White Oak Stables Horse Game Review

by Sydney from HorseCrazyGirls.com

White Oak Stables Horse Game Review

White Oak Stables Horse Game Review

White Oak Stables is a horse SIM game that you can play online. I haven’t played it in a while myself, and the reviews are very mixed, so I will share what other horsecrazy girls have said and you can decide. If you try the game, come back and share your comments or reviews.

Kilauea Stud said:

I have been playing WOSr for about a year now and have made it from scratch to quite comfortable with good stock and great friends. :) It takes some work but it's not impossible and the people are super friendly. Some people may not like it but let's face, not everybody likes the same things. Also, it is a game more geared towards older people, i.e. 10+ years, so if you are a younger person then you may lack some of the skills needed to play and that is probably why you are having such a hard time. Please be fair when considering whether or not to leave a harsh reviews.

However, another reviewer, Ms. Carson shared “A Mother’s Review.” She warned:

White Oak Stables, is nothing but trouble for your child or you.
1.) It IS realistic.
2.) Nice graphics

1.) Cyber-bullying that the owner lets them get by with. (A moderator was even bullying & even if you be nice to them, it makes no difference.)
2.) The owner lets members put up vulgar pictures, and claims half-dressed is FULLY-dressed. Although, she did thank us for reporting it.
3.) Moderators were cussing in the chat room, a few of them were VERY nice and helpful, though.

I will NOT let my child play this game, and I strongly suggest that you do the same if you desire to bring up an honest and decent child. Surprisingly, there are SOME good things among the many bad. I’d advise you to be aware of this site and others like it.

Another reviewer, Juliana, says it is a realistic horse game. She wrote:

White Oak Stables is an uber-realistic horse game. I love it. They even have this comic called HORSETASTIC! Which is, like, way too funny. You can show, race, take care of, compete, color, breed, train, and etc with your horses. There's a chat place too.

If you decide to give this horse SIM game a try be sure to review it and share your tips in the comments!

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Jun 12, 2021
by: Anonymous

Love it! So easy and everyone is so nice!

Mar 17, 2021
Find a better game
by: Mary

Game is really glitchy, doesn't load right or not at all

Jun 13, 2020
Worst. Game. Ever.
by: Anonymous

If you want to be cyberbullied, this is the platform for you!


I was made fun of in the chat by a moderator named Cricket and his or her friends Dremi Pony POA and Candyfloss. Candy floss and Cricket are moderators. It started where I misunderstood something so they took that as a chance to say that I know nothing about horses in white oak stables or real life and cussing at me. I was told "Honey... I Fricking WROTE the rules!" Says Cricket who is a moderator after I asked if they could respect me like the rules say. If a moderators friend says something rude and you tell them to stop, you get in trouble. NOT THEM. I also had a run in with a different moderator named Trevalon about a stupid mistake which ended in cussing also.


There are all ages playing so you 13 year old daughter could be talking to a 45 year old.


To make matters worse, there are PMs which ARE NOT read by anyone before they are sent. You are able to 'report abuse' to Jade who is the game creator but the email doesn't work.

I can see Jade's intentions being good because this would be a good game if moderators were fair.

May 08, 2020
won't Load
by: Narnia

This game won't let me play.

Nov 28, 2019
okay game
by: ExpoCodyMellie

So WOS is okay. I never experienced the same issues another players and I have played at least 2 years. What I can say is that it is very inactive. If you join a club you can become vice president after 1 to 2 club forum posts. Especially the English register! WOSR is pretty active...but it is confusing, so new players get super confused, I know I was! It is okay, but eventually you run out stuff to do. I would recommend Horse Eden Eventing. I joined a few days ago and there have been over 50 people on at any time. it is a fun game. If you have lots of patience, wos is ok. If you want anything fast, play HEE.

Jan 30, 2018
Huge Bullying Problem
by: Anonymous

My daughter played this game for about a year, and came to me quite a few times with tears in her eyes.

The moderators as well as regular players were very unkind to my daughter for very strange reasons. My daughter bought a horse (a fictional one, mind you), and changed the name after it had been bought. That must have set something off in the previous owner's nerves, because they became furious and very mean.

Another thing, I was not aware of how many grown adults play this game. There are players admittedly well into their thirties, which I don't know about other parents, but it makes me very uncomfortable. I brought these concerns up to the moderators and creator of the website with a simple "There's nothing we can do".

I would not recommend this game.

Jan 24, 2017
:( NO Good
by: Anonymous

I have played this game and have been bullied by many moderators. They yell at you for no reason and get after you for asking simple questions.
I suggest not playing this game.

Moderators have members that are "friends" and they let them get away with shouting at people and calling names!

I have gotten hacked before and then I got banned because of what my hacker did and said! DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! I honestly would check out a different game that is safe and fun for all.

You think moderators would help you but not on this website, just mean people behind the screen trying to ruin your life and day! PLAY A DIFFERENT game people out there. There are a lot friendlier websites out there!

I also have contacted Jade and she did nothing about it. I suggest not playing it!

Nov 15, 2016
Good Game Overall
by: KotW Racing/TheMagnifyProject

I have actually played both registers, but I like the racing register better.

I started in the Spring of 2015 on the racing register, April 30th if I remember right, and I made my first million within a month. I kind-of stopped over the summer, and my horses were rescued. I didn't know that could happen, at the time.

Anyways, I came back that fall, around October or so. Started up again, horses got rescued while I was off on winter break. Came back in the spring. At this point, I found a good friend in Blue Rose Stables, now Queen's Cove. She is wonderful, and I let her know I couldn't be on in the summer, and she offered to take some of the horses I wanted to be able to keep.

I came back this fall, and I think that was went I really got a good idea of what I wanted to do with the game. I chose Orlov Trotters, and stuck with them. I found someone with a racetrack, and they are currently letting me use it, so everything is going great.

As far as the message board problems goes, I am fairly certain it is dead. I don't use it, and the few times I looked in, no one was even in there, so, yeah.

Now, at least in the racing register, the people are pretty nice. Every once in a while though, just like everything, someone is going to have a problem with you. I have, but it's only been one person, and it doesn't bother me anymore. There is always going to be that ONE person, so don't worry about it.

One thing that the game is suffering from is the moderation part. I have never personally met Jade, so I can make no fair judgement, but there isn't very good communication between her and the players, that I can say. It doesn't seem like she cares much.

In conclusion, very good game. Just takes time and commitment.

Oct 06, 2015
by: Horse

I love White Oak Stables. It has great easy to learn game-play. The community is great and all the information is accurate. On the game I go under the name as Lola.

Jul 09, 2015
by: Panther

I've been on WOSe for quite a while under the username Bagheera and it's the only horse game I'm still really interested in. Before I was on White Oak Stables I played Howrse for years and years before I found it and I couldn't be happier to have come across it. The gameplay is simple for people of all ages to learn and it is also very realistic. The mods are all super kind and very helpful to the new users and they are also eager to help anyone who needs it. I love it :D

Dec 21, 2014
White Oak Stables - Please read even if you don't like White Oak Stables
by: Jillian (Colorado, USA)

White Oak Stables is the best horse game I have found yet. Other horse games that I have found are hard and confusing. All you have to do on WOS (White Oak Stables) is make an account, go to your email and activate it, then boom! You have an account on an amazing horse site. It is like you have real horses.

You get to see their stats, see their pedigree, breed you horses, sell your horses, buy new horses, enter shows, tack up your horses, talk to other girls and boys on the chat, look at other players pages, look at other players journals, and its free!

The only thing you have to pay for is to be upgraded. I am not upgraded and i have over $500,000 and 29 horses, and almost everyone on chat knows me. Check it out!

I would recommend the ENGLISH REGISTER for those of you who like an easier game. The RACING REGISTER is more difficult.

My name on the ENGLISH REGISTER is Apple Grove Equestrians. PLEASE check it out, and if you don't like it, give it another try! I will be a member for life.

Dec 20, 2014
Hate the chat room, try out star stable online
by: Anonymous

I love this game so much but the chat room I hate when people bully others like in my favorite online horse game star stable online.

There are bullies but I try and stop them it works but in WOS (white oak stables), you try to stop the fight and you're banned possibly for life.)

I was banned for one whole year because someone was being really rude because I was new to the game so just a tip of advise don't put a random message when other people are talking otherwise you're probably gonna be bullied, suspended or even banned so just a warning, don't play this game.

Not worth your stress, just try star stable online. It's the best horse game. There ever was and no banning or suspending unless u hack star coins. Btw, don't do that or you will be upset because that happened to me once.

Dec 15, 2014
Wonderful game!
by: Shady

I've been a dedicated WOS (English) player since it opened in September of 2001. I love it, and have been addicted since! Those of you who dislike it probably do not take the time to figure out the game. It can be a little confusing at first but a lot of us are more than willing to lend a hand in the chat room or on the message boards.

Just a note, the Western register won't be open for some time, and even when it is, it is going to be more like a RPG than a simulation game. Also, invitation keys will be given out to players that will be DEDICATED to the game. It will be a pretty strict invite-only game.

Anyone, I think everyone should give this game a shot. :) Much better than ANY of the other games I have played.

Dec 14, 2014
White Oak Stables
by: Alexandra

BEWARE! After my daughter played this game, our computer was infected with a virus! It is not worth the risk. This website is BORING.

Also, the people are extremely mean to new players. As a new player, my 9-year old daughter was permanently banned from chat for asking how to enter shows, even after she read their ridiculous rules and followed them.

I've concluded that the moderators don't follow their own rules. They kick/ban people for no reason and the "moderators" should be moderated and/or kicked out!

Just go on the site and you can read that the long time players can't even get along with each other and accuse each other of what they call "minimodding" which means no one can answer a player's question in chat except for a moderator. How ridiculous is that especially if there's no moderator online to answer the question!!!

Dec 08, 2014
by: Danny (USA)

I would not recommend White Oak Stables to anyone. From a distance, it looks like it would be a great game with a great community however it ceases to be true.

The members are at times quite mean to newer players and another downside to the game is when there's a problem, the owner of the game is not willing to hear your side at all.

There is a lot of rules also which makes your gaming experience limited. Overall, I rate White Oak Stables at a 0.

Dec 08, 2014
Oak Stables is OK
by: Kelsey (USA)

I started playing seven years ago, when I was seven, but got bored. So I sold off my horses, and quit the game.

I came back when I was ten, but then again, sold my horses and quit. Most people just join for the chat room, but now that the original "personalities" are gone, and drama has started, the chat room is starting to come to a close.

The actual game is somewhat glitchy at times, but it can be fun for the older members. I still have yet to get "hooked" to the game, and I am now fourteen.

You really have to dedicate yourself if you want to play this game.

Dec 03, 2014
Fun, Exciting, and Realistic!
by: Amy (USA)

White Oak Stables is a fascinating game.

I've played the English version of the game for close to six years now, and I recommend it to anyone, young or old, boy or girl, to be able to own your own horse(s). You can choose any of the 73 breeds of horses and ponies. A paid upgrade is not necessary to "go places" in the game, but it can be an asset. Also, for the first three types of upgrades, they are for a "lifetime." No need to upgrade every year if you don't want to.

The goal of the game is to make your horse(s) better... to get the rank up by showing. Horses show in their own best event varying from eight different events: Pleasure, Dressage, Halter, Show Jumping, Hunt Seat, Cross Country, Eventing, Side Saddle, Equitation, and Endurance. Each horse has its own natural event, and the "rider" (player) can use an odds chart to help find it.

Horses start showing at age two in the Training, and can move up into C Circuit, B Circuit, A circuit, Grand Prix Circuit, or Olympic Circuit. Horses age one year for every real-life week, and retire from showing at age 25, or retire permanently from the game at age 30. The horse's pedigree can be saved or deleted, depending on the owner (player). Of course, horses can be bought from other players through regular sales, or an auction.

The "Bank" gives a salary to each player every seven days until the player gets up to $500,000. The player can have as much money as he/she wants through earnings of the horse(s) they show.

Dec 01, 2014
White Okie
by: Emily (USA)

White Oak Stables is a fantastic game. Unlike other 3/4 benefits are premium members (pay), this site offers a lot of basic member (free) options and only a few premium benefits, so you feel you are getting the real deal. Jade, site owner, is fabulous. So are her mods.

- Racing is recommended, stable owner too. This is easier than jockey and trainer.
- English: harder than it looks! try to breed for your farm only.. ya get more!

From my experience, Nektosha Spark Stables is a great avatar and layout designer.

Nov 30, 2014
White Oak Stables!
by: Anonymous

I think it's an awesome game! It feels like you're taking care of real horses because you can train, groom, show, feed, bring your horse to the vet/farrier, sell, buy, auction & rescue horses! It's so fun to play!

Nov 27, 2014
Spend Your $$$ and Time Elsewhere!
by: Anonymous

I'd suggest to anyone even considering White Oak Stables to go elsewhere. It used to be decent but I've been watching it slip downhill for some time now.

Be warned - newer members will struggle. There are a handful of decent older members that don't mind assisting others but for the most part? The population is pretty hostile.

Avoid the message boards. Post in the wrong place and someone is likely to take your head off. There are no board moderators to keep things organized and pleasant. Things are VERY unorganized, actually.

The chat room is just as bad, although there are EXTREMELY biased moderators. Some aren't that bad but most of them are rude, unfair and, as I stated, biased.

A good portion of the time if a member is being teased or ridiculed, they join in instead of preventing it. The sad part is, even after reporting these issues to the owner, Jade, nothing is done. LOL.

The game lacks respect. I've dabbled with other SIM games here and there which are in the same position but I've found some EXTREMELY pleasant, well-moderated and owned games that I'd LOVE people to check out such as www.horse.com (Howrse) and www.horseeden.com (Horse Eden Eventing). I'd HIGHLY suggest spending your time and money there!

As far as upgrades go on White Oak Stables, they really aren't worth it and are poorly constructed. Even if you get a Blue Ribbon Stable ($25/year) which downgrades to a Large Stable at the end of the year, in order to get those Blue Ribbon benefits again, you have to pay the same $25. Not really worth it in my eyes, there really should be another option to upgrade from Large to Blue Ribbon.

I understand these types of games need funding but - who wants to support a game where the owner does no catering whatsoever to the general populace of the game?

Recent changes have been made to perfectly functioning aspects of the game (which really doesn't make any sense at all) when there are errors all over the site that could be worked on.

About 80% of the time nothing runs on time or the site goes down... heck, the server is 1 day ahead and hasn't been fixed, the "special shows" never run on time and typically the server freezes up the night off, the newspaper and polls are never updated, special events are never announced, such as the "Oakademies." It's almost been a month later... and nothing. But honestly, it isn't surprising.

The images are all over-sized or undersized... a waste of money, in my opinion. More often than not one person ruins the game for all. There have been two aspects of the game changed because of one member which literally ruined it for the rest of us with no reconsideration whatsoever.

BE WARNED! If you happen to break a rule (new or old) that you may not have been aware of, you'll probably be banned... and there goes all of your time and money.

The entire game is disorganized, half working, half not. It's ultimately a game that reflects the owner. Lack of time? Who knows. It seems to me as though it's just a lack of... care. Let these members shovel their money at you and don't deliver? No thanks. It might look inviting but it really isn't.

The owner needs to enforce new "management" (aka moderators) and get some FAIR, organized people to assist her in keeping the site in one piece... because it won't be long before it collapses. It's headed in that direction VERY, very fast.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! <3 And PLEASE, please check out www.howrse.com and www.horseeden.com. GREAT, fun, well-owned, managed, moderated games! :)

Nov 26, 2014
Great game!
by: Reaper

Honestly, it is the only game that has been able to hold my attention for more than a few days. Six years, in fact.

The people are friendly, and the game is fairly easy to advanced, once you understand the basics.

Nov 23, 2014
Best ever!
by: Anonymous

White Oak Stables is the best game! I have been playing it since 2009 and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

For those that don't like it that's because you most likely have not figured it out. I think this is a great game for any one over 11 because it is a little hard to figure out at first.

Nov 20, 2014
Kilauea Stud/Racing Register
by: Anonymous

I think it is awesome! It is a little difficult at first and you definitely need to take time to make your stable good. Most people are friendly and even though bullying has been on the rise, everyone I've met so far is very polite.

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