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  • Is riding horses your favorite thing in the world? 
  • When you're not at the barn are you reading horse books, playing horse games online or dreaming up new horse names?
  • Do you just love everything about horses? 

Let's face it. We're different.

We'll get up at 4 am in the morning for a horse show and not complain; see an empty field and imagine the barn we could build there; happily clean a stall when our room is a disaster ... We put everything we have into our passion for everything equine (even if we do not have a horse yet). 

We understand.

Here you can share your love of horses with girls who get it!

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Horse Games And More ...

Hi, I'm Sydney - the creator of Horsecrazygirls.com - and, like many of you, I am a true horsecrazy girl. I grew up riding in Florida and am now in college with my horse Sinatra. I started this site so I could share the things I love - everything equine of course .

Instantly, I heard from girls from all over the world who told me they are just as crazy about ponies as me.

The truth is this isn't my site - it's yours!

Every day, girls from around this world share so many awesome things here: 

  • Reviews of fun online horse games,
  • Great books with equine themes,
  • Stories they've written - there are some amazing writers out there,
  • Drawings and other art they have created,
  • Most wanted gifts, and lots more.

I feel so lucky to get to connect with so many of you who love these gorgeous creatures as much as I do! I hope you’ll find a warm welcome here.

Comment, share, and be part of our worldwide riding club.


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