Bella Sara

Bella Sara is an online game that you play by getting trading cards with different horses. It reminds me of a cross between Webkinz and Pokemon except with horses!

Bella Sara

There are different sets of cards, including Northern Lights, Ancient Lights and Native Lights. The newest ones are called Starlights. Some of the horses are really unique and beautiful.

It was created by a social worker in Denmark who wanted to create a game for girls. Her daughter's name is Sara and Bella was Sara's first horse!

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Bella Sara Rocks! 
Hi! I do not have any Bella Sara merchandise, but I will be purchasing some for Christmas. It's a great game. I can never get enough!I love solving …

Bella Sara by Bethhannyy!!  
Bella sara is absolutely amazing! I have, like, over 80 cards at the moment! I am going to buy a pack of Starlight cards soon when I get my pocket money! …

A Bella Sara Review 
I think it's okay. I have a lot of Bella Sara cards and really cute horses but my computer is slow so I'll just say it's pretty good.

Bella Sara!!! 
I LOVE BELLA SARA!!! I have like more than 600 cards and alot of ticket cards I really like the gold ticket cards because all it gives you is 500 horseshoes …

I love BellaSara and it's not just that I also like the song on that fireworks game it is soooooooooooooooooo coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have one last …

Bella Sara 
I really like bellasara! It's really fun!

My Bella Sara Review By: Shreya 
I love Bella Sara soooooo much that just words alone cannot explain it. Even my little brother and next door neighbor like it! And they are both only 5 …

Bella Sara game 
Bella Sara is SO much fun! I have like 110 magical horses! I just got BELLA! PS: Can you breed on bella sara?

Question About Training Your Horses on Bella Sara? 
I love Bella Sara. I have 98 cards. The one thing I am confused about is how do you train your horses? What horses can you train? Other than that I love …

Bella Sara review 
i think bella sara is cute and awsome i collect the bella sara cards now but all i can say is bella sara rocks and it is awesome!

Bella Sara fan 
I have been on Bella Sara for years! And I love it! They are continually updating, and now we can explore North of North! Bella Sara is Awesome!! Oh, and …

Codes for all ;) 
I think Bellasara ROKS!!I'l Be nice to give you codes!!!These: (they can be activated twice) tpn4r93m59 bab#u2ccndnce d7q5k3rg6r Just please answer …

hello my name is alex i have milione of cards bellasara if you want to trade i give some codes here i give you 4; Lucas:FDH5NTZD4R Graia:DNS49QP3CR …

bella sara cards 
bella sara is a great game but you have to have cards. if your horse crazy start collecting bella sara cards, there are lot of different sets bella sara, …

I really like this game but i have one question. i don't know where i can get the cards! do i buy them at a store or on Bellasara? Help! Note from Sydney: …

Bella Sara tip 
doghorse1996, I love this game. Where it says activate card type in vjnm-k8ux-u6u2 You will have two horse names Aurora and Rimfaxe.

Thumbs Up for Horse Lovers! 
Bella Sara has awesome graphics and relatively simple gameplay. But unless you're dedicated to collecting more cards, you'll get bored REAL fast. So for …

i love bella sara!! bella sara is a great site for girls or BOYS! i may have about 50! i am 11 so the site rocks!!

Love this game! 
I love Bella Sara. it has gotten so much better. the graphics are great and I love the cards. I have 28 of them.

I love bella sara 
Bella Sara is the best game I have ever played. It's so hard to find a good horse game, but it's easy when you look here.

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Bella Sara is super fun 
Bella Sara is really fun. The horse online are so cool. It really feels like you have a real horse! The only thing they don't have yet is where you can …

Bella Sara - You will love it! 
If you haven't seen/heard of Bella Sara, you'd better go to it now! Bella Sara is an amazing fantasy horse website. On the website you unlock precious …

i love it 
i'm crying right now my bella sara horses are gone ;_; so i finished taking care of waterpearl i clicked on horses it took me to the mainpage i tried to …

Bella Sara 
I think it's really good for horse lovers. Especially if you can't have a horse in reality you can have a virtual one. It's really clever and there's plenty …

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Bella Sara! 
What's your favorite part of Bella Sara? Why do you LOVE it? TELL US! Review about these awesome trading cards, with a unique website for girls, and boys! …

OK game 
It's ok, but it would be cool if you could do a lot more with your horse like show jumping and dressage rather than just looking after it.

It's the Best! 
Well, Bella Sara is the second-best horse game. I love Howrse! It's just so addicting! I don't have any cards or miniatures, but I have TWO horses--my …

Bella Sara 5* Not rated yet
Bella Sara is a great online game for kids of any ages. You get to look after your very own horse and unlock other horses with magical powers. If you haven't …

Bella Sara is an ADDICTION!!!!! Not rated yet
I LOVE Bella Sara. It is like one of the only online horse games I like.I adore playing with my foal, he is so cute. I also like the BS adventures they …

Bella Sara is the Best Not rated yet
I have been playing for a long time and I love the game. I have many horse friends and lots of cool stuff.

: ) Not rated yet
I really like Bella Sara because it is like a friend to me. I don't have many friends and this game is quite fun.

BELLA SARA CRAZY! Not rated yet
2 words: ME LOVE! I have over 2,000 cards and has it cost me at least $1,029!

I Love Bella Sara Not rated yet
I have foal named golden honey on Bella Sara and I have like 1000 cards. My best card is Bella and I have Bella's babies. I wish I had a real horse! Not rated yet
I had a dream three years about a white mare named Bella and other stuff... Have they read my mind? LOL

BellaSara Not rated yet
I <3 Bella Sara it's so cool!

Bella Sara is Brill!!! Not rated yet
In my opinion, the game is very good!

Pretty Good? Not rated yet
REALLY slow to load it may just be my computer but I think the game is good. I also have read one of the Bella Sara books.

Summer lily Not rated yet
Summer lily that's my horse. Bella Sara is pretty cool. I mean it's not the greatest thing in the world but I like it.

Bella Sara is alright Not rated yet
I think that its a pretty cool game. Its not exactly my fave though.

Bella Sara Fun Not rated yet
My friends and I have fun playing a game called Who's Higher. It's kind of like war. What you do is you shuffle up all you Bella Sara cards and hand them …

Bella Sara help! Not rated yet
I need cards to play Bella Sara!

what i like Not rated yet
will i rely i like Bella Sara because i love animals and you get to take care baby horses and its like you have your own horse and i lot of fun i love …

My Bella Sara review Not rated yet
It is cool !!!

Wishing Not rated yet
I wish that the ponies grew up. I'd love to watch mine grow.

BellaSara Not rated yet
I have just started on bella sara but already its really fun! My user name is 1Horseluver23. Also another fun horse game is its another …

Bella Sara is cool Not rated yet
Bella sara is fun because you get to take care of your own foal and watch the foal grow into an adult horse it is cool and posible your own grown up foal …

OMG!!!!!! LUV IT!!! Not rated yet
Bella Sara is the BEST GAME EVER! I play it any chance I get and coming this fall YOU CAN BE A PERSON, AVATAR, OF YOUR VERY OWN! YOU CREATE IT AND PLAY …

i love it Not rated yet
its the bomb.

Bellasara RULES! Not rated yet
Bellasara is a fun game. My favorite horses are juno and thunder. You can make you own horse and/or activate cards. It is awesome! You can play games, …

help me Not rated yet
can u ppl help me im sooo poor in the game and i need codes oh yah the game is the only game i play its so good

Sooooooooooo Cooooooooooooool Not rated yet
I LOVE THIS GAME! Bella Sara is sooo cool!!

hi Not rated yet
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

bellasara trading cards rocks Not rated yet
hi i am katy and i have alot of extras to trade i have like 200 cards and suppose to get more in a couple of weeks cause i am going to order some more. …

Good Quality Not rated yet
I think it is really can adopt a foal of your choice and raise it then if you unlanck codes you can get really cool horses and stuff and i'll …

the best cards arouned for girls :] Not rated yet
I think it rock!And it always has something new for us.

ok Not rated yet
it is ok but how do you get your horse i go on get the foal but she doesn't talk ??? helppp!!!!1

I LOVE It! Not rated yet
Bella Sara is in my top 3 websites, me and my sister ride in RL. So when we saw BellaSara cards, we thought we would check it out! Sooo much fun! I have …

super game of horses Not rated yet
super game:) if you love magical horses you will love this game!

i love bellasara Not rated yet
on bellasara i think i have like 9 horses and 1 foal

Magical Horses Not rated yet
There's alot of magical and fantasy kind of horses, but there's also a few normal horses. I really like the game, and i think that if you like horses …

welcome new comers. bella sara loves people:HAFSA Not rated yet
i lov bella sara more than any thing in the world.i am a horse lover are you?go to for horse fun i hav i card and that is SOKKI i activated …

hafsa's horses Not rated yet
i started loving bella sara when i first got my one and only horse card that was sokki my friend gave it to me i loved it i still have sokki but i want:magic …

So Magical Not rated yet
Bella Sara is a very safe, magical horse website. When you join you get your horse. you get more horses by collecting cards and entering their code. And …

melinda Not rated yet

hey, sara Not rated yet
i love bella sara so much. i love my horse!

Macoose loves Bella Sara Not rated yet
oh my gosh, like, seriously! i LOVE your horses! my favorite one right now would have to be... umm... Feng because of his shiny red cloak and his amazingly …

First time on bella sara Not rated yet
I discovered bella sara by looking on virtual horse games i love it but the only problem is the achievements r sometimes hard and not very clear

Hi I'm Bella Not rated yet
I recon this game is fun. Do you?

bellasera trading cards rocks Not rated yet
hi i am katy and i have been collecting bellasara cards since they first came out and i have all the regs all i need is shineys and promos is that cool. …

i love bella sara Not rated yet
i love bella sara. it's awesome.i play it every day.i'm playing it right now.

AwEsOmE!!! Not rated yet
I love Bella Sara!!! I have 40 cards!!! I even have posters!!! I have: Ancient Lights Cards Series Native Lights Cards Series Northern Lights Cards …

it is me hafsa Not rated yet
i want all horse cards from bella sara only have one card sokki i have 116 money in my account of bella sara i love horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although …

hi Not rated yet
i love bellasara i have my own account it is awesome

hafsa loves horses Not rated yet
i love bella sara. i only have one card soki. my friend gave me it i am going to tell my parents i want to buy it all of the horses are my favorite good …

i dont know Not rated yet
i could not tell you anything my little girl can't play it it won't download. I'm sick of messing with it i have been trying to get it for 3 days what …

Reb thinks.... Not rated yet
This is a very well built site and will keep you entertained for hours.

Elly Not rated yet
a bit confusing at times but otherwise its pretty cool

love bella sara Not rated yet
I LOVE BELLA SARA !!!!!!! It is so fun. But I still think you need to be able to ride your horses in fields, woods, streets and in mountains.I also want …

Awesome! Not rated yet
Bella Sara is FUN! I have over 300 cards, I lost count. I'd recommend any horse lover that can buy cards to sign up! And I love the new foals. I've been …

Fun fantasy horses! Not rated yet
Bella Sara is sooooo awesome, especially if you like fantasy horses, like unicorns and stuff. I love the game and the horses, but it gets boring after …

horse Not rated yet
she is pretty

Bella Sara is awsome  Not rated yet
I have been a member of for about a year now, and I like it. Once you have bought trading cards,you can register your horses online. I love …

it is awesome Not rated yet
This is the best game I play it every day. I want to play it right now!

Bella Sara Review Not rated yet
Bella Sara is a great game that any kid is sure to enjoy! You can play games, breed horses and loads of cool stuff, anyone who is pony mad will love this …

WOW! Not rated yet
I love BellaSara! It's very interesting and fun! I can't wait to buy more trading cards!

My Bella Sara explanation Not rated yet
Hi, i love and adore bella sara. i think it is so remarkable that someone could think of such a clever way on making bella sara cards. I had so much fun …

Bella Sara is really good! Not rated yet
OK, it's really hard for me to find a good horse game because I am 13, but I actually like Bella Sara, I thought that it would be based only for like 3/4 …

Why I like Bella Sara... Not rated yet
~*I think the game is realy cool. So far you can't ride or train your horses but they have that planned for the future. This is a relatively new game and …

Awsome!!! Not rated yet
bellasara is so much Fun i love it!!!

bella sara stable Not rated yet
I have a stable full of Bella Sara horses! If you don't have bella sara get bella sera.

Fun Game Not rated yet
It's fun except it needs a little improvement.

I love it!!!!!! Not rated yet
I don't care what other people say, I mean u get to care for it, show jump it, and every thing!!!!! YOU HAVE TO LOVE IT!!!!!!! I have 160 CARDS!!!!!(NOT …

Bella Sara News Not rated yet
For my fellow Bella Sara fans, I thought I would share the latest newsletter from Canter Hollow: Hello Bella Sara friend, This is Penny Inkwell, …

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