Horse Posters

I love horse posters don't you? I could fill my walls with them and still want more! If you're horsecrazy like me, here are some gorgeous pictures of horses for your bedroom...or any room. And they make great gifts for horse lovers to (hint, hint!)

Some Gorgeous Horse Posters

I think it's because horses and ponies are so beautiful that it's so easy to find great pictures of them. Here are some of my faves from one of the places I really like to shop for them. I found so many I couldn't decide which ones are the very best.

I think the first one is cute, the second one is breathtaking and the third one is peaceful and pretty. What do you think?

Some More Cool Posters...

Here are some more nice ones I found.

And Check Out These Horse Poster Books!

These are really cool because you get a lot of posters in each book. I am thinking about giving these as birthday gifts to my horsecrazy girlfriends! Don't you think they would make a great gift for a horsecrazy girl?

What makes horses so beautiful? Is it because they are so graceful? Their long flowing manes and tails? Their kind eyes? Or maybe the way they gallop, trot and canter? I don't know, but to me they are the most gorgeous creatures on earth.

    Wild Girl started slowly down the track, and I let her lead me, let her decide. She came to a stop and looked around, almost as if we were in a field and not on that oval track.

    She began to move. "How fast do you want to go?" I asked. I won't hold you back."

    Then she was galloping...

    And by the turn, we were flying.

Excerpt from Wild Girl, by Patricia Reilly Giff.