It gets old

by Rachelle

Mystable is very easy to beat and win. I have only been playing for a month and I have 750,000 dollars in game money. Here are some tricks:

- Gather 10,000 coins.
- Put them in the bank, and leave for one month
Keep doing this but with bigger and bigger amounts. I.E.: After 10,000 have been in for one month, take it all out and put 11,000 in, and keep whatever's left out. Also, if you would rather not stay off for one month, you can just keep money on hand and play, though, keep 10k in the bank.

The horses and competitions are a bit pathetic and you have to buy WITH REAL MONEY various items to care for your horses. There are only a few items that will allow you to use them with game money. Some other features of the game only work if you buy a membership with real money.

- Rachelle

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