Ponybox Horse Game Review

by Sydney from HorseCrazyGirls.com

PonyBox horse game review

PonyBox horse game review

PonyBox is a free horse SIM game that you can play online.

After you play, please be sure to come back and share your review and tips in the comments below!

There are a lot of things you can do in this game, but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what some of the girls in our horsecrazygirls.com community have to say:

I love PonyBox! I joined it about two years ago and I get on daily. Everyone's nice and respectful, and most are fun to talk to. You can run for mayor, feed, train, board, and breed horses, and jump them. You can buy and sell them and items ( which you can also use ). It may be confusing at first, but if you ask anyone they'll explain it to you. I could never figure out Horseisle or Howrse, and PonyBox makes the most sense to me. Happy playings!

Another player wrote this review:

Well.. There's so much to say! I've played PB for a long time now and LOVE it! When you first start out you only have 5k the easiest way to get money is to sell items you find.also when you first start out only buy 70" ++ jumping horses and then breed them to 70"++ jumping horses. To make some easy cash sell the foal in the forums if you don't get a bid just put the foal in boarding and training then when the foal is 5 jump jump jump them! lol if you need more help just ask someone. I LOVE Morgan it's the only server I use, I highly recommend it.

And here is another review from Apotamkin Ranch:

I have been playing Ponybox since I first saw the ad in the back of my Young Rider magazine. It is high-quality, free simulation horse game. It has a forum and a virtual stable. It is the most high-tech well put together sim game on the internet. The moderators are friendly and do their jobs. Do not judge a book(or game) by it's cover or other negative reviews. Keep an open mind and it takes about a week to get everything ironed out and start enjoying the game without being confused. There are alot of friendly people to help you out, but don't expect them to send you flowers and money because you are new, you have to earn your way. I am Apotamkin Ranch on Paint server. I don't much care for PB3, it used to be awesome but went downhill. I stick to Paint, Morgan, Nokota, and Pegasus servers. Try it out! It's free and fun!

Why don’t you try it and let us know what you think? Share your review and tips in the comments below! And here you’ll find more fun online horse games.

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Nov 20, 2016
I love this
by: Anonymous

Amazing! Everyone's so kind and I've been playing for a while since September, and I LOVE it!

Oct 10, 2016
Amazing game
by: Charlie

I love this app, I'm practically addicted! I love how everyone's part of a family, and it has a very friendly feel!

Dec 21, 2014
I <3 Ponybox!
by: Maloryy (England)

I'm a Morgan player, Mallyboo ;)

I personally don't think there's a better online virtual horse game than Ponybox :)

I love the fact you can talk to other members and share your thoughts and feelings, share some of your photos and loads more!!

Dec 14, 2014
Ponybox: The most amazing horse sim game you will EVER come across!
by: Anonymous

I'm completely hooked. It's the most awesome online game I've ever played. It does require commitment and dedication. I encourage any horse lover of any age to join this amazing game!

I admit that it can be confusing and tricky when you first start out but once you get the hang of it, it's a load of fun!

Some of my favourite things about it are the RPG forums, where you can play role playing games (I only do wild horse ones of course!) with all your friends and really use your imagination.

Another thing I love is how realistic it is, for example: Your horse will jump badly if it's loyalty is low, if you don't board it or if you don't feed it.

Anyway, it's an amazing game! I suggest you join the paint server and find me, Polo, in the member search. Message me and I'll be happy to help you settle in, provide you with awesome horses to start with and maybe give you a small money booster :)

Dec 08, 2014
PonyBox is Okay
by: Anonymous

When I first went on PB, it was a little confusing. I didn't know what to do. You had to wait 20 days to get "upgraded" or, if you just could not wait that long, you could buy the upgrade. It was a little strange to me.

Before your upgrade, you could only have 5 horses and that was it. That was a little disappointing because I had wanted a lot of horses. More than five anyway.

Here is the money part: Okay so when I got on PB, I soon found out that you could check in once a day to get a 1,000 ponybucks or less, depending on the mayor.

The whole major thing was completely strange for me. I would see "Vote 4 Me!" on the forums everywhere.

All in all, I think that PonyBox was okay, but not the best site in the world. (It will not even let me on again because I was gone for so long!) :(

Dec 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

Well, it was a little annoying that you had to wait 20 days to get your upgrade. You don't start out with a lot of money either. I easily got addicted to Bella Sara after several people were rude to me on PB. I don't go to it much either. I am Long Mane Stables on the Morgan Server.

Dec 03, 2014
Ponybox is the bomb!
by: Bonnie (Australia)

I play ponybox for hours each day. I have awesome friends on there, and great horses, you can compete in so many things like dressage, show jumping, cross country, stadium jumping and LOTS more.

It is free and easy to use and register. I have been playing since September 2007, and it is great. It is a website for girls AND boys and we treat everyone with respect. Hope you join Ponybox.com soon!

Dec 01, 2014
Love it!
by: Nikkie - Paint Server

I have played this game for about a year now (paint server). It's a great game with great people. Many experienced players on active in the forums waiting for new people to need help! Everyone will immediately help ya. Great game, highly recommended.

Nov 30, 2014
by: Amber (Australia)

I play Ponybox all the time, it is the only horse sim game I have clicked to. I have played so many horse sim games but just didn't like them as much.

Ponybox is a horse sim game where you can jump your horses, show them, talk to people on the forums, you can breed horses, buy horses, train horses, board horses feed them and much much more there is so much to do on Ponybox.

Nothing I don't like on ponybox besides people who don't like Ponybox.

Morgan - English
Paint - Western
Pegasus - Fantasy

My barn Name on Pony box is Star Polish and I play it all the time. I go on Pegasus and Morgan.

Nov 27, 2014
The Best!
by: Taylor

PonyBox is such a fun game! When you first join, it's a little confusing and you can't do many things with the horses and such. But after 20 days, you can do basically ANYTHING!!!

I have been a member for about a year and have met many friends on PonyBox. I have some Champion Horses, some that are companions. Some people put up normal pictures, while other people put up pictures (or Graphix) that they have edited (I do this myself).

You can own and run your own barn, visit other barns, breed your horses, run for mayor, send messages, talk in the forum, post pics, sell feed, train horses, and MUCH MORE!!!!

It is the most fun horse game I have EVER tried! I think anyone will love it just as much as the rest of us on PonyBox do! Join soon! I am on the Morgan Server and I am Gem International.

Nov 26, 2014
Don't go!
by: Mallyboo

Even though sometimes things on Ponybox get a little rough, you just need to bare your teeth and bite through it.

A friend of mine who used to play Ponybox got confused once and everyone started calling her names. She immediately left because she didn't like it.

Well, I didn't see the point. You are who you are and if you got confused and people start calling you names, you know you're still gonna live tomorrow.

Nov 23, 2014
Ponybox Lover
by: Abbie (USA)

I have played Ponybox for a long time and it is fun.
You are able to have a barn, name it, have many horses, and you can train them in anything you want. I enjoy this game very much. I hope you decide to try it out. If you do, please look for Fox Wood Stables and I will help you if you have any questions.

Nov 20, 2014
Chippewa Creek Paints
by: Addicted to it

Pony box is awesome! I have been playing for over a year since March. It's one of those games where the community is warm and welcoming and helpful too, but it's not one that could take hours to figure out how to play.

Nov 16, 2014
Ponybox is Mixed
by: Paige (NC)

I've been playing PB for two years but have recently started to take a break due to very unfair treatment.

The moderators ARE getting outta control and reporting people for things not even listed in the rules. They've been rude and argumentative, not to mention when I told the owner about my problems I received no reply whatsoever back.

That being said, PB does have a great member base. I've made a ton of amazing, supportive friends that I'll continue to keep in touch with even if I leave PB.

Nov 12, 2014
by: Sara (USA)

Way too many ads. Creepy horses on pegasus server. Makes you pay 10$ for certain things (IN REAL MONEY!).

All horses that don't have pictures are advertisements. Have to wait 20 days til' you can really do anything.

I really didn't like it. No offense. All the other games on horsecrazygirls are gr8t!

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