HorseIsle Horse Game

I am hooked on the HorseIsle horse game! It is really a fun online horse game. It kind of reminds me of Animal Crossings for DS. It is hard to find your first horse. But just keep trying...

HorseIsle Horse Game

Collect gems and other items to sell for money and you'll still have a good time. Then you can either buy a horse from someone or if you are lucky catch a wild horse. (They just appear. You will know when you find one.)

I bought my first horse for $6000 but it took me a while. It also took me a while to catch my first wild horse. You can read some of my tips in the comments below.

This is one of my fave games. It's addicting!!!

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My Opinion 
I L.O.V.E HorseIsle! I've been playing it for years, and it never gets boring! there are so many amazing people on there too! I'm Jessie from Roan :) …

HorseIsle is OK 
I didn't like the graphics and I took a while to get a horse. Over-all, I didn't really like it.

Horse Isle 2! 
You must check out Horse Isle 2! It is amazing! It is really good, you actually canter around and move and own individual horses! If you do join, be …

Horse Isle? LOVE IT! 
I absolutley love this game! I have to admit that it doesn't have the best graphics but it has great people that have same interests as you or me from …

My mom and I Love Horse Isle!! 
Horseisle is a realistic 2D horse game that is great for all ages! I'm a 2 year horse isle player and 5 month Horseisle 2 player. Me and my mom play …

HorseIsle ROCKS! 
Horseisle is by far the best game out there. Usually games get boring after a while but i LOVE horseisle! tuckerluvr from dun, cremello, and chessy …

I'm New to Horse Isle 
Im new to this game but it is fun, I hope y'all do it too.

Interview with SuperBetta on horseisle pinto server 
JustAqua>SuperBetta: hi i'm JustAqua SuperBettamod: hi ^.^ JustAqua>SuperBetta: how long have you've been a mod? SuperBettamod: since …

This is my favorite site in the world. My brother doesn't like horses and HE GOES ON IT!

Love this game! 
The best horse game in the world! I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Foalz Top 10 Tips to Earn Money on HorseIsle 
Here are some tips 1.walk the beaches and collect gems sell them at Rock Isle 2.walk around Desest Isle and collect diamonds make necklaces with …

HorseIsle - AMAZING! 
WOW! amazing game! IT is only 2D, but is still way fun! No huge restrictions when you don't buy from them either! Always looking for a game like this! …

Amazed. Yet again. 
If you are a ten year old girl or a fifty year old woman, THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU. Horseisle is hands down the best game I have ever played. You can capture …

Horseisle is the BEST horse multiplayer game available and it's actually interactive! You don't just click on stuff like Howrse and WhiteOakStables. I …

Horse Isle Review 
I have played Horse Isle (on the Cremello server) for almost a year now (10 months) and it's amazing! You start off on a small island, where an NPC answers …

Horse Isle is my favorite online game!!!! I've been playing it for about a year now, I'm subscribed and have 41 horses and 3mil!!! I have about 5 maxed …

My Second Life- Tips and Info About Horse Isle 
Game I learned about Horse Isle from someone I know, and I really love it. I am addicted. The gameplay is very simple, and you play under a username. … Online game =D 
Horse isle is the best of the best online horse games!! Its is soo addicting. Chat With Friends,catch horses,train your horse to be the best!!Over 50 different …

Ok horseisle banned my account and I never did anything and they won't even email me back about what I did! used to be BlakeLewisLover

Horsisle- the BEST Horse game out there! 
I think that Horseisle is the best game out there, because it lets you do MAAAANNNYY things, like quests for people, competitions, and TONS of breeds! …

OMG that game is soo fun ... im RodeoHorse i play on the Roan ,Grey, Sometimes Bay , Sometimes pinto ... i LOVE knabstrups and on the Grey server i have …

I love that game! 
OMG i love that game so much!! it's child friendly and it is fun!! it's educational in a way so your parents are okay with it and OMG the horse illustrations …

Great game! 
I love this game. I'm PallyWhinny on Palomino server and I have 3 horses so far (well, to be accurate 1 horse and 2 ponies...) It's a great game. Lots …

This Game is Awesome 
I love horseisle I got on 2 days ago and fell in love.. The people you play as have cute anime/manga graphics. Basically in the game you try and catch …

I already know! 
I already know about horseisle! My username is Satilia on Dun server. :3 I have 4 horses, one is an exmoor pony, named Brownie, on is... I can't remember …

Horse isle 
I just love playing horse isle and it is so addictive!

Tips for Playing HorseIsle 
My friend Quinn and I have been playing HorseIsle a lot lately. It gets even more fun the more you play. We really like it. Getting your first horse …

Lily's HorseIsle Review 
Horse Isle is this awesome horse game, and my only friends are on it! You see, I am an orphan (Please don't feel bad for me) and all of the people on there …

I love HorseIsle! 
I have been playing HorseIsle since Auguest 2007 and i love it! I am a subscribed play and i have my own Ranch on Tail Isle! I have never got to my goal …

I like the game! I catched 2 wild horses. But what I don't like about it, is that you can't play as long as you want, unless you pay. Greets

Nice free horse game 
I'm not sure what I'm doing in this game, but it's fun! There are puzzles to solve and quests to complete. I'm not much for chat, so that's not all that …

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Banning on HorseIsle 
I got banned for some reason and how long does a ban last for?

what happens? 
what happens if you ran out of minuets to play onlineand you are a non-subscriber? Do you get extra more?

Horseisle 2...? 
There's going to be a second horseisle coming out soon! One of the updates just said "HORSEISLE 2" If anyone who plays horseisle at this time and has information …

HorseIsle Rocks 
It's tricky, but there's so much to do and learn. What other game do you actually get to *see* other people, not just their text? (I'm on Palomino server …

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Banned? No worries<3 
Well. I'm permed. But I still get on. hides your ip address, so you are no longer banned. All you need is a new account. (;

Horseisle... an online game, or an at-home Addiction???!!!! 
Needless to say that I am writing saying that horseisle is one of the most amazing internet games for horses out there. Not only can you own your own horses, …

:::::::Warning about HORSEISLE:::::::: 
Horseisle totally got me addicted when i first started. Then, after awhile, i realized i was TOO addicted. I'd play everyday for 2 hours at a time, not …

i love horseisle im a girl caled PinkPonie i have a freddy for sale 546exp maxed 3 uts pm me on on chestnut sever its 100k

It won't let me play. It said you're not registered.

Fun Game------ Horesisle 
Its a fun game that you get to talk with your friends and make friends from other countries or states. Its really fun and I've been playing for almost …

:( HorseIsle 
i haven't been on this website in a while...and i had lots of money and 16 horses and 10 babys...i had over 7 million dollars...just about a week ago i …

Horse Isle Review 
I have played Horse Isle (on the Cremello server) for almost a year now (10 months) and it's amazing! You start off on a small island, where an NPC answers …

Horse Isle How to Get a Horse 
I found a way to get foals on HorseIsle if you don't want to catch one. You go to Horse Isle, then you go to the HUGE clump of forest and on the lower …

HorseIsle Review 
HorseIsle is one in a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like you actually have a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its addicitng *twich* 
its so addicting in fact, there is a time limit they had to put on so you can continue to have a life and not obsess over this incredible game,wich can …

Unsafe but FUN  
It is such a fun game that I feel addicted to it. I did play this game a lot before I realized how dangrous it was. My parents caught me on it and told …

GoldenEye (Grey) Not rated yet
Hi, I'm GoldenEye from Grey an it is fab! I love horseisle and it stops me from being bored! If you ever need me for quests just pm me! Finding your …

Moonpaw's Review for Horse Isle Not rated yet
I am on horse isle. You should try it! I am kiwimycat on palomino server. If you see me and you're new you can ask me for any questions. But before you …

Love HI1... Not rated yet
I am so addicted to this game, I've been playing for 3 years now. Grey server is my home :) ZippySunrise is the name. Highly recommend this game! I don't …

IT'S FRUSTRATING! Not rated yet
I can't get a horse on HorseIsle!!! I'm getting bored with it. Why DO YOU HAVE TO CAPTURE IT!!!!????

Horse Isle Not rated yet
Been playing for about 3 years now, its addicting and I just got my first zebra and 1 million in the bank. I love this game! The longest I have ever played …

Fail (HorseIsle) Not rated yet
Was literally banned for a typo. Contacted them, they tried saying I had multiple accounts. Know why? Before I had to contact them, I spoke to DesertPaint, …

Horse Isle Not rated yet
I love Horse Isle, I am on it almost all the time. I got my first horse for free off a nice player (I will not say her name) that I know in real life. …

Horse Isle ROCKS Not rated yet
I'm BouncyBunny from chessie server. I just want to say that I love horse isle and horse isle 2! I once played for 6 hours! HI ROCKS!

HorseIsle is Awesome!!! Not rated yet
Horse Isle 1 is an AMAZING game. I found the link on a different website, but I'm going to write a review on here anyways. When you are viewing your horses …

Horse Isle Rocks! Not rated yet
I've been playing Horse Isle for about two years. It's very fun, you can ride, chat, explore, quest and more. I highly recommend Horse Isle!

Player Not rated yet
I played Horse Isle 1 for a very long time. Recently, I was scammed out of millions of dollars in the game and the company said they will do NOTHING about …

HELP WITH VIOS! Not rated yet
How long/can you get back on horse isle after you get banned for having 10 vios? My friend needs this answered. Thanks.

Horse Isle Cheat Not rated yet
First up, I love Horse Isle! Now, here is a cheat: go to the sign at Earton below the bank and press dig. You'll get money.

HorseIsle is WONDERFUL!!! Not rated yet
I just started playing and I LOVE it! HURRAH!!!!

One of the Greatest Games Not rated yet
Woo-hoo! I think HorseIsle is one of the greatest online horse games around!

HorseIsle - Lovin' It! Not rated yet
HI is a simple game with amazing people. There are people from all around the world to help you and be friends.The players are very generous and I recommend …

A HorseIsle Review Not rated yet
HorseIsle is good and yes it's hard to earn money, but when you do quests and earn the money, you'll find that it is sooo fun and it keeps you on for hours! …

HorseIsle! Not rated yet
Well, I really think the graphics could be inproved. lolz. But any way, yea, its a dang fun game :.] Hahahah!

I love Horse Isle! Not rated yet
This game is totally epic! The only complaint that I have to make it that it is TOO addicting, and I have had many punishments for staying on too long …

HorseIsle 2 Not rated yet
HorseIsle 2 is in 2.5d and it's also a great online horse game!

Horse Isle 2&1 Not rated yet
it is awesome the second one is even better they are like wow!

I Love You HORSE ISLE!!!!  Not rated yet
Okay, so like horse isle is Awesome!!! totally!!! i have done horse isle for about 1 year, and i absolutley love it. and if you love that one, then go …

Horse Isle <3 Not rated yet
Best horse game ever. Ride around and meet new people. Very fun and addicting. I've been playing since it first came out, and im still hooked! Everything …

AW YEE , it's Teal from Pintoo ! Everyone , join Horse Isle. Join now! It's amazing and soo fun .. My buds make it even better <3

LOVE IT!!!! Not rated yet
Horse Isle is a really easy game 2 get started on....

Horse Isle is a Great Site! Not rated yet
This is a great website for people of all ages! Family friendly and fun! Great experiences with this game. You get to take care of your own horses and …

Any Tips for HorseIsle?? Not rated yet
Does anyone know of any cool and good ways of getting money? if so, mail me; TinyTigger on Cremello server add me, but pm me first, please

LOVE HorseIsle! Not rated yet
I really really love Horse Isle! I used to play it EVERYDAY, but now they have made a new Horse Isle game, Horse Isle: Legend of the Esrohs. The game is …

MyMozart from grey server says: Not rated yet
Horse Isle is very confusing when you start, but when you can understand fully, it's a lot easier. I have plenty of tips and hints for other players out …

It rocks! Not rated yet
I love this website! I went on it because I love Animal Crossing then I got totally involved. I prefer Horse Isle 1 over Horse Isle 2 though just because …

Horse Isle Not rated yet
I Love horse isle, it's hours of fun fun fun! If you want to chat with me, I am BouncyBunny on HI1 and I'm SweetBird on HI2! It is very very very very …

Horse Isle Not rated yet
I love it! So addictive. I am SilverBueaty cremello!

horses Not rated yet
hi my name is katie and i am 12 yrs old i have been rideing horses ever since i can remember, i really like this game!!!!!!!!

same!! Not rated yet
i love horse isle im on grey sever called Bbbonkers :0 it takes along time to get money as well but after 4 years i finally have 10mill:)

bestie stalls Not rated yet
i like this game beacause i have never tried it.

Fandabidosy Not rated yet
Its great!! CandyKane from HI1 and TrottingThunder from HI2!!!

Horse Isle is so addicting Not rated yet
horse isle is so weird but yet so fun and amazing!

Horse Isle is amazing Not rated yet
Horse isle is sooooo addicting, it kind of annoys me. I cant stop playing it. I am no addicted to whispering horses (a guy tells you if there are any …

great Not rated yet
use the pinto sever!!!!! & its a great game

HorseIsle: Amazing Game! Not rated yet
When i first discovered HorseIsle I was amazed. Really good game. You can catch horses, buy horses, sell horses, and trade horses. It's like real life! …

the best Not rated yet
thax are the best they are my fav animal i love them because they are fast they can pull realy heavy things and they can be really tall and small

Horseisle Not rated yet
I love this game! I once had a Zebra, but it disappeared because my account disappeared, and I had to start over. :( But I still love this web!

EarlGirls Not rated yet
I think it is amazing and addicting.

BEST WEBSITE EVARRR!!!! Not rated yet
horseisle is what i reccomend to everyone! all of my friends trade and buy horses with me, design saddles, draw in the draawing room, and plenty more! …

Horsesnine (chessy server) Not rated yet
Hey Guys I LOVE horseIsle it is soooooooooo much fun i have tryed SO many other games and NONE were as FUN, safe, and hard well it is not rely HARD but …

BEST HORSE GAME EVER!!! Not rated yet
Horseisle is one of the BEST games i have played in a LONG time I have been playing for almost a year or two now and can't get off the computer without …

OMG best game ever Not rated yet
I really love this game. In fact, I love it a little too much. I feel like I'm on it 24/7. I truly enjoy it though. My username is asoloveshorses and …

PINTO!!! Not rated yet
Heya! It's Tiny from pinto! This is just about the best game ever. My favorite part? Laughing it up with my budds. They are the best part of the game. …

Horse Isle Not rated yet
i think horse isle is very fun to play on

i love it Not rated yet
I soo love it Lovve it

horseisle is Amazing Fun Exciting Game! Not rated yet
Horseisle is the most fun game i have played next to howrse... horseisle has chat and most people who play are your age too! so much fun! by, SillyMare …

I LOVE HORSES! Not rated yet
I love horses so much i would do ANY thing for them. I have two horses, PEANUT & BUDDY. I love both of them a lot.

HorseIsle - my thoughts Not rated yet
This is an extreme annoyance! First it expensive to buy a horse. Second it is extremely RARE to catch a horse. finally the graphics are really simple 2D. …

question Not rated yet
Hi! I was wondering this for a while. I hope you'll help. So here is my question: I know that your account gets deleted (not banned) if you don't …

A Kid Friendly Game For All Ages Not rated yet
Horse isle is an awesome game for people to play. You can capture,trade,train,and buy horses. It has quests,puzzles,and other fun things like a 8 minute …

Horse Lovers Best Horse Game! Not rated yet
Horseisle is so fun!At first it is confusing to play,but soon it becomes easier to figure everytthing out.There are maybe 100+ breeds of horses and ponies …

A+ Horseisle Not rated yet
Horseisle is great, and fun. I am a 2 year subscriber of Chestnut server and still going, GO horse isle!!

Best game :) Not rated yet
Horse Isle is definitely the best game ever xD I recently got the 100% qp award, after almost 3 years of questing :D Not only is it fun, but it's also …

Awesomeness! Not rated yet
Horse isle is the best game even, I spend most of my life on it! (well not really but I could if I wanted to)

Awesomeness! Not rated yet
Horse isle is the best game ever!, I spend most of my life on it! (well not really but I could) The only bad thing is that you meet some poos around but …

Awesomeness! Not rated yet
Horse isle is the best game ever!, I spend most of my life on it! (well not really but I could) The only bad thing is that you meet some poos around but …

It is Great! Not rated yet
Horseisle is the funnest horse game on the web. Unlike Horseland, you are walking everywhere. Most horse websites i play on you click to go to stables …

Horse Isle Rox Not rated yet
Horse Isle Rox Its The Best Horse Game Ever. The Only Thing About It Is All The Rules There are Too Many And Some Should Be Deleted Like. Do NOT Talk About …

Horse Isle Tips Not rated yet
i don't play this game no more, but if u want to get lots of money go to prison isle and walk all along the sand and collect rats, you can sell them for …

HORSE Not rated yet

n Not rated yet
hi i love hoseisle

Subcriptions, To buy or not to buy? Not rated yet
Is buying a subscription on horse isle worth it? In real money for me it was a no. So I went with the other option, buying it with Horse isle money. Once …

horse isle  Not rated yet
horse isle seems a very good game my friend plays it they said i should play this horse game

Great game! i love it! Not rated yet
i have a problem, i was walking around then out of no where i was banned! i didnt do anything, iw asnt talking to anyone, its was just fro no reason, now …

Horse Isle Not rated yet
Ultimate time favorite. Best horse website you'll find.

From Grey Server Not rated yet
Ok, this is CarrotKing from grey server and I just want to say... I LOVE THIS GAME! It is hands down the BEST game in the world. Its much more different …

Horse isle 1  Not rated yet
It's a great game but people need to chat in chat all alot more its a social game not a lets ignore that player game,

I dont like anymore Not rated yet
i used to play it alot and it was fun..... then it got boring. And i tried to get on earlier but it said it didn't *recognize* me in the system. Then it …

Horse Isle fan Not rated yet
I have been playing horseisle for 3 years now. (since it started) i have all the most expensive tacks such as peggy tack for my zebra , icreas for my TB …

Cool game i luv:):) Not rated yet
HorseIsle is a very safe and fun horse game for girls of all ages. I am a HI addict. This game rules!! I love it. It is great. All horse crazy girls should …

It's AWESOME Not rated yet
I've been playing HI fir 2 or 3 yrs now and Im completely hooked I finally got my sub thx to 1 of the other plaers and Ive got a ranch now and like 15 …

The best horse game is HorseIsle! Not rated yet
Horse isle is the best game i have EVER played on! you capture, own, train, compete, and do quests for people! its the BEST GAME EVER! ps, watch out …

I love this game! Not rated yet
I'v played this game for almost 2 years i love it!

It is so stupit Not rated yet
I was on horse isle doing quests and nothing wrong. then it said to recconect so i did then it said i was banned from horses isle thats not cool so what …

love horses Not rated yet
io amo i cavalli e li amerò per smpre

Verrryyyyyy Verrrryyyyyy Gooddd but... Not rated yet
its very good and i love it but the time limit thing is rubbish!! its for every 8 mins offline u get 1 minute u can play on line eg for every 8 hours ofline …

So Far So Boring Not rated yet
This game is great for a month or a year. Any longer and it just wears on you. Speaking from the experienced side of me, I've played the game since the …

Horseisle - Just Don't Get Addicted! Not rated yet
Horseisle is an addictive game. Sure, its great fun, but think about all the great times you are missing out with your family by not seeing them? What've …

penny Not rated yet
i love them they are cool

Horse Isle Addictiveness Not rated yet
I am so addicted to horseisle *eyetwitch*. I am Gowithme on the Cremello server and I have about 7.5mil xD I've been playing for 1.2 years and know …

DONT HAVE ONE Not rated yet

DarkLinkRules Not rated yet
Hey, i'm DarkLinkRules from the servers grey palomino cremello and pinto!! Horse Isle is sooooooooooooo much fun!! Join It!!

fantastic site Not rated yet
horse isle is a really fun and educational game, it has lots to keep you interested due to it being a live game where you can ride your horse around, chat …

AWESOME Not rated yet
HORSEISLE IS AWESEOME! It's really cool cool cool! IT'S COOL you should REALLY try it I LOVE horse isle I'm addicted I've been playing for 4 hours straight …

great game, very kid friendly you get to ride the horse and all howrse is nothing compared to this Foalz on pinto

Horseisle Treasures Not rated yet
One step below Earton Fountain There is always one if you dig around the big statues throughout the statues.

awesome gameplay great quests and horses YAY for Horse Isle Can't wait for HI2 :D 1'000'000/10

AMAZINGG HorseIsle Not rated yet
I've been playing horseisle for awile now, and im truley ADDICTED!! i dont know what i'd do without it.. You can enter a world, buy cheep horses, jump …

How to make money on horse isle Not rated yet
TO make money just do quests. you can find quest help on other websites. the avrage cost for a wild horse is 10k. Most quests pay about 5k so just do some …

Horse Isle is so MAD! Love it! Not rated yet
I LOVE Horseisle. its a great game for all ages and is so fun. ive searched every were for a great horse game and this is it. its absaloutly free and is …

My Fav Site Not rated yet
Following a link from Howrse, I came to this amazing site. I joined in late June of 07 (or Game year 2)and have been hooked ever since.

Cool game :D Not rated yet
I play horse isle. I joined a a couple of years ago and never found it hard o.o But yeah. Now I'm suscribed xD I play on Bay, too. Anyone else? :DD …

Horseisle is soo cool! Not rated yet
I absolutely love horse isle iv made a few accounts and think that this game is the best one on the net! Iv caught over 50 horses and won horses on it …

Fun!!! Not rated yet
I think its a blast i got my friend addicted too. The first time I logged on i made my first REAL friend she gave me 2 free FREE horses with tack OMG!! …

Eh...... Not rated yet
It's a lovely game at first, but just doing quests over and over again gets very tiring......

I love horseisle Not rated yet
Horseisle is amazing. My username is FlightyFilly. i have so much fun on there. It's just simply the best. :D and well when you say its not very good, …

INCREDIBLE Horse Game! Not rated yet
AWESOME!! best horse site ever! i play on it every day!!! There's no word to describe it!!

Runescape STINKS horseisle ROCKS Not rated yet
Horseisle rocks so much! so play horseisle my name is tissuebox on there! :)

Awesome HorseIsle Not rated yet
HorseIsle is an awesome horse game for all ages. Though you can get banned, you'll have a great time!!! I've been on this game for quite a while now,and …

Horseisle2 Not rated yet
I heard about horseisle2 is coming soon!! where it can breed horses...i cant wait to play it!!! RoseSarah~cremello server

The most amazing horse site ever! Not rated yet
I LOVE horse isle! I've been off and on with it though. Once you finish all of your quests, you can focus on your horses, which is great. Also I've tried …

Horse isle it the best Not rated yet
i think horse isle is the best its very addictive to and in the beginning it might seem boring but as soon as u get money and horses and u get the hang …

Horseisle Rocks Not rated yet
Its most likely the best sims game on the internet. Not only is the art really good but you also get to interact way more then any other horse game i have …

horse isle Not rated yet
horse isle is the best game in the world!My usename is icygirl and im always on Cremello!hope i see u... and i have alot of horses for sale that are great! …

Oh My Glob! Its Awesome! Not rated yet
I love Horse Isle.. I've been playing for like, Just over a year now and I've come so far! Catching your first horse is a little hard but you'll get used …

HorseIsle Not rated yet
It is very additing.Very safe very fun. if u need any help just ask someone,often people will help. i recommend u try this game!

Addicting. Not rated yet
Horse Isle is the most addicting thing I have ever gotten hooked on!!! I love it!!! <33 Come PM me FarmStallion on the Pinto server!

HORSEISLE Not rated yet
Horseisle rules!

a few tips Not rated yet
Hi,I'm LotusBreezey from the cremello server, and here are some tips I want to share with you about horseisle: 1.When you would like to trade for something …

Cinder on Bay Not rated yet
Hey i love this game i have stopped playing because i am trying to get my money up to 1 mill i have a subby so yeah i give this game 4 stars it quite boring …

please help me! Not rated yet
please help!! my horse isle isnt working. it went really weird and now when i try to get onto the website it has a broken link!!

I <3 Horseisle Not rated yet
I loooove this game! The people are friendly and polite, there are many varieties and colors of beautifully drawn horses, tack, and companions to choose …

Horse Isle rocks!! -YogurtBunny, Cremello and Brown server. Not rated yet
I think horse Rocks!! Its so addicting tho. My Mom and my Aunt play the game also. My mom is BlueOx on the Chestnut server and my Aunt is MissingPig …

I LOVE LOVE LOVE horse isle Not rated yet
Horse isle is one of the best online games i've ever played! it isn't like a lot of sim games where u just click and don't watch it happen. horse isle …

uhhh... Not rated yet
I love it. But I lost my account. X3

Horse Isle Not rated yet
its awesome i am on for HOURS!!! most time spent: 6 hours!!! -AquaMarie Chestnut server

it's ok Not rated yet
it's ok im still learning how to play i don't really know how to make money tho.

I LOVE HORSEISLE! Not rated yet
To me horseisle is the best game out there. Sometimes it aggrevates me with the flagging. It is kidna like a little kid site in the chat world because …

Horse Isle Not rated yet
Horse Isle is the most addicting and fun horse game i have ever played! And its suitable for all ages. I have actually been playing Horse Isle for nearly …

Horse isle-HuntingQueen Not rated yet
I agree completely but its annoying wen u cant sell a horse and u cant pawn it cause its worth like 200k and u pawn it for 40k. It's really annoying but …

hey some isles are so uninhabited in pinto that you see lots of wild horses watch for those patterns Maczie pinto Server

Love It Not rated yet
I've been playing for about a year now and I've had so much fun on it.

AWSOME GAME Not rated yet
i play horseisle EVERY afternoon after school. it is a very fun game and i enjoy it very much. everyone should try it. A shout out to all my buddies …

New Not rated yet
If your new to horse isle and don't have a horse than if i am on just pm me and i will give you a horse and some tack for free. I am Queenboy and i am …

Horseisle Not rated yet
The best!!

it is the best game ever!!!!! Not rated yet
horse isle is the best game ever! i am hocked i am on ti when ever i have the time! once i spent a whole day on there if you want to meet me on horse isle …

Horse Isle is the best Not rated yet
I love horse Isle, it's the best horse game ever. My username is Ponyta and I am on Chestnut and sometimes Cremello server. My horse history (in order) …

Fun and safe Not rated yet
WHOEVER WROTE IT IS UNSAFE IS WRONG!!! You can't ask anyone for location phone number name etc or you will get rule violation.You can't ever swear.Show …

Horseisle Not rated yet
i think horseisle is a great game! it is sooo fun! the only thing i don't like about it is that it is somewhat addicting, which makes me get in trouble …

Awesome Game! Not rated yet
I SO much LUFF Horse Isle! I play on Dun, which is the best server if you're new :) I guess that's all! XD

DP rox! Not rated yet
oh my gosh i started playing HI in september 2007 and i absolutely loooooove horseisle!!! my username is DarkPrincess and i'm on Roan come onto Roan we're …

WOW Not rated yet
i have played horseisle soooo long my dad only lets me on 30 min a day!!! so cruel!! every time i'm about to finish a quest or buy a horse.... my time …

Pretty Freakin' Awesome Game! Not rated yet
It is sooo awesome! I mean, it's sometimes challenging but you seem to always get through it! The mods are ever so helpful, and they are funny too! If …

horseisle rules Not rated yet
i luv it r u on cremmello if u r i am dajablue!!!!!!!

Horseisle Not rated yet
Horseisle rocks! I love it. I think the worst part is that you can't breed your horses. But then that would mean that the horses would have ages, I like …

AWESOME Not rated yet
i think this is an awesome game by mistake i showed it to my sis now she is playing all the time

Horse Isle Not rated yet
Hey, this is RustyGirl of Grey Server. I've been playing Horse Isle for over a year now (it's addictive!). I am a subscriber and own RustyGirl's Dancing …

Horse Isle Rox Not rated yet
Horse Isle Rox, it is soooooo cool!!!!!!!!(Especially when experienced ppl are offering 2 help u)

HORSE ISLE- FUN Not rated yet
The answer from me is definitely fun, i love how you always get new updates and different colors and breeds of horses, its like running a life in your …

Boring Not rated yet
i think it is soooooooooooooooo boring

Sorry don't know yet Not rated yet
i haven't even begin to play it yet So i don't know

You can buy or catch horses, chat with friends but its safe from everything because there are moderators, train your horses and enter them in competitions, …

horseisle is the best!! Not rated yet
I think it is awsome my friends nickolis and copperchopper told me about it and it was awsome i luv horseisle!!!

horseisle Not rated yet
i love it!!! i cant belive there will be a horseisle2 coming out you have to be ready for it to. hey if any are on the sever bay look up nightcowgirl if …

Chantal and Trina Not rated yet
this is the best game ever!! all my fav breeds and friends are on here and it is sooo addicting i love it committed to cremello and bay lol, ChantalandTrina …

Horseisle!! Horseisle!! Horseisle!!.... Not rated yet
I'm SmartScience, I go on Cremello, I have a ranch on Starfish Isle. For me, Horseisle's rating from 1-10 is 115,083,242,600,390,200,001. I LOVE …

Horse Isle's the best! Not rated yet
Hi, I absoloutly LOVE Horse Isle! My username is Altai and I play on Dun server, I am selling a 97% Ut'd Roan French trotter just so you knoq …

Scarlet Not rated yet

My Review Not rated yet
HorseIsle is probably the most fun horse game I have ever played. (I'm actually playing it as I type) Like many people have said below, it's not like …

Awsome!! [Please read!!] Not rated yet
i personally have been playing horse isle for almost a year and it IS adiccting so when you start you cant stop!!My Mom and Aunt also play this …

:D Not rated yet
I think horseisle is the best ggame ever! but you need a fast internet connection otherwise it takes aaaaages to load. But its really really fun! :D:D

The Best Site Ever! Not rated yet
I love this game. The horses on the site are beautifully drawn. I love how many breeds are on here and you can meet so many good friends!

Best Horse Game Online! Not rated yet
I love Horse Isle!! I think it is awesome, fun, and exciting. Horse Isle is very good and I recommend it for anyone who loves horses. The game is like …

HorseIsle Not rated yet
This is the most AMAZING game ever. It is super addicting and i cant stop playing it. I have been playing for almost a year now and i am hooked. I recommend …

Horse Isle Rocks! Not rated yet
I've been playing it for a while and it is AWESOME! You can play it for HOURS and not know how long it's been. It is so fun and addicting! I <3 HORSE ISLE!!!!! …

Its kid-friendly because there are moderators and you get banned if you use bad stuff. There are quests, shops, other people to make friends with, games, …

i agree Not rated yet
Horseisle is the BEST game i know of!! P.S I'm Bobanna from Pinto if u know me

abby Not rated yet
I think the review was awsome, now when do i get to play the game?

Hey it's me your bud! Not rated yet
Hey MillCreast It's me GremlinsBaby! I think it's awsome of u to make a website ALL about horseisle! -huggles- Your bud, GremlinsBaby

At first its hard to get a horse but you can do a bunch of quests,minigames, and pick things up to sell to get a lot of money. Then you can buy a horse.....or …

Not very good  Not rated yet
The graphics are rubbish should make it better like runescape,also the characters move very slowly be honest its a bit pathetic, and normally …

Awesome HorseIsle Not rated yet
On HorseIsle my name is TBlover (Bay Server)and I just bought my first ranch it's awesome horseisle is way more fun if you get subscribed ($40 for a full …

I love HoreIsle!!! Not rated yet
HorseIsle is a fun game... but non-subscribers can only play for a short time. But other than that, HorseIsle is great. It took me two days to find my …

LOVE IT! Not rated yet
It's really fun. You can buy form another player or catch your own horse to ride and then walk around towns and buy and sell at the tack,rock,flower,clothing,bank, …

i think horse isle is great Not rated yet
it is the worlds best game ever invented

Tips for Welcome Island! Not rated yet
Omg horseisle is sofun. but beware it is so addicting you lose track of time cuz it is soooooo fun. i just started (i founf it from this site) n it is …

The Awsomeness Not rated yet
Horse Isle is the best site EVER!! I've made many friends from around the globe! Horse Isle is so addictive though lol. I go one everyday. They really …

HorseIsle Not rated yet
I love horseIsle, i'm from palomino server, AshFur I recommend you playing it

HORSEISLE FUN Not rated yet
ok soooooo omg is sooo much fun! you have no idea! u have 2 join! - Cloverpony Cremello server

Addicting.... I'll say yeah!! Not rated yet
I've played on horseisle for over a year, THE most addicting, fun game i have ever played Ever! I love the Servers, especially the one i'm on. (Cremelo) …

HorseIsle  Not rated yet
I love this game 2. It's really addictive. Every time I go on, I get carried away and just keep playing.

Cool game Not rated yet
I'm a new player, Ryperrinne on Roan server. I Just caught my first horse! This game is really fun I recommend it to everyone

BEST GAME EVER!!!  Not rated yet
It is so fun you get horses and buddies and do quests!! LOVE IT

BEST GAME EVER! Not rated yet
very easy too! I have been playing for a long time I help noobies out alot! just ask mods. my username is SugarBelle JOIN THE SEVER PINTO!!!!!

Horseisle rocks more than anyother site Not rated yet is where its wonderful.I go ONLY on Brown and Pinto.I love my buds,inractive games,its so hard to stay off of it for even 5 minutes for me!!I …

Jumping Not rated yet
I need some advise to whats important when jumping. hold what arrows when to jump....its seems i always miss a jump because its too soon..

Good game Not rated yet
This is a good game for older kids. Lots of trivia quizzes and lots of horse knowledge built in, and at the same time, so simple and easy to play. It …

Horse Isle... Not rated yet
I truly think horse isle is addicting at first, but when you've been in the act for a while now, it's quite boring! But the only problem I had was that, …

LOVE IT!!! Not rated yet
I don't know how i lived with out it! i have convinced like 3 people to play the game!! I have a Zebra! My user names SilverBueaty!! I play on Carramello! …

Awesome!!!! Not rated yet
I've been playing this game forever! Then i found this site where i could tell people about how awesome HI is!(HI=Horse Isle) I mean this site is A W E …

ugh Not rated yet
hey ppls i love horseisle and i got banned?! my parents blame it on me but i didnt do anything! horseisle can be childish but it's still fun.

horseisle is awsome Not rated yet
if you love horses and doing quest to earn money and buy ranches then this is the game for you i love horseisle it is super fun i like to talk to the other …

The Best Horse Game Not rated yet
Its the awesomest horse game! Im on Anneigh on Brown and I also (really rarely) go on Bay. I have a Florida Cracker and Furiouso! they are awesome!!!

HorseIsle is............ Not rated yet
I think HorseIsle is so totally awesome! Of course there was that occasional glitch when I couldn't remember my username for the pinto server but it's …

HorseIsle is the BEST!!!! Not rated yet
This game is the only reason i get on the computer! i LOVE it, it is the best game to me and i would never give it up no matter how old i was! i can't …

The Horselover Not rated yet
I think Horse Isle is really great to play! I can't wait to play it again !

A Great Game Not rated yet
I have played many online horse sims, and i think horse isle is by far the besy game io have ever played. it is addicting and you can make lots of friend …

i love it Not rated yet
This is a great game for all ages. You can train, catch, do quest and make new friends and its a wide world thing so you can meet new people and make lots …

i love it Not rated yet
This is a great game for all ages. You can train, catch, do quest and make new friends and its a wide world thing so you can meet new people and make lots …

Savana says: "This is a great site" Not rated yet
I LOVE HorseIsle, it is a great place, I have 4 servers, And 1 accont, and I LOVE this place!!!!

Really like it Not rated yet
I'm a new player, my username is HorseRoaming. I just joined the bay server. It's a really cool game, I like it a lot.

Suger Cube Not rated yet
I loved the game

Horseisle-a few tips for new players Not rated yet
Hey I'm WarriorCatsRoc on Bay server!!! I've been playing since August.. 2 years ago...?? Wow I guess it's been that long. If you know me, feel free …

Great Game Not rated yet
I have been on horseisle for 2 months and already have a ranch and barns i am on my first upgrade and i am hooked i never want to gallop. I go by Twease …

Great Game Not rated yet
I have been on horseisle for 2 months and already have a ranch and barns i am on my first upgrade and i am hooked i never want to gallop. I go by Twease …

Listen Not rated yet
Hey im LovelyGirls from bay ive been on for almost a year and i finally got my dream horse i just wish he was a she its a grey nfp ive had one be4 but …

HorseIsle Addict.. Not rated yet
I am on HorseIsle about 6-8 hours a day. rotfl I LOVE it :D It's the funnest game ever. :)

PLAY IT Not rated yet
ok so i play on horseisle.I play on pinto server and it is awsome so if you ever see a girl named ZappyPaint be sure 2 privet Message me (pm me)

loved it the best ever Not rated yet
very good very very good VERY good for all ages you just have to get the hang of it

MysticalMajasty Not rated yet
i've been playing for about a year I'm MysticalMajasty from cremello This game is one you can't really describe. If you join cremello i will probably …

HEY!!! Not rated yet
That's not right anne I play on grey sever and I am called Babybright. anne there's no such thing as you being be the same person and playing on the same …

hey Not rated yet
I quit playing it but it is good.

horseisle Not rated yet
horseisle is the BEST! NUMBER 1

YEA HORSEISLE! Not rated yet
Very neat! There are a few features you may want to know before playing: When you become a member you can only play for 3 hours a-day unless you pay 5$ …

AWESOME Not rated yet
Horseisle, is one of the best games on here, My Horse CLub is the next HorseIsle may not have the best graphics but it's cool. it's live, and you csan …

horses Not rated yet
I love horses always have.

pay Not rated yet
the second time i tried to logon, it showed something about paypal, so i REALLY FAST x-ed off!!!

horses Not rated yet

The Best Horse Sim! Not rated yet
Horse Isle is definitely one of the best, if not the best, horse simulation game on the internet. It is my personal favorite. I have been playing Horse …

my mini horseisle Not rated yet
este cel mai tare joc

Best Game Ever Not rated yet
I'm ADDICTED!I LOOOVEE IT! Everyone join!! PaceOfAWolf from Chestnut Server! =P

old brooklyn farm Not rated yet
I've never played before i hope it's a lot of fun!

let me tell you Not rated yet

i agree! Not rated yet
used to be BlakeLewisLover, i agree wit u! they banned my account and idk want i did! then they banned horse isle from my IP! idk wat i did! i am so upset …

Well.... Not rated yet
I like it it would be a lot cooler is you could breed horses and pick their colours and breed type and even gender if possible. Also having a thing to …

horse isle is addictive Not rated yet
its a great fun addictive game but i can't play no more due to i haven't got flash but it's fantastic.

AWESOME!!!!! Not rated yet

silverhorses from bay Not rated yet
i love horseisle so much it is the best u can walk around or ride on a horse or zebra. Trust me if u want to play on a website where u don't just talk …

horse game Not rated yet
this game looks good although i have never played it.can someone help me join.piz piz piz piz piz piz piz

Awesome! Not rated yet
This is one of the best games I have ever played!

what i think of horseisle Not rated yet
i think that this is a great game.

AWSOME!!! Not rated yet
I love it sooo much My username is SugarBelle ON PINTO SERVER all around AWSOMENESS!!!!!! JOIN PINTO NOW!

AWSOME!!! Not rated yet
I love it sooo much My username is SugarBelle all around AWESOMENESS!!!!!! JOIN NOW!

ZOMG Not rated yet
horseisle rocks.... mii friend ish the one who told me about it. ive been on for 3 months now and im only just on lava isle. but i just CANT figure out …

Horseisle rocks Not rated yet
Horseisle is the best website ever! I am LollipopNeigh on the bay server and it rocks! I get sooo addicted! It's family friendly, has great games, nice …

WOO Not rated yet
It is the single best horse game I have ever played. It's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

horse games rock Not rated yet
I think it is really cool and educating, but where are the math games?

I lovvve Horse isle Not rated yet
I love horse isle and recommend it to ages 5 and up!!! its great I love it and play it EVERY day on grey sever i'm called BabyBright.....

Awesome! Not rated yet
This game is REALLY FUN! When you first start out it might me hard to get the hang of things... but once you do it is SUPER ADDICTING. I have an account …

Horseisleeeeee Not rated yet
YA, Horseisle ish the best! Come on Crem- best server. Ohh and im GoldenVelvet on it. ~_~ (Note from Sydney's mom - I deleted your real name for safety …

Awesome Not rated yet
awesome awesome i love horses to death!! i own a horse called Penny. Thx for making this web site!!! …

simply the best ... ! Not rated yet
Im AngelPonyy form bay & i love this game so much!! Everyone on there is so nice & friendly and i just love playing it! I only started a few weeks …

Heyo :D It's Pintos! Not rated yet
Im PiebaldPintos from palomino server. I used to be PlayfulPintos (some may know me as that) and I own about 9 horses (also, some are shared and for sale). …

Love it! Not rated yet
omg i love this game so much i caught my first horse the same day i started and traded it straight away! Its great fun and a great way to talk to other …

I agree Not rated yet
HI is amazing, I forget how much I bought my first horse for, but then I really got into the game and now I have one horse that has been with me for almost …

YES! Not rated yet
i have been on before seeing this and its AWESOME! MUST SEE!

Awsome! Not rated yet
tttoootttaaalllyy awwwsssommmee i am BjBailey on roan i love arabianz if you are selling me

Awsome! Not rated yet
tttoootttaaalllyy awwwsssommmee i am BjBailey on roan i love arabianz if you are selling me

Horse Isle Not rated yet
I LOVE HorseIsle.... Its gotta be one of the best games ever, the only problem is, its ADDICTIVE! If you don't already play HorseIsle, don't start, …

Awesome! Not rated yet
I love horse isle more than any other computer game! You have to try this!

HorseIsle Not rated yet
I have been playing HorseIsle for over a year, and am still addicted to it. It really is a fun game to play, very interactive, and interesting. If you …

The Best Online Horse Game Not rated yet
This is an addicting and really fun horse game. the graphics are great, and i love the fact that you can actually own a horse, take care of it, and see …

To Add Not rated yet
I think you should add a space in the library for residents occupation so you can see the things they do and make for quests. Thanks

horse isle Not rated yet
i think it is the best game ever i love it !

hey guess what? Not rated yet
I play on it and I've been playing on it on the grey server. My name on there is SweetPonyCool. thanks bye! oh yeah and my email is (email address deleted) …

horseisle -- rocks Not rated yet
Horseisle is the COOLEST game ever Cremello server is the best :) I am GoldenVelvet on Cremmello :::)

Horseisle Rocks my Socks! xD Not rated yet
I'm Candys on chestnut server i have 7 horses (5 maxed and 2 that i'm training out), and i have been playing it for a half year! If you have a subAccount …

Horse Isle Not rated yet
I tried this game and I think it's really cool. I just made an account today, and I think I have the hang of it. When you start, you should look for the …

Awesome Not rated yet
1 Word AWESOME! another word - FUN last word - Friends

cool Not rated yet

Horse Isle--***** Not rated yet
I give this amazing game 5 stars! It teaches young players to adults the basics of a horse, literature , money management, and basic to advanced math. …

people Not rated yet
i think its great

funky melissa Not rated yet
it is the best thing i've seen

Horseisle Not rated yet
I started playing horseisle at the beginning of the year and i fell in love with it! Talk to buds and talk about horses! buy horses even catch them! sell …

Great Game Not rated yet
Wow. I can't say anything but good things about this game. It's fun, and entertaining. It has Dressage, show jumping, racing, and mini games. It's SO addicting. …

Quest Help Not rated yet
HorseIsle is amazing...but maybe could you start doing quest help and stuff on this website? it would be cool and people search on google for help all …

The Best Game Ever!! Not rated yet
HorseIsle is the best game online!! Ive been playing for about 2 years now, and it is the best!! Im Rearing Up on Bay and it is awesome. You will hooked …

TanDreamer's Rate HORSE ISLE ROCKS!! Not rated yet
Ok so as you probably know im TanDreamer from DUN server on Horse Isle and i think its a safe and fun site to play on! I've been a member for over 5 months …

horse rv Not rated yet
i have not played it yet

great-game Not rated yet
This is the greatest game ever if i could play it.

horse-isle-rules Not rated yet
Horse isle is the best horse game ever invented! There are so many places to explore, and things to do, and, you can own, train, ride, compete, and care …

choiceschoices Not rated yet
Horse Isle is so fun. I love trying to find or buy my favorite horses like Friesians.

Amazing game Not rated yet
I love horseisle and I am RubyDesert on Carmello and Chestnut. All the people are kind and everyone help each other help. The horses are beautiful and …

duffy Not rated yet
it is amazing

duffy Not rated yet
it is amazing

i-live-on-thire Not rated yet
Tell me if you know live in the saddle shes my BFF

Horse Isle is a great game Not rated yet
This is a fun game for anyone. It is a safe gaming environment and you can make some good friends along the way. Added quests and other things help keep …

I LOVE IT!! Not rated yet
I heard about from a friend it is my fave site ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Game Not rated yet
I can't believe I caught three wild horses! I Love Horse Isle! I'm on the Pinto server Username is MyNindo.

Well.... Not rated yet
I sorta hate cause it takes for ever to do quest and I think that is the DUMBEST thing ever! SO please change it or I will tell everyone …

Brill Not rated yet
Brill game, very fun! Got loads of horses now! EmmaEquine, paint server

The best horse website ever!!!! Not rated yet
It's EXTREMELY addicting and I have many good friends, and its a SAFE site! If anyone joins Dun Server, plz fell free to write to me, as Millcrest on HorseIsle …

Nicole Not rated yet
I haven't played it yet.

Cool Not rated yet
It's cool. try it, i dare! -PinkStrawberry (roan account)

FrontRunnerFilly Not rated yet
It is the AWESOMEST game in the entire world! You rock Joe and Miranda!!

Addicting! Not rated yet
It's sooooo fun and new breeds and isles come out frequently. You can chat with your buds, help virtual people with quests earn money catch horses and …

Briana's review  Not rated yet
I think it is so cool. My sista was on it she thought it was so awesome.

I LOVE HORSEISLE Not rated yet
I'm Savannah. I live in Alabama. I'm 12 years old. I just joined this club. I play on horseisle. I'm HighlightFoal. I play on Roan account. I absolutely …

I LOVE HORSEISLE Not rated yet
I'm Savannah. I live in Alabama. I'm 12 years old. I just joined this club. I play on horseisle. I'm HighlightFoal. I play on Roan account. I absolutely …

Oops... Not rated yet
I already put a comment on here! Lol! Srry! (i'm not saying this is supposed to be my 2nd, I already put 2 on here, ut i didn't know!) Lol! Srry

OK Not rated yet
I think it is a good game and is worth the money for subscription.

Pinto Server Not rated yet
Hi I am Myponypook on the pinto server, I already wrote a letter saying how fun the site is. I included my name, Myponypook but not the server. So if you …

Horse Isle is The BEST! Not rated yet
You're right it does get you hooked! It is my favorite game ever! You ride around as people and your horse. (any kind) You can do really fun quests …

Sissi Not rated yet
I don't know.

NICE! Not rated yet
Okay...but will get boring unless your friends are on with you.

I Love Horses Not rated yet
I think it rules the world and is great.

Good!! Not rated yet
I love that game. It's fun to play!! But it's a bit challenging.

I Already Know Not rated yet
I had an account on Horseisle even before you even mentioned it! Actually it depends on when you mentioned it. LOL! And I love it!

Josephine Not rated yet
It rules.

HORSE LOVER Not rated yet
I think it is really fun to play. I play it when i am so bored. I just love it. That is what i have to say about it and it is also nice to talk to you …

myRori123 Not rated yet
I love horse games so i think i am going to be addicted to it!

horses Not rated yet

onehorse  Not rated yet
its really fun and interesting.. i like it.

COOL HORSE Not rated yet

Awesome Game! Not rated yet
Horse isle is the best game ever! I've tried every game you can think of and this is by far the best. I play on roan server and my username's RubyLover. …

Horse isle Not rated yet
Horse isle is REALLY fun you basically get to choose what you look like and buy or Find a WILD horse. You can also do little horse-like quest and ride …

what is it? Not rated yet
so tell me what do you do?? tell me later Lauren -- not sure what this comment means, can you clarify? Sydney, HCG

Luv it!!! Not rated yet is the funnest game i have ever played! i spend hours on that game.

HorseIsle is awesome!!! Not rated yet
Ok I've been on for a very, very long time and its is awesome! I have found 5 horses just roaming around the forests. Well good luck!! (I …

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