Pony Bedding

Horse and pony bedding is perfect a horse crazy girl’s bedroom. If you’d rather sleep in a barn than in a house (I would - and I bed you would too!), this may be your next best choice. You can go to bed surrounded by ponies or horses (or at least pictures of them). Sweet dreams!

Pretty Pony Bedding

For the younger horsecrazy girl’s room there are some absolutely adorable pony bedding sets. These are so cute and would make an awesome gift for a girl who dreams about ponies and horses all night (and day) long!

More Decorating Ideas

Here are some more ideas for decorating an equine-themed bedroom:

  • Use a green carpet or a rug to resemble grass. Choose shag carpeting or a rug and you’ll have a cool, outdoor feel inside your room.
  • Use blue wallpaper or paint your room or ceiling in blue to resemble the sky. Decorate with stickers such as flowers and birds, or paint clouds on the ceiling.
  • Use pony-themed pillowcases, blankets and sheets to decorate your bed.
  • Accessorize your room with horse-related stuff such as equestrian posters, collectibles like Trail of the Painted Ponies, or horseshoe hooks on walls.
  • Hang your show ribbons on fishing line around the top of your room. They make a beautiful border!