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Important Update! Riding Club is now on Facebook! You can now play Riding Club using a Facebook app. It’s an amazing SIM horse game with great graphics. I have tried in on Facebook and had some trouble with it freezing. I’d love to hear what you think! Please play it using the link below then come back and share your reviews!

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Security Code for Riding Club? 
What's the security code? Note from Sydney: Well, it differs every time someone creates an account. I used Google Chrome to register and didn't have …

Need help with Riding Club 
Does the download do anything to your computer? Does it make it slower? My brother downloaded a game that made the computer realllyyyy slowwwwwww....

Great Game, addicting and fun 
Definitely worth $6.50 for a whole month of unlimited game time. I've been on for a month now, and am not bored yet!

Riding Club Championships! Help! 
do i have to pay to play Riding Club Championships?

This is the coolest site! 
i realy like this website cause ur just around other horsecrazygirls thanks!!!!! maysrider

Love It! - LuckyGurl2 
I think it's a really fun game, but it is disappointing to only have 2 hours of free play. I enjoyed having the instructor tell me what to do (it made …

My computer said that if u downloaded this game u would get this virus DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do i play Riding Club?! 
I made an Account on here and When i clicked on download nothing happen. And then i don't know if I have to buy the play time or not. Looks like a AWESOME …

PAYING THE MONEY IS WORTH IT!!!! Great game!!!! 
Okay this is like the most addicting game ever. It has everything, great graphics- the horses aren't ugly like most sites!, they have show times, practices, …

Paying for this game 
You have to buy game time in this game and it is a rubbish game.

I Need Help With Riding Club 
Hi Sydney, It's me Shreya. I was wondering if I HAVE to download Riding Club to play. My mom and Dad don't let me download stuff on my computer so please …

Best game ever! 
Wow! Amazing graphics, an i'ts so much fun! I don't care how much the membership costs, I love it!

Riding Club: it doesn't work!! 
It didn't work for me, so I was really upset because I had really looked forward to playing it! :( :'(

mine hasnt finished downloading yet but i have a funny feeling its going to say something like ''you cannot play this game'' blah blah :(:(:( FINGERS …

Riding Club 
Don't go on the website it's very confusing to create an account and i couldn't do it so i left it.

Pony Club question - server not available 
I couldn't even play it,it keeps saying "The game server is not available. Please retry register a few minutes later" I do, but it still wont work. …

it took a while to download but it was worth it. i wish i had more time on it. i wish i had more money.

mint game 
the best game ever ! i thought it would be the same as any other, i was absoulutly wrong !!!!!!! i love it so much ! i am saving up for some more game …

I LOVE This!! 
It is the best game ever! I LOVE it! I should save up for the real game!

it's a wonderful game! Unfortunatly, you only get a limited time to play. If I weren't saving all my money for a new saddle, i would SO buy a few more …


HOW TO....... 
Hey Sid, How do you get/play th eRiding Club game?

Are you good at the horse game Riding Club? Share your tips, strategies or cheats for this game here. Just click on the comment link to add your tips.

Riding Club: Free to Play Soon! 
Hey guys! Starting October 1st, RCC will be free to play for everyone! Don't believe me? Read this text from the RCC official website: "We are very …

Need Help with RidingClub 
Okay, so I played the 2 hour trial, and I went to buy more playtime, but.. you can't in Canada?!?! WHAATT! Anybody else have this problem, or am I …

Help! I can't get on Riding Club! 
Why won't it let me on?!?!?!?!?!?!?

wow.......this is a totally amazing game! the graphics are great, the horses are beautiful, every part of it was completely amazing! i went to this site …

Please help me with Riding Club 
please help i cant figure out how to pay in American money does anybody know how to pay if u do pleeeeeease help me i luv this game soooooooooooooo much. …

if i download, do i have to pay anything? Cause i want to download it and play all the time. But i need more info. please help.

Do you need help with the online horse game Riding Club? Post your question here so another player can answer it. If you know the answer, be sure to share …

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Ive played all 2 hours trial and now ive out of playtime.Waaaaaa....What im gonna do??!! My parents would never ever spent just a cent for it.Waaaaaa.....I …

i got on and couldn't play.

Do you need help with the online horse game Riding Club? Post your question here so another player can answer it. If you know the answer, be sure to share …

Are you good at the horse game Riding Club? Share your tips, strategies or cheats for this game here. Just click on the comment link to add your tips. …

Tell us what you think of Riding Club. Just use the comment link below to share your review.

Riding Club Cancelled ...For a Little While Not rated yet
On April 8, 2011 an announcement was made that Riding Club would be cancelled as we know it. They are making a version for Facebook. It will be unlike …

LOVE IT Not rated yet
I adore RCC. Sure, it take time to get to tier 3 but it is sooo much fun talking to other horse lovers, hang out with them and grooming and riding your …

Best MMORPG to-date Not rated yet
Riding Club is the first game I've played that actually lets you ride the horse, while having awesome graphics that even old computers can play! And …

Riding Club is Amazing! Not rated yet
I never knew about this game when it had to be paid for.. so all is good.. it's fantastic! The graphics are great, and its a nice challenge, instead of …

Wow! Not rated yet
I think that's really cool! I did my first real riding club today.

Riding Club Rocks Not rated yet
I didn't have to pay... I just downloaded it!

girlsgogames.com Not rated yet
There is a game similar like Riding Club on this website. It also has all sorts of games but if you click on horse games there is horse eventing 2 it is …

LOVE IT SO MUCH Not rated yet
I love Riding Club so much it is a dream come true! PS. I think saddle club is... Amazing. My life has changed with the saddle club!

SADDLE CLUB ROCKS....... Not rated yet

Riding Club Not rated yet
I don't really think it is good because you can't choose your horse, feed, brush, walk or take care of it.

This game looks SO awesome.. Not rated yet
but my computer is like 7 years old so its really slow xD so when i download it i never have enough room and so it doesn't work. i've been tempted to use …

My Riding Club Review  Not rated yet
Hello! RCC is one of my fave horse games online. My user is babbygirl and I'm on tire 3, 42 achievements completed and my horse is a white one named …

Riding Club: Great Game! Not rated yet
It is awesome! And I thought Howrse was awesome but this is more then awesome on second thought.. You really take lessons even get told what to do,show,care …

Riding Club Please Help Not rated yet
Hi, do you have to pay to play the game? Because my mum and dad won't let me play the game if you have to pay. Note from Sydney: Here's great news for …

Can't Stop Playing RidingClub! Not rated yet
This game is great, it's so fun! I played it for 2 hours straight. It has great graphics and the website is fun. On the website you can create cartoons …

Want to Try RidingClub! Not rated yet
I think it is great! I want a riding club myself and to have my own horses just like in this game that I would like to PLAY!!!!

aspen123 Not rated yet
I love horse and horse games! RidingClub looks fun but I think you must pay for it. Note from Sydney: Aspen, since the 4th of October RidingClub is …

Riding Club Not rated yet
I thought this game would be really good and it probably is but it won't download on my computer!!! It's so frustrating....

Paying? Not rated yet
Oh, man! You have to pay to play? And the 2 hour trail with me will be over fast! Is there anymore 3d horse games that is free besides my horse club??? …

Need Help With RidingClub Not rated yet
Help! How do you actually go on to the game? I've downloaded it but I can't figure out how to go on.

A Riding Club Championships Review Not rated yet
I really love this game. I can't wait for when it's free to not pay because I didn't want my free 2 hours to end!! Outstanding game, the most best graphics …

How to make money in RidingClub?? Not rated yet
How do you make some quick money, (Not real life money,) but money in the game to buy, saddles, blankets etc? I really need some(: Thanks! :D

money Not rated yet
do you have to pay to atually play ?

Loven it..... but then its gone :/ Not rated yet
This game was awsome. It was the best horse game I have ever seen. It was kind of hard but I enjoyed. Me and my friend stayed up all night playing this …

Riding Club Not rated yet
Riding Club rocks! I love it! I have a white horse named Snowflake. I just love Riding club! My username is Horserockgirl.

Please help me with MyHorseClub Not rated yet
Every time i want to play my horse club it tells me i have to download the newest java and i did. but it still won't let me play. Can you please tell …

Awesome!!!! Not rated yet
I thought it was an awesome game, it was so fun!!

Best Game Ever Not rated yet
I love this game. I just hate that you have to pay for the time and it takes forever to download. You should be able to do more activities with your horse. …

Clarissa123 Not rated yet
I love this game! But... It's not free! Why!? I can't play It cause It's NOT FREE.

Help Not rated yet
Does riding club give you viruses???????????? Please help me! Thanks a lot!

Fun games Not rated yet
Fun creative and cool

Omg how can u not love it! Not rated yet
Who cares if its worth money!? Its cheap to! Very cheap, most games like this would be 10, 12 bucks!! So it is soooo worth it!!

i don't get it Not rated yet
it did not work for me

horses Not rated yet
i luv it its soooooooo cool im crazy4 horses im telling mi friend 2

I would like it if no download. Not rated yet
I would like it if no download and pay.

IT STUNK!!!!!!! Not rated yet
It was a hassle getting into the game. I typed in the wrong security code and then I would need to retype my password. I didnt even waist anymore of my …

i dont get the game Not rated yet
i don't know if you have to download it or not because my parents wont let me download stuff.=D Note from Sydney: You have to download the game or buy …

Unhappy "Pay to Play" Not rated yet
It looks good... But I'm not going to bother because you have to pay to play it... :(

The best equestrian game there is! Not rated yet
The graphics & game play are simply amazing! The realistic movements of the horse & the obstacles is second to none, I am thoroughly hooked, I have many …

Riding Club: Having Trouble on Mac Not rated yet
I have a mac and i'm having trouble getting the riding club championships to play

Cool! Not rated yet
i love it! i asked my parents and they allowed me!! this game ROCKSS!!! the website i dont really like is freewebs.com/azarkmountainsminis/

Awsome! Not rated yet
I love riding club! Before I downloaded it, I asked my mother if I can and she said YES!! Whoo thanks for sharing the site!! wow !! awsome!!!!!!

OMG Not rated yet
OMG this website has no chatting only a few games i really did get bored and i wish i hadn't registered now arrrrgggggg

hate it Not rated yet
i am banned from downloading games and some other people r too!!! i hate downloading games like this .!! if it wasn't downloading, then it would be population …

Good looking Not rated yet
this is an awesome looking game! I also love how the horse switches his leads :D

cactus555 Not rated yet
i think its dumb because you have to pay to play >:(

Can't seem to... Not rated yet
I can't seem to find the way to play Riding Club. Do I have to download it?

its good but Not rated yet
it is good and i was having fun till i had to BUY playtime i want a game like this but no paying (with real money)

The Saddle Club Girl Not rated yet
The Riding Club is so fun!I had alot of fun cleaning my horse and making it shine.I also had fun practicing jumping because junping is my favorite thing.I …

Riding Club :( Not rated yet
It doesn't work on my computer because we haven't got the right graphics card :( Not cool! I wish you could just play the game from the website and …

I love the game Riding Club! Not rated yet
I love this game my dad is letting me use his credit card to buy a month to play. But I can't decide which account to use it on. I am thinking about which …

Darlene Not rated yet
i love horses they r really fun and i love the riding games they give me great ideas for when i ride a real horse!

Wow! Riding Club Not rated yet
This game is great! I haven't even finished downloading the actual game yet, but the minigames are fun, too!

I'm kind of new to this game... Not rated yet
Ok, i'm kind of new to this game, so can I refer someone to get more playtime? I have no idea what anything costs, so I don't think I have neough money... …

Game Is Horrible Not rated yet
It SINKS you've got to pay for it to play it and Im not gonna download something to my PC that could give it a VIRUS

great Not rated yet
that looks like such a good game i love horses and lucky i have like 6 of my own!

MY POINT........about Riding Club Not rated yet
it should not be a download game because some can not play it.

=( Riding Club Not rated yet
Im taylor i love this game but.....the real money im 17 and i own 24 horses i love them to death!

;( not working Not rated yet
I was really looking forward to playing it but there was only a video of it. not happy :(

NOT SO GOOD Not rated yet
I loved the graphics and it was heaps of fun but you get like two hours free then you have to buy it soI think it is unfair. I even emailed them and asked …

waiting...for Riding Club Not rated yet
i've been waiting ages and its only loaded 6%!!!

Riding Club Review Not rated yet
I don't like this. I love the game, but I hate how you have to download it. Then once you run out of time, you have to pay for more, it is so un cool!

Hmmmmmm...Riding Club Not rated yet
I am waiting and I have read all the coments and the game sounds good. I just have to wait for my computer to load it. My horse Snoopy a palimino and I …

riding  Not rated yet
i love horses they're so cute i would love to be able to learn how to but i can it cost a lot of money and i wish i could join one with my cousin

riding club Not rated yet
i like it because its good jumping game for all of us

VIRUS!!!!!! Not rated yet
Ok so this game i LOVE it but..... I think it gave our computer a virus!

Bell's home page Not rated yet
hi my name is bell i ride horses and i'm 16 i love my horses i got into the grand nationls. thankyou bell oxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox

Addicting!! Not rated yet
I think this game is very addicting XD i love the beautiful graphics and the realistic activities you can do. My user name is Rurri and my horses name …

My Favorite New Game!! Not rated yet
this is the BEST horse game you can play!! my username is sunsparkle. I would love to cm or rm with you and chat. Hope you join and have fun!!

Don't Go! Not rated yet
I went on it's really boring all u can do is groom, lesson, a show. It's not that fun.

Not Good Not rated yet
I didn't like this because i needed to put in a security code and neither i or my mom knows what that is - but it looked really fun!

REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet

Super fuuuuuuuunn Not rated yet
I think Riding Club is great fun and very hard. I would love to share with my best friend, Sophie.

I loved it Not rated yet
I loved this game. I begged my mom to let me play it. You get to groom them and enter shows. This game is awsome.

jenna Not rated yet
it horrible there wasnt anything to do i wss soooooooo upset when i got on that i only went on 3 times i was very upset. Also you have to download it and …

NO WAY Not rated yet
i dont know what exact recruiter they are looking for but i tries this website and google and it would nnot make my account THUMBS DOWN

Riding Club review Not rated yet
This game is the worst game you can find.

upset Not rated yet
it dont let me on it it cuts off when i am on the first event that is just stupid if i have waited for ages for it to download. so i am :( :( …

My Opinion of Riding Club Not rated yet
I think it is a fantastic idea!

Riding Championships Not rated yet
I think its a terrible game as you have to pay. Then when you do it's not worth the money you pay.

i love it! Not rated yet
i tried the 2hour trial and it felt like 10mins! so much fun! i saved up to buy playtime but i forgot my login info and it wont let me make a new account. …

About Horse Club Not rated yet
Yeah uhhh you have to buy play time and download it people need to make online games like that but for free MONEY DOESN"T GROW ON TREES!

so far... Not rated yet
i havn't finished downloading it but from wat ive seen so far the graphics r amazing!!!!!!!

Great, but Not So Great Not rated yet
It's an amazing game, but I hate that it's not free. I also suggest that you should be able to try the game out for more than just two hours. It has …

SUGGESTIONS Not rated yet
i think you should be ablle to pick your tack idems and tack up your horse yourself! and get to groom them with any type of brushes!!!

the best game ever Not rated yet
riding club is a fun horses game.You get to rid them take care of them and lods of other things so trie it out and have fun.

=] mmmm Not rated yet
=] i wish i wasn't saving for a new saddle then i would be able to buy more time =[

horse lover Not rated yet
i love horse too much and i go to a riding club.

Umm... Not rated yet
I tried playing it and when I opened it it went black then white and then made a error where I had to close it.

Hm Not rated yet
Honestly, I really love it. The graphics are amamzing, and it looks like a lot of fun, but the part that turned me off is that you have to pay for it and …

What I think about Riding Club Not rated yet
I think that Riding Club is just as Sydney said about it... It was really quite annoying because whenever you try and get something right when you practice, …

Riding club problem Not rated yet
I have had a riding club account and it sinks. Yes the game itself I loved but you get 2 hours free playtime then you have to BUY more playtime so you …

I LOVE IT! ZOMG!!!! Not rated yet
I love it! all thugh u have 2 pay to play longer and my mom wont let me so i keep making accounts 2 play lol!

Okay.. Not rated yet
It was pretty fun, but it would be a LOT better if it was free.

Ummmm Not rated yet
well when i tried to download this game, it only told me that you cannot play this game until you get the receiver. i had no idea what that meant but it …

Wow Not rated yet
the grafixx are realli goorrrddd i also added yooh as my recruiter thanks for keeping us updated with the gamess

Thanks Not rated yet
Thanks sydney, Ive waiting for this kinda game For a long,long time.As a gift ive added you as my recruiter.Thanks again!!!!

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