Pippa Funnell: Secrets of the Ranch

by Bethany

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Pippa Funnell Secrets of the Ranch is a very mysterious adventure!

Continuing with the girl Emma, you are meant to be dropped off to the city for your vet work by a taxi but it breaks down, and the taxi man tells you there is a village nearby. You got to that village and Hugo, a boy who is pretty strange, tells you that a yellow bus will be coming. You wait until a boy, Oliver, finds you and explains that there was no bus! Unhappily and very disappointed, you accept Oliver's offer to stay at his and his family's farm till next morning.

In the end when they're on their trip to the farm the bus does come and Oliver knows you're a vet and you say yes to look at a pregnant mare. Flora, owner of the stables, greets you with the other stablemates there! You then help birth the foal, and you decide either if you want to stay helping out at the stables or continue your vet career.

I've never tried the vet story, but I know for sure that when you stay at the stables and quit your vet career you start off having your first stallion - Thunder!

You can still buy, sell and birth foals more than just once. You can buy clothes, buy tack, buy a HOUSE (yep that's cool!!) and compete in competitions. Back to the story, the real rancher is missing and through bad BAD times and lucky times you make your way through, choosing your ending!

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Feb 24, 2013
by: CottonCandy

Game is great, but really hard and challenging. On some missions you have to find items/places and no clues are given, but if you search through internet and youtube, you may find help. A great game for teenage and adult players who want games more challenging and harder than just grooming your horse!

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