Horseland has millions of members. It's very popular. There is even an animated TV show!


I liked Jr. version a lot, but I haven't spent a lot of time on this one yet. I think it's good that you can choose your horse, its name, and then ride it and jump it.

It would be better if they let you make your horse like you want it to look, choose what your person looks like, and if the jumping wasn't quite as hard. What do you think?

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Horseland vs Howrse 
While I'm not as big of a fan of horseland as I am of howrse, I still like playing it. While some of the people in the World can take role playing to all …

Why I Like Horseland 
Horseland has lots of good and princessy things and we by stuff from there and toys and shiny things from horseland that is why I like horseland and there …

About Horseland 
I use to love horseland and play it every day for hours and hours until they did the new changes now the game isn't realy worth to even try to play I have …

The new horseland is horrible!!! My daughter is 5 years old and can't do the new one on her own! it is boring for her! the old one was fun for …

Put HorseLand Jr Back On..! 
hayy everyone im sure yous hate the new horseland world right..? well i want it back so we who love horseland jr can play it.. yes i no you still get …

The new Horseland Stinks! 
I like the old Horseland WAY better. The new Horseland is...weird, and it's WAY too hard to earn money. Plus it is basically made for the people who pay. …

The old horseland was the best!!!! Granted, sometimes it got slightly tedious, but thats just reality! I loved how down to earth it was. I designed pro …


I think that horseland is very cool? I love horseland because it a cool game.

this is such a cool game!i could chat with friend,race with friends and lots of other stuff.COOL GAME!

Horseland used to be the best horse sim out there... That was until they changed it to match the junior game. The admins made changes that no one on the …

THE HORSE RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

i luv horseland it is soooo cool 
horseland is really fun i love chili and chloe they are my fave, and i love taking chili 4 a trail ride.

I think the original Horseland game was inspiring to young horse lovers, it was there change to talk to people with experience. HL was more than a game, …

what? change it! 
howdy horseland and horseland members! i LOVE horseland! and i love the tv show!(even though i have to watch it on the computer and that's hard, you know, …

I LOVE HORSELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Dear Horseland, I love all of your games and everything else. I named my horse Sugar Apple. It is the Black Arabian. I love jumping her and caring for …

Horseland is really fun and I love it!! 
Hi my name is Mariah im 9 years old.I love this website!!Its GREAT!! I love it!! How old are you? My favorite animals are horses!! What about you? …

the best horse game ever!! 
horseland is an amazing game! i own every horse and it's just the game i would recommend for other kids like me! it's like you own a real horse believe …

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Horseland JR 
I love the old horseland jr! But I don't like the new one. Bring back the old horseland jr!

I LOVE Horseland world ! 
I just joined Horseland world a week ago, and I have 2 stallions, and a female dog! Horseland world is where I go when I'm bored! I think this place …

Horseland is fun 
Horseland is fun. You can own a horse or a dog of any breed and breed them. Even though its more like a rp game then an interactive game. A lot of people …

Old Horseland 
For those of you who are asking what "Old Horseland" is, it is a time (I think before summer 2008 or around that time) when the game was entirely 2D. We …

What's the old horseland? 
What the heck is the old horseland? The last time I played on there it was sucky and you couldn't even ride your horse!! So What is the old horseland?

Why Do We Need A flash player? 
Why do we need it? really? i mean what the heck! we didnt need it before!! how stupid!

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It's great 
Horseland Jr got some new things to do like trail rides with your friends and if your 13 or older you can go in to horseland and play a 3D jumping game. …

I haven't made it because i can't find the log in SOOO so far i hate it

New horseland stinks! Not rated yet
I'm 13 and I have made an account on horseland world but I deleted it after one day of playing - that's how bad it is. I want the old horseland BACK …

Horseland is OK Not rated yet
I think that horseland is pretty cool, but it again, like howrse, does not let you play groom, feed, etc. Buying clothes can be expensive, and some of …

B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!!! Not rated yet
Horseland is really boring. I don't even know what to do on it.

Want Horseland JR? Read Here! Not rated yet
Hey girls! I noticed many of you aren't happy with the new horseland. So I found a way to get HL jr back: go to Google and write horseland jr and click …

AWESOME!! Not rated yet
I've been playing Horseland for a LONG time now! I just found this blog and I want people to join now! I also have my own blog in www.Horseland itself. …

I Like Horseland! Not rated yet
I like it though it's really hard to earn money and buy stuff. I recommend it more than riding club championships. I would like to check out the old horseland …

Horseland is a Bore, But Totally Addictive Not rated yet
Horseland is one of those really repetitive games, but it is totally addictive. That is why I highly recommend it.

Horseland? No Way! Not rated yet
I played the game and I don't like it because you can't buy anything.

Want to Join Horseland Not rated yet
Horseland looks really good and i would like to join!!!

I LOVE HORSELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
I love it. i found it by googleing, and thought i'd write a reveiw. I role play a wolf, and thre are other animals to role play. Role playing is very fun, …

Roisin S Not rated yet
i think that horseland is fun to watch as well as playing it the girls will love it totally cool gourgeous horses that live there especialy the new girls …

Megan S Not rated yet
i think that horseland is fun to watch as well as playing it the girls will love it totally cool gourgeous horses that live there especialy the new girls …

Review Not rated yet
Horseland is a great game fr those whole love horses. The 1 factor that I am NOT fond of is the world. For the past week I have not been able to enter …

horseland rules Not rated yet
its really good but they should put the prices down on tack and clothes

I love horse land Not rated yet
Hi I have been on horse for about 2 Years now and is the best game i have ever played to can breed with your horse or with some one eles, You can ride …

I LoveHorseland!!!! Not rated yet
Horseland is sooo much fun!!!! I own a specaled appalosa named Pretty in Paint. I love competing and riding with your friends.

Horseland??? Not rated yet
Horseland??? they really want money why else do you think they made it like it is rite now??? its a fun game and all but they want your money and its easier …

What to do on HL (Horseland), Tips, Nice/Fun PLayers, Other. Not rated yet
OMG!!! HL is SOOOOOO FUN!!!! I can't beieve some people quit!!! I've been an HL member for over a year and it's been GREAT!!! I've earned a well amount …

I do go on horseland!! Not rated yet
Hello I do go on horseland!! I am quite an expert at horseland and know everything about horses!! In fact..I HAVE A HORSE IN REAL LIFE! I go riding all …

Horseland TV Not rated yet
horseland is so cool and fun to watch. i used to watch it every sunday!

Horseland is really good! Not rated yet
I think Horseland must be the best online horse game in the world! You can breed horses and also ride and show them. Horseland can be a bit confusing if …

Horseland rocks! Not rated yet
I love this game! I have been playing it for 3 years, and I have 2 basic accounts and a premium account.Its sooo realistic and just all around fun.You …

Add me (I Love chance player 6789003) Not rated yet
I really like it. I guess I have better things to do, but I play around with this game in my spare time. I run a rescue for all those QH geldings you …

I like horseland games...... Not rated yet
........... could be fun if people didn't have to login i think it's ok. But it would be better if people wouldn't have to login.

i want the cartoon horseland! Not rated yet
the cartoon horseland was better.

rerscue riders Not rated yet
i think horse land is so cool

come on ..  Not rated yet
i dont the new horse land i havent been on horse land for 3 monthes and i went on today and it stinks i dont like it i want the old on back!!!!

Its okay.. Not rated yet
Heyya.. I juss wanna let yall know that Horseland Is Awesome and fun i have so many friends on there, but getting money and stuff is way to hard!! I think …

horses are the land Not rated yet
you can do what you do with a rele horses

im a big fan of horseland Not rated yet
Beacause it has a lot of power over people.

Horseland is great Not rated yet
I think horseland is quite cool and it is a cool tv show too.

Please Click Here If You Are A True Horseland Lover! Not rated yet
I love hHorseland! It's one of the BEST horse games on the Internet! And, by the way, by clicking here you've offically certified that you're a …

different Not rated yet
horseland is a different game. hard to navigate and get used to.

Used to be amazing Not rated yet
Horseland used to be amazing. I had a bunch of money, like 100,000, or something crazy like that, and they transfered to a more complicated money system. …

Not That Great Not rated yet
I play it, but that's just because I have nothing better to do when it's raining and I can't ride my real horse. It's exactly what I wanted to avoid, …

Horseland just takes too long Not rated yet
It's not even a game it takes forever to load i had to wait 24 hours for it to load and i'm telling the truth i really wanted to play this game and it …

EquineObsessed53 Not rated yet
I used to love Horseland but now it seems like it's barely even active anymore. No one wants anything to do with the horses. I have 3 high pointers I can't …

horse in AWESOME! Not rated yet
i love hl!! i go on it every day i would love to go on ll day but then i think.. i have a life i need to be social with my family! but i love hl you can …

what i think of horseland Not rated yet
i think horseland is great i have tons of horses and dogs. im not the best at jump but i can say horseland is a great for riding and jumping horses. I …

I love horseland Not rated yet
It is very awesome and i like to play it!

the mccoy submit Not rated yet
i think horseland's graeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

*Coal*`s approval of HL Not rated yet
IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!! its just you get people on there who are bullies! :( but its such a good game its just those sort of people ruin it D:

Twinkle Not rated yet
i have not played or made on yet soooo i'll tell u later

HorseLand lovers everywhere Not rated yet

Horseland Has Gone Downhill Not rated yet
I used to adore horseland when it was the old version, I met some really nice people through breeding and selling horses. Then I started to realise that …

It is Cool Not rated yet
i think horse land is cool - it is fun to meet new things.

Fun Not rated yet
I love playing horseland and I think its a great thing that there is a jr player versian so kids of all ages can play it. But I think it would be nice …

Horse thinks Not rated yet
I think horseland is a great game for 8 to teen kids .

Horseland game Not rated yet
This is actually a game that you play on the internet for free. You start with one horse and you can sell trade breed geld your horses and you can show …

mayon Not rated yet
hi horse land. i love the games on this web site because they are brill to play on.thy help me when riding my own horse and they make me want to be a top …

hayy.yous may no me from my horse curious story.i have been so angery bout the new horseland i just wonna smash it the computure scren but trust me have …

Blah Not rated yet
I lost my horse because i haven't been on in a while! it stinks cause i can't ride

Horrible. Not rated yet
I had been playing horseland for nearly 6 years before the extreme changes took place. As soon as horseland Junior came out the game took a turn for the …

I liked the old horseland WAY better!  Not rated yet
They changed the entire layout, its not even the same game anymore. They don't give you weekly money, you have to play these odd 'games' to make hardly …

go on it Not rated yet
i dont like it go to this web site to help change it

Old Horseland!!! Not rated yet
I think we should bring bake the old horse land because you could chose your own main color and it's fun. From Rachel Jackson 9 MI

Malichi Acres Not rated yet
I think it will be the best horse website ever. I have also been to all of the horse wesites alive. Oh, and Im not joking. Ive even played horse games …

horses are awesome Not rated yet
ohh my gosh i don't know what to say it is the best show ever i watch all the time even if ive already watched that episode i wish they had it on weekends …

I find people are mean, Stealing, Criticizing... That's not it ! you have to take forever to earn money!!!!!!!!! and your profile ALWAYS gets messed …

i used to play the old horseland all the time, but now it's just geared towards younger children. bring back the old horseland!!

Please take off this boring childish game Not rated yet
I think this new Horseland is so boring and its basically for three year olds. Please change it back. Everyone likes it the way it use to be. I hope you …

hay Not rated yet
it's good.

Horseland is so much better now Not rated yet
I think the old horseland was horrible...boring. the new 1 is wayyy better!

I Missed the Old One!! Not rated yet
i want the old one back NOW

It Rocks!!! Not rated yet
Need to make friends or want to have a horse but cant? well this is the game for you! You get to care for your horses then go out to ride in the world …

Fun but.... Not rated yet
i dont like horseland eny more because i just want to make a jr. account and i can't!!!!

LUV HORSELAND Not rated yet
I LUV HORSELAND! ive been a member of it for 2 months! and i cant find ANYTHING better than it!

good stuff! Not rated yet
Horseland is a marvalous place with beautiful scenery and horses! Im surprised to see that they have unicorns.They look wonderful! My only concern about …

???Awesome??? Not rated yet
I Really like it but i want a horseland junior not Horseland

Best game ever! Not rated yet
I luuuv horseland! I go on it everyday and I have met so many great friends! Best of Wishes, Layken

The old Horseland was so much better than this new one i really hate it now, all the good players have left and its so hard to make money theres no point …

AWESOME!!!!10/10!!! Not rated yet
I have been playing HL for a long time. It is a fun game. You can buy, sell, breed, ride, train, chat, show, create shows, buy dogs, horses, ponies,unicorns, …

Old horseland was better new horseland aimed for those who pay & who watch the tv show ¬.¬ Not rated yet
the old horseland was far better it was harder to earn points which seperated the elite players who most players looked up to. it was easier to get money …

I miss the old Horseland :/ Not rated yet
I really miss the old horseland! i played it for yearsand thenone day, the changed the whole thing and i cant get on my old account.. i really miss it …

Boring Not rated yet
i've been on horseland for a year and its boring u hae to spend alot of money to buy stuff and im trying to quit but i have to sell my horses first or …

Old Horseland Was Way Better. Not rated yet
I miss the old horseland. i had to stop playing and sell everything because i don't have money. i think the old horseland is WAY better. I miss it and …

Bethii2k8 Not rated yet
The new horseland is a pile of poo if I'm honest!!! You want my honest opinions because i am not gonna start ranting on here - and i want to gain a big …

Horseland Staff are mean Not rated yet
I personally dislike Horseland because they don't beleive in rarity. I was making 20k in HL coins a day, and thats super cool. I was selling rare, hard …

favorite horses Not rated yet
i like horseland it is nice to and it is releasing a lot.

horseland is no fun anymore Not rated yet
the new horseland stinks! i miss the old one. you have to win money... what is that about? you can't find horses like you could before there is no real …

cutepony Not rated yet
its a fantastic game

The new and old Not rated yet
well i think that the old Horseland site was better than the new because you can't really do anything and it's just really a shame about it now.

Awesome! Not rated yet
Horseland is the greatest, it's everything a girl could ever want. A horse, gear, money, and more. I just love horses so, it's the perfect website for …

AMAZING Not rated yet
This is a great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cool thing Not rated yet
i is awesome

Too expensive Not rated yet

HI! Not rated yet
this is the most fun game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the only horse game I play too! it's kind of hard, but verry fun!

cas Not rated yet
It is fantastic

OLD STYLE!! Not rated yet
I miss the old horseland so much....I was so close to getting a premium account, but then when they redesigned the entire game & made it like the "Junior" …

how to play horseland games Not rated yet
i can't found the horseland games. Can you tell me?

I LOVE HORSELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
horseland is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IF U PLAY PLEASE BOD @ MY PLACE THE STABLE IS *hearts* Happy Healthy Horsie Stables/Doggie Kennel!!!! im …

Old Horseland was Better Not rated yet
The old Horseland was the best sims game out there, but now it seems to focus only on the younger generations. I miss how down to earth the old game was, …

The Money Not rated yet
horseland was great! you got so much money a week. but now you have to play games to get it! i never can get a lot of money from the games. but the horse …

Bring Back Old Horseland Not rated yet
Its Rubbish Now! Its A Silly Baby Boring Game And I Wish They Hadn't Changed It, I Can See Why They Made It How It Is, But Couldn't They Have Two Sites …

Thumbs down for new HL Not rated yet
I liked how horseland was 5 or 6 years ago. Loved the game, upgraded to premium accounts and trained "elite" horses. Lost over HL$600million in the changes …

Old Horseland. Not rated yet
Horseland was a great game! Keyword in that sentence being "was". Three years ago, I believed that HL was the best thing to ever exist. Now the game seems …

i liked the old horseland Not rated yet
the old Horse land was nice you could have horses exactly like on the TV show but the new horse land its good having all different types of horses and …

Bad people Not rated yet
Don't ever give out your password to anyone because they are just trying to trick you. If someone says to you do you want my premium member account say …

awsome  Not rated yet
horse land is the only place i go to buy hollys gear and tack

I LOVE HORSELAND!! Not rated yet
Hey i love horseland but i need to now how to make layouts can u help me?? -- sighned, horseland`s #1 fan!!!

bella sara Not rated yet
its cool

OMG IT IS SOOO...HORRIBLE!! Not rated yet
i think that horse land is soo retarted cuz you cant do anything or create your own all...

:)animals Not rated yet

AWESOME!!!!!! Not rated yet
I love Horseland!!!! {And Horses} (Of coarse) :D

Very Unique! Actually ride your horse! Not rated yet
This game has the best of all games: traditional sim game features, customization & 3D world! Horseland has a the regular "sim horse game" features …

Horse Land Not rated yet
I think horse land is a great place to go too.

I have a wonderfull page!!! Not rated yet
Well I think it is great!!I have never been on it before, I bet you wanna know how I heard of it,Well I heard of it from a friend!! Bye for now, …

HORSELAND 4EVA  Not rated yet
i think that it rocks my world and i play it all the time on my laptop.

alsomeness Not rated yet
i joined horseland a cople of months ago it gives me something to do when im bored

bad horseland Not rated yet
I think horseland is a bad games because you need to fill in forms and when i have completed it,it says that i have done it wrong

Horseland made GREAT changes!! Not rated yet
Horseland made truly the BEST changes!! It used to be HORRIBLE! Boring and nothing to do. but now it really has changed into a better website.

i need money Not rated yet
i think its a good game but i realy need mony and i need it fast how can i do that or is thre no way to do it

yasmine Not rated yet
i like it

OK Not rated yet
Ive been on horseland for 2 months and it was great at first but if youre not a pp then it gets really boring because you dont have anoughf coins. i still …

Hawthorne Trial Not rated yet
it's a fun game, and a cool show

my pony Not rated yet
well they have fun. In horseland with horses,horses and horses. They have fun eveyday. Horseland is ua time wear horses play.

frustratin Not rated yet
this stinks they keep sendin me back to the homepage

Hate the new version! Not rated yet
I am absolutely mad at what has become of horseland! I used to play the advanced version EVERYDAY!! but now, since they changed it, i haven't been on in …

im going to have fun Not rated yet
i think of horseland its fun its the best show in the world

horse is great Not rated yet
well its just great he he

Horseland Jr. is better Not rated yet
I love the games but now Horseland Jr is gone I'm not really liking it!


jay en paarden Not rated yet
het is een leuk spel maar je moet er nog gratis paarden bij zetten en dan gratis paarden geven aan de mensen Note from Sydney's mom: I think this translates …

HOW HORSELAND IS Not rated yet
Horseland looks like an awsome game although I can't even get on it.I think it would be cool to have your own horse inside an computer!!I geuss I can only …

Horseland shows Not rated yet
I like how you can ride your horses and see what your horse looks like but i think it would be awesome if we could brush and wash our horses. I also …

what is wrong with you? Not rated yet
horseland USED to be an amazing game. with all of the updates, tv show, animated verison, and other crap, it has turned into a game for 5 year olds. seriously, …

COOL Not rated yet
i love it soooooooooo much im on it evry day its the blast

love it Not rated yet
i love this place all ready but how do u register

horseland, From your seacet admirer Ha Ha Not rated yet
hi, i just want to say that horseland i havent played yet,but ny friend has she loves it so much,ok im off From Your seacret …

O_o Not rated yet
rubbish they totally trashed it ... big time

dumb game Not rated yet
silly sissy game

O.K Not rated yet
Horseland is ok......its not my favorite website though... I like way better... by the way on howrse my username is Arabians16... Please email …

Horse Land is cool Not rated yet
This game is good. I really do not understand 1 thing - the older one. It is really confusing and you have to pay real money

love it! Not rated yet
i love horse land!I won first place in a show! and that made me love it horse on horseland is named suger breeze.i love your site!keep it going! …

horseland world,i wanna join when im 13! Not rated yet
horseland jr is ok but im only 1 month under 13 but im not allowed on it tho,do you have any addvice?many thanks Emily Bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sexybeachbabe Not rated yet
I just want to play a horse game i have a horse but playing horse games on the computer is fun to.

Horseland is fantastick Not rated yet
I love horses and ponies but when i watch horseland I just love it so much it is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aesome Not rated yet
i love it so much

awesome Not rated yet
it is awesome but i look at the top of the screen every day and think i want to do that so i finally got the guts to do it and i'm doing it so thats what …

i wish Not rated yet
i wish to join your game

jumping Not rated yet
how do u get over the jumps that have 2 hula dancers holding them?

what i think of horseland Not rated yet
i think that horseland is a very good game because it is very educational in a way showing number 1 it shows you how to look and care for a horse and …

spirit Not rated yet

A very good game. Not rated yet
I like this one as well. I have played the 2 games and both are lovely.

Hate it Not rated yet
I played horseland for over 3 years, and they added changes, so if you are over 10 you will probably not enjoy this game.

what i want to know about horse land Not rated yet
how do you get more money because i get money but i do not know how i get money and i need money for a horse show and i do not know how to get money

i lo v e horse Not rated yet
I LOVE HORSELAND.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very good Not rated yet
it is very good.

meh Not rated yet
its alright!

Horseland's Kewl!!! Not rated yet
I really LOVE horses, and think they rule, and furbys!!! But I also love to play HorseLand because you get to take care of your horse, buy things at the …

horseland - love it Not rated yet
Hi, I love horseland, the game,the cartoons everything! i have been playing horseland for awhile,i play horseland jr.

horses rock! Not rated yet
horseland is the best. i think horses are great!

AWESOME! Please read Not rated yet
I love horseland! It is probably the coolest website ever! It has a little room for some changes, but other then that it is COOL!!

hl confuses me Not rated yet
i've been playing for 5 years, but after the changes, i haven't been able to get off the updates page. someone help me?

HorseLand Not rated yet
I hate the new horseland. I liked when you could buy a lot of horses and have dogs but it has changed into a kids game.

Ugh. Not rated yet
Before the update the game was mildly interesting in the I could monopolize the world and become the richest horse owner in the game sort of way, but now …

Games on horseland world Not rated yet
Well i think the games on horseland world are kind of pathetic, you cant pick up the money from the Appaloosa game. and on the other game messenger girl …

riding games Not rated yet
My friend told me about bellasara horse games. I think that bellasara world is fun and cool. I really really like bellasara world.

the horseiland Not rated yet
i think it is nice it sounds interesting good

i love horseland Not rated yet
i love horseland i watch it everyday

I love ARABIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
I think that horseland is a good game

mustangs Not rated yet
it is cool i like the horses....

horseland but ya.. Not rated yet
i love horseland i badly want a horse but my mom wont get me one so.... i just go on HORSELAND IT IS ASWOM but it wont let me go on world so its kind …

You need to upgrade your Flash Player...  Not rated yet
I really enjoyed horseland, BEFORE the changed it. Now because you have to download the flash player, i can't play. I really enjoyed the game, but the …

My Favorite Horse Not rated yet
I think it the best game i ever played online now i wish i owed a HORSE!

pippi Not rated yet
I like horseland but It is a little kids games and stuff

Horseland is so much fun! Not rated yet has two games: Horseland Jr and Horseland World. Horseland Jr features characters from the Horseland Cartoon. Horseland World is the bigger …

fun Not rated yet
i think it is cool

Horseland grrr Not rated yet
hate it so much, mini games are a rip off of money! grr. It's so dumb. All though i have to say i like the jumping shows its a fun way for me to get easy …

Horseland is so Cool Not rated yet
I think that Horseland is cool because it has horses in it because I'm a horseland fan.

Cool Review Not rated yet
Horseland is the best site I see it ever! But the only think not nice is: there is just one game, it's always jumping, can you put more games in …

HOrse land Not rated yet
the jr. game is no good!!!

Horselover Not rated yet
I didn't log in yet.

how good it is Not rated yet
it is very fun and i like the games and the horses.

Ailey Not rated yet

bea Not rated yet
beautiful games

Great Horseland Not rated yet

yes or no? Not rated yet
OK, Horseland was the best website I have ever been on. Now they go and change it into Horseland junior 2? I hate the new mini games and will be quitting …

Rubbish Not rated yet
I LOVED the old horseland and now they have changed it to this silly baby game and taken all our money and mad it so un-unique. PLEASE MAKE PETITONS and …

Horseland rate the fun! Not rated yet
hard to catch on, but fun! a little if it were on a scale from 1-10 it would be 4

horseland rocks. Not rated yet
i like horseland because it has lots of fun activities and fun and cool horses to choose. i really like horseland.

i love horses Not rated yet
i think its good but i love pets and horses i go to ion bark some times.

horseland-junior-fun Not rated yet
I really like Horseland and all but Horseland Junior being fun? I would have to disagree with that. I'm a premium player and now that's pretty fun but …

Horseland! Not rated yet
This game is GREAT!!! I have been a member of horseland for about 3 years, and it NEVER gets boring!!! its soooo much fun! I love designing layouts n such, …

It's OK Not rated yet
It's OK, Horseland Jr. is fun but the world. It gets kinda boring after a while....If some of your friends are on, then you can chat but all you can really …

Fun! Not rated yet
Horseland can be very fun if you know how to play. There are no real directions you have to learn by yourself. The game would be much more fun if there …

great game! Not rated yet
This is a really great game!! It's really fun! when will stable buddies be ready for horseland?! :) ~a true lover of horses

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
Hi,my name is Abbygail. I love Horseland, I watch it every Saturday.

Best game! Not rated yet is the best website ever

I love playing horseland! Not rated yet
My favorite game was I met new people and bought a whole bunch of dogs and horses. My second fav was Bella Sara. It is wonderful, I LOVE …

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