Wii Horse Games

Growing up I loved to play games on the Wii and when I found out there were horse games for the Wii I was beyond excited. 

I couldn't wait to try out the horse games (that seemed so interactive and cutting edge at the time). While I haven't managed to play all the Wii horse games yet I have tried to get them all on this page.

So if you are looking for awesome Nintendo Wii horse games, many of which have been recommended by other horse crazy girls, this is the page for you. 

*Just a reminder that most horse games for the Wii require you have a nunchuk as well as the regular Wii remote.

Don't forget to add your comments and tips as well! 

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barbie horse adventures: riding camp

A picture of the cover of the Wii game 'Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp'

Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp is an exciting game with less rules and structure than some of the others. Unlike other horse games where you have to do training sessions or competitions to jump your horse in this game you can just go out and gallop around and jump whatever and whenever you want. Besides riding you also get to care for your horse, dress your horse up, and take care of them. Plus there are lots of horses to choose from in this game. 

gallop & ride

A picture of the cover of the Wii game 'Gallop & Ride'

If you want a horse that is focused on restoring a ranch to its former glory check out Gallop & Ride. In the game you get to breed, raise, and train horses who you then compete on. When you win competitions you win prize money which can then allows you to help restore the ranch. This game really focuses is on all the little details that many horse games miss. Oh and did I mention that this game has a huge range of mane, tail and coat color combinations along with different breeds so you can create your dream horse.

horse life adventures

A picture of the cover of the Wii game 'Horse Life Adventures'

I never got to play Horse Life Adventures and honestly I am still kind of sad about it that is how fun this Wii horse game sounds. In the game you get to take riding lessons in either dressage, cross country, or show jumping. As your skills improve in your riding lessons you get to enter competitions. Of course you also have to take care of your horse as well with regular grooming, feeding, and treat but we horse girls don't mind that. There is also the option to take trail rides in the game.

i love horses: Rider's Paradise

A picture of the cover of the Wii game 'I Love Horses: Rider's Paradise'

I Love Horses: Rider's Paradise is an interactive horse game you get to play as a horse girl named Natalie, a new student at Riders Paradise. Through the game you are taught about horseback riding, horse care, responsibility, and navigating friendships. If you have enough Wii remotes you can have your horse crazy friends play along side you in the multiplayer function. Besides dressage, show jumping and cross country competitions you can also play non-horse related mini-games.

my horse & me

A picture of the cover of the Wii game 'My Horse & Me'

Horse lovers that enjoy Wii games with extremely realistic graphics you should like the game My Horse & Me. In addition to the realistic graphics the game provides the ability to groom, train, and compete with your horse. Other cool features about this game include the fact that you can play in 1st or 3rd person, you get to go to global competitions, and they have an official FEI license. There are also mini games and a multiplayer mode.

my horse & me: Riding For Gold

A picture of the cover of the Wii game 'My Horse & Me: Riding For Gold'

My Horse & Me: Riding For Gold is essentially like an upgraded version of the My Horse & Me game. Much of the game is the same; you get to groom/care, train, and compete in three day events with your horse. There are international horse shows and the game has an FEI license. What sets this game apart from the earlier version is that the graphics and animation are better, there are more options when it comes to customizing horse and rider, and there is a fun story line in the game. 

paws & claws: Pet Vet

A picture of the cover of the Wii game 'Paws & Claws: Pet Vet'

Paws & Claws: Pet Vet is the ultimate Wii game for horse crazy girls that dream of becoming veterinarians. In the game you own a vet clinic where you get to treat a wide range of animals such as dogs, bunnies, and horses. As the owner of the vet clinic you get to choose how your business grows and what animals you want to focus on. Plus you get to select your very own everything from their breed to the color of their mane and tail is up to you. Once you have created the horse of your dreams you to groom, feed, and ride them. 

petz: Horse club

A picture of the cover of the Wii game 'Petz: Horse Club'

Another super fun horse game for the Wii is Petz: Horse Club. If you ever dreamed of taking care of and befriending wild mustangs on a beautiful island this is the game for you. There are over 20 different mustangs (including foals) that you get to care for, train, and even compete on. If you are worried about the game getting boring, don't be there is a fun storyline and exciting mysteries to keep it interesting. 

petz: horsez 2

A picture of the cover of the Wii game 'Petz: Horsez 2'

Petz: Horsez 2 is a super fun horse game. In the game you play as a girl named Lily, who is trying to win eventing competitions, which are made up of dressage, show jumping, and cross country so she can get enough money to pay off the bank and save the family farm. Of course, she must also care for and train horses and new foals as well. 

pony friends 2

A picture of the cover of the Wii game 'Pony Friends 2'

Pony Friends 2 throws you right into owning a pony. In the game you get a pony that you get to care for through tasks such as brushing and bathing the pony along with seeing the vet. When you aren't taking care of your pony you can go on trail rides or compete in races or show jumping. If competing isn't your thing no worries you can also complete fun quests through the pony club or just buy fun items at the market.