Great Gifts for Horse Lovers!

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So what are some great personalized gifts for horse lovers, equestrians, and/or horse owners?

We love these unique custom gift ideas for horse lovers: 


Personalized Horse Tote Bag gift for a horse lover

These Personalized Horse-Themed Bags by amylucydesigns are so cute. The bigger size of the tote bag makes then good travel bags for road trips, going to the barn, or going to the tack store.

With the ability to customize the name that goes over the cantering horse framed by a horseshoe, flowers, and fauna this bag would make a wonderful birthday gift. 


Personalized Horse Necklace gift for a horse lover

This Personalized Horse Jewelry by FairyFountainGifts is just beautiful. The combination of the custom birthstone, silver horse, and personal initial make this horse necklace a very thoughtful gift while still appealing to horse enthusiast with the horse element.

I also like the fact that this necklace is from etsy, so it feels more handmade rather than something everyone would have. 


Personalized Horse T-Shirt gift for a horse lover

How cute are these Personalized Horse T-Shirts by Personalizeitpaws?

This tee features a horse silhouette with the name of your choice across the horse which makes this etsy t shirt a great gift. I think horse girls would love to get this item as a gift for their birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion. 


Horse Shoe Pewter Wine Bottle Rack (Fits 6 Bottles), personalized gift for a horse lover

If your mom is a horse lover or you are just trying to find a gift for the more mature horse lover then Horse Themed Wine Racks by yourchoicesgift is a great option.

Made with a horseshoe design this wine rack is sure to spark a conversation when guests come over. Plus even if you don't drink wine you can always use it for sparkling juices.


Boho Girls Horse Decor, personalized gift for a horse lover

If you have a horse girl in your life who wants some new decor for their room then check out these Personalized Horse Paintings by NelsonsGifts on etsy.

This beautiful painting features an elegant white horse with cute flower elements. The personalized, or custom, element of the gift comes from the ability to put the name of the horse lover you are making this purchase for on the painting.


Monogram Personalized Scarf gift for a horse lover

You may be thinking why are these Personalized Scarves by PrettyPersonalGifts on the list of personalized gifts for horse lovers? Well speaking from personal experience people in the horse world love monograms and staying warm.

So when you can combine the two you have a great gift for a horse lover. The multitude of patterns and monogram options also allows the gift buyer to feel confident they can create an unique gift the horse lover in their life will love.

If shopping for equestrians, great personalized gifts would be:


Custom Riding Boots gift for equestrians

Riding boots are so important to equestrians. Not only does a good pair of boots allow us to get our heel down that much further but they also allow us stay even closer to our horse with a better leg position.

This is why for many Custom Boots are on the wish list of horse riders. Thankfully there is a huge range of custom boots out there nowadays to fit different styles, fits, disciplines, and budgets.


Custom Show Shirts gift for equestrians

When searching for a great gift for an equestrian Custom Show Shirts should be near the top of your list. A custom show shirt can add an elegant look to a horse riders' appearance and give them an extra boost of confidence.

The other great thing about this gift idea is that this item is that is will probably be used frequently and appreciated greatly by someone who horse shows. Just be sure to get the right kind of style, color, etc.


Custom Western Show Jacket gift for equestrians

Whether they are custom english show jackets or western Custom Show Jackets like this one by ParishowclothingShop custom show jackets can provide a great gift option.

Not only is a gift like this thoughtful but it should also last a long time if taken care of properly.  


Custom Riding Apparel gift for equestrians

Custom Riding Apparel doesn't just have to be for those who do horse shows, nor does it have to be tall boots, show shirts, and show coats. Custom riding apparel can include helmets, breeches, riding shirts, and much more.

So even if you are shopping for horse riders that don't do horse shows do not fear you can still get them some custom riding apparel.

Find gorgeous custom riding clothing and apparel here


Personalized English Saddle Pad with Name, gift for equestrians

It is my personal belief that you can never have enough saddle pads (I currently have about 15 for one horse).

That is why when I saw these Personalized English Saddle Pads by StitchingPostDesigns on etsy it hit me that these were a great personalized gift for equestrians. With tons of color options and stitching options you can create an amazing gift for the equestrian in your life.


Starter Wood Tack Trunk with Brass Nameplate, personalized gift for equestrians

Tack trunks are expensive but they tend to last for an incredibly long time especially if you get a quality one and take great care of it.

So if you are looking for a custom or personalized gift for an equestrian that has a higher price tag then check out these stunning Custom/Personalized Tack Trunks by TackRoomStudio.

Not only does the tack trunk look beautiful but the trunk itself looks well designed.


Bridle Bag with Fleece Lining & Custom Embroidery, gift for equestrians

What's one item currently on my wish list, and probably many other equestrians? Personalized Horse Bridle Bags by BobbiGees. This bridle bag is the perfect gift for someone who wants to keep their bridle or bridles clean and organized.

I especially want this bridle bag for horse shows as I am hoping it will help me keep my riding gear and tack together better.


Personalized Horse Frame gift for equestrians

I think that one of the best gift options out there are these Personalized Horse Picture Frames by SpringbrookEngraving.

This adorable frame features the classic western boots and horseshoes look with your choice of words engraved.

This would be a great gift for any equestrian that just achieved a major goal or milestone and wants to commemorate it. Even if they need to put their own photo in this frame is is still an incredibly thoughtful gift.


Personalized Horse Sign Ribbon Display gift for equestrians

Personalized Horse Ribbon Displays by Equestrianribbons are a very cute and thoughtful gift for the competing equestrian in your life.

As many horse riders know once you start competing and the ribbons start flowing in it can be hard to know what to do with them all.

This personalized horse show ribbon display allows you to show off your newest horse show ribbons in your home or even on your horses' stall (just make sure they don't eat the ribbons or the sign)!

Engraved grooming Supplies

Beautiful Custom Engraved Horse Brush gift for equestrians

These personalized horse brushes, tail brushes, and hoof picks by FreestylePrintLaser would make a great a great gift for a horse lover.

With the ability to get custom engraving on the top of these brushes you can give a thoughtful gift that is also practical. Plus, the custom engraving will hopefully help them keep track of their brushes as people will always know who they belong to.

Personalized Candle

Hand Drawn Horse Head Personalized Candle gift for equestrians

This personalized horse candle by SimplyCandlesCompany is so cute and fun. Not only is the artwork beautiful but you can also add personalization to the outside of this candle to make it an especially thoughtful and unique gift.

With over ten different scent options hopefully you can find the perfect one for the horse lover you are shopping for. Several of the etsy reviews note that this candle has a great smell which is promising!

When shopping for personalized gifts for horse owners:


Custom Photo Tumbler for horse owners

As a horse owner I know we all love our horses, at least most of the time. So being able to get Custom Horse Water Bottles by YippeeDaisy with your horses' face and name on it - what an easy decision!

Not only is this a cute, keepsake gift but it is also one that will spark conversations and make it easier to find your water bottle. The only bad thing about this gift is that it will take forever to chose the best photo of your horse.


Custom Horse Hair Bracelet Keepsake for horse owners

I have to order one of there Custom Horse Hair Bracelets by EquineKeepsakesLTD. The price of these bracelets is fantastic, the design is beautiful, and they are incredibly thoughtful.

I love the idea of always having a piece of my horse near me and to keep forever.

Don't worry if you do not have a horse of your own but still want a piece of jewelry on the designer's website she says she has extra horse hair that other horse owners have generously donated.


Custom Drawing Horse Portrait for horse owners

If you saw the picture of these Custom Horse Portraits by charmingblush and immediately wanted to buy one on etsy you are not alone.

When I saw this stunning piece of custom art I knew I wanted my own. I just love the look of this portrait, especially the watercolor feel. As soon as I make a place to hang this artwork I am ordering my custom portrait and putting it up.


Horse Memorial Frame for horse owners

These Custom Shadow Boxes by ThePictureFrameShop aren't your typical shadow boxes, they are more of a unique picture frame.

However, they still make a very thoughtful gift perfect for an anniversary of a horse passing, a horse owner's birthday, or even a Christmas gift. With the ability to pick the words and image overlaying a horseshoe this will be an unique and special gift.    


Custom Horse Photo Collage Wall Art for horse owners

If an unique and custom horse themed gift is what you are wanting for a horse owner check out this Custom Horse Collage by LavendairCrafts.

This collage is made up of images you send in and is designed so all the photos resemble a rearing horse. I love how original and fun this gift is while still being a beautiful decorative décor piece that holds lots of memories and meaning.


Tall Monogrammed Duck Boots for horse owners

Not only are these Personalized Muck Boots by MonogramaniaCom cute they are also much needed and super appreciated by many horse owners.

Having a pair of good muck boots is essential for horse owners especially if you live in a place that gets a lot of rain. Unfortunately, many of us don't get rain boots as Christmas or birthday gifts, which I think is mostly due to them not being high up on our wish list.

Why is that? Well they usually aren't that exciting. But now that I know I can get a cute monogrammed pair they are going near the top of my wish list.


Hanging Horse Stall Name Plate for horse owners

To those that are unsure about getting a horse owner they know a custom gift check out Custom Horse Stall Signs by MadePersonal4You.

As a general rule of thumb if you give a gift to a horse owner that is geared towards their horse they will love it. Which brings me to stall signs.

A cute sign like this is a great gift option, not only can horse owners hang it up at their home barn but if they go to shows they can hang it up there too.

More Great horse gift Ideas for horse lovers, equestrians, and horse owners

Non personalized gifts can be great too! 


  • May have lower price points compared to personalized or customized gifts
  • Nothing on them that would make them seem ‘old’
  • Lots of gifts to choose from
  • Often can be ordered and shipped very quickly


  • They may not be as individualized
  • May not seem as expensive or high-end
What horse gifts for anyone make great gifts for horse lovers?

Equestrian Wind Chimes

horse wind chimes

These horse wind chimes are very popular with high overall ratings. I purchased them myself and have found them to be pretty and a great horse gift. A lot of reviewers say the same. The sound is kind of quiet, so if you are looking for chime you may find other options to be more musical. It is easy to hang and the chimes are on the smaller side. I also notice that it reviewers mentioned buying them as a memorial.  sentimental reasons, like memorials, and found it perfect for such settings. On Amazon it currently has high rating and is a best seller.

Let YOur Spirit Free horse mug

photo of black and white horse mug

This mug is a great gift idea for horse lovers. I bought it to try it out, and like many reviewers I found it to be both elegant and inspiring with the inscription "let your spirit free." The 16 ounce size is perfect for a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa. I like that it's lightweight but still seems durable. The description says its microwave safe and dishwasher safe.  


A horse collectible featuring a girl on laying on her horse's back giving the horse a hug.

Breyer model horses, Trail of the Painted Ponies, Horse Whispers (new!) and Lenox horse collectibles make great gifts for girls who love ponies and horses.

Not only are these collectibles beautiful but the creators have also often made these collectibles with certain memories behind them. This provides a deeper meaning to the horse collectibles that makes them great gifts for horse lovers.

I have three horse collectibles that were given to me as gifts and they are something I will treasure forever. Go to our Horse Collectibles shop!


A Horse Illustrated magazine cover.

There are tons of great horse magazines out there. From horse magazines catering to young horse lovers to magazines focusing on the people and behind the scenes aspects of the horse world and everything in between.

So, whether you are looking for a great horse training magazine, a magazine to keep you up to date on the horse world, or something else horse related check out our take on each magazine.

The best part is that horse magazines are fun "educational" gifts! (With great horse pictures too!) Find Great Horse Magazines Here!


The cover of the book Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Do you love books about ponies, horses and riding like I do?

We have lots of books on the website from horse crazy girls who have posted their favorites over the years. There is everything from the classics such as Justin Morgan Had A Horse to newer books such as Canterwood Crest.

Make sure you check out our page with horse books, tell us about your favorites, read and share reviews, and make your wish list! Find Great Horse Books Now!


A bookmark with a horse head design on it.

If you need a stocking stuffer or just a small gift for a horse lover then check out Horse Bookmarks by carolynnikolai.

With many stunning horse head portraits to chose from you can find the right piece of art for the horse lover you are shopping for.

Plus the price on these bookmarks is really reasonable in my opinion for the beautiful artistry. Overall, this gift is both beautiful and uncommon while the price is great.


A picture of a white horse holding a pink rose in its mouth.

Don't you just love beautiful pictures of horses? Me too! I have so many horse posters in my room my mom says I am running out of space...but you can never have too many. 

Horse posters have a huge range of options from just beautiful horses running across fields to horses on the beach with inspirational words.

I have even put some of my favorite horse posters in frames. With all the options out there you are sure to find the perfect poster for your space. See gorgeous horse posters here!


A picture of horse bedding that shows horses galloping.

I never want to be separated from horses which is why I love horse-themed bedding.  Being able to sleep under a pretty comforter with horses on it always makes going to bed easier. 

After all, how could you not have sweet dreams when you are surrounded by ponies and horses as you sleep!

Plus pony-themed bedding comes in all different types of materials just like any other bedding so you can find something super comfy to sleep in. 

I like to look for ones made from good quality cotton, polyester and other materials that are safe. Pony bedding will surely brighten up a room. Check it out!


The cover of the movie Flicka: Country Pride.

There are a ton of great horse movies out there, which means you should be able to find the right one as a gift any horse lover out there.

Movies make great horse lover gifts because it lets them spend time with others when they watch the movie, they are relatively inexpensive, and you don't have to ship anything (if you buy it on a streaming service).

If you are in a pinch because you forgot a birthday or Christmas gift for a horse lover buy them Horse Movies along with some popcorn and candy to create a cute gift.


A horse coloring book.

As you will probably notice there are several horse coloring books as gift ideas for horse lovers.

The reason being that horse coloring books such as Horse Coloring Books by PopDesignPrints provide lots of fun, are usually in most people's price point, and there are different ones for different ages.

Whether you are shopping for horse lovers that are kids or adults the horse coloring book can provide a great gift option.


A t-shirt that says Equestrian Athlete since forever.

There are tons of Horse T-Shirts out there for horse lovers. This tee is one I created because I want to remind everyone that we equestrians are athletes.

Of course there are lots of other options including funny t-shirts, sweet t-shirts, cute t-shirts, and serious t-shirts. Many tees also have custom options for people's names or you could find a place to do a completely custom tee. 


A pair of silver horse earrings.

Don't you love horse jewelry? I know that I do, from rings and necklaces to bracelets if it is jewelry that has anything to do with horses I will probably love.

Not only do I love horse jewelry because of how it reminds me of my favorite animal but also because it is a great conversation piece.

When you wear equine jewelry people notice and start talking about your favorite thing - horses and ponies! Find Awesome Horse Jewelry Here!


Two white horse heads holding books between them.

If you know a horse lover that loves books or just wants some new horse themed decor check out these Horse Bookends by robinseggvintageNC.

These antique looking horse heads make not only great bookends but they also provide pretty decor for someone's space. If you combined these bookends with one of the horse bookmarks and a horse book you would have quite the original gift.

Non-personalized horse gifts for equestrians:


Horseback riding gloves

If the equestrian you are shopping for is anything like me, chances are they keep losing one of their riding gloves forcing them to buy yet another pair.

Luckily this allows you to give the gift of riding gloves. Although there are a lot of riding gloves out there to chose from, Riding Gloves by EquineUnitedStates are really nice because you can get unique colors.


A pair of feet with boots and socks on with the socks showing.

Yet another classic gift for horse riders is riding socks. While socks are not an particularly original gift they are a gift that tend to be much appreciated by horse riders. The tricky thing about riding socks is that they need to be a little higher than mid shin, not too bulky as you don't want them to affect the fit of tall boots or half chaps, but sturdy enough to withstand horseback riding.

This is why I like to buy riding socks from horse apparel companies.


Horseback riding helmet

Ever since I have been riding horses, I’ve worn a riding helmet. My parents have always been adamant about it, and I’m glad they were because I have had my shares of falls. 

There is a funny saying in the horse world that you aren’t a true rider until you have fallen off. Unfortunately, falls tend to be unpredictable and even the safest horse can spook.

So to keep yourself protected it is best to wear a helmet. Anything can happen, and it’s better safe than sorry.

Luckily for us there are a ton of fun cool helmets for every price range to choose from nowadays. Troxel is an especially good brand for the cost of their helmets. Go to our Horse Riding Helmets page.


Horse themed belt.

Every equestrian needs belts for when they go horseback riding. Whether you know someone who is just starting horseback riding lessons or has been a long time equestrian belts can be a great gift option.

I particularly like Horse-themed Belts by TackleandHollar with the leather feature and embroidered galloping horses this belt just seems made for horse riders everywhere. 


Girl riding a horse.

Wanting to give an experience rather than a particular item for a birthday or Christmas gift? Then think about giving riding lessons as a gift.

Chances are if the person you know loves horses they also love riding horses or really want to ride horses. By giving riding lessons you can give a gift someone will be super excited about which is always a nice feeling.


Girl looking at her computer with a headset on.

If there is an equestrian you know who is taking a break from riding lessons because they don't want to trailer their horse or can't find someone to come to them think about giving the gift of riding lessons online.

There are tons of companies out there now that are doing riding lessons, groundwork, and horse training online. Most of these companies offer short term and long term subscriptions so you can always get them the gift a few times if they like it. 


Horse jumping with a rider

Whether it is a horse show or a few horse shows these may a great gift. Obviously this is a gift for those who have been riding horses for a while and are at the level of competing.

The other thing to note is that Horse Show(s) tend to have higher price tags than other gift options however, it really varies on the show and the barn you are riding with. Even if this gift is a little expensive it will provide memories for years to come.

subscription boxes 

A blue box that says SaddleBox on it. It is open and inside it shows different grooming items along with other horse items.

Subscription boxes make great equestrian gifts. They offer a wide range of different high-quality and unique gifts that horse owners and riders can try out. The gift box is delivered directly to you loved one which makes it easy for the gift giver to arrange.

Plus, these boxes often have multiple subscription options, so you can choose one in your price point.

I was luckily enough to receive a SaddleBox for a review and I loved it!

What about non-personalized gifts for horse owners?

betty's Strip Hair 

A picture of Betty's Strip Hair Gentle Groomer.

I received this Betty's Strip Hair grooming item as a gift to use so I could give an honest review for a giveaway we were hosting and I loved the product.

Not only was the Strip Hair gentle groomer easy to use but my horse loved it and I wasn't worried about applying to much pressure and hurting him.

They have done a redesign since I got the product so it is probably even better, which is hard to imagine based on how well mine works.

In case you are worried about this product holding up, let me tell you I have had mine for about three years now and it is still going strong.

horse treats or supplements

A picture of Platinum Performance supplement for horses.

This may seem like a weird one, but I promise you if you ask your horsey friends if there are any horse treats or supplements they have been wanting to try they will have a secret list.

As horse owners we are often looking for that extra something that our horse will love, will help calm our horse, will bring an extra shine to their coat, add some extra muscle, or improve any number of things.

Due to this constant quest we are scouring the internet and weighing one product against another all the time. So, when someone asks me what I want as a gift I sometimes ask for a supplement such as Platinum Performance.

This way I get something I really want, something that may help my horse , and best of all if a product doesn't work I doesn't work I don't feel like I wasted any money.

Oh and if you by chance are the one that bought the supplement that did work or the treat that became the horse's new favorite, that horse owner will love you.


Western saddle on a rail

Horse Tack can make a great horse gift for horse riders and horse owners. Some tack is more for horse riders than horse owners but don't worry there is tons of options when it comes to tack.

For those who have their own horse you may want to look at items such as bridles, girths, saddles, and bits. If someone doesn't have their own horse you may want to look at items such as saddle pads, half pads, bling browbands, and stirrups.

The reason for this is that these items don't require as much if any fitting for the horse so when the person you are buying for does get a horse they can still use these items on their own horse.


Two horses in the snow with blankets on

Another horse gift that is great for a horse owner to receive especially as a Christmas gift since it is in the winter is Horse Blankets.

While not the most exciting of the horse gifts horse owners still tend to love receiving them. Horses tend to be pretty hard on their blankets which is why horse owners always seem to be buying them.

Just make sure you know what blanket weight and size you need before buying one (or have a gift receipt ready). 


Girl grooming a horse

If you are at a loss for what to get a horse owner check out Grooming Supplies. Grooming supplies doesn't have to be personalized like in the personalized gifts for horse owners section above.

You can get traditional grooming items that are great. Even if the horse owner you know has a ton of grooming supplies they may still need certain items replaced or just a better version.

Some grooms I have talked to recommend getting new brushes and curry combs every year so they work at their best, but I know that with the cost of owning a horse it seems silly to buy new brushes and curry combs every year when you still have one that works. 


Bridles hanging up

Barn owners and horse owners need Stable Supplies or Barn Supplies.

There is always something that runs out, gets broken, could be upgraded, etc. This provides a huge amount of gift options. For example, supplies can consist of buckets, pitchforks, stall guards, fly spray, bridle hangers, saddle racks, and much more.

If you aren't sure what they person needs ask them what is on their stable wish list or their improvements list. The person may even have a Pinterest board that you could spy on. 


Horses licking a salt block

When looking for a horse gift that is all fun check out Horse Toys (literally toys for horses). There is now a large market of toys for horses whether they are diy or store bought you can find or create some fun items.

Horse toys consist of everything from the classic jolly ball you hang in the stall to huge inflatable balls you can put in a horse's pasture.

It may take a few attempts to find something your horse or your friend's horse likes but once you do there will probably be some funny memories made. 


Person riding a horse, the picture is zoomed in on the hands and reins

Many horse owners need Training Items such as long lines, lunge whips, and lunge lines.

The price of training items varies with what you are buying, the features or each item, and the quality of the item sometimes making horse owners push off the purchase until they can afford what they want.

This in turn allows you to get them the item they want as a gift. Even if you think that a horse owner has all the training items they want I bet if you ask them they have a few items on their wish list that you can turn into an awesome gift.


Horse themed welcome sign

Barn Décor can take the look of a barn to the next level.

By decorating tack rooms, viewing lounges, even the outside of the barn with items such as signs, organizers, figurines, pictures, art, etc a cozy environment can be created.

While there may already be a favorite picture hanging up adding items such as this cute welcome sign with a horse theme can add to the barn atmosphere.

In my opinion, the lower cost of non-personalized goods is a huge upside. Plus, the individual you give the gift to can always get an item personalized with something like embroidery if they want it.

Additionally, savings on non-personalized gifts are even bigger when you shop used or overstock horse items, equestrian apparel, and more. Some of my favorite sellers of used or discounted horse tack/equestrian apparel are The Tried Equestrian, Tack Tack Room, We Heart Horses, and The Tack Hack.


If you are looking for a funny gift a.k.a. a gag gift, there are plenty out there, but some of them can get interesting really quick. So in an effort to keep the gag horse gifts on this site acceptable for all ages to see, I have put together a short list of some funny horse gift options.

If you decide to venture out on your own to find further gag gifts, just be aware of the fact that some interesting gifts come up on the early results. With all of that being said, here are some of the best gag horse gifts I have found.

popart you

A dog laying next to a portrait of itself. In the portrait the dog is dressed up to look like a queen.

PopArtYou pet portraits are the ultimate gag gifts. If you want the most hilarious gift possible that will keep everyone laughing you need to check these out.

You can choose any one of the funny portrait options that range from you with your pet in medieval clothing to your pet dressed up in superhero outfits. The possibilities are truly endless with this service.

All you do is select which option you want, upload the necessary images, and click buy. They don't have any featuring horses yet so if someone gets one with their horse please post it on social media and tag us we would love to see it!

horse themed lip balm

A picture of lip balm that says Horse Breath on the label.

Want a cute yet funny horse lover gift idea? This Horse Breath lip balm by RedBarnBotanicalsLLC is a great option especially for those that want something small and reasonably priced.

It is called horse breath so I'm not entirely sure what it smells like... but it got great reviews so maybe it smells like horse breath after your horse has eaten a few peppermints.

Either way it seems to be a popular purchase on Etsy and I have a feeling horse people will get a good laugh from it.


Easily Distracted By Horses, Women's Horse Shirt, funny gifts for horse lovers

This Funny Horse T-shirt by RokoClothing is the truth for most of us horse lovers, we are in fact easily distracted by horses.

Besides the very true saying on the shirt the horseshoe element and cool arrow design make this shirt a favorite on my wish list. Plus with a saying as true as this one it could be a gift for a horse lover, a horse owner, a horseback rider, or all of the above. 


Vintage Horse's Rear Belt Buckle, funny gifts for horse lovers

If you want a great gag gift for a horse lover then get this Horse Butt Belt Buckle by BeltsBucklesBolos, put it on a belt, and give it as a gift.

I feel like most horse lovers would get a huge kick out of this and will love all the laughs they get wearing it around the barn. 


Unframed Print Horse Lover Wall Art, funny gifts for horse lovers

My new favorite gift for my horse loving friends is this Funny Horse Sign by DesignsbyLITA. Between the simple black and white colors, cute horseshoe, and funny saying this picture should fit right in at a horse lovers household.

All of that combined with the fact that it is an etsy item (ie I'm hoping that a small business makes this) I can't think of a reason not to give this as a birthday gift or even a Christmas gift. 


Funny Horse Lover Doormat, funny gifts for horse lovers

This Funny Horse Doormat by Customat is a great gift for a horse lover. Horse people tend to want to spend all their time at the barn with horses which is perfectly captured in this doormat.

Plus it is always a good idea to have a doormat when you own horses and have to take care of them whether it is rain or shine.


Horse Head and Horse Butt, Clean or Dirty Dishwasher Magnet, funny gifts for horse lovers

If you need a small cute yet funny horse lover gift I strongly suggest this Funny Horse Magnets by ChocolateSunrise.

Anyone with a dish washer can put this magnet on to indicate the state of the dishes inside. It probably won't make dishes anymore fun but at least this gag gift will provide some laughs.


Funny Horse Lover Gift Mug, funny gifts for horse lovers

Why is this Funny Horse Mug by MantaMakesLtd a great horse lover gift? Because it is the truth! Horse owners do work hard to give their horses a better life.

Ask a horse owner about everything they do for their horse next time you see them. Chance are they will tell you about their horse's expensive food, supplements, treats, custom tack, chiropractor appointments, and fifty other expenses.

We really do spend our money on our horses which is what makes this mug so funny.


Barn Hair Don't Care Shirt, funny gifts for horse lovers

This Funny Barn T-shirt by TwoJaysCreative is a super funny horse tee.

Every girl who has horses or rides knows that when you are at the barn it is all about the horses, there is no time to care about what you look like. That is what makes this t-shirt so relatable and funny at the same time.


Tried Equestrian has perhaps the smallest inventory of all the other sites. Many of the categories on the website have very few to no items for sale. However, they really cater to high end items so when they do have items they tend to be very nice. Additionally, they tend to have really good equestrian apparel items and they tend to keep these items in stock.

Tack Tack Room has perhaps the widest range of inventory of all the websites, most likely because it is individuals listing items. This means that if you are looking for a more specialty item this will probably be the place you will find it. That being said, there is usually only one of whatever item is being sold so you have to pick items up quickly. But because it is individual, sellers prices tend to be better.  

We Heart Horses tends to have lower cost items for sale compared to The Tried Equestrian and The Tack Hack. However, they also tend to have less of the higher end/name brand equestrian items compared to The Tried Equestrian and The Tack Hack. I also find their inventory to not be as comprehensive overall compared to all the other secondhand/discount horse tack and equestrian apparel sites.   

The Tack Hack tends to offer really good deals on their website and they usually have a big selection to choose from. This company also focuses on higher end items and brands. While there are not many specialty items on the website, the company does appear to buy somewhat in bulk because you can often buy multiples of an item. Overall, this is probably my favorite equestrian discount website. 

I have only bought stuff from The Tack Hack and Tack Tack Room and I have only sold items through Tack Tack Room. However, my experiences with both of these companies were great.

If you are in the U.S. and need riding clothes/boots but can’t afford them, The Rider’s Closet gives away items for free. You will have to fill out a form to send in and they often have limited stock so you might have to wait a while. But still, to get nice riding clothing for free, that is definitely worth the wait.

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If you're a horse lover the ultimate gift you want is a horse or a pony even if you already have one or a few.

But since you can’t always give a horse or pony to the horse lover in your life we have tons of different gift options. Whether the person you are shopping for is just a horse lover, an equestrian, a horse owner or a combination of these there are plenty of horse lover gifts for all events. 

If you're a horse lover, the ultimate gift you want is a horse or a pony - even if you already have one or a few.

But since you can’t always give a horse or pony to the horse lover in your life we have tons of different gift options. Whether the person you are shopping for is just a horse lover, an equestrian, a horse owner or a combination of these there are plenty of horse lover gifts for all events, whether it's a birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday in which gifts are exchanged.

There are a ton of different ways to categorize gifts for horse lovers. You could come up with personalized gifts, inexpensive gifts, gifts for horse lovers who ride, gifts for horse lovers that own horses, etc.

But I think the best way to divide up gifts for horse lovers is first into two main categories; personalized horse gifts and non-personalized gifts.

Personalized or customizable gifts for horse lovers have many pros and cons but let's look at the two main pros and cons.


  • These gifts tend to be very thoughtful and therefore meaningful
  • You can give an unique or uncommon gift


  • They can be very specific and therefore hard to use if the situation changes
  • Gifts that have been personalized or customized can be more expensive

What do I mean by if the situation changes in the cons section? Well, if you buy your horse crazy friend, child, coworker, or whoever a gift with their horse’s name on it for example and they end up selling that horse, they may not want that name on the gift anymore.  

From those categories, you can look at specific gifts for horse lovers, equestrians, and horse owners.

The reason you need to separate horse lovers, equestrians, and horse owners is because someone who loves horses but doesn’t ride does not need the same gifts as someone who does ride. Likewise, the person who rides horses may not own one and therefore not need some of the care items a horse owner would need.  

Once you know what category the horse person you are buying a gift for belongs to you can better select a gift. If you have an idea of what you want to get the individual or yourself already feel free to click through to our horse jewelry, horse posters and pictures, horse bedding, riding helmets, horse collectibles, horse magazines, and horse books.

I've tried to compile lists of great words for horse lovers, equestrians, and horse owners. There is also a section on this page of my favorite online discount riding apparel and used tack stores where you can find great savings!  


What is a good gift for a horse lover? A good gift for a horse lover depends on the individual, but some safe options are: If you are looking for more options, check out the sections on custom and non-custom gifts for horse lovers up above!

what to buy a woman that loves horses?

Great gifts to buy for a woman that loves horses are: If you are looking for more options, check out the sections on custom and non-custom gifts for horse lovers up above!

what do you buy a horsey person?

If you are looking for gift options to buy a horsey person: If you are looking for more options, check out the sections on custom and non-custom gifts for horse lovers up above!

what do i need to get a horseback rider?

Every horseback rider needs to have a: If you are freaking out about all these expenses check out the section above called Discount and Used Horse Tack, Equestrian Apparel, and Barn Items!

what ARE OTHER good giftS for a horse lover?

There are tons of horse gifts for horse lovers out there, but sometimes all the options can be overwhelming. So what is a good gift for a horse lover? Well, horse jewelry tends to be pretty safe. But other good gifts for horse lovers are: If you are looking for more options, check out the sections on custom and non-custom gifts for horse lovers up above!

what to buy for a girl who loves horses?

There are a ton of gifts you can buy for a girl who loves horses. These gifts include: If you are looking for more options, check out the sections on custom and non-custom gifts for horse lovers up above!

What do you get a horse lover for Christmas?

Wondering what to get a horse lover for Christmas (or a different holiday)? Well, don’t worry about not having enough gift options because there are plenty out there. We also have a page with some of my favorite stocking stuffer ideas for horse lovers!

Here are some of my favorite Christmas gift options for horse lovers: If you are looking for more options, check out the sections on custom and non-custom gifts for horse lovers up above!

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