Arabian Horse Names

by Sydney at
(Florida, USA)

A chestnut Arabian horse against a black background. The horse is wearing a red bridle with silver nose piece and the main part of the halter is embroidered with alternating blue and white flowers. To the bottom left of the image are the words Arabian Horse Names in white lettering.

A chestnut Arabian horse against a black background. The horse is wearing a red bridle with silver nose piece and the main part of the halter is embroidered with alternating blue and white flowers. To the bottom left of the image are the words Arabian Horse Names in white lettering.

Here you'll find Arabian horse names shared by other horse crazy girls like you! Feel free to comment on any of these names or share your favorite Arabian horse names.


It's cute, suits a petite arabian mare as mine is! The name is common too.

Ladie Kate

(Mackenzie, London)
My 5-year old Arabian is named Ladie Kate but we Call her Katy.

Midnight's Pride

It sounds so cool. I imagine a jet black Frisian or Arabian when I say it!


(Mia, NSW Australia)
Because I have a horse called Azzy. He is a grey, purebred Arabian and I love him.

My Arabians and Thoroughbreds

(Lucinda, Abingdon)
These are all my horses' names. Lol!

Sunrise: A beautiful palomino mare Arabian with a blaze with a pure white mane and tale that glows in the moonlight!

Star: A chestnut stallion Arabian with a star!

Aragon: He is sunrise's foal, he is a palomino with a blaze too!

Whisper: A nice mahogany bay with a snip and star, a thoroughbred.

Prancer: A chestnut with a stripe, a thoroughbred mare.

Belle: A black mare with a star on her forehead she is an Arab too.

Arrow: A chestnut Arabian with a stripe.

Trix: A bay mare with a star, also Arabian.

Charm: A chestnut with a blaze, he is a gelding Belgian warmblood mixed with some thoroughbred blood.

Sunstruck: A palomino Arabian mare with a star. Her mane and tail is like the same as sunrise's but not that much shiny!

Aristocrat: A copper chestnut with a star and blaze. A thoroughbred stallion.



(Mackenzie, Missouri)
It means superb in speed. It is Arabic and I want to get an Arabian.


(Taylor, Sunshine Coast)
She is my precious Arabian mare and I love her to pieces. She is my life and the only love of my life.


(Teddy, Johannesburg)
It is a beautiful name for a jet black Arabian colt and also very meaningful.


(Hannah, USA)
I chose that name because i liked it and it fits my horse because she's pregnant and I the baby foal lives to be a barrel racing horse.

She is also my first horse ever, she is a white Arabian.:)

Cowgirl Kelsey

(Danae, USA)
Because I had an Arabian mare named Kelsey and we called her cowgirl Kelsey!

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Apr 04, 2023
by: CrazyHorseLover

OMW!!! He sounds adorable!!!
Here are some names (show names first with barn names after):

Blazing Arrow (Arrow/Blaze)
Blazing Fire (Blaze)
Blazing Star (Blaze)
Blazing Ember (Blaze/Ember)
Blazing Cinder (Cinder/ Blaze)
Starstruck Blaze (Blaze/ Starstruck)

i hope those helped!!

Feb 22, 2023
I agree with Lucinda
by: Horseliver101

I live tbs and Arabs! I live near a lot of Arabs and I am so enchanted by them!

Jan 25, 2023
by: Blsdbeyondbeleaf

When I bought my Arabian mare, this was her registered name. Her barn name is Bella. She’s my beauty!

Jan 23, 2023
by: gottaluvhorses

Hi Isabella! Here are some show names (with barn names after the show name)

Flaming Arrow (Arrow)

Firey Attitude (Sassy or Firey)

Blooming Poppy (Poppy)

Sea of Fire (Fire)

Flaming Star (Star)

Burning Rose (Rose)

I hope those helped!!

Jan 13, 2023
Help naming my new colt
by: Lisa

My waler x brumby mare had her foal 12th at 1am, he has a beautiful white blaze on his face. Trying to think of a nice registered name that has blaze in it. If anyone can help?

Mar 14, 2022
My horse names are...
by: HorseLoverGal

...Starlight, Luna, Violet and Strawberry!Including Prince, King, Miracle, and Angel.

Okay, I know this thing is huge but I have so many names! And it is hard to write them all. Also, after the name "Strawberry! exclamation" all except Angel, they are stallion names. I am super excited to share these with other horse crazy girls like me. I am glad SOME people understand.

Bye for now, my people!

May 24, 2021
My dream horses
by: C

Yeah, couldn’t think of a title but anyway... I have two dream horses but I’ve never owned one before. One is nova, a jet black Arab mare and the other is Selene like the Greek titan of the moon. She is pure silver, also an Arab.

Apr 25, 2021
Arabian mare names
by: Anonymous

I really like the name Ameera for an Egyptian Arabian mare. The name Ameera is Egyptian for princess.

Mar 01, 2021
Name needed!
by: Isabella H.

I LOVE horses but though I would LOVE a horse, I don't. But I have a Breyer mare who I just got. She is BEAUTIFUL, Arabian, Red Chestnut, and dainty. If anyone has a name, Please comment. I also would like a show name. Thank you!

Feb 21, 2021
Arab Names
by: Anonymous

I suggest Mustapha Hussain because it is Arabic and you could call it Raja for short. It would be the name of a bay Arab mare.

Jan 07, 2021
by: Anonymous

I don't own one of my own but I suggest the name Knight for a fleabitten grey Arabian I can just imagine that horse (also that's my dream horse).

Sep 04, 2020
Name needed:
by: Anonymous

I don't have a horse but I name my breyer models. I have a white arabian stallion that I need a name for. Any suggestions? Also, I want something strong, but not too long.

Aug 14, 2020
Some of These are very good names for fast horses also you can still use
by: Ellie love “Former horse rider”

•Silver Bullet

Jun 24, 2020
Horse name
by: Anonymous

Lemon, adds a little bit of zest to my horse

May 24, 2020
Arabian Names
by: Eventervigo19

For a black arab boy: Coffin
For a black arab girl: Midnight
For a chestnut arab boy: Scar
For a chestnut arab girl: Carrot

Make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel: Eventervigo19

Sep 11, 2019
Arabian Horse Names
by: Horse Rider

Dancing Feather - bay roan Arabian mare
Whisper - silvery dappled grey Arabian mare
Pearl - pure white Arabian mare
Lightning - bright red bay Arabian stallion with a stripe
Arrow - dark bay Arabian stallion with a stripe
Desert Rose - red roan Arabian mare
Garnet - deep red chestnut Arabian mare
Flame - bright red chestnut Arabian stallion
Honour - mahongy bay Arabian mare
Sunstruck - palomino Arabian stallion
Prancer - shiny chestnut Arabian mare
Blaze - deep red flaxen liver chestnut Arabian stallion with a blaze

Jun 23, 2019
Names of Arabians I've Ridden
by: Sally

Cody-Grey Arabian gelding
Reyna- Chestnut Arabian/Saddlebred Mare
Cheyenne- palomino Quarter horse/Arabian Mare
Sassy- Bay Arabian Mare
Diamond- Bay Arabian Mare
Angel- Bay Arabian Mare
Nugget- Bay Arabian gelding

Mar 12, 2019
Arabians I’ve known
by: Naudia

These are names of Arabian horse that I’ve known

Prairie Star (f)
Josie (f)
Alia (f)
Fanna (f)
Desire (f)
Shamara (f)
Lily (f)
Aroura (f)
Oreo (m)
Naseam (m)
Rhocky Rhoad (m)

Mar 02, 2019
by: Zoey

I named my horse Starlight because she is a pure black Arabian with a star an her forelock.

Jan 30, 2019
by: Anonymous

My horse deputy is wonderful and a great best friend. He is always there if I want to talk about something that I feel like I can.t talk to anyone else about. And I feel like out of all my friends he gets me the most.

Jan 27, 2019
I have three Arabians
by: Arabiansforlife

Eclipse for my jet black could use a dapple grey or dark grey

Springshy for my palomino Arabian with star very meaningful

Xander for my white colt with dark grey tail tints

Jan 05, 2019
I have loads xx
by: Mia

White Or grey Arab - Nebulousah
Brown or ginger Arab - moneymaker

Nov 20, 2018
by: Hoofbeat Quests Lover

The name Magic is from the Hoofbeat Quests series! Magic is a black Arabian mare with a white stripe in the shape of a diamond running down her face. The Hoofbeat Quests is an amazing series! It is one of the HAVE TO READ kind of series! I hope you read theses series and love as much as I do!

Nov 10, 2018
The horses I ride
by: Beardeddragon101

The horses I ride are Misty, a Blue-Red Roan Appaloosa, and Soda pop, a Chestnut Icelandic.

Nov 03, 2018
by: Anonymous

My Arabian mare's name is "Name that tune" and her barn name is Melody! I love it. I also have a thoroughbred gelding and his name is "As you Wish." His barn name is Wesley.

Oct 18, 2018
My Arab horses names
by: Belle

Luna - My Blue Roan mare
Flame - chestnut stallion
Feather - Pinto Mare

Jun 01, 2018
Arab names
by: Daisygirl810

My horse is an Arabian-x and her name is Daisy. It suits her because she is a Flea-bitten Mare.

May 04, 2018
Orashans Legacy RAF
by: Loradah Arabians HRR

Orashans Legacy RAF is our 2010 Straight Egyptian stallion. He's a Region 9 Champion in Sport Horse under saddle. His 1st son Orashans Insignia (Orashans Legacy RAF x Amira Almase) is a yearling now... watch for him in the ring this fall!

May 01, 2018
Some names
by: Anonymous

My Arabian's name is genie but you could also use, diesel, gemini, sprinkles or delia (all Arabians I have ridden).

Apr 22, 2018
My Arabian Names
by: Horses Rock This World!!!!!!

These are names of Arabians I own, know, and wish I had!!


Mar 17, 2018
My beloved Arabian
by: Linda Diamond

I grew up in Philadelphia with my beloved magnificent chestnut Arabian gelding. He was the love of my life and my best friend and companion until I moved to New York City at 17.

Mar 10, 2018
Genie and Heartbeat
by: Horses Rock This World!!!!!!

My two Arabian horses are called this and their show names are Last Heartbeat and Genie In A Lamp.

Mar 04, 2018
fierce wild unstoppable
by: majesty

it's a beautiful name

Jan 27, 2018
by: Anonymous

What about zeus?

Jan 14, 2018
Lilith loco carly
by: Lilith loco carly

I like the name. I think it’s perfect for a white and brown Arabian. It means Lilith crazy demon. I ❤️ it. 😈😍😊

Jan 13, 2018
by: Ava

When I imagine Moondragon, I think of a black arabian mare with a star and white stockings, I often draw her!

Nov 26, 2017
Arab name
by: Anonymous

My Arab mare's registered name is RP Prides Precious, but I call her Precious. I also think wind words suit Arabs, such as Windchime or Windbolt and so on. :)

Jun 06, 2017
Arab names
by: Anonymous

Trixy: would suit a bay with a blaze or a star
Tara: would suit a bay with a star
Zara: would suit a chestnut 🦄
Star shine: would suit a bay with a star
Starlight: would suit a bay with a star
Darcy: would suit a horse with a cheeky personality

Duke: would suit a bay with any marking
Latte: would suit a pretty paint
Oreo: great name for a bay with a blaze

I hope you found a name for your pony pal!

May 29, 2017
Favorite Arabian names
by: Anonymous

Prince Ali:
A Chestnut Arabian male (I got the name from Aladin)

A Black Arabian female and means 'orphan' in the Bedouin language

A Chestnut Arabian male and means 'sun' in the Moroccan language

A white of grey Arabian female, beautiful name

Please let me know if you come up with any other names along these lines.

Apr 30, 2017
My horses
by: Teagan

Hi my name is Fleur. I am a 13 year old Arabian riding pony. I have achieved many things. What I am doing now? I am doing eventing. Such as cross country, show jumping and dressage in the 2 Days. My show name is Coronation Flora.

Hi my name is Osti. I am a 3 years old Thoroughbred. I am a baby pony so all I do is walk Trot and canter. And some little trot poles. We hope he can do many things later on in his life.

Hi my name is Digby. I am an 8-year old thoroughbred. Osti is my half brother. What I am doing now? I am doing many events. Just recently I won my class. And I placed in my other recent event. We are hoping he goes over to the next olympics in 4 years. My big event next year is over in Tokyo so wish me luck.

Feb 16, 2017
by: Adie

I think 'Celestina' would make a great name for an Arabian mare.

Jan 29, 2017
Horse name
by: Evelyn

I found this great Arabian name, you pronounce it A-seel, it means nobel one (stallion), it fits my chestnut stallion perfect!

Nov 05, 2016
Arabian Horse Names
by: Anonymous


Oct 18, 2016
I love it
by: hoofbeats

If I had a white Arabian mare, I would call it Destiny.

Sep 27, 2016
Arabian horse names
by: Adie

Some names:


Apr 14, 2016
For A Stallion
by: Anonymous

Drallion - for dark bay Arabian stallion

Feb 15, 2016
My favorite horse names
by: Anonymous

I really like the names Frito chili pie, spot, Twinkie, hotdog, butterfinger, fritter, twin, Milky Way, peppermint, Kitkat, pudding, tootsie roll and Force flex.

Jan 09, 2016
Boy Bay Horse Names
by: Buddy

Charlie Brown

Dec 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

This is from my favorite book, Winnie the Horse Gentler. Her white Arabian mare is named Nickers.

Oct 14, 2015
My Arabian Horse Names
by: Elrette

Zarafa Janké, Nandi, Gumil, Nabeel, Mangera, Steinoble, Omran Bey, Halifa, Shahira, Azira, Timarie, Malika, Leanka, Babooskha, Nachelle, Aruscha,Prince Azul, Prins Farouk,Anisa, Bernida, Niscké, Wodka,Hero, Shaklan, Nasat.

Sep 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

Black Flower

Sep 11, 2015
I don't know
by: Starstable

Are these good names?

S. H (super horse) S.O.S Saab
Sable Sabre Sabrina
Sacred Spirit Sadie SadieKing
Saffron Sage Sagebrush Annie
Sagen Sahara Said In Spun Silver
Saint Philip Sako Salem
Sally Salsa Salsa Mystery
Salt Water Taffee Saltwater Taffy Sam
Sam I Am Samara Samba Dancer
Sambuca Sammie Sammy
Sampson Sam's mentor Sam's Sugar Shack
Samson San Domingo Sancho
Sancy Girl Sandman Sandshine
Sandy Sandy's Last Dance Sanibel
Sans Marino Santa Santana
Santos Sapphire Sarah
Sargent Sarsaparilla Sasha
Sassafrass Roots Sassy Sassy Baby
Satan Satan's Promise Sateen
Satin Satine Satisfaction Guaranteed
Saturday Affair Saturn Saudi Arabia
Saudi's Mighty Lady Savana Savannah
Save The Best For Last Saxon Rose Saxson
Say It Ain't So Say what Say-so
Scarlet Scarlet O' Paradise Scarlett
Schnee (german for snow) Scho Can Do Schooner
Scooby Scooby Dooby Doo Scooter
Score Scottie Scottish Lass
Scotty Scout Scratch
Scratch Me Not Scribbles Sea biscuit
Seamus Sebastian Sebulba
Secoya Secret Selcier
Selena Senator Seneca
Seneka Senna Señorita
Sensation Senshi Sent From Above
September Serendipity Serenity
Sergent diablo Seritza Seth
Sevana Sevaritza Seyton
Shabas Shaboom Shades of Gray
Shades of Midnight Glory Shadow Shadow Dancer
Shadow in the Mist Shadow Joe Shadows
Shadow of Moonlight Shadowed Rose Shadowfax
Shadows Hidden Dream Shadows in the Mist Shady
Shadyb Shae Shah
Shakan Shall we Dance Shallow Hal
Shallowmar Shalom Sham
Shamal Shaman Shamara
Shamin Shamrock Shamrock Lady68
Shamus Shandy Shane
Shanita Shannon Shanti (means peace)
Shanty Share Me Toodles Sharpie
Shasta Shasta moon Shawdow's Pride
Shawnee Shaylan Sheba
Shebe SheDaisy Sheena
Sheena's Golden Nugget Sheer Trouble Sheeva
Sheik Shelby Shera
Sherbet Shergar Sherif of Notingham
Sherlock Holmes Sherman Sherreef
Sherri Sherrif Sherwin
She's all That She's All That Jazz Shesa
Shesa Easy Dream Shetan (arabic for devil) Sheyanne
Sheza Sheza Desert Rose Shianne
Shilo Shiloh Shiloh`s Trooper
Shimmaree Shimmer Shindeagan (means Beautiful Star)
Shindig Shinegami (Goddess of Death) Shining
Shining Example Shining star Shiniqua
Shinning Glory Shirley Shiver
Shizsaad Shocker Shooting Star
Short Story Shorty ShotGun
Show Me Chism Show me the money Show N Tell
Showdow Lark Showdown Showmen
Shutter Bug Shuttle Bus Shy
Shy Boy Shy Dandee Shyanne
Shyboy Shyguy Sicsic
Sid Sidney Sierra
Sierra Nevada Sierra's Legacy Sierra's Sweet Rain
Siesta Silence Silent Gray Fellow
Silent Mist Silhouette Silk
Silky Silly Silvara
Silver Silver and Gold Silver Angel Beauty
Silver Belle Silver Dollar Silver Flames
Silver Knight Silver Lady Silver Lining
Silver Marks Silver Moon Silver Satan
Silver Seraph Silver Set Silver Spirit
Silver Storm Silver Wind Silverwood
Simba Simmon Simon
Simple Obsession Simple Solution Simplicity
Simply Dillon Simply Magestic Simply Sensational
Simply Special Simply Spot Sinbad
Sintana Strata Siobhan Sioux
Sir Charles Sir Kick-a-lot Sir Lancelot
Sir Nedrick Sir Patch Sir Prince
Sir Prize Sir Reginald Sir Trooper
Sirius Siroco Sisco
Sissy Sister Sizzler
Sizzling Cisco Sk8terboi (pronounced Skaterboy) Skeeter
Skip Skip A Beat Kid Skippa
Skipper Skippers Cool Rainbo Skippers Midnight Bar
Skippy Skips Sweet Dreams Skittles
Skor Skwirt Sky
Sky Classic Sky Dancer Sky Flyer
Sky Master Sky Rocket Sky Song
Skybound Skycab Skydance
Skydancer Skye Skye's The Limit
Skyla Skylark Skyler
Sky's the Limit Skysong Skywalker
Slate Sleepless in Seattle Slew Baby
Slick Sling Slinky Dog
Slippers Slippy Slow Show Shimer
Sly Small Change Smartie
Smartie Smokey Smokin' Jo Horn
Smokin' Jo Horn Smokin Satin Bars Smoors
Smooth Flight Smooth Passin Dude Snake
Snap Dragon Snapple Snappy
Sneak Preview Sneakers Snicker Doodle
Snickerdoodledandy Snickers Snip
Sniper Snipper Snoopy
Snoozy Snow Snow Bird
Snow Dancer Snow Feather Snow Storm
Snow White Snowball Snowey
Snowflake Snowflake Revenge Snowflakes Irish Dream
Snowhite Snowy Snowy
So Perfect Social Security Sockowitz
Socks Soho Solar Blaze
Solar Eclipse Solar Flare Solaris
Soleil Solmyr Solo
Solomon Solomon Grundy Solon
Some Fantastic Something Different Something Special
Something to Remember Something To Talk About Sommer
Song Song of the South Songstress
Sonic Sonny Sonny Dee Zippin
Sonnys Oakie Twister Sony Soozy
Sound Reason South Street Southern Belle
Southern comfort Southern Dixie Pride Southern Drawl
Spaghetti Spanky Sparkey
Sparkler Sparkling Sapphire Sparky
Spartan Special Dark Special Edition
Special Effects Speckles Speed
Speedy Speedy Gonzales Spencer
Spice Spider Spiffy
Spike Spikel Spinner
Spirit Spirit of the West Spirit Within
Spirited Swift Wind Spitfire Splash
Splash Of Class Splash of Honey Splendid Export
Splendor Splish-Splash Split Decision
Splotch Spock Spoof
Spook Spooky Sport
Sport-n-Style Sporto Spot
Spot a Dot Spots Sprite
Sprocket Spunky Sputnick,
Spy Squiggy Squirrel
Srawberry Shortcake St.Andrew Sta Puff Marshmallow Man
Stadium Jumper Stallion Standing Ovation
Stanley Star Star "O" Wonder
Star Dust Star Gazer Star Puff
Star Status Star Struck Star Studded
Star Trail Star Trek Star Wind
Star Starbright Starbuck
Starburst Starburst Doll Starburst Dynamite
Stardust Starduster Stardust's Shine
Stargazer Starlett Starlight
Starlight Gazer Starlight silver Starling
Starlit Starman Starr
Starshine Starstruck Starz
Starzao Staying the best Stealy Dan
Steamer Steel Force Steelsings
Stella Stella Artois of Loxley Stellar
Stepin Out Steppin' It Out Steppin' Out
Steppin' Stars Sterling Sterling Dreamz
Sterling Silver Sterling's Dream Stevie
Stewball Stone Stone Hinger
Stoney Stony Storm
Storm Cloud Storm Front Storm Watch
Storm's Destiny Storm's Ransom Stormy
Stormy Knight Story Straberry Shortcake
Straight Arrow Strappa Strawberry
Strawberry Dream Strawberries and Cake Strawberry Wine
Streak Streaker Street Jammer
Strictly Overtime Strider Stripe
Stroking Commotion Stryker Sub Zero
Sudden Explosion Sueno Suey
Sugar Sugar & Spice Sugar Baby
Sugar Foot Sugar N Spice Sugar Twin
Sugarfoot (Mina) Sugar-n-Spice Sugars Delight
Sugar's Pride Suki Sukura
Sullivan Sully Sultan
Summer Summer Breeze Summer Eclipse
Summer Sensation Summer's Breeze Summit
Summoner Sun Dancer Sun Raider
Sunbriar Suncatcher Baby Sunchaser
Sundance Sundancer Sundancer Melody
Sunday Silence Sundrop Sunfire
Sunkist Sunlight Sunny
Sunny Bono Sunny Day Sunny Delight
Sunny Second Sunrise Sunsational Girl
Sunshine Sunshine Heart Sunzoray
Super Cowboy Super Man Super Model
Super Nova Super Star Superman
Superstar Supersticous Superstitious Satisfaction
Suppose Supreme Sure Thing
Surf Dancer Surprise Survivor
Susie Suzie Q Swallo
Sweat Dreams Sweet as Sugar Sweet Breeze
Sweet Dreams Sweet Emotion Sweet Kisses In The Moonlight
Sweet Medicine Sweet Melody Sweet N Zippo
Sweet Pea Sweet Pea Sweet Red Wine
Sweet Revenge Sweet Rhythm and Blues Sweet Rum Can Do
Sweet Sandy Girl Sweet Sensation Sweet Tea
Sweet Winter Sweetart Sweetie
Sweetness Is Swirl Sydney
Sylvester Symphony Syncopation

Aug 31, 2015
Arabian Names
by: Anonymous

Brave night

Aug 11, 2015
Arabian Names
by: Anonymous

Enchanted Flower = Liver Chestnut Mare
Illusion = Dapple Grey Stallion
Blaze = Chestnut Mare (with blaze)
Nightstorm = Blood Bay Stallion
Melody = Dapple Grey Mare
Sunset = Palomino/Flaxen Chestnut Mare
Desert Rose = Chestnut Mare (with snip and star)
Amazing Grace = Black Mare (with star/stripe)
Shining Star = Black Gelding (with star)
Apollo = Dapple Grey/Bay Stallion/Gelding

Jun 10, 2015
Some Names For Arabians
by: FaithLover

I like the names:

4.Love Me

Jun 09, 2015
Some Names for Arabians
by: FaithLover

I like the names:

4.Love Me

Jun 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

List of names:
(birds look weird but sound good)

Jun 08, 2015
Names of Arabians I Ride
by: Arabian Lover Gal

Oscar, Casper, Val, Flynn, Batman, Harry, O'Lee, Eddie, Oreo, Max, Danny.

All horses owned by Golden Ridge Stables Inc.

Jun 08, 2015
by: Anonymous


Jun 08, 2015
Al Hattal
by: Anonymous

Al Hattal is a very elegant name for an Arabian horse. The name was given to a beautiful black stallion that entered long distance races. Al Hattal is used in the movie Hidalgo (great movie, highly recommended).

The name Al Hattal is Arabic and the meaning is unknown but the beauty and power of the way Al Hattal rolls off your tongue makes it a one in a million name for your special Arab!

Jun 04, 2015
Sea Mist
by: Megan

I have a white Arabian named Sea Mist. She is the most beautiful I've ever seen!

Jun 04, 2015
Names Please
by: Macaroni

I need a name for a Pintabian mare.

Jun 04, 2015
Cool Arab Name
by: Courtenay1

My riding instructor had bought an Egyptian Arabian whose show name was Sateek. He was really pretty, but he was sadly put down a few weeks ago. I think that his show name would really suit a spunky Arab stallion. It is such a cool name.

Jun 03, 2015
Arabian Horse Name
by: Jonihorselover

I have an Arabian mare with the name Amandolyn.

Jun 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

Shaska- no idea what it means, just like it. Luz de Luna- Spanish for Light of the Moon.

Jun 03, 2015
Need a Name
by: Amanda

We are awaiting the arrival of our new 9-year-old flea-bitten grey Arabian. We are thinking of naming her Sweet Thing. Her current name, Snow, does not suit her. She looks nothing like snow. What do you think?

Jun 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

Here are some I use in stories I write:
White Pharaoh
Black Pearl

Jun 03, 2015
My Horse
by: Kailene

I have a mare who's sire was a black Arabian stallion and a dam that was an American quarter horse grey paint. So she's a blue roan patched crossbreed named Khalablu.

Jun 03, 2015
I need help
by: Anna

I need a name for a strawberry roan Arabian. Please help!

Jun 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

Jonihorselover - is Amandolyn's sire Guitar??

Jun 02, 2015
Show Off
by: Uma

It's in my story. I'm writing about a tomboy girl who calls an Arabian a show off and learns to love again.

Jun 02, 2015
I need an Arabian Name!
by: Mel

Hi guys, I need a really good Arabian names. Please post some.

May 31, 2015
by: Anonymous

I ride a horse called Pizzazz. She is an Arab and she is totally awesome, her name means dazzling style, flamboyance, flair or vigorous spirit or energy! It suits her perfectly and I think it is a very exciting name. I call her Pazzy for short!

May 31, 2015
Horse Names
by: Randy

For an Arabian name i named my flea bitten Arabian 8 years old Destiny and it fits him.

May 31, 2015
by: Anonymous

I like the name Kalilah for an Arabian horse, it is Arabic and means Sweetheart, and Arabians certainly are sweethearts!

May 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

I like the name Arabella, Archer, Fudge, Dakota, and Thunder.

May 28, 2015
My Arab's name is Kala which in Hindu means Art and in Hawaiian means Sun
by: Cathy

When we trot around in the arena, I sing along with KalaWalaWingWong - he loves it!

May 28, 2015
Best of the best
by: Anonymous

Well i have four Arabian and their names are:

Hope you enjoy.

May 28, 2015
Here are some ideas

I think that Shadow is a good name for a black Arabian horse, it almost describes the way they move so sleek in their natural habitat!

May 28, 2015
Arabian Horse Name
by: Anonymous

I have a 13 year old blood bay Arabian gelding. I named him when I was 8 so don't judge. I named him Cinnamon Dream (aka Cinny), lol.

May 28, 2015
by: Emily B

I have a chestnut Arabian mare named Laurentian Karma, or Karma for short.

May 27, 2015
I need help
by: Kait

My mare had a foal. The mare is a flea bitten grey, purebred Arabian. The father is a pal QH named New Born Ruler we call him Ruler for short. They had a brown filly with a white check mark on her forehead and a white spot on her nose. She was born on May 8, 2013 at night. Since the day she was born she had an attitude, I need help picking a name for her.

May 27, 2015
Name for a horse with a star on its forehead
by: Anonymous

Instead of naming it a common name like star, you should go for the Spanish version of star! Estrella! I feel that it is a beautiful and elegant name meant for a horse that deserves it, an Arabian!

May 27, 2015
Names for horses
by: Anonymous

I had a half Arabian half quarter horse mare. She was chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, a white mark on her forehead in the shape of a crescent moon then a disconnected stripe and a snip with 2 white hind stockings and 2 white front socks. She was a descendant of Man O' War, her name was Moonbeam.

May 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

My favorite name for a horse would be Spitfire. It's really from a book called "Golden Filly" but I use it for my dreams and stories. I think it would be for a pure black Arabian colt with a blaze on its forehead and stockings on all four legs.

Also you should check out the book, "Golden Filly" its an incredible story.

May 26, 2015
Arabian Names
by: Elisabeth

Arabian horse names that I have heard are: Winsome, Moriah, Misty, Belle, and Thunder. Names that I randomly came up with are: Ari, Ariel, Lexi, Trixy, Bright, and Fairy.

May 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am getting a snow white Arabian filly with gorgeous eyes, and I am going to call her Seraphina a perfect name for a perfect horse!

May 24, 2015
A good Arabian name
by: Faith

A good name for a horse is:


May 24, 2015
5 Arabian Horse Names
by: Kristina

1. Desert Speed
2. Sand Storm
3. Dune Jumper
4. Rover
5. Sandy

May 24, 2015
Arabian Horse Names (Black Arabians)
by: Haley

Here are my top 5 suggestions:

1. Dark Dream
2. Dark Riot
3. Dark Angel
4. Dark Nightmare
5. Dark Moon

May 20, 2015
Names for Golden Bay Arabian
by: Kendra

Here are my favorites:

1. Queenie
2. Curcius
3. Seastar
4. Jule
5. Moody
6. Sham
7. Dolphin
8. Aslan
9. Ciufus

May 20, 2015
My absolute favorite horse name is...
by: Sydney

My absolute favorite name for an Arabian horse is...(Drumroll please)... Kashan! What do you think?

May 20, 2015
Name for Golden bay Arabian
by: Kendra

My dad said we could get a horse! We want an Arabian because I read the book "King of the Wind" by Marguerite Henry. <3

May 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

Aliyah is a pretty Arabic name.

May 18, 2015
A few names I like
by: Anonymous

In order of preference:
1. Sundance
2. Amber
3. Magic or magical
4. Prince or Princess

These are a few names I would name my Arab if i got one.

May 18, 2015
Horse names - Arabian
by: Anonymous

Angel, Stardust, Samurai, Comet and Amber.

May 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

How about Sienna?

May 14, 2015
Dark Bay Arabian Stallion
by: Princess Luisa

1. Comet
2. Shadow
3. Cinder
4. Whisp
5. Natsu
6. Midnight
7. Jet
8. Crow
9. Raven
10. Warrior
11. Shade
12. Night
13. Moon
14. Flash
15. Strike
16. Lightning

May 13, 2015
Names NEW
by: Anonymous

Wind runner
Drinker of the wind

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