Horse Party Games

Looking for horse party games for your birthday or barn party? Here are some great ideas from horsecrazygirls like you!

Games With Horses

Lexi suggested trying to trot while balancing an egg on a spoon. Only do this if you can ride safely! (Wear a helmet or riding hat and make sure riders are experienced.)

This idea came from Victoria: Play Apple'n'Carrot stretches where the pony stretches his neck around to get to the food.

Maybe your guests don’t ride much. How about a horse or pony dress up game? You can have teams dress up ponies or braid their manes and give prizes for the cutest or funniest horse etc.

No Horse? Here Are Some Ideas!

Don’t have a horse? That’s OK! There are still fun horse party games you can play! How about a bingo game featuring horses? You can learn about breeds and parts of the horse - and have fun at the same time. Go to our free horse bingo game page to download our free game.

How about if you and your friends are the horse? Anna, who won second place in our horse themed party contest, had this idea: You can hold relay races. Have the first person walk, then the next person 'trot', then the third will 'canter', and the fourth will go into a 'gallop', sprinting to the finish line! You can mix up the gaits and include some fun types of style, like your best dressage horse pose!

Savannah suggested doing a trail class with a big stuffed horse where you walk over sticks and have to back up in the shape of an L, and then lope to the judge and wait for everyone else to go through.

Or how about a jumping course...for your guests? Molly suggested you make jumps out of household items. If you can use real jumps, do. Time each person over the jumps. The person with the fastest time and/or least number of poles knocked over wins.

What Horse Am I? Here is a really cute game idea from Shelby. Make name tags with breeds of horses. Stick them on guests’ foreheads. They have to ask questions and try to guess what they are. It's close to the game "what animal am I?"

Rebecca suggested "cow pie chucking." I am not sure I even want to know what that’s all about!

Model Horse Show: Connie’s idea is to ask your friends to bring a model horse or borrow one and have a model horse show.

Here are some more ideas:

  • Paint ceramic horses
  • Paint horseshoes
  • Horse drawing contest
  • Pin the tail on the horse

Sophia had a good idea for a “Yankee swap”: Everyone can bring their own horse items and swap them for other things they want. Everyone should get at least 1 item!

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Pony and Horse Party Game Ideas from HorseCrazy Girls!

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