The Black Stallion

by Cheyenne
(Hickory, NC, USA)

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It is a very good movie!!

When a shipwreck leaves Alec (Kelly Reno) a courageous young boy and the Black wild Arabian stallion stranded on a desolate island, the two share a frightening adventure of survival that forges a lasting bond of friendship between them. Upon their rescue, Alec and the magnificent horse continue their adventures when they join forces with ex-jockey and horse trainer Henry Dailey (Mickey Rooney). Recognizing the winning combination of The Black's remarkable spirit and Alec's unwavering devotion to his friend, Dailey takes both under his wing and prepares them to go head to head with the world's best thoroughbreds in "the race of the century."

Comments for The Black Stallion

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Jul 13, 2018
Not bad
by: Anonymous

It wasn't awesome but I would recommend it.

Feb 20, 2016
My Christmas Gift!
by: Anonymous

I got this movie for Christmas. It is a good continuation of the first movie and it follows the book well. I personally prefer the first movie better, though. Still, good movie.

Oct 24, 2014
by: horselover14

I absolutely LOVE the book and movie! I LOVE RACING and The Black! A great story. seriously.

Jun 15, 2014
by: Horse Queen

This movie rocks! It's a lot like the book. The horse who plays the black stallion has a lot of training-in acting and racing. Watch it!

May 02, 2014
by: PonyPal

I LOVED this movie!!! most awesome ever! Did you know there is 30 minutes of film where no one is talking? It's just a boy and his horse, stranded on a desert island... I wish the creators of this one and The Black Stallion Returns would make another, such as The Black Stallion and Satan book. Or the Black Stallion's Ghost. Also a Must-read, COOLEST EVER!!

Dec 30, 2012
Can not look away
by: Anonymous

I loved this movie!! My mom has watched this movie hundreds of times since she was a young age of 11. I thought it really expressed the bond between a human and horse. Watch it!!

Dec 01, 2012
by: Country Horsegirl1

I saw this movie on tv. It was so good! I really loved it! It's a story about a young boy who finds this black horse and races him' Thae horse is supposed to be unknown so when it races it wears a black coat that says Mystery Horse. The boy becomes great friends with this horse and also they both live happily ever after. I really recommend it for CRAZY horse lovers! (like me! :) )

Jun 12, 2011
The Black Stallion
by: Lily

This movie is about a boy named Alec and his partner in life the black. This horse will fight anyone unwise to approach him. This movie tells about all their adventures, a great family move!

May 14, 2011
Book is Better
by: Anonymous

My class read this book and we were going to watch the movie. I was all excited at first, but once I saw the movie I was sooo bored. My advice, just stick with reading the book, trust me it's better.

May 02, 2011
Not enough Talking!!!!
by: Ponyprincess11

It was a great story line, very inspiring. But there was pretty much no talking!!!!!! Especially at the start.

Mar 09, 2011
the book is better
by: Meghan

It is a great movie but i think the book is a tiny bit better.

Feb 16, 2011
lol the ending
by: Anonymous

The ending: The black Arab wins the race and all is good. I MEAN IT!

Sep 08, 2010
How amazing the black stallion is
by: Madeline

The black stallion is better than my friend flicka, Black beauty, Misty and others i love it!!!

There is a little boy named alec he is on a boat with his dad the boat cathes fire... And there is a Black stallion that is all roped up they both jump of the boat and they end up on an island and start to be friends....

i do not want to spoil the movie for ya! find out yourself!!!

Jan 14, 2009
Black Stallion
by: Rachel

It is just AWSOME! we own the black stallion and the black stallion returns!

May 11, 2008
Great movie!
by: Anonymous

This is one of the best horse movies ever. It is a great story with everything -- adventure, love, mystery, suspense. I love it!!!

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