The Princess Stallion

by Sydney at
(Florida, USA)

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I discovered the The Princess Stallion DVD at my library. I thought I had seen all the horse movies they have at least once. So this was like finding hidden treasure. :-)

It's a good adventure story involving a girl whose mother dies (why does that always seem to happen in these movies??) so she leaves California and goes to Scotland to live on her dad's ranch.

There are some funny parts, like when she first tries to mount a horse. But there are also some scary parts that might be hard for younger girls to watch (kidnappers, cruelty to animals, getting lost in the woods in a storm). For me it was full of suspense.

It all ends well and the Princess Stallion turns out to be the more gorgeous wild horse ever. You'll understand why they call a Stallion Princess after you see the movie. (That was my first thought, don't the know a stallion is a male??)

Good show worth checking out.

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Jul 07, 2018
Umm... Question
by: hundreds of horses

Since the horse is a stallion, why is the movie called the Princess stallion? Shouldn't the title be the Prince Stallion?

Apr 30, 2017
by: Anonymous

It sounds great!

Sep 28, 2016
by: oguz

Hello! I love watching horse movies but I can't find DVDs for such films in Istanbul shops. My best dressage movie is Long Shot starring Julia Benz and I also think Princess Stallion is a great film.

Aug 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sounds good!!!!! I'll see if I can get it.;)

Aug 08, 2011
every film has something for us to learn
by: Svetlana

This is not the first horse movie I seen, and it is not as good as others(Flicka for example). There's nothing much happened in the film.

This film teaches us that we must believe in magic and wonders. We should believe to our imagination and dreams even though they may seem a bit crazy.

Jul 25, 2011
the princess stallion
by: Shae

i love white stallions!

Jun 11, 2011
princess stallion
by: Anonymous

i've never seen it before but from what i read it sounds really good

Jun 06, 2011
by: Jenny

The Princess Stallion was the first horse movie I ever watched! I loved it! The stallion is soo beautiful and free!

This movie was also funny too! I love when the two 'takers' are in the pond, or river, or whatever it was, and the one guy says "You know I never noticed how beautiful this place is". "It's so peaceful". BOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA! FUNNY!!

I also love when there driving and the one guy shouts at the girl!! I can't remember what he says, but it's funny!!


Apr 18, 2011
by: roxyanna

i think it was okay but it needed to be more about the horse...... and its a really old movie

Nov 23, 2010
I haven't watched it . . .
by: Anonymous

I haven't watched it but sounds soooooooooooo cool, I wanna watch it. I'm not afraid of kidnappers, I write stories myself about animal cruelty and like getting lost stuff. Hope I can persuade mummy daddy to watch!!!

Jul 03, 2010
sweet movie
by: Anonymous

This was such a sweet movie and the horse was so beautiful. By the time it ended i was crying beacuse it was so good and I can't wait to see it again.

Oct 27, 2008
by: Windcall

Hey, I haven't seen this movie, but I'll be looking for it! BTW, I agree with you on the fact that "Mom" DIES in several books and movies! Wait a sec.... am I going to cry while I watch this?

Windcall *:-}

Aug 28, 2008
Great Movie
by: Anonymous

This is the story about a girl who goes to live with her dad in Scotland. She had grown up hearing and reading the story of the Princess Stallion and had it always in her mind. One day she sees the stallion and adventure begins.

I love this movie because it has genuine sounding Scottish accents and the Princess Stallion itself is BEAUTIFUL! The scenery in this movie is breathtaking!

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