Horse Board Game List

Are you looking for a horse board game list so you can find a fun game about horses to play with your family or friends? My grandparents gave me Horseopoly a few years ago and I've had a lot of fun playing it. It takes a while to play but my friends and I love it!

I have also played some horse board games that weren’t so great. (I got one from the bookstore that was really cheap and not very fun at all.) I haven't tried all of these yet, so if you've played be sure to tell me whether you liked them.

These also make great gifts if you are looking for a gift for a horsecrazy girl.

Here is my horse board game list. What are your favorites? Be sure to share your comments. And if I missed any let me know!

Bella Sara Magical Adventure Board Game
Breyer Horse Sense Board Game (2nd Edition with Mini Whinnies)
Fantasy Stables Board Game
Herd Your Horses Board Game
Horse Lover's Monopoly
Hooray for Horses!
Horse Show Board Game
My Horse Show Board Game

Tell Us About Horse Board Games You Love!

Is one of your fave horse board games missing from this list?

Tell us about it!

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If you like horse games, then you may also want to check out our online horse games page to find some more fun games to play. Most of them are free (or at least have a free trial) and there are some that let you play online with other horsecrazy girls. Some of them have awesome graphics too!

"All horses deserve,

at least once in their lives,

to be loved by a little girl."

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