Blue Fire Lady

The cover of the movie Blue Fire Lady.

The cover of the movie Blue Fire Lady.

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In the tradition of National Velvet and Black Beauty comes a poignant story of a young woman’s mission to save a troubled horse and to discover herself along the way…

Jenny Gray (Cathryn Harrison) burns with the dream of being a show jumper despite her mother’s death in a tragic horse-riding accident. Against her father’s wishes she sets out upon her path by working as a stable hand for a racehorse trainer.

At the stable, a spirited horse named Blue Fire Lady arrives, but nobody is able to get close enough to handle it. Jenny instantly falls in love with Blue Fire Lady and quickly becomes the only person the horse will allow to approach it. Blue Fire Lady shows promise in Jenny's hands, but with unscrupulous trainers and mercenary jockeys, it is up to Jenny to save the horse and realize her destiny.

A great movie about a young lady and her love for horses. A must-see!!!

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