Howrse is a very popular free online horse game. It's a SIM game where you create your first horse or pony, choose a breed, coat, name. Take care of her or him and work on becoming the best breeder.

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Do You Need Help With Howrse? 
Do you need help with the online horse game Howrse? Post your question here so another player can answer it. If you know the answer, be sure to share it! …

I've been on Howrse for 757 days and I'm stil addicted! I love it! The game is changing and becoming better constantly, and its friendly competition …

Howrse is a Great Game! 
I think it's great!! It's the best online game I've played on. You get to trade, train, breed, look after, compete and loads more. I've been on it …

Howrse is Amazing!!! 
This is an amazing website! I have been a member of this website since January 22nd of 2009. It is an amazing place to find people who like to have fun …

Howrse is the Best! 
I think it is the best game ever because it let's you pick the color and breed of your horse and pony and is fun for anybody any age, 0-100!! LOL!

My Review of Howrse 
I have been playing howrse for almost a year, and I know lots of little tricks. My username is chessi27, feel free to message me! I am a horse …

I LOVE Howrse!! 
I've been on howrse for about 893 days and I absolutely love it! While it is a little hard to get started, there are a ton of people who are willing to …

Howrse Review 
I think this game is quite great. I love the way you get to lay out a specific training program for your horse. I do think they need more disciplines …

Question about Equus! (And my opinion on the game) 
I was just wondering..... how do you get equus?! Is it just by selling horses and boarding them? Please answer! Btw, I'm Lucky*Star*, feel free to message …

My favorite horse game 
I have tried several of the horse games listed, and howrse is my favorite. If anybody needs help getting started I can answer almost any question about …

Howrse is great but I have a question! 
I really love Howrse and I think it is a fantastic game!! I love doing the auctions, I think thats the best part because its so competitive and there's …

Howrse is AMAZING! 
I have been on howrse for almost 200 days! I love it so much but agree it is hard to get started. I advise players that are starting that they get a mare …

This is fun, 4 questions about howrse 
this game is very fun! but i have a few questions. 1: how do you earn equus? 2: how do i buy another horse? 3:how do i get passes? 4: once i get a mare, …

Howrse: What the heck is a godfather ? 
I was trying to make a horse and it said the godfather doesnt exist! What is a godfather? help me sos!

Howrse is a totally wicked game! I luv it a lot, but it is very restricted (like someone reviewed) because u have 2 have money 2 buy passes and items from …

yah i have a question about Howrse.... 
why cant i buy some black market items on howrse? thanx i need help!!! use me as a sponser im roxygrl21

Howrse addiction 
I have to admit, I am definitely addicted to howrse! I can't go on a day with out going on, well except if I'm stuck with homework xD but that's not the …

Howrse - The free online horse sim game 
Howrse is a free online horse game as the title says. You start out by creating a horse or pony, breed, name, and gender. You all decide that. And Howrse …

Howrse question 
I play it and i love that game. I am just wondering how to get a Slephirn. I have been playing for 170 days and have not yet found out how to get one.

I absolutly love howrse, acctually you could say i am addicted to it! Please add me or message me! i'm rileyhoover11 yeah!!

log in 
I thought that "howrse" was very hard to log into,I could not find a press code and it kept coming up with something about a godfather thing.I didn't like …

im experienced and love it 
i have an account- kellyhorse i have been playing for over 400 days and i love it.

howrse very awesome 
I think that howrse is the best online game that you can play!!!!!!!!! It's awesome, and very addicting.!.!

Howrse is the best online game! 
Howrse is the best online game. I have tried a lot of those other horse games but none even come close to Howrse. It is awesome! If you ever get an account …

My Fave! 
horwse is my fave horse game. There are tests where you can answer horse questions and there's loads of competitions!"

Share Your Tips For Playing Howrse! 
Are you good at the horse game Howrse? Share your tips, strategies or cheats for this game here. Just click on the comment link to add your tips.

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QUICK SUMMARY OF GAME A while ago I joined HOWRSE. Its a very nice game and a kindly player named Georgina R gave me some help with her site (we'll …

I am disappointed with Howrse! 
My horse was only 1 year and 8 months, I was doing aging things and then he passed away. I think the game is FAR, FAR to hard. It is difficult and boring, …

Something Nice to say about Howrse 
I've been a member for 128 days, i am building up a breeding farm just for "fiesions" (i can't spell it) SO FAR I GOT two females and three males i am …

I Love Howrse 
Howrse is by far the absolute best horse game on the internet. I am definitely addicted! Haha. It is a little confusing at first but they have a new tutorial …

Howrse Is Really FUN 
It is Great I get on it every day you raise horses from birth then if your horse is a girl she can give birth at a certain age you can buy horses ton but …

Howrse Game and sponsor 
Howrse is a really fun game. I first saw it as an advertisement on another site I play on (don't remember which one) and now I play it and really like …

Howrse = Awesomeness! 
Howrse is a very fun game! At the beginning, it is very hard to figure out how to take care of your horse. So they've simply revamped the site, and …

I HATE HOWRSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )= 
i think its horrible because i cant buy cards and it takes my money and for example i had 700 dollars on there to get the new colt that i need to buy the …

My Howrse Review -- Love It! 
I think Howrse is the best game EVER. I recommend it for kids age 6+. It is a bit boring at first because you can't ride it when it is a foal. I've been …

Howrse is OK. I mean, it's not the best but it isn't the worst.

The Best Horse Game Ever! 
HOWRSE is awesome!! I love my horse.... Everything is... AWESOME!!!!

Howrse review  
howrse is a great game to play reasons why? you learn how to breed horses , train them , earn passes and horses and even bm items , you also learn people …

It is sooooooo boring. You do nothing but click and type. then you stay on one page the w-h-o-l-e t-i-m-e!!!!! Except when signing it up for something …

Howrse review 
it is a fun game but it is restricted....

to howrse people 
howrse is amazing it is just that a godfather did not show me howrse it is just that once i was playing a game and i saw howrse one the right of my game …

i hav been loged on for so lond i hate it 
one word .....BORINGallyou do is click my mom loved it until she sarted ta play on facebook PS i will slow down your computer

Howrse is so Cool! Not rated yet
I am 10 years old and I always play. My mum actually recommended it to me. It is sooooooooooooo fun!!!

Howrse is AWESOME Not rated yet
I didn't really like the beginning, since they didn't have the choice of a Marwari horse. So I chose a different breed, finished the quests and started …

HOWRSE Not rated yet
Howrse is really fun. I'm on it every day. I have 2 howrses. I hope lots of people join. Howrse is class!

Howrse ROCKS Not rated yet
It takes a little while for you to get the hang of it, but pretty much all Howrse players are MAJOR fans of the game. It's soooo fun!

GO HOWRSE!!!!! Not rated yet
I've been on howrse for three years and I love it!!

I love Howrse! Not rated yet
I am Foal96 on the Australian version, I breed purebred Spanish horses I admit I'm addicted! Love my horses

Howrse ROCKS!! Not rated yet
I like Howrse. I think that quests are really cool. My foal "Willow" is so cute. I really don't know what else to say, other than Howrse ROCKS!!!

Howrse is Amazing! Not rated yet
I have been playing on Howrse really for a long, long time, probably since it first came out, only I can't stay on one account for a long time! (I need …

AWESOME!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
I love Howrse! It is the most fun game ever! I am on riding level 5 and have 20 horses. You can buy items out of the black market with passes (passes …

Outstanding! I wouldn't say no to it! Not rated yet
I was five, and I had only recently heard my Dad had found me a horsey game to play on. I didn't have Dexter, my real life pony, back then of course but …

Howrse... Best thing ever! Not rated yet
I truly think Howrse is an amazing website! I mean, you get to socialzse and have fun at the same time. There is something about Howrse that makes it addicting. …

Love HOWRSE! Not rated yet
Howrse is so awesome! I am called thunderjewels on the game. Add Me!

SO MUCH FUN!!!! Not rated yet
Howrse is a really great game. It needs a little bit more to do though, but I'm not sure what! :)

Cool Not rated yet
Luv howrse! I have lots of equus!!!!!!

AMAZING! Not rated yet
I LOVE this game and the people who made howrse also made a virtual baby care game! It's such an amazing game which I would recommend to my friends who …

Howrse is Great!!! Not rated yet
Howrse is a really good game. I just love it. If you want to use me as your sponsor, my name is thepest. Don't forget to check out my stories on this site. …

I wish Not rated yet
I wish like many other people must that howrse was a moving picture game and if it was it wouldn't be a cruddy one. I also just began yesterday on the …

Akhal-Tekes are at Howrse! Not rated yet
OMG! They totally changed howrse!

Two thumbs up! Not rated yet
Howrse is great! It is fun, but it is lacking a couple things: 1. You can take care of your horses by pressing buttons - you don't actually groom them, …

Not so good Not rated yet
It is a bit hard to care for the horses on Howrse, it's easier to care for horses in real life. Also, it is not free, passes are like $30.

Howrse is awesome! Add me its TILLY2010.

I Love It! Not rated yet
I really like Howrse but you have to take very good care of your horses because if their energy, moral and health get to low they pass away and you have …

Awesome Howrse!!!!!! Not rated yet
I play HOWRSE every night and I just think it's the coolest horse game ever. To use me as your sponsor my name is thepest. Have fun playing!!!

Howrse Totally Rocks! Not rated yet
Howrse totally rocks! I'm picalina123. Contact me! I love the graphics and you can chat too. It's my favorite game ever!!!

HOWRSE IS AWESOME!!!! Not rated yet
Howrse is such a great game!!! Use me as a sponsor = x0xMiss.Krisx0x :D. I'm online regularly and I always help ppl out :D

Brill Howrse  Not rated yet
I think Howrse is awesome! I am called TILLY2010... pm me :)

DUSTYLUVA Not rated yet

My Opinion on Howrse! Not rated yet
Well it was fun at first but I got bored. How do you get a ranch and or buy horses? Plus I don't see what you really do so for me it's old and boring. …

I Wouldn't Join... Not rated yet
I have played howrse ever since it first began (in 2007 if I recall correctly). I have gone through a few user names furring that time. When I first …

Howrse is Great! Not rated yet
I think Howrse is great and wonderful. It can really educate you on horses! I think Howrse should consider to bring Zorses to Howrse! I also think they …

Need an EC Not rated yet
Need an EC? Do you have a Canadian horse? Then PM canadabreeder about joining Running Aces Horse Farm. This farm only houses her horses and people who …

Howrse Rocks! Not rated yet
Hi, I LUUUURVE! If anyone wants to be my friend on howrse, my username is Mockingbirdie. I also have an EC with spaces, !Pretty Pony Palace! …

Howrse is Amazing! Not rated yet
Best game in the universe, I love it so much!!!!! I play it like 5+ hours a day! And I am in a top GP group :D

OMG Not rated yet
I love Howrse! I go on it every afternoon! When you start playing howrse the game is a little tricky but you get the hang of it. The game does get …

How to get EQUUS Not rated yet
Here's how to get Equus.. Go to Profile at the top of the screen and it will give some options. Scroll down to my job and click on it then pick where …

Howrse Review Not rated yet
Howrse is an amazing game, I recommend it to everyone who loves horses and is interested in breeding. I've been playing for a long time now and I run …

Howrse is Okay Not rated yet
I didn't love this game because you can't do much when you first start out. I easily lost my interest. But I did like how you could make your own horse. …

Howrse Not rated yet
It's quite good. But you should be able to ride the horse, control it and see what you are doing.

Howrse All Good? Not rated yet
I used to love this game, but now they are getting on my nerves.

HOWRSE ROCKS!!!!! Not rated yet
I think howrse is BY FAR the best virtual horse game i'v ever played. My user name is 1st Fair Girl feel free to mail me I love to chat. P.S i used …

My Pony Not rated yet
My pony on HOWRSE died yesterday, he was 21 years old and had been covered 9 times...

Howrse is fun but.... Not rated yet
It's a fun game, but can be at times, very confusing...

Howrser! Not rated yet
I have been playing howrse for over 2 years and have been connected over 500 days. I love howrse. If I ever get bored playing it eventually I go back …

:D Not rated yet
I simply adore Howrse!! It keeps me in touch with me horse crazed friends, while dealing with my own pixelized howrse's!! ~Keep doing what your doing!! …

How do u get a unicorn? Not rated yet
I luv horse but i really want a unicorn! how do u get it?

horses Not rated yet
I don't have a god father so I hate that I can't get in because of it

AWESOME!! Not rated yet
I was addicted to this game for a year. I stopped going on the computer so i grew less fond. They have updated the website so it should be cool for 1st …

Awsome and Addicting Not rated yet
I am totally addicted to howrse. If you need a sponsor type in my username:soulhoof Join howrse today!

Thanks Not rated yet
Thanks for the tips. I have been trying to create an account for AGES and i have been looking for tips to make an acount, Sofar your tips have been the …

Chanstarlight2's reveiw Not rated yet
I think that howrse is the best game ever if you like horses,most of my friends do. One day my best friend said i shoud try it out and i did now im adicted …

confusing Not rated yet
i cant even figure out how to take the first riding test!!! and my horse is 4 years old i need more horses but i cant get them

Meh Not rated yet
Howrse was my first horse sime experience, and needless to say, it was fun at the time. Recently, I've stopped playing. Too few people take time to read …

this is so mayjorly cool Not rated yet
ive been playing on hawrse 4 years!!! its not complex once you know your horse facts and the game. my username is Zhenea. you can find me and send me a …

ansawers 2 the q. below Not rated yet
1 u have a job 2 u have to be at riding level 2, and go 2 trade, then click the microscope. then bid lots of times 3you go 2 my account then my passes …

great! Not rated yet
i have been playing howrse for 131 days and i ony bye female horses over the age of 2 years. my name on howrse is CraZy4Horses if you wanted to know. here …

no so much. . . Not rated yet
Not a fan. You never get to ride interact or feed your horse its just a picture that stands there and needs food. Then when you think your doing a good …

Yawns Not rated yet
Howrse is as booooooring as lectures!Comment on this plz. come on all u do is press buttons

MY FAV Not rated yet
This is one of my favorite online horse games! you can take care of horses, donkeys, unicorns, etc. it is great! you can always use geigergirl12 as your …

Great Game Not rated yet
i think Howrse is a great game. it allows you to breed, train, and compete horses. Howrse is quite realistic even though they have "Black Market items" …

Howrse... AHHMAZINGG!! Not rated yet
The BEST horse game I've seen so far, literally. If you're a younger person who enjoys animation and stuff, maybe you'd enjoy a different game, but howrse …

LOVE IT!!! Not rated yet
ok so the first couple of days it is confusing but once u get the hang of it it rocks!!!!!!!!! oh and i have a pregnant mare how much money do i need before …

Howrse is amazing Not rated yet
I think,as many probably do,that howrse gives people who wouldn't be able to own a horse,such as myself,the chance to know at least partially what it is …

BRILLIANT Not rated yet
Howrse is Brilliant you can buy a foal then feed and do competitions to get money in other words it is lost for words!

Howrse is Awesome Not rated yet
If your already registered I am RacingBelle and please board at my center and horwse ROCKS!!!!

Howrse Fun! Not rated yet
All I have to say is FUN! to describe it. (P.S. My user name is Tahiri123, and I'd be glad to have you as my friend!)

yuppp Not rated yet
yuppp it IS a fun game though it gets qutie dull at time i wish theyd put more things to do with your horse I have a lot a fun and learn new things about …

Love it . Not rated yet
I have been playing Howrse for a while now. And im Hooked. :) Its really good. Would recommend it to any horse loving Girl or Boy.

Awesome! Not rated yet
I love this game. It is very slow at first when you only have one horse, but the longer you play the more opportunities are opened up to you. The only …

Awesome! Not rated yet
I love this game. It is very slow at first when you only have one horse, but the longer you play the more opportunities are opened up to you. The only …

ace  Not rated yet
this is the best game eva

i love howrse! Not rated yet
i love howrse because it a great website but there is some stuff i dont know how to do can u help me plz.well i dont know how to train my horse shasta. …

my fave horse game! Not rated yet
This horse game is amazing, and you don't have to become a member for anything. On a lot of sites, you have to become a member to do certain things. Not …

Howrse Crazy Not rated yet
I really love playing on Howrse. It is very challenging at first. It becomes more fun as you go along.

go. Not rated yet
nice good love it .

AWSOME Not rated yet
it is a great site and not like and its graphics are vivid it take very little time for the site to load and its very interesting with all the riding levels! …

RUBBISH!!!!!  Not rated yet
Its just pointless clicking and its so-o-o-o boring. why cant they make it so you can actually do something?!?!? I give it a 0/10

Great Game you Should Join!! Not rated yet
This is definitely one of the Best Horse Sim games I have ever played. My favorite part is that you can play just for fun or you can compete with the best …

Great Game you Should Join!! Not rated yet
This is deffinatly one of the Best Horse Sim games I have ever played. My favorite part is that you can play just for fun or you can compete with the best …

Great Game you Should Join!! Not rated yet
This is deffinatly one of the Best Horse Sim games I have ever played. My favorite part is that you can play just for fun or you can compete with the best …

Howrse Player Not rated yet
i am a player on howrse and really like it!! i agree that it is hard to get started but you can go to a trusted older player- i recommend Chestnutmare223- …

Howrse-Probably one of the best horse games ever!!! Not rated yet
I love and have been on it ever since the day it came on-line.The members are very nice, helpful, and respectful.You get to send pm (private …

Howrse Rocks!!! Not rated yet
Hi, I'm Zozo1999 onhowrse. Howrse is the best horse game online! over 4 million players!

Howrse IS the BEST Not rated yet
Howrse is a great game and the good thing about it is that it changes so we never get bored. My fav part about Howrse is that you get to make your own …

HOWRSE!! Not rated yet
It rocks! I have been playing on it for years. It is the best place to go i love it and i hope you do too. I have a pegasus and a unicorn a pony and all …

Howrse is awesome, soooooo fun! Not rated yet
Howrse is so fun i just started my game again..... i don't have any new friends so that would rock if you could message me at ~*ARABIAN*~ on howrse!! …

Pretty Good From *HorseGoddess* Not rated yet
CHECK ME OUT I AM *HorseGoddess* I haven't been playing for long, and I think its great but warning: If you don't know a lot about horses, learn about …

??howrse?? Not rated yet
i love howrse but after you take care of your horse(s)there is nothing more that you can do unless you fix up your equestrian center but once your done …

wooow Not rated yet
it is stupid

Howrse is great Not rated yet
Howrse is brill!

Great! Not rated yet
Great Guys! I am now over 595 day old. I breed Thoroughbreds now and have sold most of my unicorns. I have around 200 000 and 5 passes. My username is …

CSS layouts for Not rated yet
I've played Howrse for 110 days and I've created a Club very small but im hoping it will grow anyhow I made a website for our club on Freewebs but i hate …

Howsre Not rated yet
this is a great game to play on. If you love horse and caring for animals this a great game for you you get to to caring for your own horse and let it …

Howrse Rocks Not rated yet
Hi everyone howrse rocks the peeps are all so friendly and helpful.I think it is the BEST horse game ever my username is katherine345 .If u r new 2 howrse …

i cant get my horse dewormed why?????????  Not rated yet

howrse people Not rated yet
The mods are mean and the game is boring, but i love the forums and the people! coco x

It is Good! Not rated yet
I have played Howrse for over 250 days. I got sick of it after a while though. It is hard to get the horses trained, for me, because my horses die!! :( …

HOWRSE REVIEW Not rated yet
i have been playing howrse awhile, and it is fun and addicting! but the one thing that i hate and you have to be really carefull about this you can play …

I ABSOLOUTLY LOVE howrse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since I started playing 52 days ago. I love the friends I make and pm. I like the horses and stuff like that, …

Howrse is awesome Not rated yet
I think howrse is a really great game! Both me and my mom play howrse and we both think its a really good game, thinks its awesome and both love the game …

Howrse is awesome! Not rated yet
Hey! I've been playing howrse for 209 days and I'm still playing. it's really awesome that you get to breed them and train each of the stats. I love it …

Howrse Game Review Not rated yet
Howrse is a Great Game! In Howrse, you get to have your Very Own Horse or Pony, name it, and take care of it. As it grows up you will get many Surprises …

Great Website! Not rated yet
Howrse is really fun and has great things for everyone of all ages to do! I think some things could be better so if you are member check out Feedback …

i need helpp! Not rated yet
its saying i need a press code what is the press code ? xx

My Favorite Game! Not rated yet
I love howrse! i login every day for 48 days so far its a great game i think with very nice graphics! I am breyerluver135

Howrse. . . Not rated yet
Howrse- the most amazing horse game ever. . . once you get past the stages of only having a foal. My message is 'stick with it!'.

Thanks but - not thanks! Not rated yet
bad actually, far far too much reading to start off with - and I'm adult. So it's a complicated game, doesn't mean it can't be put in simple terms over …

Amazing <<<<<<<< Not rated yet
I have played on horse for years !!!! I think im on my 417th day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great sign up, use ruby-loo as you sponser !!! Click directorys, …

Amazing!!! Not rated yet
I think Howrse is AMAZING!!! It is so much fun! I love it!!!!!

howrse is cool!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
i love howrse,i cant level so.I play for 64 day.So fun. My name is deejo and if you want add me or help me.

AMAZING Not rated yet
Howrse is an awesome game. Try it out!

Howrse the best Not rated yet
I think howrse is THE BEST online game in the world, I admit that it's confusing when you first join, but after you are on there for about 90 days it starts …

Love it Not rated yet
Howrse is a fantastic game that almost anyone can play. It is not one of those games you actualy ride the horse but you have to think about what you do …

Could be better... Not rated yet
I think that could be ALOT better! Some people that I know have the best ideas ever for Howrse. And the fact that you have to acually BUY passes, …

The BEST Sim Game Ever!!!! Not rated yet
i have been on howrse for 398 days in counting , and i love it so much its the perfect way to get away and go into your own little howrse world:) i know …

Awsome Not rated yet
I love howrse it rocks!! But if you want to buy passes to get your horse cool things it cost REAL money or 50 days on howrse and you can buy some with …

Add me to your friend Not rated yet
My nname is fredis2hot and i have the cutest pony it's a chincoteague is 1 yr. 2 months.

this is awsome  Not rated yet
i have been a player for over 2 years now it is so much fun.

BIG FAN!!!! Not rated yet
im a BIG member i love it if you went to be frieds my user is lola71797

Press Codes Stink! Not rated yet
Howrse is stupied! i need help getting a press code to register but i can't do that because of press codes. If you know one plz can you tell me thnx x

Howrse Rocks! Not rated yet
This site ROCKS!!! It's really cool, you get to buy and sell horses. And you get a job to support them. You buy food, medicine and more awesome stuff! …

cool Not rated yet

i luv it Not rated yet
its sooooo awesome i started a new account but ive played before

S.O.S Not rated yet
what is a promo code help please and can you give me one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

amazing!$$$ Not rated yet
<3<3<3<3<3howrse is one of the most fun games i have ever played on the enternet! if you decide to get a howrse please message me if you have any questions …

Interesting! Not rated yet
Howrsee is intersting. But I don't get why they put Mythical Creatures on Howrse, but they want to make Howrse like you actually own a horse! Its stupid! …

Howrse is Ok Not rated yet
I have been playing Howrse for 320+ days (it could have been way closer to 400 but i quite for 3 months). I only came back because one of my friends from …

good Not rated yet
i'm been playing howrse for 60 days and now i need to sponser someone so if you do start please put rhiaart as your sponser

Howrse is the best!!! Not rated yet
Oh my gosh! I love this game so much!!!! I play it every day. I used to have four horses but now I only have two because one of my horses died from exahsution …

My experience on howrse so far Not rated yet
its fun and cool and EVERYONE i told about howrse and joined are CRAZY about it. if u look up my page(account), bellapal12 i have a website for howrse …

Howrse is so AWESOME!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
I absolutely love love love It is so much fun. You can take care of your own horse. You can get foals. You can train and compete with your …

great............................... Not rated yet
it's there nothing like it that's free! i have been on it for 45 days and you should send me a e-mail on howrse!my user name is :HORSEZ2 and i have a another …

The best computer game Not rated yet
I Think that Howrse is a great game that every one should play! It is a fun experience for kids who don't have a horse!I think if you never played on Howrse …

Wowza! Not rated yet
Howrse is brilliant! So far I'm on achievement level 3 (Enthusiast) and I'm moving towards 4! I have: *Placed horse in the SH (Safe Haven) *Covered …

LOVE IT Not rated yet
This is my favorite of all the games!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skye Not rated yet
Howres is cool but a couple day be four, my horse died on there and, that's a bit sad.

what Not rated yet
i can not loging!

Careful! Not rated yet
It is lots of fun! But dont age your foal to much at one time or it will die of exhaustioun! It will become two months older each day. (in real life) …

I Love Howrse Not rated yet
I Love the game, you do need to read quit a lot of stuff but is such a cool game. My be its a but more for older more coferdent readers and sumone with …

HOWRSE IS AWSOME! Not rated yet
i think it is awsome but i wish i was a little like my horse club! my screen name on howrse is AnnaHispano744 !

i didn't like it!!! Not rated yet

Robinsgirl Not rated yet
Howrse is very addicting,but it doesn't let you become addicted to it. I know confusing, but I will try to explain. Howrse allowes you to come online, …

Howrse rocks! Not rated yet
I have something like 28 horses, dont bid on a howrse if you can't afford it! Thats how you loose karma points. Don't put your howrse to bed with less …

create your own house for a horse  Not rated yet
i like horses

Howrse not so great Not rated yet
I don't enjoy this type of game, because I would rather have a game where when you want to brush your horse, you brush it. I'VE PLAYED BETTER GAMES!!!!! …

*****Howrse Not rated yet
it was good .I enjoyed it very much but be warned: its addicting in many ways.

LOVE IT Not rated yet
I already play it, but I LOVE it. I have to tell everyone! I am HORSEY!@#$% and my friend is Princess Cutie2. But, my friends internet is down right now …

my review Not rated yet
its a fun game but i want my horses to age faster and just because you don't take care of your horse every day you do not get paid.

That is Right Not rated yet
howrse is hard at first that is true. I play on it and my name is Lady Light. It take alot of time to figure out the way to play. Basically, it is like …

BEST GAME IN THW WORLD!!!! Not rated yet
OMG! I played on here for sooo long, I've had 12 accounts (all of which have been deleted) My current one is haileykona15. I am pretty experienced with …

GOOD GAME Not rated yet

COOL COOL COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet

I love the game however they could make it a little more realistic by letting us actually do stuff other then sitting and staring at there picture and …

Great Not rated yet
I Have Been Playing This Game For 60 Days Not One Day Have I Not Been off it its great

awsume Not rated yet
awsume awsume awsume

Howrse is amazing! Not rated yet
I love it! I've been on for over 300 days and am not even a little bit bored. It's so cool because it's realistic, but there aren't any graphics that …

coooooool Not rated yet
its cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Umm.. Not rated yet
Its great, but it started messing up my computer, so I don't play it anymore. You get to enter your howrse in contests.

Complex or Easy? Not rated yet
At first Howrse can be confusing. And you may not play much till you reach your 40th-100th day. But it's worth it. Howrse moderators will keep you busy …

Great Game! Not rated yet
Some horse games are too realistic to be any fun. Others are too cheesy to be taken seriously. Howrse is just right. I've been playing Howrse for about …

i love horses Not rated yet
i haven't played it yet daa

Meh Not rated yet
Meh, it was mediocre at best. It would be better if it didn't cater to spending real money on passes, and allowed you to do more instead of having …

Howrse Rocks Not rated yet
Howrse is the best horse game ive ever played, ive been on for 79 days. My login is blazingred, so if you ever get an account on howrse you can talk to. … Not rated yet
I like it exept for the part you have to pay for aging points...

howrse is the best  Not rated yet
i think howrse is the best horse sim game on the internet!!!I LOVE HOWRSE!!!!

Howrse Rocks!!! Not rated yet
I've been playing horse for at least a year, and I plan to play it even longer. The point of is to train and breed horses to be the best. …

Best Game EVER!  Not rated yet
I LOVE howrse! I've been playing it for a long time now and I LOVE it!

KOOL Not rated yet
I love this game!

IT ROCKS! Not rated yet
I have 1 horse on it named shadow. I like when you get to go to a new riding level. It's awesome for people who luv horses!

Howrse.!!! Not rated yet
I love howrse! It is soo much fun! It is a bit confusing at first, but once you get started and get the havg of it, it is alot of fun! The one thing that …

It's OK Not rated yet
It was a bit boring...

Best Game Ever Not rated yet
Howrse is the best game I have ever played with your first horse it talks you through it so no need to worry you won't have to figure it out on your own …

The best!! Not rated yet
This iz like the best game out there!! i luuuuuvvvv it!!! its sooo much fun & you can breed your horses & sell your horses (once u get to level 2) & buy …

dont no Not rated yet
i don't know what to put for sponsor because sydama doesn't work. Kayleigh -- my bad. I changed my account. Use sydneynlily. But you don't have to enter …

Kissygal Not rated yet
It's fun, but after 120 days there was nothing to look forward to.

Guna Not rated yet

High rated player of Howrse gives info Not rated yet
Howrse was better and I should know, I have been on it for 243 days. It has just changed from its 1st version to the 2nd version. There has been a lot …

I love it to death!!!! Not rated yet
I have played howrse for over 2 years. I have had six accounts which have all been deleted. Right now I have TreeLake1, and OMG is it my best one or what??? …

Trere Not rated yet
I think it's great but I can't play it.

This game is so cool!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
Howrse is one of the coolest games i have ever played. I have 2 quarter horses and a friesian.

Okay Game Not rated yet
It's a okay game, it gets boring after awhile.

howrse it's123456karianarobb Not rated yet
hello it's 123456akrianarobb thanks for inviting me on howrse i really love your website thanks again bye. from:123456karianarobb love:123456karianarobb. …

Howrse ROXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
Howrse is awsome. Why do people not like it? It is fun. Howrse just made new things and they have friesians now.

Jumping Over Fences Not rated yet
I love horses so do you do you? I love horses guess what you'll never guess I went to Sappony Creek Farm! And guess what I get to steer my very own horse …

It rox my sox!!! Not rated yet rox!!!! I recommend it for everyone. It's a simple easy game to play and I get hooked on it for ages!! I absolutely love it. It's not just …

The okay game for all ages Not rated yet
There's is a selection of horse and pony breeds and each is represented with a picture. It's a pretty basic game, but quite competitive as well when it …

Lol Not rated yet

Howrse - addictive Not rated yet
Howrse is a great game where you breed and look after your own horses. It's great in many ways as you start off with a foal and it will grow up and then …

its fun Not rated yet
this is the most fun game ever

horsesrok Not rated yet
i think it rokz

Amazing Not rated yet
I have been on howrse for 291 days, I have 36 horses, and I'm still finnding out new things. It's realistic and give you the responsibility to be able …

i<3it  Not rated yet
this game is great !

This is so, so coool Not rated yet
I think this is really cool because it is so, so fun in all ways with all the contests!!

howrse - luv it Not rated yet
It's so great i luv it

Breeds Not rated yet
It's not bad, but I hope they'll add more breeds...

love it Not rated yet
I hove Howrse and Horseisle! I have a quarter horse named Tanner. He is a bay horse. Tanner is 27 years old!

fun game! Not rated yet
It's a fun game where you get to look after a horse, and at first it's hard to figure out but you'll catch on!"

best game ever Not rated yet
I think that howrse is the best game ever! If you like interactive moving pictures this isn't the game for you but its really fun. the only thing is …

Howrse is awesome! Not rated yet
you meet new people that love horses just like you.I certainly love it! If you have any questions you can go to forum. you can have Pegasus, immortal horses …

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