Club Pony Pals

Club Pony Pals is a fun online horse game that allows you to choose a horse, then groom it and ride it on various trails. I really like it! Do you?

Club Pony Pals

The horses you get to choose from are really sweet and it has good graphics. You don't have to download or buy anything to play, which is great.

Be sure to share your reviews and tips after you play!

Play Club Pony Pals Here

I like the grooming part because there are different brushes, and it's more realistic than a lot of other games.

The riding is fun too. When you are riding it is set up so you are "on" the horse, not watching it. I can't think of any other game that does it like that, and I like that too.

HCG Debbie told me about this game...thanks Debbie!

Why don't you play it then tell us all what you think about it?

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Easter Pony Card 
I'm entering the scavenger hunt this week and I only need to buy one more thing and that's the Easter Pony Card,but I have one slight problem... I can't …

Where can I find a Best Pal Trophy?? 
I am trying to finish my scavenger hunt and can not find a Best Pal Trophy. Where can I find it???

Where is my cabin? 
I bought my second pony and I went everywhere I can't find my cabin. Where is it?????

Again :( 
Hi, I'm having trouble with CPP again... it's being bland and I left it to load for 10 minutes but it still didn't work :/ . I'm sorry for bothering …

CPP: Game not working? Click here. 
Hi there, RustyGirl back again, to share some more tips - this time about what to do if the game isn't working properly. Here are a few of the more common …

How Do You Do One Of The Quests?? (CPP) 
It says that you need christanthemums in a pot, a spooky candlebra and a lumpy pumpkin.. WHAT??

Health Problems in CPP 
I can't get my horses health back up. If I can't do this I can't ride faster than a walk. Help!!!

Help with CPP! 
how do you ride your horse?

Club Pony Pals 
Hello!!! I am Breanna55555 on Club pony pals... I have been a rider of CPP (Club Pony Pals) for a while now, and it is AWESOME. I met my BEST friends on …

Hey guys! I need some help. On CPP, I was on a quest and it said "Bonbons x18." So, I went to the store and bought 18 boxes of bonbons, not knowing that …

How do I delete my CPP account? 
I personally dont like the Club Pony Pals game! I wanna know if you can delete your account?? And how??

What I Think of Club Pony Pals 
Hi guys! I'm katie11 on pony pals with my horse bramble. Pony pals is a great way to make friends especially when u recieve gifts next your horse is …

Hey I don't know where to find CCP Rocks! on the scavenger hunt list. Where is it? Can someone tell me? Thanks :D

i haven't tried it yet but when i pressed play now, its talking like forever to load! i will tell you what i think of it when i play it! Bye!

Awesomegame ! 
I absolutely luv this game, it's got me hooked, addicted! I also luv this site, a real good place for a horsey girl to hang out. SummersBreeze, (that's …

Club Pony Pals question 
how do you get the saddle on?

How do you feed your horse in Club Pony Pals? 
How do you feed your horse? I can't figure out how and I don't want her to starve

Can I Get Another One?? 
Can I get another pony?

Can Not groom or tack up pony  
i put the halter and lead rope on it but it still does not work can i please have some help? am i doing somthing wrong?

Club Pony Pals is great! Even your site!

i cant tack up my horse 
help please i cant tack up my horse! i click on the halter, tie up the horse, but when i try to tack up it wont let me. -Olivia -u first have to …

Please read this Sydney 
Hi Sydney, LOVE your site! You inspired me to create my own site for horse crazy girls! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check it out! here is its address: http://girlsluvhorses.w …

I love club pony pals 
I love club pony pals bu do you know how to earn more money besides playing games?!

Club Pony Pals: Help! I can't brush the pony! 
I put on the halter and clean out the hooves but cannot use the red curry comb! i have clicked dragged and tried everything i have even looked it up in …

you have to have an account 
it's not fair everything you need an account for and i just want a good game like this that you don't need an account for...

My Pony Pls review 
Club Pony Pals is a great horse site. I reccomend that all horse and pony plovers try it. I have an account and its great!! TRY IT NOW!

Fun horse game! 
i like playing this game. The riding is not that fun but grooming the horse and a lot of other thing are fun.

I can't brush the pony ! 
In Club Pony Pals, every time I try to brush my pony with the curry comb it doesn't do anything. Any help here ?

How do I feed my horse?????

HELP - can't play Club Pony Pals!!!! 
It just keeps loading and I can't actually play! What should I do?

Here is some help! 
Okay, when you send in a letter or art you will receive a book mark and on the back of that book mark is a code which is a coupon code. To fully groom …

Need help with Club Pony Pals 
Why can't i brush my horse or track it up????

Hi, I LOVE Club Pony Pals and i would like to say that if you have any problems or want to ask any questions about it please feel free to go to the forum …

Coupon code? 
What's a coupon code?

i am not happy 
why cant i login they havnt sent mum an email and its not working

I couldn't even create an account... 
I got to step # seven when creating an account and it would only refresh the page each time I click 'accept and log in.'

i think it's realy cool except my pony is sick and the health is gone down????

Nothing to do! 
So much I have not figured out yet! What do you guys do on it?

Dear Club Pony Pals, I have a few questions to ask you first what is a Coupon Code if you do please e-mail me it at (email removed for safety) …

it is awsome  
i really think it should be marked favorite it is the most wonderful game since lets ride

They Won't Send Me an Email!!! 
ClubPonyPals has NOT sent me ONE email!!!!! I need help!!!! Someone please help me!!!!!

How in the world do you get to Wiggins Mansion? 
Please, someone help! I'm sooooooooooooo confused!

Chessie [smallwonder] 
I like Club Pony Pals!

Where is the cabin (CPP)? 
Where is it? HELP PLEASE!

Okay, so the beginning part was cool but it takes bout 10 minutes to load. What's up?

I can't find find a squeaking weathervane. I looked in klines for your cabin. I went to other and looked through the whole thing I couldn't find it! Please …

Harley's Porch (CPP) 
How do I find Harley's Porch for my next quest?

Club Pony Pals...Virtual Lessons? 
How do you get these virtual lessons? I hear people talking about it and I want to try!

Club Pony Pals: Love it!!! 
This is, by far the best horse related game I ever played. The graphics are great, you can actually ride your horse, you can feed it too! The only thing …

Can't ride splash or daisy 
I like Pony Club Pals, but I can't ride splash or daisy! Can somone tell me whats up?

Its slow... 
Its a bit slow, and laggy but its a great game. Its going though some updates i think. I like the grooming bits. I would have loved it if you could muck …

hi i just popped over to say how do you buy a pony? but i give it a 10/10

Clubponypals is awesomely awesome! 
CPP is a well-moderated and safe website. You can ride your pony, buy ponies and w-mail pals. There's lots more to do. I am Paint The Wind on CPP and I …

I need help earning money in CPP! I have tried playing the games, but it doesn't earn very much! Is there any other way than buying it in real life? Also, …

PLEASE HELP! Can't get gifts on CPP! 
OK, I need one last thing for the scavenger hunt and that is the pal request card. I have 1 pal and she sent it to me like twice, but I still haven't gotten …

CPP won't load! I've cleared the cleach thing and tried again and again. What can I do?

What is the best game? 
On the trail ride (excluding the Wiggins estate) what is the best game that you can get wiggins bucks for, because I'm really low and I need a new horse …

Why ?!?! 
I made a new account in CPP.. And I read the terms of use and all that stuff.. But then when I press play now it doesn't load.. I really loved this game …

Need Help w/ CPP! 
I cant find the CPP Christmas card! Please help! Thanks..

CPP is Awesome... But stuff is pricey! 
Okay, you are going to the store to buy some care feed but you only have $2 and the care feed is $5. Also u have to pay $30 a month (not real money) to …

What and Where? (CPP) 
What is top 10 high score on Pony Pal Derby? Also, what is the wiggins weekly? How do you pick apples up off the trails? Where do you go to play minigames? …

Heal My Horse (CPP) 
Hi please tell me how I can heal my pony? Thanks! Note from Sydney: There's already one submission about that. Go to this link and see if it answers …

Chocolate Covered Strawberries?! (CPP) 
Where can I get these? I go everywhere and can't find strawberries? Help!

how do you brush your horse? like do you hold the mouse down?

Can't login to Club Pony Pals 
I could not log on! I signed up and every thing. Maybe I have to wait 21 days, but that would be stupid!! Note from Sydney: Kathleen - if you write …

club pony pals 
i played it and its cool at first but it gets boring really quick.

How do you get your horse's health up? 
How do you get your horses health up on Pony Pals? I know how to feed, tack and all of that, but haven't figured that one out.

Online For Kids 
While I know several adults and teens who love ponies and pony games, CPP is NOT for those people. I tried an account to check it out. It has cute …

Help with CPP Please! 
When I click on play now, it doesn't show a picture it only has a little red cross in a white box up in the left hand corner and it doesn't do anything! …


Club Pony Pals 
it looks good so far but it doesn't let me login. i really need help. im not sure if its my computer that's playing up.

people who are adicted to this game have obviously never herd of Horse Isle 1 and 2!

i don't like it 

i like it 
I like it just that there should be more horses and a bit more riding that you could do...other than that i <3 love this game!! :) :)

I LOVE this game!!! Not rated yet
Club Pony Pals totally rocks! I absolutely LOVE this game!!!

KID Not rated yet
I would be interested in becoming a Pony Club member.

What CPP is... Not rated yet
pony club pals is an awesome game its so much fun if you want to join go to Google then type in pony club pals then click the first one then when …

BEST GAME EVA Not rated yet
I love CPP. I am a member. So fun!

HELP! Can't log in to Riding Club! Not rated yet
I cant even log in or play! whats happening! please help!

CPP is Okay... Not rated yet
I have been playing for 1 1/2 years and I find it fun but boring at the same time..

OMAR LOVE HORSES Not rated yet
I love horses so much! I actually have one!

CPP is COOL! Not rated yet
I think that it is very very very very very very very cool. I love it!

What I think of PonyPals... Not rated yet
I like the title PonyPals because it reminds me of my 2 friends! And I just want to play it real bad.

Awesome! BY FAR the best!!!! Not rated yet
Hi Guys!!! I've been on CPP for about 2 years, and I love it!!! You can actually do things with the horse, not like Howrse. It's the best online …

OMG! Not rated yet
Club pony pals so deserves a very big wow and a round of applause! I love it! Well since I don't have a proper pony then this game is definitely better …

Club Pony Pals is Awesome! Not rated yet
I found the link to CPP from this site and I think that it's the best game ever! It is so fun and I play on it every day. It is sometimes quite hard …

Re: Pony's Health Not rated yet
I learned that when your pony's health is all the way down, you need to buy deworming medicine or a pony's health medicine. It makes your pony's health …

Club Pony Pals Not rated yet
I totally LOVE this game. :)

Club Pony Pals Not rated yet
I think CPP is a cool game! For me it's number one!

Dum Not rated yet
i don't like it how u have to wait for the guardian to approve...

Club Pony Pals Looks FUN! Not rated yet
Even though i haven't played it yet i still will think its

What I thought about it....... Not rated yet
I think it is a fantastic game, I love the graphics and the way every one is so friendly there. I definitely recommend it for people who love horses …

Horses Not rated yet
I love horses!

Club Pony Pals is Awesome! Not rated yet
Club Pony Pals is the best horse game I've ever played! It's realistic!

Ahhh-Maaazzzzeeee-Iiinnnggg! Not rated yet
I love this game soooo much! Club Pony Pals is so cool!!!!!!

Club PonyPals is Awesome! Not rated yet
I love Club Pony Pals. I just can't stop playing it!

Hi everyone I was wondering if you guys knew how to get bucks... Please help Thank you!

Stolen Ponies Not rated yet
Check this game out! I like how at the end they found the ponies and i think that mike and tommy are really mean!!!

Pony Pals is AWESOME! Not rated yet
I love this game I think it's the best game I've ever played; besides Bella Sara!!!!!

Awesome! Not rated yet
I think club pony pals is a place for horse crazed girls to share there love of horses and to be with a virtual horse to call their own.

Pony Pals Not rated yet
pony pals is fun

Too fun! Not rated yet
I tried the club pony pals game and found it to be a challenging and fun game the puzzles and the mini games, even the fact that it's all animated I just …

help Not rated yet
how do you go back to the barn after you are done riding please help

I think....., Not rated yet
I think that i really want a horse and i really want to play a game SOOOOO..... Good bye! <3 -Amber

Ok- Good Books Not rated yet
I LOVED the books when I was little, I got them for presents and rewards, so I thought the game would be great~ (My mom even grounded me frm the books …

Hi Not rated yet
Hi Snd (sorry bad spelling) I love this game and I'm called Falcan can we be friends on cpp? Please?!

fun! Not rated yet
I loved it! You go in the pasture, and you can make friends there. You can take rides, and do favors to get cash, so you can buy food, clothes, tack. Try …

Looks really fun, but... Not rated yet
It didn't work when I logged in. I tried resending the password, but it still didn't work. =(

ponypalsrock Not rated yet
i love pony pals so much i could play all day

Lovely Game! Not rated yet
I liked the grooming part. The ponies are very sweet and have Feminine look. "Good game. I am thinking of suggesting this game to my younger sister siyan. …

Club Pony Pals is Awesome!! Not rated yet
Love it!!! Soo fun and interactive.

CPP ROCKS!? Not rated yet
How to I get (or where) the CPP rocks! thing for the scavenger hunt?

Be My Pal! Not rated yet
Heya! If anyone wants to be my pal on CLub Pony Pals, my Username is SweetBird and my pony's name is Birdie! =) =) =) =)

Club Pony Pals Not rated yet
It's cool so far but the only thing bad is I still look like a boy even though I chose the girl...

OMG! BTW I am JustCuz=D in tht game lol Not rated yet
I am JustCuz=D in CPP and I love that game, the moderate live chat is SO much fun! The people there are FANTASTIC! And HILARIOUS! You should really try …

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet

It's very fun! Not rated yet
It's a great game! I have be playing it for a while. You get to pick your pony, groom, tack up, and ride it on trails. The trails have many mini games …

ponys Not rated yet
i relly love ponys but i relllllllllly love pony poals

Club Pony Pals Tips Not rated yet
Its a really great game! It takes a long time for my computer to load and is slow to play because I have dial-up internet, but it's still brilliant ^^ …

i love club pony pals Not rated yet
i think it is awsome because i ride horses in real life and it is just amazing for me

Club Pony How come it is so cool?! Not rated yet
As a member of and a reader of the (super awesome)books-Pony Pals, I can understand what the Olsen's farm, Wiggings Estate, Babb Brook, …

Club pony pals rocks!! Not rated yet
OMG I love it its so awesome !!!!!!!!

Me and my horse! Not rated yet
I have my own real horse called cash and on club pony pals it is so realistic i feel like i have my real one with me all the time xxx

Horse Games Not rated yet
very excited about it yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

house Not rated yet
hey what's up? :")

neat Not rated yet
i think club pony pals is a neat game with the right idea. there should be more things to do, but they are constantly improving!

Club Pony Pals Not rated yet
Hi! I went online and have 2 complaints: 1. There could have been some more breeds then Black, chestnut, paint, Appaloosa, Palomino, and white. I didn't …

Club Pony Pals Not rated yet
This Is A Really Good Game You Can: Brush, Ride, And Lots More With Your Very Own Pony, Of Which You Get To Choosem The Colour And Name Of Him/Her! Also …

I love Club Pony Pals!!!!! Not rated yet
This is the best game in the world!! i love having my own pony to take care of.

Club Pony Pals Not rated yet
It wouldn't let me in because the school has blocks but i LOOOOOOOOOOOve horses we have our own horse farm too!

Club Pony Pals: An amazing game Not rated yet
This is an amazing game. It is really realistic! And I mean realistic. Try it out!

Club Pony Pals Fun! Not rated yet
This game is fun at first, but you can only do so much before you get bored.

Club Pony Pals Not rated yet
Its ok

Horses for Sale Not rated yet
i love their books, they are so good. I enjoy then a lot and i love they toys a lot to.

(: Club Pony Pals Not rated yet
I would honestly rate it 3 out of five (:

Club Pony Pals is AWESOME Not rated yet
I love it! it gives me a chance to be a pony pal and have a horse!

is cool Not rated yet
i like its so cool

horses Not rated yet
i think it is a fun game

wow Not rated yet
wo i'm amazed!

Fun Not rated yet
I think it is really fun you choose from a bunch of cute horses and ride around!

Club Pony Pals is Cool Not rated yet
it is a cool game but i wish you could see the horse when you ride and create a rider

i love horses !!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
i love horses but why r u playing horse games when ya got a real one outside!!!!!!!!!

Club Pony Pals is Cool Not rated yet
I have just played it and the graphics are SOOOO realistic i love it!

PONY PALS! Not rated yet
Welcome to my pony pal club my name is Naomi. I love ponies do you? Well in two days i am going to port macqauire i can't wait Everyday i get up …

The best horse game online Not rated yet
Club Pony pals!!!Club pony pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's just the best. This game is just so good.I mean who wouldn't play this game and I also love horses this …

Pony Fun Not rated yet
I never played this game.

Love it! Not rated yet
This game is great!

Ellie Not rated yet
love you so much

Simplehorse on club pony pals Not rated yet
I LOVE IT!!! it is great and realistic!! i luv how you are really "on" the pony when you ride it :)

Fun Not rated yet
I really like this game. It's still getting all of it's info made, but some new stuff should be coming soon.

court thinks... Not rated yet
I think its pretty good i like the games that you get to ride not just look at your horse and they pretty real

Club Pony Pals Not rated yet
i love it but they should change the front page!

Club Pony Pals Not rated yet
I love this game SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Club Pony Pals Not rated yet
I have been on the game for a while, and I think it's an 'ok' game. Of course there is a lot that the can improve, but it is progressing really fast. Since …

club pony pals Not rated yet
It is so cool and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty Good For A Pony lover Not rated yet
Its Not The best but very good! Good If you Are RELLY bored lol

AWSOME Not rated yet
I loved this game!it was so fun!i have a black stallion named sparton on this game!All i can say is AWSOME!!!Hope everyone else likes this game!!! …

sad Not rated yet
it wont let me play

Tips Not rated yet
When you are riding your horse, if you walk it will avoid all of the rocks.

horse lover in the heart Not rated yet
i love it the games are beautiful

i love this game Not rated yet
its awsome and ive never played a game this eciting

Question - how do I get a second pony? Not rated yet
I wonder how to get a second pony, if I can? please tell me how.

i love pony  Not rated yet
i should do some walking with your horse

Coooooool! Not rated yet
I used to read the books and then my pen pal told me about it and so far i Love It!

YOU CANT Not rated yet
You cant ride Splash or Daisy because they're not your horse. however you only can have one pony unless you create other accounts. You can only ride your …

It's great!!!! Not rated yet
I love club pony pals. It's just so fun!!

HELP Not rated yet
It won't let me log in.

Great! Not rated yet
Pretty good, cute graphics, only thing I'd change is that whenever you go into stores and stuff it's all blurry and stuff... oh, and more stuff to do! …

It is awsome Not rated yet
Although nothing really bad happens to your hors eyou still get the fealing of owning a pony of your own.You get to groom it tack it up and ride it to …

blind pony Not rated yet
it was a little sad!!! I stayed up all night and read it.

Best Horse Site Ever! Not rated yet
I give Pony Pals 10/10

Boring again Not rated yet
uh, and on this one you have to be a member

Better Not rated yet
This game is better than Bella Sara.

Pony pal Game Not rated yet
I love this website I have their books and soon they are going to make an avatar so you can see your friends.

Club Pony Pals! Not rated yet
I love this website and you will too!

ponys ruls Not rated yet
pony pals is fun. I do not have a pony. But I do have alot of pets.

Club Pony Pals Not rated yet
Club pony pals is a really fun, realistic horse sim game.

Help! Not rated yet
I need a little help, like how do you see ur pony? if anyone know 'zactly how to do it tell me please!!!!

Club Pony Pals is Awesome Not rated yet
I love this game you get to ride the pony pal trail and ride the cross country trails tie your horse up by your self amazing horses and much, MUCH more!!!!! …

Ehhh....OK Not rated yet
I found it ok some of it was slightly boring but i would recommend it to younger riders or children. It takes long to load.

My Pony Rosy Not rated yet
She was a nice horse but kicked me in the lip so we had to get rid of her.

I LOVE IT!!! Not rated yet
It's a pretty good game, I like the Horses. Very Simple game :D I give it a 7/10

Great/ answering questions Not rated yet
I think it's an awesome website. If you want another pony, they don't mind multi-accounts (no way to transfer money/ponies anyway). If your pony's health/energy/hunger …

What the heck? Not rated yet

Good Not rated yet
This game is really cute, fun, and easy. Although there could be more to it, its good for what it is.

Just Started Not rated yet
I've just started and I already think it's FABULOUS! Thanks for introducing me to the game!

Cool! Not rated yet
I love this game it's so fun, but you can't ride Daisy and Splash.

help??? Not rated yet
how do you get in ur ponies stall, it won't let me! I can go to the barn and thats bout it..

awsome game Not rated yet
this game is so cool. the only thing i didnt like was that you cant ride daisy and splash. the rest is really cool. i love this game. it is very interactive. …

good Not rated yet
i like this game alot its really cool but its slow don't know if it was me computer or the game but over all i loved it! <3 :)

Fun, fun, fun! Not rated yet
This is one of the best games ever! I just wish that they had more options...

Fun! Not rated yet
I love this game! The graphics aren't the best, but it is probably the easiest beginner game for horse lovers!

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