Horse Training 

There are lots of great ways out there to learn about horse training. There are horse magazines, training videos, trainers, online horse training courses, horse training books, clinics, and probably other resources I am not even aware of (but would love to hear about). This page contains a mix of different resources and includes stories from other horse lovers about their own horse training journeys. I want us to be able to share the things we've learned with each other.

What has worked -- and not worked -- when it comes to training horses? What kinds of problems have you had? What have you learned?  Just remember that this is just friendly advice and resources and is not meant to take the place of professional opinions or advice. If you are concerned about your horse you should seek out a professional riding instructor, equine veterinarian, or other qualified individual for the situation you are facing.

Lots of horse crazy girls want to learn from you too!

Horse Training Videos

Online Horse Training Courses


Horse Training Stories

Horse training videos

There are a ton of horse training videos out there and you need to be very careful about who is giving you the advice. Often times horse training videos are very general and serve as more of an introduction to a concept rather than a solution to a particular issue. However, that is not the case for every video. This section is primarily different from the horse training course as the ones in this section have videos from a number of trainers for a number of issues and questions rather than just one trainer teaching you their method. 

noelle floyd

Noelle Floyd is an amazing resource for horse owners and horseback riders alike. This platform allows you access to instructional riding videos/lessons from incredible trainers and riders. Names such as Tik Maynard, Karl Cook, Ian Miller, Anne Kursinski, Missy Clark, and Mette Larson make regular appearances on the platform. Plus the video collection goes beyond just horseback riding and also talks about horse care, the mental aspects of horseback riding, and even looks at the lifestyle of horseback riders. Another nice thing about this platform is that it covers a wide range of disciplines. The cost of this platform is currently $19.99 a month or $199 a year. Which may seem like a lot but when you think about it if you use the material to give yourself two lessons a month that is only about $10 a lesson.

the equestrian Coach

The Equestrian Coach is filled with videos from a number of amazing riders, veterinarians, trainers, and other equestrian professionals. Trainers and riders featured in the videos include Bernie Traurig, Laura Kraut, Tom McCutcheon, and more. The really nice thing about this website is that the videos cover a huge number of topics, there is everything from signs of colic to exercises to increase heel depth. Basically, if you have a riding question the answer is probably on this website. There is a monthly subscription at $29.99 or a yearly subscription at $299.99.

We Horse

Wehorse is probably the website for you if like several different disciplines. They have a ton of horse training and horseback rider videos for showjumping, working equitation, driving, dressage, cross country, and other disciplines. I love the fact that the site offers information on rider safety, rider equipment, horse tack, and horse care on top of the horse training and horseback riding. The price is currently $24.99 per month if you pay month to month or $14.99 per month for 12 months. The price of this horse training service is slightly higher than Noelle Floyd and slightly cheaper than The Equestrian Coach.

online horse training courses

Online horse training courses are great for a few reasons. They offer flexibility, the ability to relisten/rewatch clips, and the ability to move at your own pace and really master a skill. Unfortunately, some online horse training courses don't offer sections to ask questions or send in videos of you and your horse. This in turn results in you having a difficult time getting an answer to a specific problem, something you feel with your horse, or being alerted to something you may be doing incorrectly. So, just make sure you look at each online course thoroughly including how they offer support to handlers and or riders. It is also important that just like with online videos you are looking at the credentials of the person providing the horse training course.

monty Roberts

Monty Roberts is a legend in the horse world (especially in the natural horsemanship world). He has lessons at his farm in California and he goes on tour often but not everyone can get out to see him. Luckily, he has a wonderful online horse training/ natural horsemanship course and supplemental videos. The subscription is just $10 a month at the moment which is such a great deal in my opinion considering all the videos and information you are getting. Monty Roberts also offers a horse trainer course where you can earn different certifications. The certification program also means that you can possibly find a certified trainer in your area to supplement your learning. 

horse training videos

Horse Training Videos may seem like like it belongs in the horse training videos section. However, since Larry Trocha teaches all the courses, it is in this section instead. Larry is a western riding instructor, western horse trainer, and western rider who teaches numerous topics. There are videos on how to fix spooking, bucking, rearing all the way to videos teaching how to train for longer reining stops. There is a free 30 day membership option and there are also DVDs if you don't want to do the online videos.

dressage Naturally

Dressage Naturally combines natural horsemanship with the english discipline dressage. The courses teach you how to connect with your horse, build a strong foundation, and eventually how to achieve beautiful dressage moves. There are different course for different aspects but if you are just curious and want to check it out there are free videos you can watch to better understand the courses. There are also Dressage Naturally instructors around the world that can help you through these lessons and horse training concepts.


Clinics can be a great way to get feedback and insight from some of the top trainers and/or riders in the country or even the world. Clinics are often held over one to two days at a local barn so you will want to search google for barns in your area hosting clinics. In clinics you often ride or work your horse in a group setting (although not always) for an hour or longer. Due to the fact that you are often riding with top trainers and/or riders the cost of clinics tends to be high, however you do get great feedback from those you would not normally have watching you ride. I have personally done several clinics and have really enjoyed them. Just remember that each trainer and/or rider will have their own teaching style so you may want to watch YouTube videos of their clinics before signing up so you can get an idea if you think you will mesh well with them. The other great thing about clinics is that if you can't ride in it they often offer an audit option so you can sit, watch, and take notes on the advice being given to the riders.

Different associations

Often time as newer riders or even riders that aren't showing a lot or have a ton of time it can be hard to keep up with all the riders and trainers in the horse industry and even in our riding discipline. It can also be hard if you ride at a small barn or have someone come give you lessons at your own farm to know all the upcoming events. Luckily, there are great associations for tons of different disciplines that can help you stay up to date on upcoming events and who is doing what. Here are some great associations that appear to do a good job of posting upcoming clinics. If there is another website that you think does a good job of posting clinics let me know.

Western Dressage Association of America's calendar

United States Hunter Jumper Association clinic directory

United States Dressage Federation clinics

United States Eventing Association clinics

National Reining Horse Association clinics

American Saddlebred Horse Association services


The Western States Horse Expo offers the chance to watch many different clinics and the opportunity to participate in a clinic. The great thing about this expo is that you can participate in one clinic and then go watch two others. There is an application and fees vary based on who is teaching and how long that clinic is for. The clinic tries to do a good job of bringing in diverse horse trainers and riders for people to clinic with, but since it changes every year you will want to make sure you check who will be there. The other really cool thing about the Western States Horse Expo is that they have a ton of different vendors who come that you can talk with to find out what new, exciting things are happening in the horse industry.

jeff cook

I participated in a Jeff Cook clinic in college and absolutely loved it! Jeff Cook was a great instructor and really helped each person through difficulties they were facing. I appreciated how much feedback he gave each rider and how helpful he was. For example, it wasn't him just saying "slow your horse down" he would ask you how you were trying to slow your horse down, he would tell you what he saw you doing that may be causing confusion for your horse, and then he would give you tips and strategies to try. Another thing that I really enjoyed about riding with him was that he was very accepting and understanding of horses and riders of all ability. Throughout the clinic he was calm and kind to both horses and riders. Plus he treated those on the less expensive horses as equals to those on more expensive horses (which you unfortunately don't always see in clinics).

horse training stories & Questions

Each horse training story has been shared by a fellow horse crazy girl or boy. The description under the title for each submission is a small excerpt from their submission (some of the descriptions are slightly edited for grammar, punctuation, and syntax). You can click through on each one to read the full horse training story. Be sure to submit your horse training story and leave positive, helpful comments for those seeking help.


One of my horses is a terrible cribber... for those of you who are not sure what this is, it is when a horse bits and braces on an object and sucks air into their stomach. They do this because it is a natural high. In other words it makes them happy. Now after time it can make them so sick, the horse will colic or even die! Not good! Eventually I had bought her a cribbing collar, but when I put it on Baby, that's her name, she would get very very depressed and just stand in the corner of the stall. Then I would feel so guilty so I would take it off. Bad idea! I am still trying to stop her of this horrible habit...

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My New Pony

My new pony's name is Charisma Dixieland Jazz. She is a 5yo quarter horse x welsh. She is quiet enough for her age. When I trailed her, I cantered, went on bush rides and everything. I love her! But now she is starting to spook at a lot of stuff...

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final choice of buying a horse

I've looked at many horses after my parents told me I could buy my first horse, I've found a couple I really like and I need a few opinions before I make my final choice. A little about me: I'm going on being 12 and I'm 4'10 (I'm pretty short for my age) I've been riding since I was 8 (4 years) I'm looking for a horse that can take me from hunters, to eventer's...

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please help me with my horse!

I have an Arabian horse and I want to know what you guys think I should do with him. I've had problems with him like he's hard to get trotting with a crop and really hard kicks but once I do get him to, he shoots off like a rocket. He always has his head up in the air if I am trotting or cantering him. His canter is like a gallop, its a mess...

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crabby riders

Okay, every time I ask on here or a few of my horsey friends a training question, they always come back with a snappy, rude answer and tell me I don't know what I'm doing. Just the other day my friend told me her horse is 14 hh and is pretty tall, I said...

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My Parelli Horse Training Story

I am a 10-year old girl who has a horse that I love riding. But just months ago she wasn't ride-able, then my good friend let me borrow her level one DVDs of Parelli natural horse training. So I started going out with my horse everyday and doing what it said to do and I got an amazing relationship with my horse...

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please help me! seperation anxiety!

Hello! I have a beautiful 13hh appaloosa mare. She is always brilliant to lead, groom, tack up although she is a bit girthy, (any tips on that) catch, and anything else on the ground. But when I get get on her it is a different story. Pebbles has separation anxiety. She will bolt over to her buddy and if I can stop her and turn her around to get her to go back up to were we were before, she will back up or buck or both...

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help with flicka

Okay, so recently my parents bought a 15hhish quarter horse mare named Flicka for me. She's incredibly gentle and sweet when you're not riding her, but as soon as you get on her she tries to rear or won't move till we kick her. I've tried so hard with her, and yes I love her, but she isn't working. I'm not going to sell her-- I love her too much! However, she's been really strange. When I rode her before we bought her about four months ago she was smooth and good in the arena and trails...

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Need Advice and Tips!

I'm in horse 4-h. My leader leased me an ugly biting, kicking, rearing bucking horse that's in not an easy keeper and I'm just a novice. I need tips on the following: grooming supplies and where to get it...

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scared or is it because he is new? or both? help please?

I just bought my newest horse, Bullet. He is a 16 year old Quarter horse but he has a lot of get up and go to him, which is good because he is my barrel racing horse. But anyways, I took him out on a trail ride yesterday and he would not listen to me at all. I made him do what I wanted him to do but what would have taken 45 minutes on Dodge (who's walk is way slower than Bullets so it probably should have taken less than that) took 2 hours. He kept turning around and refusing to go forward. When we got back home I rode him in the ring and he was back to his perfect, well behaved self.

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My Horse Won't Let Me Ride Her

Hi! I have a problem! So, today I went to go ride my horse. But when I walked up to her she whinnied and took off and tried to buck at me, so I put down her tack and I tried to walk up to her again but she still ran, acting like I was going to hurt her. So, I waited for a while and tried again (without the tack) and she did the same thing. I can't figure out the problem. I could use some good advice.

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need help with bucking horse

My pony Peppy is having a problem and I don't now what to do! I said I would never ask a question on here but its getting bad!
I rode him today and he was doing so good and I brought him to the fence cause he wanted to see the other horses. He took of and bucked which made me go flying over his head and land on my head. I'm not hurt but I'm going to if he doesn't stop taking off and bucking!

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how to ride against people with horses and money

Don’t … Disappointed with the answer? I understand. It sounds like “mumbo jumbo”, “gobbledy gook” and worse: it probably sounds like a very nice “theory”; a goodie goodie Pollyanna story; long in theory; a great “philosophy” for people who finish in second place; i.e. “losers”. However …

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Need Help-Horse Refusing

So, when I gallop my horse with my sister and her pony, my horse will shake her head like nuts! I tried to put the hackamore higher on her nose, but that didn't help either. Also she won't ride down the dirt road. We usually go down there, but we would have to walk them most of the way...

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storm, The Wild Filly-Part 16

NOTE: It's official, I'm going to continue "Storm, the Wild Filly"! My writing SHOULD be a little better now, but we'll see. Sorry, I have forgotten this story for about 2 years now. I was planning to rewrite the whole thing, but I'll keep it the way it is. I hope you enjoy this! P.S There will not be very many more parts for this story, since it's so close to being over. FYI, I am planning to write a sequel, so watch out for that...

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i need a horsecrazy friend

Hey, not to be a freak or anything, but I seriously need a friend. I'm a complete tom-boy (my girly sisters don't like me 'cause I'm not interested in their diaries or guys) I make a lot of friends, but they end up as my oldest sister's friend because she's older and more popular than me. I'd love a friend who loves animals, is a tomboy, can run fast, jump high, is a daredevil, and can be awesome. when you pair with me you will be making forts, running bare-footed after loose dogs and bunnies and other pets, playing flashlight tag, playing fun pranks on people and other active, adventurous things... 

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help me! my pony won't slow down!

So, hey guys. I have a pony called Monty and he is only 12hh (I am short for my age). He is a good little pony and I love him to bits, but he's so fast! He is so fast and sharp, also he is only 11 so at a young age, he has a lot of energy. He loves to jump and go for a good gallop but I can never get him to slow down. I have a trainer who helped me a little, but sort of made it worse. She rode him but now he doesn't bend, but sticks his head out and bangs his nose on the fence...

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tennessee walking horse problem!

The Tennessee Walking Horse gelding I ride never speeds up for me. I've tried every leg and voice signal there is but nothing works. When my trainer gets on him he's fine and does everything on the first cue...

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people keep insulting my horse

Hi guys. I've been really upset lately because people think that my horse is ugly. My 'friends' make up jokes about her that they say to each other, right in front of my face. It's really hard for me to let this roll off my back. I can't. I just freak out. So today after my lesson, I went into the section of the barn only boarders (like my friends and I) could go in. I was I untacking my pony holly, when my friends ran in. They started telling jokes about holly...

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my horses... bad and worse

I met two horses a few years ago at a cow farm. I went constantly to see them for 2 or 3 years. My parents recently gave them to me (about a year ago). The first horse is a draft cross mare. She is a dominant mare, probably because of her size...

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hope someone can give me advice

I hope someone can give me some advice. I recently met a couple by accident. they have acquired some horses. But they are a long way from being horse savvy. I have for a long while trained my own horses in natural horsemanship but I am not a reputable trainer. These folks have ask me if I would train their horses. But I am scared I might get into more with these folks than I would want knowing they are not horse savvy at all and I mean not at all. They just purchased horses without any knowledge what so ever...

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my horse won't listen, help

I lease a horse named Peppy. Yesterday I went down to ride her, but the barn owner's niece had already ridden her that same day and had loped her. She loves to run, and is quite fast. Anyway, I went about my normal routine. Getting her from pasture, putting her in crossties, giving her treats and cuddles, grooming and saddling her. so when I got on, she went straight into a really fast jog. I slowed her down for like 5 minutes before she really got the urge to run...

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six's story: From Spooky, abused appendix to bombproof, willing riding buddy

I am the proud owner of a 14.2hh, 17-year-old flea-bitten grey Appendix Quarter Horse gelding registered by the name of Redneck Bud, barn name "Six". I've had him for approximately two months now, and my mother for nearly two years prior. He's been through many a bad home, and, save for his breeder, we are his first good home. He was abused, neglected, and blown up on gymkhana or speed events, most notably barrel racing in particular...

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yellowbones and me

It happened some time in January when me and my sister Alexandra were outside on our ranch and we were about to get ready to pick out my horses hooves. She doesn't really like me to mess with her feet so I want to get her comfortable with it. Once I got in her stable I put the halter on her and took her out and tied her up...

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horseluver4evernever's page! ask me anything!

Hey horsecrazy girls! I'm horseluver4evernever, and I... Like... Ummmmm.....horses? (Well duh!) so um about the page. I decided to make this page so that you horse lovers can ask me horsey (or not horsey) questions! I will answer everyone's question! I can answer just about anything you throw at me! Just so you know: I'm an English rider, but I will provide info on westerns nod other disciplines. I know lots about horse shows...

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my horse won't slow down!

The horse I ride is about twelve years old, and she refuses to keep her trot slow. She speeds up, and ignores my signals to slow down. What do I do? She is rubbernecked too, and every time I turn her head to the inside, she speeds up. How can I fix this?...

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help! I need Liberty training ideas!

My name is Sara and I'm 12 years old. I've been going through some tough times recently, and my guidance counselor said I should do some more things with horses to try and get me through it. The horse's name that I lease is Peppy. Her pasture mate is Sunny. I was surfing the web a few weeks ago, and came across 'Liberty Training'. I thought it would be good for me, since my guidance counselor said I should do some things with horses. I asked my mom after I found it, and she said I would have to talk to the lady that owned Peppy and Sunny...

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help with my horse-doesn't listen well to leg signals

Hello! I have a black tobiano Tennessee walker gelding named Masterpiece who I love so much. He's a good horse, but there's one thing I would like to teach him - how to listen better to leg commands. We do beginner dressage. And well, Masterpiece has a habit of either ignoring my legs aids just reluctantly going in the direction I'm trying to tell him to go...

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Bella, The wild mare

Every Spring, me and my dad go to a Wild Horse auction. I had my eye on a beautiful pregnant Buckskin mare but then I seen she had laminitis or something with the hoof so I didn't want her. I was looking around and a beautiful, black Appaloosa mare began galloping by me. I wanted her so bad. We decided to buy her. She was kind of easy to get the halter on but tossed her head a bit. I then led her to the trailer and I tried to help her in but she wouldn't so I went in and held a carrot out and she began slowly stepping in and out. I then finally got her in and she stood eating a carrot...

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tell me if this is bad

Well, we have four horses and none of them are mine. Rocky a light bay Thoroughbred who is silly, a dark bay standardbred who I also can not ride, rooster my sister's horse, Montana a black/brown standardbred, and my mum's horse Indianna who I ride who is a medium bay Clydesdale cross. I understand a whole lot of horsecrazy girls would love having four but even though I'm a beginner/intermediate I ride Indianna...

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vertical refusals

I'm currently learning to jump, and it is the best! I'm great with ground poles, and medium cross poles! But the horse I ride refuses verticals a lot. I haven't used a crop or spurs on her, but I'm not against it.. Should I grab a crop next time I'm riding and see if it helps? Any tips for using a crop...

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please help! urgent!

Can you please help me? My pony Pebbles will not walk around the paddock when there is another horse in it. My sister and I cannot do games or compete against each other anymore when Pebbles has to do something other than following. She won't walk away from a horse, she won't go next to one, she won't even walk behind a horse without ramming her nose on its bum...

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i need tips! (gymkhana)

I have a little 12 hand welsh mix who hates jumping although I ride western I do gymkhanas. You might not know about them but essentially you run around poles and barrels in little events to get the best time and win well there is jumping event Hurry Scurry where you jump three little white 18' jumps...

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miniatures are "bad"?

Okay, I really want a miniature horse for me to break/project, and once he is broke my sister with special needs will use him as a lead pony. I can get one free from one of my friends, he is halter broke and ready for training, but people keep telling me not to. That they bite and destroy fences...

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help! Distracted Horse

My friend just got an 11 year old Morgan horse. The horse walks, trots, and canters great on a lounge line but, once you take the lounge line off she fights the reins constantly. She is also very, very, distracted. She will never just concentrate on what she's doing and never pays any attention to rein signals or leg signals...

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it happened...Again...

Hey, some of you know I have an 8 year old Paso Fino gelding named Trouble. Well, he bucked me off again this time the belly strap was fine, and again no bridle. I tried to canter him and he started bucking....

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my pony romeo: help me plz

My pony Romeo used to be a pony ride pony but we bought him off the place. He's perfect for me but there are a few problems. When you ride him he wants to follow any pony in the ring with him or person. So, when I get on I have no control. When we take his pasture buddy Mudpie out so I can work with him he freaks out and I spend most of the time singing to him and calming him down...

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please help! Trust Issues!

I have a ten year old Quarter Horse gelding and I need some tips on how to get him to trust me more. He trusts me but not at much as I want him to. I also would like to know how to build a better relationship with him...

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lesson help! horse jumps too big!

The horse I ride during my lessons every week always jumps too big. I have kind of gotten used to it but I am never really sure when she is going to jump very big or not. I've fallen off three times because she jumps big...

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he's just a tad bit crazy!

Well at my grandparents' we have three ponies and there all brothers and sisters. Prancer who is 6 years old, Pippy who is 4 years old, and Ripper who is 2 years old. I started Prancer really late because he was having troubles with his leg. I actually just started his ground work a year ago. Ive never had any problems with him and he's my baby. Pippy I started pippy when she was 6 months old. She loved to go on walks and do anything you asked her. She learned how to do some really cool tricks and she is now broke to drive and ride. Then there's ripper...

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Please Help

I have a question. I am training my western palomino to do English, but I don't know how to train him to jump. Any ideas...

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help Please

I'm trying to train my filly to sidestep but I'm not sure how to. Can anyone help me...

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help...which horse should i get

Well, I am a medium skilled rider (riding for less than a year, but I went to a horse camp during last summer--June 2010-- and we learned YEARS of riding) and my parents are looking into buying a horse. If you need to know, I am 11 years old. My options are:

Name (so you don't get mixed up): Snow Angel A.K.A Snowy
Height: around 14 hands
Breed: Welsh Pony/Connemara crossbreed
Gender: mare
Reference: Good with dogs (we have dogs), cats (we have cats), good beginner horse, would be good for younger kids (my sister's favorite LOL)
Age: 18
Can jump up to 2ft.

Name: Ransom Wish A.K.A Racer
Height: around 17 hands
Breed: Thoroughbred/Hanoverian cross

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My Bucking Bronco

I have my own pony she's a girl and she works as a livery horse so she is used in other people's lessons. But when people try get her into canter she bucks and most people fall off. She sometimes bucks before jumps too but when I ride her she doesn't buck at all...

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problems with lancelot

For some reason, I have a lot of problems with my bay thoroughbred gelding, Lancelot. When I look at him tight in the eye when I want to catch him, he runs away from me and I never catch him. It's really getting annoying when he does that. Also, when I walk to him from the front or back, he rears and gets scared...

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Loading into the trailer

My pony ace is a 19yo welsh x morgan with an adorable star on his forehead. He loves to eat. He did everything. jump, canter, walk, trot, gallop, games, get the picture. But he would not get in the trailer. So one day I just got sick of me ending up crying and being afraid he'd hurt himself and being all nervous before shows because I didn't know how he would load. So I started...

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more horse training stories and questions

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NOTE: It's official, I'm going to continue "Storm, the Wild Filly"! My writing SHOULD be a little better now, but we'll see. Sorry, I have forgotten this …

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I'm in horse 4-h. My leader leased me an ugly biting,kicking, rearing bucking horse that's in NOT an easy keeper and I'm just a novice. I need tips …

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