Pony Island

Pony Island is a very cute game. You can try it for free but you do need to register. When you first get on the game, you create a mare  and a stallion. They have a foal and that is your pony. It's very cool because unlike games where you have a few choices, this game has so many combinations they are all unique.

These are fantasy ponies, sort of like Bella Sara. Once you get a pony you take care of it, enter competitions and lots of fun stuff. You do have to read the manual to figure it out at first.

Thanks Christine for telling me about this game!!

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Pony Island looks like My Little Pony, and I stopped liking My Little Pony a looooooong time ago.

Sorry, but I don't get the point of this game. It doesn't get me hooked. ... ?

Pony Island: Great Game! 
Pony Island is great! I made a lovely foal called Comet and he rocks just like that game! Whoo hoo! Join this game its great!

Pony Island: Great Game! 
Pony Island is great! I made a lovely foal called Comet and he rocks just like that game! Whoo hoo! Join this game its great!

Pony island is cool 
It is awesome to play.

Pony Island Is Beastie 
Its awesome!!!I want to play it sooooooo bad!!!

Wild Brumby (me i'm crazy) 
I think it's awesome!

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Pony Island is great! At least the FREE TRIAL is.. 
Hi HorseCrazyGirls: I saw the Pony Island page. Sorry, Christine, but you've forgotten to mention that Pony Island is not free! The site offers you a …

Pony Island Rocks 
Pony Island is awesome other than it is a pay site. You get 20 days free, then you have to pay. Other than that, it rocks!

Great game, no customer service 
Beware of this website! You can get banned for off-PI behavior. The administrators of the the site frequently talk down to their customers and very recently …

Pony Island is the most BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGG, awful game I ever played and not very child safe!!! They were talking about inappropriate subjects! The game …

knock off 
this game is a totally copy cat of PonyStars heres a link: ive played both, ponystars came first. http://www.ponystars.com/

I used to play a horse game that recently shut down, the ponies in pony island look exactly like the ones on the old game!

help...pond? feeding?  
i have a cottage and a pond how do i put a horse in the pond and how do i go to my horse to feed it and thing like that pls help

Pony Island Is Sooooooooooo Lame 
Its so lame im not playing it any more!

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Pony Island? Not rated yet
A few years ago, I was randomly typing websites, and I fell upon ponyisland.com and howrse.com. I made accounts for both. I didn't understand either, but …

HELP with PonyIsland!!! Not rated yet
They don't explain ANYTHING good enough for new players.... I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO ENTER A COMPETITION? What's the point if I can't?

I wish for a real pony from the pony island... Not rated yet
I want all the girl ponies in the pony island and I hope the ponies and the island is real.

Pony Island So Rocks Not rated yet
Pony Island is the best and I love it!

Pony Island ROXS! Not rated yet
Awesome place to experience ponies! I would rate it 10 out of 10.

PonyIsland Fun?? No... Not rated yet
Sorry, but I lasted one minute on this game then had to do something else.

Pony Island is Cool Not rated yet
It's so good for ridding. You learn every thing there is to know about horses in a second. And the cutest horses I think is Gypsy because she always listens …

Pony Island Rocks!! Not rated yet
For me, the game is soooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!

How to Breed in Pony Island? Not rated yet
Can someone teach me how to breed horses in this game? Thanks!

Please Help with Pony Island! Not rated yet
I am signed up for it but i don't know what to do? I created my baby but now i don't know what to do? Could some one teach me what to do? Thanks! …

Pony Island is AWESOME! Not rated yet
It is a safe game and it is really fun to play by yourself and with friends too!

Pony Island is AWESOME! Not rated yet
I think Pony Island is a cool game!

I dont understand Not rated yet
i dont understand that game when i was tring to play i couldent so if you are gonna play this game you are gonna understand it? or not?!

PLEASE READ THIS Not rated yet
If triel users have a fab pony .can it get on pony of the week?

WOW PONY ISLAND GO Not rated yet
Pony Island is amazing!!! I haven't got the kick of it yet but I will soon.. :)

Confused Not rated yet
i don't really know how to play so its hard for me

PI is so EPIC! Not rated yet
I have been playing for almost two years and it's the best thing ever! There are adoptables, and lots of different ponies. But don't play PI if you are …

why should i pay? Not rated yet
Didnt you say it free to play these games? I would love to play pony Island but I dout I could if it ment I had to pay which really SINKS.

=( i would not play again Not rated yet
i played PonyBox for a few days and it is boring, slow moving, and i will not play again.

Ponyisland is worth paying for! Not rated yet
Everyone says it could be 'alote betta' if it wasn't a pay website, but the fact that you have to pay stops annoying advertisements and makes it more of …

Its could be alote betta Not rated yet
I'm sorry but i think pony island could be a lot better if they let people like me play it i really like the game i tried it for 20 days but i cant afford …

pony island is the coolst ever Not rated yet
you aways wont to go on it

pony island is kl Not rated yet
it is the best thing ever made THE BEST I TELL YOU!!!!

The Denver Nuggets Not rated yet
Well i think that pony island is really fun.

Babies Not rated yet
I Thought It was great I have 4 babies going on 6 babies I love it

pony island is cool Not rated yet
it is so fun

pony island Not rated yet
hi, you can't post in the forum when you have a 'trail' account. i don't like that!

its ok Not rated yet
the reason its ok is because you dont really get to play with the foal and when you breed the horse its not breeding it just looks like the mom or dad …

i love it because i love ponys and islands Not rated yet
its awesome - totally!!!

pony island is fab dab dos Not rated yet
its cool exciting and fab

Understand or not! Not rated yet
I think you will either understand Pony Island or not, I was one that don't understand it!!! My Rating: half of 1 star

well... Not rated yet
i did not really like it i tried it and breed two ponies bt once they have a baby thre is like nothing else to do its pontless! i hate it!!!!!!!!

Pony Island is sooooo much Fun!!!!! Not rated yet
it is so much fun i can buy and breed with them it is soooo cool!!

Pony Island Rocks Not rated yet
it is very cool!!!!!

Pony Island Rules Ruin the Game Not rated yet
Well I love the general idea of the site, but I personaly think that many of the websites rules and regulations constrict gameplay. I had once even paid …

pony island is great Not rated yet
I love ponys a lot they are great as a pet.

Pony Island Not rated yet
I think Pony Island is a fun free game for girls of all ages.

pony island is the bestest game ever Not rated yet
I really think this is the bestest game ever! i love it - it is awesome!

Pony Island is ok Not rated yet
It isn't really that fun.

I PONY Not rated yet

Denver Island  Not rated yet
i love horses

it rocks Not rated yet
Pony Box rocks

i can't breed the horse on Pony Island Not rated yet
i can't breed the horse this is only an ok game

i realy like pony island Not rated yet
it is realy really really cool!!!!!!!!!!!

Pony Island is coolio Not rated yet
I think that pony island is fun when you make the pony but there isn't many more fun things to do after I would recommend club pony pals

Pony Island Not rated yet
It's nothing like Bella Sara, or My Horse Club.

Pony island is AWESOME Not rated yet
It sounds fun and I really, really want to play it. I hope I'm going to love this games also because I love horses and little foals too. Horses are my …

pony island stinks Not rated yet
i cant even make an accont

ummmmmmm....................... Not rated yet
It wasn't as good as they say it is i thought it was rubbish

pony island cliffs Not rated yet
it is ok it is nice place to bring your horses come and join

Mean players Not rated yet
I joined, actually paid money for an account, and sometime hacked in and stole it. I hate that game and will never play it again.

Pony Island is the Best! Not rated yet
At first I thought Pony Island (PI) was a little confusing. There's a whole new language to learn, and people to get used to. After you get used to it, …

Pony Island Not rated yet
well i just started this game and it seems kind of boring but im sure (according to all you pony island fans) it will be good after a bit. I just got my …

no Not rated yet
its like my little pony that 4 like 5 yr olds not my type of game

ummmm....... Not rated yet
i think that the foals are cute but it is so confusing and i dont get how to play it.

my pony island review Not rated yet
it is very good!!!!!!!!!

pony isand is great Not rated yet

pony sorys Not rated yet
I love pony island and the books

Duhhhhh Not rated yet
It's all right....... The ponies are cute but otherwise..... You can find better games. Horse Tyccon is kind of similar but it's a bit better

i love it Not rated yet
it is cool

What Do I Do? Not rated yet
I'm signed up. Now what am I supposed to do?

Pony Island Rocks Not rated yet
Well I have not played it yet, but im pretty shure it will be awsome, well at least to me. P.S i love horses, my family has about 34 horses and ponys. …

ROSA Not rated yet
I think is a nice website. I like ponies.

mmm??????? Not rated yet
Well... i...i... never tried it... BUT I LOVE HORSES!!!

i think its a wonderful game.

my name is sindi and i am going to have fun Not rated yet
This is the funnest game and all of yous are going to have fun too!

i love pony island Not rated yet
i think pony island is fun for girls to play if u r a horse lover


Pony Island is awesome Not rated yet
its so awesome and cool!

is so cool and i am surprised it has a turtle pony

pony island rox Not rated yet
i don't really know

Wow. Not rated yet
This game rocks. :]

Pony Island Not rated yet
i think its ok but you can find better ones.

Pony Island is so cute Not rated yet
it is awesome

PONYISLAND Not rated yet
i think it is asomer

rubbish Not rated yet
rubbishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh because i don't know how to get on to playing it

pony land Not rated yet

Pony Island Rocks Not rated yet
"i think it is a really boring game i know a better one called pony stars look it up on google it's the first one on screen. " pony stars TOOK PONYISLAND'S …

huh!? Not rated yet
it stinks!what is that game!i do not know what is going on in this game!

horses rock Not rated yet
its cool and the ponies you can make like omg!

Fabtabidose Not rated yet
Well Pony Island Is Good For Girls Because They Give Birth In 5 Days Every Time You Bread It. However You Have To Pay For It After 21 Days!

It's addicting! Not rated yet
PonyIsland is probably one of the most addicting games I've played online. That said, it's such a cute game with lots of color and friendly people! I've …

I Love Pony Island Not rated yet
I think pony Island is the best of them all!I love Pony Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hores cuties Not rated yet
i like it very much and this is the best horse game i ever played

pony's love me Not rated yet
i do not know it is cool

how do i  Not rated yet
i don't know how to work it

SO COOL! Not rated yet
Its great awsome!

pony islands rubbish Not rated yet
i didn't no hat 2 do and it don't let u do noffin

i love it Not rated yet
it is great i love it

cute pony colts Not rated yet
that it feels really fun to have a horse online!

i love pony island Not rated yet
it is great

Pony Island"s Best Adventure Not rated yet
I Think Its Awesome

Pony Island Not rated yet
I like pony island. It's cool how you choose your pony's parents and then the parents are mixed together to make a foal. If you haven't been to www.ponyisland.com …

ponys rock Not rated yet
it is very cool

Pony Island is awsome! Not rated yet
Pony island is one of the best games I have ever played. I created the cutest pony EVER!!!! You create the mum and dad and they have a baby and that's …

pony island rocks Not rated yet
its so cool you could go there every day

It's Ok!!! Not rated yet
Pony island is kinda cool but also sometimes boring!

pony island rocks Not rated yet
its cool and fun

pony island is awesome! Not rated yet
really fun and i would go there again it's like being in a real life place.i loved it!!

never been on Pony island Not rated yet
Ive never played on it before but, I think it could be a good game. So, if you could sign me up that would be great! Note from Sydney: You have to sign …

i love pony island Not rated yet
i like it because of the ponies

pony island Not rated yet
pony island is a dumb game it is very boring

pony island stinks Not rated yet
terrible do not go on it

I love this game Not rated yet
it is great i think everyone should play it

CONFUSING Not rated yet
Pony Island is confusing

ausome Not rated yet
pony land is asome i love this site you rock!

Disgusted Not rated yet
i don't get it, and why would you want to pay for an online game? i don't like it at all.

i don't like Not rated yet
i think it is a really boring game i know a better one called pony stars look it up on google it's the first one on screen.

pony island rocks Not rated yet
because of all the lovely ponies

PONYS ROCK Not rated yet
It rocks

pony island is awesome Not rated yet
it is the most awesome game i ever played in my whole life!!!

what the Not rated yet
on pony island I tried a lot of times to get a username in but it kept coming up already taken (i was logging in by new player) so i don't know if its …

pony island is the best ever Not rated yet
it is very fun and the foals are cute

PONY ISLAND!! Not rated yet
That is so much fun, I love it... plus horses ROCK!!

Pony Island Rocks Not rated yet
It may be confusing but it rocks!!

P I ROCKS! Not rated yet

REAL MONEY??? Not rated yet
When I found out you had to pay to play! I was mad but now I know it is not free to keep it online.

Pony Island Rocks Not rated yet
i want to play it so bad

pony island is so cool Not rated yet
I loved its so much better than howrse its COOL!!!

COOL PONY Not rated yet

Pony Island rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Not rated yet
It is fun!

pony island is ok Not rated yet
i thought pony island was going to be better than it was i would recommend. if u like that game that www.ponystars.com is a better version of it this byee …

Pony Island Not rated yet

Pony Island: AWESOME!! Not rated yet
Pony Island is pretty cool. I have a unicorn.

It's coool Not rated yet
It's Pretty cool! i have fun playing it!

pony island Not rated yet
its so rubbish how do u play it

pony islands cool Not rated yet
its great

PI is the best!!!!! Not rated yet
PonyIsland is compleating addicting, and is so totally fun! I can't stop playing! I love the site so much I have a T-Shirt that says PI Rocks!

Allegria Not rated yet
because its a very nice and calming name for a horse and its one of my horses names!

eight bell Not rated yet
it fun

pony Island is cool Not rated yet
it is great!

pony-island-roxs-my-sox-off Not rated yet
its da best game iv ever!!!

pony island rocks Not rated yet
Pony island is so good i think it should be the best game in the WORLD!

Bad Not rated yet
It is really complicated!

Pony Island Marvels Not rated yet

Cool Not rated yet
Pony island is the best! I could play it all me life and my pony is having babies soon so I'm very happy. I'm so lucky to have a pony like star she plays …

beautiful Not rated yet
I think it is a nice place for horses.

pony island is the coolest website i ever played Not rated yet
It is super fun!

Pony Island Not rated yet
It is hard to understand but when u been playing it for a little bit i bet u will understand, but its not as half as good as howrse.

It's AWESOME !  Not rated yet
I think it's awesome cause I'm going to have two babies tomorrow !!!!!

Pony Island is ok. Not rated yet
I like it. I really do. But it isn't as fun as some other games... I have a baby named Shona, and she is awesome!! See ya round

i love it Not rated yet
It is so cool.

Sweet!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
It was so much Fun and the ponies are so cute.

Pony Island Is The Best Not rated yet
I think its cool and maybe one day I can get me a pony like I always wanted to!!!

To play... or not to play? Not rated yet
To play... or not to play? That is the question. This game is fun for older kids, however I think that it is like many other games, where you do not actually …

pony island rules Not rated yet
i think it is fun and cool!!!

pony land Not rated yet
it,s cool

Pony ISland is cool Not rated yet
It is so fun and cool!

It Rox My Sox!!! Not rated yet
Luv it! Will be purchasing a subscription in 2 weeks!!

Horse owner Not rated yet
The love of this game is cool. Having online horses are just as real as having a real horse. I have to feed my online horse horse everyday says my mom. …

Rockn pony island Not rated yet

Little pony Not rated yet
It looks nice and good with ponies.

PON IJ Not rated yet
It does nothing at all boring.

Cool Rock Not rated yet
It is the best place ever and is fantastic.

Horse land Not rated yet
It is a private land. I own it. Only nice people can come on. You can only come on if you have a horse.

Josie's Dream Barn Not rated yet

Horse Island Sweet Not rated yet
It's cool and existing .@@@@@@@@@@@@

Runaway Acers Not rated yet

Pony Island Is a Miracle To Me Not rated yet
Awesome amsin 2 kewl 4 skel

Game looks great Not rated yet
Your game sounds great.

The coolest game on the web Not rated yet
I think pony island is the sweetest game ever, and I will play it for hours.

I didn't like it Not rated yet
I really couldn't trust them not to give away my email, plus it's not my kind of game.

Horse land Not rated yet
It is the best game i have ever played.

Pony Island Not rated yet
The game is alright, I have been on it before. Just I don't have high-speed internet, so it did not work well, sniff. ~A pony loving/owner freak. …

pony island is cool Not rated yet
I think pony island is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocks Not rated yet

Pony Island is cute Not rated yet
Pony Island is a cute game and this is the first time I tried it. I loved the ponies, even though they aren't realistic they are sooooo pretty. Getting …

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