Horse Riding Games

Here is my directory of the best horse riding games! Try them out, then come back and share your reviews and tips for playing them!

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An image of the horse riding game, Animal Shelter: Horse Shelter DLC.

Animal Shelter: Horse Shelter DLC

This game appears to be an add-on to the original Animal Shelter so it looks like you will need to buy the original game and then this game as well. Within the game, you will get horses (which you can customize), be able to care for your horses, go riding, put up new buildings/riding arenas, etc. Some people even broadcast themselves playing the game on Steam so you can see a bit of the game and get a feel for it before purchasing.

Graphics: 3d

Price: $7.99


An image of the horse riding game, Horse Club Adventures.

Horse Club Adventures

Explore Lakeside Riding Stables aboard your very own horse. This online game offers over 100 combines quests, mini-games, missions, and different racecourses. Of course, you will also get the chance to dress up your avatar in different riding outfits and choose different tack and accessories for your horse.

Graphics: 3d

Price: $19.99


An image of the horse riding game, Horse Club Adventures 2.

Horse Club Adventures 2: Hazelwood Stories

If you loved Horse Club Adventures then this game is great for you! In the game, you are back at Lakeside Riding Stables where you can embark on a new and exciting adventure. This time, you are trying to pieces of photos for the upcoming competition. When you aren’t working at finding these different elements you can go exploring on your horse, try out the obstacle courses, take care of your horse, and so much more.

Graphics: 3d

Price: $19.99


An image of the horse riding game, Horse Reality.

Horse Reality

Coming Soon! Horse Reality looks like another sim game, except this one is offered through Steam. Like many of the sim horse games, you miss out on some of the cool graphics but get to really use your imagination and have the chance to connect with other players. The game appears to be a horse breeding and training focused game that uses real information about horse genetics.

Graphics: 2d

Price: N/A


An image of the horse riding game, Horse Riding Deluxe 2.

Horse Riding Deluxe 2

Explore the world with your horse in Horse Riding Deluxe 2. In the game, you get to explore different areas, complete quests, tame wild horses, train your horses, and compete in different trail races. You will also need to care for your horses. A few cool things about this game that set it a part from other horse games is that you can have dogs as pets and you can go swimming with your horse, both of which I think are super cool!

Graphics: 3d

Price: $19.99


An image of the horse riding game, Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch.

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch

Bring your Aunt’s horse farm back to its original glory. Within the game, you will get the chance to complete different missions, breed horses, develop your farm, and go out on beautiful rides across the island. Each horse you capture and breed has its own personality, strengths, and weaknesses which allows you to carefully select your horses to breed the best horse possible.

Graphics: 3d

Price: $29.99


An image of the horse riding game, Horse World.

Horse World

While the graphics on this game look like they could use some work and you can’t customize your horses' appearance at less than $10, it is hard to complain too much. In the game, players get to care for, train, and compete with their horse. You can also buy accessories/tack for your horse, with horseshoes you collect.

Graphics: 3d



An image of the horse riding game, Horse Shelter 2022.

Horse Shelter 2022

Coming Soon! While this game isn’t out yet you can play Horse Shelter 2022 Prologue (which looks to be the beta/test version of the game). Looking at the available information for the game, it appears you will be able to own a stable of horses that you can train and compete with in showjumping. Of course, you will have to care for your horses and build courses to practice on.

Graphics: 3d

Price: N/A


An image of the horse riding game, Let's Ride! Silver Buckle Stables.

Let's Ride: Silver Buckle Stables

Here is another game I thought was lost to the online horse game era. For all the horse girls that want a solely western riding horse game, here it is. Your character gets to wear western riding attire, you get to train in barrel racing and agility courses, go on fun trail rides, take care of your horse, and complete mini-games. Plus, the price of this game is one of the best ones on the list!

Graphics: 3d

Price: $4.99


An image of the horse riding game, My First Horse: Adventure on Seahorse Island.

My First Horse: Adventure on Seahorse Island

Coming soon! This horse game isn’t out yet but you can check out some of the published material from the game on Steam. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much to go on except the information on Steam and a video on YouTube, but from what I see I am very excited for the game. It looks like there will be trail riding, show jumping, dressage, and driving (yes driving as in your horse pulls a cart, how cool is that!). I think there will also be a story line, horse care, and the ability to improve/build up your farm.

Graphics: 3d

Price: N/A


An image of the horse riding game, My Riding Stables.

My Riding Stables

The graphics in this horse game may not be the best, but there are other redeeming features. Taking care of your horses is a very interactive process, you are able to take trail rides, breed horses, and take part in a number of competitions. This used to be a PC game, but now it is available online.

Graphics: 3d

Price: $14.99


An image of the horse riding game, The Ranch of Rivershine.

Ranch of Rivershine

Coming Soon! This game is currently available for early access and looks like it is great fun, plus the early reviews are extremely positive! The game consists of tons of different activities from building up/repairing your stables, buying/selling horses at auction, breeding/training horses, raising foals, growing crops, explore the country side, and meeting friends in town.

Graphics: 3d

Price: $29.99


An image of the horse riding game, Riding Star.

Riding Star (Online Version)

I am so excited to have found this game! It looks like this is the online version of the PC game Riding Star that I used to love to play (back when my computer had a DVD player). I haven’t played the Steam version yet, but I remember loving the realistic graphics, ability to customize your horses, fabulous jumping/cross country/dressage training and competitions, and of course being able to take care of the horses in a realistic way. The game was just hard enough that you had to put in effort to succeed but not so hard as to be frustrating.

Graphics: 3d

Price: $9.99


An image of the horse riding game, Spirit: Lucky's Big Adventure.

Spirit: Lucky's Big Adventure

Based on the new Spirit movie, this game takes you through a great treasure hunt aboard Spirit. You play as the character Lucky and have the chance to not only complete a treasure hunt but to also explore the land, complete fun tasks, rescue animals, take pictures, bond with Spirit, collect different items, and even more! If you loved the newer Spirit movie, this online horse game is a great option for your next horse game.

Graphics: 3d

Price: $29.99


An image of the horse riding game, Unbridled.

Unbridled: That Horse Game

Coming Soon! This horse game may not be out yet, but it is looking really good from what I have seen on social media. Unlike lots of online horse games that focus just on English riding, it appears that western riding will also be available (and not just a western saddle for trail riding). Other features of this realistic horse game look to be building your own stables alongside caring, breeding, training, and showing your horses. You can apply for early access to the game to try it out.

Graphics: 3d

Price: N/A


An image of the horse riding game, The Unicorn Princess.

Unicorn Princess

For all the horse crazy girls that dream about riding a unicorn, here is your chance, at least in an online fantasy game. In this online horse game, you have access to two worlds. One in which your horse lives and the other in which the magical unicorn lives. Once you befriend the mysterious unicorn you can complete all the missions available and help save the magic world!

Graphics: 3d

Price: $19.99


An image of the horse riding game, Wildlife Park 2: Horses.

Wildlife Park 2: Horses

Combining horses with a zoo-like design, this game allows you to build a home for your horses, care for them, and complete different missions. There are 16 different breeds of horses to choose from including Arabians, Quarter Horses, and Friesians. There are tons of different enrichment toys for the horses' environments as well including a treadmill!

Graphics: 3d

Price: $3.99