Hey, you horse lovers out there!

by A Hayley

I have not played it. I don't have an E-mail address. If you are angry because you don't have an E-mail address, but still want to play the game, then go to your google homepage and type in, 'powerpets'. Once it has found the answers, click on the top bunch of words. You need to put in your user name and make up a password, and answer a few questions. I thought it was VERY hard to do stuff when I first started, but now I understand it perfectly. You can make your own shops and buy stuff off other people. I've only been playing it for about a month now. You get to look after your own pet, and you can get as many as you like. There are also these thing called a 'mini' they play with your pets. You have to hatch the minis from eggs. I really look forward to seeing you there.
Follow my steps, and you'll smash through the roof. Good luck!

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