Club Pony Pals

Club Pony Pals is a fun online horse game that allows you to choose a horse, then groom it and ride it on various trails. I really like it! Do you?

An image of the game with a brown horse near a white fence, and a red barn in its background with text that says Play Now and Club Pony Pals

The horses you get to choose from are really sweet and it has good graphics. You don't have to download or buy anything to play, which is great.

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I like the grooming part because there are different brushes, and it's more realistic than a lot of other games.

The riding is fun too. When you are riding it is set up so you are "on" the horse, not watching it. I can't think of any other game that does it like that, and I like that too.

HCG Debbie told me about this game...thanks Debbie!

Why don't you play it then tell us all what you think about it?

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help please i cant tack up my horse! i click on the halter, tie up the horse, but when i try to tack up it wont let me. -Olivia -u first have to …

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