My Horse Club

My horse club was a really amazing online horse game with incredible graphics. But it is no longer available! If I hear any updates I will let you know.

In the meantime, you can find a whole list of fun horse games here

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but it wont let me down load java so i cant play plzzz help Note from Sydney's mom: Shelby - I had to go through some hoops to get it to work on my …

i think that it should be in English ;P because when i sign in and than im on my home page it is in french but my language is set to English ?? what is …

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My Horse Club Not rated yet
it wont let me login someone help me it says internet cannot display thsi webpage

My Horse Club Review Not rated yet
It is very slow and it isn't working for me but the graphics are amazing.

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
this website is awesome its really pretty too! and its cool because i just saw it has bella sara club that website is so cool! THIS WEBSITE IS COOL!!!! …

Awesome! Not rated yet
This game is sooooo cool! It's great for girls who love horses! How did you get it on this site? Thanks so much for putting My Horse Club on the site! …

Watch this video to learn how to show jump in this cool online game!

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