Pony Island

Pony Island is a very cute game. You can try it for free but you do need to register. When you first get on the game, you create a mare and a stallion. They have a foal and that is your pony. It's very cool because unlike games where you have a few choices, this game has so many combinations they are all unique.

These are fantasy ponies, sort of like Bella Sara. Once you get a pony you take care of it, enter competitions and lots of fun stuff. You do have to read the manual to figure it out at first.

Thanks Christine for telling me about this game!

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Pony Island is a cute game with fantasy horses. You can read my review of Pony Island here . Here you'll find reviews and tips from other girls who …

Many girls who have reviewed this game really like it. A few wish it were free after the trial, but others understand that it takes money to keep a website going and believe it is worth it. 

Here's what one horsecrazy girl who played the game says about it:

I loved Pony Island and I think it is very well managed. In the beginning it is hard to understand what is going on but the trial account helps you get used to that. It may cost money but it is fun and a lovely way to spend 15 pounds if you have enjoyed the trial.I highly recommend this and it is fun for most ages.

Another girl wrote: 

Hi HorseCrazyGirls - 

Sorry, Christine, but you've forgotten to mention that Pony Island is not free! The site offers you a free trial, where you can try the game for twenty days FREE. After that, you can decide to pay 14.99 a year to keep playing, or you can decide to quit PI. 

Pony Island is rather fun. Their ponies are loosely based on the young girl's toy, My Little Pony toys by Hasbro. Pony Island is really safe; it's ad-free. They don't accept cash, credit card, COD, check, or what-ev. They only accept PayPal, "one of the most secure online banking companies in the world." I don't know if that's true. 

But the tutorial--oh, the tutorial! It's terrible. Most sites offer a hands-on tutorial, like when they show you onscreen how to play. But this one is just a boring book filled with knowledgable things.

And a girl who goes by "Pumpkin King" wrote:

While I will admit, the tutorial isn't the best, but that's what the trial weeks are for, to test out and experiment to learn the ropes yourself (This is my opinion). But I've gotta say, I think you guys are wrong about almost everything. That $14.99 every six months, while it does dig a hole in a 14 year old's pocket like myself, it is vital to the website.

How do you think the website got such amazing artwork? Why do you think their are no ads? And there is a reason they ask you what package you want when you first sign up for a trial account. It also clearly tells you in messages when you join that it's a trial account. Trial means temporary, to see if you enjoy it. After all, why pay for something you won't enjoy? Paying is also to keep spammers and internet junk off the site. Do you really want to be in the middle of purchasing a pony, a very serious business, and then suddenly have a picture of macaroni staring you in the face (Not a personal experience, but this happened to a friend of mine on a site called ChickenSmoothie)? I didn't think so. Also, ads annoy me. Honestly, I don't care about a carpet cleaner when I'm sitting there trying to breed my pairs. 

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