Game for PC

Most people play online horse games, but not everyone.

Thanks to the fact that I grew up playing horse riding games-that came on CDs- I have have played tons of them. Many of these games are super fun and only available in PC format, so make sure you have a way to play them before you click 'buy now'.

You can also read what other girls recommend and share your horse game tips. Some of these horse games are harder to find now, because not many people play PC games anymore, but we still keep them here in case someone finds one and wants to get an idea on what it is about.

I haven't played all these games so I try to write these overviews based on my experiences, reviews, and what other people have told me. Some of these games have other versions for DS, Wii, PlayStation, etc. Sometimes the storylines change across devices so just keep that in mind. 

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lucinda green's equestrian challenge

A graphic from the PC game Lucinda Green's Equestrian Challenge. It shows a rider and a chestnut horse with a white stripe jumping in a cross country course. With the name of the game at the bottom.

Lucinda Green's Equestrian Challenge is the best horse game for PC. You can disagree with me, but I will stand by this statement. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had playing this game. The graphics are great and the attention to detail will make horse lovers so happy. This is a 3 day event, also know as eventing, horse game which means there is dressage, cross country, and show jumping. Each component is challenging but not so hard it is frustrating. Of course your also get to customize your horses including breed, coat color, and markings. Your avatar is also fully customizable from their gender to hair color. As you move through the game you get to unlock new 2 star, 3 star, and 4 star competitions. You will also have access to new tack, accessories, riding gear and more by winning competitions.


A graphic from the PC game Horsez. It shows a bay and white paint mare with a chestnut and white paint foal out in a grassy paddock with trees and a wooden fence in the background.

You may already own Horsez for the Nintendo DS or another device, but it also comes in a PC format. But from what I understand the PC game is different than the DS version. I haven't played the Horsez for PC but reading reviews from those who have the PC game it sounds like it involves an exciting storyline along with exciting competitions. Also known as Pippa Funnell 3: The Golden Stirrups, this game is played from the perspective of Flora. Flora is a young woman who has recently joined the Italian Riding Academy and must work her way up the levels in show jumping, cross country, and dressage all while managing friendships. Outside of training and competing at different international venues you also have to take care of your horse and help raise a foal. While you don't get to customize your avatar you do get some say when it comes to your horse or pony.

my horse & Me

A graphic from the game My Horse & Me. It shows a dark bay horse with a small white star wearing a halter with a blond hair girl. The words My Horse & Me are in the upper right hand corner.

My Horse & Me is a really fun horse PC game. In the game you get to train, groom, and compete with your horse along with playing mini games. The graphics in the game are really good and the customizations for your horse and rider avatar are extensive. Unlike some horse games that have missions or horse care tasks, such as cleaning the stall, that take you away from training and competing this game has short tasks and no missions so you can spend more time with your horse. As you continue to train and win show jumping competitions you get to move up the levels and unlock new show jumping competitions around the world. The only thing that isn't great about this game is that there is only show jumping instead of the usually 3 day event style that has show jumping, cross country, and dressage.

Petz: Horsez 2

A graphic from the game Petz Horsez 2. It shows a grassy field with a white picket fence in the background. In the center there is text that says Petz Horsez. The 2 after Horsez is cut off.

Another horse game for PC that is also for the Nintendo DS, Petz Horsez 2 is a challenging but fun horse game with an interactive story line. Unlike some PC games that are hard to find nowadays, this one is available for download making it possible to still get on a Windows computer. In the game, you play a vet named Emma who has been accepted to a prestigious French riding academy. At the academy, there are missions to complete, trails to explore, foals to raise, horses to care for, and competitions to win. Your decisions impact the story line in the game and can cause the end of the game to change, which is unique and exciting. The controls for things like steering in the game are noted as being a little sensitive so it may be better for those that are a little older. The disciplines in the game are show jumping, dressage, and cross country. It is also known as Pippa Funnell 4: Secrets of the Ranch.

imagine: champion rider

A graphic from the PC game Imagine Champion Rider. It shows a grassy field and two girls riding horses in background. In the upper left corner, there is text that says Imagine Champion Rider.

Imagine: Champion Rider, also known as Petz Horse Club, is a great horse game. There is a Wii version of this game that from what I understand is pretty similar with just some slight changes. In the game, you are on a beautiful remote island with wild horses. Unfortunately, the wild horses are disappearing because they can't breed. It is up to you to figure out what is wrong with the horses and save the horses. Throughout the game, you get to interact with wild horses and foals while following a fun storyline. You do get to train the horses you tame as well and can even enter competitions.

let's ride: Dreamer

A graphic from the PC game Let's Ride! Dreamer. It shows a grassy field and a girl holding her horse by the reins. In the center, there is text that says Let's Ride! Dreamer.

Even though this game shows a picture related to Dreamer the horse movie on the cover and it is inspired by the DreamWorks movie, many reviewers have mentioned that you don't play the movie storyline. In the movie, as many are familiar with, it is centered around Sonya who is a racehorse that breaks her leg, is nursed back to health, and eventually goes on to race again. This game doesn't follow that storyline. Rather, it is similar to other horse games where you take care of a horse, train in various disciplines, go on trail rides, and compete at horse shows. Caring for the horse is the usual--feeding, bathing, and grooming the horse. Training and competitions include show jumping, dressage, and cross country. You do win ribbons an prizes in the competitions which is fun.

let's ride: Riding star

A graphic from the PC game Let's Ride! Riding Star. It shows a grassy field and a girl jumping her horse. In the center, there is text that says Let's Ride! Riding Star.

This is another horse game for PC that I absolutely love! I played Let's Ride: Riding Star so much growing up and I just remember thinking how it was so amazing. The game is focused around you training and competing in eventing which is made up of cross country, show jumping, and dressage, although there is a trail riding option. You get three horses in the game, one for each discipline, and you get to customize each horse and their tack. Of course, you also get to customize your rider avatar. As you win horse shows you unlock fun new tack, accessories, riding apparel, and of course higher level courses and tests. Plus, it says there is a multiplayer feature, although I will say I had plenty of fun playing the game on my own.

my horse farm

A graphic from the PC game My Horse Farm. In the center, there is text that says My Horse Farm The Tycoon Game for Horse Lovers.

My Horse Farm is easily in my top 5 for best PC horse games. I don't know if you can find this game anymore, but if you come across it I recommend buying it. No, the graphics aren't fabulous or the most realistic but this game has so much going for it.

pony friends 2

A graphic from the PC game Pony Friends 2. In the center, there is text that says Pony Friends 2 and a picture of 3 horses.

This game can be hard to find for the PC now, but there is a version for the Wii available.

spirit: stallion of the cimarron

A graphic from the PC game Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. In the center, there is text that says Spirit stallion of the Cimarron, Forever Free and an illustration of 2 horses.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron can be hard to find so you may need to check out stores such as Ebay. If you want to play the new Spirit game you can check it out here.

champion dreams first to ride

Jump & Ride: riding academy 3d

PC horse riding game Riding Academy

Jump and Ride Academy and this game are pretty similar.

time to ride: saddles and stables

saddle up: time to ride

let's ride: friends forever

let's ride: silver buckle stables

saddle up with pippa funnell

rider's world competition 

rider's world I want to ride

barbie horse adventures: mystery ride

barbie riding club

A graphic from the PC game Barbie Riding Club. In the center, there is text that says Adventure Riding Club, and an illustration of a farm and Barbie riding her brown horse.

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