My Horse Club

My horse club was a really amazing online horse game with incredible graphics. But it is no longer available! If I hear any updates I will let you know.

In the meantime, you can find a whole list of fun horse games here

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Does MyHorseClub have Shetties? 
Do they have shetland ponies on this game & can you breed horses???????????????

This game is really annoying 
I downloaded everything and when I went to run it, it wouldn't let me. I am not loading up my cpu with viruses to play a stupid game.

So I go onto this thinking,OMG this is awesome! Now It says I need Java download. Okay so I download it and got the newest version. And... It doesn't work …

i Really want a foaling pack but my mm won't let me buy credits is there another you can get credits? without paying? if so let me know HELP …

Help me!! How do you do the missions??? 
Hi. I got the game a while a go, but I still have NO idea how to do the missions! Can you help??


Horse club 
i think the game would be fun but i have to clue what im supposed to do on the game, my horse has sore patches but i dont know how to apply the cream. …

Horse Club: Problem Solved! 
I've been trying to play for weeks but was using safari now im using explorer and it works!

I dont understand why My Horse Club isnt working! 
I was so happy that my mom finally agreed to let me download java, but after that when everything was downloaded, it didn't work. I still haven't been …

grrrrrr!!!!! How do you get to level5? 
it is really fun, but once u get2 level 5 and u try 2 cross the river, it won't let u!!!!! sum1 help!!! pleeze!!

How To Get The Game 
I don't now how to get the game could someone help me please.

huuuuuuuuuuuuuuh? promotional code? 
hi how do you get promotional code to play Horse Club?

For the weeks I've been playing MyHorseClub has been a success! Though I believe there could be some little changes. For instance I think that we should …

gifts for your horse. 
your horse needs lots of things like,there hoofs changed every two mouths,and lots of food and water, love and care.

Its alright.  
I do like it and I think its real cool riding with other players but I have no clue what to do because I an new to it!

help me! 
i cant move when i play it! i want to change my horses name and stuff like that and it wont let me! if anyone has any tips for me or how to get bk on track …

Good Game 

i have a account but it will not let me go to the stable or anywhere i downloaded Java but it still does not work.

this game stunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! same with this web site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( booooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …

it would not work!!!!!!!!!!!

security code 
i agree with everyone about the amazing graphics and it looks amazing to play but i cant even register as the security code isn't visible, like there isn't …

love it 
finally got my horse

I love this game the horse club!!!! 
o and i totally love horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxox the game is so awesome so fun and simple for everyone i love horses and …

i think this site is great

Emma's Roaring Horses 
My Horse Club is amazing I think it wold be so cool if they had a pool for horses and your person.

It won't let me log in I signed up but when I go to activate it comes up 404 Page Not Found The page you requested was not found. Is that normal?

It's Okay... 
I just registered but I can't figure out how to get a horse!

idk its kinda intimidating 
I don't know I can't load it!!!!:( it looks sososo fun but it is not going thru my computer.....

GOOD!!!!! Could'nt register on.... 
It would not let me register. Would not even start loading??? What's up with that? But it looks like a great game. I wish i could play it. I have warmblood …

Website Down 
It's a great game! I am addicted to it! I just started playing about a weeks ago, but the website is down for updates.... Just a heads up to all who wanna …

but it wont let me down load java so i cant play plzzz help Note from Sydney's mom: Shelby - I had to go through some hoops to get it to work on my …

i think that it should be in English ;P because when i sign in and than im on my home page it is in french but my language is set to English ?? what is …

Do You Need Help With My Horse Club? 
Do you need help with the online horse game My Horse Club? Post your question here so another player can answer it. If you know the answer, be sure to …

I know a better game... 
My Horse Club has really bad graphics. Personally, I think it is really boring and has no point to it from what I know of. But they made a new game called …

Answers to MyHorseClub Problems 
My horse club is a great online game! I can answer many questions about it like the problem with security codes. It will work better if you have internet …

MyHorseClub is OK! But I found one that's better... 
RidingClub Championship!!! It's got better graphics than MHC, but the only downside is you have to pay to play it. It costs only $6 a month in the US. …

Solutions for Java Problems on MyHorseClub 
okay.. so some people have been having trouble with java i e-mailed my horse club & asked them about why it isn't working. they said if it says that you …

I can't put my 1st horse in a stall? 
I thought it looked really cool so i signed up and downloaded the newest version of java and then it said: "Your first horse is waiting for you. Go to …

omg!!!! why wont people tell us!! 
ok for those of you who are playing it and no the security code your being really selfesh by not telling others that want to no what it is it gets on everybodys …

my horse club download 
so much stuff to download like java and all that. takes 4ever

I'm new to my horse club and i can't figure out how to put my horse in it's stall??????

My Horse Club can't read security code  
On My Horse Club on the internet when you go to register it ask for a security code in a picture but i can't see a code in the picture what do you do?

My Horse Club Won't Load...:( 
It won't load...i keep trying to go to the stable to get my first horse and it loads...then at lat second it like...starts the loading all over again... …

Frustrated? Annoyed? Having Severe Problems With 'My Horse Club'? 
Hey everyone! Are you frustrated, angry, annoyed, disappointed? And its all because My Horse Club, right? Registering - The Security Code? …

Tips for Playing My Horse Club 
This is Sydney. A lot of girls have complained that they can't read the security code when they try to sign up for my horse club. Others have problems …

who is that? 
when i first caught my horse, it was an Appaloosa!! she is in great condition! and i just love her! her name is: chocolate! she is brown and is tamed!

when i try to register for it i can't read the security code. can someone tell me what it is?

Share Your Review Of My Horse Club! 
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I really need help I went to play on My Horse Club and I cant get my first horse in his stall! All it says is your horse has not yet been allocated. Can …

Need help getting a horse in My Horse Club 
I have tried and tried to get a horse in a stable but do u create one, pick one, catch one? which is it?

hey I have a question: Are this game NOTHING cost????? Please write back!

I'm sad My Horse Club won't work! 
It says it won't work on my computer because it's an Apple. ):

brilliant game with bad problems 
my horse club is a GREAT game. i have been looking for a game like this for years. but recently its been stuffing up. when ever i click on the stable page …

Share Your Tips For Playing My Horse Club! 
Are you good at the horse game My Horse Club? Share your tips, strategies or cheats for this game here. Just click on the comment link to add your tips. …

Having Trouble Loading Stables 
I'm having trouble loading the stable..I've tried it on two different computers it won't work =[

Anyone have extra horse codes? 
I really need horse codes for My horse club because my horse looks lonely and sad without a friend and my parents won't buy horse cards. My username is …

Catching Horses 
Is it possible to catch horses on My Horse Club?If so,how can I catch 1?

What is the security code for my horse club ? 
what is it because what is the point if u cant even get into it it looks like its 3 letters but it wont work can someone tell me and others who need it …

Its frustrating... 
i can't get the game to work TT i downloaded javascript i tried it on my laptop, my internet shut off on me tried it on my brothers, and it wont load. …

I need help 
um this isn`t an opinion but i need help with that security code what is the code?? please help!! right away and could you please tell me what is it i …

Security Code!!!!!!!! 
I can't read the security code can somebody please please pleaseeeeeee tell me what it is..i really really realllllyyyy want to play this game!!!!! …

it's not brilliant... but if i had java i would play this game i can't reach the stables it keeps coming up with this :java xx cannot load properly

Security Code 
I DON'T GET THE SECURITY CODE!!!!! What is in the image??? All I see are a bunch of swirls!!!

My Opinion Not rated yet
My name is becky 7 and I love My Horse Club! You guys are awesome (whoever invented this). The horse are amazing too!

Not trying this! Not rated yet
Gee, after reading these reviews I don't think I'll get started with playing My Horse Club: An Online Infecting Agency. Play now and get double the viruses …

Making an Account on MHC Not rated yet
I heard this was a really cool game, so I tried to make an account and every time it said "Username is not valid: Only numbers, letters and the symbols …

Can't log in to MyHorseClub! Not rated yet
I can not even log into the game at all, I tried everything I could. I have not even received an email to confirm my account. :( Note from Sydney: Did …

If You're Desperate For a Cheap Game... Not rated yet
In a nutshell, this game is awful. You cannot choose what your first horse looks like (or what he/she will even be named). After three seconds of waching …

Help with all your problems and a Review Not rated yet
First off, MHC is a very fun, addicting game where you can meet and chat, take care of horses, compete, breed and even more. Sure it costs real money to …

hhhheeeellllpppp (MyHorseClub) Not rated yet
Everything goes perfectly well until I get to the stable and have to put in the horse it does NOT WORK! PLEASE HELP!

Horse101 Not rated yet
My Horse Club is sooo awesome!!! :)

My Horse Club is Awesome! Not rated yet
The game is the best!

It Won't Let Me Ride My Horse Anymore! Not rated yet
In My Horse Club, I eventually ran out of the stuff you use to care for your horse and I can't buy more then it won't let me ride anymore. It said that …

Evil Java Not rated yet
Every time I try to play My Horse Club it says, "Either JAVA is not installed on your computer or the correct version is not installed. You will be …

Lylly Not rated yet
I love My Horse Club soooooooo much!

My Horse Club  Not rated yet
It is the best horse riding game and right now I'm playing it. I play it every day, it is the best. I have 216 friends!! And I have 4 horses called Hannah, …

2 Questions (MyHorseClub) Not rated yet
How much stuff do you have to download for this game? And how much space does it take up on your hard drive? Thanks!

Need help with MyHorseClub! Not rated yet
The screen in the stable is TINY, how do I make it bigger? Horse_Wise

Anyone Know? Not rated yet
Does anyone know how to change the color of your horse in MyStable? And do you have to pay money to play it?!

It's Frustrating! Not rated yet
Well I've been trying to play for weeks... I downloaded java but it kept asking. I was on Google chrome so I tried on explorer and I didn't need to download …

You don't have to pay! Not rated yet
OK people you don`t need to pay to play My Horse Club! I know this because I've been playing this for a while now--2 years. The only part you need to pay …

MyHorseClub Not rated yet
MyHorseClub is absolutely amazing great graghics and amazing to play... and its all free!!!

I love this game! Not rated yet
The only downside is that they don't sell cards in my area. :( Other than that, My Horse Club is really fun. I really love horse games where you can …

Java?? Not rated yet
Is Java a safe download (it won't infect my computer with anything?) Thanks!

I Hope This Game is Fun! Not rated yet
I want to try MyHorseClub, but is this game free online?

I Tried MyHorseClub.. Not rated yet
I have tried it in the past and it has never worked. I play it is MUCH better!

MyHorseClub is Really Confusing! Not rated yet
This game messed up my computer, because I couldn't exit out of it. It is really confusing and the screen is really small. I didn't like it!

How to Put Horse in Stall in MyHorseClub? Not rated yet
Okay, so you know how at the start you have to put your horse in the stall, how do you do that exactly??????????? Please help!

Why Isn't MyHorseClub Working? Not rated yet
I always try to register but it isn't working! Help!

How do I get stuff in MyHorseClub? Not rated yet
I need to get like the supplies and stuff to make my horse healthier and all that good stuff, but i dont know how!!! And it wont let me gallop. I can only …

Who is looking for a FREE horse game? Not rated yet
Are you looking for a FREE horse game? I have some advice go to and go to the ANIMALS section then go to HORSE GAMES from there you go …

MyHorseClub: A quick secret to the game Not rated yet
Go to this link:

MyHorseClub is Awesome!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
Well when I first tried to get the game, it wouldn't work. Then I tried again later that day and thankfully it worked and now I'm on my way to getting …

Question for Sydney Not rated yet
Hey Sydney do you have to pay real money to play the game? (Please write back) Sydney-yes you do have to pay real money =( sorry

darn :( Not rated yet
my mom wont let me download the java, even though its MY laptop, anyways, this page is great, i love horses and wouldnt have found such amazing games if …

What am I doing? Not rated yet
This game was very cunfusing. I had no idea what I was suppose to do. If it was more direct I think I would like it better.

MyHorseClub Not rated yet
IT STINKS!!! I thought it looked fun but I couldn't get my horse out of inventory so I couldnt do anything :-(

MyHorseClub Not rated yet
To get the java to work you have to do the download, turn off your comp, turn it back on, and go to your horses stall, I guess. If it asks you if you want …

Whats up with this? Not rated yet
it looks amazingly fun, but whenevr i go to the stable it just freezes? help? please?

My view Not rated yet
This game is outstanding,I would recomend trying MY HORSE CLUB.It may take a day or two to fully understand, it took me three days to get JAVA fully downloaded.So …

It has to be downloaded??? Not rated yet
Why does it have to be downloaded, it should just be how it is, with out any downloading!!!!

Please help! Not rated yet
Ok, well I have got Java installed, the latest version, it even took me to the site from the game and confirmed it, then whenever I clicked the Stables …

game memery card full? Not rated yet
it says are computers memery card is full but my dad emptyed it so theres half of it emptyed and it still says it

Grooming? Not rated yet
What does each grooming item do and how do you use it? On My-Horse_Club I'm howrseytail

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet

User Agreement Not rated yet
My Horse Club, with respect, is one of the worst ripoffs I've ever seen. Glad I was smart and read the agreement, because it tells how it will install …

I cant play it Not rated yet
Okay so it only loads half way or less then it says the net work is not responding try later i do but it doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY HORSE CLUB Not rated yet

Help with My Horse Club Not rated yet
U know when ur new in the game and u start at meeting point well u know how u can get to show jumping well i want to get past that gate to cross the river …

HORSES Not rated yet

i love horses ! Not rated yet
i believe that this is a good club for girls that love horses!

alright Not rated yet
It's okay, if you live in the US its pretty lame cause you can't do anything with the crappy horse they give you. Also its near impossible to get a horse …

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet

My Rewiew Not rated yet
Their was a error and I could not get in so I will try later

online horse games Not rated yet
I am crazy about horses and i love riding and drawing hirses as well.

very slow Not rated yet
ive been trying to get it too work for ages but its so slow it wont even load up my stable!

Whats the code? Not rated yet
I can't figutre out the code to sign up!

My Horse Club: Amazing Game! Not rated yet
I'm new on my horse club but I'm already having a blast! It's so much fun to complete mini quests. Don't worry about buying promo codes, because every …

Loading time: 300 000 years Not rated yet
It takes AAAAAAAAAGGGGGES to load! It looks okay, but I dunno if it is. I'm from South Africa, and we don't have a lot of money, so we can't buy any of …

bad bad Not rated yet
i couldnt even get the registrtin form to work

My Horse Club Not rated yet
I've never played it before but i'am going to love it.

Ponys  Not rated yet
I think it is really good

Java HELP Not rated yet
How do u know if u have Java and the latest version?

Horse Girl  Not rated yet
i cant get it bcuz i have a mac :'(

please answer Not rated yet
i cant seem to read the sucurity code what is it

Umm..... Not rated yet
it takes FOREVER to load! maybe its just my slow computer but it usually loads stuff like that. looks like fun, but ya know, i can't really play it. :( …

the games good but  Not rated yet
the games good but its freezes when am riding the hore also if you dont have a molible or your mum whant let you so i think they need a think for …

Healing in Horse Club? Not rated yet
everything is cool except im not sure how to heal the red flashing spots

My Horse Club...?!?!?dont understand?!?!? Not rated yet
i cant get to any where except the stable and my horse has these fluffy bushes on it and i cant brush it or feed it and i have loads of food HELP ME!!! …

my horse club...plz help Not rated yet
when i click on the stables... while entering it ...i get a error...i have downloaded java and javascript

If you wanna know Not rated yet
there is a wii/ds verison of My Horse Club out you get it off it $50 or something just go on that site and type in "my horse club" …

Can't log in! Not rated yet
I made an account but whenever I try to log in it just goes back to the homepage! I'm really mad because this looks like such a great game... Does anybody …

My Horse Club: cool Not rated yet
It was really cool! you have to play this game!

My Horse Club - it looks really good but can't play! Not rated yet
i wish i knew how to get onto the game and im horse crazy and iv got a horse so i really want to get on this game . IT LOOK REALLY GOOD. I DON'T KNOW HOW …

Horse clubbb Not rated yet
its very interesting about what u learn in all of the things the club has i think its a GREAT clubb??.xx Luv Darcy.x

omg - My Horse Club questions Not rated yet
well i love Horses, but i don't know how to play this game: 1 there's nothing to do 2 it's hard to figure out how to buy stuff and 3 My horse …

Jordin Not rated yet
i LOVE MY Horse Club!!!! more games should be like this one (:

First go Not rated yet
My Horse Club seems good but not the game i was looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

huuh...need help with my Horse Club Not rated yet
the bar at the top left corner of the game screen is red and i can't get it to turn green. How do i do it??????? Help!!

I have evan put it as my background but I just don't get the security code its the pink one two so could someone help me pease?!

My Horse Club: its okayyy Not rated yet
it was fun BUT, its very complicated and theres not much to do besides ride...but over all it was OKAY:0

MKloveshorses Not rated yet

What I think About My Horse Club... Not rated yet
Well...its kinda confusing....I'll say it's not the best horse game i have ever played but its okay.....

star xxxxxxxxxxxx Not rated yet
i love horses and a club!

doesnt work Not rated yet
it wont let me login someone help me it says internet cannot display thsi webpage

Wow Not rated yet
I was surprised at how realistic it was. Just riding around was super fun! I could use some tips though how do you get more experience points or more …

love it Not rated yet
i have 37 horses and like 11 foals to come in about 4-5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i am gald they have missions in the usa now!!!:)'s OK Not rated yet
The game is ok aftetr a while, you have to have cards from australia so i really cant play it right, but youi do start off with one horse, and only one. …

Want to play? Not rated yet
i would like to play the free game now because i really love horse . i have been trying to play that for ages.

hannah's page for her Review Not rated yet
i dont know what my opinion of "My Horse Club" is yet


Frustrating Not rated yet
As I assumed, other people also have problem with registering. Frustrating, those guys have a lot to learn about web designing. Game looks and sounds interesting …

Its Not Workin! Not rated yet
Hey, want to know what my opinion is? Fine..I'll tell you..I think this is ridiculous!!! The game looks very cool, and its about horses, so obviously I …

I Need a Little Help :/ How do I pick up daisies? Not rated yet
Uhm. I've had trouble doing missions on MyHorseClub. I don't know how to pick up things in the missions. For example: "Collect 15 daises in the field" …

MYHORSECLUB Not rated yet
I've played myhorseclub and really liked it cause u can get lots of friends, riding your horses, care for them and do missions each other and my favourite …

amazing game! Not rated yet
but how i can find codes? help me please!!

IT IS THE BEST HORSE GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
My Horse Club is SO amazing. so fun and so interesting. its the best horse game but if there's a better game PLEASE TELL ME! i love horses

Horses Not rated yet
This is going to be fun!

Question Not rated yet
If you don't have Java will it work or not please tell me soon i think the answer is no but just want to make sure. Note from Sydney: Yes, you do. Here …

I have java Not rated yet
Right, I got the java thing and tried to play it but it still won't work, I clicked the link on your website and it just says that I have it. I REALLY …

Okay Not rated yet
honestly this game is pretty good! the java update is pretty annoying and takes about 10-20 minutes to complete but once you do it is way worth it!! the …

Question Not rated yet
I love the game but I have a question. How do I buy other horses?

Help Please! Not rated yet
if anyone knows what the security code is it would be good if someone could tell me because i really want to go on my horse club! i think its cool. its …

brill Not rated yet
its brill but how do you give horses to other people???? help meee

WoW... Not rated yet

Looks Fun! Not rated yet
The website looks fun, but when I go to register I can't see the security code and I can't sign up! It's getting really frustrating!! I have downloaded …

gifts for your horse. Not rated yet
your horse needs lots of things like,there hoofs changed every two mouths,and lots of food and water, love and care.

gifts for your horse. Not rated yet
your horse needs lots of things like,there hoofs changed every two mouths,and lots of food and water, love and care.

horse lover gifts. Not rated yet
you need to keep your horse in good shape and you need to feed your horse everyday.

OMG!! Not rated yet
This game STINKS!!!!

The username keeps telling me this username is already taken bye another member or something Not rated yet
i can't sign up it keeps telling me*this username is already used by another member* it's really annoying i can't sign up it stinks im really mad right …

What in the world!!!!!!! Not rated yet
i installed java but it was loading just fine until it said error on page do y'all have any solution?

UMM????? Not rated yet
I really really really want to play but i cant register. the stupid secruity code is a pink blob. does any one know why. please help me out. thanks hope …

ummm... Not rated yet
What code its a pink and white blob no numbers or letters =P

Goog game but Help Not rated yet
I LOVE this game but i am at level 5 and i can now go through a gate that lets me go through water but my horse wont go through the water help plz???

Won't load...? Not rated yet
i cannot play it. I click on stable and it never loads, i even downloaded Java. Looks like a fun game tho

Good Not rated yet
the games pretty good, but how do i level up??

Can't read the code... :( Not rated yet
I couldn't even start because of that code thing. Please is you know what it is post here.

great. :) Not rated yet
it's such a cool game though i wish you could trade "clops" for "credits" :(. x

The Best Horse Game EVER!!! Not rated yet
I've tried so many virtual horse games, but none can compare to this one. It is the absolute best game i've EVER plaid!

How Do I Join My Horse Club? Not rated yet
How are u meant to become a member on my horse club? Can somebody txt bk please i really want to know? Thank you for listening... byex

DDD: Not rated yet
It looks so cool and I want to try it so bad, but there's NO SECURITY CODE! D: D: D:

Lov ya horse club:) Not rated yet
yeah its sooooo good but u can't get ur own horse which stinks unless u bye the cards which is lousy as........but the graphics are amazing and its fun! …

help Not rated yet
it is good but how do u get a horse if i had my own game you would be able to get a horse in a stable and give it hay name the stable and pick up there …

were to buy the my horse club cards Not rated yet
I think that you have to be in Australia to buy the my horse club cards.

hores club talk Not rated yet
I think that this club is a good idea to let all people have fun and take care of the horses too.

good but bad  Not rated yet
the graphics look awesome and everything but its isn't working it keeps freezing up im gonna cry

grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
i still haven't got 2 c my horse!!!!!!

Great! Not rated yet
Great game! Somtimes takes awhile to load though. :D

Ahhhh really bad Not rated yet
I really don't like it. When you click the stable page it doesn't even work!!!! AHHHH!!!

GREAT Not rated yet
AWESOME GAME!!!!!! I love it.

Maya  Not rated yet
what's the security code? it took 1 month to think and now... I JUST DON'T KNOW THE SECURITY CODE!!! I'm a horse lover and... I like so much games with …

My Problem in My Horse Club Not rated yet
i made an account then when i went to HOME it is written that my first horse is waiting for me put him in a stall. i don't know what that means so then …

Rubbish Not rated yet

Great Game Not rated yet
I love your game.This is the best horse game I ever played.One more thing when are the cards going to come out?

mhc Not rated yet
i have to install java but mum wont let me! i want to play it!

God but bad(reasons) -I Not rated yet
i like it. But codes are bad.I cant get them!!

rubbish Not rated yet
not very good because it took a very long time just to get on to the page took a adult to put me onto the game so not very good so try to sort my comment …

Really Fun and Great Not rated yet
This game is really fun!!! i cant wait for the cards to come into the UK!!!

choose other breed Not rated yet
How do u choose another breed??

What a game!!! Not rated yet
I honestly enjoyed playing this.... I think I will enjoy this for quite some time....

My review of my horse club Not rated yet
Is there any other games , i like the game but it is a lag! D:&

My review of my horse club Not rated yet
Is there any other games, i like the game but it is a lag! D:&

My review of my horse club Not rated yet
Is there any other games , i like the game but it is a lag! D:&

Another 3D game to try... Not rated yet
Would be Horse Eventing. go to and click on animal games, then horse games, then there it is! Horse Eventing. You start at the easy level …

Amazing! Not rated yet
Wow this game is amazing! Even though you have to be at certain levels to do some things, it's the best game I've ever played! Thank you so much!

My Horse Club Not rated yet
I just signed up. I love it so far! And my username is kenzierae7! ADD ME!!

how do i sign up for it Not rated yet
i need help cant find how to sign up

GREAT Not rated yet
i love has amazing graphics but its kinda slow.

its a good game Not rated yet
i have kind of figured out how to ride your horse and groom it. THIS GAME ROCKS!

Ugh! Not rated yet
I registered, I try to log in and it takes forever and still doesn't log in! Ugh! Is it just me ? What's going on ? I have the newest Java!

It's pretty good Not rated yet
I really like the game, but the let's ride/stable/paddock is not working with me. Also, I live in a country where I can't buy the cards. Other than that, …

i cant read the security code...  Not rated yet
i cant read the security code all i see is blobs of pink i try refreshing the page but then it messes up

GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
This site is great, i love it, i cant stop playing and i love this site too. ive got so many of the horse club cards. if anyone ells plays search my on …

loading Not rated yet
my stable page isnt loading :(

My Horse Club Not rated yet
hey i didn't mine this it was pretty good, I had lots of fun riding but got a bit lost :)

Good.. if it would work Not rated yet
I am sure this game would be great, it is easy to register and it's a good layout, but when i go to the stable, I click on the stable & it doesn't work! …

Hey, how to make the stable page work Not rated yet
I learned how to make the stable page work since it keeps saying i don't have java when i do. If anyone else is experiencing this problem, keep pressing …

my pony club Not rated yet
i think the games here r great xx

ponygurlcelia Not rated yet
this game is awesome! i have been searching for some cool online horse games, and this is the coolest!!!!!!!!!! you just have 2 try it!!!! hope u love …

help Not rated yet
i have 4 horses and three stables and i want to take a horse out of the stable and put a different horse in but i dont know how to do it

cooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
may i join ?

re Not rated yet
I don't like it :(

Great Not rated yet
Really good game, good graphics. Well worth joining

Help Not rated yet
My horse club is good, but how do you change your horses breed and how do you buy more horses?

Mairinb0 Not rated yet
I love it but i cant get the hang of getting my horses energy up!!!

the game i good but it takes age to load i have java and everything so whe??????????

Help with my horse club Not rated yet
at the bottom of the registration it says enter the code seen in the box but i can't see the code plz help

very slow Not rated yet
Its being very slow

NOT  Not rated yet

I think that game stinks Not rated yet
I think MHC stinks because even if you are nice to other players it's the mean people taht get to stay and the nice people are banned and it isn't fair. …

No good Not rated yet
Its no good. You have to use real life money for stuff and getting from palce to place takes ages. Good graphics but over O'd give 2/10.

Buy? Not rated yet
But you need to buy stuff and I don't think some parents allow that! That's why I don't play it anymore.

I can't play the game Not rated yet
Everytime I log in the confirmation code comes up and when I press something and I type what I need to type and when I m done nothing happens and I just …

my horse club Not rated yet
nothing happened so boring

My Horse Club Not rated yet
ummm....... well on everytime i log on it says done (the page) errors so i have the right java whats wrong????

My Horse CLub Not rated yet
I didn´t like it. It is slow and hard to use. Also i put english as my language (which i´m not good) and it gives me some text in france.

Very Upsetting after your 10th day. Not rated yet
After your tenth day you have to pay REAL MONEY (USD) to continue to care for your horses. You must buy feed and water for them after day 10 with real …

EXELENT! Not rated yet
I think its absolutely amazing I have Always wanted to play a horse game like that

it stinks Not rated yet
I think you should not have to have an email address because many people don't so I didn't get to play goodbye

cool but doesn't work.  Not rated yet
It has awesome graphics but it doesn't work on any of my computers. ANd it crashed my other computer. But it is pretty cool.

Yeah Suree x Not rated yet
I Havent Played it yet but sounds good

Horses Club Not rated yet
To meet new friends online

security code Not rated yet
There isn't a security code so I couldn't register to try the game.

I AM JUST STARTING Not rated yet
It looks really cool but it sure does take a while to get started. I'l let you know how it is when I get goin

BOO!! Not rated yet
the stupid java thing would never download! it stink!

I don't need Javascript Not rated yet
It requiers and unlocks a game of MYHORSECLUB

help Not rated yet
i can't get the security code plz can the people that have got into it plz help??

my horse club Not rated yet
i have not playd on it proble yet because this thnig java is coming up so can you make go away please many thanks x i have a pony cookie

HORSE CLUB Not rated yet
It is very good I wood LOVE to join because horses are my favrite animails but I dont like filling in the things where you have to do the usernames and …

bad Not rated yet
I cant sign up!!! Its says there a fatal error!

cool! Not rated yet
I couln't wait to try it out!But i'm stuck getting my horse!I don't know how to choose a stall!HELP!

Whats The Code? Not rated yet
My Online Horse Club Is Stupid To Me! I Dont Know The Code Thingy? Help Me Out!

NO REGISTERING Not rated yet
i would like to play it WITH OUT HAVING TO REGISTER

worked for me Not rated yet
worked for me just fine...yes the download is a pain but do it and update ur computer it will run better

hey Not rated yet
its kool

Couldn't Not rated yet
It stinks... I couldn't play because I couldn't download the newer version of Java...

bj club Not rated yet
it is great game

by bethany Not rated yet
its the best


poppony740 Not rated yet
i can't see my horse or ride it!

3 stars Not rated yet
not a bad game could be better but have seen worse! good points:great graphics fun rides able to care for. bad points:slow in loading for a stable,have …

coooooooooooool Not rated yet
i love it now. at first i diddnt get the email but now i have its great. i only have one problem, my horse has lods of sore paches but HOW DO I GET RID …

IT WON'T WORK ! ! Not rated yet
I've downloaded the java thingie but it wont play.

blahh Not rated yet
y do u have to pay for everything? i hate it!

Great graphics, but I can't play Not rated yet
It has amazing graphics so far, but java won't load on my computer. Any ideas?

I would Luv it but....... Not rated yet
I would love to play this game but u need to download something to this old computer we have and i'm not allowed to download it so i can't play it …

ugh Not rated yet
It looks like it would be a great game although the stupid java on my computer won't update.

tomberwedestablle Not rated yet
I will be a good member

emily Not rated yet
it is weird

its awsome i guess =-] Not rated yet
i am trying to join but i can't see the code thing HELP what do i do

Terrible Not rated yet
I would totally play it if it didn't have the Java download! Please find games that aren't SIM (Ihate those) and that don't require a Java download!!!

not working Not rated yet
how do i get it to work i downloaded java but still not working

great!!!!!! Not rated yet
I think it is great. I live in WI and winter stinks to try to get out by my horses so this game keeps me in touch with the horse world.

not that GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet

HELP Not rated yet
HELP IT DON'T WORK what did you do

BAD! Not rated yet

security code Not rated yet
i cant find the security code. its just pink squigles! ive tried everything, ive put it on paint and made it big! but still nothing what can i do. SOMEONE …

Please somebody help me I don't know what java 2 download! It looks awsome. But I just need help!

How to get your first horse Not rated yet
I made and account and all the places work, but I don't have a horse and I don't know where to get one! can someone hlp so I can play?

I can'r go to the stable,so basically I can't play Not rated yet
I just made an account but when I try to go to the stable it just shows me the "My Horse Club" symbol and doesn't move. Does anyone know how to make it …

Wont work Not rated yet
It looks fun, but it wont load..... :(

excelent!!! Not rated yet
hi i already know it and it is great!!!!

STUPID! Not rated yet

My Horse Club Not rated yet
I like the game, but I can't read the instructions because I can't read that writing.

Secret Code Not rated yet
It means that you have some fake information. Check all your information.

Problems Not rated yet
I would like to say its a good game but i can't because I don't have the new JAVA. I think yous should change it cause some people don't have the new JAVA. …

super fun Not rated yet
i love that game it is really realistic like you are riding a real horse at first it was hard to get on. my advice is you make your computer have a full …

i dunno Not rated yet
well our java thing was too old, but apart from that it looks fun. (i like horses i wish i could ride one by myself)

I think It looks lovely Not rated yet
Well It looks lovely, but I can't get on it to play as a Mac OS X owner. It only works with windows and you have to download firefox and a bunch off …

don't like it Not rated yet
it does not give me a horse....

perfect Not rated yet
i think its awesome

wow Not rated yet
This game is amazing it really does suit me and i will always come back to this website everytime i get bored online and will regret you if you move to …

Amazing Not rated yet
It's an awesome place for your pets to hang

cool game Not rated yet
loved it! brilliant game

I love this game Not rated yet
I love it so much lol well i haven't even joined yet I'm still working on it but its so good looking by just the look at the very first page of it

YOU NEED JAVA Not rated yet
Java is weird like if you don't want java it's not fair................

5 out of 10 Not rated yet
It's a pretty cool game. Good graphics, it's extremely fun riding the horse in Ireland. But you run out of supplies very quickly and it is very hard to …

great game Not rated yet
its a great game, unless you have slow internet (like me!!) that can kinda take the greatness out of it if you have to sit around waiting for it to load. …

horses are the bomb! Not rated yet
its awesome

Awesome Not rated yet
I think my horse club is an awesome way to make young girls and boys that cant ride horses feel like they are part of the horse world

cool Not rated yet
this game rocks so much things to do this is the best horse game

good Not rated yet
i liked it but it needs to load a lot quicker everyone go on it

The Best Horse Club Ever!!! Not rated yet
I really loved this horse club.To many horse lovers please come to this horse club.It's the best horse club ever.

I love it Not rated yet
My horse club is really cool.I love it!

Can't Play Not rated yet
HELP I can't see the code to sign up!

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
i love your new game , but i do not live Australia i live in AZ can you please fix this thanks

rubbish Not rated yet
my dad downloaded all the stuff for it the all it does is shows pictures

AAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
U have to download this JAVA!!!!!! I hate this!!!! I thought this was fun.

My horse club................. Not rated yet
1.Doesn't work. 2.Doesn't load. 3.Those are ponies.

i love horses! :) Not rated yet
i think its cool. i also think that its fun i always wanted to ride a horse!

UMMMM Not rated yet
i cant read french and i cant put my horse in the stable.

Too Slow Not rated yet
Took ages to load and I still have not been able to get on it and when it was three quarters of the way through I moved my mouse and it went back to the …

how Not rated yet
i cannot figure out what the code is on my horse club i think that is what it is called and i want to play if some one reads this please tell me because …

bad Not rated yet
my horse club literally does not understand me I want english it gives me french I want america it gives me russia I cant understand french its a rip off …

Good or Bad? That is the question... Not rated yet
I think My Horse Club is O.K. To me it is actually quite boring. I may not log in much anymore, but that is because it bores me! It bores me because …

make a horse Not rated yet
i like it

review Not rated yet
it looks like an awesome game and has great graphics!!! I have been looking for a game like this to play for several years (haha...not kidding)so i cant …

Huh? Not rated yet
This looked like a really cool game, but then when I logged on, it said it wasn't available on the Mac (which is what I have). HELP!!!!!!!!!!

LOADING TAKING F..O..R..E..V..E..R Not rated yet
looks good but taking forever to load have been waiting over an hour!!!!!!

ok Not rated yet
it takes a while to load...........don't go directly to the site or it will not work. use the link

uio Not rated yet

Java or Javascript? Not rated yet
This game looks amazing, exactly the kind of game I've been looking for! However, it told me my computer needed java so I downloaded it and my computer …

its awsome Not rated yet
its so cool but you shouldn't have to pay for more money.but its still cool. (awseome). THANX =]

Jojo Not rated yet
it doesn't load very quickly but it seems cool and i could play if it would load.

horses  Not rated yet
it's a great game to play and i'm going on it everyday

the best game, but..... Not rated yet
it is so cool but you have to pay for new horses but it is great 5 stars

boo my horse club Not rated yet
it stinks i can't get to the stable

Lill pads Not rated yet
lill pads are a kind of horse do you you know what color they are their body is yellow their mane and tail are black

Too hard too join! Not rated yet
I tried joining but I couldn't it is really hard to join and not worth it!

no Not rated yet
I logged in and everything but when I go to get the horse into the stable it won't let me, all because I don't have stupid java!

NAH Not rated yet
It's all right but the horses get too tired quickly and you can't buy stuff it will be better if you can chat everywhere and walk without the horse in …

WOW Not rated yet
OMG i love this game lol

hey Not rated yet
i think that it looks fun but you have to have java installed on your computer to play i don't have it installed so but if i could play i would probably …

how!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
help how do i read the code i don't see anything in it

annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
i manged to make an membership but you have to have java

BLAAAA Not rated yet
I found out how to jump and now it is being bad. i can't see my horse anymore and can't ride anymore. I already downloaded the things and it worked perfectly …

PPLzz help !!!! Not rated yet
Its reall slow loading and its not my laptop either any 1 got any ideas How i could speed it up?

ok... Not rated yet
I got it working... But, I don't know where the tack shop or stuff like that is. i really want to know. And the game takes FOREVER to load.

horrible Not rated yet
the web page talked french and didn't let me join

L ... o ... a ... d ... i ... n ... g ... Not rated yet
Loading just takes so long...

How? Not rated yet
How can you register if yo can't get the picture password thing right? Note from Sydney: We've had a lot of these complaints. My mom is going to try …

lol Not rated yet
i cant get it to work ....0 stars

horse club Not rated yet
it was good but needed 2 be more faster x x x x

Great, but.. Not rated yet
The graphics are amazing, like you said, but it told me my computer didn't have enough memory space for it! It downloaded java and everything! I was so …

Amazing graphics! Not rated yet
This game is immense. The only thing i can say is wrong with it is the time it takes to load. Which is understandable as the quality of the graphics is …

Great!! Not rated yet
It is great! But where do I get the cards in northern Ky? Plus I don't have a horse yet....But I might like it once I get a horse.

awesome game Not rated yet
it was a good game but do you think could ell me how to work it??haha i just started and it looks really good but I'm confused....and the graphics are …

Very Cool! Not rated yet
Looks awesome! I was able to register, but my graphics card doesn't have enough memory. So I can't really do anything yet. But we got a new computer an …

Amazing Not rated yet
This site shows how mach girl love horses

pretty good Not rated yet
when i went to the paddock, it said that it's not available on a McIntosh. can you please make it available on every computer? then it will make my life …

rubbish Not rated yet
i think that it is really cool but i don't like it that you have to download it (have a look at other websites e.g this is not a horse one but go online …

I stand corrected.... Not rated yet
First things first the game wont even load and now my username is saying "invalid" every single time i try to sign it, even using the instructions "use …

Just a tiny.. (HUGE) problem Not rated yet
Uhhh , you get a horse right? a starter horse. AND starter items, but after those items go away (Sponge, food, anti-septic wipes ECT) you can no longer …

looks good but update stops from playing Not rated yet
it looks like an awesome game but the update on the page stops people from playing it!!!

Java Not rated yet
It won't let me download java! Help me!!!!!

help!!! Not rated yet
It's not letting me play even though i signed up. i really want to play it!!

need fast computer Not rated yet
it probably an awesome game but u need a really fast computer to play. :(

good game Not rated yet
my horse club is a cool game it is quite challenging and i haven't quite worked it out but its still fun. i haven't any tips but when i figure the game …

wellllll Not rated yet
it takes long to load and its in french which i cant understand and it never works it takes too long to load.

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet

i love horses what can i do ??? Not rated yet
My account doesn't work i`ve tried to upgrade my java but it didn't work!!!!!!! so i tried making a new one but i don't know what the picture is meant …

help me! Not rated yet
i don't know how to get graphic space or whatever its called for my graphic card ps I'm a kid help!

horse club critic Not rated yet
I think that the game "my horse club" is very fun and extremely cool, however the game does need to be a bit quicker at loading to keep me interested!

updates Not rated yet
i think you should be a character and move about in the stable like you would in real life

mac users Not rated yet
it looks like a really great game but the only problem is that it doesn't work on macs :( Although it says "is not YET applicable with macs" so hopefully …

cool! Not rated yet
i think that your website is really cool and everthing but i think you shouldn't have made people download it because people might not be allowed and i …

Horrible Not rated yet
It won't load and tells me my computer doesn't have memory. Horrible!!!!

My horse club Not rated yet
Ummmmm it had a LOT of Glitches I would not play it again.

:( no.. Not rated yet
We can't ride a horse, we don't have money, we don't have cluds (horse shoes)! What's the point?! I'm not gonna buy anything, so my parents can yell on …

how do i make Not rated yet
how do i make a stable for my horse?

Nice attempt, but needs work Not rated yet
I'm so glad a horse game is 3-DIMENSIONAL for once!! but the graphics still need a lot of work. Also, it is not good you have to buy cards, especially …

i like horses!!!! Not rated yet
i like the game it is fun and you can make new friends and it is cool you can ride and i love horses!!!!

sylvatire Not rated yet
It looks very interesting but a bit hard to get into. i would luv to play this game everyday.

love itt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
i love it the graphics are amazing its abit tuff at first but u get the hang of things me and my horse are flying over jumps thanx so much 4 this game …

Forever Not rated yet
This has got to be the slowest loading game I've found yet. There is a place showing to sign in but nothing to sign up..I'm giving up 1/2 way into the …


My Horse Club Review Not rated yet
It is very slow and it isn't working for me but the graphics are amazing.

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
this website is awesome its really pretty too! and its cool because i just saw it has bella sara club that website is so cool! THIS WEBSITE IS COOL!!!! …

Awesome! Not rated yet
This game is sooooo cool! It's great for girls who love horses! How did you get it on this site? Thanks so much for putting My Horse Club on the site! …

Watch this video to learn how to show jump in this cool online game!

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