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Here are lots of fun horse games for kids. Read reviews and pick your faves. If you've played them, share your review!

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horse games for kids barbie 250px

Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp is another game I played all the time growing up. In the game, your friend's horse goes missing and it is up to you to find the horse. In order to find the horse and bring it back, you must complete mini games (such as herding cows, matching games, and sorting games). Of course, all of this is done with your own customized horse. You also get to dress up your character and even decorate the gazebo in town.

If you don’t think the Mystery Ride game is the one for you, don’t worry, there are also many other Barbie horse games including Riding Club, Riding Camp, Blue Ribbon Race, Race & Ride, and Wild Horse Rescue.

Graphics: 3d

Price: Around $70 for a pre-owned copy; some like Riding Camp and Wild Horse look a bit cheaper


horse games for kids bella sara 250px

There used to be a really fun Bella Sara online game, but it looks like it is no longer around. However, there is now a Bella Sara app available. With the Bella Sara app, users are able to get a beautiful horse inspired Bella Sara card with a positive affirmation. The app also gives you access to the Bella Sara movie and music.

Graphics: 2d/3d

Price: Free


horse games for kids horse camp 250px

Horse Camp is also an older game that allows you to pick your ideal horse, go on trail rides, and compete in obstacle courses. The graphics were not the highest quality, but it can be fun to do something besides compete in showjumping, cross country, and dressage.

Graphics: 3d

Price: N/A


horse games for kids lets ride 250px

Let's Ride: Silver Buckle Stables may be hard to find for the PC no, but it is available on Steam! This is a great game for those that want a horse game that is focused on western riding. When you aren’t customizing your avatar and horse you can you to the barn to care for your horse or hit the trails. There are also barrel racing competitions and agility courses you can try.

Graphics: 3d

Price: $4.99


horse games for kids horse and me 2 250px

In My Horse & Me 2, customize your horse’s mane color and coat color then head to the arena to practice your showjumping skills. After you have practiced, be sure to take care of your horse by brushing and hosing them off. Once you have practiced enough you can go to different competitions to see if your skills are strong enough to win the competition.

Graphics: 3d

Price: Around $10 used


horse games for kids my little pony 250px

My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure

Explore Equestria with the My Little Pony characters! In the game, someone is trying to ruin the celebration by causing chaos. It is your job to make sure the celebration goes well. You will get to take part in fun activities such as fashions shows, obstacle courses, flying, and so much more!

Graphics: 3d

Price: $39.99


horse games for kids petz horse club 250px

I remember Petz: Horse Club as being extremely popular when it came out which is probably why it seems easier to find secondhand. In the game, you get to help tame wild horses, take care of foals, and explore the beautiful land on horse back. Of course, there are also competitions for you and your horse to take part in!

Graphics: 3d

Price: Around $30 used


horse games for kids pippa funnell 250px

Filled with fun show jumping, dressage, and cross country courses, Pippa Funnell: Secrets of the Ranch, takes you through a fun story line filled with horse activities, and of course mystery. Throughout the game, you will get the chance to take care of your horses and show your skills at the shows all while completing quests.

Graphics: 3d

Price: N/A


horse games for kids ponyluv 250px

Pony Luv: A Pony to Call Your Own!

While this game is available as both a PC and Nintendo DS game it can be hard to find in its PC version so you may need to check out eBay for the PC version. While the graphics are on the more basic side, you do get to own and customize your own pony, dress them up in accessories, groom them, feed/water them, and enter them in fun competitions.

Graphics: 3d

Price: $22.99 (for Nintendo DS); N/A (for PC)


horse games for kids spirit stallion of the cimarron 250px

Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron: Forever Free

I spent hours playing this game when I was younger!

In the game, you play as Spirit and you have to find your herd members that are scattered throughout the land. But it isn’t as easy as simply finding the horses as there are different quests and tasks you must complete along the way to get the horses back. The Nintendo version of this game is still easy to find but the PC version is hard to locate now.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a new game for the most recent Spirit movie which you can check out here on another of our horse games pages.

Graphics: 3d

Price: Nintendo DS (around $20 pre-owned); PC $N/A

New Spirit game is $29.99


horse games for kids my pony stables 2 250px

My Pony Stables 2 is another PC horse game that was a lot of fun but is now harder to find. It involved taking care of your horses, riding the trails, and practicing your cross country, dressage, and showjumping skills. While you may be able to find this game on eBay or another platform if you want a similar game that is online check out My Riding Stables on Steam. We also have more information about the game on another of our horse games pages.

Graphics: 3d

Price: N/A


horse games for kids the saddleclub 250px

Unfortunately, The Saddle Club: Willowbrook Stables is hard to find now. Occasionally, you can find a used copy on eBay, but just be warned that you still have to have a way to pay the game once you get it. I remember the game being a ton of fun and I loved solving the mystery story line. The graphics would probably look a little dated now, but getting to ride and care for your horse while solving a mystery will always be a fun online horse game premise.

Graphics: 3d

Price: N/A

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