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by partlypony023

This is Ace <33

This is Ace <33

my pony ace is a 19yo welshXmorgan with an adorable star on his forehead. he loves to eat. =) haha .he did everything. jump, canter, walk, trot, gallop, games, swimming.....yeou get the picture.


So one day i just got sick of me ending up crying and being afraid he'd hurt himself and being all nervous before shows because i didnt know how he would load. so i started coming down in the mornings before school and feeding him on the trailer. at first he was confused. he was like "for crying out loud jess its 730 in the morning!! why are you making me work for my food!?" but every time he would get on.

every morning

every night.

he just walked right on.

almost every time

*** if you have a stubborn pony that that wont load but you love him sooo much (enough to get up 2 hrs earlier for :) i suggest that you try this "method" now ace self loads. if you say "load" and point him @ a trailer, he walks right on. ***

ps- in case you where wondering, the 1st few times when he didnt get on he did get his breakfast/dinner ")

pps- ACE OF SPADES ROCKS YOUR SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jul 06, 2009
sooo cutee!!
by: Kimmy

wow he is so adorable! hes gorgeous. you do know that not all horses will go on that way right? i got a pony 2 weeks ago and hes adorable too

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