Horse Costumes

Looking for something to wear to a Halloween or costume party? Maybe you are looking for a horse costume for your horse. Whether the costume is for you or your horse we have tons of options. The horse costume ideas on this page include how each individual made the costume along with the cost so that you too can recreate each horse costume. Many of the horse costume ideas also have rider costumes since most horse lovers/horse owners like to dress up with their horse. There are also ready made horse costumes on the page in case you are like me and not artistic. We also have some dog costume options in case you want to dress up both your equine and dog!

If you are wanting horse and rider costume ideas I suggest checking out our horse Halloween costumes page or downloading our free Horse and Rider Halloween Costume Contest eBook that has our costume entries through 2020 and covers things like how costumes where made along with the cost.

Horse Costume Accessories

Ready Made Horse Costumes

Horse Costumes For Humans

Costumes For Dogs

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Horse Costume Elements

Horse costumes can be hard to make sometimes so here are several horse costume elements to try to make creating your horse costumes easier. It could be that you have several costume items at home already and just needs something to finish off the look, perhaps you need a horse costume element to inspire the rest of the horse costume, or maybe you want just a few costume elements that you can't make yourself.

Either way these horse costume elements can make your horse costume into what you are dreaming of. 

Be safe girls! A horse can spook if your costume is flowing, or noisy, or has unusual smells or textures.

So think about that carefully when making and choosing your costume:

* Give your horse a chance to sniff and see every piece of your costume before you mount your horse.

* Use only safe materials - glitter, glue, dyes or paints should be non-toxic. You do not want to give your horse (or you) an allergic reaction!

* Always wear your helmet when you are on your horse. If you're worried it will not look good with your costume, consider a helmet cover. Better safe than sorry!

Mane and tail Bling

A horse's mane with sparkly stripes.

Mane and tail bling by BellaViaDesigns. These beautiful bling strips are the perfect addition to any number of horse costumes. I could easily see these incorporated with a fairy horse costume, a princess horse costume, a mermaid horse costume, and several other horse costumes. I love how sparkly yet slim these strips are allowing them to enhance the mane and/or tail rather than overpowering the whole mane and/or tail. If you love the look but are worried about the color don't be. These bling accessories come in a wide range of different color options, so you can find the one that works perfectly with your costume.

Horse Armor

Horse with armor looking piece on the front of its head.

With these horse armor looking laser chamfron laser cutting-leather blanks from TheUnicornMaker I have a feeling you will feel like you are reining over your own kingdom in no time. Combine this item with a medieval dress or knight armor and a medieval looking blanket on your horse for a awesome costume. There are two different options with their own unique design which allows you to pick the one that fits your look the best. The other really cool thing about these horse armor costume accessories is that you can make your own. Yep, that's right the people who sell this item have the option to buy just the digital pattern so you can make your own if you want.  

Mane Extensions 

A black horse with blue mane extensions in its mane.

Horse mane extensions by AHorseNamedPilot are a wonderful horse costume accessory that will give you that extra pop at any horse costume party. These horse mane extensions come in several different lengths and colors allowing you to get just what you need to complete your costume. I could see these being perfect for someone doing a fire themed horse costume, a unicorn horse costume, a 60's themed horse costume, or really any number of horse costumes. Plus they are super cheap so you don't have to make a big investment to take your horse costume to the next level.

Mane Feathers 

A horse whose mane is filled with feathers.

Mane feathers by CircusUnicorn are excellent accessories for several types of horse costumes. If you were wanting to do a nature horse costume, a Spirit themed horse costume, or just a whimsical horse costume these would be a great addition. One of the best things about these mane feathers is that there is a large number of color options and several options for how many feathers you want. Being able to almost customize these feathers really allows you to achieve the look you want. 

Mermaid Tail bags

Four mermaid tail bags.

MareMaid tail bags by TripSocietyShop are so pretty and show you are ready for the costume party. I love the way these tail bags shimmer and sparkle just like how I imagine a real mermaid tail would look. There are only two color options but I think you could still find a way to incorporate either color into a horse costume. These horse costume accessories are definitely for a more specific horse costume than others. The mermaid tails would obviously fit best with a mermaid horse costume, under the sea horse costume, or aquatic horse costume. I really love how pretty and easy to use this horse costume accessory is. 

unicorn horn

A horse with a unicorn horn on, a flower wreath around its neck, and a young girl kissing the horse on the muzzle.

This unicorn horn by TheUnicornCorner is just what you need for a unicorn horse costume or a fairy horse costume. There is a wide range of unicorn horn colors, different length options, and several different strap colors available. All these different customizable elements allows you to get the look you want and get a unicorn horn that fits your horse, pony, or draft horse. Another great thing about this unicorn horn horse costume accessory is that it appears to stay in place. I mean a horse is jumping with this on in one of the pictures! 

Spider Mane

A horse with a spider web and spiders weaved into its mane.

This goth horse mane accessory by EquestrianStylStudio that resembles a spiderweb with spiders on it is one of the best horse Halloween accessories in my opinion. I love how this mane jewelry is both pretty and scary at the same time. I could see this mane jewelry with a witch horse costume, a spider horse costume, a zombie horse costume, or any other scary horse costume. While this mane accessory is a little more expensive than some of the other horse costume elements in this section I think it would be worth the money as it could be used in so many different horse costumes!

Pumpkin Ear Bonnet

A horse ear bonnet made of black and orange material that has a pumpkin embroidered on it.

This cute Halloween horse fly bonnet by BeehiveEquestrian is a fun accessory for a horse costume. Pair this with the Halloween polo wraps and some mane accessories for a super fun, cute, easy horse costume. While you may not win the most creative costume award you and your horse can at least be a part of the barn Halloween party. Plus you can easily use this fly bonnet for other horse costumes in the future which is always an added bonus.

horse glitter

Several bottles of glitter made for horses.

Get your party on with this horse glitter by OliviaLouiesoapshop. This glitter is a wonderful addition to a horse costume. I mean what costume couldn't use some sparkle. This glitter which is advertisied as both body and mane glitter for your horse comes in over ten different colors allowing you to add it to almost any horse costume no matter what colors and elements make it up. The other nice thing about this glitter is the great price.

Halloween Embroidered polo wraps

Horse polo wraps with a Halloween theme.

These Halloween embroidered polo wraps by SnowyMountainHorse are a great way to add a fun touch to a horse Halloween costume. With seven different Halloween designs and the option for two or four horse/pony polo wraps you can put the finishing touch on your horse costume. The other wonderful thing about these Halloween embroidered polo wraps as a horse costume accessory is that you can reuse them and they serve a purpose besides being cute when you ride.

Ready made Horse costumes

It can be both hard and time consuming to make horse costumes, which may lead some people to not even want to deal with horse Halloween costumes. One possible solution to this is to just buy a ready made horse costume instead of making your own. Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to find ready made horse costumes. Thankfully there are a few out there. Some of the ready made horse costumes are more detailed than others but all of them are fun and will at least put you and your horse in the Halloween mood. Maybe next year you will want to try making your own or you can just buy one again (no judgement here).

Policeman miniature horse costume

A miniature horse in a policeman's costume.

This policeman's costume for a mini horse by MyMiniandtheMoon is super cute. I love the little hat combined with the black outfit and police badge. While this costume is for a miniature horse, not a regular size horse, it is a great option for those with miniature horses. The price of this fun horse costume is on the higher end I think it would be worth it to get an awesome horse costume that is ready to go.

Batman horse costume

Batman saddle pad and ear bonnet.

Horse batman costume by BeehiveEquestrian includes saddle pad and ear bonnet. I love the affect these horse accessories create together. You could definately just use these two items to create a horse costume or you could add some polo wraps and a wear your own Batman themed costume for a more dramatic look. Another nice thing about this accessories combination is that the saddle pad and ear bonnet can be used more than once. Plus, the price is not too bad for a saddle pad and ear bonnet.

Miniature horse pirate Costume

A miniature horse dressed up as a pirate.

This miniature horse pirate costume is so fun. I know I already posted a miniature horse Halloween costume but I had to also share this one. This creator has a ton of different miniature horse costumes available but this is one of my favorites. The pirate hat and little outfit is just perfect in my opinion. While the costume is for a miniature horse, which restricts the usage a little bit, it is a ready to made horse costume.

pumpkin horse costume

Pumpkin themed saddle pad and ear bonnet.

Horse Pumpkin Halloween costume by BeehiveEquestrian is another easy horse costume that, while not the most creative, is still fun. The combination of pumpkins on the saddle pad and ear bonnet would definitely allow you and your horse to have a Halloween look without much work. You could also easily add some Halloween polo wraps, mane and tail accessories, along with your own costume for a more impressive Halloween costume look. 

Medieval Horse Costume

A horse waring a green and gold caprison.

Looking for a medieval horse costume? Check out this medieval horse caparison by SimbelmyneEquine. I think that the green and gold colors in this horse costume are extremely pretty and regal looking but there are several color options. I also love the fact that there is a cut out in an area that would allow a girth. This medieval horse caparison in my opinion could be a costume all on its own, but if you wanted to jazz it up a bit you could add some horse armor, mane or tail accessories, and your own costume.

horse costumes you can make 

Almost every year we host a super fun horse Halloween costume contest. This means that we have a lot of horse Halloween costumes on this site along with how the costumes were made, how much people spent on the costumes, and tons of pictures so hopefully you can recreate the horse costumes that you like. All the horse Halloween costumes are listed on the horse Halloween costume page. But I have put the winners from the contest over the years here so that you can see some of the best ones. 

horse costumes for people

As a horse lover you may want to dress up as a horse for Halloween, you may want to wear a horse related costume for Halloween party, or perhaps you are wanting to be the horse mascot for your barn. No matter the reason there are a ton of options out there for those who want horse costumes and horse related costumes. Should you want to dress up in a horse related costume for a party you can be a jockey, a cowgirl, or even an english horseback rider. In terms of horse costume options for people there are inflatable costumes, horse masks, headbands and more.

If you want to make your own horse costume here are some easy instructions:

  • You can start making your costume with a brown fleece jogging suit (or onesie) and a pair of tennis shoes.
  • Buy felt in black and brown. Make sure the brown felt is the same color as your jogging set - or you can choose a different color if you want to have "socks."
  • Wrap brown felt on both wrists of your suit to make them look like your first pair of horse legs.
  • Cut out 3-inch V-shaped black felt pieces and glue them to the end of your horse legs to make hooves.
  • Wrap brown felt on your tennis shoes to create your second pair of horse legs and glue V-shaped black felt for hooves.
  • Create your horse head with foam sheets. Draw and cut out a horse head on two foam sheets and attach them to a sun visor or a brown baseball cap so it can easily be taken off.
  • Stitch black or brown yarn on top of the sun visor or the baseball cap to make your mane.
  • Make your tail by cutting out pieces of black or brown yarn. Cut as many as you like. And now you’re ready to trot around the block!

Horse Hat

A crochet hat that looks like a bay horse head.

This crochet horse head hat by CharismasCrochet is just what you need for a horse costume. I am so impressed with how realistic this crochet horse hat looks, I mean you can immediately tell what it is suppose to be. Obviously, this horse hat isn't exactly a costume all by itself but if you were to wear it with a brown onesie I think you could have a cute and easy horse costume. The price of this hat is really reasonable as well so you could definitely keep the creation of this costume pretty cheap. 

Horse mask and tail

Four horse masks and tails all in different colors.

Horse masks and tails by SeaminglySarah are super fun way to make a horse costume come to life. There are four different color options for you to choose from along with different mask sizes, which is a major bonus. All I would do to complete the costume is just get some matching pants and a long sleeve shirt or a onesie to go along with the horse costume accessories.  The only slight downside is that the price is higher than some of the other horse costumes.

Horse Headband Set

A headband with a horse head on it along with a tail and a bow.

This horse headband Halloween costume by babblesandbubbles is an easy way to make a simple tank top and leggings into a horse costume. While these costume accessories are not the fanciest they would definitely help you create a horse look. You could even use items you already own (such as a white long sleeve t-shirt and white leggings) to help create the rest of the outfit.  Plus the price for the set is super reasonable in my opinion.  

horse mask

A young girl wearing a unicorn horse mask, a blue t-shirt, and a tutu.

This horse mask pattern by RedHenDIY is a wonderful piece to create a horse costume around. While you do have to create your own horse mask this awesome pattern makes it so much easier. I typically find horse masks creepy (if I am honest) but this one is one of the less creepy ones. I would almost wear this horse mask as part of a Halloween horse costume. Plus the price is only $15 for the instructions, making it a pretty cheap costume 'centerpiece'.

Horse costume

A kid in a brown horse costume that looks like a vest with a horse head attached.

This kid sized horse costume by Divendi is super fun. It comes up to a kid size 12 which is dissapointing for those not shopping for a kid. But I think it the concept of the costume provides some good inspiration. I like the fact that it is all one piece and you can easily see from underneath the horse head while still having that clear horse costume look. Another thing that looks nice on this costume is the material which looks both soft and fuzzy.

Inflatable horse costume

A young girl wearing an inflatable horse costume.

An inflatable horse costume by TheTurtleMarket is the perfect horse costume for the kid horse lover in your life that wants to be a cowgirl or cowboy riding around on a horse for Halloween. The horse is a little quirky looking as you can probably tell but it is still a cute, creative costume that is ready to go.  There are different size options but they are all kid sizes so unless you are an incredibly petite adult chances are you will not be able to fit in this horse costume. 

jockey costume

A jockey sitting on a thoroughbred.

Love the idea of being a jockey for Halloween? These jockey costume silks look like the real thing. One of the best htings about jockey silks is the amount of colors and patterns that they can be made out of so that you can create your own unique and personalized look. I could definitely see someone dress their horse up as a racehorse and put on these jockey costume silks to have a wonderful horse costume. The silks in this photo are just for show and are not from the company selling this product.

cowgirl costume

Two identical cowgirl costumes of different sizes beside one another. The top is a cow print and the bottom a paisley print.

Saddle up your horse and go for a ride on your horse in this cowgirl outfit by MojoGinny. Okay you may not actually want to ride in this costume but still you get the idea. This super cute cowgirl costume comes in a wide range of sizes and can help make an easy horse costume for Halloween. If you don't have a horse or if you are wanting to trot around your neighborhood block and can't bring your horse you could always pick out one of the dog costumes and take your dog as your horse.

costumes for dogs

You can dress up your dog with any number of horse related Halloween costumes for an adorable effect at your next dog Halloween costume party or just for fun. Halloween is not just for people or horses after all and dressing up your dog is a cute way to have your puppy take part in the fun! Maybe you can even take him or her trick-or-treating with you - or at least let your doggie answer the door when trick or treaters show up.

horse costume

A dog with a horse costume snood on.

Want to dress your dog up in a horse costume? Try this horse costume snood by FurTheLoveDesigns. This snood comes in several different colors and sizes. As you have probably noticed from the picture, this costume is really only a neck piece which can be a great option for dogs that may be less willing to wear a full body horse costume. However, because it is only a neck piece you may want to think about adding an extra element such as the cowboy/cowgirl costume to finish off the look.

Cowboy/cowgirl costume

Cowboy dog costume that shows a stuffed cowboy riding a dog.

This cowboy dog costume by EarsToTails is super fun and exciting. This costume can feature a completely customizable stuffed cowboy or a cowgirl. Everything from eye color to hair color is up to you and what you want. Oh and did I mention that the cowboy or cowgirl can be removed from the saddle to be played with just in case you are thinking about getting this for a younger horse lover that may want to use the cowgirl or cowboy year round. Just be careful if you take your dog to a party with this on other dogs may think they cowboy or cowgirl is a chew toy.

Cowgirl costume

A dog in a cowgirl outfit.

I love this cowgirl dog costume by BellaDoggie and I especially love the fact that there is a wide range of sizes for dogs. This costume is just so cute and it would fit wonderfully with someone who wanted to wear a horse costume. Another option would be to dress your dog up as a cowgirl and your horse as a cowboy. Really, there are many ways to incorporate a cowgirl outfit into a Halloween costume theme.

Unicorn Costume

A dog in an unicorn costume.

I can't get over this adorable unicorn dog costume by FroodiesHoodies. I could definitely see someone with their dog in a unicorn outfit, their horse in a unicorn costume, and themselves in a unicorn costume. Or you could create a magical theme and the dog be a unicorn, you could be a witch, and the horse could be a dragon. Basically there are a ton of different ways to incorporate this dog unicorn costume with your Halloween costume. Either way I have a feeling your dog will be the best dressed at a Halloween costume party in this costume.