Movies With Horses

Love movies with horses? Me too! Here's 25 of the best ones that have been shared by other horse crazy girls. If you don't see a movie you love on this list check out the:

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5o to 1

A picture of the horse movie 50 to 1.

Take a thrilling ride with the cast of 50 to 1. This horse movie shares the incredible story of an unlikely racehorse and his even more unlikely owners. From being owned by a group of cowboys who aren't familiar with horse racing to winning enough races to compete in the Kentucky Derby you won't want to miss this film. It is a bit of a newer movie so if you have seen it we would love to hear what you think about it. 

Rated: PG-13 - IMDb score: 6.5/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 71% audience score

a horse story

A picture of the movie A Horse Story.

What would happen if your horse could talk? A Horse Story is the movie explores that idea. When a girl's horse starts talking to her their relationship takes a turn. No longer does she have to wonder what he thinks about because he is more than happy to tell her and the real surprise is that he wants her help. Since he isn't sure what he wants to do he asks Monica to help him figure it out.

IMDb score: 5.8/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 55% audience score

all roads lead home

A picture of the movie All Roads Lead Home.

All Roads Lead Home is bittersweet movie that follows a young girl through her grief after her mother passes away. In the film Belle goes to live with a relative after her mom dies and it is at her grandfather's ranch where she finds comfort in the animals there. The animals begin to help her come to terms with the tragedy in her life and start her on the path of healing. Anyone who has found comfort in animals after tragedy will relate to this movie.

Rated: PG - IMDb: 5.8/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 55% audience score

big spender

A picture of the movie Big Spender.

Big Spender is an amazing movie with horses of course that tells the true story of racehorse given a second chance and the man who gave him one. Sometimes people make bad choices in life as Eddie did. But as he tries to turn his life around he comes across a special horse who will help him do just that. The once great racehorse Big Spender is now close to death, but Eddie sees something in the horse and helps save him. With the help of each other and a horse trainer this duo finds a new path in life.

Rated: PG - IMDb score: 5.8/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 67% audience score

blue fire lady

A picture of the movie Blue Fire Lady.

Blue Fire Lady tells a story about overcoming adversity and finding a way to do what you love. In the movie Jenny's father is trying to prevent her from riding because her mother died in a horseback riding accident. Jenny loves horses though and is determined to find a way to still ride. So when a racehorse trainer allows her help out she is very excited. While helping out she meets a horse named Blue Fire Lady, who she begins to bond with. As the two grow closer she finds out what is means to live your dreams. 

IMDb: 6.2/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 88% audience score

dream horse

A picture of the movie Dream Horse.

A heartwarming movie.

felicity: an american girl adventure

A picture of the horse movie Felicity: An American Girl Adventure.

A thrilling horse movie.


A picture of the movie Hidalgo.

An exciting horse movie.

lightning: the white stallion

A picture of the movie Lightning: The White Stallion.

A cute movie.

nico the unicorn

A picture of the movie Nico: The Last Unicorn.

A sweet movie.

phar lap: Hero to a nation

A picture of the movie Phar Lap: Hero To A Nation.

An exciting movie.

ride like a girl

A picture of the movie Ride Like A Girl.

A touching movie.

rock my heart

A picture of the movie Rock My Heart.

A heart felt movie.


A picture of the movie Seabiscuit.

A thrilling horse movie.

spirit untamed: the movie

A picture of Spirit Untamed: The Movie.

Spirit 2.

texas rein

A picture of the movie Texas Rein.

Not many movies with horses focus on western show disciplines, but Texas Rein does, which is a nice change. In the movie a woman returns to her family home to take care of her dying father. While at the ranch she comes across her dad's champion reining horse who has been retired, but she can tell the horse still wants to compete. Since her father can't compete anymore she decides to take over the reins and compete.

IMDb:4.7/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 40% audience score

the electric horseman

A picture of the movie The Electric Horseman.

The Electric Horseman tells the story of the importance of remembering where you come from. In the movie a former rodeo star is doing a commercial when he finds out the horse has been drugged. Disgusted with everything around him the man takes the horse and rides off into the desert. He decides he needs to change his life and wants to let the horse roam free. But when a TV reporter hears about what happened she tries to find the man to talk about his sudden behavior and the driving forces behind it.

Rated: PG - IMDb: 6.4/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 57% audience score

the littlest outlaw

A picture of the movie The Littlest Outlaw.

The Littlest Outlaw is an adventure packed horse movie. In the exciting film a young boy comes across an abused horse and decides to save him. Unfortunately, the horse's evil owners are not giving him up easily. The Mexico's military is set after the pair forcing them to try and evade capture. But even as they escape one problem they find another. You will have to watch and see if Pablito can save this beautiful stallion from destruction.

Rated: PG - IMDb: 6.2/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 50% audience score

the princess stallion

A picture of the movie The Princess Stallion.

The Princess Stallion is focused on a teenage girl, Sarah, who ends up in the Scottish highlands after her mother dies. Not to far from her father's home Sarah meets a man who protects the animals from poachers. She slowly becomes friends with him and during one of her visits she learns of the white stallion that roams the land. When she learns that the evil poachers are after the horse she decides to do everything possible to save him. 

Rated: TV G - IMDb: 6.1/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 64% audience score

the sad horse

A picture of the movie The Sad Horse.

Talk about a wild movie, The Sad Horse, is not you typical movies with horses. In the film a young boy who has polio goes to live with his grandfather, while his father and stepmother are on their honeymoon. While staying with his grandfather a woman becomes interested in the boy's dog. She wants the dog as a companion for her racehorse and offers the grandfather money for the dog. In order to keep his dog from being sold the boy ventures into the mountains to find treasure.

IMDb score: 6.2/10

the wild stallion

A picture of the movie The Wild Stallion.

The Wild Stallion is a one of the cheesier movies with horses, but it still has its good points. In the film a teenager is sent to a ranch for the summer so she can practice her photography skills and be around horses. At the ranch Hanna learns about the last wild stallion and immediately wants to help him. She enlists the help of C.J. in order to rescue the wild stallion and keep him from those with evil intentions. But nothing is easy especially when there are so many different people wanting the horse.

Rated: G - IMDb score: 4.9/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 47% audience score

thunderhead: son of flicka

A picture of the movie Thunderhead: Son of FLicka.

Thunderhead: Son of Flicka is the sequel to the well known movie Flicka. In the film Flicka has a beautiful white colt who Ken decides to train to become a racehorse. Unfortunately, trouble is coming from all different corners. First the horse gets injured, then the stallion that has been luring horses away from the ranch gets bolder, and the family is having financial problems with all the horses it is losing. With everything going wrong Ken tries to come up with a plan to save the family and help Thunderhead. 

IMDb: 6.4/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 72% audience score

this way of life (documentary)

A picture of the documentary This Way Of Life.

If you are looking for a great documentary, you should definitely try this one. The award winning film follows a family of eight, and there many horses, in their life among the Ruahine Mountains in New Zealand. The family who lives off the land and has a sustainable lifestyle face trouble from Peter's father. Peter, who is the husband and father of the family, doesn't own the land his family has been living on. SO, when his dad sells the land the family isn't sure what will happen to the life they have built.  

IMDb score: 7.9/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 79% audience score


A picture of the horse movie Windstorm.

Windstorm also under the title of Ostwind is the story of a young girl who doesn't know where she fits in. But a stay with her Grandmother, who owns a riding stable, over the holidays may be just what she needed. When she starts riding she discovers the incredible bond you can have with a horse and discovers something she excels at.

IMDb score: 6.8/10 

wind dancer

A picture of the movie Wind Dancer.

Wind Dancer is a movie about a girl that faces a quickly changed life and her father who wants to help her through it. After being paralyzed a girl gets into equine therapy to try and help her through her physical and mental injuries. With the help of her family and her animals she may just realize that there are still wonders in life. If you are looking for a horse movie with a whole new perspective this may not be the one for you as it is a little cliché but it is still cute in its own way. 

Rated: PG - IMDb: 5.2/10 - Rotten Tomatoes: 50% audience score

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