Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp

by Grace
(Georgetown, KY, USA)

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It's my fave game! You're Barbie and you go to a camp on an island where you get a horse to temporarily ride. You also get to dress Barbie in new clothes with camp credits you earn.

While at camp, you do challenges to earn ribbons to be able to ride new horses. I think the hardest challenge is where a boy wants you to find his toy ship.

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Apr 26, 2014
5 Stars!!!
by: DevynHooper

This is an awesome, 5 star game!!! In this game you can ride in all these different terrain areas
take care of 5 different horses (all different breeds) and become the best horse-riding champ on the planet!!!;)

P.S: Did I forget to say this is an awesome game and I love it!!!:)

P.S.S: Buy it now!!!:D


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