Wind Dancer

by Sydney a HorseCrazyGirl!
(Florida, USA)

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A young girl is in a riding accident, and as a result ends up in a wheelchair. She refuses to speak and hardly does anything for herself.

Her father hires a "zoo therapist" who uses animals to help kids learn how to do as much as they can on their own.

They move to a ranch where a beautiful spirited paint horse named Wind Dancer becomes her "therapy horse."

Therapy turns into adventure as a villain tries to steal Wind Dancer.

I enjoyed this movie and hope you do too!

Comments for Wind Dancer

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Nov 04, 2014
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I first saw this movie years and years ago. The title has escaped me for so long, known in my mind only as "that horse movie with the girl in a wheelchair". Thank you so much for bringing this movie back into my life.

Apr 25, 2013
Wind Dancer
by: Anonymous


Mar 21, 2013
Love it!!
by: Anonymous

I have watched it, and I really love it! It's so cool. Oh, the villain is actually a stable hand. So amazing!

Jun 30, 2012
by: WAWA

But, she kinda just FELL off the horse. I don't know HOW! They should make a new version. Overall, great movie! ( :

Dec 26, 2011
Dear -
by: Francis

I don't know what movie you are thinking of. And it's probably also called Winds Dancer. But this one IS about a girl who falls off her horse and doesn't wanna talk!

Not trying to be mean!

Nov 16, 2011
Pretty good!
by: Francis

It's a pretty good movie! But there is one plot point I can see coming a mile away! You know what the bad guys gonna do and who he is and there is alot of driving. But otherwise a good movie!

Apr 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

It is a touching movie and is very realistic in the first scenes it is very tragic but happy at the same time. In some scenes i feel like helping her push the wheelchair, the girl is a good role player.

Apr 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

that's not the story. its about a paint mare who is abused a 11 yr old girl named annie saves her when she is about to get slaughtered. and she names the mare wind dancer

Mar 07, 2011
Wind dancer
by: Anonymous

Sounds awesome. I really want to see it.

Mar 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have never seen it check out Moondance Alexander it is an awesome horse movie

Feb 11, 2010
love it!!!
by: creammy

i love this movie u just got to watch it..........!!

Jun 01, 2009
I loved this heart-warming story!
by: Cathy

This is a heart-warming story, i could watch this movie over and over again!

Mar 21, 2009
this sounds like a great movie
by: Anonymous

this movie sounds great cant wait to see it

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