Horse Costumes

Looking for something to wear to a Halloween or costume party? How about dressing up like a horse or pony? It's so fun! Shop our horse costumes store below or even make your own pony costume!

Make Your Own Halloween Horse Costumes

  • You can start making your costume with a brown fleece jogging suit and a pair of tennis shoes.
  • Buy felt in black and brown. Make sure the brown felt is the same color as your jogging set - or you can choose a different color if you want to have "socks."
  • Wrap brown felt on both wrists of your suit to make them look like your first pair of horse legs.
  • Cut out 3-inch V-shaped black felt pieces and glue them to the end of your horse legs to make hooves.
  • Wrap brown felt on your tennis shoes to create your second pair of horse legs and glue V-shaped black felt for hooves.
  • Create your horse head with foam sheets. Draw and cut out a horse head on two foam sheets and attach them to a sun visor or a brown baseball cap so it can easily be taken off.
  • Stitch black pr brown yarn on top of the sun visor or the baseball cap to make your mane.
  • Make your tail by cutting out pieces of black or brown yarn. Cut as many as you like. And now you’re ready to trot around the block!

Dress Up Your Dog Too!

You can dress up your dog with this jockey costume. Isn't it adorable?? It's a cute way to have your puppy take part in the fun! Maybe you can even take him or her trick-or-treating with you - or at least let your doggie answer the door when trick or treaters show up.

Horse Mask - Weird But...

OK, I think this one is bizarre but it gets great reviews. I guess people think it's really funny. So if you want to freak out your friends with a horse mask, this may be the way to go!